Emerald Fields Manitou

Emerald Fields Manitou



27 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829


38.8569348, -104.8900684




8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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24 reviews for “Emerald Fields Manitou

  1. HanBanananaaa

    Great buds, great system and friendly folks. Although it’s usually fairly busy, they seem to get you in and out pretty quickly. Occasionally you find a good deal, but prices are pretty typical for Manitou. Definitely my preferred manitou location.

  2. ravenhobbit

    A different kind of atmosphere you walk around a table to check out their strains but its an order at your own pace kind of place lots of cool merch too. A good selection probably at least 10-12 choices when we were there. Very friendly staff and security.

  3. kbear22

    Great staff everyone was very knowledgeable. Also had a great atmosphere and great prices and of course some quality bud. I will definitely be going back here

  4. Tazmanbryan

    Great service, Great bid, and Great location….

  5. PolyCypherpunk

    Just stating ‘This place is too expensive.’ Is glossing over aEUR” and allowing for, a myriad of missteps, and miscalculations to go both unnoticed, and unanswered for aEUR” it’s time for a fitting review. Firstly, there is an adequate selection, but not the ‘best’ selection. They have similar products to everyone else, but I have yet to speak to a budtender that knows much-if-or-anything about the products, their origins, or how they could help you. Most of the ‘floor’ staff are either unknowledgeable, or inebriated, or perhaps both. I have to repeat myself, they seem generally confused by the iPad in their hand, and they wander aimlessly until you try to track them down. A word on price. To get to a recreational dispensary from where I’m located, it’s approximately 37 miles. Which means, I could either head to Denver aEUR” or down to Manatu. From here on out aEUR” it’s Denver. I went to three different dispensaries over three days, to try to decide product-and-value. On average if I go to this dispensary, versus three other (random) places in Denver I will pay 48% more for 50% less product; additionally, the products in Denver are higher-quality and more affordable. In all three (random) Denver locations, the personnel was crisp, knowledgeable, included other team members when they didn’t have answers aEUR” were friendly, and space wasn’t dominated by militarized, armed guards. They made using my veterans benefits benefit easy, and all provided a very unrushed, competent, and comfortable experience. Something I have yet to experience at this Manatu location… do yourself a favor; plan ahead, drive to Denver, and enjoy the experience the way that it was intended. As a healing, helpful, and nourishing time aEUR” not a nerve-wracking, frustrating, and overly expensive time!

  6. Sexylexi55

    So i basically go here every day the people are so amazing and also the deals kill with out getting taxed my favorite is there timeless cartages they have me in love basically my favorite place ever !!

  7. slklementz

    Save your $$$ and go to Denver to buy. The tax is really high and so are the prices. They even told me that they can charge so much because aEURoesupply and demandaEUR and being only 1 of 2 shops in Manitou. F that! I’ll go to Denver and get more, and still pay less.

  8. Medicaldolphin

    its like a herded cowpen i side. too many people and no “flow” to the products. couldnt get a chance to check out vape carts bc it only took 1 person standing there to block the view of the entire case. ended up just grabbing a g and getting out of there

  9. funkvsfunk

    It’s very different than any other dispensary I’ve been in. Unlike most where you wait in queue to go speak to a budtender at a counter, once you leave the waiting area you enter their sales floor which feels like an actual shop more than a pharmacy feel like most other dispensaries have. The staff is friendly, and the establishment is very clean and modern. Really the only complaint you can have is of course, you can get bud that is more affordable in Denver. But we all know that is just the way it is in Manitou.

  10. SmokeyRob2

    As a recent transplant to CoS, dispensaries are new to me.
    I like how EF has all their merchandise and products set out for you to inspect at your leisure. I appreciate being able to take my time reading the ingredients and specs of everything without being pressured on time.

    I also appreciate how EF has their “order takers” (?) wandering the floor helping with questions and not pushing anyone too fast.

    I like their diverse selection of products (although I don’t have much exp. to compare to). After joining the loyalty rewards program (to get 10% off), the prices seem pretty good. Their website is also great for comparison-shopping before driving in.

    My only complaint is that during peak hours (Sat afternoon for me), it can get a bit crowded and loud. But everyone is still nice enough.

    Since I don’t have a green card, my recreational buying options are limited in CoS. 😉 But I’ll certainly be returning to EF again.

  11. in_a_tizzy

    This location is insane. So glad I stopped in. It’s the only rec location for a few miles but so worth the drive if you’d take had the opportunity to stop in… do it! Newbie friendly for sure!!

  12. trendkill414

    Terrible… I don’t know if it was the owner or manager but he was very rude and made me feel like I was a burden and very unwelcome. To make a long story short I make my selections which were a few different types of flower an Evo disposable vape pen. I go to check out and the lady is showing me everything I am buying and goes to show me the pen and it was leaking. so she asks for another same problem after 2 more pens they found one that was fine. As that was happening I asked a question about one of the products from behind the counter and as I do a man from behind her very rudely says, ” That’s enough with this guy we close in 20 mins just ring him up and get him out of here”. The lady tells him the reason I still standing there is they are trying to find a working vape pen that’s not leaking. The man says, ” Well no more selections just ring him out”. This was my very first time buying legally. This man destroyed my first experience. Oh, and the vape pen still leaked when I got it home and the first time I press the one button the end melts off!! I would highly suggest going somewhere else. You have much better options right down the street.

  13. artificialflavor

    the best place to go when you go rec they are the nicest most organised people and they have hella good weed

  14. CheesyD

    Smiling, friendly, helpful staff. Good selection. Immediately felt welcome. I like the way the products are displayed. Great experience all the way around.

  15. EMan9

    For openers, was my first time visiting Colorado and stumbled upon this dispensary. So glad I did. From the time I walked in til the time I left it was a pleasant AND educational experience. The staff was extremely helpful even though there were quite a few people there. This location is truly like a boutique where you could sniff, read product descriptions and SEE the product up close. An open environment for exploring various products. For a person being re-introduced to cannibis after a lengthy hiatus, this dispensary was excellent for re-introductions. The staff even offered helpful tips on local 420 accommodations and what to look for and beware of. Overall, I rate my experience with E.F. as outstanding, whether for a beginner or an experienced consumer. I absolutely recommend it and will be going back again.

  16. astroglyde12

    Awesome place this is the only place I’ll go back to when I’m in the area

  17. DeepRed

    Staff is hit and miss: some are amazing others are less amazing (to varying extremes). Same goes for security. The store is clearly set up to confuse/ distract you: different products are in different parts of a room that is teaming with customers and sales people mixed together (staff uniform doesn’t stand out). Not every product has a sales person dedicated to it.

  18. Fioreariadne

    Bought the red-headed strand gold since it was the only sativa they had. It was extremely expensive for what it was. Although the service was good, it felt like they pushed certain products and did not appear to be very knowledgeable. Would not recommend.

  19. SundogIII

    the absolute best place to go outside Denver. a little pricey but u literally can’t leave unhappy. it’s impossible and the staff make sure of that. usually they have Casey Jones and chemmy Jones and the best selection of everything. and on a side note, their waiting room has excellent merch like coffee cups and cook books etc. my favorite place to aquire the best weed.

  20. GunnCat

    I love Emerald Fields! Living in CoSpgs, it was my go to store. It’s open, and well lit, and you can walk around yourself, or with the help of a budtender. I know the other place nearby is popular. I can only say that if you know what you want, that may be your spot. If you want to talk your time, and enjoy your visit, this Emerald Fields is the place to go.

    A lot of cars in both lots have out of state license plates, so take reviews with a grain of salt. I was a local.

  21. shredhead

    The BudeTender Was Rude And Snappy With Me Just Asking Questions. like I was bothering her. Was not a good experience

  22. tspills

    Being new to Co Springs, I don’t have a medical referral yet, so great not having to drive to Denver to pick up some good Rec. bud. Quality of everything is great, but be prepared to pay for what you get!

  23. hannadisaster

    Super laid back knowledgeable employees. Great store set up and layout. Lots of product options.

  24. jmbrunson

    It was the Apple Store for pot. The setup was great, the staff with their tablets & blue shirts. Everything was laid out nice. The staff was very knowledgeable. When I was done they gave me a number, I went to the counter, & my order was ready. Signed up for a loyalty program to save 10%. Great overall experience

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