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1795 Folsom St, Boulder, CO 80302


40.0170823, -105.2633345




8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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Serving the communities of Longmont, Boulder, Denver, and Aurora Colorado, Terrapin Care Station has been a leader in the cannabis industry since opening it’s first medical shop in Boulder in 2009. These days, Terrapin Care Station continues to improve the retail cannabis consumer experience with an array of quality products at industry leading everyday low prices served up by friendly, knowledgeable staff.

When it comes to flower we always have $35 quarters and we invite you to smell and pick your favorite from our variety of homegrown strains including old favorites and TCS originals. Our climate friendly full-cycle packing and low-impact cultivation’s practices make our cannabis extra green. We offer convenient pre-rolled mini joints "Terrapins", available in 5 gram "packs", pre-rolled "cones" and of course our Trail-ready Shell Shake.

Terrapin Care Station is the exclusive retailer of Double Bear Premium Concentrates and Double Bear uses our flower which makes for some of the best extracts available on the market and you won’t believe the prices. Come in and get a mix and match 8 gram aEURoeBear PackaEUR today! Of course we also carry a wide variety of infused edible and topical products for every budget. Go to our menu page on our website for most up to date offerings!

It’s back! Become a part of our 420 Club!
Spend $420 in the store and receive $42 off of your next $50 or more purchase. Ask one of our budtenders how you can join today!
*Due to limitations 420 Club accounts are location specific. *We accept cash and debit cards. *PRE-TAX


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57 reviews for “Terrapin Care Station

  1. Farrcp70

    Super hit or miss for me. Some of the budtenders seem happy to be there and to serve you based on your individual needs and wants. Yet others expect you to be the aEUR~pro’. Shoutout to all the personable budtenders out there asking the costumers wants and needs and not just aEURoewhat do you wantaEUR. It’s also nice when you get a small background of the strain you are going to purchase if it is your first use of the product.

  2. jjjallen

    My ratings say it all. I especially like the nice touch of the guy with the gun at the door. Yes getting stoned is very serious to me. Great experience with a very steady flow of willing customers. Not a bad choice for your first try at a Colorado pot shop. ns

  3. pacificpete

    Great location and parking!

    Speedy service and very friendly!

  4. Kiwozzy

    One of my biggest issues with the cannabis industry is that businesses feel the need to mislead their customers with FALSE ADVERTISING. Up until recently, this was not an issue I had with Terrapin. It is now. Today having purchased two half ounces, one of GG and one of Hells OG I found that the Hells OG advertised at 32% showed on the container to have a range of 23.95 to 27.35 THC. The GG is advertised at 29% and on the container is shows a range of 22.69 to 26.16. I do not see the point in this. All that happens is a customer feels misled and upset when there is no need for it. It is what it is. Tell it like it is or customers will shop elsewhere.

  5. LividColor

    Good first experience altogether!

  6. amosgordon

    Excellent customer service. Amazing flowers and great deals on quarters. Will be back.

  7. Coloradoreefer

    the best dispensery IV been to so far. moved here month ago. lots of people there but still moved really fast. got some top shelf shatter called whiteslipper. was amazing all around.

  8. mtnavaholic

    It’s great!

  9. BlueOrchard

    On my first trip to Denver since legalization, I stopped by Terrapin per the advice of a good friend. I was very surprised with the friendly attitudes of the staff, even when a hostile potential customer was refused to be let in, due to a temporary license issue. They went out of their way not to sell me anything, but give me advice based on what I was requesting and discussing with my girlfriend about strains, waxes, and edibles. After visiting a few other shops during the trip, I returned to Terrapin for some excellent top shelf Durban Poison, and the top-tier service they provided too.

  10. Grace78

    just left Terrapin with some ambulance and white slipper! beautiful buds, beautiful establishment, super nice bud tender 🙂

  11. phillovesphish

    Best spot in the aurora area. Never a wait time and the staff is always friendly and knowledge. They’ll get to know you and then bring you their recommendations. The prices can’t be beat and the flower to the wax has never let me down. Glad to see this place expanding.

  12. drewfus420

    Nice enough staff and facility, but product quality is not consistent and prices are higher than most of the recreational dispensaries around Boulder. They almost never have what they say they do on the website,so call to confirm if you are after a specific strain.

  13. Adeian2

    Out of all the places I’ve been this is by far the best. The staff are friendly and easy going yet still professional at all times.

    The bud tenders are cool know their inventory , and are able to make suggestions based on what they have and what you describe to them what you want.

    The store is nice and calming, laid out well and comfortable. I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes and never felt rushed.

    This is my go to place.

  14. semaji

    great people, good prices. No parking.

  15. TheChoch

    I was in and out in a few minutes. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. I went in knowing I wanted a saliva strain pre rolled and the bystander helped me decide on permafrost. He asked if there was anything else I needed or any questions that needed to be answered. That’s the kind of service you want at a store. Great place. Will go again!

  16. andie426

    Love this place. Everyone is always friendly and the stains are great. Nice variety every time I go in and they offer 10% off to Boulder County residents which makes it all the better.

  17. deranger

    Excellent products and a nice, clean storefront. Service wasn’t the best but not bad by any means, just a bit busy due to the return of college students.

  18. Mjolnir23

    Everything I had hoped it would be. The staff was relaxed and to the point, but extremely helpful. I identified myself as a first timer and the wonderfully nice woman was patient and informative. I decided on White Slipper and it did not disappoint. Will definitely be shopping here again.

  19. alpinent

    The security guard, who took his job seriously (for some, based on other reviews here, too seriously), took our IDs, then handed them to the friendly front desk clerk, who put them in a queue of other IDs on plastic shelves on the wall. The waiting room was spacious and comfy, with nice couches and reading material.

    After ~5 minutes, we were happily called back. Our budtender was fun, open, and friendly, knowledgeably chatted with us about various strains, and was zero pressure about taking our time.

    A mixed ounce (1/4 The Wife, 3/8 Bruce Banner, 3/8 Pineapple Fields) of what’s turning out to be high quality flower was $142 OTD! What?!

    This is my new go-to recreational dispensary.

  20. partyonJJ

    The quality was okay, but the tenders here are very helpful. I will be back!

  21. cszieke

    I got some great herb for pretty cheap! I wish it had been less crowded in the actual bud room, but getting solid quality 1/8ths for $20ish made up for it. I got Lemon Sweet Skunk and Dark Blue Dream and both were excellent!

  22. J-Casket

    Great product at even greater prices.

  23. Crawlz0r

    The service is better than the product. I used to shop here, but found significantly cheaper stuff at higher quality else where. The people are nice, but what they are selling is “meh”.

  24. Shred1965

    Nice store, very professional.

  25. abudzo

    they seemed very knowledgeable and had a great selection I liked the organized fashion they run with and the security at the door.

  26. Smokey_McPot

    Terrapin in Boulder is always busy, which speaks volumes of the quality of their service. The buds are always fresh, and they let you inspect the buds they’re selling you, which goes a long way to build trust with me. I’ve seen lines as long as 35 people, but they still managed to get me into the bud room within 10 minutes of checking in. Their selection is on-par with the quality I’ve come to expect from Boulder, with a few things that are unique to this store that I keep going back for (namely the Lemon Sweet Skunk, which I’ve only seen at Terrapin so far).

    I hope Terrapin continues to stay in business for years to come!

  27. willsev1985

    a little bit costly. specially compared to it competitors around the area

  28. Zo_B

    deals and strains are great , I come here all the time .service is knowledgeable and atmosphere is great

  29. forevrclevr

    I thoroughly enjoy going to this shop! They have great prices, amazing selection of flower and concentrates, and their deals are incredible. Their quarter of shake for $42 is great for those on a budget, also their mix n match quarters get me every time. Rachel is my favorite budtender in this store. Will definitely keep coming back to this placedY’*

  30. Glenndio

    Love this place!

  31. El

    This place was awesome, , second dispensary I’ve ever been too ,,, being from Tx….Thanks for the experience everybody seems to know there flower’s

  32. Astropeace

    really great staff and amazing deals, a Costco of cannabis.

  33. PlantSpiritAllyAmI

    Exceptional place, wonderful people, primo weed

  34. Kirkeeps

    Love the people and the atmosphere, feels like home. Thank you

  35. misstwinturbo

    Terrapin definitely is one of the nicer looking dispensaries around besides the farm. (which I hate.) Most of the budtenders are nice and seem to try to help you find what you want. they’ve always been out of concentrates, which is why I rated them 3 stars on the medicine.

  36. Funnytoker70

    Budtender was far less than friendly and must have thought my girlfriend and I were undercover agents or something because she robotically recited all of the laws and rules for out of state and in state buyers. Very disappointing considering I would’ve bought much higher quantities had the service been friendly. Not sure why a staff member would take it upon themselves to treat paying customers as such without any justification but the good news is that there are countless dispensaries ready to treat their customers better. The terrapin care station in Denver on the other hand is top notch. ALL my friends and associates will be duly warned to spend their money anywhere but Terrapin Boulder….

  37. rebeccathwing

    Great bud, great options and fun bud tenders! The first bud tender we had recited all the rules to us right away which was a little off-putting but she was very nice otherwise. We even liked it so much we came back two days later to get some more!

  38. moniquemcar

    Loved it here! Everyone is so nice, the prices are great and the bud is dank!

  39. Dgionic

    I didn’t know what to expect when changing over from Medical to Recreational, figured it wouldn’t be as good. Terrapin Care Station made the transition a breeze! On top of that the product was excellent, made me a firm believer that recreational is a great route for any and all!! Thanks Terrapin!

  40. jimmydalesharp

    We visited the terrapin care station this summer on our trip to California. Was very impressed at the knowledge and selection. We explained that we were looking for a high CBD edible for our autistic son and figured candy or chocolate , they had both and even introduced us to the patch. It worked so well that our son actually road his first roller coaster ride at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk !!!!

  41. delta9farmer

    Since I was young my entire life basically revolves around everything cannabis, from growing to smoking it’s constantly on my mind so Naturally I took a trip to Colorado as soon as I possibly could after legalization, boulder Colorado was our destination, seeing as it’s a college town and were all young single man, Terapin was not the first dispensary I shop that and to be honest it was the third but if I could take it back I would. Terripan was like none other it was a very professional business and most importantly, they didn’t make me feel awkward about it at all. If I could recommend Terrapin to everybody that visits the Boulder area I would, they definitely made the best of an experience I’ve been waiting a lifetime for and their Kool-Aid kush was out of this world

  42. abagaporo

    I love this place. Everyone takes time to make sure you leave with exactly what you need/want.

  43. CasaVerde

    Herb got me high, but tasted poor and was very dry. They do not keep their herb perserved. Instead just sealed in a non-air tight container.

    Bud tender was super rude. Will not go back.

  44. Bochanka

    The service is top notch and the strains they have great self made strains like the Oaktown Crippler and Princess Leia is one of my favs of all time! GREAT PLACE!

  45. heisenberg911

    Been going here for about four/five months and am

    always extremely pleased. THe staff is super sweet and the meds do exactly what i needed them to.

  46. PapaHalas

    Great location and great prices on shatter. They had Willies reserve, but no really good flower that I was made aware

  47. Menghong

    We visited here on vacation. They required a passport for ID as we are Canadian. No big deal just had to head back to the hotel to pick them up. Totally understandable as recreational use is all still new and they’re making sure they stay within the laws. So if you’re not American just be prepared and bring your passport. After that service was great. We were taken straight back, no waiting, to very knowledgeable staff that helped us out with some fantastic edibles. No doubt we’ll be back the next time we’re in Boulder.

  48. Heady_Shready

    I used to always come here when I lived in Boulder. Came by again and was happy to see it hadn’t changed THAT much!

  49. boom4real

    Great place. Great customer service. Only thing is giving people multiple packages for large purchases is ridiculous. I purchased an oz and got like 10 small containers. There has to be a way around this. Any ways still love you guys.

  50. kyndsoul

    Great place and great herb! Try the Willies Reserve. Alison was a great help!

  51. aarios300

    Great products. Wide selection of strains to choose from. Bud tender lacked knowledge yet was friendly. Not the best shop I’ve been to but definitely not the worst.

  52. robjkelly

    this is my second time here @TCS. i can’t say enough about the people i’ve encountered. all have been friendly, very helpful and flat out dope! they’re the only dispensary that carry’s willie’s reserve cartridges. if you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out. i will be coming back because of the friendly service and mon/weds specials! check them out on their website!dY$?tmdY1/2

  53. lmaonade123

    Very cozy and conveniently located for students. Good prices and friendly staff. That being said; I’m assuming some workers are extremely high because I tend to have a problem with them not giving me the strains I ask for, even after I double check with them.

  54. OrangeSodaSS

    The security is a great measure for such a busy business, the guy was totally chill too so its not like you are being persecuted. sales floor lighting was a tad bit dim, and the air was a bit stuffy, but everything was presented nicely and appealing. The bud tender was a stellar salesman, although very fast paced. He properly encouraged the daily deal witch worked out for me very much, as i wanted several strains to try out, he even picked a wide range of strains that peaked my interest. Unfortunately, the place seemed too focused on sales than consumers. Prices were okay, for boulder, but still steep.
    When i got home i found my buds were EXTREMELY dry, they broke to dust and flared up fast. Well suited for vaping however smoking required reconstituting them. Aside from the lack of any moisture what so ever, the quality of the product is pretty much gold, so don’t be deterred. From a friend i hear their medical locations have fresher bud, but i cant confirm.
    Overall a good experience, good range of products, just not my cuppa tea.

  55. BennyMM

    Always a very hip, knowledgeable vibe here – great service and friendly. Sometimes the clientele is hit or miss (occasional sketchiness or elitism isn’t common, but not unheard of), but that’s Boulder I suppose. Still very much worth a visit, particularly to check out more obscure strains on the menu.

  56. QuesadillaQueen

    Terrapin has a very cozy waiting room with menus for you to look at. They run some pretty good specials and the bud tenders are awesome! I like that when I go I usually see someone I know. Would highly recommend.

  57. BigMark420

    Great customer Service- Especially the woman who greets you in the waiting room. Budtenders are cool and fairly knowledgeable as well. They also get you in and out very quickly despite how busy they are.

    Weed is OK but like most Colorado weed- most strains look and burn about the same. Some strains also seem to be picked early which results in a speedy buzz. If picked early most strains don’t have a chance to produce CBD and CBN. These make you relaxed. NO CBD and you tend to oversmoke it -looking for the calm that never comes.

    I’ve been smoking and growing for 35 years and have smoked some of the worlds best in Amsterdam on several occasions. I think I know about that…think I know about THAT.

    Terrapin has a $45 mix and match BARGAIN weed isn’t a bad deal and they usually have about 3 kinds to choose from. Wednesday is wax day- 15% off $36 -$50 wax is a really good deal. They also have a a 420 club- register your phone number and after you spend $420 you get a $42 credit toward future purchases.

    Overall- a well run decent place. But if you want the best weed in the world- get premium seeds from Arjan or Neville in Amsterdam and GROW YOUR OWN!!

    Peace out !

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