Altitude East Denver



6858 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80224


39.6780035, -104.9090258




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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680 reviews for “Altitude East Denver

  1. EverSoSly

    The exemplary customer service provided by the staff was quite amazing. I was helped with exactly what I needed with upmost courtesy and patience with all of my questions. I will definitely be going back! The Budtender that helped me was very knowledgeable about the available products!

  2. jRod17

    This place has impeccable customer service and even better quality bud for the best prices in Denver

  3. Nando1250

    Always a great visit wonderful workers very polite and friendly

  4. msbribap

    Was very welcoming and friendly

  5. Ms.Q

    I love it. Great people working here.. And the weed is the best dY’adY3/4dY’adY3/4

  6. chattco

    Great products to choose from friendly staff

  7. hytg

    Organic buds! Friendly staff! And great deals! This place rocks! They even have stoner movies in the lobby! Try DAYWRECKER

  8. Odf715

    My favorite dispensary in Denver.
    They have great rotating flower here, out the door pricing not to mention the quality is top knotch and the employees are always nice and friendly, I recommend this spot to everyone.

    Thanks Altitude!

  9. afox610

    Love the whole atmosphere.

  10. Tavon11

    Very nice product. Staff not too friendly about review process and email came late.

  11. Yae222

    Great strain of weed & the process is very fast

  12. Starfire12

    It’s never too late to have a happy childhood at Altitude! BIG on selection, the FLO hits you hard and strong, but is delightfully sweet….a~o SHOUT OUT to management for holding your “standard” high…As always…Luv 2 Luv ya baby$

  13. Marcusjacob23

    Super pot friendly, great deals, nice people. AND A GREAT SELECTION! I go almost once a day and they always have something I need! lol

  14. jaydwinn

    I was very impressed not just with the staff but the layout and cleanliness. I have now been twice (always give a place two times before reviewing and deciding) and will most definitely be back to this location and most likely will go to an altitude nearest where i am when i am buying. You guys are rockstars and have the best staff at this location out of all dispensaries i have been too over the years. I only regret not having found you earlier. Oh and quality of smoke is above par!

  15. Cetherw

    The bud is cheap and good

  16. katiegw95

    super friendly and easy to navigate

  17. Nenalund

    Love this place! I love the people! Seriously the people are amazing! Product is great too but let’s be honest, MJ is everywhere and it’s the people that keep me coming back!!!!

  18. Ahinote17

    Great location with very helpful employees. 🙂 thanks for being awesome!

  19. daveboii

    Great prices

  20. Zombiehulk

    Great place great deals great products best place in town great prices I go there all the time great

  21. Rastamn42012

    It’s a dope place
    The bus tellers an super cool
    An cheap prices

  22. justinluke85

    This is one the worst dispensaries I’ve ever frequented. Constantly out of stock and jack up prices when they are. I’ve waited in their dreaded 45 minute wait room several times just to walk out empty handed when they were out or tried to rip me off. Go to ANY other dispensary and it will be better, I promise. I was stuck here because I live literally next door but I will never come back again after they tried to jack up wax prices 50% on Halloween. Screw this place

  23. mountainhigh237

    Every time I go into Altitude I am greeted by friendly, genuine people. Sometimes I have no idea what I am looking for, and the staff will tell me about the deals of the day, as well as wheat their favorites/most popular strains have been. Altitude always has great prices and I love happy hour! Only place I go to get my fixings.

  24. Liljdude

    Altitude always takes care of me when I come in. Great bud. Great service. Amazing prices!! Usually there is not much of a wait at all. Maybe 1 or 2 people in front of me. My go to since moving to Denver last October.

  25. Chrisficcus

    Great store, homey vibes and feel, good strains and knowledgeable people. Highly recommended 😉

  26. Catherinex44

    I love the prices. Friendly staff. Great waiting area

  27. Chrismoore

    This place is awesome altitude east is the spot. Great selection and service staff is more than helpful

  28. Mcmackers82

    loved this place, I stopped in cuz its super close to my house. will definitely go back.

  29. AlyssaSwish

    Been going here since I moved to denver. Bomb. Fair prices.

  30. LordeLemon

    great selection. friendly service. relaxing and modern atmosphere. I will be back!

  31. ronrox

    I feel they’re the best in this area!

  32. sluggo242

    Jamey and the gang over at Altitude East provide amazing service and products with warmth, education, and an overall fantastic shopping experience. My dog loves them, and they were playing “The Goonies” in the waiting room. How cool is that?? Thanks a bunch, Altitude!!

  33. Jbearcub

    This is the best dispensary on Evans great prices, friendly staff.
    Always my first pic.

  34. morganaisbest

    badass shoppp!

  35. Winsteeze

    Loved my visit!

  36. Macdaddy777

    Great staff ! Great location!

  37. Jones303


  38. RadicalRectangle

    Helpful staff, good quality product. My go to dispensary

  39. Riper913

    Great place to buy your weed amazing service and hospitality plus quality out of this world. Atmostphere is green if you know what i mean

  40. pgduzit2u

    i shop here daily great bud. good service and nice rewards

  41. CannabisChef13

    Great location, good prices, great selection, open late. Great quality.

  42. sdash5190

    The buds not bad just don’t like getting leaf trimmings when I’m buying bud.

  43. Bigkevo123088

    Great place such friendly people

  44. Rayray1995

    Great service Everytime!!!!

  45. ktjump

    Everything is super fresh here and I get amazing service.

  46. Swisher28253

    Staff is always helpful and I’m never disappointed with the quality of my purchases

  47. celicia

    ~I absolutely love this place. The prices are awesome. The staff are all fun friendly, and very informative. Over all this is just great a nice place to shop. I have shopped at several dispensaries and Altitudes stores.. and the Altitude on Evans is the best store so far.~

  48. TheWizofNewYork

    Great staff, and great Bud.

  49. GrizzLCT

    Waiting room is very nice and inviting, music selection good, displays well put together and informative, smells amazing. Cutie behind the counter. 😉

  50. ToNeATLien

    It’s the best in the city so far. From the people to the product…….I rate it 5 Stars. They make you feel comfortable if you’re a first timer. All this plus the price is right

  51. KKNOX02

    Altitude has some of the best marijuana in Colorado and they have great costumer service skills. Keep up the good work.

  52. Lessershrimp

    Great prices, friendly staff

  53. Kianaandartie

    Love the shatter and wax always good ^_^

  54. Jaybiker95

    Awesome place to get bud.

  55. tsassetti3

    Stupendous place and location.

  56. Thedudeindenver

    Great concentrate prices, friendly people.

  57. Zthorn777

    Wait was a bit long, but hey it’s Labor day weekend so I am not mad.

  58. THEBEAST1111

    great staff, top notch products,great prices check it out

  59. Marquas111

    It’s awesome. It’s the only place I go

  60. BigT4202017

    Great bud, great prices, great customer service. Great atmosphere, Always happy when i leave. It’s the only dispensary I go to! Altitude is the bees knees.

  61. Newtonianjamez

    Very knowledgeable as well as provides a thorough variety of quality.

  62. Thomas19

    Great variety. Friendly people. Looking forward to coming back

  63. Cara13420

    great bud and coustomer service definitely gonna come back and shop

  64. Shalicity

    Its awesome! everyone is always so nice and they have the best deals. They’re also in my neighborhood so they’re super convenient!

  65. Bensauced

    Altitude is a great dispensary with quality staff and product. Highly recommend!

  66. thesmokybear

    Excellent staff location and buds. Deals are always available and having a knowledgeable staff goes a long way. One of my favorite dispensaries! Keep rockin Altitude!

  67. Aaronsoulek

    Great weed. Great prices

  68. LatrinaG

    Great place to shop haven’t been here for awhile and it’s great place to go. Customer service is always wonderful.

  69. jconner2012

    Been here everyday this week and always good service

  70. atomicadam43

    Interesting strains, and a friendly, helpful staff!!!

  71. tanchel99

    The place is great!

  72. KPopLover90

    Well, this was my first time in Denver and my very first dispensary experience. From the moment you walk through the door your senses are greeted with an intoxicating aroma. The sales people where so welcoming and the options seemed almost endless. This dispensary is the best one in Denver! I would recommend it to everyone.

  73. Newhall

    Great prices on good bud. Nugs are fresh and dank not all dried out like most of the dispensaries I’ve been to. Always a line but excelent speedy and friendly budtenders. I give it 4 and a half nugs out of five.

  74. Pete22

    Excellent store and staff!

  75. jobitchenbeth

    Best deals and best bud around! dY~

  76. Deadsy

    I can’t begin to describe how great this place is. It starts with the great prices and only gets better with the friendly and knowledgeable staff. They will help you find anything you are looking for and help in any way possible. I don’t need to go anywhere else as this is the best place around. Stop in and say hello!

  77. Bzknees

    Very awesome prices , cool people and great buds

  78. Lazerwiz

    We love this place good prices good bud

  79. swedishchef888

    Fantastic location. Great atmosphere. Will definitely return

  80. Jmontgomery7886

    I absolutely love this store the bud tenders are awesome and knowledgeable and their cartridges are the best

  81. casshartzell

    Awesome budtender staff, personable and relaxed. I love the deals and specials they offer, especially Mondays buy one get half off the second one on edibles.

  82. BryantNelson

    Altitude is a great place to shop and great staff

  83. Vexstacy

    I think it’s right next door and has the best concentrates in the county

  84. N3wAg3Hippi3

    Took a bus an hour after work to grab a gram of $25 shatter . Even though they ran out of the stock of what they had, the bud tender listened to my story and was more than happy to go to the stock room and grab the next strain for inventory for me since I bought NY Diesel and Durban Poison the past two times and I took the bus specifically to see them. Another great experience at Altitude. Should be a great weekend for Headband .

  85. cdog323

    Best place ever

  86. moneymike92

    Amazing dispensary, come here all the time. I love buying their concentrates and flower from them.

  87. Surelyyfunke

    As a California native, I was very pleased with the selection, the atmosphere, and the budtenders!
    Would give more than 5 stars if possible.
    Doesn’t get much better than Colorado quality at California prices.

    This is definitely my new go-to!!!

  88. walterguy24

    Great prices and have some of the best bud and shatter. My #1 recommendation!

  89. Goodshitz

    I loved kuming here gets me in the mood. Thanks

  90. gtechz

    Very decent strains good amount of sativa strains. I bought durban poison, phat purple, and green crack. They gave me a free house joint and it hit harder than what i bought! Definitely going back there.

  91. missy5066

    Absolutely the friendliest staff out there always a great experience!! Great quality flower I love this shop !!!!

  92. nasante

    Very fast and knowledgeable staff. Also great deals!

  93. epoxwhy99

    Good flower, awesome wax & shatter. Friendly staff

  94. Irondogsss

    Absolutely best dispensary around best stuff for amazing prices!!!

  95. Kenneth92

    Awesome first experience here! Most defiantly will be back!! Most likely a regular!!

  96. xylophoneenvy1

    Quality spot. First dispensary I visited when I moved here. Knowledgeable staff, good selection.

  97. 1guerra

    I love this place

  98. Spursstar

    Nice looking bud

  99. d3athd3vil

    chill place , knowledgeable and friendly

  100. Jerica42

    Pleasant people and atmosphere!

  101. Kmabreu28

    First dispensary we visited and by far the best one. The customer service was exceptional. Will be back every time I come to Denver!

  102. walterwhite22

    Awesome place with great staff, will definitely shop here again

  103. Hydroshorty

    Great good for the soul.. good people they rock

  104. ScoobydooLeila

    below average bud. lots of fan leaf. harsh tastes no matter what you select. I found for 125 an once out the door at pig and whistle

  105. Wally420720

    Their girl scout cookie, a nug is magical, an ounce is delightful & the high is legendary!

  106. Tony andrews

    these are the best in town… deals for days… love the vet discount

  107. ShelbyLouise

    My favorite dispensary by far. Budtenders are always personable and helpful and you never feel rushed out the door.

  108. Zinnie

    Love it.!!

  109. arthurman85

    I’m always shopping here best prices around customer service is outstanding and love if you spend over $60 you get a free joint

  110. Leibaseball5

    I haven’t disliked a visit yet! Everyone is so friendly and doesn’t get upset when you ask questions or bug you when you take your time. Very local and Very friendly and the product there is top notch!

  111. lilmo_ron

    Good location. Products are good. Staff is helpful & I am pleased with my visit

  112. Klee86

    Great quality great budtenders! Would recommend for everyone!

  113. greg0587

    excellent service and great bud! love that banana kush!

  114. Davoy

    Best dispensary ever. Great people and prices. Hardly let down on the quality and price per quality.

  115. huikristina

    awesome staff and atmosphere!!

  116. trapj3sus

    Hands down #1 dispensary!

  117. Leestaggs

    Great green and nice people

  118. Gnarrf

    Great people great weed upfront prices 1010

  119. Blee303

    Products are fire and so are the prices

  120. kelso401

    Brandon is a cool budtender! Will come back

  121. dwaldon88

    Very friendly and relaxing environment. Lots of choices. Decent quality too.

  122. RyanHogue

    I picked up a quarter of flower the first time I was here and it so great stuff. Lasted me a week longer then normal. The prices are really fair too I 100% percent recommend too anyone looking for some good flower!!

  123. Midnightrun88

    The bud tender was great. Nice and friendly, plus gave good advice. A great selection to choose from and would highly recommend

  124. williamctaylor

    Best deals and service!

  125. JaimeTheRipper

    My husband and I are regulars at this location and always leave happy. They have a great selection and their Phat Purple, Durban Poison, and Blue Dream always take the cake! Their Ultra Sonja and Death Star shatter are amazing, too.

  126. KevinF28

    Altitude Dispensary on Evans has the best strains in Denver! Come visit!

  127. cubap

    very relaxed atmosphere helpful budtender and very nice glass Ware and reasonably priced apparel

  128. Mercedes1977

    Love this place!!

  129. Daniela420P

    Love this place. Always recommend this place

  130. mgrainge

    super professional and informative.

  131. Ajdabz

    It was nice with friendly staff

  132. merktr12

    The 20 a gram dab deal is great and the flower is high quality as well. I keep coming back though for the people.

  133. jaydoss90

    Altitude was a great first tone experience and i will deff be coming back

  134. Jghadba1

    Great dispensary, very friendly service and competitive prices with a quality selection of buds, dabs, etc.

  135. Meisha2738

    I love this place. Prices reasonable. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend. And the best part, you can use your debit card.!!!

  136. Jtid

    Great service, great prices!

  137. Lindseysue

    Very friendly, open late , clean business.

  138. MountainNative

    Great place! I bring my friends from out of town here.

  139. Barney1255

    I will not go to another dispensary! Altitude has the friendliest staff, Best Prices and The product is always high quality!!! Don’t waste your time at another dispensary! Go to Altitude!!!!!!!



  141. Jennle

    Very sweet!

  142. MrBurgers

    radest spot around

  143. BabyCharliechuck420

    Good bud good prices great customer service

  144. tfoxxx

    Awesome place. Definitely will be going back everyone was so nice and chill. Guy that helped us, was great. Explained everything ……and had no tax!!!! worth the time to drive. Let this be ur first stop in ColoradodY~dY$?–dY$?-dY~Z. That store is a little slice of heavendY~++dY~oedY~S.

  145. dansmellington

    Friendly staff and great deals

  146. austinberryhill13

    Very clean and the staff was very nice. The selection is incredible!

  147. raybanrasta

    Great experience! Highly recommended!

  148. keeks212

    The great prices and deals is what keeps me coming back! Especially the location, very close to home and easy going! Definitely my go to place.

  149. KMarie818

    Location is great and always have really helpful staff. Love going in there they make it super easy

  150. michael310

    This place was awesome I came all the way from Florida and split a purchase with a friend and got some nice flower and my friend got a pen and cartridge and was supper satisfied. I was however charged the wrong amount and came by the next day to see what they could do and they reimbursed me money and threw in a couple of joints for the inconvenience. Overall awesome product, great customer service, and would definitely recommend others to stop by.

  151. akak47

    Great service, awesome front staff who were extremely helpful. I’ll definitely be back

  152. kaitlyndica

    The people here are awesome and super knowledgeable, their concentrates are always on point and they throw good deals on bud!

  153. Nptfk420

    I love this place!!!

  154. heyliam123

    Our first experience at Altitude was a pleasant and enjoyable experience! Our budtender was knowledgeable and friendly. Would recommend

  155. Jamerican45

    Allways serves the best quality in cannabis products around!

  156. Drewski871

    Top Notch. Great prices, good variety, friendly informed staff

  157. Denise831

    The only place I visit

  158. ronnttls

    Extremely displeased with the customer service. I was a long time customer. No longer will shop or recommend this spot. I was very insulted by my treatment on Christmas eve and will not be going back.

  159. Partin717

    Always super friendly and high quality!

  160. trey380

    By far my favorite dispensary! Knowledgeable and helpful staff and great products!! I always recommend my friends to go here.

  161. mkatz563

    Awesome flower and customer service!

  162. JZCL

    My favorite dispo! Always great staff and quality products!

  163. Yairel86

    This is one of the best places. The product is always great and the prices are perfect!!!

  164. Krysax13

    Best place to get what I need ever great people too

  165. rgunter

    These guys are the best!!

  166. MarkNelson52

    Nice variety of products

  167. Nickhoman44

    Wax is GREAT for The price. 18$ or 25$ out the door. Friendly staff too

  168. deAndre42

    Awesome place to visit

  169. GroovyGus

    Altitude is the best.

  170. Zolstan

    Great stop. Great selection and prices. Been going to them for about a year. Highly recommended.

  171. LukeTaylor17

    Friendly with good prices

  172. MrGonzo123


  173. Mrsedus

    This is my go-to neighborhood shop. Service is amazing, the selection is amazing and prices are the best around.

  174. Dcl8516

    I love this place! Everytime I go there they treat me good and make sure I leave satisfied! Best dispensary

  175. Rocky1122

    Good flower good prices

  176. lottie7

    Best bud in town…

  177. erichto5

    Very legit business with good deals and product

  178. AfroAtheist_Insta

    Great location in walking distance from apartment. Short wait times are typical.

  179. xtermiNate

    Great selection! Elizabeth was extremely helpful. She answered all my questions and helped me decide what to get.

  180. HiloMello

    Best place I’ve been to while in Denver. great prices and selection

  181. shelbskait

    Love the staff! The best quality I have yet to see !

  182. mccorndog

    Always a great selection at Altitude. The tenders are very friendly and patient in really teaching their consumers on their products. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

  183. Drakekangaroo

    The absolute best of the best! Knowledgeable staff, great weed, even better prices. I love every strain I get here and their deals on flower and wax are amazing. Absolutely would recommend!

  184. Solovely1

    I love this place. Great deals!

  185. jujuspencer

    Gots dank bud

  186. 420ladyjane

    I love this place I always recommend it to everyone

  187. GabyJan07

    it was an interesting experience me and my cousin was pleased we had purchased shake for our first visit I would return again.

  188. Tylerisastoner

    Best strains for their ounce of week special only 125 out the door and a free joint!

  189. brianberman

    Kimmy is the best!!! super friendly staff and quality flower. I highly recommend this place! 🙂

  190. VinnieM

    One of the most friendly and welcoming staffs in the Denver area. The staff always has a smile on their face and there is always and intersting conversation taking place. There was 6 people in front of me & with a 4 person crew I was in and out in 10 minutes

  191. antman713

    Best quality flower for the price! Very helpful staff! dY’OE

  192. Verz1

    love it here they always take care of me and have top notch product

  193. Nanoslaught

    My favorite!

  194. landant21

    Great chill vibe

  195. azozal

    It’s amazing

  196. NT3000

    Ronald and Kimmie are the bees.knees! love this place

  197. farbo

    Excellent place!, top notch quality 🙂
    very recommended!

  198. Hockeygirl3

    Love it here!

  199. Brettp92064

    Long wait otherwise all good. Decent selection. Nice people.

  200. lilly8381

    Awesome, open early at 8 am and closes at 10. Great deals with dope staff!

  201. lexxi44

    Awesome people, good weed &fast lines !! Can’t Beat Prices

  202. JdogNight

    They helped us with our first timer questions with patience. Great place and products – highly recommmended!!!

  203. acmpatriot

    I love this place. Been coming here for years. Great service and you can’t beat their prices.

  204. Jralph

    Super friendly staff. Good buds and good prices. Not much else you could ask for!

  205. Hotboy82

    Best place 2 kome for an Oz special n the city.. very knowledgeable n friendly

  206. corivere

    This place is best!

  207. KaptainKurt402

    Very knowledgeable staff

  208. cmadams

    I love the staff they are always friendly and quick they had a new strain queen goli OG I recommend it to everyone my home dispensary I love it

  209. mclfy167

    Really knowledgeable staff and great service!!! Very good prices. Highly recommend this place!

  210. Macdoesymoe

    The waiting area is a classical calm little room with music. Everyone I’ve met here is nice and the staff all look like they enjoy their jobs. Good weed and process too dY~S

  211. drewsimon24

    Relaxing and dope environment, lots of great strains would definitely recommend

  212. kwinters91

    Awesome place!! Good nug and concentrates!!

  213. Daorigkol

    Great staff, friendly and helpful. Awesome pricing.

  214. Bboy2100

    great location. kinda of a small building to handle large groups. clean and staff is friendly. good product too!

  215. csmith0383

    Very convenient place to get to go since it’s close to where I live. They have a great flower and the concentrates are great.

  216. Seanallen58

    Best dispensary around!

  217. joflo189

    Staff is always great and helpful, awesome deals and cheapest everyday deal on wax/shatter out there. dYtmOEdY1/4

  218. Jdill85

    This place is great! The quality and customer service are unmatched

  219. Tlikeitsmells

    This is a great dispensary. The staff is super friendly, the flower is good quality, and the price is right. I’ve been here in the past and I’ve always been happy it’s definitely one of my favorite dispensaries in the area.

  220. Briloki76

    It might not be the biggest shop, but what it lacks in products and strains selection, it usually makes up for in the quality of its budtenders, who tend to be very nice and friendly. I’ve been buying here for over 18 months, and have only once had a non-positive experience. I will write more later,but am on my way there now. Wonder what to get tonight???

  221. Kayo-21

    Always have tasty buds for a good price

  222. kbsimp24

    Amazing selection. Friendly and informative stff.

  223. SekhMetGawdess8

    I go here very often, quality is amazing and prices are even better

  224. aaronthealien

    low quality buds

  225. KWheels

    Such a great first experience , free birthday joint and everything , this guy Thomas had the same and was a boss promote immediately asap

  226. Sweglias

    I visit this dispensary most frequent. The wait time is a little long due to high volume of customers but the customer service and quality of bud is unmatched.

  227. Weedistight69420

    Altitude is the place with the deals, and the dank! Wouldn’t shop elsewhere, great service and great product!

  228. ImBlitzed0420

    a place I go on the daily to some of the best smoke I’ve ever smoked. always premium quickly beautiful buds and I’m gonna go here for as long as I live here. love you guys here at altitude.

  229. jenkinshighlife

    dY-‘dY-‘good service good bud will come back

  230. Eviltizzy

    I love their deals!

  231. ericgerner

    Stopped here earlier today! Great service and selection!

  232. Mataliya

    This my favorite dispensary great Gas!!

  233. Brindlejmichael

    Bud tenders are amazing. Product is great. Price is always right here. I dont go anywhere else.

  234. aligirl74

    Awesome service with amazing product and product knowledge!

  235. PeltonChristian91

    Outstanding service and has the best deals for quality product in the East Denver area.

  236. HaleonG

    I absolutely love this place.

  237. Sifuentes

    Good price

  238. ChiefSonic

    great spot. helpful budtenders

  239. WuKillaBee420

    I always shop here because the prices are just too good and the staff is chill

  240. NoahSwig

    Cool environment, great bud.

  241. deemoney0bP

    Nice layed back environment cool people good bud

  242. amb4744

    Great quality herb! Awesome staff also! Cheers!

  243. soto425

    great place for bud people were friendly

  244. spt990

    I love this place I come in everyday. Its fast the ppl are nice, know me by name and are very knowledgeable. Also cheap 7 and 8 dollar grams. Try it if u havent.

  245. DenverGurl9000

    This is the best shop in Denver! They have a simple system and high quality bud for decent prices. The bud tenders are all great too!

  246. jacoale10

    cool place

  247. CodyGates96

    Great flower and edible selection, fast in and out which is super convenient

  248. ghostboogie66

    Friendly and helpful staff! Will be back again!

  249. blackcatdoom

    Love this place! Super friendly staff!

  250. lanrob03

    Awesome service

  251. Tschwab

    Love this place and the weed.

  252. Jaron93

    best bud and great price’s

  253. MikeBellamy

    Flower has been getting better the longer I have been coming here. Would recommend trying different strains to see what you prefer. People who work here are friendly.

  254. jb5280

    the best dispensary in East Denver. always have a large selection of flower, concentrates and accessories. the staff makes it a quick enjoyable experience.

  255. eddie06970

    Great service. Been coming 5 years, never disappoints

  256. Musiq36

    Great people! Great strains!

  257. Tonyscruggs3

    orange cookies was awesome

  258. Pqdiv

    Great place

  259. Alybear1229

    the bees knees brah

  260. KassiusKushjordan123

    Great gas, even better customer service dY’dY’

  261. Tmacdope31

    awesome place, great deals and awesome wax and shatter prices

  262. BurkettTaylor

    I’ve been coming to this dispense for over a year and never once have I been disappointed! I couldn’t be any more grateful, staff is fantastic!

  263. jgureli

    Great friendly staff.

  264. kidfantastic

    I love it, great product and prices

  265. Phatrabit69

    should be larger

  266. kingpoe9

    no.1 spot in denver!

  267. G_4rce

    Everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly. They always take care of me!

  268. Manusha

    Fantastic choices and prices

  269. Chavz04

    Very good strains can say its best dispense here in my area

  270. Morgananjup

    Was the first place I went when I visited Denver, and had been the best experience out of the few I have visited. Definitely recommend!

  271. Gabykinsz0129

    Most friendliest and helpful staff I’ve experienced yet. I like that I can be in and out in less than 5 minutes.

  272. Dhall992291

    Great budtenders

  273. bethdub94

    Very friendly staff who helped and answered all of my questions! One of my favorite places to buy bud.

  274. natemusic1991

    I love it. everyone is down yo earth and customer service e is really good. these guys are the real deal. 🙂

  275. Arellevant

    Best place to go

  276. MileHiBarber

    Fantastic service, quality, prices

  277. elopez0395

    staff is super helpful and knowledgeable about their products, will be back soon

  278. asidus

    Love this place for the great deals! awesome bud!

  279. SmokyBlu11

    They’re always really nice and the bud is good too!

  280. HRCook

    Best place in Denver

  281. Brooke1216

    The budtenders here are phenomenal. The prices are very reasonable for the high quality flower you get.

  282. Pcundari17

    Great location friendly staff.

  283. lioninn

    this place is pretty fucking cool!!

  284. Mazkam112

    I like the service provided everybody is friendly and they have great weed.

  285. Zestuskar

    Fuck yeah, definitely coming again.

  286. Goblin72

    First timer

  287. hhhh1390

    Love it here. Great product for a wonderful price! Go to shop! Staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

  288. Crowan

    Great selection, first time visiting a dispensary in Colorado. Did not dissapoint! Will definitely recommend.

  289. morganrvogt

    My favorite spot in Denver.

  290. DanKinsella

    Cool staff, and better hippy lettuce. Altitude Dream is one of their best strains. Best prices I’ve seen in this state so far.

  291. Luiisa

    They have really good stuff! dY~S

  292. nulrey14

    Great buds and great prices, lots of accessories too

  293. N-Onyx

    Fantastic location with very knowledge staff. Nicole is my favorite bud tender by far. She’s super knowledgeable and friendly.

  294. Chavto

    Great shop, very out of state friendly….no out of state mark up on prices….The best prices in Colorado..’..great bud…I highly recommend ….

  295. Dini5280

    Good weed check at them out

  296. jazsorion

    I’ve been a patron of Altitude ever since prohibition ended. Great buds, staff and prices!

  297. Stephentaylor90

    great people, weed, prices and in and out service. $7gram!!!!!

  298. BOx3xGO

    Great Atmosphere! Great Hospitality! love the deals and the product found exactly what I wanted!!

  299. g_za

    Great prices, location and selection!

  300. MardyMar

    Great quality stuff here! My friend shared some of their product with me and I was blown away!! I MUST COME play

  301. carriannwheeler1995

    best weed. best prices

  302. Md818

    Great strains great prices. Love this place.

  303. SkylineZRS

    I love this place. Been coming here for almost 2 years. Can’t beat the deals and the customer service is always on point. You guys rock.

  304. Qwotie

    I love it very convent

  305. Magnesthompson

    This is BY FAR the best dispensary in Denver! their new pricing is awesome, but their customer service is better! I always have the best time when I go to altitude- check them out for real! No one has better deals or better product!

  306. emontoya23

    Great spot. I appreciate good customer service and knowledgeable people. This is always my first choice.

  307. tonimack96

    they have great strains! get you super high

  308. bhaze5711

    nice vibes as soon as you walk in. bud-tenders are helpful and friendly. great shop!

  309. Tsnyder96

    Very clean and organized dispensary

  310. quinn312

    Great price, great bud

  311. chelleingout

    Amazing bud and great prices. I always love going here.


    Every one is always so nice and the bud is fire!!

  313. justin.mcelheny

    fast, professional service. Friendly, knowledgeable budtenders. Great quality for the prices. Would definitely recommend.

  314. PepperoniTony

    Easy to get to and identify

  315. S6life

    Always have a great selection and prices are good. Staff is friendly and ready to assist you in finding the ideal strain.

  316. chino15

    I think this is a awesome place and the prices are low.

  317. MsMJ

    Love the friendliness of budtenders-awesome every time! 🙂

  318. Natasharan

    Just moved to the neighborhood,Great dispensary i can walk to! Bud tenders are on point and super nice.

  319. mixedbydotcom

    Altitude is my favorite spot in Denver. Great buds

  320. banderson33

    Tom was great and took great care of me!

  321. MelloYelloSC

    Really nice, small but very friendly and quick!

  322. dstoebe

    Great location, might be the best I found in all of Denver! Staff is friendly, wait times are minimal and the prices are cheap with great quality.

  323. Andi39

    These guys are awesome…..Always remember you and your favorite products! Prices are best around!

  324. Fannyayleen97

    Great strains, great prices,my go to dispense!!!

  325. Murphyab512

    Really great customer service extremely knowledgeable!! Would recommend to anyone!

  326. JVillarreal85

    Incapable staff. Terrible product, for high cost. Staff takes no responsibility for defective products, i.e. cartridges. TERRIBLE customer service. I will never support this business again.

  327. coopergraves

    It’s very close to home and the budtenders have their game on lock. Quick service and quality flowers. Love this place.

  328. sleepingdawg

    Friendly and well organized.

  329. Indytokeking

    tons of great stuff to get and look at. cool store

  330. michaelst09

    Great prices, Great Bud

  331. Jesse2575

    Really cool place and very nice people!

  332. plugg71

    Staff is awesome and the flower is amazing.

  333. jonnyduby

    Regular! Even though the flower is usually mediocre, I go for the Concentrates. Best prices in town hands down. aoeOEdY1/4 #dubyfam

  334. dramaticcolors

    Love the staff and product here

  335. Mrfoster9369

    Appreciate it guys.

  336. QueerlyMrsTaken

    So this is the second time I’ve been here, and I’ll admit I’m new to the state. But like most people have smoke herb for a long time , and know my herb. This place has some top shelf offerings, real gas. And the budtenders are all awesome , very nice, professional and knowledgeable. Love the chill, non judging and informative atmosphere. Making this my regular spot. Especially with all the deals, and loyalty perks. Thanks so much for keeping me flying altitude.

  337. sergytrunov94

    Best Dispensary by far. Everything tastes great with great effects and the staff are beyond customer expectation. The Altitude on Evans is Amazing. Would recommend to all.

  338. Tlampkin29

    Love the place and the people that work there are so nice and there is aLot to choose from you don’t have to Seattle for just a few selections

  339. hodge55


  340. Slaphappy35

    great location

  341. Bigdave0315

    I love the place, friendly service and great smoke.

  342. thegomezshow

    Always pleased with any products, flower or concentrate. Welcoming atmosphere, chill vibes every time. Love the high% sativa’s!

  343. Rodriguezcassy14

    Super quaint , lots of selection and great happy hour pricing 🙂

  344. Jrob8

    Geat. Come every day. Love the people

  345. Canales3518

    Great location to pick up

  346. Bcrosok

    I’m not from Denver I am just visiting but the flower from this shop was my fav and I’ve tried a bunch since being here.

  347. BlayRay

    Altitude Denver east is amazing.Great bud tenders, excellent shatter & wax for 25 out door can’t b best for quality. Love this place my main Dispensery

  348. renee214

    great service and attitude dY~SdY~S gracias!

  349. jralph91


  350. SleepySoSlo

    Great selection. Friendliest and very informed staff. Now my go to shop.

  351. JordyLordy

    Very Friendly staff to a group of new customers who came a long way for the best experience. They were very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to describing the different options available and the way each product affects the consumer. Definitely reccomend this place to anyone from new users to more experienced users.

  352. Curlycreole11

    Only spot I revisit when I’m in town, never fails, always have the best deals! Bringing a friend this time dY~%0

  353. Dcbertoldo23

    Awesome place

  354. hanandgone

    Wonderful, knowledgeable staff. Basically cheapest quality concentrate in town, not to mention multiple locations. Great waiting room, awesome flat-rates and a premium grower option as well. Not trying to like oversell them otr but straight up they do things well here.

  355. dexaudio

    They always have everything I need!

  356. Ikarosangel4

    Good bud good prices and the budtenders here know their product and are very helpful

  357. Sjohnson84

    just moved down the street, this lar is the shit. great buds with great staff and prices. won’t be going anywhere else. that for making my day better!!

  358. OP4E

    Overall I love these guys great place to go. The staff isn’t all judgemental and they let me be awkward and purchase in peace. I look like Hannibal B the comedian too apparently lol. 100/100

  359. Baglady1992

    Excellent location. good selection. great customer service

  360. sgjuerge

    Thanks for being awesome!

  361. ChiefFever

    Cool, accurate, genuine service every time

  362. Stats1er

    The best buds! Great bud tenders

  363. Doobiejim1

    great store with great service and people.

  364. SillyBoyG

    best spot in town they know exactly what you need when u want the right high

  365. Pedregon915

    I like how its consistant and the buds are dense. Friendly and informative. Good selections.

  366. Daclementspazzo411

    Awesome dispo, great prices, and everyone who works here is cool as hell. Great store

  367. jwillis14

    place was awesome. me and the wifes first time. loved it so much came back again

  368. MaxCrash24

    Good quality buds. Great price, Great bud-tenders any living in the south Denver area check this Altitude out! Also the skywalker og they get is dY”Y=

  369. majzippo

    Staff is always nice great bud and deals dY~Z

  370. bongwizard22

    Best dispensary around

  371. Arielp

    I love the different selection of weed u guys offer.. great deals.. wax & shatter is awesome!! A+ for customer service

  372. Ccolvar1

    Great product and everyone was extremely nice and willing to help.

  373. Thealargo

    The service here is alway great, and I always find great quality flower here! I recommend altitude dream! They’re dabs are dope as well!

  374. cminch2323

    Great service! Great product!

  375. justmetaylor29

    I think they are a very friendly and cheapest in town $7 gram u can’t beat that check em out sometime!!

  376. 11Timo11

    Always the best people and herb. Ask for Zac.

  377. treighnof

    great quality products, and a fantastic staff of well versed budtenders

  378. anannys

    Really nice place and friendly people.

  379. fartlaroy

    love your specials

  380. BrettR

    Definitely one of the chillest spots in town. Stop here if you visit!

  381. papercutt

    i always come here and they are very friendly

  382. Zman088

    Love this place. Always go here.

  383. Erickito

    fukin best there is!

  384. kaseygroves79

    Love this place it’s for sure my go to!

  385. cswatson

    Clean, options, well directed

  386. Tokenhead

    Always friendly. Good knowledge of the products. In and out and hurry which is great.

  387. Jimmyperez1455

    Best dispensary hands down. Awesome staff

  388. tehPsychoness


  389. JMcKinnon06

    Killer location, great service, excellent product selection, come here for bud every time!

  390. Likeabawhss

    Have a very user friendly website and is updated frequently which is very convenient!

  391. jacob017

    Heard you guys are the best and by the deals I can see it’s true on my way

  392. Johnwurl420

    Everything is wonderful! Great bud great prices great people

  393. katesbaked

    it’s an easy place to go cool employees

  394. Jbaran91302

    Great place, quick and easy! The staff is great as well! Will be coming back!

  395. Veloz34

    Has really good bud

  396. LaynaC

    This location has decent prices for flower and an easy shopping atmosphere, definitely should check it out if you’re here visiting!

  397. Rellik1007

    The best strains I’ve seen anywhere in Denver. All the popular ones you’d be looking for, like Skywalker OG, Green Crack, and Durban Poison to name literally just a few. $50 1/4s on all those too is amazing.

  398. ZonaZo

    Great experience every time the staff is very knowledgeable and understanding the discounts are great and they have a happy hour everyday from 1-420pm

  399. NUK918

    Great buds great tenders highly recommend.

  400. candifaboiz

    I haven’t even gone back yet and already love the layout and atmosphere of the shop!

  401. Sereon

    I was very impressed by the quality of both the service and the knowledge of the staff. The selection of strains was fantastic as well, I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family. 5 Stars

  402. Keyahna420

    Love the bud . Great Employees . Concentrates Are The Best Edibles Top Quality

  403. BRaem


  404. PatrickRiitaaho

    Favorite dispo!

  405. jacobmason11

    Aubry was awesome! Really helpful

  406. Kamensm34

    I think this location is a great location. They have great service and great weed.

  407. steezpr

    The best

  408. brianmick77

    My favorite spot in Denver.. best price/quality ratio in town

  409. thegreentum

    fire on the low

  410. Bossdadon

    great staff and wonderful product. I recommend you guys to all my friends and family.

  411. mountainmama91

    Love this place

  412. Nikki.Beastt

    Went in to find a CBD/THC edibles for my mom to help with pain and to relax her after surgery and their staff was so kind and helpful. They helped me pick out the right thing for her and she loved the gummies! Thank you! I will be back #MunchyMondays #Altitude

  413. maggieftw

    Definitely favorite dispensary. Staff is awesome, always got the best deals and never too long of a wait.

  414. Kpiacentino

    Smells good

  415. raw6137513

    Just recently moved to this area of town and highly recommended this spot . The friendly staff are a breath of fresh air to your day and the products they offer are unique and of highest quality.

  416. budhunter19730104

    Small but very nice selection of every thing needed by anyone.

  417. Katrinariley83

    Best flower in town!!! Best prices love the friendly places and the aroma therapy!!! Highly recommend!!!

  418. tommygun4614

    this is one of the best places to go in denver I think has a nice neighborhood feel which I think is awsome

  419. LiveAndDie

    Love these guys. Instantly became our go to

  420. darksweetleaf

    The atmosphere is great. The young lady at the front was enjoyable and nice. whenever I come back to Denver I will be visiting again!!!

  421. nickicajungreen

    This is my favorite dispensary!! The people that work there are so nice and remember be by name!! Altitude always has great prices and amazing quality!!!!

  422. Keeze1k

    Great place greats bud for reasonable prices

  423. Ashleykay9119

    Some of the best bud to get in Aurora/Denver. Great and professional workers.

  424. BenPriz

    Great Bud Tenders. Great weed

  425. gregb575

    We like the smell of the place. Very friendly front desk attendant. Good atmosphere to be in. Good priced bud!

  426. Taquitojohnstone

    They get you in quickly, and from the lowest shelf to the highest, the quality of the bud is A1!

  427. optimistcaseyprime

    Always glad to come here!

  428. camjay

    Quality – 1/8th for $25 OTD of 24% GSC? Amazing!

    Service – As it should be! Awesome.. was treated with good customer service, and my questions were promptly answered.

    Atmosphere – The location is convenient, and the atmosphere is not intimidating; just right!

  429. Jremy17

    Hella tight! Great deals, great bud products. Thanks ya’ll!

  430. pcardenas47

    Great service. Bud tenders were fantastic , and a great help. Great prices.

  431. Cheekymod08

    Altitude is my favorite spot. Their bud is amazing! And their customer service is always on point. I’m always up to trying anything new, and their suggestions never fail me. Thank you Altitude!

  432. Babyboy18

    Love this place

  433. lbmullis

    Great knowledgeable staff and great prices!

  434. nmidey95

    Always nice and friendly. Quick and efficient. Can’t ask for much more!

  435. Ossotay

    Best shop I’ve been to by far probably one of the only ones I go to for awhile

  436. KaosDaKlown

    my first stop when i get to colorado. the budtenders are friendly, and knowledgeable, the strain selection is amazing, and the pricing is mind blowing. 99 bucks plus tax for an ounce is unheard of where I hail from.

  437. jbage12

    They were awesome!

  438. lilsachypapas

    This location is awesome!

  439. CiciH

    I went after reading tons of good reviews I arrived and waited until my turn and was basically treated rudely by the little Asian one by the time I get in. First of all don’t talk to me like I’m stupid, second of all if you don’t know the prices of your items that’s your problem. The point is to bring people in to keep them for business, not bring them in to be snappy. Find another budtender who’s happy to be there. Prices are good but I will not be returning

  440. ctolbert711

    Greay staff! Great product. My #1 sPOT!

  441. ModernAchillies

    I walked in on a Friday afternoon. The waiting room had about 8 people. It was nice, cool concept of frequent flier miles.. haha. Long wait, but they only had 2 budtenders. Bud I got was unimpressive, smelled funky, but they had a lot choose from. People were really nice though.

  442. Gottaluvred03

    This is my favorite shop. Always nice helpful and they have the best choice with the best deals!

  443. tatian4420

    good atmospher good quality.. good people great costumer service.. altitude use rock

  444. Jackie356

    Awesome place! Friendly and helpful, I will definitely keep coming back!

  445. royortega84

    Awesome service and great staff

  446. ThunderCat1993

    Clean, very presentable, great conversation had in the waiting room.

  447. Wicho2789

    Great flower at great prices!

  448. Arzuwish

    the best customer service and best prices

  449. Roshanda

    I love everybody here!!! They are always super friendly to me

  450. williamslsn

    I love them

  451. peaches17

    altitude is my favorite dispensary in the world

  452. wildpug

    Went to this store today for my first time during the happy hour and got a very good deal on good flower! I will be making this my main store for sure.

  453. Iamspartacus

    You is loyal, you is kind, I appreciate you. One love

  454. Dickk_inthe_poon

    Great place for concentrates and great selection of green!

  455. PattyCakes9466

    Great deals, greater staff!

  456. SingingMustard

    I’ve been going to this place for a while and each time it’s really calm and even when they get busy, they make sure you have that one on one with your bud tender. They make sure to listen to you in your preferences and make sure you know about deal to save money (99 bucks for an ounce for example). Very friendly.

    The cannabis is great. I normally go for sativa. Every bud I pick up is slathered in the crystals and just opening the canister stinks up a room so don’t start whipping this out at granny’s house.
    Unless she’s a smoker I guess.
    All of the bud is very tasty in smell and taste. -regularish customer

  457. Juanjgonzalez

    Very good helpful workers good options to choose from

  458. Bsbenzo

    Great concentrates, flowers, staff, and deals!!

  459. Mimina

    Pretty good quality for a consistently good price.

  460. Eightfoot

    The best in Denver, hands down have been coming here for years with no disappointment…..

  461. nitenook

    By far one of the best dispensaries in Denver. You wont feel like your a hoodlum here. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Store is very clean and items are displayed well. Prices are awesome and the product offered was substantially better than the competitor on the same street down the road. Go here first and spend your money. You will get more for your money, especially during happy hour.

  462. ciannastar123

    I love their $25 our the door wax! They always give me the best trips!

  463. DrWho4390

    Great place to go, friendly staff, love the selections! Perfect atmosphere. Favorite strand so far is og skywalker!

  464. AustinDuh318

    Very helpful staff and good deals!

  465. Vibezsosmooth

    Good prices positive vibez

  466. smartidiot

    This is a great little shop with solid products and a friendly staff. Definitely recommend.

  467. TechAddicT

    Very friendly staff and good product

  468. aujhaaye

    I recently moved back into town & was looking for a dispensary close to me. I enjoy coming here because the location makes it a little bit of a well-kept secret. You don’t spend a lot of time in the waiting room & once you get inside things still run pretty smoothly. The staff is very knowledgeable, they helped me pick out exactly what I needed. I’ll definitely be returning, I may even make this my regular dispensary .

  469. Omezzy88

    Great service, beautiful flowers and friendly environment!

  470. Bkitchen8

    Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable.

  471. johnalizadeh0

    great weed and great customer service gotta come back forsure

  472. npage117

    Nice place, amazing deals on wax I’ll be back for sure

  473. EquaN0x

    Awsome people amazing location and decent selection

  474. lrsmothers

    Really liked the setup. Super knowledgable. Kickass selection.

  475. dkassa96

    Great place

  476. Djmuny

    get spot to come

  477. IvanSmokesItsTrue

    Great bud, fair prices, and a wonderful staff! Would definitely recommend to anyone in the area or visiting town!

  478. DeeAndRay

    Amazing staff, very helpful in finding me a great sativa! Definitely coming back!

  479. rainbowhash710

    after an all day adventure through dispensaries all over town (just visiting from FL) I have to say that Altitude was the best out of them all. great selection, cool atmosphere, and the budtenders we’re great and friendly. I really felt comfortable and didn’t feel rushed like I did at other places. They
    were having a special on their shatter, and gave us a deal on a rig. I can’t wait to visit here again!

  480. Waalaboy

    Best smoke store in denver.

  481. aeo512

    altitude is my go to shop while in Denver. $25 1/8 and great customer service. the bud is top quality and the prices are dope!

  482. Eg199510

    First time going there I purchase some Wi-Fi best cannabis I’ve had in a while

  483. Zachyeezy

    Awesome staff. Elizabeth is a great budtender!

  484. Swarms

    Friendly staff

  485. Delgadonevaeh34

    great buds. good customer service

  486. johnald420

    Quality staff and product

  487. lstory23

    Great prices really helpful staff good weed

  488. Ymstuntin

    I live right by this spot & been catching on to the $25 flower there! Like the white 99 & orange cookies alot

  489. jaymaggard

    this is by far the best place to get green or purple depending on what you buy. this is the only place where I get my stuff.

  490. Swagkid25

    Very friendly staff and great prices! Best deal in town for concentrates

  491. Ronschan

    helpful staff

  492. bbykush

    This was the first dispensary i went to in denver and they were very helpful and patient with me. Definitely coming back next time i visit!

  493. Josh9301

    Great location, helpful and very informative staff

  494. catsteaparty

    Great place always very comfortable and good quality.

  495. Gillette88

    The vibe was so hospitable and welcoming, the staff was friendly and warm. Good quality, selection, and prices. I was able to let the budtender know what I needed and he came through for me 100%, it was the highlight of my day!

  496. Spacecream

    I love the quality of smoke at Altitude

  497. Snowsnow

    Best dispensary in town

  498. tylerone

    very nice staff great weed good price great wax love it !!!!!!

  499. quinn12b

    The staff is always helpful and always have a plethora of information on the product

  500. Faith0620

    great location!!

  501. Nwaller57

    Great product and a friendly staff!

  502. JBone19931

    Great service and product

  503. penny26

    This is the best dispensary in Denver. The service and quality is always exceptional, and the staff is always knowledgeable of the different strains they offer.

    This is the only dispensary I’m aware of that doesn’t have their product prepackaged, so everything is weighed in front of you, making it a much more personalized experience.

  504. kvespa

    Great strains and prices!

  505. jenncm

    Love the Halloween decorations and attitude of everybody there! Some really cool strange too.

  506. dillanscott

    Great, friendly staff! This is my second time coming in and I really love how helpful and informative everyone is.

  507. Ianb420

    Great flower and concentrates. Helpful and friendly staff

  508. guinness47

    We recently moved to the area and had been using Leafly to find a good rec spot nearby. Of many high quality options, we decided on Altitude because of the reviews, and how close by it was. Very welcoming and professional staff, we felt comfortable purchasing and learning from them during our first stop at a rec shop. 10/10 will return!

  509. DariusJones

    This place is effing amazing. Chelsey is a budtender unicorn, def check these guys out!

  510. mreyes0525

    good location, short wait time

  511. sourskittles

    Best shop on Evans!

  512. YoshioiBoi

    First time I came in I was greeted with a friendly and professional staff. Transaction was quick and simple. Looked into their deals and different herbal Vapes they had. Already on my third visit and I am satisfied with this shop. Only gripe, sometimes I get told I’m getting a sativa then Leafly tells me it’s something else. The confusion there confuses the customer a bit, however it’s easily overlooked with the good quality service I’m getting either way. Thanks Guys!!!

  513. joevonne

    Nice quality bud and prices are a deal!!

  514. baileyshaw

    Great strains and the staff is super friendly!

  515. brickman1217

    I’m from the Springs, and I make a special drive up to Altitude to get what I need. Their $99 oz is always dank, and their service is always inviting and friendly.

  516. Nickhoman4

    Good bud. Friendly staff too! Thomas is dope

  517. Bubbajiggens

    good prices for a rec dispensary. I had to wait awhile but Robert was super friendly and knowledgeable. Not just trying to get my money

  518. Chef1331

    Better than Colfax

  519. Superman702

    I had a great experience last night the staff were friendly and very helpful

  520. Abaell

    Great atmosphere also great coustomer service.

  521. Rbenmiami

    Great service . Great products . Great vibe . Thank you for everything

  522. ondabooty

    Great bud even better people

  523. TPick18

    As a new local, I’ve always been impressed with their knowledge and the fact they are so approachable. I some times ask like 15 questions and they answer all of them for me. Glad to have found my go to place

  524. Duga9690

    good vibes good weed

  525. Nochancex

    I go here pretty much exclusively. Love the staff. Love the quality

  526. echava2112

    nice lounge area

  527. josefina35


  528. sisigsmokes

    Great place with solid selections! The place is always packed and I love that you stay open as late as you do!

  529. Enjoiskate

    No line, great pot, exceptional service. Like, aEURoebest servicing I’ve ever hadaEUR good.

  530. Lonnie17


  531. HuhWut

    You guys rock!!! Free joints for life!

  532. Midnightrun3

    The customer service was great! the tender gave great suggestions and was very nice. Great selection to choose from

  533. smokeywhite90

    love love love this place!!!!

  534. Heylin85

    Awesome dispensary with great products and even better prices!!!

  535. Lucyvolland

    Good selection, cheap deals & free joint deals!

  536. greenlover923

    Fast service and knowledgeable staff. Smells great right as you are walking ina~oi,

  537. Knuckleduster

    What you want is what you will get!! Great deals and the friendly atmosphere gets you in the mood of euphoria.

  538. cosmo26b

    always hooks it up fat, best price per quality

  539. sambear23

    This dispensary has been the best I have ever been to since my boyfriend and I moved here. Everyone is so friendly, a super laid back and chill environment! Ask for Chelsea she is amazingly nice and super knowledgeable on every thing inside the store!

  540. mdijak

    Love this place. Great staff and real quality product. A++

  541. shangg

    Awesome spot. Great prices.

  542. aaronredfern

    Love this spot.

  543. JackAttaxk

    Place is amazing! Got some nice flower! Definitely coming back!

  544. Jaquavia

    Very nice service great prices

  545. Zayy100

    Awesome dispensary great atmosphere very good customer service. Most definitely will be coming back

  546. Pencilvester710

    Prices and product are in the top tier of spots in denver. Their deals are worth a return visit.

  547. Kenya7600

    Very knowledgeable staff, and the deals on wax and shatter are some of the best around!

  548. Slfields

    Great waiting room, environment and people! Looking forward to coming back!

  549. Destizzy

    LOVE this dispensary!! The people are great and very helpful!!

  550. abbievee

    Always a great experience.

  551. JacobSwisher

    Love Altitude. Great people. Great prices.

  552. Shane104

    Jackie was very helpful

  553. Nntzfz

    They are always quick. Even when the parking lot as full.

  554. Cdelaat

    Every time I come here I always feel welcome:) amazing people here

  555. MrCrooks93

    Great customer service, high quality bud, and cheap prices!

  556. Andreashunter112

    Come here almost everyday. Great selection!!!

  557. theresapraska

    Altitude is a block from my house and I whenever I need something I just stop in and they always have what I want.

  558. Legolas0630

    Good flower at reasonable prices. Usually low to no wait

  559. Sicario19

    first time

  560. Pirtle84

    great place very professional and always a blast

  561. Peacock9

    Great vibes!!! Happy 420

  562. justinSims

    cool people and great Headband strain, convenient and great flower prices

  563. Alyssaxojane

    Love this location

  564. lordavi

    Everything I have picked up here is spectacular. Along with a very helpful and friendly staff, this is the best dispensary ive been to in a long time.

  565. itssmandii

    Even when the line is long you never really wait longer than 10 minutes! Always amazing deals and strains. Perfect location. Cool kick ass people who seem really knowledgeable!

  566. chicanator

    This was our first time in and the service was super friendly and made us feel very welcomed. Soo glad I live walking distance! Definitely gonna be one that I’ll visit often! dY~S

  567. SKing420

    Great staff, selection, and prices. Love this place.

  568. Mlowry5280

    Great service

  569. Westemup

    Good bud. Usually in and out and people are friendly

  570. tomyh1992

    great! fast friendly ands very knowledgeable. strongly recommend

  571. MIZSCD

    Good selection, staff friendly and knowledgable and being open till 10 is great.

  572. xxTyrant

    I like the weed here. The prices are fair, and the bud tenders are great.

  573. Mromano20012

    Very clean, great customer service!

  574. Griego406

    very clean and good vibes

  575. JeannieLou

    Great folks pretty good stuff, which is good for this area!

  576. Waldo602

    7$ grams And free joint

  577. Duryjac

    Good quality and customer service

  578. arogers86

    Great locations & always have deals going on.. will definitely return.

  579. undead420

    friends stuff wonderful weed great service

  580. Shahn33

    Grear service always

  581. jime.189

    Mark was outstanding. Great customer service and great strains!!

  582. hotmessof2

    Love the location , great customer service

  583. brandon.shinnamon

    Amazing ! Awesome prices !!

  584. ashann89

    best place I have been to in awhile.

  585. Brooke80

    Great products and customer service.

  586. dfrojas77

    The best value in Denver when u factor in the bud quality. By far the best tasting bud I’ve tried in Denver.

  587. Bryenman

    Best dispensary in town

  588. nathandues

    Good quality bud at a very good price. Love the daily specials

  589. gratefullovedenver

    The buds are just aweful. They are almost always puny little popcorn nugs, with no trichromes at all. The only thing going for them is the $20/g concentrate special for Rec, but as of late, they have only had nug run shatter for $42/g +tax or live resin for $90/g +tax lol.

  590. MikeBBBB

    the place is great

  591. Amandac21

    The staff is super friendly and answered all ky questions, i definitely will be back!

  592. Lakiesha

    I love the selection

  593. juic3b0xxx

    great product Tom’s cool good prices

  594. take0ffhoser

    Great selection and great prices. Everyone is super helpful and knowledgeable.

  595. Echoquig

    I love the point system and how friendly staff is

  596. Stewshi

    Love the shop. Drive out of my way to go there

  597. Ambermgomez7

    Expensive for the actual quality but decent product and decent service. Poor advertising never actually follow through with any of their posted daily deals.

  598. leighf

    Awesome people, great product.

  599. WilloughbySpitt

    I specifically went to Altitude East as a suggestion from Rachel, who is a budtender there. I very recently moved to Co. & had already changed my license over from my old state so that I could get my MED card but no one told me that certain dispensaries wouldn’t accept a license that has holes punched in it with a temporary Co. license. Anyways, Altitude East DID accept my temporary DL AND I walked out of there with an eighth of top grade shake for $30 no tax!! I’ll be going back @ some point for sure.

  600. Iliyah21

    Every sales person was really nice and energetic. I really like Carly shes the best. She gave great attitude and was sweet.

  601. JustinSmokeSomething

    I enjoy this dispensary. I enjoy everything about this display. Highly recommend.

  602. Genghis_Bong

    great selection and prices, friendly staff. Definitely worth a visit!

  603. wonderingcow11

    wonderful environment. ..a bit busy but that’s to be expected at the best dispo in colorado

  604. Okcooljustholler17

    great prices and great staff! very helpful and knowledgeable!

  605. Lgonz

    Seems to be a very chill vibe for my first time being here.

  606. mjandre322

    First time at this location, very satisfied per usual

  607. SalitaPorter17

    A good place to go get all recreational needs

  608. Capone010

    Not too crowded and great prices plus tons of parking

  609. Gomer1996

    Altitude has been my go to. Great product, great staff, great prices and no extra tax on their prices!

  610. rkoopman

    Awesome! Cool little place!

  611. squints1015

    Great concentrate deals friendly staff

  612. Seahawk15

    The bud tenders are great! Quality of products are always reliable and top notch!

  613. mrwest18

    great flower good service and very knowledgeable

  614. milehighkenny

    Always look forward to some good quality product here. They’re service is amazing, love the super cool staff there!

  615. FlyWalker89

    Great service every visit!

  616. dnksinatra

    Great place. Great people. Drive like thirty minutes for this place.

  617. Trizzy8814

    I love this location the only spot I shop or recommend

  618. onelover22

    Awesome people, awesome staff, really good deals for the holiday

  619. Agbomb

    Fantastic store that met all needs!

  620. Gorillaleaf

    This location is the only one I go to after going to so many to find the best place, this place has perfect quality and the prices don’t make your pocket hurt so much, I’m very happy to have found this place and introduce it to new people because they as well made this there to go spot so again thanks altitude we appreciate you dY~,,

  621. Jonj3334

    excellent customer service

  622. Pmertz30

    This location consists of a very kind staff that was willing to give me the full tour as a first time customer. Was here during happy hour and the wait was minimal for a group of 6. Will definitely be back.

  623. jasonanddesiree

    brain is great at what he does,we always love coming here thanks again

  624. Emcclure23

    They were absolutely incredible BOTH times I went! They helped me find exactly what I was looking for, and my budtender was the sweetest! He was super knowledgeable about all of their products and helped me find the best fit for what I wanted. Will defintely come back again next time I’m in town!

  625. Kloo5

    Everyone is extremely knowledgeable,personableaEUR” always a great experience!!! Why would I go anywhere else

  626. ViolentEdd

    super Friendly and helpful, knowledgeable and they have quite large selections and variety! very pleased

  627. Kindralee93

    I really like this location. Everyone is very nice and they get you back pretty quickly. Also they have good deals on concentrates 25 out the door for a gram of wax or shatter!

  628. Annick27

    This is my regular go to spot, not just because of the convenient proximity to where I live, but the bud is always good quality, and there are never any surprises with the out-the-door price. I recommend this place for those looking for high quality at a good price.

  629. Jeg9062

    Knowledgeable staff, great prices, always happy with the bud I get here

  630. KayEssVee

    Great prices and selection. My trusted dispensary.

  631. Peachez76

    I went to the Aurora location originally and loved the vibe now tried the Denver east location and loved the vibe as soon as I walked in the door.:)

  632. Kshaffer416

    Love the staff and always great product

  633. Mija685

    Great people and great flower, really love this place over all the other dispensaries.

  634. b1994

    This dispensary is where to go, knowledgeable staff and good bud too !

  635. SouthPaw527

    Very cool place. Definitely customer oriented..

  636. Lkhartman22

    Best concentrates deal around. Super good service and quality of product. Kimberly was great. Concise, answered my questions, and gave great explanations.

  637. kansasn9ne3

    Great location

  638. Bigdre95

    My first time visiting was an awesome experience! The staff was very friendly and helpful, I’ll definitely be returning!

  639. Breekristan

    First one we stopped at in CO and it was perfect! Budtender was patient and so incredibly helpful! Can’t wait to go again!

  640. ughlee

    Everyone is super knowable and friendly

  641. Hrj11

    Great service!

  642. Krok567

    Great waxxxx

  643. leopoldohdz

    Great options and prices but the best budtenders I’ve ever dealt with!

  644. Kelso25

    Had a great time coming with a friend to get her bud, coming back to buy for myself soon. Bud-tenders were awesome! (:

  645. yacc222w

    great bud and great customer service definitely gonna shop here again

  646. johnmarie79

    Love the selection and the location

  647. RGardner87

    This location is amazing. The bud tenders are all friendly and knowledgeable people. I’ve always been quite pleased with the service and the quality of the products which they sell. And the weekly deals pair well with their rewards points system.

  648. mrskymmie

    I totally LOOOOVE this place! great staff!

  649. Angelo95_

    Great prices and friendly workers, definetly my go-to dispensary!

  650. Genopec995

    Love coming to altitude very open spaceous great environment always in n out unless I coming during rush hours great bud great staff overall love altitude

  651. ArriBrie

    I love this dispensary! They are normally fast and thorough with educating. It’s the day before Christmas Eve and even with a wait they take care of each individuals needs.

  652. Less11

    I like it better than the colfax location

  653. jocbquck

    clean, and very reasonable, and very knowledgeable

  654. sohisara1995

    They all are awesome each time when I go there they give me exactly what I want try the grapefruit dlesel makes you happy makes you relax dos not put you in the sleep you will laugh your ass of dY~,a$?i,a$?i,a$?i, love it

  655. BigShark

    Nothing but love over here , great place for all your needs !

  656. tsull98

    Best prices and buds in denver

  657. Jacmary87

    Loving this place!! Atmosphere looks dope and Kate was so friendly and welcoming!

  658. Mattsmokey

    I love this place best prices for wax and shatter

  659. bakes612

    the staff is always paid great attention to detail and been very informative. I made the switch from Sweet Leaf to altitude and I have had nothing but good experiences sense and I plan on staying with altitude for many visits to come.

  660. jmeaster1

    Great location, friendly service, QUALITY product. Most importantly, customers aren’t pushed through like a herd of cattle like some shops tend to do. dY’dY>>dY’dY>>

  661. Anking72

    Always friendly and very knowledgeable. I’ve enjoyed every visit so far.

  662. Jk23

    I love coming here it has a dope open floor plan that is so different

  663. francesj7

    My favorite place okay the only place I go. When your consistent you gain loyalty. They are always consistent so they have my loyalty.

  664. Alysiajean

    Altitude is a great dispensary. Great staff and products.

  665. AlyssaZ

    The only place I’ll go

  666. Mallyndamiddle

    Best deals around and they give a veterans discount which is amazing. Also happy hour!!!! All great

  667. Jesserinwilk

    Altitude was great! Super fast, very efficient, great customer service and best of all – AMAZING STRAINS! I went looking for really nice/ potent Colorado Chem and I walked out of Altitude with an Ounce for under $150! Highly recommend choosing Altitude over its competitors.

  668. Rastana87

    Great service great flower come by an get you some for sure. Thanks altitude.

  669. lwalk17

    Aurora location is by far my favorite store!! And I work in the industry.

  670. Khronikos

    A great shop far above a lot of mediocre product in CO. You can tell by the potency and the smell. Period. Don’t fall for average home grown stuff when excellent products exist. Their 100 dollar shake is among the best out there. It’s more like smaller buds, and it’s basically a confluence of all their buds. All great quality products. Highly recommended. The place is chill, roomy, and just about perfect.

  671. Roujenn

    So far every location ive gone too has been amazing! Very helpful and best customer service!

  672. wildlyfr

    Nice place with very friendly staff. Always a great place to stop by.

  673. mommiebugg

    Absolutely love coming here! People are s Io sweet and very helpful!

  674. Jeep1987

    There website was very helpful an convienent. The selections and prices are amazing! Staff is friendly and good at what they do!

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