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3950 Holly Street, Denver, CO 80207


39.7721922, -104.9218132




8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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Lightshade is one of the most reputable, high-end marijuana dispensaries in Denver, serving medical and adult customers at multiple locations in the Denver metro area, including Aurora and Lakewood. Established in 2011, Lightshade has a reputation for growing the best quality genetics in Colorado. With the highest THC levels in lab results for our marijuana strains, it’s no surprise that cannabis connoisseurs from Colorado and around the world continue to visit Lightshade for the best weed in Denver. If you are looking for marijuana dispensaries in Denver or Aurora, or wondering where to buy marijuana in Colorado, you’ve found the right place.

Lightshade proudly serves the 21+ Medical and Recreational marijuana community. There are laws and regulations within Colorado that both medical and adult marijuana customers must follow, such as purchase and carry limits. Please visit our Laws & FAQs page for more information about Colorado marijuana laws to ensure you are following the proper weed laws and regulations.

In addition to our retail stores, Lightshade has several state-of-the-art marijuana growing facilities located throughout Colorado. Our Holly location includes a retail/medical store attached to one of our growing facilities, and features a viewing window in the waiting lobby where our customers can see what a professional, high-end marijuana growing facility looks like. Our Holly, Peoria, Sheridan, Havana and 6th Ave stores each include a huge selection of marijuana products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals and merchandise. Visit Lightshade today to see why the difference is night and day between us and the other marijuana dispensaries in Denver.


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1,074 reviews for “Lightshade

  1. hutchatx88

    great location, friendly staff and great selection. I will definitely be back

  2. manny596

    The workers are so nice and sweet as soon as you walk in. Have never gotten bad vibes being there. Been there multiple times never had any issues

  3. jamieschaible

    Tried the headband haze live resin.. amazing! Love this place!!!!! They always have great products and great deals!

  4. Taylorgong85

    Awesome selection of weed, and the staff is always friendly and helpful

  5. Thastreetz3300

    Its a great place there’s never a long wait…

  6. shadowfox5466

    This location consistently has some of my favorite strains. The staff is super friendly with quick service. Highly recommended.

  7. Tjai-studlyfe

    Great staff always friendly and professional. Always willing to be patient and answer my questions about different products. Love this place.

  8. jmac1031p7

    amazing first time experience. very helpf
    ul and an awesome atmosphere

  9. 2Roxanne

    Conveniently located off I-70, this place is a hidden gem. I definitely recommend this place! Fast,knowledgeable, and friendly service. Very happy with their suggestions. The location on Holly is a place I will definitely return to.

  10. VelvetMerkin

    Just dropped in for the first time on a recommendation by a friend. Very comfortable atmosphere, great selection, super friendly staff, and pretty awesome prices too! I managed to pick up a gram of wax on special for New Years for $20, can’t really ask for better than that. 😀

  11. xALR420x

    love this location close to me, great buds, awesome staff!

  12. TelaFTW

    Awesome location. Great staff.

  13. sirsmokesalot09

    Fast and friendly service, great bud, highly recommend

  14. thatleppard

    I love this location. By far the best of all Lightshade stores! The staff is always very educated and helpful!

  15. Reak34

    Very good product good service and a great store always have good joints

  16. Ashleya1981

    Fast and friendly employees. They have the best deals and specials.keep up the good work.

  17. gingersnapp8

    Loved this location! The staff was very friendly and knowledge and helped with any questions we had. The flower was great quality and affordable. Definitely my new favorite dispensary

  18. mokaroni

    Awesome service. Very knowledgeable staff who are very helpful. Great selection and prices too!

  19. Grandpadave

    My bud tender was Kelly. She is nice, knowledgeable, and informative. I always have a great experience at Lightshade Labs on Holly.

  20. mimihoney8

    I l9ve light shade. the tenders are car knowledgeable.

  21. lewis1louis

    One of my favorite dispensaries, great friendly staff, nice strains!

  22. VancrKing91

    in my opinion light shade is the best of the best tbh good weed and everything. best buds ever

  23. vijay.varghese21

    Amazing experience. Great selection. Good prices. Will visit again definitely

  24. Bmccalman

    I always enjoy Lightshade strands & the budtenders are very friendly.

  25. npuente1992

    Lightshade is too dope

  26. dragon303

    Everything was great and awesome, until I got home and weighed what I got. Suppose to get Q, instead i get 2 1/8 which is fine but one was 3.1g other 3G. I will never go back to his place one Havana in Aurora, Co

  27. Bartrocody

    By far the best dispensary ive been to. Friendliest staff, most welcoming environment, the best deals in town! Favorite place to shop. At least here three times a week.

  28. Chartyia

    Great bud tenders

  29. Chiboi74

    Pricing is great and the weed is better. I’ve been coming here for years. The staff is good and very helpful.

  30. Victoria87

    I love going to lightshade they have great bud and friendly people stop in and check them out

  31. abelrm

    Location is pretty easy to find, and the atmosphere is really lovely, lots of green house plants, comfy seats and smiling faces to help you. Great selection and service

  32. ShenaMarie

    Great bud tenders

  33. eriks

    easy to find

  34. bVT802

    Would highly recommend Lightshade Holly to anyone in the area! Great products for a reasonable price.

  35. Bigmike4909

    Good bud selection

  36. gavin91

    The employees at this location are very knowledgable and friendly. A great spot for my rec needs.

  37. madamnicole

    It was a great place to go for great deals and awesome pre rolls

  38. ccdahybrid1993

    its a great location and I love this store. they always have new strains.

  39. Sweet_sensation69

    Great location, Great flower, Great staff, will recommend

  40. Z42099

    It’s cool
    Will come again

  41. gavint52

    awesome spot for fast service great prerolls from premium flower
    some amazing customer service

  42. grimis73

    Is a nice store they carrie a bunch of great product. Picked up some gorilla glue and Durban poison awesome both very good

  43. Krispiee226

    Lightshade hands down number 1 for flower and great prerolls

  44. drewtrampe

    love the people and the atmosphere is great ! would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat

  45. cheisel

    great location great staff great bud thank you lightshade holly.

  46. M2M

    This is my favorite place to shop!!!

  47. JSJInDenver

    Love you folks!! pure firedY~~

  48. Daddydragon76

    Most awesome dispensary around. Come see The and everyone.

  49. mcstellar

    Great staff. Consistent product. Good deals.

  50. Andicrawl

    Great deals and awesome products! Superior customer service.

  51. Patrice17

    lightshades Holly is one of the best dispensary everyone is always so polite and they always have the best bud I shop here very often and would definitely recommend my friends and family

  52. Liz327

    Very friendly atomosphere great experience with every visit!!!

  53. magustheaters

    fast and convenient.

  54. Lightshade-J

    The Lightshade on Holly is absolutely phenomenal! I love this place soooo much it’s my freakin’ username lol. Shout out to the new & old staff for always being knowledgeable, quick, & efficient. They always have a great variety of j’s for ya boy and that 5 pack of joints for $35 is my sh!t!!!

  55. lock12

    Good staff good weed and great people

  56. Dabadoobs

    What an amazing experience! It was my first time and I was clueless and the staff here made sure I was well taken care of and I’m very happy with what I left with. Thanks guys!

  57. Gifted91

    1st time
    Great environment, great prices, hella edibles. Lovely

  58. Becky10112

    Lightshade on holly the best buds quality and quantity

  59. Supaman7

    I like this place it sells great quantity and help me with my depression I love it thanks lightshade

  60. reubon

    I love light shade they have the best!!!!!
    Kelly is the coolest ever but tender

  61. ChassityM.

    This is my first time visiting Colorado and I’m glad Lightshade on Holly St. was the first dispensary I ran across. I will definitely return on my next trip.

  62. lindsey1512

    By far best dispensary in Denver! All 4 locations! Quality bud as well as customer service and prices you will not find anywhere else.

  63. 420buddaluva

    great I came back…good deal

  64. sped

    loves this place

  65. watkins6815

    Easy to find. Love the shatter couldnt go wrong. The budtenders were very helpful. Amazing customer service. The prices are amazing as well. I will definitely be back.

  66. clairderouen

    I’ve been frequenting the Sheridan location for the past few weeks, but was after edibles the other day and was over in the Holly area so I stopped by. The lobby area had a little window to view a grow and had lots of space and art. Once inside the retail space we were greeted in a very friendly manner and spent around 20 minutes discussing their concentrate and edible selection. Left with a Dixie Elixir and their new CO2 distillate from Spherex. Honestly might start frequenting this location instead. 710/10

  67. kingkobra22

    This was the only Lightshade I hadn’t visited prior to today. Didn’t disappoint. Great buds. Great prices. Friendly ass staff. Can’t beat that.

  68. Momo20161

    Such a wonderful place to shop for weed. Great customer service keep up the good work.The holly location is is where you need to go.

  69. abeezy7

    Great place..great service

  70. c.anna.bis

    I love lightshade! They have the best prices around:)

  71. King235

    They have the best .love this place and all of the workers.will tell you every one to come here

  72. rob1332

    Best prices in town and excellent bud!

  73. baker09

    good Customer service. They were very patient and helpful. good product as well

  74. robbirob

    the weed is great and the employees are even better

  75. novaness

    The staff were nice and knowledgeable. The space was clean and welcoming.

  76. mike5613

    light shades on holly St. has real good prices with a very knowledgeable staff

  77. Brewpug5776

    We had a fantastic experience today. Our budtender was very friendly and knowledgeable about every product they had. The quality is excellent. We will definitely be back!

  78. GoldenLlama1986

    the atmosphere in the waiting room was original and the budtenders were great.

  79. Kushkeeks

    The budtenders are friendly & knowledgeable, great selection. 10/10 would recommend

  80. KitKatz007

    Such good people working at lightshade. Good vibes and positive energy

  81. emetcalf865

    one of my favorite to go highly recommend to everyone

  82. jessjesse

    Grrreat! Recommend too all.

  83. dmavis420

    Best price and selection. Love lightshade.

  84. ManRod210

    I always heard this place was great so I had to check it out for myself. They didn’t disappoint at all! Great service and prices. Good deals and excellent product. I can’t wait to go back!

  85. See2daJay

    Chill spot with awesome deals, very knowledgeable staff and also very friendly!

  86. Danielle horton

    Love this location lightshade on holly is the best and they always come thru right on time.

  87. collins1234

    Light shade Holly is always my go to place! By far the kindest and most caring team out there.

  88. 37101

    The have good bud very friendly love these guys and girls

  89. CristinSutherland

    Lightshade Holly has the best product and service. Staff is awesome here

  90. groundhog30

    Love this place! Staff is always great!

  91. Bobbyhicks22

    Every visit lite shade makes you feel important. This dispensary has great, fresh flower at great deals and get you in and out in a timely fashion. Awesome place to visit for you 420 needs

  92. LaChara

    Amazing people quick and easy

  93. CPrice24

    I love this lightshade they are polite and clean!

  94. BA863

    The lightshade on holly has a great atmosphere and a friendly vibe. I enjoyed shopping at this location. I would definitely recommend this location to all of my friends.

  95. daniellarose24

    Staff there is amazing!!!

  96. Litbrian754

    I liked my visit

  97. ccbruno

    Always super friendly, never too long of a wait. I love the prices and the atmosphere! 🙂 This shop is right near my house and it is my preferred store.

  98. MrTodd

    i would really recommend

  99. Jennifer32

    The weed is great and they have fast and friednly customer service would definatly recommend to others

  100. omar24az

    Best dispense in town . Great deals awesome bud . Customer service is always excellent thank you lightshade holly

  101. AveriandJose

    Had to run back home and I bought pineapple express, super sativa hybrid really nice, good service, friendly environment, in and out less than 10 mins. RECOMMEND

  102. geneaa05

    great weed and friendly environment but strength gray strands of weed and great deals on edibles

  103. magicalsabrina4

    great location they have amazing weed but also great customer service! dY’-dY’-dY’-

  104. Soousa

    Great service, great buds, always relaxed. It’s the only dispensary I go to!

  105. Collinsg13

    Love this place. Have always been going to this location! Best customer service!!

  106. jimen94aj

    A friend told me I had to stop by and I did not regret it. They have great prices and the buds are dY’OEdY1/2dY”Y= great! I will be coming back on my next visit.

  107. Cannabis303

    Been coming here for years. It’s by far my favorite dispensary! They have great product, a comfortable inviting atmosphere & friendly knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend this dispensary to others!

  108. Mrcheshorcat

    A+++Hands-down my favorite light shade location. Consistently has the most strains available. Always consistent quality.aEUR

  109. Hippiedani0922

    Loved how friendly the staff was! Great selection for recreational compared to most places. Can’t wait to move here next month and see what they have for medical once I get my card!

  110. syelloweagle

    friendly staff! Troy and the beautiful lady at the front desk were very helpful!

  111. dry-ice

    #1 dispensary in the city. Flowers are fire, j’s on point & tap out concentrates. If you want the sack to stink up the whole room, lightshade is the place to go.

  112. jersutton

    very nice place. everyone was very helpful and pleasant!

  113. Alyssawinters23

    Lightshade on Holly has the best weed and customer service in Colorado.

  114. Chinablue

    Customer service probably couldn’t get any better I have come to this location very indecisive and they have been able to assist me with product knowledge and information I do appreciate the bud tenders knowledge or the products and services that they are giving to the customers.

  115. sheilaw

    I have never visit any other medical marijuana stores other than the three Lightshade locations. The Holly, Peoria, and Sheridan locations have always had what I needed. I’ve had my medical license for 2 years and have never had the desire to try another store!! Maybe some day, but not no time soon!

  116. NS

    They are by far my favorite. Truly an amazing team.

  117. cece4313

    Nice bud tender and a great selection of bud

  118. Justxlindz

    I love the single person service, they always take care of me. People are great, prices are good and they are always running great deals

  119. housequake3000

    They have amazing deals!!!!!

  120. ravenr

    Good service quality weed an ok pricing

  121. Brisstrong

    Katelyn was very kind and very helpful. I love how they have different varieties of spliffs…

  122. Marl3yBoi

    First stop was here and glad it was…

  123. pt111380

    Excellent customer service. Selection of flower and edibles, along with the quality, is amazing. Prices are reasonable; you should check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

  124. cogantz13

    I have enjoyed light shade off Holly every since they opened! MUST GO

  125. chickman

    Conveniently located off the highway for after work commute drop ins.

  126. Brandonharlan

    Lightshade is dope period. The employees are respectful and knows product knowledge.

  127. Danimal96

    Calm and professional environment, friendly staff and great prices!

  128. Shotime303

    Amazing staff and bud the best I swear of of the lightshade

  129. LB3434

    they’re staff is extremely kind and the buds are phenomenal…

  130. Marthaflores07

    Definitely love this location, staff is amazing service is good. And some of my favorite strains.

  131. maryjsuny

    Great Service and People

  132. Highkingandcamping

    After visiting many dispensaries in town during my visit, this location was by far the most helpful and friendliest. The bud tender was great at recommending different products and was able to give great detail about each item.

  133. tll26

    The people at this place are absolutely wonderful. When you walk in, it’s like you’re meeting up with an old buddy. They are always extremely helpful and genuinely nice.

  134. lalisha

    I love it

  135. Rurubailey

    nice budtenders. fine selection

  136. fatboy14

    good shatter and good price. very helpfull staffdY”Y=

  137. Chantel08

    Nice and friendly staff and great products

  138. Dickweed69

    Amazing shatter….fantastic….they do the most unbelivable job. Thumbs up

  139. KMahog14

    great selection good prices

  140. damndaniel1776

    Over all location was great and the service was bad ass, we really liked it and will be back.

  141. Loveley

    This location is the best and the staff is very friendly. They also have great deals.

  142. Drewww1108

    Great location great prices!

  143. AbdullahAli8861

    Great location, really enjoyed the selection. Great service and help offered by Budtender!

  144. svwills

    I think this location is one of the most friendly welcoming locations I’ve been to. The employees are always very nice and willing to help you as quick as possible. I will remain a customer here! dY’dY1/2

  145. Kiingluii4

    Great place to shop a d the employees are terrific

  146. Krawlings0416

    Great selection, great bud. Jelly was an awesome bud tender.

  147. Prillstar

    Light shade on Holly is the best dispo in Denver! Friendliest staff most potent product everything is the bomb!

  148. percymiller

    the staff was cool and the atmosphere was chill

  149. HP331

    Friendly staff, the budtender was very helpful and answered all of our questions. Nice selection and good vibes will return!

  150. Jeck171

    Lightshade is an amazing environment where the staff gives the customer a feeling of trust and respect. Very very knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  151. Moneylu

    Lightshade on Holly St Is pretty awesome.

    The staff made it easy to find what I needed and offered great deals.
    Always got good stuff and definitely will be coming back soon

  152. raybrown14

    One of my fav dispensaries. The tree is fire. my favorites are berkel, Durban poison and black ice. the staff is respectable. it’s clean. I would most definitely go back here..

  153. rodneym30

    Always consistent on quality, properly cured bud. Since my first visit, I have made it a point to go to Lightshade as my preferred shop

  154. Sappini

    They were very kind and had good top of the line weed. Couldnt have asked for better

  155. mamascool

    I love this place they make me feel like family

  156. atrasatti

    The best everything. Weed, service, and quality

  157. Jlazar1

    Great selection and prices. Friendly customer service.

  158. lainee_18

    Best prices in town! Great and knowledgeable staff! One of my favorite spots to go to.

  159. NajeIman

    Amazing staff all
    Know their products

  160. TekGotti

    Grateful that this place is so close to home

  161. ddaniels02

    Lightshade has good bud and budtenders dY~dY~dY~


    Great service

  163. RhonkyInc

    Awesome store! Anybody can walk in and won’t feel out of place!

  164. SaRue

    HORRIBLE Customer service… I was charged twice for one purchase and told “they can not refund..” Thanks for stealing $158.00 from a single mother… Way to go guys

  165. LibertyFreak

    I love lightshade Holly! staff is always friendly and nice and the quality of other products is always excellent never had a problem with any of it. I would recommend them to anyone

  166. Mrs.Pinzz

    Best weed staff and prices around

  167. mycrudd

    Great service, super friendly and helpful staff, will become my local from now on!

  168. GayJay420

    Love the knowledgeable staff and quality product! Keep up the good work! Check out the grow window in the waiting room.

  169. jblewis2288

    This location is amazing. I got the super skunk and it is delicious. The staff are so nice and helpful! 5 stars!!

  170. sparkydsm

    Great place, friendly staff, and a good selection of quality products.

  171. WeiChiField

    Awesome shop! Has grown to be my favorite one. Great herbs, great staff, especially Kelly! She also was kind enough to help me with car trouble!

  172. Qvole

    Come here often great people’s great weeds

  173. AngryLineCook

    Anthony, our tender was personable, friendly, and knowledgeable .the overall experience was fantastic for our first. Choose here first.

  174. rockym690

    The smells are da bomb!! grow room is fun to look at…very professional and organized. good prices!

  175. Eatiblegirl1981

    It was an awesome 1st time, customer service was excellent, employee was very knowledgeable and atmosphere was wonderful. I have no regrets and will definitely return soon!!

  176. sirshmokealot8790

    Great place Great people, when in need stop by here and u won’t leave disappointed

  177. Thebigdl86

    Love light shade!

  178. leslieG300

    Great bud even better staff great prices fav spot.

  179. dhenkins7

    Just stopped here on our way thru Colorado and Im glad I did the service and product was top notch and the employees were very friendly and helpful I’ll be back for sure

  180. MPavlicek

    Awesome deals, bud, and people!

  181. missyvonne10

    Fast, friendly service! Good specials

  182. leila1puffs

    I absolutely adore lightshade! I used to be a starbuds freak, but lightshades strains are better along with the staff and prices!! well done!!

  183. BurningCrusade5

    Awesome prices. Superb customer experience. Would recommend to anyone looking for great strains at crazy prices. 10/10

  184. Dave1993Mal

    Lightshade is the best in the area! Best prices best bud best staff!

  185. Ajmartin

    Best place in town

  186. pablitomaliko

    First time visiting a dispensary in Denver, the staff was very helpful and the atmosphere was great! I will definitely be visiting again while I’m on vacation here in Denver, and would recommend to anyone visiting for the first time.

  187. Glowgoat957

    Badass in EVERY WAY!

  188. shezahott1

    I love this place! Great selection, great deals, and awesome staff! Couldn’t ask for more!

  189. Kammie Barraza

    Such an awesome location! Troy and his staff were super friendly and helpful for a first time buyer! Recommending this store to all my friends!!

  190. effigy

    Very welcoming and friendly people. Highly recommend this place. Bud tenders were very knowledgeable.

  191. Matthew.hudgens

    Lightshade on holly is hella dope. The people are friendly and the buds they grow are perfectdY~EURdY~EURdY~EUR

  192. GodsVeryOwn

    Great customer service as usual!

  193. hottiek

    this is the greatest dispensary chain in Colorado their 420 prices are amazing and it’s definitely going to make hash Bash even better than I thought it could be

  194. IndyNative

    I have come to Denver every April for the past 3 years. My wedding anniversary is 4/20! We took our anniversary vacation here a few years ago, and everytime we come here, we always shop at Lightshade. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful in selecting the right strain that woulf best suit us. I am a Marine Combat Veteran with multiple pieces of metal still inside me from an IED blast. My wife suffers from endometriosis. So a strong painkiller is what was needed, but your staff went the extra mile to make sure we got something that could still motivate us so we can work pain free. I came back again this year on business alone, and I have stopped by your shop and was met with the same enthusiasm, and eagerness to help me. It’s comforting as someone from out of State, who doesn’t know all the details and feels a little shy, can still feel relaxed and at ease. Thank you very much, and I will see you next year!

  195. fathernatureft

    Staff was great and product was awesome

  196. chef1234

    Great place, the people are perfect and the product is even better

  197. whiffypenny

    great bud a good price

  198. Jwilson86

    Love it …love the people….love the weed

  199. Missmars

    Great weed, great employees, they were very informative and friendly, I’d recommend this location to anyone.

  200. forbin23

    Everything was perfect here. Great selection of high quality flowers, concentrates and edibles.

  201. kbentel123

    Visiting from New Orleans with my mom and her best friend and this was by far the best dispensary we went to! Mr. Troy was very welcoming when we first walked in and allowed us to see their plants which were so beautiful! We then went to another section where we were able to make our selections. Daniel was our budtender and was so very patient with us and very knowledgeable! Other dispensaries budtenders it felt like us aEURoeout of townersaEUR were a bother but with Daniel we all felt very comfortable and not rushed! Will definitely be back before our vacation is over!

  202. SplifftheDog

    5 Star customer service!! Premium quality!!!
    They take customer service to a new level. It felt like a boutique and I was the most important customer. Clearly, there is pride taken in the service provided. I am always greeted warmly and thanked by the owner for coming back. The owner even makes sure the parking lot is kept swept clean. Every person I encountered provided 5 star customer service.

  203. Deshey

    Love love love this place.

  204. Datrue007

    looking forward to shop

  205. Tyree03

    Love it shop here everyday

  206. MattHart0894

    Great bud! Great budtenders!!!

  207. patrice2016

    I love this place great people love the weed and is cheaper than most I’ve been to they have my service

  208. Tonytatt

    I’m very very very happy with this place great staff and an awesome viewing room to see the mom’s in veg state. … Way cool

  209. looch86

    Hands Down one of the best places for your green and very good Customer Service

  210. crad190

    Awesome place! Can’t beat the Penny J’s!

  211. ahmedslim13

    Great location and customer service def recommend to friends

  212. sclptrman41

    Very inviting atmosphere and great options and deals.

  213. emagic25

    Wes was awesome very professional

  214. Joel6711

    Great customer service, fast and efficient. Even better buds, I’d say stop by.

  215. Jameshadams3

    Everytime I come here I leave with a smile on ym face! These are some really cool folk. Shout out to Uncle Phil! Lol

  216. dedsecghostshell

    I love the light shade brand, their staff are always incredibly helpful, they have a great selection of product and are always willing to answer questions. 10/10 would recommend

  217. alexanderfebles1

    this place is awesome I love it always has a good vibe

  218. Foxymama47

    luv the bud and budtenders

  219. StickyBugatti

    Love the Willies Reserve going back for more now

  220. Mizzou12

    Great staff great joints

  221. Melis263

    Original location. A lil hidden i. The cut but a great place to good with fair prices and good flower.

  222. Paripluto

    Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable

  223. Ladyt25

    Great place….selection…..budtenders

  224. edulaney

    the Strain Mother’s Milk is the SHIZNIEE!!! THANKS LIGHTSHADE! THE ONLY PLACE THAT CARRIES THIS!!a$?a$?a$?dY’

  225. Justchelle

    Nice atmosphere cool friendly bud tenders Great bud always…

  226. Phephe1976

    It was a little off the beaten path, but well worth the trek.

  227. Nicrenwid

    You can’t go wrong stopping in here
    Personal service knowledgeable bud tenders great flower!! Thank you T for your friendly greetings at the front!! Great experience every time

  228. monkeywool

    The place looks small from the outside but is really nice. The staff was super friendly and very informative. Kelly helped me pick out a vape pen. Making it my new go-to place!

  229. jmac87

    Lightshade on holly has been was the best experience I have had in Denver. my bud tender was Kelly she was very friendly and knowledgeable. I have been to a few dispensaries in the area and lightshade is the best one from product to service.

  230. Shakuur

    Man I love this place.dY’dY’

  231. ManifestPeace

    Each time i come they always try to show their customer appreciation by giving you more then asked. Great bud, great vibes, AWESOME location!!

  232. eternalrhythms

    One of my favorite spots to go in Denver! I recommend everyone stop in here at least once a week. Huge selection great staff!!!!

  233. KSHURM23

    Love me some lighshade! Nice staff and good bud. Pre-rolls for a good price! My go to shop

  234. Derrick5

    Great place, awesome budtenders!! Best flower in denver…!!!! Highly recommended

  235. Splash101gang

    It’s very convenient and I love the staff. The bud is amazing and I highly recommend this dispensary to anyone. I absolutely love Colorado.

  236. nuevosoul

    A lil off the beaten path, but… I like the farm to bowl feel.

  237. headofst8

    Lightshade is fast, friendly and fully stocked. Bud and concentrates are always on point. Most of the time I am in and out in 5-10 minutes. This place can’t be beat.

  238. bettyguerra

    Attentive very helpful

  239. FattyJ

    Took a recommendation from the friendly budtender and was impressed. This is the place for great bud at a fair price. I have also noticed that they have good specials for med patients.

  240. steved3g

    Great people, friendly, very helpful.

  241. fatjack5280

    Liteshade holly is the place to go for the the best bud period.

  242. ChocoCocaine

    who wouldn’t want to come to the best dispensary in town, buds stay fresh, stinks so good, prices killer. overall the best spot in parkhill

  243. Mizzk

    Taylor was amazing and she helped us find exactly what we were looking for.Supa friendly chic at a wonderful location.

  244. Lovejoints

    Love the pre rolled great PR…Troy made us feel like we had smoked with him …very mellow stmosphere

  245. khodgson17

    Amazing!! Best staff and quality.

  246. billy.T33

    I like this place alot the ppl are friendly cool look an vide about the place the people are fast friendly an do there job with a smile a great selection of bud i enjoy shoping here alot i recommend coming here to anyone

  247. Jjlafortune

    One of my go to dispensaries!

  248. Hectic303

    By far the best location they have. All of the employees are awesome and they have the best selection of concentrates out of all of the other locations

  249. stro99

    Great spot good herb

  250. TheKidMP

    Solid location. Happy, helpful employees. Decent selection of quality products.

  251. Siscokidd

    I love this location! Everyone is real friendly and they really know their stuff!

  252. Brokestring

    Lovin Lightshade. Always a first stop in the Denver area. Friendly budtenders at Holly. Great menu!

  253. MacDoog

    Consistently the all around best, I just moved from Texas to Denver and after a lot of shopping around, Lightshade on Holly st. is the go-to spot for all your needs. Never been disappointed and the staff is stellar! (Harmony, Samantha, Troy, etc.)

  254. Milehigh69

    Was one of the best shops that i visited!

  255. marinalanae

    We came here for the first time on New Year’s Day and they had one of the best deals around on concentrates and their staff was very friendly and helpful. We loved it so much that we were back in the next day.

  256. leader1995

    When I came in they ask me what I needed and I told they help me out. I would definitely recommend this shop to a friend or family member from out of town, they will take care of you.

  257. Austincruz1025

    Wonderful place to go staff is informational would recommend to anyone

  258. suzzer

    this place is awesome and the staff is friendly

  259. Tylon

    I love this location. They have amazing customer service and the best deals. Definitely the best dispensary there is.

  260. Mccarthy83

    I love the Holly location, the ppl the prices the bud is the best

  261. wintra

    customer service is awesome

  262. vanny1

    Best quality

  263. CannabisIvy

    Clean and friendly.

  264. drake69

    frienly atmosphere and service,good quality buds

  265. Supergirl2

    All the workers are knowledgeable and friendly.

  266. TRUGOD

    nice place poeple are chill

  267. cricket17

    this place is awesome!!!

  268. serissa69

    i love this place everytime i come on they know me by heart they always greet me by my first name.. overall best place around.

  269. phamilton711

    Staff is awesome and super helpful. very convenient and close off the highway. The bud is A1. I love this location.

  270. Sothasil

    Great storefronts and fun staff always makes it a great trip out to them.

  271. Dominic80

    Great staff

  272. lucerodaniels

    I love lightshade holly great customer service so helpful they dont rush you and Omg the flower is to die for !! if you choose lightshade try there sour diesel so good !!

  273. bonbontheawesome

    love the friendly budtenders..

  274. theshar1314

    Its a regular spot since i work near there and the staff is courteous and dope atmosphere

  275. markc405

    I absolutely love this place! Lavender Jones is my favorite strain they have! it’s 38 an 8th kinda pricey but the weed is so amazing I pay it everytime 🙂

  276. Milehi44

    My name is danielle horton and i love lightshade on holly great staff and great service thanks lightshade.

  277. Starrarrlington

    Lightshade Holly has great selection to choose from their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. They always provide excellent customer service

  278. Mkmak74

    Lightshade Rocks!!!

  279. Selia768

    Great customer service, they have such a nice atmosphere… Definitely Will shop here agian…

  280. kencali305

    Love this place great atmosphere and kush

  281. joshmasterson

    good bud, fair prices. Alexis was friendly and helpful

  282. Jazzsocial68

    The people here have always been very helpful and friendly

  283. elimangini

    enjoy the bud and great service . friendly faces in ken and Troy .

  284. MsPMurphy

    I had issue with my facebook post but the staff took the time to look and I really appreciated it. Top grade to the ladies yesterday morning. Thanks for all your help

  285. emetcalf417

    will be coming back and referring friends awesome

  286. mq1220

    Favorite place I’ve been to by far! Very helpful staff, super cool atmosphere, great product.

  287. 261523

    Best in town friendly people and very good staff every one should check it out

  288. blemmons

    Amazing and wonderful place !

  289. texassizerips

    Staff was awesome, other than the one guy who was there. Acted too cool to actually be working there. Everyone else was outstanding. Product was priced well and they have phenomenal flower. Definitely will go back.

  290. nikka24

    I love this place they always know what it is you need
    And the bud is great dY~~ lightshade

  291. Mingreen01

    Alexis as well as the rest of the staff at Lightshade are very friendly,knowledgeable of all the different products. Great selection of beautiful weed. Love this place.

  292. scotty2326

    Just wanted to thank Erin for all her help. I was just in to ask questions and she was very helpful. She had a great understanding of the products, doses, and gave me good advice about how to begin my journey.

    Thanks Erin and Merry Christmas

  293. Kdubsta17

    Love it and its great products clean as well

  294. D95

    Buds and bud tenders we’re awesome. Great shop

  295. blondelle

    Great staff and great prices!

  296. Sweetbud69

    Amazing place I visit every time I come to Denver. Come see Weston for your bud tender.

  297. jydollasign

    Good vibes man!

  298. Bsullivan

    Great location nearby. Great weed also. Love 1cent joints

  299. Jaleahg

    The budtenders are always nice and I can always get good quality bud!

  300. KikiLove32

    I absolutely love coming to this location. Every single time I come in, I have a great experience with one woman in particular. I love this location’s atmosphere as well!!

  301. Linds1234

    Good people, very informative. Good vibes, and funny. I’d return again

  302. chev94

    Great weed and quality love the atmosphere and employees.

  303. Cjohnson303

    The visit was to this location was one like no other. The bud tenders are well educated on the knowledge of cannabis and very nice. Will come again.

  304. Buudsmoker

    Good flower. Friendly staff. Decent prices. I recommend this dispensary to others.

  305. Ranette

    Great bud selection love the customer service love the location

  306. jnduck

    I originally really liked this place but the second time I came in the security dude was just being a dick to us the whole time for no reason. I’m there as a customer, if you don’t treat me right then you won’t be getting my money anymore. That being said, the bud tenders were cool and did a good job, and they do have good weed.

  307. obey2334

    good place to shop at

  308. Nate5474

    you free this location is great their stuff is always great and well priced

  309. spt990

    best weed in town is on 39th and holly at lightshade hands down I won’t go anywhere else again

  310. metalmo

    Very attentive staff they know their stuff will recommend to anyone

  311. RelenDavis

    Great place to go has the best bud in the city go now

  312. 420Athena

    Love Lightshade Holly with its great staff, wonderful products, and exceptional prices!

  313. JFields87

    The best ever!

  314. Kk2x

    Best bud ever dY”Y=

  315. YenaMae

    Thank you Lightshade for providing a professional, chill, & welcoming environment! I appreciate all of the essential information given. 🙂

  316. Bpmm44

    Great pot, great service. Will return

  317. dallas7db

    I love the variety and customer service it’s wonderful ppl are genuinely nice

  318. tmieth

    Pleasant experience everytime. The lobby gives you a cozy feeling while you are waiting. Staff is always helpful.

  319. patrice83

    This is by far the place I’ve ever been everyone is always so nice and they have the best strains I’ve had at the best prices I don’t care where I live I will always shop lightshades-Holly

  320. Adrian.dah.dude

    Visiting Lightshade on holly has been a great experience, came in and tried a review joint. It’s always a good variety of strains sour diesel my fav.!

  321. Squirt71

    It’s an awesome place to shop for recreational and medical purposes they have good specials and good strains to choose from trust me you will not be disappointed.

  322. Ofrhodes

    Light shade had exactly what I was looking for and some really dank bud! They never disappoint!

  323. LeSeanna94

    my fiance and I love this place totally perfect for a puff in a rush.

  324. l.berry

    Great deals and friendly service.

  325. ladyBritt

    I’ve never had any complaints at any of their locations. Great products great people

  326. Baked8bit

    Love this place. Everyone is so nice and everything is so clean. Been back multiple times.

  327. Cheygurl420

    Since I Been In Denver Light Shade Is The Place To Be To Get Your Weed They Have The Best Flavors And The Best Strength To Stay High. They Never Turn Me Down For What I Want In My Weed. I Will Not Stop Going To Light Shade. Its The Best Dispensary Out In Denver

  328. dwrecktheleach

    Hands-down my favorite light shade location. Consistently has the most strains available. Always consistent quality.

  329. Bryanaholt24

    I like the weed and the people

  330. Lexluther12

    I was able to get help picking out the best products for me and for my hike to Conundrums Hoy springs so I needed some awesome stuff to take with me and Lightshade helped me get some delicious sativas. I got Flo sativa and I think it’s beautiul and amazing. Thanks for all the help and great location

  331. Marrell

    Hayley was awesome

  332. TKmccalman

    High times & bomb $$!!

  333. wipeout92m

    great selection of live resin and good prices too

  334. Jayydaone

    The lightshade on Holly has some great buds , love joints great staff

  335. Brandywatkins83

    My favorites are White Dawg and White 99.They have great product and pricing and the budtenders and so helpful and always cool 🙂

  336. zipznout

    lightshade is awesome!! have a good selection of indicas!! great place!

  337. Kelskes

    Great place

  338. Josefmoran

    great place and service

  339. reilly.marino

    light shade was one of the first places my friend and i went to since moving here. they were everything i expected and then some! Great prices great product and most of all great people!

  340. Decanrush

    exceptional staff, great bud selection. never had a wait longer than five mins

  341. cmoola555

    worldclass location friendly and knowledgable staff

  342. Brennaob

    Light shade Labs on Holly my favorite location in Denver! Amazing service, great selection and awesome prices. I highly recommend this dispensary to everyone!

  343. mrlukalot69

    Love this store the product is great and super bud staff

  344. shagwell1992

    very nice and knowledgeable

  345. cowards

    Awesome!! Love the grow room view in the lobby.

  346. rc123

    Great experience. Will definitely come back!

  347. Grateful4DaNug

    Thhhhhheeeeeere Gggggggreeat! But really this place is awesome

  348. hillsidesmoke

    Very warm friendly atmosphere. Tenders are patient, helpful, knowledgeable of strains and prices are good. Kelly gets a “A” in customer service.

  349. Jsj

    Another BEAUTIFUL Lightshade dispensary.
    Props to Troy and the whole crew!!!!

  350. Bone87

    this is the best dispensary in Colorado hands down

  351. Cleo1015

    Best prices for quality bud in town. Not to mention the budetenders are very knowledgeable.

  352. stephanieparker09

    this is the 2nd lightshade location we visited, and is just as amazing as the first. great quality, great service and terrific atmosphere.

  353. Flash54

    This location is great, usually less busy than the other locations. Great staff and bud!

  354. Rhonpuknowdat

    Great bud and service I highly recommend them

  355. msaprilmiller

    love their sour deisal and their community their people are nice

  356. goliath20

    Friendly staff, menu is up to date.

  357. Jaybird1979

    good friendly bud tenders, Great smoke…

  358. strotothe

    This place is great. Good bud.

  359. sashainmn420

    the location is exceptional, lots of good parking, not too busy, knowledgeable budtenders. Would repeat.

  360. disturbed1

    Great customer service, best prices in town. 5 stars!

  361. Dee4314

    Great location, the bud tenders are really helpful! Great selection of bud!

  362. Bdog7575

    My new favorite spot. Made them my caregivers because I was so pleased with the quality of the flower and price. The pre rolls are legit.

  363. hexacr9

    Great flower floors to choose from and the staff is friendly!

  364. BayBoi80

    Cherry Lime Haze on hit. Gotta get some more…

  365. kdelger

    I love this location great people and well educated on products!

  366. Lady27

    Its like a club when u come through the door. Music is on point, service is fast, selection is consistent. They have become my number 1 dispensary.

  367. DABN

    love lightshade Holly super helpful n friendly

  368. 123unoitsme

    This place is fantastic and worth the trip. Good strains.

  369. MeganShields

    I absolutely loved this store! Budtenders along with everyone else was amazing and on point! Am def going back!

  370. woodlandnomad7

    Love the atmosphere, I go for the mini joints but stay because it’s chill. One of the easiest locations to get too being right off I-70

  371. akagradea

    This is the best dispensary there ever was…

  372. Quell94

    love the buds

  373. tland93

    Just visited for the first time today, loved everything about this place from the people to service right down to their prices…would recommend this place 12/10

  374. Nprather91

    The customer service was great employees very informative I recommend this location to anyone great prices! Great product!

  375. Sylavisgray23

    love this location! great customer service, AWESOME set up, and even better product. you all rock

  376. Cluey2213

    Always a good experience never have complaints always good buds and good nugs i come here often and its always a better experience then the last

  377. OldJerseyHippie68

    SUPERB! Small store but large amount of everything. Excellent flower on medical side. Highly Recommend!

  378. cheechandchongforever

    awesome experience:) would

  379. Theking123456

    love this location an inventory, Thanks Lightshade!

  380. 417jmoser

    Great service excellent quality flower

  381. Princedubb420

    really enjoy coming to this lightshade by my house… quite the convince… really good product too

  382. AmberMcDonald

    The weed is good they always have great deals on the weed and the bud tenders work fast

  383. SweetSkunk1

    I love this Lightshade location. I just want more strains to try.! They have great customer service.

  384. Jedijhi

    Come to lightshade on Havana. Great buds

  385. sean420710

    Great place,friendly staff and awesome product!

  386. randsgil

    We found these guys to be very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. While in Denver we visited these guys twice and they took great care of us. My wife had SO many questions both times and each budtender that helped us were EXTREMELY patient with her and she found their recommendations to help with every symptom she asked them about. See you guys again soon.

  387. bs1010

    great staff , good selection,and don’t really wait in line when you walk in

  388. Emilyeshroyer

    Very helpful!

  389. drweedman42

    what a awsome staff excellent flower cant wait to go back for some of the great deals

  390. PopUWar


  391. Ashleyb0011

    Friendly bud tender and nice selection!

  392. Jmagana19

    I have been here 2 times before and both times were great I was taken care of quickly and the budtender had awnsers for all my questions. Will always stop by when I am in town.

  393. JamallMalloy93

    great place I like it a lot. good service every time.

  394. Weedhuger

    I love this location very great people that give respect for everyone and great hospitality.

  395. Gravity27

    Wow, hands down my favorite dispensary! This place has it all, super friendly, excellent prices and a wide variety of options!

  396. Tdenicholas

    Awesome staff! Very knowledgeable and helpful. The weed is fantastic! Above and be on my standards. Super friendly place definitely coming back!

  397. mdb94

    I love it here the weed is great and the people

  398. Jimi Creecy

    This place is great good prices along with good products today was my first day and it will not be my last

  399. tylerhighler

    Hit this shop straight from the airport. Awesome experience. The staff makes it even better. Loved it.

  400. brandonblade303

    Great people and great atmosphere! Always satisfied when I come in always recommend this place.

  401. Sharp99

    There Great Best Service

  402. tmilly288

    Most compassionate prices! Best selection!

  403. terrance2325

    Awesome location friendly staff with great products and very affordable prices

  404. MySugaBear8878

    In and out service

  405. Royal214

    Kelly@lightshade Holly.
    Kelly was very informative and nice. First time in Denver and she made me feel like I was at home.

  406. Breandria

    Best dispensary ever… fast and friendly service.

  407. JosephLucero14

    the service is great and the people are very nice.

  408. Feddy420

    Great location best weed very close to home

  409. skootcrazy

    One of my absolute favorites I always recommend this place

  410. mikeh5

    This place is second to none in the realm of stores I’ve visited so far.. And I try to make my way around.

    Lightshade is known for great bud, and the people and vibe they foster in the store is amazing. Always recommend, even if it is a good hike for me to get to!

  411. COOPERinaBOX

    I’m from another state and I’m use to something between shwag and super awesome high-end devil weed so anything from a Denver shelf should knock my socks off. I chose your second best strain, called Lavender Jones at and it was just OK. Before I left I rolled the remainder into a J as big as my thumb and had a good time but I was not impressed. It had a nice taste but the ride was short and less than fantastic. The biggest disappointment and the only reason your service got only 3 stars, from me, was the fact that your sales person didn’t talk us out of purchasing those useless, The Puckers edibles. What a waste of $40. I got two bottles of two different flavors and felt nothing from any of it. I tried one, then another, then another and so on until, finally, I smoked instead. I ate 4, first thing in the morning because I wanted to test it; nothing happened. My friend who hadn’t had anything in weeks had the same kind and felt nothing. They taste like the right stuff but they had no kick what so ever. Now I don’t trust your shop at all. Nobody that works there has used those or they would not be on the shelf. I call foul your shop for even offering those. I think they should be tested and when extremely low or lack of THC content is found, you should be fined. That was my first and last trip to Lightshade on Holly Street or maybe any Lightshade location. I went there to get THC but I got burned.

  412. PrincessDontPass

    Great place !!’

  413. Solamarn

    The atmosphere is great along with the strain selection!! The staff is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Alexis was very helpful in helping me pick the proper strain for my ailment! Thank you for your dedication and love!

  414. Weed420sesh

    Great pricing on top buds, lovely customer service, this is by far one of my favorite places to attend for rec. Will definitely share this location

  415. Trisha.Marie

    They always have what I need. Make sure you stop here. Everyone is always friendly and killer deals with great budz! 😉

  416. nycee13

    Its a dope location, dope staff, great weed.

  417. paulvee

    Best experience I’ve had yet. Utmost quality and professionalism. Staff was very helpful and inviting.

  418. Daniel1heinz

    I come here often and I Keep coming so it must be good

  419. Boogs12323

    Great people great prices

  420. Jasmine88

    I love lightshade on holly they have a smile on there faces great atmosphere as well the staff there is wonderful as well.

  421. Dianiello94

    I have been truly satisfied when it comes to they’re deals, prices, and tasting flower. On holly they’re employees also serve friendly services.

  422. cheeffa

    As soon as you pull into the parking lot, you know you’re at the right place. Then once you walk in you’re greeted by a lovely smile from the receptionist. The people and atmosphere is so friendly; good vibes all around. Love how organized the whole process is ( from the moment you walk in, to the moment you walk out with your favorite buds, concentrates, edibles, water pipes, etc.)

    Cash me at Lightshade, how bout that.

  423. kierston_couttee

    Great weed and great prices and nice employees

  424. Davepartjew

    Always love Lightshade. Every location has superb staff & product

  425. jackjack941

    lightshade is my go to for meds to make my life that much better. great staff. great meds. great state of mind

  426. robdaboywonder

    Great weed in a convenient location!

  427. frazierboii91

    very informative staff, very friendly and helpful !

  428. PhoenixCorps

    6 dYOEY Everything was great! Awesome selection, knowledgeable staff, incredible prices. This is the best dispensary I’ve been to yet!

  429. pdavis420

    good promos

  430. almulvihill0

    Best place ever! I’ve been going here since it opened. Amazing bud, always satisfied. Staff is absolutely fantastic,very friendly and knowledgeable. Prices also great with lots of deals. Only
    place I will shop.

  431. urslya

    My friend works around the corner and I never noticed the building…WELL, IT’S WORTH NOTICING! The atmosphere is wonderful. Quick service and lots of FLOWER TO CHOOSE FROM!! Very nice CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE. VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE.

  432. Whit5280

    Place is great really love the weed here I shop here all the time I definitely recommend them !

  433. kronman420

    awsome services

  434. LLCoolSai

    I genuinely loved this store. in and out super fast, and everyone was really friendly. 10/10

  435. samsmith1200

    These guys were so proffesional and patient in helping me make a desicion out of the vast selection would def go back!

  436. Des0s

    First place I visited on the recommendation of a friend. Great staff and awesome prices. Visiting again!

  437. e_short

    Employees were friendly and took time to answer individual questions about the product to match my needs.
    I will definitely return

  438. Ames0710

    Awesome service !

  439. xxTEALCOBRAxx

    Loved every bit of it. Staff was very informative and helpful.

  440. Cristoph

    best shop in town I highly recommend this store to everyone. bud tenders are friendly and provide a fast and easy check out. the quality in each product is good it keeps me going back for more. best pricing in town hurry in today

  441. erinh561

    Everything about this location is fire products and staff

  442. Sia1590

    Has great staff and quality weed.

  443. MARTIN69420

    Great service and great prices always my goto spot. recomend it to everybody, they won’t disappoint

  444. Tfulton55

    this location was the first one I’ve been to and the only one staff are very welcoming and helpful and amazing…. AMAZING Marijuana that’s definitely affordable

  445. masouthall

    I love the staff they are so Friendly and the weed is great I won’t shop any where else

  446. manuelj420

    they have good deals the people take good care of you

  447. Musicpro

    I like this location its right off the freeway and always a good stock ..people who work there are friendly and very helpful

  448. Lexieg21

    This was a great experience everyone was very helpful and nice! I will definitely be going back to this store.

  449. Gracefully_Bold

    Very friendly staff and very fast service! I stopped in for some anxiety relief before my sons big appointment at children’s hospital. Juju was my budtender. She was very kind and helpful. I can confidently say that I’ve found my little niche when I visit Denver! Thanks guys!

  450. ShanekaG

    I love light shade they are awesome gotta stop in and check them out

  451. charlesramey09

    This is a great dispensery. I sought out this location from some research and discovered they have the Kaviar joints at a great price. Now if you dont know what the brand makes ots a moon rock product.

    Moon rock is marijuana strain such as Girl Scout Cookies, dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief. Talk about an experiance, it was absolutely uplifting.

    The had some great deals on pax era cartidages, joints 3 for $18, Gummies 2 for $20 100 mg per pack.

    Great experiance and good products!

  452. Darkphire1

    This location is amazing! The staff are absolutely amazing and their prices are great for the quality you get! Love this place!

  453. rayray8709

    love this store on holly
    ray martinez

  454. supermario17

    Great selection with plenty of strain to choose from and friendly budtenders!

  455. CoreyCokaSodmg

    First time had to stop by and see

  456. BlueberrySue

    Incredibly friendly and helpful staff, knowledgable and passionate budtenders. Beautiful flower selection, and you really can’t beat the prices! Always leaving this favorite store of mine with a smile!

  457. ap333

    Location and staff are awesome. The flower is awesome and never disappoints. Pre-Rolls are my perfered method and theirs are always rolled nicly with good prices.

  458. AO1727

    Great people great service everytime!!

  459. hamlinesthomie

    This place is and has thaa bomb!

  460. Idektho

    Great staff, amazing deals, and fast service!

  461. gayedine

    It is awesome!

  462. Sforbis

    People and deals are awesome

  463. Jlyerly

    Lightshade was dope! Great atmosphere and workers know they’re product

  464. Renee 23

    Great weed and people n great location

  465. shanika2480

    Lightshade Federal Heights is a nice Dispensary. Super friendly staff who is very knowledgeable about all the products an many locations to choose from depending on what area you are in!!!!

  466. mbrandt05


  467. DevinG23

    great atmosphere and great prices for amazing bud

  468. Sean710

    Great place,people, and product!! My go-to dispence
    Always reliable

  469. sra12

    I really enjoyed my experience at Lightshade. It was my first time and every employee was incredibly helpful. I will definitely be coming back while I’m visiting Denver.

  470. Spiritsoaring

    This location has lived up to the standards ive become used to in the location near me

  471. alexnJessicacandie1

    hey have some of the best prerolls I ever had can’t want to go back

  472. MinnieWatson1

    I think the Holly lightshade is a great place to shop and i recommend it to all of my friends

  473. Rayshad88

    They have great service great weed and great customer service

  474. Kofi1093

    Great weed great location great deals informative employees id recommends to everyone

  475. cnote72

    I went into Lightshade for the first time and it was worth the visit. Cool atmosphere, decent selection of product, and friendly staff. The CBD-rich M.Jardin they carry is one of the best high CBD strains ever!

  476. apeters1

    Excellent experience, awesome prices and quality product…highly recommendable

  477. wally2992

    Certainly the best dispensary closest to commence city. Very knowledgeable staff & a wide variety of concentrates! Will certainly visit again!

  478. andi_correa

    It’s great to walk into a shop where everyone is friendly, outgoing and engaging. They always have a good selection, there is plenty of parking and it’s easy to get to. All-in-all, a great shop to visit.

  479. Ambria.ned

    Good weed great service and recommend to friends

  480. AlecSar

    Excellent customer service, great deals, and great product!

  481. piedoe27

    Wonderful products and amazing customer service

  482. amhonea8

    Cool staff, great attitude, and awesome product knowledge. Keep it up! 🙂

  483. breezytrees123

    It was very chill and enjoyable. My first dispensary trip a$?i,

  484. peacelovemusic710

    Comfortable immediately from walking in the door, great service, great aroma and atmosphere altogether!

  485. AndieMartin

    Lightshade Holly has excellent product selection to choose from there staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. They always provide excellent customers and are happy to help you.

  486. Gkrc12

    It was fantastic, Kelly did a great job and was a huge help!

  487. PeppaScull

    Great inquiries awesome customer service

  488. Couchlockwoman

    House strains are grown and flushed correctly, amazing flavor and potency!

  489. miriam88

    Pretty good location and great service

  490. Cpisme

    So happy this is my neighborhood dispensary. Lovely staff w the best products!

  491. MissGiaLove

    The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. There’s a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Their prices are the best I’ve seen so far and came highly recommended by locals. My go to next time I’m in Denver for sure 😀

  492. Smperkins86

    Can’t find better pricing in Denver and I’ve looked, long and hard. Quality is always on point. Staff is amazing and knowledgeable. Loved the twisted purple OG. Try it if they have it, best sleep aid I’ve ever tried, including over the counter things.

  493. TG42

    good location, great prices, very helpful, I will be back for sure.

  494. danebmad

    best dispensary I’ve been to in Denver

  495. DazeCloud

    Great staff and good bud. I have never been disappointed while shopping this location. The quantity fits the price and you don’t feel like you’re getting ripped off.

  496. devonbudz

    this place is alsome faster than any other lightshade my new favorite place

  497. sleezyqueezy

    cheapest prices i’ve come around, great quality and selection, staff was friendly and helpful

  498. DandrewKoz

    Have a pleasant experience every time I go. Great selection and price. Staff always kind and helpful.

  499. downlowlowlow

    I liked how professional this shop looked. Very knowledgeable staff. However, the herb was dry from the get go.

  500. drscoobymcooby

    Absolutely love this place. The budtenders are really helpful and knowledgeable about the products they sell

  501. stonebatfan

    Great experience. I came and got lamb’s bread sugar and I’ve been looking all over for it. Its the tits.

  502. Dareia21

    They were very fast and friendly and knowledgeable .i will be visiting again before i leave

  503. Treasano

    Excellent selection

  504. flykaster

    very comfortable store, nicely decorated, groovy music and super friendly people. My favorite store by far in all of Denver.

  505. caroljean26

    If you like good weed and great customer service this is the place to go. Bud tenders are super friendly and have patience with me and my questions.

  506. M0c0m0c0

    Cool vibes and nice selection for strains

  507. Jmeriah

    I love this location ! The budtenders are awesome !

  508. HooliganFarm

    This is by far the best spot I have found yet!! They have VERY reasonable prices and some of the best flower and concentrates I have seen. White Dawg was the best flower I have had in Colorado.

  509. njridgeway1842

    Amazing bud, friendly staff. Love this place.

  510. harrisonpaige1234

    this place is dope . the dopest dope you’ll ever smoke

  511. Gentleman_P

    I enjoy shopping at Lightshade on Havana because the staff is always friendly, and knowledgeable about their products. There is one right down the street from my house, and its always convenient and fast!

  512. Hopper1980

    Great atmosphere and budtenders are magnificent. Come one come all to lightshade the greenest part of your town.

  513. Wayne.Hillis

    Great product and knowledge

  514. Tinab63

    Love Leafly Great customer service owner nice nice strands nice leaf close to my house good prices love love love and yes I will recommend it to people I have recommended to a lot of people

  515. Greenlungs104yayay11

    Good selection great staff. Love this location

  516. Moose1

    Just an over ally awesome experience, time and time again. Thanks to the charming Troy, the knowledgable and very personable Erin and Hayley at the counter wrapping it up. When you want a great product and great service, Lightshade always has it, thanks guys and gals. See ya soon.

  517. Blazin_rasin420

    Definitely the best and most favorite dispensary for me to shop at selection is always good concentrates are always great they have tons of edibles and a lot of swag to choose from it’s pretty much a one stop shop stop reading this and get yourself to Lightshade and get some bud

  518. yungsephi

    Wonderful environment and staff great prices

  519. Capper

    Lightshade Has always been my favorite place to go when I visit Denver, the staff is always so knowledgeable and helpful!!! Great selection of flower, concentrates… great prices to!!

  520. tcrawford420

    Lightshade on Holly St. is one of my favorite spots to shop when I visit Colorado! Best deals and Credit Cards accepted; that’s a huge plus!

  521. Michelle4445

    If you like good weed with fast friendly customer service this is the place to go

  522. Grittysmoke25

    Love The Customer Service I Get First Name Treatment…

  523. Kleebeezy

    Great service knowledgeable personnel

  524. corey23

    Staff was incredibly rude and talking sh** about customers right in front of them. Two different budtenders couldn’t give me any info on their strains other than price and aEURoei dont think we have that.aEUR They have some great deals but with that kind of customer service, i doubt the product is any good. I left when they started pulling out their phones to look stuff up on leafly to answer my questions.

  525. rageog30

    Best strains and amazing selection. always wonderful service and competitive prices. Definitely a must visit .

  526. Lizz3910

    aEURoeI love lightshade everytime I go there they always have smiles and great customer service their recommendations are great also the weed I get always makes me relaxed. thank you lightshade!!aEUR

  527. nikki314

    great bud nice people clean and fresh place

  528. wallts

    lightshade on Holly ….. is the best for weed grate deals plus the white 99 is Awesome keep it up lightshade

  529. danakg

    the reception at LightShade on Holly is always very friendly and welcoming. I love when they have a sale on shake! there product is Good! No BullShit!

  530. JoeSchmoe78

    Service is great and the staff is very knowledgeable. Product quality is very high and I have never been disappointed! Definitely recommend dropping in!

  531. nitchals

    love it

  532. Jonj3334

    great staff and amazing quality!

  533. Wawinsto

    Great location and atmosphere

  534. luis818

    Best prices in town! Service is awesome, the prices are awesome, and the strains are awesome!

  535. JMonyae

    Lightshade Holly has amazing customer service, if you haven’t shopped with them stop by, their amazing!!

  536. TabiasG

    First time coming and was greetly as soon ass i came into shop. They also have a nce selection of bud, i will be coming more often.

  537. tombomb43088

    Great service, even greater budzzz!!!

  538. Natasha1

    Katie is great! She’s always so helpful and has fun hair! always a great time at lightshade!

  539. jsb44

    Great smoke

  540. Irrvviinn

    great store, very dope staff. Highly recommend to stop by

  541. beastmodelos

    The prices are good for some good product and great service. Always some dope music playing but still a sense of professionalism. I come here for my small batches of medical concentrate and flower. Swing on by and see for yourself.

  542. alex221991

    Great staff and awesome bud! Great place overall

  543. lucero08

    Wow this place is the best I totally recommend KELLY !! As your bud tender she is awesome and know warmth she’s talking about ! Thank u kelly

  544. Jbwy1987

    Great price. Very friendly.

  545. Genopec995

    Love lightshade always come here weed great staff great dispensary in Aurora period great prices always in and out

  546. not_lance_armstrong

    Incredibly professional service. First time visiting a dispensary, everyone was super friendly and well informed. Budtender was very very knowledgeable and the entire experience was incredible. Definitely going back!!

  547. Ssweets

    Friendly staff and they always have good deals.

  548. Bika

    Great Quality

  549. Ktrask

    This place is awesome!!

  550. jh3

    Great spot and very clean. Went in for a joint special and it was pretty good.

  551. pughdp303

    Great service great quality staff are very knowledgable

  552. Batgirl1971

    Everyone is always so nice the atmosphere is groovy and the deals are amazing has my business forever

  553. chaplin987

    They had the best prices I’ve seen so far! Great stop for new customers looking for an affordable and great looking experience.

  554. Gr80239

    I have visited the Peoria, Holly, and Havana locations, and they never disappoint. They also routinely carry my favorite Gorilla Glue. Lightshade is my #1

  555. Blowitouturass

    It smells SOO BOMB as soon as you walk in. Then you see America’s top models… Lol.
    When I’m in park hill…
    It Holly. Excellent customer service. An great spot for folks from th hood. Lol . Ijs 🙂

  556. Joserossi

    Really enjoy the employees, greatly enjoyed smoking, and great location.

  557. mrh5

    This is a wonderful dispensary to visit! They have everything you want all in one place, from flower, to edibles, to topicals, and even products such as pipes to consume with.

    The storefront has a large waiting area, lots of reading material, and very comfy seats – however, the wait is often so short you won’t need to wait long at all. Perhaps all the time you have is just enough to take a peek inside the flowering room, as this dispensary is located at the same site as one of Lightshade’s grows!

    The staff is very friendly, and always ready to help with questions.
    If only shopping weren’t so far away at Quebec, it would be a perfect spot!

  558. SpacemanPurp

    really good customer service, real coo people working there, they always have what I want. it’s in a real coo area

  559. 3rdEyeStatus

    I absolutely love this location bomb ass weed and a dope vibe the ppl are awesome and they have never let me down here. One of the best places in the state. If you havent been GOOOOO!!!!

  560. foxylady2013

    my absolute favorite place to buy leaf!

  561. Loissimmons22

    The location is great the weed is bomb and the customer service is fast and friendly so if you like dope weed this is the spot to go

  562. jmcneil515

    Kind of far but worth the trip, great buds and great, bud tenders!

  563. bluntman024

    this place is probably the best spot in all Colorado, amazing buds for good prices and the staff is always helpful

  564. AustinDuh318

    Their wax deals are prime! I love how I can look into the weed room!

  565. Cherokeeyona40

    Good service good experience nice medicine

  566. Shanel82

    Love this location…close to home and the employees are awesome

  567. joshsmith410

    It was an awesome first experience. Budtender was very knowledgeable, and got me exactly what I wanted all at a solid price.

  568. RASE954

    Had everything I was looking for going back for sure

  569. Shy11

    I love this dispensary. It has the best weedi. Town. I love it.

  570. Cita02

    I love this dispensary! I love the huge selection of joints!!

  571. charleschangles

    great product, good location, good people

    Definitely head this way if you’re in the area

  572. Vibe4asia

    Great Place. Great People Great Bud Great Prices

  573. Queyri3

    Great service, staff is very friendly & always helpful. Love the great deals they offer for customers!

  574. dil_12345

    good buds, good prices, decent serve times, friendly staff, all around nice place

  575. Peke

    Customer service is nice and friendly. Great place to shop

  576. Garcia1anthony

    Number one place to get bud …best employees. .good environment

  577. Csmith2018

    Great place to shop for bud. They always have a good selection of bud. And there close to my house

  578. cmariep

    Always kind and prompt! Great bud and even better deals! The budtenders are knowledgeable and always very helpful!

  579. purplehearts

    This dispensary really is king of the crop! The holly location is super clean and the atmosphere is so homelike. Great selection, affordable prices, superb quality and let’s not forget the staff is awesome with Rockstar customer service !

  580. sierradragon420

    Great location with a great selection!

  581. upNorth303

    Best weed

  582. manteca11

    Great dispensary! Awesome prices!

  583. Theking123

    this place is the best.

  584. daltonn

    This place has an amazing atmosphere, and the product is great.

  585. al3131

    Very helpful staff and great vibe.

  586. jaynel234

    This lightshade on holly is my favorite they have the best customer service qlomg with some great weed i love it totally worth the drive

  587. ShontaeRae18

    Only place I go to get my green. Love their strands. Love their joint packs. Never disappointed and prices are great!

  588. bro.antonia

    great staff! very close to home

  589. Halofann

    Awesome place. Very knowledgeable and helpful

  590. stranmansky

    Diamond in the rough. I tried a number of dispensaries around town and stopped my search as soon as I found Lightshade. Great selection at fair prices and super helpful staff, especially for novices and out-of-state visitors. What I love most about the place is the calming atmosphere, short wait times, and comfortable waiting room (instead of long, boring lines like some other dispensaries).

    If you’re in NE Park Hill–even if you’re not–I highly recommend paying Lightshade on Holly a visit.

  591. gas_huffer

    one of the first dispensaries to open in the old ‘hood, and one of the first that i visited.
    the first dispensary i took my mother to when she received her red card.
    they take credit cards (i would learn later that this is the exception, not the rule).
    -smart looking waiting area.
    -personal service stations and budtenders
    -all product displayed in your own dedicated 3×3 case
    -strains are marked with potential effects (stress, depression, anxiety, creativity, etc.), so you don’t have to trust the memory recall of a glazed budtender (which there were none).
    -well lit and professional, but not coldly sterile and unwelcoming
    -well known strains, and some grown In House (seriously, right next door)
    -most strains can be purchased by the gram, in case you’d like to do a “flight”
    -market pricing across the board
    -did i mention THEY TAKE CREDIT CARDS?

    -the budtender recommended ‘mother’s milk’ for my mother’s migraines. seriously, who recommends ‘mother’s milk’ for anything beyond a hangnail?
    -Lightshade knows they’ve got a good thing going, so their specials are few and far between.
    -it’s across the street from the police station, so if you’re skittish, stick with colfax.

  592. LoneWolfStar

    The guys in there are awesome and easy to talk to!!

  593. jalexpin1

    Here for 4 days in Colorado and this was our first and favorite dispensary.

  594. KikiRhea

    Ive been to the other locations but your Holly Location is one with the best service easily keep up the great work

  595. Umphreak1348

    Come here all the time! Best prices for great quality and great service! Always having great deals as well, really can’t go wrong here.

  596. Keshakeesh

    Love shopping here great weed great !!!!

  597. RobinH

    Love this place! Amazing people!!! Must go!!

  598. PEbanks

    Great selection, helpful stuff, great value. Worth a visit.

  599. syvlio114

    Eye popping artwork that changes daily, a well versed staff and loads of unique items (at a fair price $99 zips? yay!) make this a must visit for any self respecting pit snob.

  600. JCandie93

    Nightshade rocks!!! There bud is great and there budtenders be killing it.

  601. tyre5280

    Great weed and concentrates for great REC prices!

  602. salmanza1991

    Great place for some bomb ass flower. The staff are always so helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely be back for more.

  603. MannyG90

    Love this place always has the best deals and always has the most welcoming ppl! Love coming here!

  604. cannabismarie303

    Their flower is The best I’ve seen so far and it’s not overpriced like other dispensaries. The budtenders are super helpful & very nice! I recommend this place FO SHO!!!

  605. bettervibes4l

    Great staff. Great products.

  606. fukkyocouch

    This place is pretty sweet. First thing I noticed was you can see their grow through a window in the lounge which is pretty cool. The bud tender I had was hella helpful and friendly, wish I could remember his name. I ended up trying a Bruce Banner #3 pre-roll and holy fuck was that a good sativa. Definitely the most memorable flower I had while visiting Colorado.

  607. Weedguru303

    Good weed friendly service good prices

  608. ocelot303

    Great staff with excellent product knowledge. Bud quality for both rec/med is the best you’re going to find for the price! Relaxed atmosphere with awesome music!

  609. shugashuga76

    omg…i love the staff and the experience was great. great service fun place!!

  610. yusetmatin

    Great place with a great selection would most definitely recommend a friend

  611. Roshad

    i liked this location they were very helpful. Nice flower and concentrates. would def recommand!

  612. Zp1006

    Great quality and customer service, always have nice deals too

  613. lorin27

    There great there the best in town

  614. rickjamez720

    always a good flower selection and concentrates too.excellent staff

  615. yayogk1

    great prices! got some good pineapple Express at this location. !!

  616. Mario1333

    Lightshade got the best buds in colorado

  617. Cassyyyyy93

    Great Customer Service, Great Atmosphere, Great Strains. Definitely Recommending.

  618. Jakecanfly

    Great shop! Love this place

  619. lrpayne88

    Great atmosphere… Great buds.. Friendly service and very helpful… And a variety to choose from…I would highly recommend this location

  620. patasjlu92

    This is my first time at a dispensary since I moved out here and I expected an awkward experience and was happy to find it was the total opposite the staff was friendly and knowledgable and I felt almost at home also the prices aren’t too bad and even I only tried one strain I have to say the quality is also great definitely heading back for all my purchases

  621. Nynipooh

    Definitely I give them 5 stars. Great place ti to go!

  622. tatter303jd

    good bud people and deals. always have good shatter

  623. Mlkmn1988

    It’s amazing, great selection and awesome people.

  624. Reefie

    This location of Lightshade is awesome. Did not have to wait long at all, our tender was friendly & knowledgeable, and the prices can’t be beat.

  625. Yummiyo

    I think Lightshade Holly is the absolute best dispensary in the city. This was my first shopping experience and it was great.

  626. brianberman

    I really love this location Lightshade on Holly. Super chill and knowledgeable staff. Anthony the budtender was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this place. 🙂 Brian B. will be back.

  627. PartyThrasher118

    Great service, great bud, great prices. Definitely recommended.

  628. Jayo1

    Great place to get your medical needs
    Chill environment
    Definitely going back!!!

  629. Armstrong15

    cool place!

  630. DesignerHigh1

    The Employees Are Excellent And There Recommendation On Flower Is Even Better. They’ll Definitely Be Seeing Me Again dYtm,, You Should By Stop By Too!

  631. Angiewe

    I like the selection and the friendly staff. Fast and accurate service! My one stop shop!

  632. cofieldshanice16

    Great store good prices

  633. jrubes

    I have to say this is one of my favorite dispensaries IV been to in Colorado. the atmosphere is very relaxing and the waiting room is very nice and welcoming. The selection of items you can get is top notch. I went in for some concentrates, which they had some really good brands and quality for rec. The way they make you check out and receive your cannabis or concentrates is also different then most places. I will definitely be coming back here. Worth the 30min drive.

  634. Chellcuzzo

    Great staff…very friendly and informative. Definitely coming back! 🙂 🙂

  635. rcruser

    First time I’ve ever been to a shop, and it was great! very helpful and great atmosphere. definitely will come back!

  636. Vegas303

    They are a amazing dispensary and the staff are amazing I visit daily I would go no where else..thank you loves!!!

  637. Annieskates303

    Lightshade on Holly! Absolutely love this location, not only because the strains are smooth and tasty, but one can taste the organic quality of the herb. Normally I shop for flower, personally prefer Indicas which are well balanced and smooth. The counter people are very knowledgeable and patient when it comes to explaining the properties of the flower, eatables and tinctures, etc.. Also Their glass wear is incredibly amazing at a low rate. Thank you Lihghtshade.

  638. isaiah1000

    Very good customer service awesome staff and great weed definitely coming back

  639. zacgoz

    Great service great buds

  640. JoeNipp

    Close by and good bud

  641. Keeyona

    this is a great dispensary. great service even better products. I tell everyone about this location!

  642. AvionLocke

    Back for the second time this week to see my favorite people! Best dip EVER!!!

  643. Celimar120709

    They have the best indica ever, and there staff is really friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone… If your ever in Park Hill check this place out…

  644. Cella3533

    great place awesome people.

  645. PabloReef

    Some place I’ve been to are small, damp, and unclean. Not Lightshade. They never disappoint with their relaxed vibe, clean, fresh atmosphere, and knowledgeable staff.

  646. cheddarman33

    Nicely remodeled inside, super nice and staff, great prices, great bud!!

  647. GaryMccabe

    Lightshade is our favorite dispensary. The location here on Holly street is the best. Great products great people. Gary McCabe 10-31-2018 Happy Halloweed

  648. dianar9

    An awesome dispensary to visit! They have a great selection. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Did I mention they have the great selection of edibles and concentrates !!

  649. YayoD

    Great strains and awesome staff!

  650. Crisaqua

    Light shade is my favourite dispensary, I love there don’t go deals and they always have friendly staff

  651. Aurelia88mony91

    Chill vibes

  652. SammeB1

    Awesome knowledgeable staff!!! Highly recommend. BTW try lavender Jones

  653. Sminman

    the crew at lightshade has been the most professional and acknowledgable that I have come in contact with. I will return. highly recommend.

  654. ironkush91

    Great customer service and selection of product at a decent price.

  655. Babyboo92

    Awesome staff with lowest prices in the surrounding area. All kinds of strains to choose from and the staff Is friendly and outgoing.

  656. Mrbudmangator

    Flat out good place. dY~ZdY~Z

  657. IloveWeed12345

    this place is hella kewl i love it great prices

  658. Justinjjj

    Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Best dispensary in CO.

  659. jungli3

    This place is great!

  660. BlackPab

    So much to take in, so glad I came here first. WOW, staff was so helpful, and knowledgeable. Did such a great job explaining things to a first timer

  661. Joeycarlos

    Great atmosphere and great buys. They had a awesome selection to choose from. I highly recommend stopping by. I know I will definitely be back.

  662. Timberwlf

    Definitely my favorite spot

  663. Damienwhit

    Awesome wax selection and friendliest service out of all dispensaries.

  664. Spacedabs

    Favorite place in Denver. BY FAR! Best selection and best prices!

  665. redegg

    great atmosphere.i enjoy the topic of conversation while waiting to be helped. enjoy Troy’s humor

  666. Jaysmiles1717

    Best product for the best prices! Knowledgeable staff members to aid you along the way!

  667. justanwalker

    man fast and friendly service if im short. in funds the are still willing to help me out with a discounted price love these guys

  668. Roww

    Hey guys I had a wonderful experience great services go check it out can’t wait to return but until then it’s back to Texas

  669. Living28

    Great shop and selection!

  670. megulott

    Wes made me really comfortable while I asked questions and was very patient with me. The staff at lightshade are so friendly and accommodating. It made the whole experience more enjoyable. I will definitely be returning on my next visit. Thanks!

  671. JMartin7

    Great bud, great budtenders, relaxed atmosphere, i would recommend a visit

  672. chardi88

    Always great service and great strains LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!

  673. Mj8819

    Great bud & tenders awesome selection I like hybrid myself but them prices keeps me coming back!!!!

  674. juanta25

    best dispensary I’ve been to

  675. gonzd

    One of the first dispensaries I tried still love going they have a great selection fresh dank buds and Good Vibes

  676. jakeclem993

    Amazing service and staff

  677. 420savgenewgain

    it the best place fastens friendly with a great selection

  678. HouseDancer

    I would like to thank bud tender Christina! She was so helpful and made my visit smooth and easy. I became a regular at this location! Their Wana gummy edibles are my fave that they carry!

  679. Jameel464

    I love Lightshade

  680. Moose01

    One of the best cannabis experiences in my life. Troy is a cannabis pimp and the rest of the team are real players. Thank you.

  681. jpooddaa

    love the bud budtenders know how to match there bud with there customers great vibe always will come here check them out and tell friends and family to come by

  682. dakthemac

    really dank bud. the bubba fett is to die for.

  683. sawyerslover

    the herbs are on point location
    is hard to find though

  684. Shalaylay90

    Different process than I’m used to, but it flowed well. Troy was very nice.

  685. Larry velasquez

    I like lightshade good place to go.

  686. Les.t

    One of the best in the co great deal better prices staff is coo.

  687. ihatetheradio

    This is the best medical dispensary in Colorado and I been to over 100. Knowledgeable bud tenders and they are all super cool and friendly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  688. QuanaP

    Nice location…fast and nice customer service

  689. soflodabs

    Best Lightshade Location!
    Love being able to see the growroom!

  690. adge10

    This is a great dispensary for anybody, if your new to smoking bud they can help you, or even the most advanced cannabis connoisseurs would love it. There flower selection is always on point and if you get a chance to try their primus og, dY~< and they have a great waiting room too

  691. Chuyito303

    I’ve been going to lightshade for about a month now and I love it! Great Staff; great buds; great everything!

  692. phloxomengmailcom

    I recommend shopping at the Lightshades on Holly. I had a wonderful shopping experience. A polite and knowledgeable bud tender helped me understand what strains were best for my medical needs and my budget.

  693. MrsShmokeAlot8790

    great prices, customer service, quality, and atmosphere. Must visit.

  694. Pwilliams84

    Amazing dispensary.! I have gone into almost all the Colorado Lightshade sand I really enjoy this store. Quality service.. quality strand.. quality deals.

  695. darthbuddah83

    Great vibe. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Great selection and great quality.

  696. Foodie40

    Love their 15 1/8ths

  697. Jenn16

    This place is top notch. Great product & prices.

  698. jklanoie14

    Great location great buds great people!

  699. mcardona18

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  701. Andreashunter112

    5 stars. these guys are the best!

  702. Thagreatdc

    a great selection of strains and great customer service

  703. F.riverados

    Happy that this is my neighborhood dispensary! Sweet staff and delightful products! Light shade never disappoints.

  704. Liamsmom

    This place had a very nice selection for their prepackaged ounces .. will definitely return on my next visit

  705. kingb33

    the employees make the atmosphere enviting and fun and they also have fantastic Mary Jane

  706. tbone1224

    Lightshade on holly is my favorite lightshade location! Everything about it is amazing!!

  707. Blkbeauty

    Your budtenders are very helpful and they play great musicdY’-

  708. Blazinfox

    Great location!!!! Great selection!!!! Great staff!!!! Best Pre-rolls in town!!!!

  709. Babyfonda

    I love the staff members. Everytime I am greeted with big smile and friendliness. The quality of the bud is excellent. Always impressed with the quickness, friendliness, and the great quality, and wonderful atmosphere. Already recommended and will continue to.

  710. taquanunicholas

    Great weed great prices great staff all in all I had an amazing experience

  711. hashlover94

    This is my favorite Lightshade. You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work. Very good service.

  712. Kimberly1973

    Lightshade on holly is a cannabis dream! Massive selection, affordable prices, top quality products! and last but not least Superstar customer service!

  713. flip35

    a great location for me personally speaking. I have been to a lot of dispensaries but this one by far is my
    favorite. Great flower, great customer service.

  714. bazookazo420Bazookazoe420

    Holly location is Awesome! great bud good people awesome energy!

  715. wbakesmith

    Very polite staff, no wait, and great products. They even have a window to the grow house so you can see the operation. Try an epen and have a good time!

  716. zenithz

    Love this place! Friendly & knowledgeable. Nice comfortable relaxed environment. Did not make me feel rushed/pressured. Have and will go back. No hipster-douchery here.

  717. YouthfulPuma291

    Pretty dope dispo!! In and out great customer service!

  718. Khee5280

    Its cool laid back and ducked off…Lol good weed

  719. Kaine21

    Kwana kicks ass for real

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    amazing! love the vibes, everyone was so kind and informative.

  722. Wize13

    Always great service at this place, top notch!

  723. azshocker1975

    They were a great help explain everything so well and clearly to me

  724. TheNerdLLC

    Always has great flower, the people are super friendly and are pretty knowledgeable on product!

  725. Marlonroach405

    First timer. It was real comfortable. Easy as going to a corner store to buy a can of soda. Salesmen we’re knowledgeable. Product was really nice with loud smells. Will return!

  726. Relgirl

    MY favorite Lightshade EVER! You can’t go wrong with choosing any Lightshade location, but this is it. This location has the best customer service. Its worth a stop.

  727. Tshay16

    Light shade off holly has great customer service and very friendly

  728. dahl

    love this place the people are great and the bud is amazing

  729. PHmeat

    I feel safe coming to this location bc it’s across the street from a police station. The recreational buying room is a tad small for my taste. The employees are friendly and enthusiastic. Budtender Alexis have great descriptions of the product and had me sold when he described gorillas glue as sweet with champagne aftertaste. I go here for the best deals!

  730. broncobill

    I think the staff is great, Troy is a great asset, he’s very versitle with the many diffrent personalities he has to
    encounter on a daily, he’s very versitle

  731. Johnb1014

    Awesome knowledgeable staff. White dawg is a fav

  732. cocoSpecialist

    One of the best dispensaries in town! They have some of the best bud in Denver at the cheapest price! It’s a win-win. Their gorilla glue- dY”Y=, their Bruce Banner-dY”Y=, White 99- dY”Y=…Everything I’ve tried has been fire. If you’re in the area, come and check out the selection!

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    Lightshade is such a great dispensary, at every location, but the Lightshade on Holly is always so helpful with my selections. Their flower may seem more expensive than some other places, but you get what you pay for, the quality is ALWAYS amazing. They also have deals frequently for Rec and Med users. 10/10 would recommend to anyone, first time users or vets.

  738. lovebookayy

    Bud is amazing. Penny joints are the best. Staff is nice and sweet.

  739. Brow9067

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  753. HumanBot

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    Best staff, good selection, good deals.

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  776. dottylo

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  777. Ceriousbiz

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  778. kkwilli

    Alexis is excellent to deal with and knowledgeable. Lightshade-Holly is enjoyable to visit the people are very friendly.

  779. Teshamegm

    Got Pineapple Express and love it!! Will come back!!

  780. lilmissdiss

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  781. KatDawnBarnes

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  782. Rejoyceandclay

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  786. andyn38

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  798. Ch3l2Th3C

    Jonathan and Weston were absolutely amazing and we love the Lightshade experience!!

  799. cakes08

    Very knowledgeable bud tender and made it comfortable with my questions. Made you feel welcome from the front door!

  800. RockHansen

    Very professional with a personal touch. With this structure, they can’t fail!! Fantastic products at competitive prices. Definitely re-visiting.

  801. lovedbyp

    very nice place love the promos

  802. mgalexiavitch

    The people are quite friendly and there are always specials. High quality, tucked away on a quiet street, and really fast and friendly customer service. I am a regular for these reasons.

  803. BrendaRocha

    Love coming here …. the quality is good, customer service is good, many locations and close to home….

  804. Brittany199321

    I love lightshade they have the best weed ever dY~SdY~SdY~S and amazing coustomer service!!

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  806. montay123

    Great Location & Best Juicy Fruit Strain Around…

  807. JalynnH

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  808. GDawg74

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  809. brinelda1160

    This place really do have a great variety and the “Buddtenders” are great too

  810. Billieking6

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  812. Jaynaia

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  813. LadyRed27

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  814. Cruzrojo83

    I’m absolutely in love with lightshade holly! The flower quality is top notch and it’s always an inviting atmosphere.

  815. JerryBrooks303

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  816. Juanloera

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