The Dankery

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3745 Interpark Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80907


38.8851645, -104.8307101




8:00 AM – 8:45 PM


8:00 AM – 8:45 PM


8:00 AM – 8:45 PM


8:00 AM – 8:45 PM


8:00 AM – 8:45 PM


8:00 AM – 8:45 PM


8:00 AM – 8:45 PM


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32 reviews for “The Dankery

  1. douche666

    Love your selection

  2. davidscot

    It took a while , but you know minutes seem like hours when waiting for bud. Lol

    I’ll let you know more after

  3. Diegofo1

    I have to say that I am honestly pleased with the quality of product the the dankery has to offer! Incredible prices and incredibly self sustainable, I will definitely recommend the dankery to cannabis lovers anywhere! Try their moose juice!!!!!

  4. Chrisr0315

    My fav place . Great meds . Lolli is a sweetheart, but all the the budtenders are very knowledgeable and happy to take time with you . HIGHly recommended

  5. Jd37

    Nice place to go. good people. low low prices. Recommend everybody check it out with a medical card.

  6. MrZeeks

    Everyone is welcoming and friendly, and the selection is great and quality flower. I enjoyed it very much.

  7. fundy2017

    The Dankery is awesome and cultivates high CBD flower and their flower all together is amazing. I love their staffdY~S

  8. PanserBatalJonen

    Great Store, awesome strains, great concentrates, and the prices are fair. Would recommend for anyone and would go again

  9. indicaeye

    I have bought clones here several times and have ALWAYS been satisfied! BUT, I bought some of the cheaper pre-packaged flower and it is so harsh I can’t smoke it. Very disappointed in that.

  10. Kalahuna

    I wish it was a little bigger, but overall it is a great atmosphere. Always happy to help anytime from open to close. If you got any questions consider them answered. This team always goes above and beyond their job to give every client a great experience!

  11. ljspuds

    excellent place. as a member you get $70 ounce of flower a month. have no problem with the plants they sold me….people are friendly and dress professional, not like a lot of the these pot shops where the employee looks and dresses like a freak. military veteran friendly and offer discount along with your member pricing.

  12. OK_bud

    A couple of the products i bought there was straight fire, then i had one which was nothing but baby popcorn buds and was just so dry.

  13. FS22

    Great quality, extremely helpful staff and AWESOME customer appreciation events

  14. KCable

    great selection of flower, edibles, oils, dabs, stratos tablets…you name it, they have it. Very reasonable prices. Staff are especially knowledgeable, helpful, kind, & have happy positive vibes. Shout out to Lolli & Ann…thank you so much for guiding me thru the paperwork/phone quagmire!!!dY~dY~++

  15. Dkinch420

    this is the best shop for flower ( only thing I’ve tried so far) the staff are wonderful and helpful. the prices are awesome!!

  16. dricci1244

    Love this place! Super nice and full of knowledge! I’ll be back for sure!

  17. jmentzer

    I love this place best buds, hash and prices in town and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. I will be a member here for life!

  18. Barbarab120

    I pass at least 5 dispensaries on my way to the Dankery!They have the best selection and the dankest strains!

  19. mtheresao

    Patrick was super helpful, courteous and had me out the door in a flash. The selection of solvent free Rosin and hash is amazing. I will definitely be back soon!

  20. Mmj_Dad

    Very good quality and selection. Good clinic for concentrates and cones. They also have clones. People helping you are friendly and knowledgeable. Check em out!

  21. Jbarryj01

    Secure..Good place to get yer clones.

  22. soaanderson11

    Customer service and a hugh selection of concentrate of oils. Members have great deals! Danni was superb in knowledge and customer service!

  23. gregporter45

    Great selection, outstanding quality and best prices you can find

  24. emmameree

    Got to check this place out! The concentrates are the best!

  25. jessthepixxie

    This has become my new fave and go to spot. The staff is so friendly every time I go in they remember me and make me feel so good! Darcy is awesome and so helpful. This dispensary has the biggest selection of concentrated I’ve seen. Love this place!!!


    Best place in Colorado!
    Extremely knowledgable!
    Fantastic products!
    Don’t waste your time going anywhere else!!!

  27. krafty1

    friendly staff and very good selection of concentrates, reasonable prices.

  28. eyeriedarcy

    Have ya’ll tried the new Dabble Durban Poison Budder? It’s amazing! But not as amazing as the budtenders a$? they ROCK!

  29. Tatian17_

    I love the staff and the friendly help I get every time makes me come back every time!

  30. NaiyaArtur

    So I just got my medical card and went here because it’s super convenient. I go in and each person in there was so helpful and accommodating to my injury. I decided to sign up as a member after talking to one of the employees for just a couple minutes. Great people and great weed.

  31. laurabzmn

    great products, nice staff, and great atmosphere!

  32. Kristawalters7

    I love this place it’s great!!! I love the product, prices, and people. Keep up the good work! In response to the response to my last review the prerolleds are wimpy in regards to how loose they have become and how dry some of them are seeming. I know some sit there for a little while so they dry out over time . So when they started becoming looser they burn up in a minute. Before they were tight and even if you had to rip the top off because starting it was hard , well that’s always better then losing the whole joint in a few hits. I used to take your prerolleds to the other stores I go to to show them what 1 gram joint look like . Now……. not so much. I love this store so I will return. I just wanted to let ya know!! Thanks again!

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