Maggie’s Farm in Manitou Springs



141 Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs, CO 80829


38.8580585, -104.8951003




8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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Founded in 2010, Maggie’s Farm is the leading cannabis company of outdoor grown, medical and recreational marijuana in southern Colorado. We provide our customers and patients with the best cannabis available. Our flower is sun-grown from seed, in 100% custom-mixed soil, spring-watered, slow-cured and hand trimmed. Maggie’s Farm cannabis is "Clean Green" certified, meaning all our flower is 100% pesticide and growth hormone free! In addition to our premium cannabis selection, we also carry a wide array of concentrates, edibles, topicals and tinctures by the industry’s top infused product manufactures. Since 2013, our customers have voted us as Colorado Springs #1 Dispensary in the Independent’s Best of Awards. In 2014 and 2015 Maggie’s Farm was also voted Best of the Gazette, 1st place winner. Our friendly and knowledgeable budtenders will ensure you leave with product that fits your needs, all while providing a comfortable and pleasant experience. Stop by one of our 6 convenient locations today to see what you’ve been missing!


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605 reviews for “Maggie’s Farm in Manitou Springs

  1. Jz82744

    Awesome Place awesome staff awesome bud.

  2. Abbey569

    the employees are knowledgeable and friendly

  3. TexasTerpz

    Great service, people were very friendly too!! Flower is too notch and a good amount of concentrates and edibles

  4. ShayKushLove

    It’s my first time in Colorado, and I absolutely love this spot! Friendly and helpful staff, amazing products, and it’s close by. Thank you for the great experience!

  5. richco87

    I love Maagies Farm! Loyal Customer!

  6. sean777777

    Best quality marijuana, very knowledgeable staff that know their stuff!!

  7. JDRichardson

    great herb and staff.

  8. morgan2016

    Maggie’s used to be my favorite dispensary, I have been coming for almost two years now. They used to provide flower from their own growers along with other growers, all with a flat rate. The quality varied, but for the most part it was all great. The past few months there has been a downward spiral. Maggie’s weed has been the only option lately and it isn’t good quality and EVERYONE knows it, even the budtenders. I was also told that whenever Maggie’s does offer non-Maggie’s grown flower again, there will be a price increase. How ’bout instead of raising the cost on what people actually like you improve the product they clearly don’t???? Maggie’s is gonna lose so much business over this. Definitely mine.

  9. EnigmaJewel18

    the quality of the product is very nice. It is a tourist town so it is a little pricier than Denver, but the quality is worth it. The service was great. Jay was my budtender and he took the time to answer all my questions. Very helpful! All the employees are friendly, and you can feel it in the atmosphere. I’ve never had to wait too long to get served and they have a nice seating arrangement while you wait.

  10. Dude1

    Good selection of flower, and friendly staff get you in and out.

  11. Citizen0

    Never anything bad to say. Best of everything- product, merch, and employees. Great strains with great background info. Viva Maggie’s!!

  12. awilkes81

    Good buds and hood people working there

  13. armymom

    It’s a great location, knowledgeable and helpful staff. I love this store

  14. Dkole1023

    Good stuff

  15. pyarusso

    Maggie’s is the best place for all your rec needs..

  16. Ogoncho

    Barely had to wait at all. easy to find.

  17. trout2243

    Horrible prices, terrible staff and the bud is almost as bad as what you would buy on the street. I’ve been to this Maggie’s Farm about 5 times and each time my experience was worse than the last. One of the budtenders actually yelled at me because I wasnt choosing my bud fast enough and had questions. I wish I could give negative 5 stars

  18. DubKing


  19. lalareed

    Always friendly and great selection!

  20. TheLuna1

    still good. when they get busy they are still proficient.

  21. BKPCO

    Great place! Organized, reasonably priced, excellent staff, and great bud! Love this place!

  22. Awylie2387

    Maggies farm Manitou has a Great atmosphere and great product

  23. Samiijpierce

    Great spot. Organized, wide variety of good product at good prices, service is provided and everyone is so friendly and informative. I recommended using this spot!

  24. iandrof123

    wonderful atmosphere and amazing budz best place in manitou springs!!!

  25. charitylicious

    Maybe I went on a bad day but they budtender that helped me was not very friendly didn’t seem to want to take the time to answer questions or even care what I wanted. Just seemed to want to get me in and out as fast as possible. Probably will never go there again.

  26. 420Hero

    Great Labor Day Preroll Specials at Maggie’s Farm Manitou Springs! Thank you Maggie’s Farm!

  27. cville53

    The location was easy to gps and the staff is very helpful!

  28. flannel

    Terrible. I don’t know where all these positive reviews come from. If you like getting rushed in to buy $23 grams of “top shelf” that have seeds in it, by all means give it 5 stars, but this is a 1 star dispensary IMHO.

  29. BadX22

    Great shop…Staff always helpful and friendly…great products

  30. pulvers3

    Best rec shop in town and surrounding area!

  31. tinykittens

    Best flower, expertly dried 🙂 love MF! The whole staff is wonderful.

  32. Tyler2fast

    Ed is the man!

  33. kaylamelvin1010

    I love coming here the employees are always nice and very knowledgeable I defiantly tell all of my family and friends to come here

  34. Anucreation

    AMAZING!!! Local…grown outside…AND ORGANIC! Cannot get that kind of quality easily, even in Colorado.

  35. HuffnPuff1981...

    the best meds in the canon area, hands down.. very friendly….

    bud sales area is too small..

  36. Hannuhjo

    Great service and knowledgeable staff! Good quality product as well!

  37. jbryant7

    I love this place! The staff is so fun and nice and they always know what I want!

  38. shaggy_wolfpack

    Excellent prices. Offers CO resident discount (10%) as well as Veteran (10%). Layout is a bit wacky, but the people are awesome.

  39. Jonnylonghare


  40. Sanfranlady

    Awesome experience for my first time going to be returning. Staff was friendly and knowledgable

  41. Marietony0108

    Love the location, customer service and products. And the holiday sales.

  42. PapaJihad

    Love the budtenders, they’re so knowledgeable and for someone like myself who doesn’t know much about MMJ, it makes it a lot less intimidating

  43. Cazzclown

    The place was awesome

  44. Jharp1

    High quality joints always. Enjoyable staff and atmosphere. I love going to this location, and I’ll definitely miss the staff there after my red card goes through dY~

  45. AnnaCurci

    Great place to buy recreational bud. My favorite place!!!

  46. murumbus5000

    very friendly and quick service, employees are knowledgeable on the effects of the strains, very relaxed environment.

  47. ZyFI


  48. Turbofire

    Only had rec flower from this location; nothing to write home about, as the flowers are always bone dry and from my experiences there’s about a 50/50 chance of finding seeds; the prices are meh but it’ll do until I get my med card.

  49. Vfigrosa

    Love how quick and easy it is to come in and get what you want

  50. PoisonousQuinn

    Great suggestions from a helpful staff. Some people who left negative comments seem to have been daunted by the lines, but in my personal experience the whole thing takes less than a half hour on a busy day. Not a bad wait for legal weed in my opinion. Best Recreational Marijuana in the area unless you plan on driving to Denver.

  51. Flowrun

    I went there for the first time and the workers were very nice and helpful throughout the process of my purchase. Definitely will bring friends here.

  52. dimplezz

    It was awesome! Fast knowledge and great products

  53. BigDawg1106

    Nice location with amazing and fast service!

  54. kylejsoulka

    I have been to many dispensaries in Colorado, but Maggie’s Farm is definitely my favorite by far. The quality of their products are incomparable, their service is professional and very helpful, and the atmosphere is very friendly with more energy than other dispensaries.

  55. JMalone27

    Great location, lots a variety. Really positive and enthused staff, always making sure customers are enjoying their experience.

  56. JasonRoth

    Best place in Manitou for flower. Great selection and friendly staff.

  57. Serolfcire


  58. DeCo1019

    Good service

  59. milehigh222

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff . A positive experience!

  60. Shannonowusu15

    Love this location love all the staff

  61. jensen7426

    love you maggies. you will always be our home

  62. jessea0008

    great service and i love how cleanly the shop is.

  63. oceanNjoli

    Products nothing special. Super expensive! id suggest hitting denver if you heading that way.

  64. Jpreston2005

    Always professional and friendly, even on the busiest of days

  65. adam2130

    Best recreational place I’ve been too i come here for their pre roll cones all the time!

  66. kccolorado

    The employees are very kind and helpful and they’re typically fast when helping customers.

  67. KimberlyS

    Amazing! Very informed staff, friendly. Great first time experience. Will recommend to all my friends & family!!

  68. Meario1

    Great place, love it here.

  69. Mich2324

    Best recreational dispensary around the springs/manitou. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Come visit them, you won’t regret it dY~EUR

  70. Pringlestatus69

    Great staff and very friendly

  71. Mariahk

    It’s the best location their is!!

  72. waterbottle12

    it was awesome service. kinda busy! but worth the stop!!

  73. Skimonkey17

    Good green and good people. Happy fourth! Get some

  74. Olivechris

    Best recreational dispensary in central Colorado

  75. wootyswife0530

    Aboslutely amazing!!!

  76. westo1


  77. UncleSauce

    Best place in Colorado Springs area. You’ll get seeds in your flower from the other place just a couple blocks away.

  78. KayIrons

    Fantastic. Well marked, easy to find, great service all around. Selection is great, and the prices are good. More than Denver, but plenty of discount opportunities.

  79. AndrewEldred

    Jay was a great help our first time in. Only our second time shopping in recreational and I felt very comfortable. Great place, safe environment, definitely recommended to new comers.

  80. 55Reyrey55

    Absolutely love this place. Great prices and a variety of strains too. A must visit for anyone.

  81. Elliotte11

    Love the people love the bud!

  82. jubster

    It’s expensive and leafly is slow to update

  83. UnHoly_Apophis

    Maggie’s Farm is the place to go for the best quality, service, friendly atmosphere, and wonderful customer service!

  84. Babesbazzar

    Maggies farm is always worth the drive..i’ve never been disappointed

  85. Jlajr


  86. ayamato


  87. montc81

    The people are very helpful , professional and friendly !
    Visit today !

  88. te806

    Best recreational MJ store near the Springs hands down.

  89. Jdubs1980

    Easy to access and find. Flower selection is great! No bad strands! Employees are knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. I love this place!

  90. weed_man1989

    Maggie’s is the only spot I go too! Awesome quality bud. Awesome staff. Perfect location.

  91. jrsy200

    Great selection, friendly staff, knowledgeable bud tenders, love the loyalty discounts.

  92. mikemdabber

    my go to place!!! best buds in the springs!!

  93. DarkwingDK

    Great prices.

  94. Motag94

    Very convinuent location especially for tourists.

  95. clavelra

    Coming back for sure. Bud is great.

  96. Raiderfirefly

    always friendly staff and clean store with great product

  97. kedd2

    great place!!! smells good and the staff is friendly

  98. rachelp3

    Fast service, with quality products and friendly staff! Great place for all mj needs!

  99. awlund09

    Good place!

  100. CarolP

    Super cool and casual! In and out within 10 minutes!

  101. MichaelRedwood4

    best place to buy bud

  102. Ulyssesskates

    Nice staff, convenient otd pricing

  103. troyfitz

    Raising your prices 50% is an insult to your loyal customers and illustrates the kind of greed that is destroying our communities. You’ve lost a consistent and loyal customer.

  104. dakdak

    kinda pricy

  105. jvrrxnniv

    Very fast, affordable and fun! the staff has great energy and they do their best to get you what you need as fast as possible!

  106. mikel.mccook

    Best flower and staff around!

  107. sammyjava

    Nice, high volume rec place (I was there near closing on Sat night, so very busy). It’s a very loud space due to bright acoustics – they’d do well to add some sound dampening to make it more pleasant. Staff great, though.

  108. ChefMillz

    Very friendly

  109. Sqwil93

    I freakin’ love it

  110. shredhead

    nice place. I recommend for sire

  111. Luzmartin

    The service is great! Everyone is willing to help in any way possible! I will definitely be coming back

  112. Forestnerd

    Always a goodie

  113. tbland22

    always a pleasure to go here! Great staff!!

  114. GotDrift

    Perfect place to get your bud, joints, edibles, wax, shatter, reloaded pens and so much more.

  115. Ccrane5415

    I always receive great customer service! They have a wide range of flower to choose from as well as concentrates. I highly recommend this company to everyone.

  116. Lunareclips

    Proficient as always even when busy!

  117. Faithturner184

    I love the weed and the customer service is so friendly and always happy wouldnt bother with anywhere else

  118. BoscoSawce

    I love Maggie’s Farm, wouldnt shop anywhere else

  119. DuncanWillHunt

    My wife and I flew to Colorado Springs to visit friends on a vacation. We knew we’d want to visit a recreational dispensery, and we happened to meet Neil who works for Manitou Springs Maggie’s Farm. He broke down how the business works and told us to stop. The next day we did, and the business is a class act. Wonderful workers who greet you at the front, helpful staff who explains what different strains do the body and mind, and attentive check out bud tenders make the atmosphere really enjoyable. I would recommend this place to anyone in the Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs area to visit immediately.

  120. Daniellee4202

    Great place!

  121. JadoAlvarado

    So friendly right when you walk in and great quality flowers. The screen gives an easy selection to look for what you want. Definitely going again!

  122. DafMan

    Top Shelf, people and products! BEST in Manitou!

  123. pulver787

    Love this place so much! still loyal to them after about three years!

  124. Minervathelung

    Maybe it’s because I was spoiled out in Tacoma, WA….but I truly did not enjoy my visit. Everything felt so rushed. Customers are literally just numbers. Budtender was the worse part. Unfriendly, uninviting, and rather unpleasant. He offered no help, just wanted to know what I wanted and move on to the next. Only reason this place gets 2 stars on service is because the girl at the cash register has a little more friendly than the dude that “helped” me.

  125. kayleighhull

    Even though there’s a long line, they keep it moving quickly. All the employees and budtenders are really helpful and eager to share with everyone. They are thorough in their descriptions and answers to questions. I’ve been twice and enjoyed it very much!

  126. FatDrip

    I ride almost 60-miles on a bicycle to get here, totally worth the unleaded and electrical-tape…

    I really like the attitudes of the employees, free stickers. Easy to get to from HWY 24, the parking-lot is kind of small when at their peak hours. There is almost no wait in line unless it’s a holiday or weekend. When there is a line, I found it easy to feel rushed and commonly purchase before exploring the whole product line.

    COLORADO NATIVE SAYS: So far, this is the best RECREATIONAL I’ve found in the area when; coupled with PRICE and QUALITY.

  127. Kguerin

    Great quality friendly service nice place would definitely recommend to anyone!

  128. Movermom

    It’s super easy to get to, though a larger parking lot would be nice ; )
    What really made this a Rockin experience was the Budtender! He was super knowledgeable and educated me. I am only an occasional user, but also needed advice for a product to help my 88 year old Mom with painful arthritis. He was excellent in describing the various lotions and potions available and that made all the difference : )

  129. MrsTwiztedT420G

    Showcased the bud in a great fashion. Edibles and skin care available. Definitely left with more than what I was expecting to. Highly recommended.

  130. Luke.Cariveau

    This location is very well managed. The wait time is low, even when they are very busy you can expect to be in and out in 15 minutes. The inventory and knowledge of the employees is great. If you are inexperienced in your choices they can recommend some great ideas.

  131. Loweryj8889

    I am very disappointed about the raise in price of 50% and the discontinuation of the discount for being a local of Colorado Springs. I will not be going there again because of these changes.

  132. redsox21

    I’m giving it five stars because price wasn’t a thing I could rate. It would 100% get a zero as far as prices. $500 for an ounce? Seriously? The buds were good but not that price. Also, $60 for a gram of wax minimum? I guess when you’re one of three shops in the area that has rec, you can charge what you want. But didn’t get my business.

  133. keshia10

    Maggie’s in Manitou Springs is awesome!

  134. EvelynC

    Love Maggie’s! Best products and price. Super awesome friendly staff!!!!

  135. Jwells89

    Great products, customer service and prices! I’m 100% satisfied every time go there for cannabis. They also offer discounts for veterans and Colorado residents which is awesome!

  136. ZBarbour97

    Best strains I’ve ever had. Tried all the shops in the town like this one the best. Always a helpful staff.

  137. togethersince1998


  138. Baylee5

    Wonderful, very knowledgeable folks to help. Would highly recommend.

  139. CharlesAPal56

    It’s the BEST!!!!!!!

  140. KennethC

    great place much better prices then competitor and efficient in speed

  141. dabbzagil

    this was my first time at a dispensary ever and they made it feel so comfortable and rad easy in and out and lots of privacy

  142. crosby87man

    Love this shop, must visit if in c Springs/manitou area

  143. Drax-007

    Always friendly, fast service. No complaints about the products either.

  144. Fatman23

    Best pot store around! I tell everyone I know to come here, this place is fantastic! Come here and get some buds!

  145. Snipe427

    Great customer service as well as verry knowledgeable staff that has answered every question i had.

  146. Amandaw2387

    Maggies farm manitou springs is a great place to shop!great product and helpful staff

  147. emmaferrer1

    Great place ! Amazing weed!

  148. baji

    I bought an eighth of their Chernobyl, and have to say it was some pretty high quality bud. The employees were as friendly and accommodating as you’d hope for. My only complaint is that their prices are too high, easily twice what you’d pay in Denver.

  149. artificialflavor

    amazing bud great staff very helpful I love Maggie’s farm

  150. spacegrandma55

    Love the weed and the people who work there. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Sometimes there is a long line with no one being served but I won’t complain. It’s just nice to be able to buy my weed legally(somewhat) and to be able to choice what kind of weed I’m looking for – creative, pain blocking, relaxed, etc. The check-in area and waiting room could use a little decoration as it does seem like a bunch of cattle being ushered to the slaughterhouse when they are really busy. But it’s cool that they have the menu of available items there at the shop and on their website. So, though it’s not perfect, I thoroughly enjoy the experience. So, it’s not “would shop here again” but “definitely will shop here, again”.

  151. Ronakeagle

    Great bud for a great price

  152. zion15

    Love the prerolls and 1/8s.Better and fresher recreational weed, sticky and smells like weed. Best spot in town if your visiting.

  153. StaySpacey

    Overall Maggie’s Farm in Manitou Springs is alright. The quality of the product is pretty decent at least for Flower, haven’t picked up anything where I was completely disappointed.
    Fair selection of edibles. Concentrates I have no idea as I don’t dance with those.
    Service is nice, most of the time, once in a while you get a budtender with no personality or social skills but hey it happens.
    Prices are the highest I have seen anywhere in the state($64 an eighth inc taxes). Also with all taxes combined(Manitou Retail included) you are paying 27% tax.
    I hope Colorado Springs removes the Retail Ban this fall but looks more likely next spring to even the playing field and lower the prices.

  154. FarSide420

    Great variety products and always something new on the menu. Top service even when its busy. Enjoy!

  155. madskillz27

    loved it, the staff were great and knowledgeable.

  156. CooksMan

    Great service and great product. Best rec store for n Colorado hands down.

  157. remlap

    This place is awesome! All the budtenders are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The quality of leaf surpasses what most of us were able to obtain before marijuana dispensaries were around. The product is worth every penny.

  158. bencassi

    Loved the staff and their knowledge of both law and their high-end products.

  159. alexdsanti


  160. lucerolisa101

    Even with construction i go weekly..going today to get some nice buds.

  161. meladoodle22

    It’s still weird going into a marijuana store for me, but the staff is so helpful and the whole place is a neat environment. staff is knowledgeable about their merchandise and everyone greets you in and out with smiles and wicked vibes (take advantage when they’re not busy, it gets hectic in there if you dont like to be elbow-to-elbow with strangers in small spaces!)

  162. Ldanielle

    Great environment, feel like good friends

  163. cfarmer206

    Leave a review guys get a penny J at Maggie’s best bud in town!!

  164. Curtg93

    Staff are very friendly, I like the set up of Maggie’s, and great product.

  165. datboi10211021

    Awesome place and great products

  166. Gbuds40

    Love this place! Their staff is always helpful and friendly.

  167. monsta84

    Love goin here

  168. jjleavell

    Knowledgeable Bud Tenders. No nonsense, and professional management team. Maggies is the model for a successful retail marijuana business!

  169. kasper6

    best weed in colorado

  170. armymedic604

    Capitalism is great! However these jokers are out of their minds with these prices. It is worth it to drive to Denver for the price and quality.

  171. slee16

    Amazing staff! Super friendly! Highly recommend! Great products great prices! Never had a bad experience !

  172. Ali_1988

    My favorite dispensary by far I drive from broomfield to come here aEUR

  173. DeeMalikBey

    Long time customer! The best place to get quality bud! Love the staff!

  174. Drygir

    Sweetest place for with great prices and an awesome staff

  175. Afili

    Top notch recreational weed, been coming here for two years and have yet to be disappointed in the bud.

  176. Smiley2013

    this is an excellent bud store and the people are amazing

  177. ad993

    Love coming to Maggie’s! Great bud always

  178. hannibus1

    The best store ever. Fast friendly service, helpful staff and great product.

  179. DKHurd

    I love going to Maggie’s. They always carry top shelf herb. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

  180. Mpeters6

    This place is great

  181. QueenAshley89

    Great smoke and great staff

  182. cjrob89

    My go to spot. The employees are awesome and the wait times usually aren’t too bad.

  183. Buylegalweed

    Maggie’s Farm sets the standard! Clean, friendly, organized. Always has good selection and quality product!

  184. KurtAndBiggie

    They are always amazing there, and the products are fire!

  185. amberh

    I am never disappointed! Quality and prices are great!

  186. Sunshinebluedream17

    Every time I come here I always learn something new! Everyone is super nice and very helpful. My go to spot for sure

  187. Yvonnessss


  188. jonnyschaab

    Easily my favorite rec store south of denver. The quality is very good, but the staff is what definitely makes this place worth the drive.

  189. Star.Pink

    Best place by far I’ve ever been to for bud or even edibles. They always have my favs and customer service is awesome! The owner def know they have a great thing going.

  190. DeepRed

    Educated staff, good product. This is the place to go in the springs.

  191. JDRich

    nice strains and professional staff.

  192. xoxogina

    Amazing customer service and setup!! Chris gives the best service!!

  193. ekhorrocks

    Small selection, very expensive, and felt super rushed. Not worth it. Probably the worst dispensary experience I’ve ever had.

  194. Coleigh

    Love it here love the people great staff and service

  195. HanBanananaaa

    Great quality, great customer service. But usually pretty crowded as it is one of only two rec locations in Manitou. Also prices are higher than in Denver, but that’s manitou for you!

  196. Somegoodshiat

    Fair wait times and also good selection.

  197. ad5burch

    Love the caviar cones

  198. Drewjohnson218

    Great place and people

  199. hatt1

    Love this store. Great people, and prices.

  200. Stain15

    Maggies is the best! Awesome staff, awesome product!

  201. Mleinea

    The staff was so helpful and very cool about explaining what’s going to happen and how to take care of everything and make sure that the visit was as enjoyable as possible! I’ll definitely be recommending this place AND visiting again! They’ve got dope specials too!

  202. Cornbread211

    The flower is awful, tried multiple strands and they all were very disappointing. The only good thing that they had going was their punch cards but they got rid of them! You can find better flower from a guy on a corner!

  203. mredjay0

    This was my first dispensary visit. The staff was incredibly friendly. I had a few questions and they were quick to answer them. It was a little loud but then again it was during a busy time, but I feel it’s worth mentioning.
    Definitely set the bar high for any other locations I visit. Top notch products as well. Bought some Flo because it was recommended for someone who hasn’t smoked in a very long time. Yeah, still feeling great right now. Staff definitely knows what they are talking about.

  204. DiegoDaPlugg

    It is very convenient because I’m working here in the springs and I love the variety and the customer service..

  205. Laceyj22

    Great prices and great staff

  206. nl1991

    Great staff, great bud.

  207. Rusty323

    Best of the best! I will always come back here when in CO.

  208. CheesyD

    Friendly staff. Good product at a good price. The “number system” to get into the room feels a bit impersonal but that’s just me. My first visit and would return.

  209. fuzzy23

    I made a purchase yesterday and the quality of product was great, the customer service left much to be desired. I felt rushed and unwelcome kind of like I was being a pain in their ass by being there. Granted they were busy but a smile would be nice. I will not be back because of the customer service not the product quality.

  210. Chd1983

    Maggie’s is great! There strains always change and the staff is excellent and helps you with whatever questions you may have. Definitely my go to spot!

  211. Kcan6

    still a regular, will return in 2 weeks for more.

  212. happycolorado

    Love Maggie’s! Fast, friendly, great selection. Awesome place.

  213. Moomey101

    Maggie’s has a fantastic atmosphere and knowledable staff. Great weed and location as well. Keep it up!

  214. YeahSon

    gorilla glue will always be in my favorite!

  215. Mbosier

    Excellent service, professional and very helpful. Great bud too!

  216. jensen2326

    maggies is awesome. we only shop here. the experience is aleays great. thank you fpr extending your hours.

  217. NEcoJ

    i really like the place. they have some A1 bud. But the prices are outrageously high. you are better off driving to pueblo or denver

  218. RickyGArcia

    Amazing flower aNd wax great bud tenders

  219. Outofyoelement

    Best in Manitou and Colorado Springs! Great prices.

  220. cherylannmaggard

    Great place and very efficient. Wonderful customer service and product.

  221. B3nd3r420

    The staff is knowledgeable about their buds and they have an excellent selection.

  222. Desipiee

    Maggies always has a widea variety of flower and edibles. Staff in friendly and knowledgeable of products.

  223. Cankellydice

    Maggie’s is one of the coolest shops around town. They have a relaxed atmosphere with an artistic touch and simple setup. The staff is quick efficient, and personable too! They offer awesome products and a cool loyalty program!

  224. RobRiefert

    great place, great procuct, I always visit this location and nowhere else.

  225. TiffanyThomas84

    Best recreational place, awesome staff, awesome product. I only come to Maggie’s

  226. Mysterionjr75

    very good, clean, and knowledgeable

  227. jsiz19

    Great place, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always clean.

  228. 4the20man

    Great people who work there! They make me feel confident with my purchases.

  229. 420fighter1991

    Extremely knowledable and friendly staff,Amazing quality and selection. As a repeat customer I have yet leave unsatisfied or without a smile.

  230. Hootiez

    I like these guys. They’re all very nice and friendly, professional and helpful. They know their strains and products, and offer great quality. I like them much better than “the other store” nearby.

  231. JBrodie33

    People are great and friendly really love this place!

  232. Jp33144

    They only sell overpriced outdoor

  233. LoveLifeLoveLeo

    Same strands of flower from the last year…

  234. smoker96

    My first experience buying legal weed. They have great customer service, a great product and the overall experience was very pleasant!

  235. greengoose10

    Best place ever! Knowledgeable friendly staff always happy environment. High quality

  236. WeedTatted

    Best place ever

  237. MimiK

    Love doing business with the super friendly staff! All around great experience.

  238. anythingdude

    Maggie’s is the only dispensary I will shop at.

  239. jlyn420co

    Love this place

  240. specialk2

    Was excited to try out maggies,girlfriend been here before and loved it,got there store is cool,our budtender not so cool,not friendly,we were just another number to him,bud was good,but hard to enjoy after visit and price!so we live close and wanted to try maggies agian tiebreaker,unfortunatly got same budtender,same crappy service,prob wont be back,sadly we like the place but not the service for the price!

  241. CestShai

    A nice local. I’ve been twice – edibles & “gems” – quite impressed w/a clean, friendly/knowledge atmosphere w/quick & ease.

  242. Greencreation

    Great staff! Love Maggie’s !

  243. ChronicReviews

    great taste, great people, very nice variety

  244. MikautheHero

    Atmosphere is a bit odd compared to the dispensaries I have gone to in Seattle, it’s a weird take a number system that I found to be a bit odd but the staff is extremely knowledgeable and will help you find what you want 🙂

  245. SinMint

    its a good

  246. mattymakeout

    This was my first weed shop that I’ve visited in Colorado. This place makes you feel welcomed and the employees are well informed about their products. I’ve tried numerous Strains from indica to sativa and each and everyone was high quality. I’m a joint kinda man, and I’ve never had any problems with it burning bad. I have anxiety and I never once felt unwelcomed. I’ve told all my friends about this place. I traveled all the way from New York and I was excited the whole way because numerous residents of manitou said this place was great. BEST PLACE AROUND. Great prices, great employees. Will come as often as I can. Thank You Maggie’s farm!!!

  247. rkymtnsquatch

    First time buying since it was legal. Great experience for me. Went Labor Day weekend but still was in and out in 15 mins. Staff was professional, helpful and polite.

  248. Snowboardingking

    Good bud good staff

  249. Marriedstoner1991

    I love this locations they offer the best products and deals

  250. jrhodebeck

    Awesome customer service!

  251. waterbottle123

    This was an awesome first experience at a dispensary. Our budtender was very informational and helpful!

  252. kross56

    Great place with great bud

  253. interstate.stoners

    Absolutely love everything about Maggie’s. Would definitely tell everyone to come to Maggie’s manitou

  254. Adamb2130

    Customer service here is excellent and the prices are great

  255. SmokeyRob2

    As a recent transplant to CoS, dispensaries are new to me. I liked Maggie’s Farm just fine. Since I don’t have a green card, my recreational buying options are limited in CoS, but the prices here seem relatively good.

    It can get a bit crowded, and I somewhat felt rushed to just step up to the register and keep the line moving. I would’ve preferred more time to inspect the products on my own.

  256. intoxikate

    Great staff!

  257. ravenhobbit

    We felt like we herded through it was our first stop in colorado and we felt too rushed. They put you in a waiting room but the room we were called to was crowded and they called extra people to wait behind us. 3 cashiers were available but only one jar per strain for all busy cashiers and when 2-3 people together all want to see each one it becomes impossible to really check your options. The person waiting on us was rather rude and ended up getting our order wrong anyway to where one of us didnt get anything because they send you to pay in another area and they apparently cant just add on here. Wont be coming back.

  258. BlueBrigand

    Small parking lot but big on service, the folks here always treat us right.

  259. tokigostudio

    Going to See our friends at Maggies Farm. Love those guys!!!

  260. mommybug05

    Wonderful staff environment and wonderful product

  261. BrandyClem

    Best in town.

  262. fionainnomansland

    always friendly, always clean, good quality at good prices

  263. JasonJ42009

    Great shop. Fun friendly and informative. Flower is always high quality and potent…

  264. ucfknight86

    I’ve never had a bad Experience at Maggie’s. Knowledgeable staff and great bud!

  265. AdamB1991

    Still my favorite recreational shop by far

  266. justin813nowack

    Best products in the manitou area! and a very nice and knowledgeable staff.

  267. sunflowersair1998

    Very clean & well managed. Product is always very potent & flavorful.

  268. RPTBuddy

    My favorite place to get Colorado’s dankest…top notch customer service and the best strains are what keep me coming back!

  269. Supernova25

    Too many people in the store and not enough elbow room for my liking. Budtenders were not very friendly. They take your ID and enter your information into their database. This is not a pleasant experience. Will never go back. They do have lots of product to choose from.

  270. Starlady

    Great people great meds! The nice lady was very knowledgeable with the products. I will return. Thanx.

  271. jenr18

    Great first experience for me!

  272. 1SGRavis

    This is a very good store and I really like the strains that they offer. The staff is always knowledgeable and friendly.

  273. coshayen

    Great weed & decent prices ! Recommend

  274. Natehboy

    Love this store top shopping elevatin

  275. rae_k

    I love this place, great service and informative staff.

  276. BlazeUp33

    Maggie’s Farm is my favorite bud shop and the best in all of Colorado!
    They never disappoint me. Top strands, and the best service I have ever received. Jessica treated me great my last time there. Maggie’s Farm is the best in town hands down.

  277. Fuzajauna

    There has not been a time where it was not busy. The shop is clean, though a bit too segregated. It feels kind of like going to your practitioner, and the people there are not the friendliest bunch; kind of like “give me your ticket, buy our stuff, get in line, there’s the door, come back soon”. However the product & prices and being one of the few recreational Dis. in C/S make it attractive enough for me to spend my money. A descent spot.

  278. anorth1989

    Great staff and awesome perks and rewards. Couldn’t imagine visiting any other place

  279. MinionTwo

    The location is good, the service is friendly & helpful as well as familiar with their products. Never a complaint with quality and always there’s a great selection.

  280. Seabreeze1

    Maggie’s farm is fantastic… Excellent bud great service..I only go here dY~dY~

  281. gonzalez0532

    It was very busy so I felt rushed and I didn’t get very much help. Lots of strains were sold out.

  282. janelyaldo

    Very good quality

  283. therose93

    Fast service! Friendly staff.. and great product!

  284. auroravickers

    This place is the best, never a time that I have been in that I don’t enjoy the whole experience! 🙂

  285. dropdead21

    Very friendly, quick service!

  286. SgtQuestion

    the staff was very nice and friendly they gave me lots of good info and helped me pick out what would work best for me loved it is will be returning

  287. angsuzerte

    Great product, I like that it is sun grown. The staff is fast and friendly.

  288. ouchmybeard

    electric dynamite

  289. hockeyforlife22

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Prices are a bit high but the service and quality are great.

  290. mollsmk

    I absolutely love Maggie’s Farm. Everyone is super helpful and friendly! They have the best quality recreational products I’ve come across, it’s my go to spot!

  291. kristilou

    I love this location! The bud tenders are very friendly and very helpful. The product is great. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  292. cdivermatt

    This was only my third experience at a dispensary and Maggie’s Farm has a warm and friendly Atmosphere. The staff was knowledgeable and eager to answer questions made the whole experience enjoyable.

  293. xxnerdywife13xx

    Could uses a bigger parking area, but thats a minor thing. Maggie’s Farm was pro & the staff was great. For my first experience buying legally, it was awesome!

  294. jschad

    I visited this store a year ago and was so impressed, they were great and informative. I went back recently and my heart was broken. the worst customer service I’ve experienced in any bud shop. I will not be going back. I guess that makes me an Emerald’s person.

  295. 912Curtis

    It’s amazing.. Not from Colorado, but I will tell you.. Maggie’s Farm, is the best. Never had certain types of Marijuana till I did a walk in. And OMG it’s to die for. If you ever come to Colorado, try the Chemdawg#4. Its to die for. Best pot ive ever tried.

  296. jaymison21

    Good Qual fosho

  297. Bobeasy

    Do not go here. These reviews have to be written by employees because this is by far the worst dispensary I have ever been to, and I have been to multiple dispensaries in multiple states. Drive to Denver and get great stuff for a decent price or go here and get decent stuff and pay way more than you should ever pay. If you know nothing about cannibas and don’t care about being raped by their prices then this store is ok, but if you care about quality cannibas at a decent price stay as far away from this place as possible. In my opinion, you’d have to be an idiot to buy from them

  298. JROB7

    aEURoeExtremely knowledable and friendly staff,Amazing quality and selection. I highly recommend giving them a try!

  299. zoiks

    Only thing that makes me frustrated is that other fans are always beating me to MK Ultra when it’s in stock lol. Great staff and products! Phil was my sensei getting me started and graduating out of pre-school. Not that you can go any place else near COS without a card but fear not, this place is wonderful!

  300. Schiefelbein

    Amazing place to get buds. Very noligible staff

  301. PamPamBigelow

    Quick and Fast Service. Nice Staff but needed more flower available for sale.

  302. freejoytmaggie

    Love this place go all the time

  303. nicolestigen

    Love it!!! My favorite place to get bud

  304. DsgtChandler420

    Perfect location and super friendly staff. Budtender are knowledgeable and very helpful

  305. angcann

    Maggie’s farm is our go to place in the springs!

  306. mclark7

    I think this place is good but they will try to give you shitty nuggets always check before you leave they will fix it. I also think emerald fields down the street has way better rewards and quality concentrates. Fix your sativa drought please I don’t want to look like I’m buying a bunch of stuff

  307. Wudchuck

    If you find yourself someplace else buying weed you’re in the wrong place.

  308. BrookeLynn813

    Great people, great service, very helpful, loved everything about it!

  309. violet88

    Visited here many times. Everyone is extremely nice and knowledgeable. They are more than happy to answer your questions. Safe and secure environment. Would definitely recommend to anyone in El Paso County.

  310. fushsqueezer

    Don’t go on a Saturday!! Crowded, rushed, not a welcoming environment. Friendly patrons made the wait easier. Rushed by the bud tender to make a selection. I’m a returning recreational user after a 36 year professional hiatus and had questions about the selections not listed on their online menu. I did some homework in advance of my visit of the offered/listed strains to make selection easier but the online menu did not match the selections available at the store. Had several questions to help narrow down my selection, bud tender more interested in moving on to the next customer. Selected five cones/joints of two different varieties (Northern Lights and Jilly Bean). Young man (tall, thin) at the checkout counter was awesome, apologized for the crowded situation and rushed experience.
    Cone/joint quality was poor. Contents resulted in desired buzz but the roll quality and packing was poorly done. Smoked two while in town, of differing varietals, both ran almost the full length of the joints. My daughter has informed me that two of the remaining three (one left) had the same result.
    Will chalk my experience up to the throng of customers they were trying to help and will return again to give Maggy’s a chance to earn my business. Far different experience from my purchases in OR dispensaries. May have to make the drive to Denver next time to check some of their shops. Would have made a larger purchase if I had more time to sort through the varietals and not feel rushed.

  311. forrestsyb

    Kind, knowledgeable budtenders. I go nowhere else

  312. Amanda8984

    good location for a rec place. good canibace.

  313. Heylo32

    Love the people and the bud is so fresh
    AND great quality and atmosphere. 🙂

  314. epwilli

    best customer service around!

  315. marco999

    friendly staff, knowledgeable budtenders and great bud

  316. ConorKush1

    Great joints, great staff, open til 9

  317. kwvf80

    The building was clean, well organized and well lit. The employees were friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. The prices were good and their selection was even better!

  318. vapedog70

    Very fast and easy for first time visit. I had a very nice and knowledgeable budtender who walked me through the process of the store and helped me find the best items for my first time. Excellent customer service throughout the process.

    I will be visiting again.

  319. Westknight

    Top notch….hands down the most chill spot to get what ya need with little hassle.

  320. jcourt4

    First time to Colorado and to a dispensary. Maggie’s is a clean and welcoming environment. Very professional and knowledgeable staff; felt very comfortable there. Product is top-notch!

  321. Kh621

    Maggie’s is the best! Everyone who works there is so friendly and helpful and they always have an amazing selection.

  322. Hardekopf

    Great place, awesome service.

  323. JdgM3NT4L

    Great staff. Super selection. Very enjoyable vibe. Can’t wait to come back.

  324. smokeweederryday612

    Holy crap this place is LOUD! If you are a patient with any kind of anxiety or noise triggers it is probably best to avoid this place. The people are nice but it is pricey and loud. I’ll just stick to my medical only dispensaries from now on.

  325. KP2018@

    Bought my first time from here. The people were friendly here and will definitely go back when in springs. Great for first comers and new users with a great direction for Recreational use.

  326. dpeppers95

    easy access

  327. Asheljack95

    My favorite place to go! Always have great staff, and great product! Anything from flower, to wax, to salve. Even a selection of pipes and straws! Its too cool

  328. villeguy23

    This place is very professional. They get you in and out the door in no time. Great service!

  329. movinguphigh

    Love the people here, they are knowledgeable and KIND… Come and see for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree.

  330. pabloesco561

    great little rec shop, nice employees good bud and concentrate, lines suck a little but I’m not gonna start complaining that it takes too long to get my legal bud hahaha. awesome store overall!

  331. Akinkain

    Nice employees and good weed of course.

  332. Brandon41492

    You guys are absolutely incredible! Great growers make a tasty and experiential high, the customer service answers any questions and also gives a really interactive experience. Thank you Maggies! I’ll be back

  333. SEAREED77

    Maggie’s is my go to spot for flower and edibles when I am near Manitou Springs. The people are always very knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

  334. Mattpe

    Maggies always has wonderful deals, and the staff there is friendly and accommodating. Check them out around holidays for money saving deals.

  335. goalie22

    Great quality and very knowledgable staff.

  336. davisjk

    Good quality bud, customer service is awesome. Would really recommend visiting at Maggie’s Farm, great experience.

  337. DoctorPuff

    Well organized and friendly staff. Great selection too!

  338. Perks_rachel

    My favorite retail marijuana store!

  339. bruce88

    great place. great people great bud.
    great prices itbis great.

  340. 123456ame

    Very friendly and helpful, plus they were very patient with us,,,, highly recommend.

  341. rujmyray

    love the caviar prerolls! I am always happy about the flower selection. great place to shop!

  342. budguyyyy23

    Awesome place with awesome bud and staff (:

  343. Clint79


    great staff flower is up there with the best. you can be in and out fast. too enjoy the rest of the day.

  344. Str8-jacket

    Again I had a great experience. The staff know what they’re talking about and that really helps make the difference!

  345. Freckles.Magoo

    Great knowledgeable staff!

  346. Flexathon

    Nice workers and very helpful

  347. Rlieza

    Good people good selection

  348. bear_paw

    This place is great for a first time recreational shopper.

  349. Svhockey31

    Great staff and great product. Very helpful overtime.

  350. Jcrazy420

    Pricing and service

  351. romanahrens

    wonderful people great service I’ll keep going back again and again

  352. Chambrick

    awesome place to shop..very friendly and knowledgeable staff..always has a great selection to choose from

  353. Radarman

    I think this place is great! They have great specials, very friendly stuff, and awesome product!

  354. Raybud90

    All your needs and more

  355. jbonez61

    Great selection of concentrates and AWESOME FLOWER!! would return forsure!! Bud tenders were very smart and knowledgeable. 5 stars all around

  356. dingerydoo

    Great variety of products & the staff is knowledgable enough to answer questions & give suggestions

  357. Vulnero64

    its the best. everyone is always so friendly and the service is always outstanding. really makes you feel like part of the family.

  358. Yogakat82

    Good location and quality. Staff is knowledgeable. Good deals and variety.

  359. IonKnight87

    Fast friendly service.

  360. Cperblm

    Helpful and easy going. Made the experience easy start to finish. 5/7.

  361. Kingtimothy31

    Great selection and prices!

  362. GingerGoblinBSW

    Wonderful people with a great assortment of flowers 🙂 check them out

  363. joshooo

    there joints are really good and pretty cheap just wish quarters weren’t so expensive though.

  364. Justin77Robinson77

    Amazing location staff is very knowledgeable and courteous. Awesome selection of bud. I would highly recommend giving them a try.

  365. Polowe

    Love the knowledgeable staff. Always helpful and friendly! Would recommend to anyone looking for a great experience! Love the strains as well. Edible gummies work very well for pain.

  366. JordanO1984

    Quality of the cannabis is amazing. Great variety for the most part. Love the Blue Dream.

  367. smee713

    The staff is amazing.

  368. joshospears56

    Loved my first visit very friendly people will definitely be going all the time.

  369. buddy26280

    Everyone super nice. I would definitely recommend to all my friends

  370. GettinBye

    I grew up in Co Springs. First visit from out of state since legalization. I’m subject to testing and told them that, said I just wanted to check it out. They were very welcoming and gave me a nice tour, let me observe sales and just hang out without an escort. Can’t wait until I can spend some money without worrying.

  371. kpflo

    This place is the worst experience I’ve had at any pot shops. It feels like a fast food operation. Everyone is in a hurry to rush you out the door. You wait in line at the door to check in, then wait in another room for your number to be called. Then wait in another room to order your bud, then wait in another line to go to another room to pay the cashier and get your bud. Poor selection, barely any selection in flowers and virtually no selection for prerolled. I’d never go back here. There are too many other shops that provide great experiences, service, and products.

  372. Sally33

    Maggie’s is a great shop as far as recreational value goes!! I can dig it!!

  373. ColieXX

    Since moving here at the beginning of the year Maggie’s has become my go-to and I never go anywhere else because it’s my favorite out of everywhere I’ve been. Their product selection is amazing and the staff are insanely knowledgeable and professional (and super friendly!!). Also, the facility is really cute, bright and clean.

  374. crashleigh

    Great customer service! If you feel like you have no idea what to get, these guys will help you get what you want for all your needs

  375. zamccarthy

    You guys are always awesome!! I love the staff!! Kudos to you all for handling all the tourists throughout the holiday season!! Worth the drive down from Green Mountain Falls! Maggie’s > Emerald.

  376. tffffny

    High-priced for mediocre product with little variety. Bud was dry and I needed a temporary pen for some wax I had, but the pen was awful and the bud tender seemed undereducated. Only plus is they’re one of two recreational dispensaries in the area, but I would rather drive to Denver. Won’t be back.

  377. Reel3

    Great quality, service and prompt. There are very good Sativa strains.

  378. Jordan19940

    The people that work here are absolutely amazing! Our budtender Phill was very knowledgeable and friendly. He saved us money and got us more bud! aEUR~High’ly recommend.

  379. maxfranks

    Love it. Best goodies in town

  380. leross1

    The weed quality is excellent. The bud tenders are very knowledgeable.

  381. Harryr0483

    Love this location. Prices on menu are legit, taxes fees included.

  382. Matt116

    WARNING TOURIST TRAP! Prices are the highest I’ve ever seen in surrounding areas! Do not go here unless you wanna pay double and get hearded through like cattle! The response from their bud tender was were a much smaller area we don’t have the competition that the other towns have which is confirmation they intend to rip you off. Go to Pueblo or Denver, prices are half that of Maggie’s and more special deals, worth the drive!

  383. SeaWeed7245

    Friendly, fun, knowledgeable staff. Thought the bud was a bit expensive, but good discounts before 11am.

  384. nrjorden

    great products. excellent bud. No doubt the best colorado gang

  385. cwilloug

    The staff is always friendly and there is never too much of a wait!

  386. YungJune0000

    Great Employees and always super helpful to new friends I bring in.

  387. Valentine666

    Great people and great bud, would definitely recommend.

  388. bones1968

    fast convince great quality and friendly service

  389. Urdaddysmoker

    Love this place…keep on keeping on

  390. jrvman1996

    they have excellent staff and great products.

  391. JeremyWhitfield1390

    GREAT place very fast kind service,wish had more pre rolls

  392. Jameliaanae

    Best place in the springs

  393. GeorgeKekumu1962

    Will always visit Maggies. Great people, great products, good location.

  394. Nessamarie

    Love this place so much, the product is always the best and so are the staff. Almost always meet friendly people in the que. I also learn new things about strains and concentrates every time I visit. Genuine chill environment.

  395. Paytondiaz11

    Super awesome staff great bud very helpful info given out from the budtenders

  396. chefboobie

    I was with a friend and we were near the register and asked to compare density of a strain and the cashier next to us assumed my friend & I were complaining and got all up in arms about what wasn’t even an issue and stepped out or line and I’m sure company policy with becoming rude and disrespectful to he customers. I just moved here 4 days ago from Alabama…i will never return to that location. And i won’t be sending folks there to make purchases. Not everyone thinks in a negative light…maybe some people just want to see what things look like when they live other areas. Her closed mindedness ruined my entire experience.

  397. kellyeli

    They are always busy yet very friendly, evefyevery question I asked they had a great answer.

  398. Reysmokes82

    Best rec shop in the Springs. Love coming here. Always good vibes when entering this place.

  399. Sideways805

    Amazing bud and love the dabs from here

  400. IncrediBeard89

    Best staff as well as bud selection. Never leave disappointed

  401. witefire180

    Great spot to grab some bud. May have to use the overflow parking cause its right off the highway with a small parking lot. The bud is decent and they have an interesting set up to keep customers moving. I go here when I need some green and don’t have time or money to drive too far away from home.

  402. MerkD

    Great place. Staff is nice prices are good and product even better. Was in town visiting from Texas.

  403. AlexxGetsLit

    I love Maggie’s Farm it’s my favorite place to come. I feel like I’m the grower. I love the friendly hippie staff and to smoke lots of their weed.

  404. G4nja4G0ddess

    people were very friendly! I like how you get a chance to check out the menu before you go in so you don’t feel rushed. buds were nice! def coming to this shop as opposed to the other one in the area.

  405. tommydlmartinez77

    The growers are phenomenal! The staff is friendly…

  406. Voila39

    Friendly, responsible, helpful staff. 4 stars with availability. Good strains. Great in and out times when I have gone. Always smells wonderfully pleasant.

  407. GunnCat

    We visited this store a couple of weeks ago. The place was a bit intense, catering to what seemed to be a majority of out of state buyers. The budtender wasn’t particularly good, and the entire buying scheme felt like being on a cattle car.
    Emerald Fields down the street is much better.

  408. Hmercedes

    Great customer service, great environment!

  409. fenambo

    The staff was very friendly and helpful! A fellow customer even told me about getting a free joint by leaving this review! As a complete first timer I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

  410. CocoaBware

    absolutely love shopping at this location, especially since the fabulous upgrade. great staff. excellent product.

  411. opshlds

    Excellent, friendly knowledgeable staff, quick and painless! Would highly recommend

  412. Stvn383

    Great staff and good atmosphere. Buds good too.

  413. cghearn

    Kind of busy and limited seating room, but friendly budtenders and decent selection.

  414. mustangmimi

    The staff! Always ‘up’, helpful, and this is a very efficient operation. I have questions, they have answers. Bringing a friend along next time…

  415. Jreading

    I am a veteran and this place is very friendly to vets. Very knowledge on medicinal use. Avoid busy times.

  416. Janely16

    Awesome place with friendly employees & good prices. would definitely recommend.

  417. budsmoker1234

    ok bud nice staff

  418. VanitySwift

    Clean environment. Staff were friendly. First time experience was awesome.

  419. coey76

    good service. good buds. best place ever!

  420. FuzzForBrains

    The people there are friendly, fun to talk to and very helpful. The weed is quality and the employees there can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

  421. MinionsHuman

    Love these guys and gals <3

  422. jaymaggard

    very cool place nice people. watch for them to skip your number it has happen to me a lot.

  423. Tesla007

    5 stars to friendly staff. Always helpful and knowledgeable!!

  424. tonijamison

    very friendly,helpful very

  425. Lemnaid

    Dudes… just drive to Denver or Pueblo. I only come here when I’m in a pinch and it’s always disappointing. The prices at Maggie’s are inflated as hell.. $20 for a g, unknowledgeable budtenders who give you very vague information on the strains, nothing weighed in front of you, which leads to weights being jipped, and some really subpar And tiny buds. Idk about you but if I’m paying the price I want the quality. People in the parking lot park their cars like they’re already high, the security guard just stands there doing nothing as cars obviously needed directed in the tiny lot. We had to basically climb into our car. It’s so obvious that if you actually enjoyed this dispensary, that you are a tourist and are just blindly excited for legal marijuana, and they know this. They don’t deserve your business, go find yourself somewhere else.

  426. Rcospelich

    Nice deals

  427. cybertemp01

    I have been in places in Washington, California, Arizona, and all over Colorado and have never had such an inviting experience. This place is top notch and is probably my new favorite spot in all of Colorado.

  428. Bonnie01

    I love this place..

  429. 62Tele

    Great place with a very helpful, knowledgable staff. Great vibe with friendly pros!!

  430. zinc00

    Last week I told the “seller” & one of the Managers, “Craig” that their last few batches were dry like dust, giving headaches, some even had dry mold…etc
    The “Seller” & Manager said, “I know, its a bad batch.”
    (yet they continued to sell the bad product)
    And again two weeks later another bad batch.
    (with dry mold, once again)
    After informing them, they carried on selling the BAD batches even though they admitted so..
    They didnt change a thing or even offer compensation for selling bad product…where else does one go..”Emerald” I guess

  431. Krishnacat

    Of rec shops available, Maggie’s is the front-runner in all aspects of the business. Staff is too notch

  432. mike2642

    Great staff and great selection

  433. Pringirl

    super friendly and we never go any where else

  434. tquick250

    I was honestly pretty nervous to go in there my very first time not having any idea what I was doing. Maggie’s Farm, however, made it incredibly easy the whole way through and everyone was SUPER polite! Would recommend to anyone any day!

  435. Millhouse2814

    Fantastic customer service. And quality product for a great price

  436. SusanM524

    Easy access from Interstate or a nice quiet drive through town, perfect drivexample for any mood.

  437. MeachamRoy

    I love Maggie’s farm! I come all the time

  438. dwebs

    great place always feel safe

  439. Shitty

    way too expensive, buy in denver before you come here you will literally get 4A– more for your money do your research people.

  440. Spcecwby

    more controlled and customized buying experience and also more relaxing. Computerized menus in waiting room allow for relaxed decision making.

  441. Baybab33

    Love everything about them!! Fast Friendly and most of all carry the best strains.

  442. candiemoore

    Every time I walk into this place EVERYONE has a smile on their face. The atmosphere is uplifting. The staff is courteous and full of knowledge. They are very helpful while you are trying to decide which products will work best for your needs or activities planned. If you stop in and tell them you are going on a hike and want something to give you energy, they have a strain for that. If you tell them you are needing something to help you sleep, they have a strain for that. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

  443. stripes098

    Got 5 pre roll hybrids , bud falls out and won’t smoke porley packed cones for sure weed is ground up too much almost to dust and taste was 3-10

  444. Daniellenicole420

    Great staff! Great dank! Ask for advice they know their shit!

  445. Whattydo420

    Never disappointed! Friendliest budtenders ever!

  446. Ranny13

    Prepaxkaged gram was short.

  447. pcospelich

    Great place!

  448. Star.janai

    My favorite go to spot! Great people great prices!

  449. dietzbrian303

    Going again today..great products n great staff.

  450. GypsyJenny

    I love this place so much I named my puppy Maggie. Need I say more?

  451. Corymast

    Great service, good selection, only place we go!

  452. Recls

    Great location very convenient will definitely come back!

  453. jmbent1972

    If Colorado Springs could reconsider it’s ban on red weed, I bet the service here would be better. The complaints seem to be because this place is very very busy (because no rec weed in Colorado Springs).

  454. bananabrianna

    Forever in love with this place!! Thank you for your kindness and dank bud dY’s

  455. ChroNickcaptain

    Maggie’s has the best rec prices around and is a very nice and clean venue. They have a lottle of everything so you can try anything and everything from one location. They have the best loyalty program ever as well lol

  456. bc719

    This place is great!!! Lots of strains to choose from and a very knowledgeable and friendly staff!!!

  457. kodaman

    I love this store! Always fast and friendly. wayy better than the one down the street;)

  458. Aleciaann

    Maggie’s Farm in Manitou Springs has the most informative, caring and helpful staff in the recreational marijuana business. If you are looking for a fun and quality experience I would recommend you make this your one and only pot shop.

  459. psychoT

    love this place, very clean, nice staff… headi g there now actually.

  460. jc071812

    Best place in Colorado. Have lived in this state 2 years and only spot I have ever gone to!

  461. jjc85420

    Good budtenders but overpriced

  462. PapaHalas

    Decent deals and decent product.great tenders.

  463. 1Amberella

    Product is good. It’s close. Friendly staff.

  464. Mooker93

    Great staff and great selection

  465. Indy2012

    I love Maggie’s Farm. I’ve been going to the Manitou recreational location since shortly after it opened. When you get there they check your ID. Don’t put it away, it’ll be checked twice more. Then you go into a waiting area. I’ve found it to be festive. Happy people waiting to make their selections. Eventually (depending on how busy they are), your number gets called and you go talk to a budtender who checks you ID. I’ve found them friendly and helpful, but busy. The budtender enters your order and tells you the price. Then the line takes you to the cashiers who check your ID. You can put it away now. Someone brings your order to your cashier who checks your order, staples the bag shut and takes your cash. There’s an ATM if you need it. Then you’re on your way.

  466. ITR16

    Ok. Felt a little rushed inside but not a bad experience.

  467. SB4

    3rd time visiting this location, I have not been disappointed. great customer service. great product. if your in the area stop here. I hear oh retail is so expensive. it’s the same price black market is selling for. and it’s regulated. and legal in the state. support local business. they know what their doing. don’t let the haters deter you from coming.

  468. oOJaredLOo

    My wife and I have visited Maggie’s in Manitou Springs twice – both visits have exceeded our expectations. The employees are very welcoming, knowledgeable and professional. The products are high quality and we always leave with exactly what we wanted. I’ve never experienced a wait, though they have a great system in place in case traffic became too heavy. I would definitely recommend Maggie’s!

  469. BigRobbo

    Maggie’s Farm in Manitou Springs caters to medical and recreational marijuana customers. Their staff is professional, knowledgeable and courteous. They have a large selection of products and the highest quality. They take time to answer all questions that about their products and how to get the most efficient use of them. It is a great place to go for the first time buyer as well as the seasoned pro.

  470. Manda522

    Very friendly, pateint, and informative staff! Great visit!

  471. copeland2385

    Love the staff they’re awesome and always helpful. Though going through we are like a heard of cows being led to water. LOL

    Thanks Yall were the first place I came to for meds.

  472. RandyP74

    Best selection, friendliest staff, they know how to make my migraines go away 🙂

  473. Calicolo818

    awesome dispensary with friendly staff and great selections.

  474. Magicman321

    Relyable product, great staff!

  475. GSandoval72

    Everyone is super friendly and I love driving here its so beautiful.

  476. BHAWKS420

    good stuff but felt like being in jail and have to wait twice and their prices are rediculous i would much rather drive up to denver for weed instead of paying their rediculous prices

  477. Yn0t420

    Visited for first (and likely last) time over July 4 weekend. I don’t know if they purposely were pushing out bad product for the large holiday crowd, but I bought gram quantities of 4 different strains to have a smorgasbord over our visit. East coast sour diesel was recommended as their fullest flavor variety, it did not come close to my expectation. Also tried NY diesel, Maui Waui, and Purple Trainwreck, none were even close to my homegrown Nina Limon in terms of aroma, flavor, or effects. I was so disappointed, the only thing I could do to make this crap weed any better was to blend it with my own.

    They did do a good job dealing with the large number of customers, but once called into the bud room, the bud tender I had was not very helpful. The cashier was more helpful and I did find a good deal on a glass spoon pipe for 4.20 on sale. When I visit this area again, I will either make sure to drive through the Denver area or just bring some from home. How bad does your product suck, when folks are bringing weed INTO Colorado?

  478. angry32

    I truly love coming here! the people are amazing, helpful and very friendly!

  479. Hecks54

    Jay was very knowledgeable on the salve he sold me. Great customer service!

  480. bosieboy

    Decent bud, but nowhere near the quality of Denver weed.

  481. jacksoncap

    Maggie’s in Manitou is absolutely awesome. Friendly staff and the way they are able to process so many orders in a day so efficiently while giving each customer the same amount of care is nothing short of incredible. I’ve been visiting regularly to buy from their selection of concentrates and I’ve never been disappointed. I recommend Maggie’s to anyone in the Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs area.

  482. lkhali94

    Best shop to buy from. great quality bud and staff is friendly and helpful. if you have not been here yet i eould recomend giving them a visit!

  483. olivarm

    Very fair pricing on retail products. Well informed tenders, and high quality products!

  484. stpuidashley

    The budtenders and staff are all friendly and knowledgeable, the flower is delicious and I have a great experience every time. The tiny parking lot is kind of annoying but that’s my only critique.

  485. Scrnyplgy

    Everyone here is so nice. They listen to my needs and provide me with the highest grade meds. Satisfied every time I come in.

  486. Dougborn53

    Great friendly people & easy to get to!!!

  487. SundogIII

    horrible place, bad parking. they tried to herd me like cattle, by the time I got to the sales floor I seen 5 jars of buds. 5. so, from the beginning: security guard outside took off to have a cigarette so he was gone lol. I go inside and provide proper ID, and take a number to wait for the sales floor. I sat for 15 minutes on a dirty uncomfortable bench, finally my # was up on a confusing display, so I proceeded with caution because protocol is sketchy unless u been before. so I go in and it’s really dark with all the products in lit glass deli cases, except the flower which was 5 quart jars on a counter. so my eyes finally adjust and the budtender with dreads was loud and rude saying he was still waiting on my number to approach. that was very disrespectful, sooo wadded up my paper with my number on it and tossed it at him as I left. very poor experience beginning to end, I went somewhere else immediately. I’m not sure this place could redeem itself to me.

  488. cgrommon7

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff with great product!

  489. Jasmine3

    Great product, been coming here for several years and I’ve yet to come home disappointed. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, easy checkout. Beats the local competitor hands down.

  490. Btyree

    This location is great! Love how great the bud tenders providers excellent customer service! I will definitely be coming back again and again!!

  491. katheren

    Love the bud here, however the prices are a bit high.

  492. 1976sg

    Here at Maggie’s they sale the best of everything cannabis. If you want to know why its because they have the best General manager in the State. So if you want the best don’t try the rest. Go to Maggie’s Farm and ask for Roe.

  493. W33Zing

    We love Maggie’s. It’s always convenient and super friendly. The prices are reasonable with great discounts. We will always recommend Maggie’s… Worth the trip.

  494. quitethelonging

    Been here a few times. The last time I went I bought 5 cones and then were so poorly rolled and packed that it wasted most of the bud. So disappointing.

  495. cuate2101789

    its nice place and the people give u a good attention i like it

  496. Aggies16

    Love it!!!

  497. KristenAndrea

    Always fresh

  498. Katlpn2012

    Great quality canabis for recreational or medical use. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable and takes the time to answer questions. Would highly recommend them.

  499. meemee31

    This is my go to place when I’m in Colorado Springs.

  500. rghnathigh

    Great location with very knowledgeable bud tenders!

  501. Res1n

    Always come here and love it. Staff is always helpful and friendly.

  502. smcmann84

    I love love love Maggie’s farm and Laura Lee is the best but everyone is super kind and helpful TRY THE CANDYS

  503. Sherridc17

    Very informative and friendly

  504. ARDJ

    This branch of Maggie’s Farm is the BEST! Its never a wait, the staff are very knowledgible, and the selection and varieties are great! ‘Highly’ recommeded!! ARDJ

  505. Cruffet

    Great staff, wonderful selection. I just wish the express line would come back.

  506. ecoB00ST420

    Nice place, definitely worth a visit.

  507. Kellypan555

    Great store !

  508. aubreejane

    Love this place! I love their pre rolls! Always super friendly and helpful.

  509. jacquesurovik

    They are outstanding people. Very organized. Always able to help with every question. People here are energetic and fun!

  510. Fisher30

    Best shop in Manitou Springs area. Always has good selection and knowledgable budtenders. Definitely recommend!

  511. Bdaniels6989

    Maggie’s farm is my Best bud

  512. Rawrchar1

    Great place. Come here often.

  513. Bradd0990

    Awesome people, very helpful, and great product!

  514. gemini_prince

    The budtenders at this dispensary are friendly and willing to help, and they serve you quickly. Maggie’s farm makes for a good dispensary whether you’re just stopping in to grab some quick bud, or are visiting from out of town. Their pre rollers are also great

  515. Pamrodjenk

    Staff is great, product is always on point. It’s my modern day “Cheers” where everyone knows our name!

  516. goldengirl3288

    love the staff love the selection

  517. sevencrows

    Clean. Nice people. Very helpful.

  518. GreenLanternBud

    best place for flower

  519. RobInCOS80909

    Being a loyal customer to Maggie’s recently had the worst customer service experience. To the point, that I am considering giving my loyalty to another business that treats their customers with respect and care.

  520. KTK89


  521. Breezy143

    Friendly and helpful bud tenders. Always good product.

  522. IggyOC

    Always a pleasure coming in. They’re fast, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Price is what you’d expect with the taxes but it’s worth it with their selection. Something for everyone!

  523. ToughestMudder

    This place rocks! Best quality in town, leave satisfied and happy every time, very knowledgeable staff

  524. BOLStevieT

    Great place. Service is quick and all the budtenders are great and knowledgeable when you ask questions. Great place to buy green. Just wish more deals and specialsdY~S

  525. onyx87

    Great service! Love the BOGo J deal!

  526. DirtyfisterFO512

    I love Maggie’s Farm.
    they have the best quality flower and concentrates in southern colorado

  527. mtthwbrl

    wonderful place

  528. Britkay1

    Great location, clean atmosphere. Awesome customer service!

  529. Jrwilde44

    I love this place….they always help with whatever you need….very friendly and concerned staff!

  530. poki24

    awesome staff at this location, seriously always go beyond in helping out.

  531. SunnyLovetts

    Best MJ shop in Colorado! Great service, great folks, great atmosphere, and great bud! I love Maggie’s farm! 😀

  532. starkforbud

    Maggie’s is the best bud around by far

  533. Lezlyee

    Great location, ample parking, and very efficient system from sign in to purchase.

  534. MooreBud92

    Excellent customer service, great strains, and great prices!

  535. cblunt421

    I think it’s a great spot. You can be in and out. As long as you know what you want. If you dont, the staff is very knowledgeable. I would keep going back.

  536. I330

    Fantastic service. The staff are all incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. My favorite shop around.

  537. anorth2669

    I think the staff is wonderful the brands oh God I love them all always keep coming back for more I love this place

  538. 12x6_72

    Great, location and costumer service. Excellent products as well, come over and see for yourself.

  539. redbeard2383

    This was my first time buying legally and Maggie’s Farm staff made it a great experience! The service was above and beyond! Quality of product was as advertised. Thanks you guys and girls of Maggie’s!

  540. MorenoForever

    Fantastic staff that will answer all your questions and help you with all your weed needs.

  541. VT_Bob

    Great location with excellent variety and great customer service. A bit pricey compared to Denver and FoCo but a welcome relief and oasis from dry gulch Colo. Springs

  542. msbutler89

    Amazing customer service and great selection of bud

  543. stonergalwiththatloud

    Soo chill, love it here!

  544. amleag65

    Best shop in manitou. Great atmosphere and everyone is very polite and very knowledgeable.

  545. that1guy1

    ok bud nice people

  546. ddrmaster22

    everyone was so nice. they made me feel welcome and answered all of my questions and didn’t make me feel like they were just trying to get me in and out in order to help the next guest.

  547. The1hascamelol

    It rocks would recommend to anyone

  548. chelseajbelle

    The most amazing people and products you can find.

  549. twhite40

    Its my happy place. Staff is wonderful and extremely helpful. Loyal customer.Highly recommend.

  550. kdeblock

    Great place!

  551. ckid94

    Great friendly service willing to help find what you need , would recommend to anyone in the area!

  552. MrWild

    Maggie’s farm in Manitou. Is the best in the US

  553. 912CurtisBrown

    The best ever and im from Georgia. never seen or smelled scent like what Maggie’s Farm have going on..EVER!! It’s to die for. lol

  554. blackestbear

    great advice on varieties and events

  555. daatboi

    Excellent experience, very professional and staggeringly knowledgeable about what it was I was looking for. Can sometimes be a little crowded from what I can tell from my few visits, and the wait can be a few minutes, but usually they are pretty speedy.

  556. shaycoco

    Great service and great buds !

  557. sparky11

    it was a great experience…
    and people r very nice and friendly.

  558. dingodownwind

    This place is clean and organized.
    Bid tenders were very helpful.
    Went there 2 days apart and got two top shelf products. 5STARS!

  559. scumbellina

    This is a great place! The staff is friendly, professional, and efficient. I’ve never had a bad experience and I
    always tell my friends to come and check it out.

  560. Sv12345

    Best rec store around. Great people, great product, great prices

  561. mama7645

    Awesome place. Staff was very friendly .

  562. Knightdude8228

    Koo af, would shop again

  563. manny806

    one of my favorite MJ stores in town. best prices and selection.

  564. VixieMac

    Very pleased with Maggie’s! The selection is always great. The people are friendly and knowledgeable. Prices are a bit high but to be expected due to being in manitou with high tax.

  565. Medicaldolphin

    small and tucked in a gas station lot but very smooth process with good products and prices

  566. OG_McBlunts

    This is the only place I go. It’s always a great experience, everyone is friendly. The bud is always top shelf. The budtenders know what they’re talking about.

  567. Colorado2016

    Amazing people and strains. Helpful and knowledgeable as well. I will always come back.

  568. Theglowcloud

    our budtender knew his stuff. told me every strains lineage off the top of his head and helped me complete my first ever dispensary purchase. I couldn’t be happier with the prices, people, and kick ass service.

  569. Jason114w

    I love this place. Great prices, great selection, friendly staff!

  570. 16chantell

    This place is amazing! We received amazing customer service throughout our entire visit. Ed helped us with the decision process, and was extremely knowledgeable about all the products. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends.

  571. Tel96792

    Great products, great prices and great customer service.

  572. Amweimer

    It is convenient and the staff are nice and helpful.

  573. juey

    Excelllent staff, excellent selection for any herbal needs and great prices! Highly recommended!!

  574. AndyVincent88


  575. Brett1231

    Good people, good prices.

  576. dewy1499

    Always friendly staff and good bud. A little pricey but better than Emerald Fields

  577. Sailorjupiter27

    It’s my favorite local place for weed, love the people they’re always cool to me.

  578. Kyndl

    Chernobyl preroll dY’Y=dY~$?dY’Y=

  579. Yonahunega

    Great staff are really helpful and friendly.

  580. Tootieanne

    They have it all

  581. chanamang

    I love this place! the staff I’d super knowledgeable any really friendly. I’d never go anywhere else!

  582. ImpliedConsent

    The location is fine; however, there are some issues: watch the labels – on the board it (might) advertise as 20+% THC; however, the container’s label, it shows tested at 15’ish%. Just read the label on the container at before paying. Match it up to what you read on the computer board (Ripped Bubba was my recent example – 24% on board, 19% on label).

  583. monkey15

    Awesome quality on flower and products! Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely recommend and will go back!! Best products found in a dispensery!!!

  584. topgraphic

    Great place huge selection in concentrates all a bunch of other goodies. Come on by and check them out.

  585. MrsSims420

    last time I was in, for some reason, leafly pulled up a review from like 6 months ago. the guy behind the counter, while seeming a little annoyed (though it could have been my anxiety just telling me he seemed annoyed and he really wasn’t), still accepted it and I got my penny preroll. the staff is always knowledgeable about their strains and very friendly, taking the time to get to know their customers. the quality of the flower is always amazing. prices are a little high but SO WORTH IT! you pay for what you get, and you get potent and tasty medicine!

  586. Robertjmg

    I have been here a few times. Staff seems to know what the products are good for depending on what you want to use it for. I enjoy coming here. I would recommend it

  587. hauktk

    They provide the best bud and service. I would recommend maggies to everyone I meet.

  588. 719ben

    Good service good stuff!!!!

  589. Ike96

    Maggie’s Farm has great customer service and bomb pot. what more can you ask for.

  590. GrimyPaws

    Say what you will about Maggie’s, their weed can be bad ass. I have had the pleasure of trying a wide variety of strains from here, and I can’t say I have gotten a real dud. The Gorilla Glue #4 is fucking insane when its fresh. Sticky and atrociously dank. The prices are high sure, but blame that on the politicians in The Springs. With some fire weed, and some friendly faces Maggie’s in Manitou has had the chance to really shine with the ban in CoS. If I could fix anything about this location it would be the strange method of getting patients in. I’m not sure what the solution is but I have seen lots of confused people waiting around and quite a few times they have to just shout the number over the partition. Overall I dig it for the service they provide for the folks in the area 🙂

  591. Sean_honda

    It was a nice and friendly environment. They were kind to ask what I needed when I walked in. I would recommend Maggie’s Farm

  592. stonerfromwayback

    Great place!! I wish you continued success!!

  593. luketerry2014

    I love this place! Awesome selection, great prices, and even greater and friendlier staff! I always feel welcome and really APPRECIATE their Veteran discount.

  594. littlebrownbear

    I checked reviews before choosing a dispensary and found this one to be highly rated. Everyone was very friendly and Travis, the employee assigned to help us with our purchase, encouraged questions and answered them all thoroughly. It was clean, efficient, everything I had hoped it would be and more. Highly recommend this location.

  595. gnargnarbinks16

    Best buds and they hook up vets stop by and grab the stuff to get high

  596. ldwarner

    I absolutely love it the staff is eager to sell you good quality weed.

  597. Krystalsmith

    They are awesome and very friendly

  598. cosmicbuffalo

    I’ve been to a few different Maggie’s, and I love the consistency of their service at every location I’ve been to. It is a little pricey, but one location said they heard the complaints and were working toward adjusting prices. Either way, if I have to pay a little extra for excellent, professional, knowledgeable service, often with a huge dose of stoner humor thrown in, I’m fine with that. They are always clean and organized, and getting a chance to see the menu before going in is great for such a busy place. But even when the line is out the door, I haven’t waited more than 10minutes to be helped. They are quick but you don’t feel rushed.

  599. Coconut619

    Awesome Product

  600. 1grtfrmgrl

    Great service and had a great Just ended who was excellent in explaining to us as first timers!

  601. lifted4life

    This is our last visit, we are moving. We absolutely love this location! We will miss it. Thanks for the great selection and customer service.

  602. Metalhopapella

    Lots of hospitality and great atmosphere. The buds are beautiful and tasty. The ice cream my wife and I ate from there was the bomb diggity.

  603. georgeaflores

    great place good weed and good atmosphere everyone is extremely friendly and has smiles on their faces

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