Universal Herbs Jason St

$80 ounces (Out the door)



755 S. Jason Street, Denver, CO 80223


39.7028419, -104.9993474




8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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Universal Herbs Jason St. location now serving Rec and Med, 21+.
Rec Ounces starting at $80 OTD
$100 Top Shelf OuncesOTD 8am-10am and 7pm – 9pm
Med member Ounces starting at $60 OTD
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97 reviews for “Universal Herbs Jason St

  1. Lortega94

    Great service quick and easy great selection

  2. sssjuliee

    aswome place great staff and love the flower , great deals on great product

  3. moarbluntz

    Good location, good deals, awesome weed! Friendly and helpful staff. Definitely check them out!

  4. JuiceMan92

    Good products, and good prices.

  5. nzp1105

    Great staff, big selection

  6. DavewithMS

    Great staff, good flower as well as good specials and regular prices.

  7. Danielherman17

    Great people and deals

  8. Handzy

    They were giving out $20 off cards because the store on park ave was closed for construction. We used them twice and had no problem. Monday the store was supposed to be open but was still closed so they have us another card since we drove over. When we went to use the card the budtender jacked up the price from $80 to $100 per ounce then used the card to drop it back to the normal $80 price. They said we got the happy hour price the day before. The people being served by the other budtender got their ounces for $60. Not good business to top customers of $20. I did drive 30 mins in traffic RIP get to them instead of going to the shop down the street. They saved $20 but lost a good customer….

  9. randan85

    Love this place and products. Worthe the drive to stay away from park ave. Has good parking great staff. Incredible deals and product.

  10. rhunter89

    great location and has some of the best i love both locatiins

  11. Lynnie711

    So happy I found this bud shop on Leafly. The budtender there is the bomb. Miranda is awesome. You won’t be disappointed

  12. bayview

    I had great gueat service and I love this place. Would recommend this location to everyone

  13. JPerez1996

    Great environmentaEUR<, very helpful. Been here a few times and haven't been disappointed.

  14. bunwoMIKE

    Very friendly environment

  15. melly89

    Good selection great deals always great services

  16. TWBell

    Nice, helpful, knowledgeable about the buds! Hey and don’t you be afraid to ask them cuz they ain’t afraid to answer. Definitely one of the top 5 pharmacies to go too.

  17. Finaoboi6

    Great staff well knowledgeable on the different strains super friendly definitely will be returning

  18. Northnorth

    Great buds and budtenders..on my way back now

  19. savagetrashpanda

    call before you go. never know when they’re going to close, they’ve got different times everywhere you look. it’s left me without weed a few times.

  20. Nuwood33

    One of my favorite dispensaries in Denver! Always visit whenever in town. High quality, low prices!

  21. Deity47

    Great customer service, Great Price, & the flower is not bad at all

  22. rjd9

    The prices were low and the selection was great! We really enjoyed visiting this dispensary during spring break! Everyone was helpful and friendly.

  23. Diva2017

    Great location
    Awesome prices
    Different variety of strains
    Friendly service

  24. Jalisa89

    dope place most def coming back

  25. 19albertb89

    Good buds good price.

  26. BigMello

    Never long wait bud tenders well informed cozy environment

  27. Thuythi

    Really clean and organized! Super cool workers too. Good deals on OZ!

  28. Airamm11

    amazing !!

  29. stayblazed08

    Very enjoyable staff and a wonderful environment all around.

  30. buddman1954

    I have been looking for a new care giver that really does care for their patients. I found this place, and so glad I did. The staff was very helpful, and knowledgeable, and just all around very pleasant to deal with. Now, with that being said, there meds are real good and the price is right! I’ve been a medical patient since 2002 and to tell you the truth, I wish I would have found this place years ago.

    A couple more things I think are worth mentioning, is the clones I saw for sale, you can see and tell there is a lot of love put into growing them, and if that is any indication of the quality of there meds, and it is, we found a gold mine in our back yard.

    I really do like this place, and recommend you go check them out. And by the way, they have a BBQ on Saturdays.

    Again go check them out, I’m sure you’re going to leave VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

  31. AnneOrian

    I stopped by this place almost on accident. I was trying to go to a different place but got slightly lost. I’ve driven past this place twice before because of the parking situation. Not that it’s busy or crowded, but the parking lot is on a steep hill and my car is low to the ground so I did smack it on the ground on the way in and out.

    However once I entered I was blown away that I had missed this Gem. The budtender Marissa was cheerful and friendly and without trying to, she made several upsales on stuff I hadn’t even known about. if I wasn’t already at my daily limit I may have spent all of my money in here. After a wonderful chat about strains and the interesting decorations around the store (such as the conspicuously missing mile marker 420 from interstate 70) the girl had made myself and my girlfriend repeat costumers.

    I’ll definitely recommend it and I’ll be there today for sure.

  32. angelamitroi

    great dispensary, great hospitality never have been offered coffee or hot chocolate!! They even have a popcorn machine….always have to wait to get in the back but it is worth it!! I have found my new favorite dispensary!!!

  33. Pridemore

    Awesome quality and prices. Great customer service and quick!

  34. saint4551

    Very friendly staff a great place to shop with wonderful prices An a huge selection An very helpful I will pay the dispensary another visit.

  35. TobinFrost21

    Horrible customer service too lazy to give me any of the info I asked for and simply said aEURoejust come byaEUR. when asking for specific strains or products I like to call first so I don’t waste my time finding out they are out or don’t have it. Won’t be shopping here

  36. Teddil3ear

    Great atmosphere and security guard. I would just come back to hang if I could.

  37. ungoungas

    love everything about this place, people ,& service BEST OF ALL awesome deals dY~

  38. Bigzoe1983

    Great place, great product and definitely great deals! A place you must visit!

  39. Aviel03


  40. Nikkitf040308

    Great location, enjoyed this location way more than the park ave location. Walked in budtenders where great up beat, great info. Unbeatable prices. Will shop with u guys again. Thanks dY’<

  41. jonathannena

    First time stopping in, visiting from Chicago! Everything was perfect, the staff, the place, good products and amazing prices!

  42. alcweed

    Everything about this location is great the weed strains the staff on hand and the location as well as the price

  43. Mrzz1112

    I can’t say enough about the service and the product from Universal Herbs. I stopped in this week and talked with the Budtender on staff about some serious neck pain and migraines I’ve suffered from since a nasty car accident. They hooked me up with some Mountain Menthol salve. This stuff is an absolute miracle. By the next day I was almost 100% better. It relieved soooo much pain I am still stunned…and it didn’t come back. I’m not one to generally leave reviews but nothing has ever worked so well for my pain, and I have tried it all. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  44. Kelsealc1

    My favorite place to shop!! Love all the awesome budtenders especially Barbara and Terry!!

  45. Elias87

    great prices awesome atmosphere and cheap. prices on the flower

  46. Pj1992

    The deals are crazy here !!!

  47. PickySticky

    I’m in town from Ohio on vacation and found their 420 deals in the Westword Magazine. $10 Eighths!!! We had to check it out.
    Not a lot of parking, but I’ve been to worse parking options. The wait was minimal fine, THE REC SELECTION WAS ABUNDANT, and my budtender was helpful & knowledgeable.
    I’m actually on my way back now and I told my friends.

  48. windandrain

    I hope they will go recreational but this one might be going to medical only. Give them a try; the flower is worth it.


    Stop here every time in town. Great budtenders and the best deals. I tell all my friends about this place!

  50. justanwalker

    good product and even better price

  51. IAMNY

    Checked put UH today for the first time and have nothing but good things to say, I’ve checked out over 15 dispensaries and in terms of prices, quality and staff they definitely are worth checking out and giving a shot, you wont be disappointed!

  52. King_Wilson_420

    Tons of strains. But the Gorilla Piss is a rare one. Been going back every week for some. Amanada is great w the products and happy to answer any questions.

  53. brettvan3

    Decent buds

  54. hsims87

    I love the entire staff here. the selection is always top shelf and dank! Thanks for being so affordable while maintaining high quality cannabis!

  55. stonedmatt

    the medicine is always top knocth,
    and the customer service is outstanding

  56. shalskocassity

    the budtender was pretty groovy

  57. johncorosz

    I was told that what I saw was “typical” each day at this office. – Not bad, not worthy of much discussion however they did offer some very DARK leaf (almost black) on the medical side that I have not seen yet in my Denver travels! I was not allowed to purch the buds but they looked marvelously powerful. – Layout is wide open and allows for a comfortable open feel. Prices are OK and better than the boutique shops in town. The bud is better than many I have found at some chain shops but the Mahatma Shatter is just terrible. At 25+ out the door this crap on a 65f day was melted into the paper, super sticky like a tar. I tossed in the freezer and what followed was the hilarious fun you have when a booger sticks to your finger! Only I was smearing and losing, wasting and ruining buds all for my 25 bucks. So just avoid that stuff.

  58. RobertG79

    The absolute BEST place to buy bud in Denver. Concentrate is crazy potent, tasty, and cheap! Can’t wait to sign my rights over, member benefits, are truly unbeatable.

  59. PUREVIBEvape

    This is such a great shop! What stands out the most here is the staff’s willingness to be so helpful. Dan, Thorne, and the entire team at Universal Herbs have the VIBE at their shop set at warm & friendly each and every day. There is a great variety of quality products on the shelves here and the pricing shows a lot of love for the customer! PUREVIBE highly recommends Universal Herbs!

  60. Amrules

    These bitches be top shelf yo!!!

  61. Lareoner

    Work up the street from Jason location. Was in there quite often. But seem to always have some issue. Last time wait was over 30 minutes with only one customer ahead of me. Time before, out of preferred edible, had to go to alternate dispensaries. Time before that weed tasted of fertilizer. Probably wont visit again. Dispite it being so close. Very disappointed

  62. PeridotKnighte

    its so nice here. Marissa i think is how you spell it but she was very informative and knew her stuff. she was speedy but took enough time to expain to me what i needed. great everything. plus the store looks awesome.

  63. Dayalissia12

    Clean Environment! Great Quality Weed And Good Prices !

  64. MRCARLD888

    I love Universal on Jason Street

  65. xdrive300

    This is a smaller shop that has everything you need with good quality products! I was more than pleased with the service and quality overall. PRICES ARE GREAT

  66. kattd

    I came as a tourist and everyone recommended this place.Great quality and reasonable prices. Top notch

  67. Sassystallion69

    I love this place! The ladies are great! Weed is even better! Never busy!

  68. sandeezy

    very helpful staff

  69. strawberrymoonbb

    I got some flower for an affordable price and overall had a great experience. The bud tender Sam was very knowledgeable about the strains and the location was a little hard to find but was welcoming and laid back. I waited for maybe 5 minutes before I was seen. I will definitely be a returning customer.

  70. Hollywho1313

    This place is awesome!!!! I atm! Colorado.

  71. Jamsto

    I usuallsy shio at the park ave location. Which i get mad love. Came to the jason location and was helped thoroughly Miranda. Thank you so much

  72. Polo504

    They great workers

  73. killaconn

    Decent weed, great prices.

  74. DeadboyYo

    Miranda is the greatest bud tender of all time.

  75. blankmanaxe

    great service knowledgeable staff fast service! highly recommend going there if your medical

  76. Bee.buzz420

    Great selection, service and prices

  77. lesliet

    friendly services and great selection with just lovely prices!dY~+

  78. alexanderrude

    the dankest place in denver!

  79. jasontrujillo

    good customer service and great buds!

  80. wladymiss

    they do a great job,they have grea8 product f.w.

  81. Ofrhodes

    Great atmosphere. Dank bud and plenty to choose from! We will be back!

  82. taquanunicholas

    Great weed great prices!

  83. Overtime0406

    Great product and prices

  84. captain76

    amazing! these ladies are knowledgeable and very friendly. dude at the front cracks me up!

  85. Marcoman97


  86. jman49er

    Excellent staff Shawn and the crew

  87. Spudd303303

    Amanda is the sweetest sweetheart under the sun

  88. Indy_G

    I absolutely love this place. Customer service is amazing! dY~dY~dY$?–

  89. KYLIE102

    A friend and I have come here a few times when I am in the area and I have always been happy with our experience. Budtenders always seem happy and knowledgeable. I will always come here when I’m in the area!

  90. 999999

    great place to shop for meds

  91. CHARmndr

    We came to town for all of the 4/20 activities so of course we hit multiple shops during the duration of our stay and this was by far our worse dispensary experience in all the times we’ve came to visit Colorado. The environment is clean and professional but that’s all it’s got going for it. Our budtender was a very dry-personality without the warmth or attentiveness we’ve come accustomed to. Not the worst problem in the world since we came in knowing what we wanted. The biggest problem was our purchase- the info sticker on the plastic medical container had a few strands of hair coming from behind it. Ii, opened the container and not only is hair sticking out of the container, but the jar housing our concentrate has a giant tuft of hair screwed down into it! I’m not sure who is at fault, the dispensary or the supplier but I’m not sure I’ll ever stopped being too grossed out to come back. We give every dispensary we visited this weekend 5 stars EXCEPT THIS ONE!!

  92. pintilie503

    Outstanding customer service and products.

  93. Swiffthebarber

    This location is a good one low prices good weed and great customer service.

  94. maryjanestarr

    nice products and friendly staff. will come again!dY~Z

  95. Leevuwrite

    They are my favorite spot in town great selection and an awesome staff. If you come to Denver this is a must stop.

  96. Meagaroni0618

    This location has their own designated parking lot, the Park Ave one does not. The atmosphere is nice and clean. The service is generally friendly but not very quick. If you go at the wrong time you can end up waiting over 20 minutes. The quality of the bud for the price is insane. Their $80 ounce special is my go-to deal. They also have really aEURoefancyaEUR exit bags that they hand out for free, where as most places charge you for a plain one.


    great place love their herbs
    also the people are so awesome

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