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745 East 6th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203


39.7258906, -104.9779733




8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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Lightshade is one of the most reputable, high-end marijuana dispensaries in Denver, serving medical and adult customers at multiple locations in the Denver metro area, including Aurora and Lakewood. Established in 2011, Lightshade has a reputation for growing the best quality genetics in Colorado. With the highest THC levels in lab results for our marijuana strains, it’s no surprise that cannabis connoisseurs from Colorado and around the world continue to visit Lightshade for the best weed in Denver. If you are looking for marijuana dispensaries in Denver or Aurora, or wondering where to buy marijuana in Colorado, you’ve found the right place.

Lightshade proudly serves the 21+ Medical and Recreational marijuana community. There are laws and regulations within Colorado that both medical and adult marijuana customers must follow, such as purchase and carry limits. Please visit our Laws & FAQs page for more information about Colorado marijuana laws to ensure you are following the proper weed laws and regulations.

In addition to our retail stores, Lightshade has several state-of-the-art marijuana growing facilities located throughout Colorado. Our stores include a huge selection of marijuana products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals and merchandise. Visit Lightshade today to see why the difference is night and day between us and the other marijuana dispensaries in Denver.


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935 reviews for “Lightshade

  1. doonsocket

    great selection. great prices. this is where I get my durban

  2. captiancresty

    incredible buds

  3. Kcc1214

    Awesome vibe and even better service!!

  4. atd13

    Great location!! Awesome flower deals and everything more! Thanks staff for keep Ming the vibe friendly and clean!

  5. myheonna

    I love this location the staff is wounderful they always have smiles. I love how they explain the different types of strains. They explain what strains are good for pain. What strains are good for a more happy feeling. I just love this location altogether.

  6. Supadupahii

    Amazing products & customer service

  7. deLeon27

    The friendly and knowledgeable staff made it easy to find exactly what I needed without pressuring me to purchase anything! Jordan was awesome!

  8. ahunnitblunts

    I love lightshade. The best organic bud around. Greatest strain selection. They have quality products all around anything from concentrates to edibles. The budtenders are always extremely informative and helpful. Always smiling and friendly. I recommend this place to everyone.

  9. bulldawg921

    Great staff, friendly service, great selection!

  10. Mellowsmoker84

    Great location,and selection. Will be going back.

  11. lkskipper

    They’re great!

  12. hscar420

    this location is awesome! the staff was very friendly. our budtender jordan was phenomenal, didnt rush us at all and covered all the bases. definitly going back!!

  13. brittanytrujillox

    love the location buds are delicious and always super stony thanks lightshade

  14. ScottPG

    Great location, friendly staff, and amazing selection/prices. 10/10 – would visit again

  15. Leaf18

    1st-Service is Awesome. Paige was pleasant and a pleasure to work with. U then enter the doors of a heavenly selection of EVERYTHING!!! Did I say Deals?!! My New Go To!!

  16. Sadierose111

    Everything is always great when i come here 🙂

  17. brianberman

    My favorite dispensary around!! Always a great experience and selection! Super knowledgeable and friendly staff! Looking forward to my visit today. 🙂

  18. BrittanyQueen1993

    Convenience is automatic nd the staff makes ur visit quick nd easy.

  19. Mcclanahowl

    Great place to shop friendly staff amazing deals

  20. Sharp99

    Lightshade on E 6th in Denver has the best weed and the best staff best only good place to go

  21. LillyNocturn

    A cool little shop with some awesome people behind the counter. Good Prices, good weed, good people.

  22. patthomas

    just left and I must say I left with a big smile

  23. broncolova720

    Great people! love the outdoir waiting room!

  24. PharaonicGreenery

    The mom and pop feel of lightshade on 6th will make you question how such a warm store be part of a chain?! But leave those stereotypes behind, friend! Because lightshade is the herbal answer to Cheers, for here everyone also knows your name and are categorically glad you came.

  25. HalfyCarta

    I’ve always loved this location! The atmosphere/vibe is always great and the budtenders are always knowledgeable about their products!

  26. kevinbaker4life


  27. Jamierpearl

    Great people, good prices, will return

  28. barndogg


  29. MistaKush

    Lightshade has the dAnkest buds in Denver by far. Great service and excellent prices don’t mess around with any other dispensary.

  30. NahshonP1

    freakin Great. wonderful staff and outstanding products. They are all very knowledgeable and I referrer All friends and family.

  31. abaker02

    Awesome place, great deal very personal able with you and yummy edibles!

  32. moarbluntz

    Nice shop!

  33. salmanza1991

    Great place for some bomb ass flower. The staff are always so knowledgable and helpful. I will definitely be back for more.

  34. jennsc76

    Friendly, speedy and knowledgeable…3 top qualities to have! Thanks!

  35. Smithonez12

    My fav smoke shop , discounts. And deals all day long , not a long wait time , always a returning customer for sure !

  36. Clp

    Great shop and staff

  37. jackson4612

    The bud tender refused to elaborate on strains and offered limited suggestions. Overall, experience wasn’t great for someone looking to explore cannabis.

  38. Cognacpapi

    This my first time in Colorado and i visted this location and was completely satisfied! The customer service was amazing and the variety of high quality products was amazing as well!

  39. Tbates6

    Great place, super friendly

  40. RyanSween86


  41. Blazq420

    Lightshade has great flowers and their customer service is on point. Long time customer at various locations.

  42. chef1234

    Place is awesome! Great product and even better prices! Legit place.

  43. meghanjoyce89

    This place is awesome. I love the quality and the bud tenders are great. You know it’s a great place when it’s busy so have patience because it’s definitely worth it

  44. edulaney

    Great flower great staff!! REALLY GOOD DEALS

  45. Aaronbrown600

    Come here every time I’m in Denver second time!!

  46. Nerdyynate

    Really like how nice everyone is

  47. John5280303

    Great service and great bud gonna stop back for sure and recommend to everyone as well

  48. 1tarango

    This is the best and only place I come to. The staff is wonderful at what they do. I love this place!!

  49. teen85

    Great flower and great staff.

  50. SuperHeroFromtheFuture

    good deals the best staff

  51. Shotime303

    Superb bud great service and they always got the dank

  52. Omgitseden

    Clean, friendly & fresh

  53. twiikachica


  54. merrymagpie

    very reliable and conveniently close to home. one of the few places that takes cards so it’s my go to spot on my way home from work. never disappointed with quality but could use more flower selection

  55. Eddric7

    They always have my favorite strains here

  56. benpearlman


  57. Jonb32

    I liked it a lot. Will come back again

  58. reidgarner

    Awesome! So glad it’s near my work.

  59. mistymountain88

    Great location, awesome selection!!

  60. mphelps89

    Lightshade? More like LIT-shade!!! Fire every visit. Best staff, best buds, best value!

  61. jordan9517

    I like how confidently the staff at this location presents their product and they are very knowledgeable of their strains and are very respectu too.

  62. CPTRedBeard045

    Great, friendly, knowledgeable staff, an amazingly quick and hassle free environment. 10/10 would recommend

  63. jtriv1979

    They always have good weed and the staff is very cool

  64. Pwilliams84

    I love this dip. My home dip for convenience and customer service.! Also good strand and deals.

  65. Raul2k

    Amazing Job Great Buds!

  66. Sorcwiz420

    Great shatter and flower strains to choose from.

  67. chusblus69

    I like lightshade. Second time being here and they got good kush and great prices and a great staff. Highly recommend here

  68. khaze

    Great location that is super close to my house! Awesome bud and chill vibes

  69. andydote

    Awesome location, easy, dedicated parking, great products. Christopher was very knowledgable, insightful, and super helpful. The staff was accommodating and went above and beyond to take care of us.

  70. Mrs.Pinzz

    Love their weed and prices. Their Willy reserve is amazing! Definitely returning!

  71. HumanBot

    Great staff, great location! Love the prices, my goto!

  72. Hrandy

    Love the $18 ambassador eighths

  73. Meowtastic

    This dispensary is fantastic. Super nice, helpful, patient and knowledgeable staff.

  74. Solid44

    GREAT SPACE!!!!!!

  75. jaylasymone

    Great staff & selections… Definitely a must shop!

  76. 1wealthyblogger

    Everyone should try this dispensary! They have the best flower buds in the industry and the prices they charge are lower than any other dispensary! Thanks Lightshade!

  77. tsshaffer123

    Lightshade 6th ave is amazing. Wonderful customer service. It is the only dispensary I shop at.

  78. Davepartjew

    always dope

  79. cheshorcat

    A+++++ Great store; great staff; great location. Pre-rolls are sizable and very often offered at a discount rate. Never a bad experience here. Definitely recommend.

  80. PabloReef

    I enjoy coming to this location for the knowledgeable staff and good prices.

  81. kaylamm7

    Great Customer Servuce, good prices, great products

  82. Ozzborne7878

    Got some skunkberry last night and it was 10/10

  83. YamisD

    great staff and amazing selection

  84. Nekalove

    The staff is amazing. I have not had to deal with any bad service. Bud is great quality !

  85. jointsonthebeah

    Great store great vibe great bud. Check it out

  86. brady517

    Great dispensary and better staff. Best MJ for the buck as well!!!

  87. rhorton

    Super friendly staff, super cheap and great bud. Got some really good deals here, Jay was super friendly and helpful and I would highly recommend this place. Overall great first experience!

  88. Genopec995

    Great bud and staff love the edibles and quality of.flower great atmosphere and cheap

  89. Ajones91

    I love it every time i go in the receptionist is very friendly and they always hlp me with my selection

  90. jchan15

    The whole process is super efficient and the staff is very knowledgeable! My favorite dispensary in the area.

  91. Matthew.hudgens

    I love lightshade on 6th. They have a great strain selection and buds they grow are awsome.dY~EURdY~EURdY~EUR

  92. ng182fn

    I stopped in yesterday for my first visit and was blown away. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend this shop to anyone in the area.

  93. jblewis2288

    My favorite by far, always friendly and knowledgeable. A perfect place to get everything you need in a beautiful package!

  94. Cherokeeyona40

    The place is really cool good experience nice medicine

  95. briancrichlow

    Great service great people.

  96. SmokinWolf

    They have a good selection and awesome budtenders. Definitely will be coming here more often!

  97. jlpowers

    Great! Vanessa was awesome

  98. millhouse32

    Awesomely buds

  99. blakeseminara

    the lightshade on 6th ave location is awsome good product.

  100. Tiequail

    This location is me favorite one top shelf all week every week

  101. Balynn92

    Good flower great concentrates knowledgeable and friendly staff good selection always fair prices usually has a good deal going on overall great dispo check it out

  102. iigonzoii

    I hate dispo weed, but if I have to go to one, it’s this one. great bud for a dispo and properly priced. they have some more expensive flower, but it’s no better than their ambassador strains. I assume for the tourists.

  103. Madpec2017

    Great bud great staff love coming to lightshade for the edibles great selection of bud and affordable price

  104. aprilemma

    Love this place, the staff is super friendly! 🙂

  105. Brian666888

    Great selection of strains, edibles. New deals daily, and a great staff and location.

  106. Xandrian007

    amazing place. knowledgeable staff, good prices

  107. AliyahB

    Great experience

  108. blafary

    Best dispensary in the Denver-area!
    Very knowledgeable staff and $15 8ths!

  109. JeremyPounds

    Good herb at a good price, especially for rec. Budtender pulled out all the strains on special right away. Warm, clean atmosphere.

  110. dirone

    This place is the best and has some of the best nug CO has to offer!

  111. jimbrown

    This is the newest of he lightshade stores. I think most of them are almost identical in layout and everything. These are average store with average selection and average price

  112. brenboul18

    This place was amazing! The staff was super helpful and knowledgeable. Can’t wait to come back again

  113. Shawnnon

    Good customer services good weed I send all my friends from here and out of state for good buds

  114. stonebatfan

    like the gates with the style of the building. i had the blue berry head band sugar its the batsugar

  115. mustang6480

    Location is great! The Budtender was amazing. Very helpful and knowledgeable.

  116. terrypc1992gmailcom

    awesome store, with friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  117. Ladyleee

    Great People and service.

  118. ariana13

    Love how everyone is just out going
    and the bud is that Fire. I’m definitely coming back!!!!!

  119. jtanisha85

    they has good weed and they have good deals

  120. ajoc

    best place in town

  121. jheffron2

    The best establishment in Denver. The combination of tbe staff and products makes it second to none

  122. akagradea

    This is the best dispensary in Colorado…

  123. hexacr9

    Great service friendly staff bud even better!!

  124. casualmatt

    This place is great, they carry a large variety of products at a sweet price. There staff is awesome and knows a lot about there products.

  125. alhidalgo19


  126. ItsYaBoyKush

    I Love Everything About Lightshade. From How It’s Set Up. The Selection On Flower, Edibles And Concertrates.

  127. mike1983

    first time stopping in, picked up some blue dawg shatter and banana kush. price is great for the quality, both tasted amazing and smelled great. its
    awesome to have a lightshade in capitol hill!

  128. DustyChance

    Best Lightshade I’ve visited. Been to four now. Even with a packed lobby the wait time was only 10 minutes and the staff was friendly. Bravo.

  129. metashaun

    The greatest place on earth for me! Great Staff! Variety of strains is awesome! Always a pleasure to stop by, and see what’s new and approved!

  130. cindylou1964

    Customer service rocks! It’s what keeps me comming back!

  131. Gucci063

    Amazing weed, great strain selection everytime and very good and helpful staff

  132. kencali305

    Great staff, service and prerollups!

  133. Justn555

    Great staff willing to help in anything you need

  134. Emmagracec

    My favorite place to get my flower. Great quality product and great staff!

  135. Ariayebae7474

    Great place to grab your greens hands down

  136. errlax

    Lightshade offers some of the finest quality cannabis products in Denver. Paired with their friendly and knowledgable customer service, their offerings of flower and concentrates keep me coming back! I would recommend continuing to carry solventless concentrate products. I know it’s tough to find reputable IWE, but the connoisseur market needs it.

  137. TsunamiFeral

    Low prices, fast service, excellent high. Can’t ask for much more. Lightshade has got it right.

  138. diyll21

    Loved it! Super great products and great service!

  139. Rekbolding

    Always had a peaceful experience at lightshade location on 6th. The staff works hard to ensure their customers are not waiting for long periods. They value your time and money!

  140. jennymarie17

    Awesome environment! Love Lightshade!

  141. Blizzydagod420

    I don’t come here very often due to my living location but every time I do the staff is pleasant. Helpful and always have good quality bud!!

  142. lngoetzel

    Great variety and super friendly staff

  143. cheesetardcheeto

    great location fresh flower and knowledgeable staff i highly recommend it

  144. yorkdaryl

    I love this place.

  145. ravenfaye69

    Friendly place

  146. Mega303

    Amazing service staff.. great smoke and very good pricing

  147. Kiingluii4

    Lightshade is great and I recommend every pot smoker to visit on 6 Ave

  148. GeneralManager

    Love this dispensary. They offer deals every day and the employees are always in a cheerful mood. I like coming to all the Lightshade locations for the deals and the good vibes. Ask about the $15 daily eighth special.

  149. Lisa74

    Great weed low prices with great customer service keep up the good work guys

  150. HighItsKelsey

    love this place, great prices, great selection, great sales on product, just super awesome

  151. seanalfred1987

    very nice location

  152. Jhayes3811

    Name Julius First Time experience was great all employees were respectful an courteous an the store is great

  153. Keeyona

    love this location love the product!

  154. Kofi1093

    Great weed great deals great location employees fast and friendly id reconmend this location to anyone

  155. dwade78

    Great people, knowledgeable, great prices. Totally make this a stop. Thanks guys !!

  156. D95

    Awesome service all around and the flower is always crazy good.

  157. MSytsma

    Staff was Friendly at the door, but once purchasing it was a little confusing and tax on items wasn’t clearly stated when asking price info. Overall, not a bad place a little more expensive than most dispensaries.

  158. Whit5280

    I liked all the different strains!

  159. rspriggs92

    AmaZing service by Josh!! Laid back, helpful, not pushy, and so many options. This is your weed home- one stop, check them out!!

  160. stevenmig802

    My go to spot in Denver for the best budz and tons of crazy deals! Love the staff they’re very knowledgeable and create an awesome atmosphere to be in.

  161. Stoned.Like.Rock303

    Good consistent product. Easy going atmosphere and great customer service.

  162. babyjames81

    Overall, i’d give this place about 4 stars. The selection is limited however they are the first dispensary that I have come across that will take credit cards.

  163. alverezA2314

    low selection but great product and friendly service

  164. Baileyking4061

    Friendly staff with great buds one of the best shops in colorado

  165. rgtigurl

    Finally found my first store I visited while in denver. Love the 6th AVE lightshade.

  166. DSlurper91

    Great place, great prices, great people!

  167. M2M

    Love this place! Good people and good product.

  168. brucebannerty

    my go to spot for has

  169. Jamiesanks1

    I love lightshade Denver on 6th! I shop here for all my recreational needs. They have competitive prices great incentives and the staff is always nice if you need a good dispensary I recommend the lightshade on 6th Avenue. Everyone is really cool and helpful! I always co

  170. Pwhughes

    Great location for local cap hill residents, some of the best prices around for quality buds and concentrates. Would definitely recommend a visit.

  171. Opal_eyez

    Always friendly and very helpful!

  172. kennethgarcia465

    Some of the best bud on town

  173. golfingjunkie

    I just moved into the neighborhood and I could not be happier with this place. The nugs are of great quality with the prices low. I will be visiting often.

  174. brandimdunn57

    i went to lightshade for an ounce and usually get one that is consistent. you should try them

  175. dcandie

    6th Ave Lightshade is in great location and the budtenders are very knowledgeable on the many strains definitely ine of my “must go to locations”… keep up the great job!A*

  176. JTbars

    It was fast

  177. BekahLynne

    Awesome location n helpful n friendly

  178. Ladytoke1

    really great product. would recommend to anyone.

  179. Jhollinger13

    great selection and very friendly staff!

  180. da1littlefoot

    I shop here all the time they have the best service and amazing deals!!

  181. nickhuff658

    Amazing atmosphere had a very professional feel

  182. pealko

    But she does great customer service and great selection I love it

  183. megulott

    Beautiful location I love the indoor/outdoor setting in the warm weather!!! The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable!

  184. Jahv303

    Very good price and products . staff very friendly and welcoming

  185. FrodroDabbins

    Nice location, friendly staff, fire ass products and i can always get in and out pretty fast!

  186. KimMillsap

    Love the herb here! Great staff, good prices 🙂

  187. Alove2009

    great place, awesome budtenders, and great product.

  188. DenaBradberry

    The atmosphere, selection, and knowledgable staff make this an ideal place to shop. A repeat customer here.

  189. Qyoungsr3

    I love lightshade on 6th Ave, they have great staff and great buds I would recommend this location to all friends and family

  190. Dajanay

    Always a great experience positive energy and individuals super!

  191. ALILion88

    My neighborhood go to spot. Love there selection and prices. Chelsi and the rest of the staff are great.

  192. JApolinar

    Best buds, great customer service. Always will be a loyal client!

  193. EddieDiaz

    This place is great, knoledgable staff. This place has good parking. the staff is never pushy.

  194. BigTickleBear

    great service, great staff. by far the best price and selection of wax around. and they have multiple stores!

  195. cofred930

    Lightshade definitely shines above the rest when itcomes to strains, prices and knowledgeable employees. keep up all the great work and keep showing people the difference between night and day!!

  196. smashleydee

    This is the third time I’ve been to Denver and this is always the first stop after flying in. Great service, more than knowledgeable staff, and I always leave happy.

  197. DevinG23

    everything is going great, doing fine keep up the great work, very great prices and knowledgable budtenders

  198. PlasmaNuke

    Helpful, friendly staff; well-kept storefront; the best bud at the best prices.

  199. prattles

    I live up the street so this location is extra convenient. Slick space, friendly and knowledgable staff, I’ll definitely be back!

  200. iamchefjpz1

    Love coming here
    Always great product and prices
    They always have what im looking for

  201. Breana83

    It was an awesome place to get fire weed with good pricing

  202. Shelbs1395

    Great service, friendly staff and great bud, I’ll definitely be returning. J helped us out and was super nice and knowledgeable about all the buds.

  203. Bigmike4909

    Bud is quality

  204. Jhnlk

    Super chill had a great time breaking down what I was actually looking for, will definitely be coming back!! (:

  205. EstyrayG

    horrible service, better luck elsewhere

  206. netsirk92

    All the staff members were so polite even though my friends temporary alabama ID got rejected From buying bud. Good service, good knowledge, and good times! Stay strong light shade! Peace be the journey friends.

  207. shadowfox5466

    I went in the other day when it was snowing. $5 Pre-Rolls because of the snow day. Their selection seemed pretty solid, haven’t been disappointed yet.

  208. Lexluther12

    I love the vibe of light shade. Everyone here is so down to earth and super helpful. Will always visit this location when I come to Denver!

  209. Hippiedani0922

    Always friendly staff! Willing to spread knowledge of bud and the industry which is really nice. Keep up the awesome work Lightshade!

  210. jmmanning13

    They have the best quality + prices in town. With great customer service.

  211. teesal009

    Great service and people would go more often

  212. ezrider610

    Friendly staff, awesome garage doors that are left open on nice days, and they accept debit cards! Great new spot!

  213. ahowar15

    Best shop in town!

  214. Chocolatprincess

    This place is awesome and I love the atmosphere I love the bud tender they’re always so cool and so sweet and also they always have the greatest election and it’s very clean and swanky

  215. juanta25

    one of the nicest dispensary I’ve been to!!

  216. melpage

    Stopped by the other weekend, great service.m, friendly, fast, and knowledgeable. Really good selections

  217. itsmegary

    i love it

  218. Dawaune239

    Love it here amazing bud and amazing staff cheap and affordable always come to lightshade for the cheap bud and cheap prices great location

  219. ccdahybrid1993

    this place is pretty chill. they have a pretty chill environment. and the strains are always good!!

  220. 01tarango

    This is the best place to go for bud and prerolls!! The staff is wonderful!! This is the only place I go to!!

  221. Cruzrojo83

    Super friendly staff and awesome flower!!!!!

  222. maizeblueNpurp4

    Just put a review on here, didn’t see it come up so I’m doing another. This place rocks. Uber driver was raving about you guys on my way to my destination from the airport. Had him swing me by and he didn’t let me down, nor did Lightshade. I’ll be back

  223. Alisha87

    The customer service & wait time is awesome! Of course the flower toodY~S

  224. Creetard

    Great buds and people. Cool atmosphere and service

  225. Luisfern303

    LOVE THIIS DISPENSARY! great customer service, great quality flower. Their 18$ 1/8th deal is killer! This is the only dispo that i go to. From a stoner to stoner, i highly recommend this dispensary !

  226. AuthorOfBooks

    First time I ever went to a dispensary was here. I’m from Texas Everything was fine but the bud tender totally ruined it for me by being pushy on wanting me to buy more Constantly offering things I had no interest & then totally thought my spouse was trying to pay my tab which freaked us out because we both have never been to a dispensary. First time in and LAST time out. #HonestTruth


    never disappointed

  228. ADF1994

    This place always is very organized, has quality service and great product!! Love going here

  229. Cannamancer

    As always, Lightshade delivers a quality dispensary experience with friendly staff, great bud, and fair pricing.

  230. Shampsey19

    Definitely by far my favorite dispensary. The prices, quality, and variety are all great!! Extra bonus is the friendly bud tenders.

  231. Kvenis

    Great flowers for reasonable prices and good help

  232. treavortownsend

    friendly and knowledgeable staff that have tons of products and great prices on everything…

  233. Shellwhatthehell88

    It’s gr8!! Awesome budtenders and fantastic strains. Would recommend to everyone!!!

  234. jlkruger1

    Very nice neighborhood dispensary. Classy atmosphere. Wasn’t too crowded. Plenty of waiting room if it is. Shannon, who waited on me, was honest and attentive when it came to the product.

    The product itself is very high in THC content, which for a casual burner like myself isn’t exactly my go-to. They do have a couple strains in the 15% range but most were 20%+.

  235. HeathAvery

    Nice looking location. Really nice buds. Get orange herijuana, white dawg and bubba fett.

  236. marli6208

    Amazing dispensary! Awesome staff and always have a great selection. Easy parking and payment. Couldn’t ask for more!

  237. joesperry7

    Great place to go for the lavender Jones Great strain!!

  238. CraigSalas

    Relaxed and friendly staff, an efficient customer process and good deals are enough to give this newest location a try.

  239. 300blackout

    This is one of the best dispensaries in cap hill! Whether it’s the strains or the customer service you leave disappointed! They definitely have a customer for life!!
    Mike F.

  240. carillosally

    Great layout amazing service.

  241. jdjack519

    great prices, great product, really nice staff, cool location, the fact that it takes cards is super convenient

  242. ABEMAC1984

    I think there very friendly nice environment and there product is always great .a~

  243. danknessmartin

    This location has the best selection I’ve seen in a while…the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable…medicine is also fairly priced

  244. Fatalss

    great deals wonderful people love this place highly recommend

  245. williamsantonio68

    Its cool love the weed

  246. M0c0m0c0

    Selection and pricing. 15 for and 8th

  247. christinag13

    Great spot- helpful staff 🙂

    …I had to leave the 666th review

  248. ltyoung95

    Super dank cannabis and Chris is so awesome!!!! Thank you!!

  249. Sbachleda

    A+ product, location, people and atmosphere! I like the one on one environment and everyone there was very helpful 🙂

  250. Allnhigh

    I love this location! The staff is friendly the service is quick and I travel and bypass several other dispensaries to get to this location.

  251. Mrcheshorcat

    Great store; great staff; great location. Pre-rolls are sizable and very often offered at a discount rate. Never a bad experience here. Definitely recommend.

  252. sdalton39

    would would definitely would definitely would definitely come to this place again great staff great product

  253. Shortbus240

    I do not know I have never been but this place sounds dope

  254. Sinthethc

    I really enjoyed my first time in there, tried to post a review days ago but I’m still waiting. the people the service and the bud were all top shelf

  255. Shaymcrob

    I love this place it’s like my go to place! The people are great and friendly and the atmosfere is chill. Plus the weed is in point.

  256. nonyablack

    Great staff and location. They have really good specials here too. Anywhere from $20 1/8ths to amazing prices on concentrates!!

  257. srjohnson8302

    Great selection of concentrates! Friendly helpful staff :). Awesome prices for the best stuff in town

  258. BluedogBlueman

    good seed and weeds over here es

  259. Blkbeauty

    Every time I go to this location I get lifted. Above & beyond service & quality

  260. springloded1986

    This place never disappoints. They always have what I am looking for. The staff is always so friendly. Jay is great. Vanessa was my bud tender. Helped me out. Got me what I wanted. (Blue dream)

  261. jla5678

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff-knew exactly what I needed! And great prices

  262. DBWilli

    Great customer service and wonderful bud.

  263. Christiandeorr420

    Everyday freash products, everyday good service.

  264. Mesha1978

    Stumbled upon this location by accident.Yay! Same great product and fast service as the other 2 I visited. I may have to quit my usual dispensary, lol.

  265. rayray8709

    Ray Martinez

    love the lightshade on 6th Ave!!

  266. estrange29

    I’ve been to a few rec shops around town and this is by far one of my favorites. Great buds, edibles, everything all served with a side of great hospitality.

  267. Chrisxmoran

    Lightshade on 6th ave is a Great store with great selections

  268. Mario1333

    Lightshade always got good bud a real good prices friendly staff and free joints

  269. aaron.wright.16121471

    Thought that the Budtender was very knowledgeable, and friendly. Good special prices, although bud was kind of dry.

  270. Aurelia88mony91

    Great and awesome

  271. Ktrask

    I love Lightshade!! They always have premium flower and their staff are all super helpful!!!

  272. mrjacks99

    Staff was very friendly and really helped me figure out what the most beneficial product for me at the time. Can’t wait to come back for a quick re up! Keep it going lightshade!

  273. Moose01

    Lightshade dispensaries are some of the best cannabis resource stores I have ever been to. Thank you to Mallory, Andrew and the rest of the Lightshade family for making buying cannabis fun.

  274. irishbazterd

    bought some green crack from the 6th ave store a couple days ago. it was fire. great staff and great people made the experience amazing. highly recommend this place.

  275. mcgeejamie123

    The product here is really fresh and well priced. The location is a little out of the city area but is well worth because you don’t have to deal with a long line.

  276. Swizzel573

    Customer service was great. Enjoy all their products !!!

  277. MrsShmokeAlot8790

    great product, quantity for price, customer service, and atmosphere. Must visit.

  278. Ragz300

    Great customer service, Great bud strains. Highly recommended, a must visit.

  279. dyster12

    Amazing and great staff!

  280. rbartcz

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff. I had a few questions for the bud tender and she helped me out with ease. I highly recommend them.

  281. Sheredafarris

    Great location excellent service

  282. Jpashia86

    I’ve been to a few light shades before and I really like the streams they carry in some of the sales that they have a great

  283. Billieking6

    Best buds and prices fast friendly customer service

  284. mikemah303

    my first time here was a great experience the atmosphere was very nice the bud tenders with very knowledgeable his name was Jordan and the bud was incredible for sure suggest everyone check this spot out

  285. Kitakita84

    Love you guys!thanks for the good time needed my fix and now I feel grrreartdY~SdY~SdY~S

  286. yosajara

    pretty cool treated me like I like to be treated no rude or nothing

  287. trailch

    Reminds me of the exceptional quality and low pricing I’m used to in California dispensaries!

  288. dirtiestchicken

    really good weed. really good prices. they need to quit with the edm music tho cuz its trash and its causing panic attacks in the waiting room. otherwise this place is great.

  289. Marabeautifultouch

    Staff is friendly and store has great deals !!

  290. StephanosRex

    Good bud, better prices. Shop’s in a cool spot, staff is friendly, Don’t have a bad word to say about it.

  291. Derek5280

    lightshades deals are good i would recommend going here! Also the flower is good.

  292. Bsullivan

    Absolutely the best buds in town, awsome prices and amazing staff. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  293. rgianpicolo

    Light shade has an awesome selection of merchandise edibles and a great marijuana selection as well as great stuff the boys actually answer all your questions!!!

  294. bmadrid3826

    Great location and service

  295. MileHighBeauty420

    This dispensary is by far one of the best in Colorado. I love their flower and concentrates. They always have the best of the best. Can’t wait to try more of their products

  296. Zavy2929

    Nice little store

  297. Ecstatichaze32

    This location is in a great area, has a great selction of bud edibles and concentrates. Greeted with friendly smiling faces of staff. Budtenders are very informative and helpful.

  298. Mhamp3

    Josh was our budtender and he was fantastic! The entire staff was friendly, welcoming, and patient. Worth the drive from Boulder!

  299. tman8669

    This is my favorite dispensary in Denver! Great quality of staff and product!

  300. Kpayne214

    I think this nightshade is great! dY’ I absolutely love the strains they select for this locationa$?a$?

  301. kiddcannibus

    they have amazing selection and the customer service is so laid back and chill

  302. Roddrickharris34

    I love this place! Great people!

  303. ryansch13

    This has become my favorite place! The nicest staff Ive ever seen in a shop. I’m sure the other locations are great, but if I were to be stuck on a desert island with only one dispensary…it would be Lightshade 6th Ave.

  304. Brandonharlan

    Exceptional customer service and great product knowledge

  305. Rudeboy4life

    By far one of the best dispensaries HANDS DOWN. Great flower and their wax selection is out of this world. Staff is friendly and always knowledgeable about whatevr it is i need.

  306. gburke0

    great, friendly staff. always great product – esp. the sizable prerolls. hard to ever go anywhere else.

  307. Ike86

    Great location and selection, nice customer service.

  308. jeutin

    Came into the shop on March 1st, staff showed me exactly what I was looking for and I was in and out in under 10 minuets. They offer 15% military discount and also accept credit and debit cards. Very clean and friendly. All around great atmosphere. Definitely will be back.

  309. Jackp1989

    Highest qjuality of bud and at a price range people can actually afford. one of my favorite spots to get flower, especially there pre packed ounces.

  310. Tnels88

    I live in the neighborhood and come here for all of my concentrates. Their concentrates are the best quality and lowest price that I can find in Denver.I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for great flower, concentrates, or edibles!

  311. cocoSpecialist

    Well… 1.) Top shelf bud-stinky and potent.
    2.) Best prices in town for top shelf bud.
    You must try their gorilla glue, bruce banner, and white 99 – WOW!

  312. Victoriam0814

    Great, helpful, friendly staff. Love the store layout. Favorite place to visit.

  313. catatat

    Always greeted with awesome music and a smile

  314. fourwinds

    Very knowledgeable staff, clean and upbeat, great deals!!

  315. Chrismccloud82

    Friendly staff..well knowledgeable of their product..good choice

  316. jakekline7

    I love lightshade! They have the best crew at this location,you always leave with a smile on your face. When it comes to product they are hands down the best.

  317. brianmick77

    Love it! Great selection, best quality/price ratio in town!

  318. babybackhibbs

    Great staff! Great bud! Great location. Will go back again.

  319. smw12

    Wow! Everything about this place exceeded my expectations. They really CARE about their customers!

    Jordan was so lovely! He really took the time to explain everything to me. I was able to get products that actually worked AMAZING for my specific needs. I loved how knowledgeable that he was. I feel as if I actually know the difference between concentrates now!

    I’ve been recommending Lightshade to everyone that I know! I feel as if they provide the BEST customer service that I’ve experienced from a dispensary. This is my new go to location! : )

  320. AaronHunter74100

    Excellent service, always recommending products that fit your specific preferences!

  321. Hopesmith25

    The weed is good and the bud tenders are fast so if you like fast friendly service come here.

  322. Jvigil97

    Fast and great customer service.

  323. hp56327110

    They have friendly stuff great
    soulection and some of the best pot in the state

  324. helio9

    Great. Herb

  325. bosslady901

    Nice location nice people! Love it

  326. yamabushi

    Lightshade is a really clever space converted over from what appears to be an old gas station/garage. It’s a super easy place to find and even has it’s own parking lot. So, big props on the convenience factor. When I was there they seemed a bit light on the flower – especially Sativas. But, they had a ton of vape cartridges and other extract stuff. Next time I’m headed down to the Cherry Creek area I’d definitely pop into Lightshade for something to make time seem move slower. As a silly tangent, I probably drove past this place a hundred times as a little kid on the way to the Natural History Museum or Zoo field trips. Memory lane dude, it’s always a hoot what you remember!

  327. chancebray11

    Light shade is perfect I love how personal my experience is everytime, I never feel rushed, the bud tenders can always answer my questions, and their house grow strains are always EPIC

  328. purplehearts

    Dispensary really rocks! Awesome location products prices and best of all customer service way to go light shade!

  329. rezzydew5280

    really great product came in first time loved all there extracts and flower will be back soon

  330. fathernatureft

    Great product, will be back

  331. SK100

    I was at the end of my rope when I came to Lightshade for the first time. I hadn’t been able to sleep well for months and I was in quite a bit of pain from a high speed rear end accident months ago. Doctors prescribed muscle relaxers, which didn’t work for me and made me feel worse, so I though I’d see what Lightshade had to offer. I was a little nervous and hesitant to go in for my first visit, but they guys and gals there put me at ease and made it an awesome experience. I also have been sleeping soundly throughout the night and wake up feeling great and ready to go! I am so happy to have found them.

  332. carlamagne

    My go to for all things pot! Consistent deals on flower, rotating deals on edibles and cartridges, and the kindest staff in town. You won’t be disappointed!

  333. chikoo

    great shop, even better staff

  334. ricochet3212

    I came here for the first time (and my first Dispensary purchase), on the 16th.
    It was very nice inside, I loved how much information they had (I needed a quick run down of the CO laws and the such) and the people were really helpful!
    It was a great first experience and I plan on returning fairly often.
    They had a good selection, great prices, and they were very knowledgeable about their products.
    Great Store, I’ll be there once again at some point. That is for sure

  335. Zillion137

    Lightshade has the best flower.
    On 6th

  336. BA863

    I would like to start off by saying that the atmosphere at lightshade 6th ave is very nice and friendly. The budtender was very nice friendly and knowledgeable about marijuana products. I definitely would recommend this dispensary to all of my friends.

  337. bigdaddylo

    dope staff. dope deals!

  338. psolor44

    I love the location or this particular Lightshade. The thing is that, no matter what Lightshadeb location, I’ve always gotten flower and prerolls that are always beyond stellar. The staff is ridiculously but professionally friendly. I tell anyone I can to go to any Lightshade location

  339. Potheadlol

    Clean the employees know about their buds there and it’s just worth the money and the long drive to me! I’ll always be back

  340. awagoj

    Jordan was great, knowledgable and great vibes.

  341. Tazgetstoned685

    This dispensary is my go to and I think will remain my go to for as long as I live in the area. Everyone is very friendly, they open the garage doors to let the sun and breeze in so it’s very comfortable in the waiting room. All the bud tenders are knowledgeable on their product, and are always down to answer questions! I would recommend this dispensary to anyone. Low prices for great product, and a very enjoyable shopping experience!

  342. celinak

    Quality bud shop.. Bud tender knew her stuff.. Would definitely come again!

  343. Michelle4445

    If you like fat friendy customer service with good weed this is the place to go

  344. atrasatti

    The best ever! Such good service and buds

  345. ColdCity7

    Great huge location…. Very friendly staff

  346. Butlertommy

    Light shade is an awesome dispensary with great deals and an awesome staff! Great experience each time I have been here!

  347. michael5613

    light shades on 6th ave has wonderful staff and great selections on bud and concentrates.

  348. Un1more

    Amazing welcoming staff members every time I visit!

  349. CarlaCarlesen

    Prime location, great staff. For the deal I got, the weed was good. But, I want to go back to the staff and say that the customer service was extra, primo good!

  350. mztiny27

    hands on and great customers service

  351. Living28

    Great selection and staff!

  352. rbaker4220

    They have a great selection of flower and edibles. Friendly knowledgable staff can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Easy to find location. Definitely recommend!

  353. Theking123456

    Lightshade…another hit. Thanks for the customer service and inventory.

  354. Dj121392

    Everyone here is friendly, knowledgeable, and cool down to earth people. If I lived in the area, this would definitely be my go-to.

  355. Alebolt

    One of my favorite spots to go, very helpful and knowledgable staff.

  356. Zdaniel1991

    Excellent bud, prices, and customer service!!

  357. Qzilla

    Great shop, great prices and amazing products

  358. Alonzogw8_18

    Great staff great selection

  359. Perlaperliita

    I love lightshade great weed and friendly staff highly recommend it!

  360. dingus111

    Incredible staff, Incredible weed and such a nice thing that they let us use a card!

  361. Ryantrejo

    Heard these guys have great quality customer service & have many of different types of strains to choose from.

  362. GoldenGoaty

    Quick service and friendly staff. Their bud tastes great and is not as dry as other chain stores.

  363. jmcneil515

    Love this location the indoor outdoor lobby makes the dispensary unique. 55!

  364. dzngfutures

    Friendly staff consistent weed from all there locations. Sour OG is dank.

  365. lrpayne21

    This is the best dispensary…great Buds…great customer service. I would highly recommend this location!

  366. eljefe05

    Great grand opening

  367. cheifinez

    This place is pretty cool. Friendly staff serving quality products at good prices. I’ll be back for sure.

  368. MattB1234

    I was impressed by the knowledge of the staff as far as pricing and the best buds for my budget. Their strains are really amazing.

  369. Mekaelasmarijuana

    This is my all time favorite place to go such a great experience and they good products

  370. Jalynrh96

    Smaller than other ones I’ve been too. But I love the experience in any of the locations.

  371. silossierra

    This dispensary is always so nice and helpful. I love the Penny joints in desperate times of need. They’re deals are always on point. Along with the staff! Thanks 🙂

  372. Jbess

    Love this store! First time and they explained everything well. The recommendations were spot on and the vibe in the store was super mellow.

  373. foxy8708

    Great deals and prices

  374. Oshea071

    Expect exceptional service here they get the job done with some of the best weed Colorado has to offer!

  375. BL19875240

    Lightshade is always a great spot to stop!! love the prices!! the budtenders are great!!!! will come back time and time again!

  376. Zombiehulk

    Great place great deals great products best place in town great prices I go there all the time great great

  377. Lee4337

    great product, great atmosphere.

  378. Brittanyshantel

    Lightshade has the best quality and such a huge variety of strains! Super friendly staff.

  379. omar24az

    I love this location. Great bud great people. Always courteous and helpful. Thank you light shade 6th avenue

  380. Sandybad

    I love there weed an service is awesome

  381. Becky10112

    Best place in Denver for concentrates as well as topical. Has a huge array of products with amazing deals to match.

  382. ismuntucker

    the staff is very helpful, especially if it’s your first visit. I was helped by Jordan who showed me around and got me a great deal on wax. I’ll be back for sure.

  383. StarFire1209

    this is the first time I’ve been here and they are so friendly. infill be making this my regular stop for great weed

  384. Its666

    Great store and products

  385. Loveley

    I love that this location is downtown Denver. Also the staff is very nice and they have a great supply and is always stocked up.

  386. Professionalwoman

    I love the setting and the staff are really sweet and service oriented

  387. Adanfox1031

    Great set up. The employees really help you find what you’re looking for especially for someone who isn’t familiar with everything in today’s marijuana culture. Great vibe coming from the employees as well all of them smile whenever you ask them questions. Go check it out.

  388. MrRiseSink

    Friendly and enjoyable experience!

  389. DarthZoolu

    My favorite shop in Denver great prices service and bud! I’m a weed snob too!

  390. lar006

    I came in for my first ever dispensary experience and was really impressed by the knowledgable staff and by the product. I went back the next day to get more pre rolleds bc it was so great!

  391. kushmastershelly

    Love this location!! the customer service is ALWAYS on point as well 🙂

  392. PrettyFlyForATyGuy

    Very cool staff. They were awesome and very hospitipal and knowledgeable. It was the best stop on my trip to Denver yet far.

  393. H.V.R

    Great place to shop. Good deals.

  394. Hindukushsage

    awesome store! smells great and is clean. very helpful staff and great selection/prices as well!

  395. AmyWoodward11

    Love this place! Great people, strains, atmosphere and they carry Willies!!!!!

  396. nbrady4135

    I loved this place!!

  397. vincentgreen31

    best lightshade in town!!!

  398. Damorgensenn

    I’ve been to this place a handful of times but and it is my favorite dispensary. I love how organized it is and how knowledgeable and friendly the staff is. The wide variety of products is perfect for me because while I prefer Sativa strains, sometimes I’ll be in the mood for indica, or maybe some edibles and I have a lot to choose from

  399. bazookazo420Bazookazoe420

    6th ave location Awesome! great deals and prices amazing people and energy

  400. Vegas303

    Really awesome

  401. EricR512

    best deals in town new favorite spot

  402. Jayortho

    Nice location. Clean facilities, very knowledgeable staff. Veronica was fantastic.

  403. Randall23

    The weed is bomb and the customer service is great so if you like fast and friendly customer service this is the place to go

  404. N3wAg3Hippi3

    Lightshade has been my top dispensary experience in Denver. I find that they excel exceptionally in high-quality cannabis concentrates and customer service.

  405. Prestonbrooks

    Z was amazing! Very down to earth and helped me find exactly what I was looking for! Great prices too!

  406. discokatt88

    My all-time favorite dispensary I love the product and I love the people

  407. alborland

    Lightshade has been my favorite spot to come to since I’ve moved here, and is always my go to spot.

  408. Jaleahg

    Everytime I go here I always get a smile from a budtender and they always have good weed!

  409. redpathy

    Always a pleasure shopping here, great ambassador strains on the reg!

  410. plawn1

    The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. The selection is great, and the transaction times are quick. This is a great Rex only location, highly recommended for out-of-towners.

  411. Gustofur

    Super friendly and helpful staff! Would definitely recommend!

  412. geneaa05

    I think they have a great strand of marijuana friendly people great edible deals and very clean environment

  413. Flo4202

    By far one of the best dispensaries HANDS DOWN. Great flower and their wax selection is out of this world. Staff is friendly and always knowledgeable about whatevr it is i need.

  414. bueno303

    Really liked this place, I will be back soon. Thanks Jordan for all your help!

  415. Sdekrom

    Good concentrate. I like the pot.

  416. bf79

    fast service

  417. PrincessDontPass

    Love this location they have great strains!!

  418. phloxomengmailcom

    Lightshade on 6th avenue
    Helpful, polite bud tenders, great selection for any budget.

  419. 420buddaluva

    fresh buds… lots of concentrates to choose from

  420. Michael1977

    Excellent service. Chelsi was our budtender. Very knowledgeable.

  421. Rdooor

    Everyone was super casual and it was a great environment for an out of Towner. Thanks!

  422. kendalluno

    awesome people and great buds

  423. BirdieMack1980

    Lightshade 6th Ave is one of my favorite stores! They always have Pineapple Express on deck and the staff is always supper helpful!

  424. Kyledringus

    The staff was very helpful. The shop was very clean. The product is great and prices are fair. Will definitely be making this my go to shop.

  425. abernal13

    Great place! The staff here has been so helpful each time that I come in! They know their products very well! Plus they have great deals!

  426. jmet710

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, Jordan and Zebedias were very cool!!

  427. orbitingearth

    Split an ounce but paid the higher price wasn’t told that some ounces were cheaper. The cheaper one was the only decent bud. Recon isn’t good think they got tricked.

  428. Squirt71

    This place is awesome everyone needs to come on over here they are friendly n they have awesome specials

  429. ayeitsnicole

    Definitely my favorite place to go to in Denver. High quality products, friendly staff. They’ve very informative on products. My go to spot

  430. Luv2ride601

    I think the staff is very helpful an friendly

  431. HawaiianPunch808

    Very clean establishment, and excellent customer service. I am very pleased with the products they have available.

  432. MarzWade93

    The sativas are great and the hybrids could be better. Great chill atmosphere and bud tenders are knowledgeable but a little out of it.

  433. david2018

    Great quality and service!
    Jesus is king!!!!!

  434. Dominic80

    Great people

  435. Sirsmokealotstl

    Great service great atmosphere awesome budz

  436. Fitzaroo

    Best buds ive had in a while! white dawg is 29% thc!!! Great place to have across the street!u

  437. yoda13

    I love this place, excellent selection and super friendly staff every time I come in!

  438. paidday777

    my favorite dispensary in denver always has great bud

  439. JohnDay2010

    Great strains and prices. Nice and clean facilities and knowledgeable staff

  440. Splash101gang

    Mostly love the environment and staff. Strains are amazing

  441. Kingjonny21

    Good service easy to work with workers

  442. djtjtheKING

    Beautiful place, friendly people, and awesome buds! Favorite place in Colorado!

  443. Collinsg13

    Love this place! Always go here! Never let’s me down at alldY’OEdY3/4dY’adY3/4dY$?zdY3/4dY’SdY1/2

  444. dantebeze

    cool location, friendly staff, great product!

  445. shanika2480

    Great place!!! Still trying to decide what Lightshade I like best!!!

  446. calebjoshua

    Lightshade has exalent staff and great they also have a good selection

  447. StoneyMcPotPants

    After shopping around for 4 years, I can finally say I’ve found a shop I’m happy to spend my hard earned cash at! Daily rotating $15 eighth special is hard to beat, especially when the flower is as exceptional as Lightshade’s! Highly recommend to anyone and everyone!

  448. Bpara2234

    My go to place to shop! They always have the dankest strains, and at better prices than most other places. Always a great environment, friendly and knowledgable service. Would highly recommend to anybody who has never been here before, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!

  449. Marcus2354

    Great and friendly staff always helpful and taking the time to explain the strains.

  450. Mhb5280

    Easy to fimd never a long line great bud

  451. AlecSar

    Excellent visit, I always recommend lightshade to my friends

  452. Dyelon

    Five stars all day baby!!!! Love this location with all my heart. Great bud and even better staff

  453. Dallas1234

    This place is awesome helps me find what I need.

  454. shugashuga76

    first time at this location but very impressed!

  455. Adrian.dah.dude

    Visiting lightshade@6th ave has been awesome, great staff and various strains to pick from awesome vibes. My all time fav aEUR~ sour diesel.

  456. Dobvious

    I can highly recommend lightshade for great buds, concentrates products, and a great service .

  457. kaylaiscool16

    Always the best! They had my fave strain… FLO!!! Delicious smoke and perfect service!!!

  458. SmokyFloridian21

    Very awesome! Came here and was surprised by an amazing little booth fair!

  459. Durbandoughnut

    Great stuff helpful staff and fair prices

  460. bryant863

    was just in yesterday the bud tender was awesome

  461. cblaze419

    Awesome place, tried my first edible here. Budtenders were very helpful. Definitely will be back!

  462. Flygurl420

    They Have Some Great Bud And Really Good Prices And Great Taste In There Wax

  463. Thagreatdc

    favorite location yo date. great product great customer service and not too pricey.

  464. Killem_5

    Great service dY’adY3/4

  465. Etedder

    Quick service, nice waiting area, knowledgeable budtenders and some radical deals! Highly recommend

  466. Garcia1anthony

    Best weed in the greater Denver area..make this your first stop…#freejoint

  467. afabing

    friendly staff. my favorite place so far!

  468. amandahood75


  469. Isaiahcarter1000

    I love this location it’s close to my house. Great customer service. And awesome bud

  470. Tinab63

    I like Leafly There Strainare dY”Y= I have the customer service the prices fun atmosphere

  471. Jemdthompson

    Great atmosphere, great service, great product!

  472. eternalrhythms

    One of the top spots in Denver BY FAR!!!!

  473. cpalmer

    Great bud definitely will come back!

  474. Lastkingbano

    The best buds in town

  475. thatguy3339

    best dispo in denver , clean and fast service can’t beat it …

  476. WhompO

    Absolutely favorite dispensary in Denver. Staff is friendly and helpful, weed is great quality for a fair price. Chino rulez.

  477. Leviathan101

    Great customer service you guys always have what i want and need.and people friendly

  478. tarango01

    Me and my wife love this place! The staff is wonderful!

  479. omeletofdisease

    A lot of good contracting and design just for the same ole dispensary. Bud tenders rushing to get you out of there just to get to the next guest. Same old broad info aEURoeuhh its green crack its sativa…aEUR thanks I never would have been able to figure that out. Also showing off these gigantic dense nugs when you’re choosing but when you get your jars you get the schwag little crumbles. First time in, last time in.

  480. poodlelord

    Great dispensary with fantastic employees and great product!

  481. rebeccakentfield

    asome place to shop like the people

  482. Carlosstokes94

    Best dispensary I’ve been to!

  483. mjackson219

    amazing for first timers . they were very infomational and had great service!! definently recommend to new comers.

  484. Kimberly1973

    Lightshadet on 6th Avenue Rocks! awesome selection affordable prices and let’s not forget Rockstar customer service way to go lightshade!

  485. vm4213

    Jordan was super knowledged and all the staff we talked to was really nice. Laid back atmosphere! I would definitely recommend this location!

  486. KongKush

    Had a amazing experience best loud in the MileHigh

  487. Paypay

    Love this place!!

  488. Eshepley

    Great experience. Went late morning during week in summer and saw a nice selection of flower. Great customer service. Not crazy about flower containers-they stick.

  489. Krodin94

    LOVE lightshade. Great bud and prices

  490. Reefie

    This location is fast, fun, and convenient.

  491. NickT2683

    Staff is amazing and you will always receive excellent and friendly service. I would suggest this dispensary to anyone for a great cannabis experience

  492. Kmmac34

    The best quality for the most affordable!

  493. IamLala

    My 1st experience at the Lightshade on 6th was awesome. I was treated with respect I wasn’t rushed and the staff was very knowledgeable and the most important thing their product is A1 as well as the prices…JUST GO!

  494. zed731

    Awesome selection with great deals!! Must visit!

  495. Naterich86

    Love this place and the great Bud’s and specific strains of kush

  496. masouthall

    love the staff and great location and the weed is unbelievable

  497. izcittykat

    Great service, atmosphere and dro!

  498. 1432jb

    Lightshade on 6th ave in Denver is my go to place to go for high quality bud, plus it’s convenient, on top of great Customer service. Thanks lightshade

  499. bstevens93

    Jordan was really helpful and totally laid back. Love the tone of the new location, perfectly executed.

  500. MrsHarlan

    Wonderful customer service and excellent selection

  501. dsbomb

    Great buds, great prices, great staff…love this place!

  502. MrGoodkat

    Extremely helpful and professional staff! Fantastic products, great deals and packaging

  503. Ashley_Butera

    Good strains create for a good high, atmosphere is lively and prices are great!

  504. A.R

    This is the best dispensary I’ve been to so far and I will keep coming for the rest of my life

  505. Quell94

    Nice Joints plenty options to.

  506. Jprofeta

    it was an awesome experience had a great time love their strengths got helot her good experience

  507. Hadeys

    great bud tenders great place

  508. HighCdenver

    Suuu dude, fire weed

  509. Mayra90

    I’ve tried a few different kinds of concentrates and flower. The quality is great and would recommend to a friend.

  510. Flowerofdavalie

    Very friendly out of all other locations near me. Thoroughly enjoy this location! (:

  511. Mizzquiquib

    great location. very convenient to my housing situation. great deals & strands.

  512. Andreashunter112

    Great dispense. Check it out sometime!

  513. kylevstu

    Excellent service. Informed employees. Great product. What more do you want?

  514. SapphireT

    I love lightshade everytime I go there they always have smiles and great customer service their recommendations are great also the weed I get always makes me relaxed. thank you lightshade!!

  515. kmerrie

    Great staff, willing to help, always answers questions. They know their buds. Quality products. Always recommended.

  516. rjohns32

    I love this location. Cool place and great staff!

  517. Moshmore

    Awesome service personal and prices!

  518. heykriswithak

    If you’re looking for a primo dispensary in Denver, Lightshade 6th St is your spot. Friendly, knowledgeable staff and some dank product to boot!

  519. shawnd_420

    Really great staff, location, building, and of course cannabis. Would go back again and recommend to a friend. These guys are pros!

  520. Maree25

    Great service powerful strain selection

  521. flofosho

    glass apple is by far my favorite from this place. they have a parking lot prong them ahead of 98% of downtown pot shops. good quality buds

  522. choozycheefer83

    Great location. Good service. Headed back now.

  523. Montrella1993

    I love this light shade they have a good quality amazing customer service as well I recommend this light shade

  524. dankleb3rg

    favorite dispensary. could have a few more strains to offer but what they do have is great. highly recommend

  525. Jonjac

    Great atmosphere!

  526. Princedubb420

    i really enjoy this location here. the staff here is awesome… the selection is even better… just love this place

  527. Kandra

    Great shatter

  528. 123unoitsme

    Awesome weed and quality budtenders!!!!

  529. AuroraSews

    very clean, staff is very friendly,and as always Lightshade has amazing products!

  530. Openmindseye

    I love coming to Lightshade they are very nice and helpful every time!!

  531. adamichael0

    Amazing love all the locations!! Sheridan is my home store.

  532. jh3

    Great prerolls good quality!

  533. Capo4321

    Good prices and knowledgeable people

  534. Tybud08

    Great location and fast and friendly service. Great flower. Clean wait area. Definitely will return.

  535. Sovietjewbear

    Been here a lot and I’ve never been let down by the quality of service and especially the best bud around this is my favorite dispensary

  536. cchangles

    This is how all dispensaries should be setup. They consistently have excellent selections, and helpful bud tenders who understand their product.

  537. timmmyy

    great place check them out!! most definitely worth it..

  538. JBOMB1985

    Great customer service, great atmosphere, and quality product!

  539. punch118

    Best place in town to shop I love this place, staff are very friendly, and polite.

  540. Heady_Shready

    I always like coming in here! the lounge is great and always has good literature to bring home. staff is super nice and products are always on par with others around the state.

  541. monticar

    Dopest dope i ever smoked no one can compete

  542. miriam88

    Great and friendly staff
    Love the bud

  543. gkt4607

    best strains & friendliest bud tenders in Denver

  544. carr0tt0p

    absolutely amazing. Love this place. go and get your bud, bud!!

  545. drscoobymcooby

    Absolutely love this place! Always welcomed with a friendly attitude. Everyone is very helpful and very knowledgeable

  546. CokeNaSmile

    Hands down my go to spot for the best bud available in Cap Hill

  547. colp14

    great I love this place

  548. jonnyh585

    Really good prices and staff

  549. Tskull

    Awesome people

  550. S_T0o_teh_J

    Great selection of 15$ 8ths! Friendly service! Quality products 🙂

  551. MsPMurphy

    fast and friendly place good but nice price

  552. AlyshaStarks

    I think this is a great choice for location and the customer service is great. Lightshade never lets me down! 🙂

  553. Draya37

    Fast,convenient location with awesome costumer service. Stop by you won’t be disappointed!

  554. mcbraaten

    my favorite! knowledgeable & friendly staff, great prices and fire flower dY”Y=

  555. pfreeze710

    I had a great first experience at this location. Jordan was a great salesman and I enjoyed everything that I purchased.

  556. chasea4201

    Been happy overall with store but mislead on last visit. Picked out some kimbo cause it looked and smelled great. got mine home and it was poorly trimmed and not finished curing. Hope they can correct these issues cause it’s a great store.

  557. JUSTINword

    This location is awesome. The prices are great!!!! The product is the best!!! Yolanda rocks!!!

  558. KROLL

    Good, positive vibes

  559. dirka

    it is the bees knees, good flower and prices.

  560. AfroLatinagoddess02

    Just went to this location and had to post a review.
    Everyone was so nice and helpful!
    Thank you guys! You’re awesome.

  561. mrgingabreadmanyahoocom

    It was the best service I have ever received!!

  562. Cjohnson303

    I liked that the location is so close to downtown. The edibles here are good and it’s always clean and friendly staff.

  563. AjBoyce87

    I can’t get enough of this place! I swear I’m in here every other day

  564. Xrunner07

    You need to go here! Its the best dispensary in Denver! Highly recommended

  565. YAE22_

    Great customer service & the bud is great also

  566. micahmaus

    Lightshade is always good, but this location is above and beyond the best depsinsary experience in Denver.

  567. MustLove420

    Long time customers, miss the shakedY~C/. dYs!

  568. KYLIE102

    This place has a welcoming environment and great prices when I’m in the neighborhood this is where I choose to go.

  569. juryyy20

    Great people, always clean, wish they had the same deals as other spots. With the exception of maybe 2 purchases (including a pen), everything is always grooovay. I definitely recommend Lightshade to anyone who wants quality + they let you pay with a card so yaaas

  570. MylesHigh5280

    best spot in the Milehigh

  571. Anthonyrussell1

    Best selection best budtenders

  572. dude1717

    Would it recommend. Had some good strains . But you will be rushed in here cuz one girl in there don’t like work. Look else if you want good weed.

  573. herman620

    I really like the way the store was put together. bud tenders are awesome and are super helpful. best dispensery by far I’ve been to ever!

  574. Jessica23d

    Best place good weed.nice workers.make you feel like family

  575. Officialkpayne95

    This location is super amazing. The staff are always so helpful and kind! Last time I was recommended to try orange heiruana and it was great!!dY~~dYtm

  576. PhoenixCorps

    6 dYOEY

    This place is the best I have found yet. Great selection and staff, the atmosphere is chill. Got an excellent deal on a 1/8 of some fire dY”Y= and headed there now for a reload. My new go-to!

  577. befreemydude

    its a cool place to go when your downtown and need some good weed. really good deals too on the flower and concentrates. the workers are cool and they know their stuff about the products. lots of choices like edibles dabs and buds. there’s usually some sort of discount going on at all times so theres always a some money to save. 10/10

  578. sirwafledonkey

    This is my favorite dispo with the coolest people totally recommend

  579. high_as_fuck

    This was my first Legal cannabis store visit in my life! The store was absolutely beautiful, clean and maintained. Shannon was very knowledgable about the products, helping me find the best strains for my vacation! Lightshade has very very nice prices and superb quality. Will definitely be coming back here while i’m in town! Oh and the waiting room is so dope!

  580. elmcee

    One of the best dispensary experiences I’ve had. Nice space, friendly and informative staff, excellent product, plus easy parking! Well worth a visit.

  581. Lalatajae111

    Great environment quality flowers and great customer service

  582. nikka24

    i fukn absolutly love these guys
    good weed and always make a way to lift up my sprits

  583. Tempestt

    Decent location. Good prices and good bud.

  584. mzQuita

    Best dispensary in Colorado. Great customer service.

  585. Fridgidghost

    Good flower, knowledgeable and helpful staff, large selection and variety, great concentrates, and really good deals.

  586. tweetleb

    awesome people. great flower. CO2 dabs :).

  587. xfutch

    Absolutely my favorite dispensary in Denver. They have great bud, selection and prices. The other day i got two cantaloupe haze joints. They were very well rolled with great shake and no stems. The strain itself had an amazing physical relief aspect for aches and pains, and helped me mellow out after a long day of being on my feet and walking around.

  588. csyeargan

    Great lobby, the lights are sick. 6th ave location is very convenient

  589. Redfaux

    Considering Lightshade has numerous locations and obviously pushes quite a bit of weed, their bud is always consistent and gets me feeling great. I prefer this location because of the friendly staff.

  590. Kreaton28

    Love this spot so many great things here. People and product

  591. cj1590

    The quality of service is amazing! The buds are an Aplus.

  592. ksmith321

    Lightshade is the best dispensary I’ve ever been to. Best prices around, friendly people and great atmosphere!

  593. Malachi23

    This location is awesome they know what they’re selling and give descriptions on the weed.

  594. Wartburg34

    great pricing! will be back!

  595. shwabee3

    Very knowledgeable and helpful..very passionate about what they were talking about!

  596. Svargas14

    Absolutely love this dispensary! Amazing deals for great products and knowledgeable staff!

  597. Southparkfarms

    Love this shop the live resin is amazing as well as the flower and pre rolls are the best in town !

  598. susanshoes

    I Visited this location 2 days ago for the first time, and the staff was super friendly and helpful!

  599. sirshmokealot8790

    Great place awesome staff must visit always know their stuff

  600. twick

    Fantastic flower and staff!!!

  601. ToniEHendrix

    Always got the best bud!! And great customer service!!

  602. quiel4

    Great strains. Knowledgable and friendly staff. Would recommend anyone to come here 🙂

  603. KimB1219

    Every time I walk through the doors I always feel welcomed. The staff is awesome and the move quick.

  604. ausstin12

    First time in a dispensary and they made it nice and easy!

  605. hnschooley

    very friendly staff

  606. Gdwight

    Fast, friendly and knowledgeable.

  607. KeithVonFraichen

    Lightshade on 6th Ave

    Day and Time of Visit: Saturday between 9 and 10am

    Items Purchased: Caramel Taffy Hybrid Cheeba Chews 80mg, Chocolate Taffy Sativa Cheeba Chews 80mg, HighlyEdible Watermelon Rings 100mg

    Assisted By: Vanessa
    Additional Notes: This was our first time in a dispensary while visiting Denver. Since we were visiting, we elected to only purchase edibles and no flower or concentrate

    Staff: The staff was extremely friendly from the people who greet you when you walk in to the individuals who hand you your product at the end of the transaction. Vanessa was very friendly and knowledgeable. One of the best things about Vanessa is she never made us feel rushed. I told her as soon as she began helping us I wouldn’t be purchasing flower, but she had no problem showing and discussing all strains they had.

    Selection: They had a very good selection of products. I saw a ton of different concentrates. I was really impressed by the flowers we looked at. All of them had nice smells, were well manicured, and looked like they’d be quite enjoyable to smoke. They also had a very diverse selection of edibles and other types of cannabis products you’d hope for.

    Quality: The quality of all the edibles we purchased were great. They made for a very enjoyable week out in Denver. Since we didn’t sample any flowers, it is difficult to really discuss the quality. Based solely on look alone, I’d say almost all were at least a 4-star review.

    Cleanliness: The store was clean and well organized. It felt no different than being in any other professional business establishment. In fact, it honestly felt better due to the fact the people there seemed to have a real passion for what they were doing.

    Overall Rating: 5.00
    Overall Comments: I was so impressed with this location and everyone there. I cannot wait to go back and see them again soon. I would absolutely recommend this location to anyone looking for a great dispensary. Thanks again to the Lightshade staff for delivering a great first time experience.

    I’m Keith Von Fraichen aEUR| You Keep On Fraiching

  608. Jlazar1

    Excellent selection and prices.

  609. Crimshawww

    Love this dispensary. The staff is friendly, prices and selection are great, and I like the way they set up flow of traffic. I also really like the design, they have a comfortable lobby if you have to wait a few minutes.

  610. Tholm1993

    Great staff and dank buds. They know what you need and have great prices I love the staff and the atmosphere definitely look forward to going back…

  611. Apolloyon18

    Sabrina aldaco. I love this place very fast service.

  612. jzarrella

    Every time I’ve been to Lightshade I’ve received great product and service!

  613. dazryttattoo1216

    my experience at lightshade was awesome the selection is great and the staff was ver knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend Thanks lightshade

  614. camibakes

    Love it! People are very friendly and the environment is beautiful!

  615. leila1puffs

    I used to be a starbuds customer until I stepped into lightshade. their strains, employees, and overall operation is way better and more organized. they don’t kick people out of their store for being petty and they definitely shine above the rest! way to go lightshade!!!

  616. mimihoney8

    location is everything . love the variety

  617. Lrankin1566

    Great experience and customer service.

  618. ahmedslim13

    Great location they have great service and quality of bud

  619. james111420

    great buds and staff

  620. lizarana

    Staff are super friendly and the quality is amazing. Awesome deals going on all the time, I highly recommenced them.

  621. Sdubbbbb

    I love lightshade. The staff is friendly and the products are great!

  622. Ljpiny

    Don’t have to wait long and great people

  623. Zbarnett1991

    This is by far the best rec dispensary in town!!! Amazing bud and service (prices too!!)

  624. crystalization31

    Nice easy spot and very nice place

  625. pughdp303

    This location is most awesome because really close to downtown. A great place to stop if in the area. The staff are always pleasent and the environment is of course humble

  626. HighHarmony

    Fast service and good customer service

  627. skyebaby13

    Awesome selection and pricing, definitely will be coming back! 🙂

  628. nateharr

    Lightshade on 6th is the best!

  629. Ashel

    Quality buds and staff who care. There IS nothing else.

  630. Mccarthy83

    I love this location.. the ppl are nice and have a lots of info. The prices are the best for the equity.

  631. rtuggle15

    Lightshade 6th Ave is hands down my favorite dispensary in Denver. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful and the product is top notch.

  632. Havanarg

    Great deals and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

  633. ELF1289

    nice vibe along with good prices

  634. jaimea420

    Great tenders who actually care about their clients! Extremely comfortable environment. Definitely will recommend this to any out of Towners!

    5 Star review is the least I could do for this great place!

  635. Moneylu

    Friendly environment, although the items were limited, I was still able to find something to take home and call it my own

  636. Akmadelifestyle

    great place to shop, great deals and services they definitely make you feel welcome. I tell all my homies about this spot.

  637. King235

    Good prices great weed and good all the way around works best place ever

  638. DG134

    Love that this place accepts credits card

  639. Sharonica

    Best dispensary in our city Good vibes good weed good people!

  640. djfeelgood

    Great place with a cool setup. I really dig the process here for purchasing and checking out. PLus, the products are great quality. This will be my new local shop!

  641. hhex

    Nice location & thanks to Jordan for quality budtending

  642. Jakecanfly

    LOve this shop and product! Wonderful experience

  643. Djaction

    I think this is a dope location

  644. leader1995

    …. lightshade on 6th st. is my favorite dispensary. better than the holly location for me i live in Denver. the STAFF IS INCR3DIBL3.

  645. magicalsabrina4

    awesome location i wish i can rate higher! great customer service and weed dY’-

  646. djseansea

    Hardly ever have to wait. Super friendly service. Awesome strains that are always changing. And, good prices! What more could you ask for?

  647. Manuel2121

    Great and discreet helpful service

  648. ChasinClouds42

    Recently moving here from Alabama, Lightshade really helped extend our knowledge on the different products available. Also, it’s reasonably priced.

  649. jojolove

    this is the first dispensary I ever went to they never made me uncomfortable at all I felt right at home and they helped me learn what I’m doing love this place

  650. Sylavisgray23

    y’all have the best weed at this location

  651. mirny

    My local shop and I love it! Good prices-good staff. Nothing to not like!

  652. Liserlulu

    Really nice staff, store and product 🙂 definitely recommend

  653. erikalaww

    this location is so very convincent. I love this location. The atmosphere
    is really relaxed. I love the associationes.

  654. ChrisW.14

    Everyone traveling down 6th Ave needs to go here! The best joints in the Mile High, and the best bud I’ve had in Denver!great customer service and a wide selection of flower.

  655. Rickyrado420

    The buds here are all dank and the service was awesome. The staff took the time to show me all these different strains and other mj products I never even new existed.
    Im leaving Colorado today but ill be sure to tellnall my friends and family when they come out here to go to lightshade. <3

  656. bcoffs

    Great neighborhood place to pick up a quick pre-roll!

  657. Jordanphelps

    It was great I was checked in right away greeted kindly got a deal on joints and was very high after I got home and smoked :):)

  658. SmokeMasterC

    Great Opening! Lightshade on 6th, good deals, awesome Staff, and not to mention the product.
    A++++++ Special shout out to Jordan (Bud Tender)
    for bringing your knowledge and time to the table. Good Job!! Everyone see ya soooon

  659. Treylee24

    Great place very friendly service and fast awesome deals and fire flower

  660. Terplovr

    Great buds great staff amazing location would definitely keep shopping here

  661. theofficialsarah44

    Great selection, prices, and customer service.

  662. intolprog

    A wide range of selection, great deals, good bud, and a wide variety of other options to choose from. You can also order online and just pick up in store

  663. lou312211

    Best spot in COLORADO hands down. Best prices

  664. 2Roxanne

    I definitely recommend this place! Fast,knowledgeable, and friendly service. Always happy with there suggestions. The location on 6th is a place I will return often to.

  665. phunkymusic44

    Awesome location, will definitely be back

  666. sarahelizabeth722

    Great vibe! Cool place too, with awesome people helping customers find what they are looking for. Knowledgeable staff and friendly.

  667. KingDre92

    great people friendly and helpful

  668. _Squilliam

    This shop was very clean and professional. I love that the waiting room is sort of like an outside patio, very welcoming. Shannon was extremely nice and was able to help me get exactly what I was look for. Will definitely be coming back while i’m in town! They also have AMAZING prices 🙂

  669. seikaru1722

    Good location!!!! Friendly people, great prices 🙂

  670. gerbil420

    Amazing selection and great customer service. Am definitely going back again. Our budtender jordan made sure we got exactly what we wanted

  671. yungsephi

    Awesome store. Lightshade has become my home store now.

  672. Ceriousbiz

    lightshade on 6th avenue is conveniently located and has great product for decent prices.. and an excellent staff…

  673. PaulJMondragon

    5 star good costermer device good bud

  674. Spiritsoaring

    we’re really enjoying the lightshades experience checking out the 6th avenue location today for there flower selection. thanks for finding us

  675. hayleyrosemeyer

    I love the energy in this shop and how helpful and kind everyone was

  676. magellanator

    Another great Lightshade location. I like the setup and the bud tenders are nice and helpful. Good quality as I expect from Lightshade.

  677. Prillstar

    I absolutely love Lightshade on 6th Ave! They have the best deals in Denver!

  678. Chillwill..

    Amazing experience, staff was friendly & prices are great. would recommend to friends.

  679. Justchelle

    Nice atmosphere cool friendly bud tenders Great bud always…

  680. Cella3533

    Awesome people great environment

  681. DesireeM

    I think lightshade gives good product for a fair price.

  682. LifeStyle44KZT

    “Professional to the extreme, awesome spot, great friendly staff, great customer service, professional branding, great products, great prices… I plan on stopping every time I am in town… 5-Star – A+”

  683. Bain19996

    The customer service is amazing and everyone there has a great aditude. Also always have a different selection every day.

  684. Forbidden420

    It’s a nice, relax environment, I enjoyed the service and bud they had to offer. The quality of the bud is potent and on point. Great place to shop for sure.

  685. M1RR0R

    One of the best dispensaries in downtown, great product and knowledgeable staff.

  686. Wawinsto

    Great atmosphere and location

  687. marc.mckenney

    Great staff, products and prices!

  688. Vanillathunder013

    I love this store! We come here every trip into Denver! Great budtenders! Chill environment!!!

  689. Yoarizz

    Great buds. Awesome employees. And great energy through out the store . I always spend here. Check it out you won’t regret it.

  690. stlcardsfan40

    This place was great! The last helping us was awesome.

  691. nicolekhunt

    I was amazed of the welcoming and friendly staff when I walked in. A very clean and well put together place. The way it is set up is very efficient and they handle surges of customers really well. I love coming here and getting great deals!!

  692. Fabomia

    Really dope atmosphere. The bud tender really knew the products along with provided excellent friendly service. Highly recommended spot for good smoke sesh!!

  693. DannynoyesSL

    perfectly close to my house great atmosphere and for the quality u can’t beat the price I recommend for everyone!

  694. dwade23

    Favorite in aurora and Denver. Best price for herb, chill staff

  695. matin1011

    amazing staff aways clean great variety

  696. Davidg22

    Great people! Great bud! What more do you need!!

  697. KevinLamar2

    The lightshade clinic is the most convenient dispensary in my area. I like the friendly service they provide. And it always smells so orgasmic.

  698. xGryWlfx

    I like be LightShade and our Budtender Aja (store manager) was amazing. Thank you so much.

  699. Lolaloweyes

    Savanna and Phobe are super attentive and patient!

  700. Manuelc84

    We definitely like light shades, good stuff, good pricing, quality product!!

  701. Ordannia

    Great location, great people, great products.

  702. Des0s

    Great prices and friendly staff, recommend 🙂

  703. frankierdz

    Friendly staff and they always have the best prices and flower in town!! You should def come in!

  704. Kaylak32

    I’m a regular here and I have never had a bad experience! Everyone is very knowledgeable and patient. I never have to wait too long before going back either which is awesome. Anytime I have visitors in town I bring them here and they always are extremely helpful! Everyone is very friendly and very personal!

  705. Dancingalot

    I love it. Fast. Friendly. And that light bud I love. Thanks

  706. Latron23

    This place is amazing I can never get enough they have great music good people and you always leave satisfied

  707. xmoore15

    This place is so great I had to come back and leave another review just saying how great it is! Have I mentioned it’s great?

  708. Kamiiballz

    This location is wonderful- so glad I could make it out during this visit to Colorado.

  709. summertime01

    I was here for the rec grand opening and it was super busy but everyone was still really friendly and happy to be there. Great atmosphere!!!

  710. Gvoeltner

    Amazing place, great friendly people and very knowledgeable about product!!

  711. sheshex2

    It’s awesome, the beautiful African American woman was very helpful and Liz in the back, great service! I like that it different like u have a actually window u get your purchase from.My visit was August 18,2016 on iliff ave! dY’OEdY1/2dY’OEdY1/2dY’-dY~

  712. Saylam

    Great service! And loved the selection and atmosphere!

  713. borgiandy

    Good people, good buds.

  714. gee66688

    Great staff and location. Tons of different strains and edibles. Awesome deals when it’s snowing, and different sale items weekly. Quick service.

  715. lorduglyflacko

    I stopped by for the BOGO edibles and was not at all disappointed. The Love’s Oven Turtle brownies and the white widow were both out of this world.

  716. Blackafro

    Fantastic customer service at this location, even when all you need is a freebie. They didn’t make me feel weird about my penny joints.

  717. wallts

    sweet place great weed and the price on concentrates and edibles are cheap nice staff and great atmosphere

  718. Dumbledabz

    this is my favorite dispensary in Denver! very friendly and knowledgeable staff and very quality products! you won’t be disappointed.

  719. Lumin-El

    Best shop around. Strains and service are notably great.

  720. Marthaflores07

    Favorite dispensary, staff is always friendly and they always have some of the best deals in my area I love this place!

  721. nikki314

    I really liked their bartenders. cool environment

  722. AROD83

    Great staff and awesome products

  723. moldovab

    Best in Denver

  724. Nieghborhood

    I highly recommend this dispensary. Great products. Also not to forget about the customer service and fast and friendly checkouts.

  725. GoAskAlis

    The prerolls smoke great and are rolled very nice! Friendly staff and good selection. Bud tastes well flushed!!!

  726. astettler

    Epic spot

  727. mazspeed26

    Purchased some Durban Poison from here and it was pretty good.

  728. thisexplainseverything

    I love this new location! The staff in the front and the back were all really friendly people. Jordan was particularly helpful in helping me choose something that I hadn’t tried before. I’ll definitely be back.

  729. RaiderRod

    I just had an awesome experience here. Chelsey was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The Gorilla Glue #4 is everything it is said to be. I’ll be back 4 sure.

  730. taquanunicholas

    great weed great priceses and an amzing staff!

  731. Kiingluii3

    Lightshade is great from prices to strains

  732. Monkeyboy1518

    good stuff for low prices. Im Ready Im Ready Im ready for my penny joint.

  733. ert271828

    Awesome experience here!!

  734. Kanos59

    I think that this place is the best that I’ve ever been too since I’ve been to Colorado

  735. bgeer28

    I love this place I won’t go any where else

  736. moniimone23

    I love this location, the people are great and the weed is also

  737. zakbibi

    great staff very knowledge
    able. Would definitely recommend to anyone. great prices too!

  738. Jnicks36

    Very update facility, and a very welcoming staff making you feel at home there. That’s why I keep going back!

  739. duice352

    i love this place its epic

  740. jpadgolf

    This place was awesome!! Friendly staff and very knowledgable about their products.. As a first timer I am definitely going back!!

  741. bailleaf

    Best bud in Denver! Best people in Denver! The staff is knowledgeable of the product and the precut is Fire!!

  742. David.Hare420

    I think the spot is very awesome! The staff make coming here much more enjoyable then other places and the budds!!!! Probably the best I’ve ever smoked. Hands down! Stop in, you’ll love the place.

  743. dwrecktheleach

    Knowledgeable but tenders that are always helpful in knowing cross strains. Huge selection!

  744. Relgirl

    No one can go wrong visiting a Light shade store. Great customer service, awesome inventory, and best of all it’s convenient.Stop By Light shade!

  745. animalcollective

    Chelsi was extremely helpful and nice. The entire staff there are completely professional and polite. Their pre rolls aren’t shake and full of stems like most places. I was out and in real quick. Will be going here again!

  746. daddyogkush

    I love to get joint for penny one time.. i love kind is Mothers joke

  747. syvlio114

    Great unique products, eye popping artwork and a knowledgeable staff make his a must visit for any self respecting weed snob.

  748. shaybest28

    Awesome exists!

  749. meditatedalien

    Great customer service. Very knowledgable. Lemon haze CBD took away my back pain.


    Lightshade is, as always, proving to be my favorite dispensary. Every time I go to one, I get some of the best flower I can find, and this location is no exception. Great service, friendly budtenders, and high testing eighths for around $30. Would come again.

  751. andi_correa

    It’s great to walk into a shop where everyone is friendly, outgoing and engaging. They always have a good selection, there is plenty of parking and it’s easy to get to. All-in-all, a great shop to visit.

  752. Alaniz100

    Best store in town I always come here and I’ll never go anywhere else!

  753. LeeAllen7446

    i think their awesome!

  754. mrsdreamweaver

    Great experience and such helpful in answering any questions and making recommendations.

  755. shawnmason1996

    ok for the most but a Little ways outta but great other wise

  756. JayMoon214

    Very close to home and enjoyable and excellent flowersdYtmdYtmdY”dY”

  757. zstacks

    Flippin sweet place!!!!!!!!! i love the selection!!

  758. Sn0wCrash

    Best dispensary in Denver.

  759. samson372

    Moved into the area the weekend of their grand opening, checked it out a few days later, awesome staff, super friendly, Jordan did a great job showing me all of the different strains available and I got a sweet deal on an eight of flower!

  760. Badday1253

    Great service high quality bud recommend to anyone in denver

  761. KimJ3

    Very nice shop.

  762. Kimberley82

    awesome location!! the staff is great and the Bud is quality!

  763. datboi1da

    highly recommended

  764. leavehi

    Great staff, upbeat, energetic and very knowledgable!!

  765. willisbrucelee

    Lightshade is in my opinion the best dispensary in town. If youre looking for high quality buds, with service to match, check out this location. Highly reccommended.

  766. smokingfat

    I love it ,couldn’t ask for a better location . Service is excellent.

  767. Aceseve74

    Great atmosphere wonderful staff and the medication is always testing positive

  768. ShenaMarie

    The customer service is the best and their choices of strains are top notch!

  769. 2mammoths1johnny

    The selection here has been great and employees are good at describing products. This locating gives an incentive for referring a friend, which is great. Although, both times I did, the employees tell me that next time I come in and buy something over $30 I’ll received a free joint. Sounds great! First time I tried to redeem a joint, they say they have no record of it and that they’re sorry for the, misunderstanding. Ok cool. Second time, I clarify with the employee working about how to get my free joint. She says the person working that day didn’t know how to do it and she was sorry it happened. She continued to tell me that my account will be marked and if the computer doesn’t say it, they keep the slip in back. Ok cool. Come back to redeem my prize. Guy working says sorry there’s no mark on my account and says she was wrong. Then he starts to tell me how it “actually works”. Moral of this review, I have been discieved and brought them customers and never received my free joints. I get it, people will claim anything to get free weed, but they cannot be cold to their customers without me making a review to get a free joint from them…….. Maybe.

  770. khatt09

    the shop was recommended to me by a friend for staff and layout… I have to say I totally agree I enjoyed everything… my budtender was silver and she was exceptional.

  771. tannerm

    quality buds grown by the company, so no distribution up charge. knowledgeable staff, great spot for travelers.

  772. woodlandnomad7

    Only been here once before, however the lightshade vibe is defiantly embraced. Good deals 5-pack gram joints for $30. Always good flower!

  773. Reymeezy

    I love the small locations it’s not overwhelming when you walk in the wait is always minimal in the bud matched with the price is phenomenal I will continue to coming to Lightshade as long as they stay open I’ll recommend this dispensary to others

  774. benchapp151

    Great store and great people! A1

  775. Nsolomon639

    Amazing selection here and everyone is always super friendly. My favorite spot in Cap Hill hands down!

  776. mlopez84

    This place is awesome, very friendly staff defiantly recommend this location!!

  777. AveryNicole0701

    Great location! Awesome bud!

  778. SekhMetGawdess8

    Quick and friendly service!

  779. Moveranshaker

    These get a 5 from me always have great deals and wonderful service

  780. dry-ice

    great location in the heart of Denver. Excellent staff that makes every visit worth while. They also have special through out the month so their never a sad month without any meds. Their flowers are the best in the city.

  781. Benieno

    Great customer service, location is very clean, flower quality is great, definitely plan on coming back to this dispensary.

  782. Styles35

    Good green

  783. mmercy

    I thought it was really nice inside and the people were great. got in and out quickly

  784. chatterbox739

    Great Shop!

  785. Garymccabe17

    Awesome place. Good product, cool people, all around a really cool place. Cant beat the 15$ 8ths

  786. Gr3ybush

    Great prices on shatter and wax I’m a local shopper FYI

  787. Marthaflor18

    The staff at this location is amazing always give awesome recommendations definitely coming back!

  788. Wize13

    Always have good service at this place. Top notch products with knowledgeable staff!

  789. mflmodcast

    Any time I find deals on flower, I find dry flower. That sure isn’t the story with Lightshade. Always high quality, never dry, and friendly prices.

  790. Joshdsm

    awesome location, great atmosphere and cheap prices with great products

  791. denverray

    The quintessential neighborhood dispensary. Quality product at a great price. IMO best dispensary in Denver proper. Keep up the good work.

  792. crenftle2

    my favorite dispensary in Denver. always have the best flower at the best prices and everyone is always trying to help out. would recommend to anyone.

  793. seattle2236

    Easy to get to and cheap

  794. hannahdianne

    I love this place. Friendly people. Great bud. Answered all my questions and more. My new favorite place. Ever.

  795. Mystykfolk

    Love this place! Will be back

  796. MPavlicek

    Coolest place in town! Great layout great bud

  797. jendeux

    I love this location! Staff is helpful and very friendly, and the bud selection is great. Can’t ask for more than that.

  798. Rhonpuknowdat

    It’s probably one of the best dispensaries I been too.

  799. bickelj13

    Everyone who works there knows exactly what they’re talking about and make it easy for people to know exactly what they want. Would def recommend this to a friend! Great strands

  800. rureally

    Prices are great for the quality you get. Staff is friendly and helpful. Try the white dog it’s great

  801. rickjamez720

    excellent will recommend to others..great store cool always excellent everything

  802. Taz68

    I enjoy your products and staff is most excellent… dYOE>>

  803. Gage14

    gotta love the deals.

  804. losdaboss

    It is conveniently located and has a great staff. The products are great quality and i recommend them highly.

  805. Lshipley25

    This place is awesome! Great customer service and friendly staff. Would definitely recommend!!!

  806. rfoster2232

    My favorite Lightshade location right over from Cheesman Park! Everyone is always friendly and super helpfuldY’dY1/4

  807. Meme1988

    Love this location. They are great help and very knowledgeable.

  808. dottylo

    MAnn, light shade has thA best gas in thA city…so many options to choose from….I love thA energy they have & thA best customer service…

  809. Marielove1988

    Great people

  810. Dave1993Mal

    Lightshade is the best around! Best selection best prices best staff!

  811. birdien

    This is the best dispensary I’ve been to yet! Granted I’m only visiting but I’ll be coming back before I leave!

  812. sappdb

    Excellent strains, fast service, great locations

  813. cbolin

    Discrete spot not far from main downtown, good product, smaller retail area, nice lounge while you wait to get in. Super helpful staff (purple hair tips and her cashier friend), really friendly people. Good prices and product.

  814. Theman92

    This location is close to my school just about a 2 miles away. I’ve been to the other locations in Aurora CO and the customer service, waiting music, and cleaniness was a plus all though I never had a bad experience in any dispensary.

  815. SmokingJoeBlow

    This place has their shit together. Amazing weed. Great service.

  816. PaulJamesMondragon

    Lightshade has me always coming back! They have the best buds in town for low prices. The staff is always friendly and the wait is fast! The buildings are always well maintained and clean. The overall atmosphere is great everyone I have recommended has loved this place. 5 stars for everything.

  817. Ranronio

    Lightshade somehow balances efficiency, customer service, and budtender knowledge – without sacrificing a speck from any of them. I am consistently in-and-out quickly when I need to be (with minimal extra packaging or hassles), and never feel rushed when I need advice.

  818. RickOG24

    They are so nice people and alwayshave the best weed!!!

  819. Ladyt25

    Great selection….love Casey art…..great budtenders

  820. Sno2017

    Great shop great product highly recommended

  821. greengodswellness

    Great vibes! Incredible selection & service. Outdoor space & fresh air! .01 penny joints for review! Great selection ! Best place hands down

  822. mayerdawg

    great store, some of the best prices in town every time I go. and they do great specials.

  823. Kaerealz

    Come Check This place out. Alway friendly and Timely service . Been My Favorite Since I move here .

  824. rubygirl303

    Love the latest neighborhood dispensary! The staff is super nice and knowledgeable and the products are great. This will be my go-to place from now on!

  825. Mannasodope

    Great staff! Quality of weed and music is always good, reasonablely priced too!