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9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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54 reviews for “Drift

  1. ktgodsil

    Always will come back here. We bought a pre loaded cartridge the other day and we were idiots and couldn’t figure out how to get the airflow to work lol, so we brought it back to get some help and Ben was super nice and very helpful! We got the cartridge to work and ended up getting more product as well haha. I tell EVERYONE about this place, not only was Ben wonderful, all the staff is just amazing. I’ve never had a bad experience at this place and I will always drive out of my way to go here. Thanks again Ben and also Chelsea of course (she’s amazing too!). We will see you guys again a$?i,

  2. J.crum

    I personal love drift and will drive from denver to boulder. Best customer service plus you can not beat the prices. Also they have a great reward system. I highly recommend.

  3. Coffee_N_Kush

    We drive 800 miles to see her family in Longmont a couple times a year and Drift is my go to recreational dispensary! The staff and flower are awesome. Taxes suck, but they suck everywhere. Will be a repeat customer everytime we visit. We’ve gotten 8ths of Larry OG, Chemmy Jones, Kosher Kush, Pinkys Advise, Goji OG and Tangie. All have been incredible!

  4. tylrdbmr

    This is my favorite shop in Boulder. Great selection. Legit staff. BEST prices I’ve found in town. The rewards program is solid too. They even keep their online menu up to date! Check them out.

  5. buttduster

    Tiny, unpretentious shop with a very attentive, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and patient staff. Wide variety of product classes (flower, wax and oil concentrates, gummies, balms, tinctures, drinks, pills…), within which there was usually some kind of sativa-vs-indica-vs-hybrid offering. Flower-wise, they have a handful of strains they endorse and cultivate (it seems), rather than opting for a more chromatic spectrum of offerings. No pre-rolls that I saw, if that’s your thing, but I could be mistaken. Prices seemed on the good side of average for quality products (although they do offer some very cheap shake — nothing wrong with that!).

    All in all, not the fanciest venue of all time, nor the largest — but certainly something for everyone, with an emphasis on quality over quantity. If dispensaries served alcohol instead of cannabis, this would be more of a dive-bar than a sports-bar or cocktail lounge.

  6. codyv24

    Great shatter!! Better people, awesome expierence!!

  7. Jonnywild

    Went into this shop this morning specifically for the Blueberry Headband. Sam was very knowledgeable and chill dude. I actually got to be the first one to procure from that batch and must say was a very enjoyable smoke. It was cured to perfection and very healthy bud and tasted amazing. Thanks Sam and Ben for this wonderful smoking experience.

  8. jojoismyhomeboy

    Best flower in Boulder. Hands down.

  9. KSheets

    Had the worst experience buying cartridges here. One of the two I bought was 100% clogged right from the get go. The other cartridge I got was 1/5 empty before I even ripped it.

    This place is a rip off. Would not recommend!

  10. Wonneemane

    Location was pretty good right around the corner from where I stayed. It wasn’t really hard to find grabbed some Chinese and went to Best Buy on the trip. Nice selection service was excellent and pretty great quality and you can purchase what you need. Going back soon.

  11. independentlybeautiful

    We fell into Drift our 2nd day and town and MAN!!! This is a must visit locations. After the 1st trip it is hard to go any where but HERE!! The quality of the flower here is the best I have ever smoked!! It doesn’t matter what shelf you buy from you are guaranteed an amazing experience. It really shows that the owner and the staff really strive to provide the best product available to their customer. The budtenders are awesome and provide top notch service with an amazing smile!! You will never walk away from Drift with out top quality bud!! Sign up when you visit to get on their point system to get specials and deals!!

  12. Nhsof

    very friendly staff with an awesome high qaulity competitively priced selection. colin was awesome to to get recommendations from and didnt appear high or like he was trying to push any particular product out the door.

  13. johnners

    Phenomenal on all accounts. From the establishment, to the service, to the vast assortment of quality product, Drift delivers a first-class experience every trip!

  14. VictoryShadow

    This is definitely my favorite place to get my cannabis! They are the friendliest, with awesome vibes!!! They also have some great deals. I highly recommend going in.

  15. Hondo13

    Man Drift is by far the best dispensary I have ever been to. They have such a variety to choose from it’s amazing. Their products are insanely awesome, prices can’t be beat and customer service is top notch. This is my number one stop. The bud is beyond words.

  16. crmuns88

    Clean, professional, great quality products & a knowledgeable staff. The fact that there prices are some of the best around is a plus too. After trying several, Drift is my go-to spot now and I *highly* recommend you go!

  17. Noomstar212

    Drift was great! The staff was helpful and kind. The size of the buds were insane. Some weighing over 9 G’s. Was not pressured at all when it came to making a purchase. Definitely worth checking out. Could be your new favorite shop!

  18. jombie1

    Brian the owner is the most transparent business man I ever meet before an insignificant issued happen in my last visit and the guy handled in the most diplomatic and professional way, I’m very lucky to meet people like him I will support his business from now on, and share my good experiences with everyone

  19. jakeryder4

    I went to buy a bowl for a bong here and BEFORE purchasing I asked if I could return it if it turned out to be the wrong size. I was told by the employees that I could return it if I did not use it. The next day I came back and they refused to take it back with no explanation. They even refused to exchange it for weed. Cannot trust the employees and will not be back. On another note, the weed I did by there was given to me in about 30 tiny nugs with nothing larger than a dime. So if you like terrible service and only tiny nugs then this is your place.

  20. LostTechnique

    By far one of the best shops in boulder. The selection is vast and the staff is patient. No quarrels with pricing. This will be my go to shop for awhile.

  21. doinad

    Great service soon as you walk in the door from Sam. Christina, my bud tender was very helpful in making a decision. Excellent quality flower, very fresh. Happy customer:)

  22. Fullmoonstory

    Friendly staff and quick service. Always getting quality bud and good recmandations.

  23. Asherk10

    People here do a awesome job and also make you feel right a home! They had a great selection and give you the best bang for your buck! Thank you for the hospitality and great service!

  24. smokeybandit5

    Good spot, I hope they don’t change. Really good deals on flower and concentrates. I got 1g of Wifi shatter for $30 that was out of this world. My only complaint is that they do not update their menu on here as much as other places. For people that travel from outside Boulder its a little deflating not getting what you came for….

  25. Flowersmoker420

    I decided to check out Drift because of their stellar reviews on this website, and boy was I NOT disappointed. The quality of flower here is top notch. Each strain is better than the next and even the stuff on their lower shelves is fire. The customer service is also great! Friendly staff and a great experience. I would give more stars if I could.

  26. Nizate

    I accidentally ran into this place about three or four months ago because I was going to Magnolia dispensary next-door. So anyways, we went in like 10 minutes before they were closing and the girl who helped us could’ve been nicer told us to take our time and explained prices and flower quality so it was a great experience and. I have been back a few times from Greeley. And honestly Been back a few times And everything was great then too so check it out , nice spot

  27. helecompte

    Super friendly staff!!! Excellent prices and quality bud. This is my personal favorite spot!

  28. swagmaster38

    Great selection of bud, topicals, concentrates, edibles, and vape accessories. Literally everything in one place, friendly staff and they just had a price drop on tons of products! Dope place to shop, I bring all my friends in here. Quality quality quality

  29. monteblaze

    this was a great place great quality flower an love the employees

  30. Vespa420

    Just went there for my first time and the flower selection is awesome. Top shelf pricing was a little higher than I’d like it but the quality is there. Will be my new spot for sure.

  31. jaybirdman

    The best place to shop in the area! I tried several downtown Denver, Fort Collins and Drift in Boulder during my week in CO.
    Drift wins hands down.
    They have the highest percentages and the best quality. Believe me, Bruce Banner at one shop is NOT the same as another. Some of the downtown shops had dirt.
    Shop here. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted time at some of other shops.

  32. Batman3010

    Kaitlyn was super helpful for my first time buying legal buds. Trees were top quality and service was friendly.

  33. flynnkid

    Not too far from a bus stop

  34. Thatboy979

    if you’re looking for dank in Colorado look no further then drift you won’t be disappointed with some of the smoothest sativas and some of that dankest indicas you can find in Boulder this place is clean beautiful atmosphere welcoming from the door with top shelf strains from dank by pank you know you can’t go wrong I can’t believe this place only been open since January and I predict it will be the premier shop in Boulder by this time next year!

  35. comicbudz

    Really like this place! From the door everyone had a smile and made it easy to check your ID. When in line, they also made it obvious they noticed you and will help you soon. The guy with the dreads was funny and knowledgeable. When I got home and tried the bud I bought, Rocket Fuel I was amazed and the smoothness and quality. #goodbud Definitely going here again.

  36. OtterOnBlotter

    Prices could be lowered like they are across the market. almost 300 for an oz on some strains? crazy

  37. Runnerjames4420

    Great place! Great products, and awesome people! Batpool highly approved and recommended!

  38. marr84

    this place is awesome!!!

  39. C420hris

    Great place!!!s Super nice staff.

  40. dbuds24

    This place is AWESOME! The staff is extremely kind and knowledgeable! They’ve always done a good of pointing me in the right direction, but I don’t think you could pick a bad strain off their shelves if you tried. Hands down the best selection in town

  41. Neptunevisions

    This place took me by surprise with its awesomeness! checked it out on a whim and was rewarded with the best buying experience I had while in Colorado. the bud is high quality and the big jar style serving is great for the more discerning chronic consumer as it is not so mystery baggy on what I will actually end up with bud-wise. The staff was friendly and I would be happy to make this my choice if I could only choose one dispensary.

  42. shmushies

    Drift is awesome with over 30 different strains of fresh flower to choose from, delicious edibles, in-house rolled joints, cartridges, topicals, and more! The bud tenders are friendly and knowledgeable and the dispensary is always kept clean.

  43. Kiwozzy

    It is good to see that you are still advertising the strain you said you did not have to sell a week ago. Was it you did have the strain a week ago and just did not want to sell it. Or is it just false advertising to promote a 27.92 % strain at $89 to get people in to say “sorry, we don’t have that”. Perhaps the best idea for those wanting to shop here is to pick up the phone to ask if they actually have the product in stock. Maybe once the reception is so busy answering phones it will make sense to management to pay more attention to what inventory is in stock.

  44. MoBiscuits420

    The locally grown bud is great! If you haven’t tried their Pineapple (Sativa) or Chemmy Jones (Indica) then you’re missing out! Truly! Enjoy 😉

  45. dmaselbas

    Great prices, super chill, never crazy busy and they always have the basics in stock.

  46. RonF592

    Awesome store, great people. One place I plan to visit every time I come to Colorado. Best flower by far, great staff with excellent knowledge, and a nice laid back experience. Sam and Vaughn are awesome. I had an issue with a cartridge , called and the problem was taken care of quickly. I haven’t found Chemmy Jones any cheaper, anywhere, from Debeque to Denver. Once again, visit this store, can’t go wrong with any choice….great people/great products.

  47. Cbrosky7

    Cool staff. Better bud then most places especially better then “the farm”

  48. VicNew

    Wow! What an awesome shop. Had a problem that the managers were quick to resolve and were super friendly about it. They definitely have themselves a new regular.

  49. Smpayne2018

    Staff was friendly and the flower here was amazing. After a day of hiking it made the stop through Boulder even more legit. Flower was super fresh. Chemmy Jones was amazing and the budtenders suggestion of Mob Boss was also top notch. I needed another full week to experience all of the potent flower varieties that were available.

  50. MrBarca

    smaller , no frills location. Very friendly employees.
    Good selection of flower from top end (37% THC) to lower shelf ( 20 + %). Something for everyone at a fair price. I have been smoking for 3 and 1/2 decades and have finally found a place that is fair priced with excellent service.

  51. logosgnosis

    I have yet to try the flower here, I will today though. I have been coming here for the concentrates, they have the best prices in town and the quality is really good. The service is good and the employees are not pretentious in any way. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff.

  52. cdm89

    Great bud. Their CBD strain is super fire.

  53. GlowwormGlin

    I moved to Boulder from California where I had my favorite dispensaries, the ones with the quality ganja grown without additives that make my lungs scream with every inhale.

    Once I got here I had to find my home base, and after trying dispensary after dispensary in Denver and Boulder, some boasting quality, some cheering quantity, and some illuminating their great deals. I was overjoyed to find Drift.

    I’m a flower girl, and the buds at Drift are delicious, clean and pretty for all you visual folks out there. There’s always a good variety to choose from. The prices are very reasonable and quite good for the quality of the green. The staff is friendly, and in 3 years of going there, I’ve only had to wait longer than a few minutes once or twice.

    Last thing I want to tell you. I moved to Longmont and still drive to Drift when I need to restock. They are awesome and I want to say thank you.

  54. Summertimetaylor

    Easily the most impressive dispensary I’ve been to! I’m continually impressed by not only the quality of the product but by the high quality of service and lengths at which the owner and all of the employees will go to provide the best experience possible. Thank you for opening such a great dispensary!

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