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402 Palomino Trail, Ridgway, CO 81432


38.1496995, -107.7452394




9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Ridgway, CO ‘s Premier Cannabis Shop, Fiddler’s Green is a small, family owned Dispensary. We are dedicated to providing customers on the Western Slope with the highest quality marijuana, hash, and edibles at an unbeatable price. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is on hand to assist and answer any questions. Veterans and Seniors Discounts as well as savings for medical card holders from any state. We look forward to seeing you!


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71 reviews for “Fiddler’s Green

  1. sunshine114102

    I really liked everything about this dispensary! I was visiting family in Colorado and found it on Leafly. I’m from Oregon and we grow amazing flower here and the quality of the flowers at Fiddlers Green is pretty close to what I have at home. Edibles are great as well with a large selection to choose from. The prices are higher than Oregon but lower than what other dispensaries in CO advertised, and the family I was visiting was very impressed and plans on making it their new go to for quality and price. The staff was also impressive and very knowledgeable about the products they carry, good at helping you find what will best meet your personal needs. I will definitely be stopping by every time I come to Colorado!dY$?–dY’dY>>

  2. Highmama74

    EVERYTHING. Budtenders are AWESOME!!!

  3. Soluscrag

    Best Bud on the Western Slope! Great People and great service. Can’t go wrong here!!

  4. KirkMcFly

    The last of the dispensaries we discovered, and it has turned out to be our favorite. The staff, namely Jameson, provides superb customer service. He’s friendly, very knowledgeable answering all of our questions we had about the various products of interest. It was extremely clean, neat and tidy. The merchandising was top notch. They even feature locally crafted gifts such as hats, etc. They have the most competitive prices on edibles in the area. It guys and gals are awesome!

  5. tw59p876

    Best people and prices

  6. easylife

    This is the best store on the western slope. Great staff and the best bud I’ve seen in a long time. Just all around a great experience.

  7. jcb3139

    The best. Potent stuff.

  8. Sugardiack420

    Dont go any where else in ridgeway. Take my word for it . Fiddler’s is the best around.good deals good products dY~

  9. farmer80

    Travelling from Kansas found this shop on the app. Good buds, good cure, good guy. Best buds in town.

  10. RMH17

    What a great experience! They answered all my questions, including, “what is that?” They have a wide selection and are very excited about sharing information!

  11. Victor1987702

    there the best here no matter what they make sure you come out happy .. there family

  12. Outforgoodtree

    It’s awesome friendly service love the 50 dollar quarters

  13. dpitre17

    Great place, great service and excellent bud

  14. macydortch

    Great quality, helpful nice employees, definitely will be a returning customer, if you haven’t yet gone, GO!

  15. halleestone

    I frequent dispensaries around the country and this one has a great vibe, great budtenders, decent prices, and great quality. Smaller selection than some but all looked to be higher quality than other dispensaries in the area. Overall a very pleasant experience

  16. crazybssmokeshop

    I love this store. Better than the first one all the way around. Great atmosphere, great service. The products are top of the line. Thanks guys.

  17. Partimer

    Nice building. Not crowded inside. Everyone is nice and patient, willing to answer questions or explain strains. Selection generally very good.

  18. Latent104shake

    Me and my girlfriend love this store. This is our first and only choice for dispensaries.

  19. OBXtrader

    Went to FG yesterday based on reviews posted here and a couple other Apps. First off, they are Veteran friendly and thanked me for my prior service.

    Although from area, moved out of state years ago and have to use Rec dispensary for medical weed.

    Free market capitalist, no complaints from me about prices. They have coupons, but better yet, ask what they can do for what you want to spend.

    Light user, not a party person, so described my previous purchases and what I wanted and when I medicated and and later left with amazing Pre-98 Bubba Kush. Quality is excellent. They will tell you honestly if something is not right or not a great batch.

    If service is your thing, then go here.

    Complaints? Sure, once your in the back room, it’s a little tight and loud on a busy Saturday, but I’m a jacked up Vet that has trouble standing and noises bother me. But, how many of us are wandering around the Western Slope?

    I’ll come back for sure next time I’m back in town. Want my free Jay for writing this review! I’maEUR< feel like they'll remember this old man. Great staff and quality weed.

  20. backalliehooker

    The best shop in the area. Hands down, dopest dope I’ve ever smoked!

  21. beallbunch

    Doesn’t get much better than this place! Great service and variety. Worth the trip!

  22. JustJess82

    Jameson Helped me and Ryan helped my Aunt. We were both very happy with the products and the info they both shared with us. We will be coming back soon.

    Thanks Jameson

  23. zachofmontrose

    Tasty Concentrates! !!!

  24. ferngully37

    Excellent! every time I go in everyone is so friendly and they are always showing me new and improved product….and they always remember me….love love love this place and would choose it over anything else in ridgway. dY~S

  25. Haubera21

    I’m a connoisseur of cannabis and I’ve been to dozens of dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado this is now my home dispensary. By far the best!

  26. elcalvino

    Seriously the best shop in the area. The service is unmatched. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  27. kayakerdude


  28. jimmypike

    Best rec dispensary in Ridgway. Friendliest staff and the best product around.

  29. TheGreenGriffon

    Nice people who love what they do and it shows….in both product and service.

  30. Jeff142

    Seen This shop on leafy and stopped by to check it out. The guy was vary nice and helpful, picked up a 1/8 of Goji OG and the overall quality is good, Its only downsides being its not vary dense (if you care about that) and it dose have Pesticides witch also depends on if you care about them. The smoke was smooth and the drying was flawless unlike other shops who have it a little more damp then id like.

    Overall Id recommend it.

  31. CrimsonInk1996

    I absolutely love this place. The people, the atmosphere, the quality of the bud, it’s all fantastic, I made the switch from a different dispensary and I will never be going anywhere but FG ever again.

  32. MitchieeSan

    Fiddler’s Green has been my go to since arriving here in Colorado. They have an excellent and wide variety of products. Plus they’re Budtenders are all very knowledgeable and friendly.

  33. despancha

    I adore fiddler’s!!! I go there for the great prices and friendly staff but lemme be blunt…lol…theres no other choice that compares to my buds at fiddler’s green!

  34. ColoradoHustler

    hands down the best shop in town! an amazing selection of buds and some pretty sweet people running the shop! if your lookin for something special this is the place to be! thanks guys!!

  35. agunn420

    Great staff amazing store and best bud in town by far!!!

  36. dcwilson

    Aaron and Jacob are very knowledgeable and helpful. Beautiful store, great products and great prices. I recommend them over anyone else in town!

  37. angel21e

    it’s some good weed friendly service

  38. robbmmiller

    this is my favorite of all dispensaries in Ridgway and surroundings areas. The selection is diverse and very high in quality. furthermore, The staff is even more amazing, especially Jameson and Paris. highly recommended!

  39. Greymoon

    Aaron and Jacob were very knowledgeable about their products, offered excellent advice and their suggestions were great! Go here if you’re looking for quality flowers, great service and an unbeatable selection of concentrates. Fiddler’s Green is our go-to place, we travel 2 hours each way to see them!!

  40. tblock48

    Great selection and friendly budtenders! We got a nice mix of edibles and strains from their daily deal. Definitely worth the stop!

  41. cgeorge1025

    chill place and chill people

  42. GreenRushDistribution

    Amazing and friendly staff with one of the best dispensaries on the West Slope. Great weed with dense buds! Also, be sure to check out there incredible selection of glass from local artists.

  43. Hippiechic7

    Awesome shop with awesome people

  44. PoysinIvy

    Easy to find right down the street from Family Dollar.
    Very cute and inviting building. Set up very professionally.
    Aaron was one of the nicest most patient people we have met. He answered all of our questions and took his time with us.
    I love the perfume I bought there.
    He has t-shirts, edibles, waxes, pretty much anything you’d need/want in addition to the recreational.
    Great experience, definitely recommend to everyone!

  45. Shellsbells78

    These guys take the cannabis business seriously! The staff is friendly and and extremely knowledgeable! The variety is outstanding… I will be back and I will be bringing more friends

  46. Kanslice

    LOVE FIDDLERS GREEN!!! Great buds…great service….AWESOME PEOPLE!!!!

  47. Ty.belarde

    this is a great environment.helpfull staff well knowledgeable with product..

  48. LadyG86

    Fiddlers Green is the best dispensery I’ve ever been to. Hands down. Great buds and concentrates. These guys really know Cannabis. Sweet deals/prices too.

  49. atv2585

    Great selection and they always have good flower for a discounted price

  50. joemenkins

    Great spot, new favorite in Colorado. Stop here, best bud around.

  51. cascri8150

    You guys are great! Great selection, great products. Just wish you still did the top shelf Tuesday’s for 270 still.

  52. Beesting007

    best place to go…great green,great service…staff is super friendly… I visit frequently.

  53. Hamsmasher

    Always coming back for more. Plus the people and prices can’t be beat.

  54. EricD420

    Very friendly knowledgeable staff, killer buds, and very fair pricing! No need to go elsewhere, Fiddlers is the best dispensary around Period!

  55. lowelly

    Heads up folks, other cannabis dispensaries in Ridgeway put out large ads in weekly papers, claiming to have the widest variety on the Western Slope, but Fiddler’s Green actually offers substantially more. The other dispensary on the same street typically offers 6 varietals, while Fiddler’s Green offers around 20. You also won’t be ripped off at FG like you may sometimes be at the other place, because FG keeps detailed track of their sales and even who they sell to. They’re a much more professional, high quality dispensary.

  56. ranchhand21

    great selection

  57. artpaul

    by far best quality on bottom shelf, 50 dollar quarters

  58. MisterSalty420

    The only place to get great dabs and herb dYtmf

  59. SeanARoss88

    A must go to if you are in the area! Knowledgable and friendly staff, not to mention premium products! I would recommend this place to ANYONE in search of a dispensary without a doubt

  60. Jnstly

    Great location! Excellent service by Ryan. I told him the effects I was looking for and he was able to provide several strains. Very knowledgeable!

  61. Bravo970

    Let me just say this place has it all from service to quality to hands down the best dispo in the Ridgeway area! And if you havent yet visited i higly recommend.

  62. CountrieBoi1994

    I like the bud yall have. It’s great.

  63. Perfectstranger

    The people are friendly and helpful. I only visit occasionally but still they remember me. They give excellent recommendations.

  64. evildisco

    Love this place. Staff is friendly and patient. Great prices are just a bonus.

  65. SupaFlyChey24

    Fiddlers green is my new dispensary. The bud tenders are the sh** and the marijuana is hella lit.

  66. holtdeholt

    Fantastic service with prices to match, great dispensary.

  67. cub84

    Definitely the best dispensary in Ridgway. Knowledgeable budtenders( Jameson was very helpful), great flowers, and the best prices on edibles. Bought the same Americanna gummies here for $7 less per package than the dispensary a few blocks away. I’m for sure not bothering with the other local dispensaries anymore.

  68. swikgrowspot

    Professional, knowledgeable, polite and took his time speaking with my wife and I. We just moved to Colorado from Texas and I’ve been to a few dispensaries and this is hands down the best one so far.

  69. kidherb420

    I thought it was an awesome experience, great atmosphere and the budtenders were really friendly and had a lot of knowledge of their products. I will definitely be coming back!

  70. fleebiskutz

    Great fast service, and high ( forgive the punn) quality herbs.

  71. TheReaLouieP

    This place is great it has a old school bar fight kinda vibe…

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