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4550 Hwy 6 u0026 24, De Beque, CO 81630


39.3273479, -108.2046587




9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Located right off of I-70 in De Beque, Colorado. We are constantly getting new strains and edibles in for you to try!


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115 reviews for “Kush Gardens

  1. Solidwallofsmoke

    Isolated and dingy looking exterior and interior. Security guard with the dog made the experience awkward. Budtender was great and knew his products but I was baffled as to why anyone would pay these bud prices let alone this ridiculous edible prices. Bud is all wholesale and looked larfy and dry. I decided to drive 15 mins and get superior quality. Will not return

  2. FluffyBiscuit

    Had the worst experience here, the budtenders were rude and couldn’t answer questions about their own products. The herb looked and smelled stale, I won’t be stopping here again.

  3. peytenmariee

    They got that dank dank

  4. KateLovan

    BEST DISPENSARY EVER!! These guys all know my husband and I by name 🙂 They take care of their loyal members and have deals every week if not sooner. Plus they have rewards for their members!! We won’t go anywhere else!

  5. Nduhon


  6. duransoren

    we love coming here great place helpful staff awsome buds

  7. ogreTdash

    so many better places to shop just up the road

  8. lette95

    Great Budtenders and Awesome Selection!!!! Best selection of dabs on the western slope for sure. Much better than other dispensaries in the area. Sonia is super sweet too!

  9. egon253

    Ok dispensary, forgot to put my bud into the container so had to drive an hour and a half and waste more money on gas. Would’ve been cool to maybe get a little store credit. The quality also has not been great lately and only a few of the bud tenders are decent… many better options in the area

  10. SDAR

    All the Budtenders I have met are very knowledgeable and helpful about their products. Great atmosphere…awesome employees. I also give the Security Guards high marks. I definitely recommend stopping in.

  11. ganjagrowa

    Great bunch of people. Product is getting better and better every time I go.

  12. Bigcountry42

    Tori and Cassandra are the best. Very polite and knowledgeable. Recommended Jabuwaki and it is legit!
    Tasty Tuesday is the only way to go with these guys…. great deals, great service, best expertise.
    Worth the short drive for sure.

  13. ashlee_smash

    I’ve been here several times now and have always had a great experience. Everyone is always very nice and informative. The first time I came in I was very nervous but my budtender was so great and immediately put me at ease. I would recommend this place to anyone!

  14. Klunsford1992

    It’s amazing experience every time we go. The budtenders are always friendly and knowledgeable about the strains. Plus I think they have the best deals for ounces.

  15. Aliyahb420

    This is my favorite location! Great deals and great products! Jeff provides the best service!

  16. MidnightJokerToker

    Customer service at this place is impeccable. im from out of state and visited June 2016, in August 2017 I recommended a friend stop here while in the area and service still upholds. I’ll shop here again when traveling for sure in February 2018

  17. largar

    My wife and I stopped in for the first time. We were very happy. The politeness and selection were very nice. Quality was very good.

  18. princesspeach730

    Lera was my budtender today pand she was amazing. She was very knowledgeable, genuine and helpful. This was my first visit and she had answers for all of my questions and more. Thank you for ensuring my visit was perfect.

  19. scollins1973

    love this place!

  20. Fman69

    I have shopped here since the day they opened. The quality is always the best on the western slope. I have shopped at every dispo this side of the divide and cost/quality these guys are the best. The other debeque dispensaries are not worth your time, higher prices and weed that taste like old socks. If your going east and don’t stop at kush garden I’ll be honest. The next stop would be the green cross in silt.

  21. gin81

    Great staff, always prompt, friendly, knowledgeable about their products. Would def recommend to nearby “enthusiasts”

  22. Annb3ll3

    Friendly employees and very knowledgeable. Budtender took the time to explain different strains for a newbie.

  23. annawoo

    this place is the best! great variety and awesome quality! staff is very knowledgeable and friendly!!!

  24. Cendeelu

    Everyone is very friendly and very knowledgeable.

  25. woundedwolf

    They definitely are helpful and knowledgeable…. Ryan is my fave bud tender, they keep new strains on hand and hard to find Shatter!!! First dispensary on the westslope of Colorado….. great

  26. LoveSprings

    Quality is not there. Service ok, had to wait in line for stuff that looked good but the medical potency was not there. Will not return.

  27. MLgj

    Been a loyal customer from GJ. Recently the quality has dropped. Last two predictions packed ounces have been awful. The last one had an 1/8th of leaves in bottom, lots of seeds, almost unsmokable, unfortunately I can’t afford for this to happen. Lost trust in this business. Really disappointed

  28. CannaFairyAZ

    Great selection! Really liking the organic/pesticide free strains they started carrying. $10 prepacks are auper convenient. Awesome selection of edibles and topicals.

  29. khoffman90

    Torey was very knowledgeable and had great customer service and was willing to answer all my questions and was very patient

  30. ajadams

    Best price

  31. rosieq

    Im very pleased with this place! The staff here are very nice and knowledgeable! Colby informed me alote about vapes and bud. Very patent with all questions we had!

  32. weedman70

    Quality has gone down to where this is my last resort.

  33. halladayshawn

    out of all the western slope this is my fave but not saying others aren’t just as good just they are easiest to deal with. would like to see more strains being rolled up. cbd rich not all thc so my wife can toke with me….

  34. j8sony

    Very friendly staff!

  35. Marsoccomm

    First time visit and great service amd amazing amazing 39.29% awesomeness. Have to check these guys out.

  36. addyboy

    This place has a lousy and expensive selection of concentrates . im forgetting this places exists and going elsewhere

  37. CC0420

    We’ve been here a couple three times and every time, knowledgeable budtenders. Last visit, Sonia waited on us and was most helpful. The Sunday discount was a bonus!

  38. keeling30tysha

    I absolutely love this store. The owners and employees are amazing. Especially Sonia Avila. I will come back.

  39. Juverose

    This is the best rec shop I’ve been to! amazing variety of strains, helpful staff, and great specials.

  40. jamiesndr

    First time here and Sonia was awesome! Very knowledgeable and friendly! Will definitely be back again and again!

  41. sgtwilk

    I stopped in yesterday on my way home. I had just been to Denver for some bud on Monday and saw them as I was driving by.

    First off: EXCELLENT selection of everything you could need in regards to smoking accessories. The certainly qualify in my book as an excellent all around Head Shop. Much better selection than most places I have been to.

    Second: Freaking AMAZING selection of bud. I have only seen a couple of places that could match the selection. Much better choices than I have seen on the west slope before.

    Third: My Budtender was knowledgeable and made some excellent suggestions. I tried some of the Durban poison she recommended last night and it was everything she said it would be. Also she was very upbeat, seemed to enjoy her job a lot and was cute? Total win….if only she was into old, fat guys 🙂

    Prices: Comparable to Average Denver prices. Much better than what I have seen in Glenwood Springs. No, they are not as good as the member prices at a chain in Denver or the sale prices at others, but if I want to sample some different strains without making a 12 hour trip to and from Denver I wont hate myself for buying here.

    so overall: Quality bud, decent prices, outstanding selection and a smexy budtender,,,very nice shop

  42. Loveskush546

    I love this place having been coming here since it opened.. will always come back.. Shout out to Heather and her killer service!!! Keep doing like you do

  43. Darkmoons

    First off, the quality : Being new to this kind of thing, and only smoking about 5 times, I can’t be trusted to know what “good quality” is. I do however know that what I bought here (GG4) got me high as a kite in a single large milky hit off of a rather large bubbler. I also know how I feel with low quality bud, so I give it 4/5 for the quality, I may be wrong, but at this point it is the best bud I’ve ever seen or used.

    Secondly, the service : The budtenders knew what they were talking about, and were very helpful to a newcomer, they did rush things rather quickly, and as a first time buyer and a less than moderate user I was very lost and confused as to a lot of the nuance in purchases. I asked about a strain that my friend said would be good, and they said they did not have any, but brought out 3 jars with different buds. They told me the names, opened the jars and just expected me to do something. As I smoke tobacco from pipes and cigars I did what I’d normally do which is only smell but not shove my nose in the jar, I still expect this is right, but I didn’t know if touching the bud was a no no and still don’t. They didn’t explain what type of high each would offer, or ask what I was looking for either medically or recreationally. It wasn’t “bad” service, but it certainly wasn’t “great” service either.

    And finally, the atmosphere : Let’s just say I wish I could give it less than one star in this regard. For one, I was greeted by an armed guard and a barbed wire fence (I assume to protect their plants and storehouse but who knows) which was a bit offputting. The guard was a nice guy though, as I completely walked past the entrance door and he pointed me in the right direction. I was greeted inside by one person behind the counter on the phone trying to talk to the phone and me at the same time. My ID was scanned, I assume documented with how long it took, and I was told I’d need to wait 15 minutes. It was packed in this opening room, and only 2 seats were available in the far back area. There’s little to do while waiting, no magazines that I could find, there was a fish tank to look at but has a do not enter area on one side, and seating on the other, and I believe a glass case of pieces and other such objects at the counter, but so many people enter that it’s rude to stand or crouch in front of the door like that. After waiting over 30 minutes I was told to go back to the next room where things were rushed along, so as to allow more people to get what they came for. Even if the service and the quality was 5/5, the atmosphere kills this place, and with such a large plot of land that this is located on, I would recommend they invest in expanding their store to be more inviting and possibly get more budtenders to move things along more quickly.

    I don’t “recommend” this place at the current time, but living out on the Western Slope, there’s little other option unless you want to spend a lot in gas just for this. I’ll probably end up going back as they have some strains I enjoy, and it’s more convenient than going anywhere else at this time, but if I had an option, I’d probably pass this place up in the future unless something changes drastically.

  44. Ultrasegraves

    Its a small place but the prices are good, the service is fantastic and the variety is good enough. My wife and I dropped by on our way to Glenwood. Don’t waste your time! Kush Gardens should be your primary shop if you’re on the Western Slope.

  45. NomNom64

    Tasty Tuesday is a sweet deal! Torri and Cassandra smoked my expectations as far as customer service and overall experience. The shop is definitely my new favorite since they now carry the peppermint and coconut fattys (taste like thin mints and mounds candy bars)

  46. bblei

    My budtender Colby was extremely friendly, patient and helpful! I had lots of questions but he had no problem taking his time to tell me all about the products available, even informing me of the deals currently offered! Consistent quality, well worth the 40 minute drive.

  47. QLegit

    This wasy first trip to a dispensary so I didn’t have much to compare it to. I was impressed inmediately. The budtenders were very knowledgeable and courteous. Their inventory was amazing. A few weeks later I went to a dispensary in Denver and was very disappointed, I compared them to Kush Gardens and there was no comparison.

  48. COrecweed

    I’ve been going over to KG since Jun 2015. Very nice quality flower, but I wish their prices would come down a bit. There are more places opening up that also have very nice quality flower, but prices are alot cheaper.

  49. JakesHuman

    The best place in CO is Kush Gardens. I’ve visited about 8-10 stores, on the Front Range, the Western Slope, Southern, and Northwest areas of CO . Mostly, I appreciate the friendly staff here and their impressive knowledge, as well as the many selections. Product is always the best.

  50. Trifokalis

    I travel a ways to get here and always receive consistently good service. Very professional, know their products and are very friendly. BTW I’m 72.

  51. atsanche

    Great location for buying Recreational in Western Slope, good selection and prices!

  52. HappyStonerMom

    We visited this as our first recreational dispensary. The service was great. The budtender was very helpful. Would recommend.

  53. barob

    great place. easy to get to. very friendly staff. blue hash plant is da bomb.

  54. Bnelson6149

    Very knowledgeable friendly staff

  55. dabbz4dayz5280

    the location is good staff member Jeremy is very knowledgeable.

  56. StevenLarson92

    Love Kush Gardens! Whenever my wife and I drive through De Beque we stop every single time. This place is the best bud you can find in western Colorado!

  57. Weasel6781

    Great people!! All Bud Tenders are awesome, Sonia is and absolute doll! Great location, great security guards and check-in. Couldn’t ask for better.

  58. dragonflyslayer75

    They have been very knowledgable on all their products.

  59. phoenix517

    Great selection and great customer service.
    I Will definitely return.

  60. Kushbush12

    For being a small building this place is great. they always have a huge selection and it’s always busier on the weekends cause everyone is off of work so the wait times are fine. it’s mainly up to the noobs who’ve never been in a dispensary on how fast transactions go without making them feel “rushed” that’s impossible. only one worth stopping for is the budget bud its awesome!

  61. iheartcolorado

    I came here for my first time ever being in a dispensary. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection. All of the staff members are friendly and the Budtender was incredibly knowledgeable and very kind. I’ll definitely go back.

  62. Tylor420

    Entering into the store I was greeted by a security personnel. Knowing this I felt safe, there are some sketchy dispensaries out there, so this one takes the cake for safety. Once inside I was greeted by a gentleman inside who was rather informative about how the process of this dispensary worked. They scanned my license, which I was informed that it did not go to any data base other than theirs, and that was just to verify that it was a valid ID. After waiting a few short minutes I was directed back to a budtender. This is where the fun really began. The budtender showed me every flower I was interested in and let me smell them! They explained to me the different cannabinoids that are present in the plant and how each one of them works. This store is awesome, the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly! I will definitely be back and will recommend it to all my family and friends.

  63. JohnnyGoodTimeInColorado

    Amazing quality with very knowledgeable staff. huge selection of edibles and concentrates. Best
    place on the Western Slope.

  64. smokey44

    I love this place! Everyone a always so nice and knowledgeable!

  65. jakeraymond413

    Awesome staff and product

  66. sparky1pants

    learned so much and answered all my questions! also left with more than I could have hoped for great deals!

  67. JohnnyUtah801

    Most recent visit 10/21/2017. I’ve been to a few stores in CO and Kush Gardens is my favorite. I’m relatively inexperienced with cannabis having consumed mostly oil concentrates. I’ve been curious about vaping flower and wanted to give a shout out to Budtender Colby. He was really patient and cool with the awkward (for me) questions. I ended up leaving with the variety I was looking for and thankful for Colby’s help.

  68. wavyg88

    Awesome location, fresh weed and cool tenders

  69. amandastacy231

    First time going into a Dispensary. I am happy that I chose this one. Everyone in there was so happy and super helpful especially our bud-tender! Next time I come into Colorado I will make sure to stop in again! dY~S

  70. rugger1969

    Great location-right off of I-70. Easy in and out.

  71. MomsaMess

    I feel the same as the other reviews. It was a long wait, and felt very rushed. First time at a dispensary, and it was not very pleasant. The bud was good quality but that’s the only positive.

  72. SadUtahGuy

    The prices here on vape oils are always high. high enough that I pass them by every time and go somewhere else and add an extra hour to my drive.

  73. Geekd

    Nearest location to Moab, great selection, and always friendly and helpful staff.

  74. Shananigans30

    Was amazing very knowledgeable and huge selection

  75. bratallday

    kush gardens has a really cool setup and super friendly staff. very Educated on the strains. i love that its so close.

  76. TGram12

    Amazing shop! can’t wait to see what they have out next time I come back 🙂

  77. jdavi319

    Colby helped me out and explained things to me. Really liked this place and they have good deals too.

  78. Plzblucky

    Kush Gardens is our favorite dispensary! The prices are great – they’re back to daily deals at the moment, we are hardly ever disappointed with the selection of buds, and the staff is great – Marlee is our favorite!! If you have a chance, check this place out!

  79. gmabear59

    Been coming here since it opened. Curtis was my bud tender and has great customer service! (He’s been my bud tender before and has a great personality!)All the budtenders are very friendly and knowledgeable about the products. Even though there is a pot shop in Palisade now I will continue to take the short ride to DeBeque as this place is awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  80. NDfan

    Great shop and convenient location for us.

  81. Cjones7

    Chill vibe and better quality than others in the town. Flower was what I was interested in and the bud tender had great recommendations (Leana I think, im sry I’m awful with names). Decently priced on the lower side, but not the cheapest (barely) in a 15 mile radius.

  82. droseph845

    Great location and very friendly staff!

  83. Holly2878

    Curtis was a great help and a great attitude. Made my first time visit to a dispensary fun.

  84. Mommy35

    Most friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable staff. I am a disabled veteran and the amount of repeat I receive there is amazing! Thank you for the positive budtenders you have! I will never go anywhere else!

  85. DesSean

    perfect location

  86. mamaX305

    Ya’ll are awesome from outside to inside. Torey is so happy and so fun to talk to. Makes going to the store better.

  87. StonerJeffro

    Great location right off Ii,-70

  88. snoopygg

    I like the location and the quality there the tenders always treat me right

  89. realniccage

    The woman that greets you and takes your info is the first wonderful thing to happen to me in my first visit to this magical place. Secondly the wait wasn’t bad and I for one was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the security staff. Those gentlemen work hard and should only make you feel safer when visiting this shop. The bud caddy or bud specialist whatever they call them was a sweet girl that knew her stuff and I could have married her right then and there. Luke’s green lightsaber chopsticks were sweet which is what she used to get a few for my brother. I purchased some o.pens from them and they assured me that if any of them are defective I can bring them back for an exchange. Very cool. I want to live there but I didn’t know who to ask about that.

  90. lostsoul79928

    Been going for over a month. Budtenders are great and always
    help me out. Love going to see that is new in the shop.

  91. turpin576

    I have yet to have an experience at Kush Gardens that was memorable for the right reasons. A security guard stares at you the whole time like you are going to steal something, and the employees are still somehow less friendly. I would not recommend Kush Gardens to anyone, with the exception of an enemy.

  92. Lrhutchins

    Great first experience. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Prices were affordable and there was a great selection.

  93. Dynamite9

    Kush Gardens has excellent customer service by its budtenders, and everyone exhibits extensive knowledge of their products, a willingness to share that knowledge, and a sense of humor. Rebecca took the time to write down the effects and the medicinal indications of my strain of vape oil, so she is much appreciated!

  94. MommaBear123

    Kush Gardens has proven, time and time again, to be the BEST dispensary between Grand Junction and Denver. I have been to many other dispensaries since moving here and no one has been able to beat them. With the awesome deals and high quality products, you get more aEURoebangaEUR for your buck! I only have 2 requests: 1) MORE PREROLLS, 2) SELL GSC! GSChas been the only strain thus far that has NOT made me anxious or paranoid….just mellow and happy. Thank you for being the best! dY~a$?i,

  95. Sdoll

    Stopped in on my way thru Colorado. Quality of product was good. I would go back.

  96. EchoKush

    Very nice visit. It was nice to see real security on sight. The security guard was very friendly and we chatted a while. Then my bud-tender Jeremy was a total rock star. We had trouble with the Point of Sales software tonight but Jeremy made up for it by providing a wealth of knowledge about my favorite products. I really learned a ton on my trip. Their flowers were gorgeous, with potency on several strains in the 30s. its clear that the staff at Kush Gardens loves cannabis knows cannabis and loves talking about cannabis. At first blush prices look steep but they INCLUDE TAX, After doing the math their prices are exactly on par or even better than some of the other locations in the area. I’ll definitely be returning to Kush Gardens from now on because the customer service was exceptional, The place was clean, well lit, and well secured, and the product is extremely nice.

  97. R_McPotsmoke

    Everything felt very rushed and very uncomfortable. The prices were high and the bud was just ok. Overall I wasn’t impressed with this store.

  98. OJdaJuicemann

    Satisfaction is an all time HIGHdY and Kush Gardens exceeds it every visit. Recommend anyone to stop by.

  99. swagmasta7797

    I loved my visit. Very professional. Security was a bit intimidating but I guess that’s to be expected

  100. Jon4Paz

    Fantastic service. Jeremy was very helpful and professional.

  101. beckhart

    Great business ethics and epic customer service.

  102. SuperBomb63

    Nice clean friendly environment .

  103. Tafoisy

    Great atmosphere, and the people there are awesome and knowledgeable!

  104. turbokneegrow

    After recently moving to the western slope and recently starting to use cannabis again we rolled to Kush Gardens first, despite a few recommendations to go to a couple shops further east. I’m sure the other shops on the western slope are also great, BUT this will be the only place I shop at.
    From the moment we walked in the staff treated us with the utmost respect and kindness. Their bud tenders (Tyler and Rebecca I believe, thanks again!) took extra time and patience to explain everything to my wife and I, which was priceless after not smoking for 10 plus years. They made excellent recommendations that we’ve thouroughly enjoyed, been in every week to support this great local business and their awesome staff ever since our fast visit…….
    Keep up the great work guys!

  105. areid1980

    we love this place! very knowledgeable and personable. highly recommend

  106. SLCRob

    These guys are friendly, knowledgeable, and have a great selection. The armed guard outside can be a little intimidating but other than that they are great.

  107. sande276

    Never having bought bud from a store I was nervous but excited. This was my first purchase and I’m so glad my husband picked this place. The bud tender was super nice, and really informative. I love the professional atmosphere here and the wait wasn’t long at all. This is my go to place from now on 🙂

  108. TMSTL

    Awesome first time experience, I high recommend stoping by to try them out! 10/10!

  109. lnmartin1388

    very friendly and helpful.
    new to area and staff was very welcoming. will be back!

  110. GoMordecai

    I had an excellent experience the other day at Kush Gardens. I suffer from Type II Bipolar Disorder which I’ve been treated for since I was 12. I’ve gone through countless medications that have caused debilitating side effects along with prolonged states of mania or depression. Several years ago I ditched all the meds and started a personal quest to self healing. It’s been a struggle, and my recent move from Florida to Colorado has aggravated a lot of my symptoms. I had been feeling as though I may need to go back to medication. Rapid cycling for two months left me exhausted, excitable and depressed. A co-worker mentioned I might have some luck with marijuana. I have been a smoker in the past but gave it up due to certain strains causing extreme anxiety/manic episodes. Feeling as though I’d exhausted all my options, I decided to go to a nearby dispenser. I felt welcome immediately. Even the armed security guard at the entrance was nice! I was very nervous, but that staff was very warm and inviting. I was placed with Jason, and he turned out to be a very knowledgeable budtender. I explained my history and he informed me of why certain strains cause anxiety and what I should avoid. He recommended a strain called Incredible Power. It is high CBD, low THC. He advised me to start very slow. It’s been a week and I’ve had no manic episodes. I’m sleeping! I’m focused, calm, able to stay collected, more resilient to outside stressors. I’m HAPPY. It’s a Godsend. Thank you Kush Gardens for your product, and Jason for your knowledge!! a$?

  111. hm_white

    Curtis is awesome definitely knows whats up, wouldn’t want tot go to anyone else. Go check it out.

  112. djmurdoc

    First timer, Marlee was my Budtender and she was super helpful and knowledgeable. I will return.

  113. Glidesonsnow

    The location of this shop is good, but before you visit call in to see what strains are available. I have been twice and both times, they were deficient of some, if not all strains posted on their online menu.
    The quality of the medicine is A+. The service is great. However, the strains sell fast so the selection varies from day to day.

  114. Indica546

    Great place to get everything you’ll need for a great high… Great service!!

  115. Kaitlin1990

    (Original DE Beque dispensary) Ask about thier 420 B/B!! Knowledgeable staff, super friendly and SAFE! Follows rules

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