Silver Stem Fine Cannabis

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3700 W. Quincy Ave., Denver, CO 80236


39.638137, -105.0357058




9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Silver Stem Fine Cannabis is proudly setting the standard in Fine Cannabis. With our unique growing techniques and extreme care for our plants, you are guaranteed to walk out with something you will enjoy.
21+ Medical / 21+ Recreational
7-9:45PM – Recreational only.


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71 reviews for “Silver Stem Fine Cannabis

  1. Steroidjesus

    Very clean, employees are very knowledgeable. Great atmosphere. Wide variety of strains. Hands down the best dispensary I’ve been to. A++

  2. Toddeeee7

    Good dank sugary nuts ftw

  3. SB4

    in a location one would expect. but the interior was nice. well lit and friendly staff. the selection was on point. I ordered blue dream and it was pre weighed. although the weight was correct. I enjoy watching the bud tender select and weigh. I like to see its 3.5g or what the weight needs I be. THE FLOWER : I have had blue dream before. this stuff was waaaaayyyy better. great smell, texture and the high is great. keep up the good work.

  4. Kane419

    Very helpful and friendly staff, quality product and great selection.

  5. eag4k

    My go to spot. Good selection

  6. chrisrome82

    Love my neighborhood shop.

  7. OleHippyDave

    The staff is most attentive and caring. There’s always smiling happy faces and the vibe there is very positive. The store is well staffed so there’s rarely a wait and if I have questions, they will take all the time needed to answer the question, make suggestions in a friendly and professional manner.
    Love the Store!

  8. mad_marva

    Love it! a$?i,

  9. Swaz

    Started shopping here because I used to go to lightshade, now no need to go anywhere else. If you can remember to bring cash with you they’ll never be any type of problem for you at Silver stem. These guys have some of the most beautiful flower in Denver. Helpful staff and small lines.

  10. jasonmmaggard

    This is by far the best place around and the only place I will ever go to I am doing my review before going to the store to pick up my product because I know that my experience is going to be extremely well just like always.

  11. coolpuppy

    Some of the guys could be a little friendlier but great quality and nice atmosphere. I will come back.

  12. kylecrowley7

    Great place to come and pick up. Friendly staff is always willing to help

  13. Brittanychebny

    I love that they have all natural products!

  14. ahsubie

    Awesome place

  15. 2FST4UALEX

    Discovery of the month or maybe even a year!
    Loved it!

  16. DenverNugs

    Stopped in for the first time today. I asked for concentrate recommendations because I had talked about getting some bad grams lately that had terrible flavor.

    Without hesitation he busted out several boxes of live resin and showed me the product that I could actually buy. This was big plus for me, because unfortunately the norm these days is to have one display jar showing perfect product, while the prepackaged product is nothing like the display.

    After hearing out their recommendations, I ended up going with the SFV OG Live Resin from Chronic Creations. He then informed me that they have two different reward programs and explained the benefits of it. Definitely recommend signing up for that, because it looks like the rewards accumulate quickly. I have the worst memory in the world, so I forgot his name, but the employee I worked with was super chill and really helpful.

    The thing that blew me away about this store most of all was their website. You can actually order your products online and pick them up in store, which is awesome, but my favorite feature of this is the ability to see EXACTLY what you’re going to pay at the store with taxes. Most shops actually try to hide this as much as possible to mislead you into thinking that you’ll be paying less. These guys are transparent about everything while being knowledgeable and super friendly.

  17. Mphealey23

    Best quality

  18. 420overpills

    First time at this location. It was a nice clean shop with great budtenders! I picked up a pre-rolled of some lemon skunk, which was excellent. Also, since it was my birthday, the budtender that helped me actually paid for my $0.01 birthday joint (a nice, unexpected costumer service surprise regardless of the cost). The prices are a little higher than most local dispensaries, but there is clearly a reason as everything looked/smelled trimmed and cured to a higher standard than many others shops I’ve been to.

  19. tc14kim

    The staff is very helpful and friendly. The Wana edibles are awesome. I also like the individual joints. I’ve brought two of my friends in here and now they shop here all the time without me dY~*. Matt and Josh are both very helpful and they answered a lot of questions for me. Even when there’s a small line of customers the staff is awesome and the wait time is minimal. I’ve been to other dispensaries but I’ve settled on this one because of the staff, the prices and the rewards program dY~EUR

  20. breannenjackson

    First time in, and I will be back! Great buds, you can tell it’s grown really well. I’m actually super impressed. Haven’t had weed like this in a long time!

  21. pastokes

    Very convenient! Perhaps a tad pricey, but that is more than made up for by the service, courtesy and frequent specials! The “Cheers” of dispensaries!

  22. GodsWarrior_16

    Silver stem is AWAKE and has a friendly staff. This location is perfect where it’s needed. An outstanding edible selection. The sales and marketing teams seem as though they are staying true to bringing in new ideas for sales while respecting the loyalty member program. It is the kind of place where you want to return to see what’s next.

  23. Harley1294

    Great location!

  24. bennypot7796

    Great place! Only place I go to in Littleton. Great bud, friendly staff, and there is always a daily deal with multiple options!

  25. deasher

    Good people

  26. Handlit

    This is definitely a local spot. Down to earth, quality herb, although my Budtender was not that good with math. He couldn’t figure out how many eights equals a half.

  27. DblizzyFoShizzy

    Have you seen these Prices?? Average price for an 8th is 30$.. suprised if this place survives..

  28. MorrisonSteel

    I’ve been a regular since they opened. Their selection is pretty good. Perhaps you could have a better selection of pre-rolls. Friendly staff, even towards tourists.

  29. roise0420

    Great place dY~

  30. Denices

    All staff very friendly and knowledgeably great deals and excellent bud in town in my opion

  31. Metalheadhippie1

    Outrageous prices, and the staff isn’t the friendliest. Too many other places that are cheaper and nicer.

  32. fuzzy23

    The budtender was pleasant as was the guy checking id. The place is small but clean. I got a cartridge of GSC for a great price that ended up being tasty and effective.

  33. Bertram1

    The bud tender I worked with was extremely nice and very knowledgeable. The price was a little higher than most places, but the quality was definitely top notch.

  34. ecurrent

    Very helpful. Answered all my questions it ha smile. Great location.

  35. awill78

    Relaxed place with good vibe

  36. emilyloneal

    Silver Stem has the best green in town! The most professional producers of marijuana in Denver. From the seed to the packaging. The weed speaks for itself.

  37. ChaseAnnalise

    Wouldn’t shop anywhere else!

  38. cgomezlv

    Always friendly and know the products they carry.

  39. Deafpatriots

    I am not happy at all with Silver Stem in Southwest of Denver. I have gone on every Thursday to the medical marijuana room and my medical card has been reading accurately for the expiration or issue date, until today. I drove for 45 minutes from Larkspur to the Silver Stem in Littleton for nothing! I have $65 credits for medical marijuana in their system and now they are not letting me go in the medical marijuana room. They knew that my medical card has not been reading accurately for some time but they never told me there was a problem. I could have gotten a replacement card had they told me of the problem. The expiration date or issue date have not been read for some time and they never warned me that there was a problem with my medical card. I will never buy from this store ever again. Anyone who has a medical marijuana card beware to this store! They still owe me my $65 credit and I will demand payment! Forget them! I’m done with them.

  40. abow

    Very friendly, and always helpful. Pleasure to go to.

  41. Junebuggg303

    Honestly couldn’t ask for nicer staff I love going and always leave feeling very well helped. They’re the best they’re very knowledgeable and kind and patient with newbies. 10/10 would recommend.

  42. EdReynolds

    Gonna try again to review on this site for a shop that ROCKS! The only knock is that they occasionally run out of pre rolls…hey, it happens. Keep up the good work

  43. jbrd1983

    Should change hours of operation on door. This is why I only gave one star on service. You know how it is when all you need is 15 feet away and you tell me you close at 645 not 7. Stop lying to customers

  44. KingConk

    Great bud at a reasonable price

  45. oceanNjoli

    first time since they very first opened. prices more reasonable compaired to first time. went with chocolope. smells looks good. taste good at first, but loses taste quick. Good, clean high.

  46. nicolebujok3

    The staff is pretty good the buds selections even better and the prices are even worse

  47. nicoteen

    so very friendly and knowledgeable!! the prices were clearly listed and our budtender didn’t mind our endless questions. the discount you receive on your first purchase when you sign up for their rewards program is super helpful! i can’t wait to visit this place again!!

  48. dubbadubble

    I came by for their Olio popup event, I had been wanting to try Olio for awhile and thought it would be fun to check out a new store and pick up some live resin and chat with the Olio rep.

    One thing that really stood out to me is how clean and nice looking the place was. I really hate going to a store and it being all dark and dingy, Silver Stem was clean and well-lit.

    The budtender (really wish I knew his name to give him props, sorry!) was kind and patient as I checked out the Olio products they had available. I picked out some fantastic Olio live resin and got some amazing Olio sauce and swag as part of the popup.

    I was very satisfied with my overall experience from shopping to getting home and breaking into my pickups! It was a little bit of a trip because I live quite north of the location but I would totally come again if they continue to carry a decent selection of quality concentrates like Olio.

  49. Akabigq

    This place is awesome!! The staff is great and very knowledgeable and friendly, this is my home store and get pretty upset when I have to go somewhere else to stock up dY$?~dY~S

  50. kobbok4

    It fits in with the other businesses, you get in quickly and everything is on display, lots of fun to look at all of the productsproducts. Very dedicated staff, they’ve been helpful and knowledgeable. No stress environment.

  51. wjreaves

    People are nice

  52. sourskittles

    This was my first time at the SW Denver store. Budtender was fast and efficient.

  53. gaigreen

    I felt welcome and comfortable upon my visit to Silver Stem. The service was outstanding, knowledgeable, and friendly. The product was excellent and top quality. I recommend Silver Stem to anyone seeking a first class dispensary

  54. 10301992

    Great location I come here once a week. Love the services

  55. HereComesTheK1ng

    Overall a quality place. Some have said they had high prices but they seemed reasonable to me. Friendly staff, welcoming, overall I would recommend to anyone as a good place to go.

  56. MileHiBeauty420

    I had such a great experience at this dispensary thanks to my budtender Malorie and the fellow staff at Silver Stem DenSW! Even though I only had an order for pickup , she still took the time to tell me about other flower I was interested in and even recommended strains that she liked herself for some of the things I was wanting in my high!! All of the sudden, there was a big line and I started to get anxious briefly but was quickly brought back down by Malorie’s caring demeanor and the way she completely didn’t rush me and wanted me to know that she cared about me as a customer and taking her time with me, just like I’m sure she does with all of her other lucky customers that get the chance to meet her warm embracing presence. Her customer service alone made this my new dispensary. I just moved and they’re one of the ones in my area and I’m definitely glad to have found this gem :)! Oh and as I’m writing this, now that I tried the Chocolope flower I picked up, I have to say I’m loving the products just as much!! Yay Silver Stem! You guys rock :)!

  57. Brooke1216

    The Asian budtender is the only one that is knowledgable in the strains. Thankfully he was there or I would have not had a pleasant experience. Their prices are steep but their quality is very much worth it.

  58. baggsy

    Very helpful.

  59. heyya5280

    this location is the best dispensary in Denver high quality medicine and great staff 20/10

  60. q261

    Small place/selection. Staff could be a little friendlier and not on their phones.

  61. elsyd

    Silverstem, particularly the Lakewood location, every time my GF and I go there, even though it’s a VERY LONG DRIVE, particularly since I live in Longmont. Though every time the friendly staff ever so gently guides us along with knowledge of their products, and they don’t mind or get haughty should you have a question! I’ve found their staff to be top notch, as we are both medical, and were looking we each for a particular strains that help alleviate the pain/ailments, and we are so tired of the shops that are recreational, the shops which choose to go into the medical business for whatever reason, but it’s not the right reason, well here Their staff is very caring, kind and knowledgeable and they are in it to help people. Spread wonderful strain reaching to new highs and spreading the cleanest but medicinally the best, be it just good ole TLC & selection of the finest genes to the finest products on the shelf, which MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY CAN TELL ME IN DETAIL WHAT THEY Have STOCKED

  62. Nae0211

    I love this dispensary! Before I had a few issues, but they have made so many improvements. I love the prices and quality. The staff is knowledgeable of their products and are very friendly. I always recommend this place to all of my friends.

  63. mvtom

    Good enough

  64. Jredleaf

    Great prices good strains. Nice and knowledgeable budtenders.

  65. Cmoney68

    Love the workers always take their time to help you

  66. thabeardedbarber

    Awesome budtenders, brave looking security, clean building, and great product..

  67. freddiejjj

    Great service and products. Fantastic staff.

  68. Wyatt19962014

    Clean and welcoming atmosphere

  69. DenverDabber303

    Great place! I saw they had a strain I wanted.. Stopped in, was greeted with a smile, budtender was super chill and the cannabis was better than expected! They are really doing the Fine Cannabis thing. out of all the shops in Denver, this is in my top 10 for sure.

  70. Britebla

    The staff at this location are incredible. They make you feel like family. I only wish the selection for pre rolls would change more. I guess it can’t be too bad because I keep going back. (^-^)

  71. Stvr2020


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