Buddy Boy Walnut

Serving Med 21+ & Rec 21+



3814 Walnut St., Denver, CO 80205


39.7703907, -104.9713237




9:00 AM – 9:30 PM


9:00 AM – 9:30 PM


9:00 AM – 9:30 PM


9:00 AM – 9:30 PM


9:00 AM – 9:30 PM


9:00 AM – 9:30 PM


10:00 AM – 6:30 PM


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Buddy Boy Walnut sells the finest quality of medical and recreational marijuana. Carrying a wide range of flower, edibles, concentrates, topical items, and tinctures we are sure to find the perfect product for your medical issue, lifestyle or night out.


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42 reviews for “Buddy Boy Walnut

  1. 00sleep00

    I always feel very comfortable

  2. Mister_B.

    Great products, prices and service. Thanks to budtender Preston again. Will return.

  3. bloodyblossom

    nice clean friendly atmosphere…guard should be a Lil less swat lookin tho…. so do be scared

  4. msmiller

    love the store, ppl are so nice there

  5. diyll21

    Great customer service and friendly environment, weed everywhere could always get better, but Buddy Boy definitely is one of the better dispensaries in Denver.

  6. daveyg55

    I like the strain variety!

  7. cchurch3

    I think it’s a great Location.. Lots of variety, nice deals too! Would definitely come back and tell others

  8. Darrin

    Just want too say that the York BUDDY BOY has male bitches that work there, stole from me, yes a bud tender, $20 and gave wrong product. .

  9. soonern816

    Great place. Friendly people. Good assortment. Kudos. Keep up the good digs

  10. truedabs

    This was always my favorite rec store. I love buddy boy but the bud tender who served us was terribly rude and didn’t even want to serve us. They could’ve been a little more up to date on their selection but it happens. Not to be the picky critic I love the flowers and dabs but the service ruined it for me. Almost didn’t wanna go back

  11. kanga

    went there today and got the cornbread strain. I’ve been there a few times before and its been great, bit this time my 1/8 was filled with seeds. Will not be going back.

  12. leavemyweedalone

    I thought it was great but the budtender forgot to put my bud in one of my containers so I had to drive back which sucked. Overall it was worth the wait, the drive and time it took to go there and back, and everything else. Thanks Buddy Boy!

  13. mermanmerman

    They don’t answer the phone. Online menus are wrong. Don’t bother.

  14. chiaman

    Fairly disappointing. Impatient service person. She clearly was knowledgable but wasn’t willing to answer questions nor make suggestions. ‘What do you want? Now go away’. Plenty of dispensaries to choose from in the RiNo. I’ll choose another.

  15. GingerB

    Jenny the budtender on the medical side rocks! She has helped me twice and she is kind and very i

  16. jhutch

    Fire Banner, and Flo!!!! Love BB’s.

  17. tbonetac

    Awsome place to get your bud!!!!!!

  18. michaelgadcohen

    Great product, friendly staff, great prices

  19. nickeypete

    Sometimes slow getting in otherwise great service and prices

  20. fred78

    Very helpful, great pricing!

  21. catastrokyrsti

    Good location, I love the restaurant being right next door!

  22. markymkfly

    the bud selection they had was pretty small but overall the place and staff were pretty dope definitely will go back

  23. lord-voltron

    Love going to place. If it was a bar Id be its fly. Budtenders rock, seem to be always having a good time. Go in and tell a joke, bartending bobby tells me a better one. Great selection. Organized and clean. Wish they had sauce. Papa Smurf

  24. weswilkinson2538

    Very friendly staff, good selection of flower

  25. miami200511

    Friendly people

  26. Crippy37blue

    The atmosphere was great and the people were nice.

  27. Louisianapussycat

    People are very helpful!

  28. toast

    Great store, large variety! I picked up my temp med card here.

  29. Kachina

    Was my medical dispensary for 8 yrs in Denver. If I still lived in CO I would still stay and choose Buddy Boy Brandz out the majority of dispensaries.
    Amazing prices, Membership deals and was very helpful for the amount of chronic pain I have. I will surely miss em.
    I should order a hoody. That be gr8

  30. nikkiharris25

    Great customer service!

  31. coclimbergirl

    My first visit to a dispensary as a medical patient. The staff patiently worked with me to find the right solutions for my specific concerns. The products work very well and I am grateful for some significant relief! Thank you for a great experience.

  32. quovadimus

    This is my favorite Honey Hole. They usually have what I’m looking for, for a fairly decent price. They have some killer deals, save you a bit of green, and they take coupons.
    Most of the Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful, unless you get the oldest lady who knows nothing of the product, and is the biggest buzzkill I’ve ever encountered at any dispensary, ever. If I wanted to hear whining, I’d stay home. I often times opt out and pay more elsewhere. If a god existed, he’d hear my prayers and not deliver me to her, every time.

  33. wwonderess

    Good deals, friendly and informative staff!

  34. izzy.copeland

    The quality of the bud here is hit or miss. And I am almost positive their recommendations are not exactly honest. However a few of their strains have been the best I have purchased so far.

  35. Arnoldj3071

    First time. Chill, cool

  36. Sagacious

    Overall disappointing and off-putting experience, for a dispensary. None of the strains I found/wanted on their online menu were available. The woman we got stuck with was unhelpful and impatient from the get go. Once I quickly made my random selection, I said the amount I wanted twice over and she couldn’t even get that right. Rather than asking for the rest of the amount I asked for, I just took it and got the hell out. She spared me from spending any additional money there, and I won’t ever go back regardless of whether I like the product. This rude woman should not be working at a dispensary, or any customer service job for that matter. Wow.

  37. Spacedro94

    pretty cool people I’m definitely going back

  38. ArthurDigbySellars

    Hands-down the worst dispensary I’ve visited, and I’ve been here multiple times. Little variety, often out of stock, long wait, just not worth the time given all the choices. Go anywhere else, seriously any place does a better job with inventory and customer service.

  39. scoker66018

    kyle kushman strawberries cough. mus
    t go 24k.

  40. aaps93

    It’s got ac.

  41. pnelson

    Great prices and great bud tenders. They really take care of their customers.

  42. shandymae

    Very helpful budtender

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