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10555 E 45th AVE, Denver, CO 80239


39.7794116, -104.8646115




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:40 PM


10:00 AM – 9:40 PM


10:00 AM – 9:40 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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We are now open everyday! Med & Rec (21+)
Sunday-Wednesday: 10:00am-8:00pm
Thursday-Saturday: 10:00am-9:40pm

Med. Patients shopping Recreationally will get an additional 10% Off.
Med. Member Patients shopping Recreationally will get an additional 25% Off.

Come by and check out our daily specials on some truly Rare Dankness!


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52 reviews for “House of Dankness

  1. FarmerMoe

    One of the better shops in Colorado. They understand quality over quantity, most shops out here don’t. Grate job guys!

  2. Tru45

    Best spot in Denver !! Amazing genetics , all the flower is fire . I have been to a lot of dispensaries and the quality here tops them all !

  3. golfer12

    best tasting concentrates in denver

  4. jssbz123

    This place is great. it is still one if my top spots for quality. I love the Nitrogen sealed containers. I will say it’s about time for some different strains. I know they grow many different strains off of Rare Dankness cuts so I would just like to see them come out with some new strains for rec.

  5. Einhorn_is_Finkle

    This isn’t Scott’s first shop.I remember Stone Mountain from back in the day and it was amazing. Unfortunately, House of Dankness is the opposite. Same strains, and somehow the quality seems to get lower and lower as time goes on. In December 2016 when they first opened, the flower I picked up was some of the best I’ve had. Since then, it seems that the shop philosophy has gone from high quality to cheap. Flower is terpless and harsh. When other shops are growing the genetics that YOU invented better than you, you know something is wrong with the grow, the business plan, or both.

  6. CRUCIFY19

    Stopped in to check it out and was blown away. Very professional and knowledgeable budtenders. In a town with a dispensary on almost every corner HOD stands out. Excellent flower and awesome prices. This is where to go for the dankest bud in town. Indica lovers paradise!

  7. MegaMondo

    Five star everything! I went to five or six different shops before I stumbled into HOD.. the display cases and store itself is upscale, top notch and player A F! We called it ‘the jewelry store’. The first day I went happened to be ‘half off concentrates’, I scored some Rugburn OG Sugar (live resin) and a dope ass beanie with the skunk logo. The next day I returned and guess what?? An even better deal!!! Eighths for a crazy price!! So low I dare not mention it! Someone will report my review for falsifying information!! I stocked up on Flo OG and Rare Darnkness and called it a day!

    Mad props to HOD, I’ll never come to Denver without making a stop there FIRST

    More props to my budtender, she was beyond beautiful and really knew her shit!!

  8. gwizzalex

    Horrible experience from the rude and unknowledgeable staff. Never coming here again and I was happier to walk out with nothing in my hand. Check your egos or get out of the business because no one wants to deal with rude pricks while shopping for medication. I have read reviews on multiple sites and it seems not a lot of people come back for a second visit and if that’s what you were going for when opening your doors then congratulations, you’re doing it!

  9. Indica810

    Their Strain Somali Taxi Driver is the worst I’ve ever had in my life. It was terrible.

  10. kpflo

    This is the best dispensary I’ve ever visited! Absolutely top notch product. The staff is super friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. They don’t even accepts tips. It’s a class act operation. I’ve purchased from hundreds of retail shops and House of Dankness is definitely number 1 in my book. I can’t wait to go back!

  11. Cdywy

    t! @houseofdanknessco You have brought some of the finest medicine to the lands! Your new shop is on point, everyone there was sooooo nice. The package is next level, California can’t talk shit now no more crunchy crunchy dust buds that’s fosho!!! Love your pens (the rainbow lights lol) and the cartriges, the airflow is unlike any other i’ve seen! A++++ Be back soon!!

  12. dabmeowt666

    Awesome deals! $15 1/8ths every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! Be on the look out for their flash sales too. The staff there are very knowledgeable and friendly!

  13. yourhighness710

    I love coming to HOD! We come here for our concentrates all the time. The quality is great and so is the customer service!

  14. belulah

    Amazing product at awesome prices

  15. nyorai

    Hands down my favorite dispo in Denver, both in terms of quality and affordability. I try to let everyone know about this place so they get the best experience possible. The owner, Scott, is a legend, full of passion, and continues to amaze me the way he runs things. He could not lead a more professional and upward-moving team. They have daily deals and rewards points, the best sign-over incentives, and if you like low temp quartz dabs, their concentrates are the terpiest, tastiest extracts around, especially for the price (fridays and sundays are usually half off concentrates, and the sugar/batter/abstract are simply out of this world). Their genetics are original and amazing, and HOD is the only place in Denver that doesn’t have dry product; they nitro seal their buds in tuna cans, and it makes all the difference. You can save an eighth for months, even years, and have it still be fresh. I am simply spoiled coming here. I haven’t been anywhere else in months, even though i live in Glendale, i drive 20-30 minutes to my favorite caregiver. The staff are all super knowledgable and friendly people. They don’t even accept tips, and yet they are always there with advice and suggestions. I simply cannot say enough good things about this place! “But don’t take my word for it”… really, please go see for yourself, first-hand, the industry in its prime!

  16. Carldavis

    Best one yet…I’ve been to Denver 4 times ….visiting lots of shops… now I know where to go….

  17. BobTrainHaze

    Quality and service are good, which was/is expected with such a well known brand. For me, weed is either good or not, I don’t do the “broooooo, fire!”etc. But many would put it that way. Didn’t wanna loser the stars based on this(but…..)but this is a no-brainer. The cover of a high times that had ghost train haze on it, said “strongest strain on earth” as it has won countless awards and we all know GTH. I’ve gotten it at many dispensaries all over, but have waited 7 long months and still….nothing. Plenty of longs peak blue, commerce city kush, etc etc, but why, WhY does the only dispensary owned by the creators of GTH NOT have it?!?! I’m sure anyone reading this agrees so more hypothetical question really.
    Also, how ya gonna have $15 8ths, then raise prices, especially right now? Literally every dispensary in town has lowered or at least maintained prices. Indica ONLY up 20%, lol, then sativa up 67%! Wow! What really sucks is that even when having “deals” no sativa is even offered below 20! A bit silly, I can buy an indica at regular price cheaper than a sativa on sale…….but a month ago, they were the exact same price, everyday. Anyway, just my opinion, but trust me I speak for many, MANY customers, and obviously, many former customers

  18. Anne5280

    After visiting all the shops in Denver I finally went to HOD and boy oh boy this is my new fav. Great location with easy access and parking. Was greeted by an exceptionally tall, exceptionally friendly staff member and quickly sent back to the interior of the shop which was compact and super elegant and was greeted by my friendly bud tender who showcased their beautiful flower, pulling out all the jars for me to to sample and talking me through the benefits and effects and tipping me off on a seriously sweet deal on 8ths. I’m an indica girl all the way and if you are like me, this is your Mecca. Their flower is exquisite. I was checked out quickly and sent on my way but I’ll be back. I’ve tried most of the RD strains from other shops but I’m glad I got it from the source. Gonna take a lot for me to go anywhere else. Huzzah HOD!

  19. ColoradoFresh

    This place in all the way on the other side of town, but even if it was on the other side of the state, it still is worth becoming a regular journey. They did the store just like they do their genetics, even better than you expect. Very convenient to be able to grab some flower and try it, then return and grab the seeds. Picked up Star Killer OG today, and its exactly what i needed. Cant wait to have some of that oh so sweet Ghost Train Haze #1 tomorrow afternoon. Cannot wait to go back and cannot recommend this place enough.

  20. Tloe93

    By far best dispensary I have ever gotten the pleasure to not only buy from but to trim for as well.

  21. c87ortiz

    Between my fiance and I we have been here 3 times in the last 10 days. I have been following Rare Dankness genetics for the longest time and to see them finally open a shop makes us very happy. My fiance Amanda went in the first time where she was greeted and welcomed in a way she explained like non other. She was given a tour and shown and told about the product. I also recieved the same service when I entered. The genetics here are the best. We live in FoCo so we know that making it on time is very important if we want the sales,so we make sure to plan ahead as all of you should do. The manager Jonathan Parker was more than friendly when both I and her were able to meet him. We recommend this shop to everyone!Superior EVERYTHING! Thank House of Dankness team for doing such a great job John C Ortiz(WG420)

  22. MandaNichole

    I love this place! the bud is great and the people are even better. This place knows how to take care of everyone who walks in.

  23. CJHaze

    I made the mistake of returning to this place after they refused to give me the special they had failed to take off their website that morning until after I had arrived at the store. I called over at around 11:00 this morning and talked to Justin on the phone. I specifically asked him if there was a limit on the shatter sale today. He said it was 8 per person. I get in my car and drive 45 minutes down there once again. I was told By Melissa, the manager, that the limit has changed to 4 per person and there is nothing she can do. I’m not sure if Melissa was lying to me or if their company is actually micromanaged to that degree. Either one is a recipe for TERRIBLE customer service. I will never recommend this place to anybody, in fact when people ask me about it from now on I will strong urge them to steer as clear as possible from this establishment.

  24. E39m5s62

    I live in Loveland and this place is worth the drive all the way to Denver for the flower. (I haven’t tried the concentrates I only smoke flower)

    They charge half the price compared to %99 of dispensaries
    The genetics are outstanding.
    The dry/cure is on point! Not crispy and terpless like most places!
    Most importantly it’s a VERY clean smoke with zero bad taste.
    You always get large perfectly manicured nugs too.

    Service is very pleasant. The girl at the door welcomes you with an infectious smile that will lift you right up.

    The 7 foot giant bud tender was very helpful and patient. (Unlike previous bud tenders..)

    Guy at the med checkout seems like he rather be anywhere else.

    Lady at the rec check out is a breath of fresh air. Lol

  25. AngieValdez

    One of the most beautiful dispensaries I’ve ever visited. We went there for the quality product and a trusted name in cannabis but the customer service keeps us coming back. Definitely recommend this for a first experience to the recreational side of shopping. Love the daily deals.

  26. petehayes1

    Nice live concentrates..

  27. parish24

    this is the best place in Denver and surrounding areas hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best flower ever nicest people best service…. I love House of Dankness

  28. TylerCline

    the best product for the best prices. specially for medical members.

  29. Smokinsince95

    I just have to rate this place again, because I literally love this place… like Disney land it makes me super happy every time and the staff is super knowledgeable and friendly. I just joined as med member and was the best decision I made choosing them as my caretakers for mmj. Thanks guys! Check out LeeRoy, Venom, Commerce, Tangerine Kush has the most amazing flavor as well as purple swish!! Thanks over and over again Scott!!!!

  30. LostTechnique

    Never disappoints. Easily in my top 5. Although certain strains seem to be way better than others and don’t smell quite as good as the display jars but that’s inevitable with high production. Loving all the great deals to keep me coming back!

  31. COLocal420

    I love this place and think that it’s by far the best dispensary in the Denver area. I have been a loyal customer and have referred every friend to them. Unfortunately I went in to get a croma cartridge because they were 50% off. After I left I saw that I did not recive the discount, when I called back I was told there was nothing they could do and if I wanted I could come back in and buy another for the discount. As a loyal and frequent customer its very frustrating that the only solution was for me to go in and spend more money due to a mistake made by the employee. The guy on the phone was nothing but rude and mocked me when I asked if I could be given the discount and get half my money back and pay the discount price I was told. I love HOD but it is very frustrating to be treated that way as a loyal customer.

  32. mguyon

    reviews don’t do this place justice. outstanding service, clean and affordable

  33. Serg1Dank

    I went to purchase some flower Tuesday evening but to my surprise they closed early (5pm).
    I tried again the next day (Wednesday)in the evening and the guy at the counter said they were out of flower. What dispensary runs out of weed? Idk if he was lying so he wouldn’t ring up any more customers because I arrived 20 minuets before closing. Still, if you guys are open you should continue to accept customers and NOT turn them away. Smh! Bad business model.
    You guys lost a customer. Bad customer service!

  34. PhredInYerHead

    I don’t know what live suger is, but I like it!

  35. Skeggjold

    Easy access from I-70. This is an Indica heavy shop. Only really one stavia available. Ghost Train Haze good earthy pull.

  36. LadyRaider

    If your looking for good flower and a great experience….. you should stop here. All the staff was great and informative about their products. Tosha the lady at the front was the best. she welcomed us and told us about who they are, and how they got the products they have.
    Plus the building is cool af!! Hope you meet the giant bud tender 🙂

  37. Vibrations17

    Amazing service! From the moment we walked in we were given excellent customer service. They even gave us tips on how to get discounts, amazing!

  38. backtoarms

    Love this place. I grow my own flower, but I love to try new strains in between. The prices are awesome and flower is top shelf. Only con I can think of is the lack of selection.
    Would recommend.

  39. willdank

    Hands down my favorite!!
    Just wish all of their strains were on medical as well or a variety of flowers on Med. I want to be able to smoke all their strains but ship on med and not be forced to buy rec to be able to get a certain strain.

  40. maggotwtihin

    Went in this morning and omfg! I will totally be back! Fire Bud and amazing sale prices! I didn’t scoop up any concentrate this go around, but it all look super fuego! Y’all keep up the good work!

  41. nursemarcie

    Amazing flowers and the most compassionate and knowledgeable staff I have encountered in the Denver area.

  42. Jacquie27


  43. I3lazin

    Just what I’d expect. Dank. My fam grows Docs OG, Mendocino County’s favorite OG. Scott’s OG flower was nice. 501st and rare darkness pre roll also nice. Quality herb, haven’t got to sample my shatter, but I expect nothing less than the best. If you haven’t stopped by this place you MUST. There is a reason Northern California growers use Rare Dankness genetics. Sweet daily specials. I just hate that I have to head out tomorrow, but I’ll be sure to make HOD my last stop, before I head to southern Colorado of course and consume it. Blaze up!

  44. SMR1975

    Went here sunday for $20 1/8 sale. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about the products. I am mostly a flower guy with the occasional edible but have had some interest in trying concentrates. They walked me through everthing i had questions about. The flower here is all fire. I love the Flo OG nice and flavorful with a great relaxing high but not too sleepy. Im really looking forward to trying more strains from here. Prices are very reasonable espically if you go on sale days. Need some scotts OG and moonshine haze cant wait until more of the RD strains are available.

  45. Redsteeleninja

    Found this place on accident. Went to a work meeting across the street and immediately got some dank bud afterwards. Great prices, great flower, and super friendly service!

  46. Joeyronnfeldt

    I only go here because it’s cheaper than competitors. The service is terrible and they don’t run their website which has deals and strains that they don’t have in stock. They tell you to go to the Leafly unprofessional.

  47. StaySaxy

    Dankest bud in Denver hands down.

  48. dankzae

    have quality but service is kinda shady and we got there at 8:01 got turned around wont be returning due to lack of compassion there was a few customer’s aswell

  49. Zach42o1

    When this place first opened up i was extremely pleased with the entire HoD experience. Since then the quality have dropped dramatically, I’ve purchased flower recently and i honestly couldn’t smoke it i found it easier to just throw what i believe was a bud that turned into dust, it was some of the harshest I’ve had to date. I think it was a rather pathetic version of moonshine haze. another great experience I’ve had here was asking about a “new” strain that dropped, i was excited because this dispensary never changes the rotation. i showed up and asked the “budtender” what dank commander was a cross off, keep in mind I’m staring straight at the book that lists the strains and what the lineage is. this guy comes outta left field making some random lineage up and telling me that’s what it was, so obviously i left without purchasing. If the employees cant have a knowledge of the product they are representing why should i give a business like this my money. I really did enjoy this place at first like i said, but i no longer visit it because like every other dispensary out there they get greedy and pass off shit product. but hey the prices are good for garbage.

  50. nshapiro77

    Great staff and by far the best bang for your buck in Denver! I’m really balling on a budget at House of Dankness. Who needs medical with prices this good?How can you say no to 15 dollar eighths and shatter!? My go spot and I’m willing to drive 30 mins one way to get here!

  51. darthsensuous

    This was my first stop on my vaca to Colorado and it did not disappoint. I wanted to experience connoisseur quality flower my first time out and I’ve heard much about Scott with Rare Dankness in HT mag and podcasts so it was an obvious must visit for me. The Flo OG and Rugburn OG were on point. Perfectly cured, beautiful nugs, and exceptional effects. I loaded up on shwag too because the logo is badass. After visiting several other dispensaries on my trip I can say with certainty that House of Dankness is a must for your cannatourist trip. The budtender was professional, friendly, and even though she was busy, she didn’t act like I was an annoyance because I was indecisive. If I had any feedback it would only be that flower doesn’t hold up super well after opening the nitrogen packed containers because of the climate and as a tourist I wasn’t prepared to use hermetic jars or the like. The budtender did caution me about this so it wasn’t a surprise at all, and certainly doesn’t change my opinion that they’re the best, just an FYI to others so you can plan accordingly. Thank you for the experience!

  52. NoNameYo

    Awesome just awesome! Been waiting for this place to open and I am not disappointed! Fire is fire is fire is fire, oh did I say fire! Got my moneys worth and my mind right. Way to go House of Dankness!!! I’ll be back tomorrow!

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