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3431-G S. Federal Blvd., Englewood, CO 80110


39.6546954, -105.0256888




10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


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Good Meds medical marijuana centers offer affordable access to high-quality cannabis. The carefully-curated genetics are grown using the highest quality ingredients, to address a full spectrum of medical ailments. Good Meds’ staff is friendly, professional, informed and discreet. One of the few medical dispensaries with their own Infused Product Manufacturing License, Good Meds is able to produce concentrates with the same care and attention to detail that goes into every one of our plants.

One of only four licensed marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated Arapahoe County, Good Meds Englewood is conveniently located right at the intersection of 285 and Federal Blvd. Only 10 minutes from downtown Denver, Good Meds Englewood is perfect for the patients that want big city accessibility with a boutique atmosphere

Good Meds is a full-service medical marijuana dispensary that offers a wide range of medical products so whether it is edibles, topicals, or anything in between, you know that when you come to Good Meds you can medicate YOUR way. We are also pleased to offer one of the largest selections of BOSM Labs Live Resin in Colorado. Having partnered with the BOSM Labs team since their Live Resin first hit shelves we are lucky to work with a concentrate company that is as passionate about their extraction as we are about our flower.


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108 reviews for “Good Meds Englewood

  1. Brandon08


  2. shearer

    Love this place I have never been disappointed in the 2years I’ve been coming. Love the products and staff!!!!

  3. EvanJB26

    Best place in Denver.

  4. nathandmiller87

    Great product and prices but they never have anything in stock when it comes to concentrates. All they have is their most expensive stuff in stock. Staff is very ill informed about what is going on with when more product is coming/upcoming price changes. Went to the store, on the bus as my seizures make it so I cannot drive, 3 days in a row for something they were out of stock in then when they finally get it in stock they have risen the currently advertised price by close to 20% in the middle of the week with no notice from the people I was in there speaking with the previous days. Still waiting to hear back from complaints I have submitted to their website. Was just told over the phone up to 2 weeks before any non live resin concentrates(the affordable ones) would be available. I have epilepsy and I am almost out of needed medication. This is not acceptable especially when all representatives tend to give you an “oh well what do you want me to do about it?” tone and attitude. Very disappointed with this place. Every day I don’t receive contact from management I will be placing this review somewhere else online. Thanks for reading.

  5. jewealz303

    I like this place a lot actually I love it! They have really good medicine and a great selection. Thier staff is really nice and they are very helpful.My favorite dispencery by far!

  6. craigwood

    this place is awesome from the prices to the staff you cant find a better place very knowable of there products and there service is awesome

  7. kjriso13

    My dispensary of choice is Good Meds (predominantly Englewood, but have been to the Lakewood location as well) and I love all of the associates in both stores. They are so helpful and friendly. For someone older w/pain, they always make me feel very comfortable. When my strain of choice is out of stock, they have always helped me find the right one to help with my condition. I wouldn’t use anyone else even if they were right next door to me!!

  8. ytm

    Great staff Great buds amazing everything will be back soon dont hesitate to come check them out

  9. proudmama418

    I forgot to mention that your first time in you can half off of your first 1/8th, ANY strain!!! I recommend Holy Grail, Cali Girl, Girl Scout Cookies, Sheriff, Night Terror, Rocky Mountain Fire…just to name a few!!! You’re missing out if you don’t try Good Meds!! There is one in Englewood and Lakewood!!! No reason not to go!!!!

  10. UGurule

    the people are great and are really helpful and their shatter is the best quality ive found

  11. vuduemail2

    good meds is where i always go they are nice and always willing to help! ty

  12. drgreennugz

    Very knowledgeable staff, very friendly definitely made me feel welcome. The flower here looks amazing! I tried some Rocky Mountain fire and it was fire!! Will be coming back and definitely recommend good meds!!

  13. kriddy311

    Amazing place that treats patients like family

  14. panicked

    I think Good Meds is the best medical dispensary in Denver. The staff are very knowledgeable and laid back. For the quality and selection, their prices can’t be beat. Even though there are many dispensaries closer to where I live, I prefer to shop here and have made them my designated provider. <3

  15. rivertrance420

    I came in today to reassign them as my primary center and to get my $1 quarter for doing so and to use my $25 monthly credit. Being a member is supposed to get you 30% off on concentrates on Saturday, so I chose to do a Colorado Cannabis CO2 syringe as well, normally $40. I got charged $11.99 after tax which I though was correct at first. However 30% of $40 would be $12 off bringing it to $28 plus the $1 for the quarter and $0.50 for tax bringing it to $29.50. They only took 10% off, or $4.50. With my credit it ALL should have come out to $4.50 after tax. However, they took the $25 off first and only gave me 30% off of $15 instead of the actual syringe price of $40. I called the store to let them know and the claim there is nothing they can do, “higher” management won’t fix it. So if you are using your credit on a Saturday for concentrate, don’t expect them to price in your favor. I got charged an extra $7.50 for doing so. They expect you to not sign another center over for 120 days, but are deceptive and won’t fix their mistakes like this. Place has become laughable. And the bud has become another issue. It used to be a great place to pick out buds fresh from a jar. Now everything is pre-pack, and they rarely carry their best strains like Face Off OG or Area 51 on a normal basis anymore. And they have completely eliminated the Kong and Frost Hammer from their lineup. Also, on my previous visit, I got shorted 2 grams when using a coupon for $150 for 30 grams. Really, not cool. It’s sad to see my once favorite shop, go the other bad business.

  16. matis84

    Came into town visiting family and this was my first stop! A+ all day! I will definitely be seeing you guys again soon!

  17. bakedsqurl

    When ever i am in this side of a town this medical dispensary is a safe bet with a very knowledgeable staff.

  18. dsboo

    totally awesome staff and great selection of meds… never go anywhere else!!!!

  19. T4tuff303

    I have been a customer here for 4 years, keep coming back for the knowledgeable service and great prices. Staff if always friendly.

  20. Jorge1991

    Good Meds Rocks! My main dispensary. Awesome flower and concentrates. Can always count on finding what I’m looking for there!

  21. eviled

    Awesomeness in ALL area’s.

  22. sandythompson

    great buds

  23. rwcuba

    Great place great staff great kickbacks
    If u don’t like your caregiver think of making this place yours!

  24. rwammsberry

    i I have been using Good Meds for over a year and find them to have consistent high quality. The budtenders are knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend them to fellow patients tired of BS you get from many places.

  25. prettyinink1231

    These guys have been my primary provider for several years… Because they’re the best. Great meds at great prices. The staff knows their stuff and they’re all super nice. Highly recommended!

  26. mtylet

    Every single time I visit this location the service is wonderful!!Great buds,great quality, great staff!!Grape ape and banana kush are two of my favorite strains!!I shop here frequently and recommend it to all!!

  27. Asmorishige

    Great customer service, prices and product. Their frequent buyer and rewards program is top notch! I have been a patient for 4 years and have been to over 30 places and this place beats all! Andrew M. RASTA!!!

  28. shawnessey

    I am in here at least once a week. Always good 1/8 specials. Excellent costumer service and member benefits. They have some of the best growers as well. Power plant and girl scout cookie yum.

  29. thatsthatfire91

    Rocky Mountain fire is fire, great service, lots of strains!

  30. kanehbos

    patient care isn’t just a phrase here
    genuinely knowledgeable staff compliments a consistent and value driven product, with what I consider are the top contending vendors of edibles, topicals and accessories.

  31. BHO710666

    Hands down, the best in quality!

  32. ColoGrowerA20

    I started stopping by this place when looking for a spot along the Santa Fe corridor. They are easy to get to and have two bars to ensure traffic flows efficiently in the event that a patient wants to spend some time with the bud-tenders.

    Their specials and prices for members are awesome. I like their daily 8th special, and Monday/Wednesday is $160 ounce day. They have flower, concentrates like co2 oil, shatter, wax in several varieties.

    Members get 50% in credit each month based on the previous month’s purchases, and that amount is more with higher plant counts. I will take a 50% credit all day.

    Their Pure Power Plant and Holy Grail are my favorite, and their concentrate selection can’t be beat.

    I didn’t purchase any edibles but they have a large selection from different vendors.

    Ask about the massage oil!

  33. stonedflyguy

    One of the best med dispensaries around. Great products, great prices, and great staff every time I’ve been.

  34. curvesinmyspine

    Been going there each month for over a year and a half and I couldn’t be happier, it’s a pleasant experience every time. The bud’s potent, high quality medicine, perfect for easing pain, nausea, depression, and insomnia. (Not to mention it’s well-trimmed and covered in crystals) Concentrates are equally great. Every single budtender is very kind, knowledgable, and always provide A++ customer service. Would reccommend to any cannaisseur, definitely check them out!

  35. Denver_Girl

    Best place in SW Denver, it is my go-to. Good inventory, friendly peeps, fast service.

  36. Castro09

    Friendly staff and their Gost Og is

  37. fuelguy77

    This is the best spot for wax/shatter! Always in stock and amazing product! The flower is spot on with something for all budgets!


  38. BidiZzle420247

    Best Wax and flower in town!! Couldn’t be any happier!! My fav Spot!dY”

  39. rappinremix

    very clean dispensary.friendly staff .good meds .sometimes theres a long wait but its worth it.
    8 out of 10 based on all the dispensaries ive visited

  40. ebaroody

    Always great service and nice employees! Selection is on point dY’OEdY>>

  41. Harris2014

    I have tried “shopping around” for other good products and always come back to Good Meds for the best! Recommended to ALL my friends!!

  42. naenae4201991

    Really great and friendly staff. Good meds. Great deals

  43. briles710

    one of the best medical dispensaries in Denver hands down. what keeps me coming back time and time again is the staff. nothing but smiling faces always looking to get you the best deals/best product! thanks for being awesome guys!

  44. mowglismom

    I have been going here for a couple months great service, Quality meds like this place

  45. jasonmargo

    the brain OG and citrix from TC Labs was on point!

  46. BOSM

    Great dispensary to work with! Our live resin will be available exclusively at Good Meds starting February 2nd!

  47. hdkenison

    Good Meds in Englewood is always fully stocked on anything I may need. with a large variety of high quality
    and reasonably priced goods but I think the real reason I go out of my way to shop there is the incredible staff. Two thumbs up for Good Meds

  48. way2slick

    Got Meds? If not Good Meds is the spot. Once again I leave a happy camper with some White Fire og and some CO2 earwax.. They have the most moist buds in the Mile High City

  49. HHH11

    I love this place. Quality product all the time and fair prices and deals!..cant beat it.

  50. Tillapaugh

    I tried the Sheriff earwax and it was quite enjoyable. Being new to concentrates, I liked it better than the shatter. Great for just hanging out at home or on the go, just be careful because it is easy to go from functional to immovable couch potato very easily. I liked the taste of shatter better than the wax but I think the wax was more potent and the better bang for my buck so far. As always the service was great, friendly and helpful, showing me each of the new strains and helping me find the one that suited my needs best. Always a very knowledgeable staff, if they don’t know the answer to my question, they will go find out. I really enjoy this dispensary.

  51. douchecrudite

    Really impressed by this unassuming storefront on S Federal. Friendly folks from check in to check out and surprisingly great bud. Their Night Terror OG was not only a new (to me) strain but also what I consider a “best of both worlds” hybrid. I love their daily rotator special for $30 eighths. At most places, these specials are generally a poor life choice, but not at Good Meds. Their daily specials have thusfar been some of the better if not best looking flower I scoped on the shelf and at a more-than-agreeable (considering I’m not a member) price. I’m not a fan of tiered prices, as I generally go for quality vs quantity and like anticipating what the damage is going to be before hand, but their quality specials make up for it. Last gripe is that while they offer a purchase reward, it is via punchcard. I think they’re rocking MMJ Freeway and therefore can see my spend to date–I don’t like having to keep track of punch cards to get what’s entitled to me. Please track my spending for me instead of banking on me losing my card. Grateful this spot is near my new job–will be back soon! Thanks guys~!

  52. dirtydusty

    Great friendly service the kind you expect in the great state of Colorado

  53. fuelguy08

    I always find a great deal and always a wide selection of great medical grade buds. The cherry on top is the great staff…

  54. highstylegirl1

    I’m a member here won’t go anywhere else

  55. broncosguy

    Had to renew my purple card close by-while waiting saw a coupon in a magazine -2 for 1 eighths so I went up into the shop, do the ID thing, go in & meet Josh. Told him, I’m a Sativa kind o dude & he steered me right to the 2 of the best strains. ( I’ve got 40 years token) ) I got Chem 91 OG for one & the other was Purple Trainwreck. They both stunk real funky & great. Price was great regardless of coupons! Really toasted me & the family. Thanks Guys! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  56. SyntaxErr

    Quick service. Great knowledge of strains for specific outcomes.


    GOODMEDS (Englewood) is the SPOT! Friendly staff who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to MMJ. I’ve been going here for years and continue to do so for many to come.

  58. roxanna

    good for me

  59. Flanker

    I made Good Meds my caregiver after going in 2 or 3 times and haven’t looked back. The selection is always huge, usually with around 50 different strains on the shelf. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, the budtenders know a ton about the product and can find you something that will work just as well. You’ve gotta check them out!


    Great dispensary!!! Potent strains & bomb extracts

  61. BabaGanj

    Great deals, great people, best in Colorado!

  62. hhunter420

    The selection was HUGE!!!!The prices were reasonable!The flower looked good.It was clean.The staff was nice and seem to know what they were taking about.Over all a pretty good experience!

  63. ASloza

    Love the Flower, all top notch and friendly staff!


    I like the close location. With Premium, Lab-tested

    flowers and most strains have 22% or more THC.

  65. garza0826

    Great buds and the help is excellent!

  66. colten.anderson.777

    Always great service and meds!

  67. melbode

    Awesome quality of product and customer service their Ghost OG and Grape Alien Vine are top notch!

  68. StonerSimpon

    Horrible. Max of 4 strains on ANY DAY and don’t sell nothing less than 8ths. Price isn’t bad really it’s just the quality is really not there….. And this is MEDICAL smh

  69. tacorbett11

    I went there once because it was convenient at the time.
    I liked it so much I have been going back ever since.
    They have everything I want and they put stuff on sale all the time.

  70. jnorth1038

    I have been shopping here for just over a year this dispensary consistently has the dankest nugs in town. Their shelves are always stocked with a variety of different buds, as well as edibles, concentrates, and accessories. Their staff is always super nice and knowledgeable about their products. The quality of their medicine is superb and probably some of the best buds I’ve smoked. Overall, come to Good Meds Englewood if you want the dankest nuggets in town sold to you by some of the nicest people in town. =)

  71. jtyler527

    Absolutely love this store,all the staff, and all the meds!! Always feel welcomed here and always a great deal!! Only place I shop anymore!! Highly recommend

  72. jthompson8786

    This place is amazing, the people are always so friendly and helpful. They always have the best and newest strains, and are willing to explain the differences for you in detail . The staff is very knowledgeable on their product, and everyone always seems so happy to be there! This is the only place I go for my medical.

  73. sosa4204

    This store is the best. Friendly people and great people. I love coming into this store

  74. tonypotsnpans

    The reason I love coming to this place so much is that they are always so helpful! I am always in and out in 5 minutes so quick! Very reasonably priced and they always have some awesome deal going on. Definitely my favorite in the area

  75. cascadianmass

    Epic. Simply Epic. I have to buy bud here every time I’m in Denver. Great Service, I eventually made it into this dispensary last February and enjoyed the visit. Got a couple pre-rolls on sale and a Gram of some lower tier bud(which is still highly epic)

  76. dekkvance

    awesome service very polite and knowledgeable. answered every question I had. also it’s really nice inside!

  77. demolisher

    Always have a great selection and all the staff are very nice and informative.

  78. mostdopekids23

    Best dispense hands down! Great friendly, helpful staff, awesome meds, and great prices as well. This is a my favorite spot in Denver!

  79. Deerwhistle

    I have been frequenting Good Meds for a couple of months. Their selection is always pretty awesome. The staff, very friendly and informative. From leaf, edibles, wax, etc. It is always top notch medication. I have also been to the other location and found the same to be true.

  80. eochaid

    Quality is so poor of late that I have switched my caretaker to another dispensary after 3 years of good quality flower.I have gotten burned on an OZ of harsh bunk junk for the last time.They pre package everything so you cant test a small amount, something you have to do because you don’t know if its any good anymore.Anyways I am stuck with an expensive pile of trash I have to throw away because it makes me sick to smoke it.Thanks for nothing good meds.


    Awesome place. Real good quality. Perfect place for a picky patient. Service is great. Great variety.


    Very good

  83. da420

    If you’re looking for a caregiver sign this place up best meds best staff best kickbacks

  84. jonpennington88

    Seriously the best experience I have ever had at a Dispensary! First I walk in and the guy at the front desk asks if its my first time there (expected), I say yes it is. He says oh, well you get your first 8th or gram of wax for $20… I say sweet…. He then notices that I am wearing my MMC-OPC-MIP Badge and says oh, and if you are a industry member you get 15% off as well! After waiting in the waiting room about 3 minutes (they were BUSY) I encounter arguably the best budtender in Colorado…. There is not enough I could say about Shelby! She was warm and kind…. knew the right questions to ask… and was EXTREMELY knowledgeable about their product. She could tell me the genetic background of their 25+ Strains, their sativa/indica ratio, and how they effect her personally. She was also willing to go in depth on the processing of all of their concentrates. From who extracted it to what strain to strain origins to effects! I WILL be making this my first stop from now on because of Shelby and the overall feel and attitude of this dispensary!!! (P.S. I came in for wax and left with wax and flower based solely on the salesmanship of Shelby)

  85. Mile_High_Moon

    Medical only, great product, and staff that’s like a family to me. Wouldn’t shop anywhere else!

  86. kezerone87

    I purchased a vapor pen and Cinderella 99 I also got a gram of wax Citrix killer for the Super Bowl

  87. 420rn

    Great customer service, great staff, super-great strains.

  88. goodmedspatient

    this is the place you should stop and shop. make them your care giver and get way more benefits than your employer will give you. not only are they the best quality but they have the best prices too. how can you go wrong with a half for 80-100 and be top quality. they have different tiers like everyone but the bottom tier is extremely satisfactory. check with the person helping to see what sales or specials they have. they are different daily so call ahead so you know. great amount to choose from no matter what product you want. THESE GUYS ROCK!!

  89. Destanyarg

    This is the best store with quality products and a friendly atmosphere Katelyn has always been there to help me find the best product for pain.also Jake is always there with a positive attitude and shows me great deals I’d recommend this store to anyone

  90. agrutze

    This dispensary always has top notch medicine and the most knowledgable staff. Very friendly too, which is why I love going there so often!

  91. Rawstafari10

    I have been satisfied with this place for a couple of years now, and i love the strains and caregiver benefits. The banana kush is fire and affordable. If you want to get to super fire but more pricey, get the girl scout cookies. The weed is so good!! The deals they have to also surprise you and keep you interested. They are unpredictable. dY~EURdY~,, the staff here is super friendly and im always in there interest when i get there. They pick me out great buds as if it were there own purchase. I appreciate them and you should try them out to!!!

  92. Farfallo

    Great knowledge always, great meds. And truly exceptional Tenders!

  93. gkitty

    Incredible! Top Flight! Phenomenonal Exprience!

  94. dankestskank

    Since my first visit over a year & half ago they have been the only place I go for my meds. Always excellent, they never disappoint.


  95. HeyHeyMyMy

    I’ve been here three times and had a different person help me each time. And each time, the service was equally amazing. They have never rushed me, or failed to answer any question I’ve asked. My purchases include flower, edibles and now concentrates. Always tip top quality.

    This is my new regular shop.

  96. DroSimplicity

    First time there, not a long wait, got checked right in. The clerk was very kind, and showed me plenty of variety of concentrates, even though she said they normally have even more in stock. Will definitely be back again soon!

  97. 303rv

    I walked in and everyone was super helpful and willing to make sure that i knew what I was getting. After I left I was very satisfied with not only their service but the quality of my purchases!

  98. 1diinastyy

    first time in with a friend awsome place tried the Ghost og <3 & death star both great indicas love the different options they have great staff amazing buds I would recommend you give them a visit

  99. 420fourtwenty420

    Great place

  100. kensuehome

    Great buds, great people, fair prices. I have been looking for 2 years to find this place this good in filling my needs. My wife and me have found a wonderful home at Good Meds Englewood.

  101. Darglemanjansen

    Longtime customer of good meds at both locations. They always have amazing deals and great products. It’s great to have knowledgeable and honest bud tenders like Eric overy at GM Englewood to help the buying process smooth and fun! Much love for the Goodfam!

  102. Dhermosi

    I love this place best medicine in Denver hands down I only shop at good meds Englewood only thanks again good meds love u guys so much.

  103. Enzo_5280

    Love the meds and the people! Glad to say they’re my caregiver.

  104. karmaosiris

    Dispensary has been the best I’ve come across by far. Great people working there. Always friendly. The strains always have me in whatever mood I’m looking to be in.

  105. Tsemaj

    Good Meds is the best dispensary in the Denver metro area. Especially if you’re looking for concentrates. They have 10% off all concentrates on shatterday!!!!!!! (Saturday)

  106. eyeyeseye

    Good meds or no meds.

  107. Jaime93

    The best place in town Quality and service is spectacular thanks amber

  108. Gizmorulz

    I love good meds I have been shopping there for 3 years there is always is a good variety of buds and all are good I also love their staff they are very friendly and helpful. Good meds is the place to shop I love them.

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