20 E 9th Ave, Denver, CO 80203


39.7302338, -104.9865041




9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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41 reviews for “Herbs4You

  1. jssbz420

    Didnt have the strain I wanted but I got the sour diesel and it was very nice!

  2. FightingIrish303

    Prices are on point, good pre rolls and love the discount punch card

  3. anyusername

    This dispensary may look rather plain but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in deals. Great high CBD strain AC/DC is found here in generous ounce specials. I like the call ahead order capability and would recommend it since many locals shop here. I’ll be back and would recommend to my friends

  4. mrfiftyseven

    Wait time was quick and the staff was friendly and helpful when they found out it was my first time there.

  5. forestandflowers

    Beyond welcoming and kind staff. Most rec dispensaries feel forced to me. I went in here and felt like the staff were just chill people who wanted to be helpful. I didn’t feel pushed for deals or to make purchases I didn’t want and they were helpful in highlighting what strains fit what high I wanted. The nugs are on the smaller a little dry side but honestly the high quality makes me forget about the looks and that’s what counts.

  6. ShawnlovesChronic

    Herbs 4 you has hired themselves some great employees! The bud and concentrates are great, I just purchase a gram of potent honey comb for $40 including tax. This is my new go to dispensary.

  7. DYN4M1C5W33D

    Went in beause of there half off deal. What a bad idea. I don’t usually rip on a dispensary but the quality is bad. Chem dog smelled nothing like it. The kush was on sale and reminded me of durban or golden goat not kush…. Also someone need to inspect your product I believe there is mold or something going on. I’ve been smoking for years and this stuff made me sick… Heal people not make them sick. Half tempted to take the rest of the bud and have it tested…

  8. Squirt5455

    Best place in Denver prices are decent Staff are friendly strains are out of this world i suggest for everyone to go check it out….

  9. IkeLove

    Great flowers. Went twice in the same day.

  10. c0ysj0sh

    The budtender was super helpful and laid back. Great selection of strains available. Overall 5-star experience.

  11. Squirt71

    I love Herbs4you it’s the best place to shop for recreational and medical the strains are awesome the prices are decent the staff are friendly I wouldn’t want to shop anywhere else so for all y’all out there y’all got to go check it out u will not be disappointed…..

  12. metashaun

    Herbs4U is a great place to shop. Location easy to get to. Great deals on flowers, and edibles. I recommend everyone to check them out.

  13. Squirt45

    The STAFF are very knowledgeable and friendly Herbs4you has the best STRAINS in Colorado to me but i tell you what if y’all was to go check it out for y’all selves you will not be disappointed

  14. Ryantrejo

    Great place to shop, great deals. Many different strains to choose from. My brother recommended me here you guys should definitely check this place out!!dY~

  15. JarvisE

    Great shop !

  16. vadim225

    I’ve been shopping here since recreational became available (January 2014) I’ve been to many other dispensaries, but always end up back here. The bud doesn’t look as great as some other dispensaries but the high
    lasts longer and isn’t as harsh, and not to mention the employees are great!

  17. Rocker12

    I cannot say it enough,,,,this place kind oriented. Everyone I know or talked to in the streets, Herbs For You is the best out of 10!!! Great company, Great Strains, & Nice Prices.

  18. pratt2093

    Sunday pick your deal!

  19. iigonzoii

    Just no. called 3 times before coming in, did not have the selection quoted, did not have what I was specifically coming in for. wouldn’t usually leave a review, but the concentrate I bought looks like someone made it In their garage and was more expensive than what I usually pay. 3 stars because the budtender was polite and helpful(not her fault) if it wasn’t for her I’d say negative one star. they have “good prices” though.

  20. Ditorox

    Nice place. The waiting room was out of this world. Parking isn’t easy. Some street parking and a few spots in between the buildings. Great service and great bud. Definitely going back.

  21. neux

    Not sure why my last review was removed, but this place has extremely rude customer service. I asked to go to the bathroom, which is through the waiting room and the door autolocks. After using the bathroom I knocked on the door because I was stuck in the room and the Russian sounding guy called me a “fucking idiot” for locking myself in the room, even though its autolocking and does this by design. Won’t be back.

  22. TheAnxiousStoner

    This is by far the best dispensary I’ve been to in the Denver area. The staff is very friendly; even to those visiting from out of state. This is one of incredibly few places that sells the most divine strains of them all, GRAND DADDY PURPLE and every batch is consistently top shelf with absolutely beautiful trichomes covered in thick, heavenly resinous crystals. They have great deals including bulk buys, daily specials, and even happy hour! 10/10 would recommend! (GET THE GRAND DADDY PURP BUD AND SHATTER!!)

  23. missammendment64

    Friendly staff, very knowledgable and great selection of flower and edibles. I’d strongly suggest visiting.

  24. Whutzhizphaze

    Stopped in here the other day just to see what all they had. Ended up choosing an ounce special of strawberry banana. Overall nice place to shop, good ounce specials. Would recommend.

  25. innkau


  26. creatv

    Always a go to for guaranteed product quality & the best deals. The ONLY place I have found that consistently carries my favorite strains and other products. dY’-dY’-dY’-

  27. mrEverythingNJ

    They have Granddaddy Purple.

    I love Granddaddy Purple.

    The only Indica I’ll smoke.

    They have Granddaddy Purple.

    You gotta ask for it tho…

  28. COTrueTest420BEST

    B quality bud. You get what you pay for. I didn’t like the grow in any of their bud yuk.

  29. kushkitsune

    Great place! Quality goods dY’OEdY1/2

  30. AnnieOh90

    I was hesitant to come here because of the two previous reviews but I’m so glad I did! I also purchased the Chemdawg and it was great! Purple Voodoo is my favorite strain here currently. My first purchase from this dispensary was on Monday and today is Friday. I’ve been back everyday so far for the friendly workers and their product that is reasonably priced in comparison to other dispensaries nearby.

  31. totall1911

    Ohio resident visiting the CO… been to like 7 dispensaries and I tell you what.. They are very helpful they answered all my questions have a nice selection and the purple voodoo is to die for.. definitely worth a visit!

  32. fritzcrumb

    It has been a couple months, things might have changed but I did not like this place. Prices higher than average.

  33. Alex30

    My new favorite store! Coming back for sure, the staff was very kind and knew what they were talking about. Thanks again!

  34. Ravendrkwolf

    because Denver is a series of one way traffic, I drove around in circles, plus I paid to park in front. I’m not from Denver so I’m not used to that kind of traffic.

  35. mwhiles

    Came in to use my temporary Medical Marijuana card. I have been going to another location, but decided to try this one… my mistake.

    The lady didn’t understand my temporary medical card and kept telling me it isn’t a medical card. I kept trying to explain to her that it was temporary until the official one came in… it is 3 sheets of paper with a seal, signature, proof of application, and proof of medical card. She refused service and told me to go somewhere else….

    I have used it at 5+ locations with no problem. After I left I went to one 5 minutes away and it was fine.

    I understand that she needed to cover all bases… but she didn’t even try help or ask anyone.. She seemed like she didn’t understand anything about medical cards which I thought was strange since they sell medical.

    Not a big deal since plenty of dispensaries understand the temp medical cards. I wasn’t pleased with her lack of knowledge or service. Even when I do get my official card in I will not be going back.

  36. captiancresty

    Great buds top quals

  37. aharriselite

    Good variety & quality! Bad ass deal.

  38. spike9999

    I came in tonight for the first time. The budtender was great. She was very friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to answer any and all of my questions. The bud is great and so are their prices. I’ll definitely be back.

  39. punch118

    Great deals, descent selection on flowers. No long waits. I give staff the thumbs up!

  40. twenty23three

    This place had the worst quality bud. B quality bud at best and that’s being nice. Don’t even waste your time. all the 5 star reviews must be from fake accounts. Don’t even waste your time. Awful Awful quality.

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