Altitude West Denver



1568 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219


39.6883658, -105.0246278




8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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346 reviews for “Altitude West Denver

  1. GalacticGanjanaut

    Always great service, selection, and quality.

  2. greenbae

    Helpful budtenders, impressive selection, great prices dY’OEdY1/4

  3. thugginerica

    I always come here. The quality and prices are amazing!

  4. Jay407

    Great locations, great staff, great selections, great prices.

  5. tvanguli

    real friendly, great prices, highly recommend

  6. catyrose12

    Absolutely loved the environment here. Everyone was so nice and helpful. For the first time here and at a dispensery, they did amazing.

  7. jlbob

    Only shop within 100 miles of tri-cities. Not much choice, customer service sucks in person and on the phone. No way to get pricing until you get there.

  8. brandon.shinnamon

    Best place for deals ! Love this place ! Must check out !

  9. Kmatney

    I love this dispensary. Great prices awesome flower and concentrates. Bud tenders are amazing, friendly, and knowledgeable. I will always go here

  10. LimeFarmer8

    Great spot with knowledgeable and friendly bud tenders- would recommend to anyone in the area.

  11. Jennrenae

    It’s my favorite stop dY~ the staff is very friendly and helpful always have suggestions on what I might like to try

  12. Noahsch96

    Altitude always provides the best prices, best strains, and as always the best bid tenders.

  13. felishanweda

    very nice helpful people with a good knowledge if there products

  14. jasonmmaggard

    by far the best in Denver even better than their sister Store East.
    I am extremely picky sob and hard to please but these people get me

  15. theatrain14

    This location is amazing. All their joints are picked of stems and seeds and the service is excellent! Always come and shop here!!

  16. awdg71613

    it was a great location this was my first time in a dispencery and Neal made it amazing he was very helpful and laid back he was well worth the tip

  17. rafaelperez123

    i love come to this place its fast and easy and the products here are really amazing

  18. Jay_Train

    Girls were very nice and knew their stuff, strain selection is fantatstic, prices are fantastic. Just believe me when I say don’t even bother with anywhere elae, just go straight here.

  19. clookie1232

    An amazing dispo!

  20. Azeymusic

    Pretty dank spot. Great deals!

  21. CesarCanales2017

    There are very good bud tenders.
    This location is the best,
    Their flower options are really smooth and strong. This is my favorite.

  22. g0z7

    could not better

  23. rjforwer

    Neil was dope. On the real, a great evvironment and selection. Come at the right time, and you’re sure to get a deal!

  24. kgonzalez2128

    Awesome place! removed stems before weighing and let me mix and match for the exact amount I want (3 different strains, 4.5 grams! for $30!) Definitely coming back!

  25. Wshadrach

    Great selection and prices.
    Very convenient location with parking in west Denver.

  26. kass0522


  27. MaraGuitarra

    Lots of variety & awesome pieces.

  28. weedmaster1440

    First time here. Great vibes great service!

  29. esand26

    When I go to menu on leafy which altitude promotes its customers to do the prices are different when I actually go to store to get product this is a classic example of bait and switch. Then they push me towards a strain I did not come in to purchase saying the menu is not updated very often which was a lie because it stated on leafy menu was updated 18 hrs ago. I feel the strain I got was good but not what I went for so in the future update prices online or honor price when customer comes into buy it’s your mistake to honor and fix.

  30. ChavaDom004

    great customer service and always full of good strains!!

  31. trillaheetz89


  32. erlandfloriano1

    hours are convenient and the prices are awesome

  33. Caine.97

    Great flower and a great staff.

  34. Aavalos96

    amazing budtenders! helped me select an excellent strain for a body high

  35. Ungod

    The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I didn’t feel pressured and my budtender was very willing share his knowledge with me on my purchase and I am very grateful for that. Well done and I will be back.

  36. jenniferblas

    great greens and concentrates!!! My favorite dispensary

  37. SHINYplatypus101

    Kaileb was super helpful and when I was buying a joint, he cardfully picked through each of them to find the best one. I have never seen service like this before, would 100% go back

  38. Mdotinc

    Great prices and selection!

  39. DeeJayOz

    The staff is very knowledgeable of their product, & I love the fact that the tax is included in their prices so everything on the menu is priced OTD!

  40. Ants339

    Great store, great employees great pricing, my favorite. Dakota was very professional and very helpful

  41. Chrisficcus

    Great people to work with, and I love that I can get the amount I want a lot of places don’t do that. Nice atmosphere and feels too 🙂

  42. tillman951

    Knowledgable and friendly with great concentrate prices. definentally recomend to any smokers

  43. MiiaK

    It’s my favorite dispensary! 100000/10 would come back every single time!

  44. SKing420

    Great place and great location. All atound amazing place. Great people and huge variety.

  45. Keyahna420

    Love it great bud and prices

  46. rivm93

    Been visiting this location for a few days now. Staff has been really friendly and have great deals on various products. Will return when I’m in the area, for sure

  47. Kshaffer416

    Love the bud and staff always a great experience

  48. Ricomeros28

    love them,they are awesome!!!!!!!!

  49. Iamthedont9

    so far I’ve had good experiences good green and located close to home thats an awsome conveinience too

  50. Breezy1800

    Altitude has been my go to dispensary since rec first started. Wanted to shout out Tristan for helping me out today.

  51. Ashr34

    Best staff ever!!!

  52. jaymon93

    They do not honor their ads out of the westword or off their TVs inside of their dispensaries. Very poor customer service they bait potential customers in with false ads in the westword.When I ask the employee about it he told me the owner does not care about the what the special says on the tv in there waiting area or in the westword. Shitty ass place!

  53. GodzSmoke

    Awesome facility

  54. evelyn90

    Its awesome staff is great very friendly and their product is superb!

  55. BobbyBDenver420

    Altitude gives str8 prices right out the door no guessing, Staff is awespome and quality pot products. Left by Michael Buttram Montanio

  56. Tink75

    Friendly, good location

  57. virginiaduong84

    The People are friendly

  58. Mnlegit420

    I came here during my first trip to Denever and really enjoyed all the different strains and options for editables! they had great customer service, everyone was very helpful and patient.

  59. Spiz_rockz

    Awesome place great product and fast.

  60. MikeGallant

    Tristan had great customer service and was super friendly!

  61. dabbey_cean

    Awesome deals with great customer service as well 🙂

  62. wadomidgets

    Altitude is by far my favorite dispensary. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. High quality and budget friendly flower.

  63. Joshbikes4k

    Great customer service

  64. drakegaston6

    Location was great with plenty of parking, super friendly environment and the women inside are really helpful for my first time visiting that store. Would recommend

  65. ViolentEdd

    didn’t have the strain we sought, but knowledgeable staff found a replacement in short time!

  66. UberDapr

    So awesome. Gave me a joint for writing this review. Can you believe it!?

  67. Tatimota

    I love this place I’m a regular I would recommend for sure

  68. Somethingstoofid

    Enjoy it, budtenders know what they’re talking about

  69. CianoHurt

    LOVE this place best pot shop in denver great staff

  70. 303rv

    great staff and product

  71. shelbyjinx

    Staff was very helpful. Excellent product.

  72. Leestaggs

    Great love it

  73. cglove1527

    First dispensary I’ve been to and LOVE IT!!! So organized, a lot to choose from, awesome staff!!

  74. pmcoleman

    Pleasant ambience. Always a good choice for flower and concentrate.

  75. CaiCog95

    Love the people more than anything! Love the product they carry and the deals they have!

  76. EEvv76

    Very very nice service visit with Austin hes wonderful.

  77. Bsbenzo

    The deals are the best, and the product is good. Go here.

  78. Dir3ct

    Bought an eighth of GG#4 and found 12 seeds… in just 1/8. Garbage flower. If you know anything about MMJ you know hermaphrodite flower is pretty much throw away but these guys think its worth selling to their clients at regular price. Extremely disappointed especially considering their budtender vouched for the flower — thanks for being a liar dude. If you want GOOD weed, AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE.

  79. jmendoza88

    licinda williams is dY”Y=

  80. Nawakosis

    This location is awesome and has great strains and the bud tenders are Very knowledgeable

  81. mrwest18

    awesome service great flowers very helpful and knowledgeable!

  82. kidfantastic

    Love this place with a passion, some of the best herbs by far I’ve run across.

  83. turnipjuice

    great deals and $25 1/8s of quality weed

  84. Michael2314

    good customer service product good n I’ll b coming back

  85. ozzie421

    will definitely come again love the service and the quality is great here Victoria was great

  86. Mercyme420

    Killer bud and friendly staff decent prices

  87. CutenessOverload23

    nice place, awesome people and great selection. sweet deals.

  88. Bllaazed

    The new lower prices are great! I love how they include tax:)

  89. trapj3sus

    Favorite dispensary all around!

  90. Keeze1k

    Great staff and bud

  91. jake7517

    best dispensary in Denver. $25 1/8 and concentrates

  92. Md818

    Greatbuds great prices alll day long. And concetrates.

  93. Littleemee246

    Issac was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful! The service was great and the workers were really awesome!

  94. tdobyns062081

    Great service and friendly! Have great deals every week also.

  95. TevinBerkley

    very satisfied from the time I stepped foot in this place is next to heaven

  96. MD11

    Great location with friendly staff and good selection of flower.

  97. lexxi44

    Great service! Can’t beat the prices & I’m always in & out !

  98. Trisha76ers3

    Great place. Great people. And they are so patient.

  99. Tomk428

    Great place, staff is super friendly and the prices are great. Nothing more to ask for.

  100. Billyocean420

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff and dank flowers. Bud was fresh and tasty and a nice selection to choose from.

  101. mountainmama91

    Love it here a$?i,

  102. thizzlestone

    great bud great price love it here

  103. Cespi87

    Will only chose Altitude over any other dispensary! Friendly, fast and knowledgeable!

  104. kimannmar

    I love altitude staff is great product is always good

  105. Godiva8123


  106. Ag07

    Great location with great prices!!

  107. Jrains7

    Best shop I’ve been to!

  108. lynnieford

    Altitude West is my favorite dispensary. It used to be in my neighborhood, now I commute to get there. They have killer strains, nice buds, great prices and really good customer service. I will continue to make this my number one marijuana destination!

  109. Countrygurlco42

    Great selection in a convenient location very friendly staff always a pleasure coming in

  110. eddieinden

    Great place high quality friendly staff

  111. lmollise

    Kind, clean, and helpful. After a bust visit to Frosted Leaf, I popped into this shop and left feeling much happier.

  112. shawnmartinez

    great place

  113. Antwizzle11

    Two Thumbs UP!! dY’dY’

  114. josephsperry5280

    Was looking for a strong indicia and found it here love the Wi-Fi

  115. bambam2869

    great service friendly people every time i go there.was going other places but since i started going here no other dispensaries compares to altitude. thank you all for being here.puff puff pass

  116. marielaontiveros

    Nice location , friendly service and I love their edibles

  117. jaymaggard

    Top notch place.

  118. Aintezbeincheesy

    Great place to pick up some great products!

  119. RicardoP0895

    Absolutely love it. Great Customer service, walked in and by far I was greater better than ever before compared to some other places I’ve been to. Despite the fact of how many people there was, the wait was not long at all. Great place, and when you’re taken to the back, you see nothing but a greatly organized walls of good stuff!

  120. Abaell

    Has great atmosphere

  121. Cgarcia3838

    If your looking for a friendly, knowledgeable dispensary, altitude is were its at. Love this place.

  122. Codenine

    Store is nice better parking…good flower…and price

  123. CitadelStone

    They took amazing care of me after a vape product went haywire. Best service I’ve ever had at a dispensary. Highly recommended, even if you’re not in the neighborhood.

  124. AnnaMarley5

    We love Altitude. I wear my t shirt every visit for a free pre roll atm!

  125. georgeaguero10

    Nice location friendly bud tenders and just a good vibe in here always

  126. mariaramirez93

    Great place to visit and really treat yourself.

  127. Rnturk047

    great selection, great prices! staff were super helpful, enjoyed my time inside the store

  128. StephenieR

    Great place,great quality!!

  129. David Rodriguez

    Excellent staff, and products!

  130. Gucci6989

    Such a great location with excellent employees

  131. Jose32ortiz

    I was directed to some lemon skunk and fell in love. Great customer service

  132. gaykaekae

    The pricing is simple and fair for the quality of the product, the budtenders are knowledgeable and always seem happy to assist

  133. Natedogg5

    Very very great place to shop for weed

  134. joshm422

    great Atmosphere, everyone is very friendly, polite, and knowledgeable about the products. very good quality concentrates as well. love this place

  135. Cannabistoker420

    I love it good medicine great prices alot of my favorite strains

  136. jpdcheco23

    only dispensary I go to best in town

  137. Tylergroat

    Great selection and prices. Would definitely recommend.

  138. Faith0620

    great location

  139. celinadavidson

    great place thanx!

  140. Henry51

    Great service & great buds

  141. Deddheart

    Great weed

  142. frolfin7

    Awesome selection. Tax included in prices. What you see is what you get. I like that

  143. Kvj420

    Alysia is cool and very helpful

  144. David.Torres1333

    This location is great, great budtenders and great product they have great cbd thc combinations

  145. hitmyloud

    It’s friendly open and fair prices! #kaileb #taylor

  146. atvgirls1620

    love this place

  147. twiliteFox

    The employees at this shop are friendly and helpful. I have never had a bad experience and I highly recommend it to all my friends. Thanks to the friendly and fun atmosphere, I refuse to shop anywhere else. Thanks.

  148. jjmercer2800

    My review goes out to the Bud Tenders at Altitude!! Thank you for taking care of me and giving me Service with a SmilE!! Love you guys

    Jamie M

  149. jazsorion

    Chill place. The grapefruit diesel is fire!

  150. Omgitsrocky5

    First time in CO and decided to stop here… they have a strong sense of business here. Very organized and friendly, would def come back!

  151. Ronnyj53

    Love it altitude

  152. twinvision2020

    ii liked everything but the waiting room,, it just felt too dr. office like.. but the tenders were very nice and the gsc were phenomenal

  153. 3turtle

    Denver Altitude West, great location and friendly staff, the buds are awesome !

  154. Timtommer

    Love the place good prices and excellent service!

  155. kloudkitsune

    full love here.

  156. rodrijorge

    Great service.. stays open late enough for me to stop by after work and has greattttt product really recommend. Not pricey at all and get a free joint all the time (:

  157. AustinDuh318

    It’s a fantastic place with great deals

  158. xSwMeOeKdEx

    This place is amazing! Everyone was great. Dani was our budtender; her suggestions were spot on. The pen we purchased is delicious apple berry with a really smooth sativa.

  159. deelirious

    They gave us first timers quality advice and have a quality selection, we are actually about to head back for a re-up!

  160. Shania43

    Awesome deals

  161. flopez85

    great help. and great product. !!!

  162. TheDubbz

    Good service, and a nice environment with quality bud!

  163. Smokeuphill

    They are always friendly , great prices and good quality flower!

  164. Lexus1021

    Quick service great buds

  165. gabyinoc

    The service is great. They are friendlier and helpful. dY’dY1/2

  166. Rellik1007

    I really do love the strains at Altitude. I have never been disappointed, and then you see their prices 🙂 I keep coming back, to either one, East or west are both excellent

  167. Knmack1983

    Awesome product and the staff is great!!! My favorite spot for sure!!

  168. Rfksemperfi

    Good bud and wax, friendly quick service. Definitely coming back and sending friends here for the sweet deals.

  169. deetsnoel

    I’ve been going here since they opened. The staff here are always nice and super helpful. I can always count on quality service and goods here.

  170. Compman90

    Staff is super cool and friendly!

  171. King88Queen

    Great experience and environment…. I would recommend them anytime..

  172. Hearns307

    Awesome quality and prices. Would recommend.

  173. SirAndrew11

    Great quality product at affordable prices. Budtenders are always very personable and give great recommendations!

  174. vscobb

    Past the shopping center, hidden but great spot!

  175. Rnoshirvan88

    best prices, best deals, fresh buds, and most variety IN Denver hands down.

  176. treighnof

    great service and a wonderful atmosphere all around great experience

  177. Coleslaw21

    I love altitude dispensaries anyways the OTD pricing is convenient for stoners trying to do math lol this location to be exact however at 9:58 were still super happy to be helpful and saved my night! Thanks guys!


    I didn’t even know about the point system they have. Only makes them even better!

  179. supra2jze

    If you are on this side of town and want quality strains there’s no better place then to come here every time I’ve came I always left knowing I got some fire.

  180. ceebarrios04

    i was introduced to altitude by one of my best buddies and it has the best strains and prices! I make sure to refer this dispensary to everyone that comes to Colorado , how can you beat 99 0z?!?!

  181. nickJoints

    Great shop

  182. Jabolt17

    I love this store! Great product and friendly people.

  183. Lilp88

    Great prices and friendly service:)

  184. Gerald42069

    Great prices and products!

  185. mizzymizz62

    This place was my second shop I’ve been to on my first trip to Colorado. I HIGHLY recommend this place for first timers. I got Durban poison and Girl Scout cookies. dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= this place is where the REAL BUD IS AT!!!

  186. Anthony001

    great place, great prices. cheapest ive seen online so far. good service too.

  187. Lologbudman

    Altitude west is the best great bud and very friendly and helpfull staff budtender victoria is the best

  188. kriswak86

    Best prices on wax and shatter around for sure! Great selection of flower and the discount when you use a credit or debit is super clutch! Looking for a new and reasonable dispensary check this place out.

  189. spiderpoise

    Friendly atmosphere, helped me find my favorite strain, good selection every time! My fav dispensary.

  190. CesarCanales

    Great staff. Great products. Closest to me so I enjoy it the most. Thank you guys.

  191. sdsexton1

    I’ve visited 6 or so dispensaries and this might be one of my favorites. I like how they trim the stems off the flower, I like watching it getting weighed in front of me…I had a great time talking to our bud tender Chris. Very informative, very cool and he treated us right. It’s a smaller shop, with a good sized parking lot. All in all, I’d definitely go back. It was a good buying experience.

  192. Nickp21

    Tristan was amazing super chill

  193. Willis Rich

    They have the Best Buy around

  194. CCrime

    great place! love it here

  195. MasterOGk

    Great staff, very knowledgable and very happy to help.

  196. mrfiftyseven

    Love this place, budtenders are welcoming and ready to help.

  197. duffym57

    Great price to quality ratio

  198. catherineerosee

    amazing weed dY’–

  199. Jspcolorado

    Great place to get good weed

  200. Jessi425

    Great location friendly staff

  201. Weedhead225

    My favorite place best bud great reward program and the service is excellent

  202. Alchemic

    Clean facility, fun staff, and their prices definitely reflect their customer appreciation and understanding!

  203. mjs51

    they always have what they say they have, unlike other places I’ve been

  204. fathernatureft

    Great staff and awesome product

  205. Mmonk95

    They are super cool inside!

  206. tonella710

    Always one of my favorite places in Denver. Wonderful service. 🙂

  207. Laylamh

    Great place, great people, great products. Definitely will be coming back again.

  208. Canales3518

    Great place

  209. BillyBudTender

    All 5 stars because I rated the wrong dispensary, I have never been to your establishment and apologize for my previous review. I don’t know how I can remove the review.

  210. lookatmydab_420

    great selection great people good prices

  211. jordlbray

    My boyfriend and I were super impressed by this location! Our bud tender was extremely helpful and patient in finding what would be the best strains for us and we were in and out in under ten minutes. Definitely will be coming back.

  212. Steven73439

    Some of the best CBD concentrate selections. Great staff, good location, and good prices!

  213. Condaweedman

    This place has great service, great buds, and great prices as well.

  214. dorrie70

    The staff is very welcoming and the store is very clean, the product is displayed nicely you are able to see the product from where you stand. Thank you too all the staff at Altitude dispensary for all your help and your smiles that make a person feel like they are the only one there while you assist them in their purchase.

  215. Alexoner

    Best dispensary to shop for high thc products and good prices.

  216. Moshpitt303

    Chill down to earth place with very knowledgeable bud tenders and awesome product.

  217. Bamsgirl2869

    great people and fast service a friendly atmosphere.go there often

  218. dlokiz420

    The bud-tenders are great dY~S Very friendly dY~ The bud is great Mann dY~+-What can I saydY~Id come here if I were you . All SmilesdY~S

  219. Kmat2323

    Awesome staff amazing weed and great prices

  220. laynanjames

    This is the best rec dispensary I been to since switching from med to rec.

  221. undead420

    friendly employees and awesome weed

  222. Asattie9

    This dispensary is awesome. This is the first one I went too. The workers made it very easy and helped me get exactly what I wanted!

  223. sweetbinny83

    Budtenders were all very nice & informative!!! Great selection of product. Great prices! 🙂

  224. Southernguy7

    Great product and great service

  225. dblake954

    super helpful amazing staff great selection can’t wait to come back

  226. Charm563

    Great dispensary all the employees are great!

  227. dtown82

    good vibes excellent staff

  228. chelleingout

    Amazing all in all. Great flower and amazing people.

  229. shaynadacosta17


  230. RozayRozay

    Great place to shop an great place for weed I’ll be back to shop an bring my friends

  231. Xcurry15

    Dopest dope ive ever smoked hands down

  232. Bruley816

    Everyone has a smile and helpful and awesome flower.

  233. Sino1

    the workers are very respectful and friendly and the product is A-1

  234. 808IS

    loved it…

  235. waldo720

    Their shack is the best.
    They also weigh out the stim

  236. Stonersunited42014

    plenty strain to choose fromnice pplgood vibe

  237. VOLOKK154

    super dank shatter deals when I went would go again

  238. delpheye

    Everything about my experience here is why I’ll come back. From competitive prices to helpful staff and the diverse range of products, this store raises the bar.

  239. cherylannmaggard

    Great prices and awesome product.

  240. Yoshiglass

    Good staff and pretty good quality of herbs and medicine. I will not shop here anymore because they practice bait and switch techniques. They will advertise one special and then charge you more once you arrive claiming that they are low on products.

  241. mannymalaria

    i love all the people that work here dY$?– always make it a great experience.

  242. Nuttmegg2008

    D was very helpful and knowledgeable. You should definitely try this place out

  243. carverpayne

    Clean! Helpful! Awesome bud!

  244. lawyer27

    Great bud. Fast service!

  245. OmarO

    great location its walking distance fo me

  246. Dragon158

    Staff was friendly. Had a nice variety.

  247. derekmon

    great place to come tenders are very friendly will definitely be back

  248. Nez35

    love this place Alisa is awesome

  249. Alysiajean

    Love altitude aurora. Best staff and great product. Never go wrong.

  250. MileHiBeauty420

    I absolutely love this dispensary! They are awesome and always have good selection and good bud and I love their budtenders!!

  251. HannahHamilton

    Great dispensary, good selection, amazing prices, and friendly staff!

  252. bobbylv

    Great place and staff love their Grapefruit Diesel

  253. Aleezilla

    awesome place. good selection. quality bud.

  254. Musette

    nice convenient location. a little small but the budtenders knowledgeable and very friendly.

  255. badchevybowtie

    K was a bad ass in showing us care he showed us a bowl full of stems that he removed from previous marijuana sales and joints that had stems poking through them that were not sold to us as well and took great care in doing so and was cool as shit also MAJOR +++++ for being a
    “ma & pa” type place in these regards

  256. Mile__high

    Best concentrates in town

  257. Dutchmaster0492

    Always helpful and friendly. By far the best deals for rec concentrates that I have ever seen at a dispensary

  258. Dersyl11

    Very knowledgeable and helpfully. He answered all my questions and gave me recommendations as well

  259. Zepbby

    I’ve been coming here for YEARS! Always have friendly budtenders and bud smokes awesome!

  260. Keigleydevon

    awesome prices, great selection, friendly staff… what else is there to stay

  261. jaceyjls

    great location and easy to find

  262. YamisD

    great staff and amazing selection!

  263. smonars

    This place is the shit.

  264. SashaGallagher

    I left Colorado for Texas for 2 years and I just got back and I went to 2 dispensaries before this one, one in Trinidad and 1 on Broadway. I have been to others before but not since 2015, so these are my first 3 dispensaries in 2 years. And Altitude is definitely better than the others, you can find quality bud even on their bottom shelf. Their bottom shelf is as good as or better than the other 2 dispensaries mid and top shelf stuff. And they are open early and late, so you can go in when you need to. And the bugs aren’t prepackaged so that they can save money when it dries out and loses weight by telling you it is still and 8th or 1/4 or whatever when it actually lost .25-2 grams drying.

    Great dispensary, would and have been recommending it to everyone.

  265. Facchus

    Nice small location, friendly staff. Good quality

  266. Hharvey427

    Always great time going in. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Good selectoon. Easy location. Great job keep it up!

  267. Chavz04

    Great Strains ,right down the block great location! And really great prices!

  268. Tachyon2u

    Very well knowledgeable staff. Great selection and even better prices. My favorite of the ones I’ve been to.

  269. Toni al-hendi

    Service is great fun and always friendly

  270. USMCVet99

    Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about the products.

  271. Ang1891

    Love love love this place! Awesome t 8enders great envioriment!!

  272. shaba012

    This place is dope. Good prices and dope budtenders

  273. isaiahartis

    first time to a dispensary and im definitely going to be back! very satisfied

  274. falfred

    great store

  275. Crazylegs4life

    Great selection, great people if you haven’t been check them out!!! I guarantee you will be satisfied

  276. mightymorphinkushranger

    Very nice and positive staff dY~SdY~S

  277. Deddvmaheart

    Rest weed great people

  278. hcooper23

    Excellent Budtender! Helped me select a strain with both a good mind and body high.

  279. hfilippelli

    One of my favorite dispos in Denver! Staff is super nice, friendly and always willing to answer questions!

  280. OreoKush303

    Great Place. Love everything here amd the staff is amazing.

  281. jobitchenbeth

    Best bud and best budtenders! They are very informative and helpful.

  282. trainwreckdank

    They gave me a great experience when I started up recreational use. Great place great people

  283. Native_TLand

    I’ve been coming here since the store opened in Denver and I have always had an experience where I desired returning as well as offering up advice to friends telling them to come check this place out. Altitude is one of my favorites for quality, prompt service and a friendly atmosphere.

  284. ElectricOutlaws

    great service great prices!

  285. bomptonmenace

    Love you guys!

  286. PapiKai

    Amazing, high quality, organic soil grown cannabis!! Enjoy!! Bless up dY$?tmdY1/2

  287. Johnwurl420

    Great store great bud amazing prices

  288. Karlos1992

    I love this place best dispensary in the 5280 denver.

  289. emilygroen

    Extremely friendly staff, great pricing and wonderful atmosphere. This is always our go to place when heading to a dispensary. Would recommend to anyone!

  290. Iamspartacus

    Good people, good prices, good herb. What more needs to be said?…

  291. wonderingcow11

    great staff very inconvenient prolly wont be back

  292. milehighkenny

    Great service and everyone is very helpful here, best strains in Denver!

  293. konkydong81

    Altitude West is on Federal in Denver and they serve fabulous flowers, edibles, and concentrates. I’ve never been disappointed here and the bud-tenders have always been a joy to deal with. Sometimes it gets crowded, so bring some reading material while you’re chilling in their lobby (they have a TV). My only complaint is that they don’t publish their menu and their website is always under construction, which is why I rate service at 4 stars. They do accept credit cards, which makes them the best in town, if you ask me.

  294. emilyparker210

    This was a great stop. Very impressed with the 5 grams of concentrate for $100! All good quality shatter. Crew was super nice. Definitely coming back!

  295. miguelster

    Very fast and cool people all the time thanks.!

  296. diamondsnowqueen

    Steven is a knowledgeable and friendly budtender!!!

  297. Pichu7Weed

    Great deal mr root

  298. chadrufus

    It’s my favorite of the altitude dispensaries! Everyone here is always so cheerful and helpful!

  299. Stats1er

    Awesome service also great buds!!! I say one of the best dispensarys in colorado

  300. geee84

    nice flower and wax, great service

  301. danielbev

    They have amazing bud and great customer service would recommend to everybody.

  302. Cleaner_4

    I really love coming to this location. I moved to alameda and Kipling and still come to this location. The staff is really friendly.

  303. Puddlesbro

    Pricing system is actually really well done, taxes are included in all prices

  304. mrskymmie

    best bud hands down! great staff! freaking love this place!

  305. josekarim10

    Good service here

  306. Wootang08

    Amazing dispensary, price and quality both are there and I recommend to everyone

  307. Joeyjcjr1969

    It’s a perfect location

  308. OJdaJuicemann

    Come here all the time

  309. mela12

    really nice atmosphere and staff.

  310. Chunt03

    I love your shake

  311. oNe734

    great like captain crunch berries and has awesome pricing also 🙂 must try

  312. Spiritualityspirit

    Always love coming to this dispensary, great bud and joints. Excellent customer service!

  313. handmeyourtoe

    A quality location with excellent and attentive staff.

  314. Scgirlnco42

    Great selection and good prices always a pleasure coming in. their flower is awesome!

  315. manifestinggreatness

    Stopped by this location to pick up some Evo Labs oil. I called before hand to check what strains they had and the girl on the phone told me about 6 to 7 different strains. So I decided to try this dispensary out. When I got there the budtender told me they only had one strain and only cartages, no refill kits. I was disappointed however I figured I would try it out. To my surprise it was over $70. I buy these all the time at other dispensaries and have never paid more than $55 sometimes even as low as $35. Like a fool I still bought it and once I got outside I realized it was even an older style cartridge. Evo Labs stopped making these cartridges over 5 months ago. High price for old product. To sum up I am very disappointed. In my opinion there are much better and cheaper dispensaries in town.

  316. Pika999

    The location is amazing it’s just right by me

  317. geminibaby95

    staff is awesome af

  318. Scottmike

    Very large selection, specials on display and user friendly website.

  319. chefseff

    Super friendly! Quality dank

  320. ogittens90

    1st time!

  321. shmack420

    Cool people! Love the store!

  322. Khall50

    Great service/price and open late!

  323. AllisonWonderland7

    As a non-native visiting from a rigid state, my first experience was divine. Friends who already come here picked this location for my venture. Enthusiastic and a bit more energetic than usual, the ID guy smiled politely before buzzing us into the waiting room. Suprisingly not busy for the midday, we immediately went into the next area for selections. Tom was our guy. Super friendly in return, he could banter and display goods simultaneously. I asked many questions and he answered humbly to the best of his understanding. He let me pick and smell and he trimmed up our purchase, which earned us the bonus j. Would have loved a bumper sticker with Altitude on it, but a Colorado magnet was on my souvenier list anyways. Thanks, guys, for making my first time special.

  324. Danrob420

    Great dispensery and great quality

  325. Jonj3334

    amazing experience and great customer service

  326. elong

    Great people and central location.

  327. tupapiortiz

    Good product friendly people

  328. rogerbarry13

    Great place to shop. Friendly people. Would recommend to a friend. 10/10 would smash.

  329. Ecastillo0495

    Dope place

  330. Ladyhusso

    Busy location…but they got the best bud

  331. Swright92

    Great location love the staff

  332. Xcurry

    Great atmosphere

  333. pancakeking314

    Friendly staff great service! Very helpful!

  334. Kaccee

    I like the joints and all the offers and deals. I recommend you attend.

  335. Akvolker77

    Awesome place cheap too

  336. CamHammer

    My favorite dispensary that I’ve been too. Best but selection by far and the atmosphere is incredible. Very cool place. And the girl who works at the counter is extremely beautiful. I highly recommend. Don’t hesitate to make this your number one place to go for quality but.

  337. Alexxitaa

    Love it best strains ever! Only place I GO TO!

  338. Cboone197

    I Love Altitude

  339. Dspaht

    We come to this particular place all the time. Great atmosphere and service. Would definitely reccomend to any newcomers or those looking for great bud.

  340. SingingMustard

    This location is a great place, love the people! Always so funny and so easy to get along with! The bud is good and they have many strains to help for many different problems.

  341. boluksnblunts

    I think the budtenders are very pleasant and PROFESSIONAL

  342. Silther

    great atmosphere, friendly service, awesome product.

  343. Tmacdope31

    awesome place, best prices for wax and wonderful customer service

  344. lilchef87

    Love the people here at altitude. I never feel rushed. Very informative and knowledgeable in their product. And good happy hour specials.

  345. Leaflyzay

    Great prices great staff!

  346. cmd123

    i love altitude. this is the dispo i always come to. would recommend everytime

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