Durango Rec Room

A puff above the rest.



145 E. College Ave., Durango, CO 81301


37.2702357, -107.8812053




9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


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We supply the freshest weed in the South West. You can find everything you need here, and at the best price, too!


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33 reviews for “Durango Rec Room

  1. ginniledbetter

    Fantastic 24k gold, quick service, great price and a friendly atmosphere. Definitely worth checking out!

  2. Kristinaaleighh

    Great people, good selection of strains and edibles. The enviroment of the store is welcoming

  3. mrgigglestick

    shop was amazing had fantastic delicious tasty strains

  4. wizard_of_the_coast

    This place is great. Coming from Oregon I know what I want but am not familiar with Colorado brands and strains and the bud tender was super helpful. His recommendations were perfect.

  5. Squash05

    It’s a great spot to shop. the service is kind and fast. prices seem to be very cheap.

  6. Sspencer96

    Felt very welcoming staff! The budtenders take the time to help and answer any of my questions! The bud was high quality at a reasonable price. The whole place shows marijuana pride with pot leaves painted down the hallway. Great inviorment for the stoners community!

  7. Druski15

    Great service and always a smile. Definitely some of the best prices in town and the workers know their products.

  8. hornzilla

    Super friendly staff!
    Average herb for Durango rec stores.

  9. kswan

    It’s a great location…the owner is super nice so kind to everyone. The pipes are low priced when looking at other shops.My son turned 21 and he loved going there he was treated like a king. So thanks for the great time.

  10. tyler2puffs

    great customer service would go here again buds a little dry tho.

  11. pktaylor15

    always top of the line premium buds.

  12. AZ_dispensary_agent

    Great budtender! I got Pop Rocks! My hubby got the buds of his CO dreams.

  13. R1chK1ng

    nice ducked off location. one budtender so if it’s packed you have to wait. just went in for some pre rolls but was a good experience.

  14. kapink

    The rec room is rad, go there. Mariah is super nice, the prices are great and the atmosphere is really pleasant

  15. mlov11

    Great atmosphere with great people. Solid bud and edibles.

  16. claydusel

    This place rules. Super nice buds for a brand new shop. They have a custom pipe that looks like a USB memory stick. Super slick!

  17. DurangoJoe

    Excellent buds. Better pricing and bigger buds and more choices. I have been to all the dispos in town, and this is the one actually worth going back to. Really helpful patient staff.

  18. christov718

    The rec room always has great bud and a good selection of concentrates to choose from with great prices for the product you get.

  19. godblesse

    Bought a $60 eighth here last night and was super excited. The appearance is amazing, very caked in kief and smells great. However I got it home and it literally crumbles to the touch, it is bone dry. I tried to take it back to talk to them but was told it was normal for that strain and that it was a bit overcurred, but they couldn’t do any returns. Understandable. I’ll hold on to it, but won’t b back. It’s kind of ridiculous you sell completely dry product at top shelf prices. Some people care more about just the % of thc. Sure, the bud is potent but it’s literally the driest bud I’ve ever touched. Will not be returning, there are plenty of other dispensaries to try in this town. At thI very least, invest in some humidipacks.

  20. A.starrr

    Absolutely love shopping here! I’ve never had bad service! Great buds!

  21. Queendabs4213

    I love the Rec Room. I try not to go anywhere else. love the smiles and laughs.

  22. missnenaaa

    Definitely will go back when I’m in the durango area. Such quality strains and polite staff.

  23. splifffanderson

    Blue Dream was good and a great price. Will be back.

  24. Walkerray

    I’ve lived in and loved Durango for two years now. I remember the first day I moved here, first stop smoke shop, second shop try to sneak into a dispensary just to see this beautiful thing they call legal marijuana. No luck on the sneak in. But then I turn 21 and hear about this new shop down the street, fire bud, great prices, good music! What else could I ask for, so there I go. Since that visit I have been to every dispo in town and love them all and what they’re achieving. But the Rec room stands above all. Always the friendliest service. Quickest responses to questions. Best looking bud and the highest percent buds on a regular basis that I have ever seen. I knew me and the rec room were embarking on a lifelong journey the minute I walked up those beautifully painted stairs and through the hallway to the promised land. I’ll see you later today rec room crew! Thanks for always being you.

  25. Blastoffbetty

    This is one of the only dispensaries in town that is 100% soil grown, organic weed. Awesome strains with crazy high THC %. All the staff are super knowledgable.

  26. kushkunsulant

    best bud in town, and the only place in Durango i can find the dabs that are instagram worthy dY’

  27. TortillaMaria

    By far the friendliest staff out there. From edibles, concentrates, to bud… always quality!! Plus it seems there’s always a special going on for just what I need.

  28. Udi

    Really great selection, super friendly staff. little pricey sure but the service is the best.

  29. Jessgreen17

    Great atmosphere and good sum good bud! dY~

  30. geeblack

    My 1st time stopping by here and I have to say great customer service from Pat and the whole staff. make sure you like their page for a free treatdY~f

  31. veljo756

    Conveniently located and very friendly staff. I recommend highly to check them out!

  32. lit0_is_dead

    The owner & employees are some of the most helpful & kindest people in the area with high quality products. I fucks wit’m. dY’OE

  33. Nessab

    First time visiting this location and everyone was very nice and welcoming. I have been to other dispensaries and this by far is the best. The budtender Robert was so helpful with choosing the perfect prouct for my frequent migraines. I ended up choosing several different forms and am very happy with the results. Past suggested products just made my migraine stronger but this worked so effectively! Thank you Robert for your expertise and wonderful suggestions! I will definitely be returning and recommend this place to anyone looking for a dispensary with excellent service and product!

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