Freedom Road Dispensary on Main

Freedom Road- Main Street



514 W Main Street, Trinidad, CO 81082


37.1664925, -104.5095206




8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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At Freedom Road we are committed to providing the best possible product and customer service in the industry. One of our top priorities is the continuing education of both our staff and our clientele. Whether you are seeking the medicinal benefits of cannabis or simply want to experience the finest marijuana on the market, our staff will help you make the right purchase to suit your needs.


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53 reviews for “Freedom Road Dispensary on Main

  1. donovan255

    My Favorite dispensary in Trinidad! Shea is extremely helpful and knowledgeable for any one who has no idea what they are doing! (Like me) 10/10 would recommend!!

  2. Cassie1981

    This is my favorite place to get my buds at, and with a dozen different shops in town, it is my #1, always a happy and helpful staff. Daily happy hour we never miss!!dY~dY’dY’OEaoeOE

  3. tmac71

    this is my fav store ever.. great people great place good prices

  4. kloftis

    The GM is super helpful! Great product, clean store and awesome customer service!

  5. jsnider365150

    I think this shop is Awesome!! Super good Service!! Awesome staff!! I don’t shop anywhere else!

  6. Palauangirl95

    Favorite place in town !! Very friend customer service, the employees where extremely helpful !! Also have great deals !!

  7. fortworthbuds

    It was nice, good quality products, good prices, and the workers were really friendly!

  8. jebsnell

    Great service and great products.

  9. chasen33

    Favorite place to stop when I’m in town!!!

  10. Hollymh

    They always take such good care of me and are super friendly and informative. Patrick is the GOAT budtender!

  11. sleazyeee

    Beautiful Budtenders quality products great service will definitely recommend to friends

  12. JoeEddie

    Lil amanda,jimmy,frank,and alicia were and always are great

  13. jimkushman

    Was in & out in under 15 minutes .. Excellent service and the bud is dank .

  14. Catnken

    Outstanding! Both locations have awesome staff and great selection. By far the best dispensaries in the state. Going back to out the door pricing would be nice though.

  15. Lostgypsy

    Absolutely love this place!! Had two of the friendliest girls help me with all my questions and my purchase! Awesome prices and quality! Great customer service Kayla and Amanda, you girls made my first visit a great experience!!

  16. Dodogogo

    Awesome prices and customer service!! Well definitely be back!!

  17. Trippy_skyion

    Great store layout for easy/quick/informative shopping, friendly/knowledgeable staff, fantastic product selection

  18. sckity

    Went for the first time yesterday and it was an outstanding experience. The budtender knew what he was talking about. I love the fact that you have Death Star because it is my favorite strain. The Green Crack that we got was excellent as well. Great experience, we definitely will be going back.

  19. julie86

    love the location because it’s close to home and they have great prices!!!

  20. Norag1012

    Love the staff. Fair prices

  21. Kyda

    Awesome place and helpful staff. Jimmy, Frank, Alicia, and Amanda made my visit fun and informative. Thanks guys!

  22. tripleSSS

    The Budtenders were Great!

  23. LeShawn.white

    Love his place! Great people, great prices, best deals! Bout to hit this “death star”!

  24. Lauries

    Matt answered all my questions and was very informative on all products. enjoyed my first time shopping, thanks Matt

  25. Kaylizzle

    Amazing! Nice people, great bud.

  26. JayNugg

    Great service and also knowledgeable budtenders. Matthew took great care of me and I recommend Freedom Road to anyone!

  27. chaosick057

    Awesomeness all away around from price to atmosphere. Matthew was a true professional.

  28. CrispinGarcia

    Both locations are worth stopping by. dY-‘

  29. page.gerhard

    Your search is over. Freedom Road is hands down the absolute best place to get flower in the Great state of Colorado. And it is because of this great flower, and these great people I will keep going back over and over again. Plus no one else puts suck tinder TLC in to their plants the way Freedom Road does using lady bugs.

  30. blkwidow81

    Very friendly people. The staff is very knowledgeable about all the products. I love this place it is my favorite place to go.

  31. KimboE

    Friendly staff, quality product! a$?

  32. tdo2k11

    Love this place! Really easygoing people. Honest with you about everything. Would definitely recommend. 5 stars!

  33. LaurenDanielle

    Best place to visit in CO. Staff is super friendly and knowlagable.

  34. medicheath

    Just waited over 45 min for a pre-weighted oz at Livwell, got to reading reviews about Freedom Road……must say I will not be back to Livwell after today. Amazing job and amazing staff Freedom Road!!!

  35. Made420

    Jon is the best manager in the world 2 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!

  36. MikeyOnTheRox

    Wonderful faces
    Kind service.. Great job!

  37. Shameblame

    Absolutely love this place $99 Oz’s who can beat that.

  38. tmtonymtz

    best place in trinny great service beautiful buds great wax and shatter

  39. LizzyM

    I love Freedom Road, both locations, all the budtenders are knowledgeable about their products, great quality & prices! A big shout out to budtender Matthew & their Industry Night was too much fun!!

  40. Angelo903

    Great customer service! I’ll be back again. Patrick was Awesome!

  41. grassmasta

    had to stop by to drop another positive review! so the 99$ oz special is ALWAYS on point at this location. majority of shops in town offer this oz special but I will say you won’t get better quality for the price anywhere else. thank you guys for always taking care of the customer. dY’OE

  42. JokerSamora

    Brick Yard is the place to go for clones the service and quality keep me coming back.

  43. Candy.baca

    Im going to have to say one of the cleanest non ghetto dispensary in Trinidad! Bomb. Bubble Jack gave me crazy energy love it!

  44. Codyyylee

    This is my first visit to any dispensary. Jimmy and Mandy are awesome! Do yourselves a favor and give them a visit.

  45. cupcak3z

    Patrick is the man! You guys are all awesome. Thank you for always making my boyfriend’s and my week 🙂

  46. windandrain

    Wow wow wow. This store is vastly better than any other in Trinidad. I was blown away by the high quality nuggets and low pricing compared to it’s neighboring stores. Freedom Road is the real deal. I go here from now on and recommend you do the same.

  47. NotBepsi43.5

    Matt was a damn good budtender,papa bless him

  48. Bkjarman1

    Good buys

  49. BlosOMRB420

    cant get anything better anywhere…. thumbs way up. great service, great people, great price….. I Will be back

  50. MrDannyDorito

    Really helpful staff, great location and some dank shit dY~ZdY~Z would go again!

  51. SergioTapia95

    Super friendly, informative peeps but most importantly good deals and good bud.

  52. vicluna07

    There was great costumer service and even though the product I was looking for was out of stock, they helped pick another one just as good! Would definitely recommend to a friend and/or come back for another visit!

  53. turd_furgison

    good product, great prices, great customer service! Jackson is the man!

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