Trees Dispensary Englewood

$18 Cartridges



5005 S Federal Blvd, Englewood, CO 80110


39.625576, -105.025845




8:00 AM – 7:50 PM


8:00 AM – 7:50 PM


8:00 AM – 7:50 PM


8:00 AM – 7:50 PM


8:00 AM – 7:50 PM


8:00 AM – 7:50 PM


8:00 AM – 7:50 PM


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Trees is metro Denver’s southern most rec dispensary. No waiting room. Pre-order online to beat the line at


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228 reviews for “Trees Dispensary Englewood

  1. jiggy1056

    Good bud and great service. Def coming back soon. carly was Awesome!

  2. KingGanjaKid89

    This REC dispensary is hands down all about satisfying the consumer. Trees in Englewood CO has high quality flower and Concentrates. This is the only place I’ll ever go!

  3. TurtlesAllTheWayDown

    One of the best dispensaries in Denver. Also everyone that works there is cool especially RenA(c)e she’s great and she knows a lot about weed and she can do a very convincing Hank Hill impression sometimes dY’dY1/4

  4. Kperson710

    I love Trees, always great customer service and great product. Mark is very helpful. Would recommend to anybody in littleton/Englewood

  5. SirSkittells

    The flower is quality product and the deals are great. Have various amounts of strains and the customer service is always great. Jazlyn was very helpful and sold me on some edible products too.

  6. DabbinDesi420

    Every time I go to trees it’s nothing but a good vibe, everyone is so friendly and I always walk out happy! Britt, is such a sweet lady! Trees is what makes me come back every time! Can’t get enough of the deals!

  7. honkeylipps83

    we got there at noon for the $41 ounce and waited 10 minutes for them to package more as they had run out. the staff were all super nice and helpful. very chill fun atmosphere! I’ll definitely check them out again

  8. Rocky.MTN.High

    Good service, good location, decent prices, dirt product.

  9. Chrondon303

    Great location! About time there is a quality dispensary close to Littleton! Overall my experience was great and the Ogre OG PHO Craft Sesh was delicious and I can’t wait to come back and try to wide variety of concentrates offered. Lookin at that Skywalker OG shatter next… lol. Jason was super friendly and recommended some great strains and really knew what he was talking about but didn’t come off as knowing it all.

  10. HighHaywood314

    It was great…They Made My First Time Buying Weed In A Store Rememberable..dY’-

  11. YungLag

    This is first dispensary I went to after turning 21, and I immediately felt comfortable inside, no waiting room, giving me time to look at each strain alone in jars with magnifying glasses top. I believe the concentrates were out like that too, but im not 100% sure on that since i dont dab. The rest of the inventory could be viewed on touch screen systems, so i really didn’t feel rushed. The second time I went was just as nice as the first. Every employee is kind and clearly happy to work there, they all seemed well informed on their products.
    I’ve purchased 4 different strains, Pineapple Express, Gorilla Glue #4, Booger, Bio Chem; Booger and Pineapple Express were new strains to me. The quality of all of this was amazing, The Bio Chem was $15 for an 1/8th, and their label rated it at 29.5% THC. I have had Bio Chem and one of it’s parents(Sensi Star) recently for much more so I was suspicious of the price. But the bud was dense and covered in trichomes, and was amazing for sleep. A few leafs on one of the buds did seem dry and brown which would explain the $15 1/8th but this imperfection was on only one of the nugs. The Gorilla Glue #4 was the other strain I have had before, and it’s quality was amazing too, but without the dry imperfection on the Bio Chem. I didn’t feel like it was as strong as the first time I did it, But my friend next to me made me realize it was just me, He had an experience like my first time with it, the insane effect of feeling glued down, from smoking just half a bowl.
    Also purchased a small amount of Newt Brothers Chocolate Creme brulee(50 mg thc total) edibles from them. It tasted great, like something I would buy even without the thc, but I cant comment on the stand alone effect because I ate a serving an hour before smoking every time.

  12. Hope_is_Dope

    Hands down my favorite dispensary in Colorado!! They have the best bud at the best prices, and I always get the $18/g wax which is fire. All the employees are super friendly, and make you feel right at home. dY~

  13. RedactedName

    I just recently began experimenting with cannabis for my insomnia, in part because this dispenary had just opened near the grocery store I frequent often.

    The place is new and appears to be cleaned and maintained to look that way for a long time. It’s well staffed, with friendly and patient professionals that take their job seriously. It’s clear the owner envisioned and has delivered a casual, upscale atmosphere, skipping the obligatory “obnoxious green, accented with marijuana leaf” design philosophy, common amongst dispensaries.

    Finally, the prices are incredible (and I’ve done many comparisons), but the selection is excellent and they stand behind their product.

  14. Kag84

    Great service from Aleane! Good prices. I will be back for sure!

  15. ChronicHound4205150

    Always have great product along with excellent service. Never been disappointed.

  16. ElizaRex

    So close, great employees, Xavia was amazing and the best budtender at a new shop! Will keep coming back

  17. Alfshumway

    Nice place, friendly staff, great prices. Jazlyn took the time to listen to my needs and recommended an excellent strain. Will be coming back soon.

  18. kore33

    Aleane was super helpful and friendly! I will definitely go back!

  19. BroncosGirl505

    Elijah was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about every product I asked about. So glad I found this place!

  20. Vibes420

    The vibe is great, I’ve been going there for the past two weeks now and every different strain I’ve gotten is amazing! My favorite so far has been there Girl Scout Cookies and Sour punch kiss

  21. kkayde

    The super awesome guy who helped me was really informative, I didn’t get his name, wish I did! Got a g of wax for like $22 (or something around there). There was only one type of Indica so I was a little disappointed. Set up of the shop was awkward and the line too a very long time but aside from that, I’d probably come here again! They have really good deals on wax so I recommend checking that out!

  22. Sdmoore

    Megan was amazing in the express line!

  23. Marie5100

    I’ve been going to Trees since they first opened and will never go back, sadly. Unfortunately, the store has outgrown itself. There is hardly any parking, lines are always extremely long, and today when I went in, I asked if I could use their restroom (bc there was a screen blocking the walkway) and was told aEURoeno, sorry.aEUR I’m about to spend $100 in your store and can’t use the bathroom? And the line is really long? No thanks, I’ll spend my money elsewhere. I went to Altitude Dispensary about ten minutes north on Federal. Friendly staff, clean, efficient. I was in and out in ten mins, they took debit (trees doesn’t), and gave me a free joint for spending over $60. Sad that I can no longer go to my neighborhood dispensary. Will tell my friends to go to somewhere else.

  24. Hashoil110

    Love trees they have a good selection of flower and concentrates which at some places u get the same hash over and over again. The prices are great and the online order is perfect for those in a hurry situations. Would recommend u visit their amazing and friendly staff.

  25. fourfootbeagle42

    Great place to go

  26. jeepgirl

    This is the best place in town! Great prices for good quality! great bud tenders.

  27. daniyl

    Amazing little shop in englwood. Great, friendly staff. Decent variety of strains from edibles to concentrates. Most of all, great friggin’ prices!

  28. Edge92

    Friendly the new buds are great and always on sale, Krystal is dope great place!

  29. gougrl87

    This place is awesome!

  30. AlexanderSalamander

    stop, and listen weary stoners, and I’ve a tale for thee. gather round and quiet down and I’ll tell you about tree’s. a wonderfully wonderful place with plenty a friendly face, and weed so cheap so that even a thief would buy it all with glee. and the fact that it’s close to Littleton boasts, an eager herd of we. The potheads and weedlings that love all the seedlings, so go and take a peek.

  31. nikadog

    its great place

  32. bignemsone

    This has become one of my favorite spots to shop!! Excellent flower at a fair price

  33. JayB420817

    great buds

  34. frannyfran1

    Love this place! Devin hands down 1 of my fave budtender!

  35. Rawbgnar

    Love the friendly and to the point workers and by far some of the best quality buds I’ve enjoyed since living in CO. The open space to the dispensary is also refreshing compared to some large name dispensaries that can be cramped and disorderly

  36. lukeishish

    been in here 3 times so far and it’s always been really awesome!

  37. thefuniciellos

    I love the selection and the prices. Thanks Doug for all your help.

  38. SupremeLinwood1

    Excellent place to buy bud! Good quality and great prices

  39. yungjj1000

    I love it haven’t been to nothing like it so far.

  40. MarysHelpingHand

    The price is great but the quality of bud was disappointing. While there may be mainstream high THC strains, there is seed after seed after seed in my Girl Scout Cookies. dY~z

  41. armstrongla05

    I have been to Trees twice and Hannah has helped me both times. She’s always so happy, eager to find what you need that’s going to work best for you and extremely knowledgeable about the products they sell at Trees!

  42. TerraMarie

    early diesel is the bomb

  43. Purple303

    New favorite place, 5 min from my house, fire products, super friendly workers I think my bud tender was Eijan? Enjoy your free joint dude

  44. Dsmanee

    Great weed, great prices, great staff! Renee is awesome, always very helpful and hooks it up!

  45. jraze23

    Went in and asked a couple questions about their concentrate and Douglas was more than happy to assist me and talk me through the different companies producing it and the difference in quality. Took the Chocolope off a whim and it was very tasty.

  46. langenbergemily

    Zach over at Trees was super helpful and made excellent suggestions. Easily one of my new favorite dispensaries!

  47. zow237

    Ehhhh nothing special. Good looking concentrates, but just not that potent 🙁

  48. AlisterGraham

    Best Shop in the South Metro area hands down. My man Justin with the great recommendation on the Durbin Poison! Go to Trees

  49. JTM117

    Very clean and professional. Jake was extremely helpful we definitely will be returning.

  50. saraethington

    I am now regular here. Great bud selection and really really good prices!

  51. Mattywatt40

    Always come here for my cannabis needs. Friendly staff and great prices!

  52. Bluedemon420

    The herb is so dry and flaky with no real aroma. Kinda a bust

  53. FletcherQ

    New, clean location with a solid selection. Great service and recommendations from Aleane! She was spot on with her description of the strains purchased. Pre rolls were reasonably priced and well constructed. Other items bought were of equal quality and an even better deal. Will return!

  54. UmphLove9

    Austin (AJ) was a fantastic budtender. Well informed, knowledgeable about the products, and helpful. He took great care of the three of us (all recreational) and guided us to everything we wanted.
    Killer deals, as two of us are from out of state.

  55. Pagan9576

    My favorite dispensary. No weird waiting room. One big, beautifully decorated open space. Awesome staff! Love you guys.

  56. Oats_adventure

    Great shop. Carly did a great job helping me find what i needed

  57. Walnutdesk96

    Parking is tight but worth it.

  58. tcordova

    everyone was super friendly and you could tell they were enjoying business. I’m going to go again!

  59. dukesterreiner

    Love how easy the staff make it! Thanks!

  60. jSquared85

    This store has top-notch service. Roman is incredibly knowledgeable about all the products on offer and will answer every one of the million questions a newbie like me can ask! The prices are very clearly posted and highly competitive. The store is clean and well-lit, the menus are easy to read and their deals are unbeatable. A little off the beaten path from downtown but SO worth the Drive!

  61. TracyWest

    Really like this place friendly staff

  62. Doiinwork

    this place was dope. good people, great vibes, and strait psychedelic…. the weed was bomb too!

  63. Allocation

    The inside of the store, the service and the quality of the product are excellent but the parking lot is awkward to park and navigate out of.

  64. Jesseffaf

    Ive been to many dispensaries throughout the state. Trees in Englewood is my favorite at the moment. The flower is excellent. Choices for extracts, edibles, vapes and other marijuana products is good but has room to grow. They have what you need though and it comes with excellent service at a great price. Very simple buying process and the atmosphere is simple yet sophisticated and makes you feel welcome. If you’re looking for a reliable, solid dispensary with reasonable prices and good product, go to Trees.

  65. Butcherman1

    Go see my man Zach. Good buds. Great prices. Will be going back.

  66. gangamamma

    why did I get a jar with a sticker saying $100 otd..when u charge 165..i get how it works ..just sayin

  67. SkittleBat

    Amazing staff and the selection is always great. It’s my regular store, actually the only one I go to.

  68. Stoic94

    Quick easy and some of the best prices south of Denver. I’m new to Littleton but this is my new spot. When I came in Zach was super helpful about my question on vaping

  69. js91410

    Small, but they have everything you could want and great prices! I loved how organized everything was and menu being displayed with pricing is super helpful.

  70. aye1

    Nice. Quick. Easy. Service is a plus.

  71. Andria5280

    Love the product and price everything is amazing about this shop would recommend

  72. jynellesm

    My expereince at Trees was amazing from the time I walked in. Very knowledgable about all products. All my questions were answered and I left knowing that I will be back soon!

  73. Mackenzbn

    Jake was super helpful and great to talk to.

  74. emphetamine

    best shop atmosphere, educated budtenders, amazing prices and selection. highly recommend.

  75. Jbhaley

    Great product and prices!

  76. Chris009

    This place is great, the staff is very knowledgeable they have great deals and discounts through out the week. Whether if it’s your first time, or if you are seeking more information trees is a place to go to. Levi is amazing, they care about their customers..dY’dY’dY’

  77. OtterlyInsane

    Keegan was absolutely great, he helped me pick out the perfect g of wax and it was exactly what I was looking for. I feel like I’m incredibly knowledgeable about marijuana and he nailed everything I asked and even taught me some things. I’ll definitely be back for some more terp jelly!

  78. indicatrev

    Great nugs, great price. All of the budtenders are very friendly and Especially Renee! She deserves a raise for her great service. The Berkel Strain is my absolute favorite. The Taste is so robust and sweet!

  79. Goodnite

    Great products and service

  80. mikejg420

    This place is amazing!! Great vibes, great people, amazing herb and concentrates with amazing prices to match. My overall experience was pretty much what you would hope for when your picking up your herbs. Definitely coming here as often as I can.

  81. Vinnyprofe

    This location has never disappointed always with great staff and great quality products. Jay has always been amazing with answering questions and recommendations! Must go!

  82. Weed5150


  83. ladylibra13

    this place is amazing cheapest prices in the area quality product educated staff. ask for Paul the Hispanic male, he is the best!

  84. lmozealous

    Love the atmosphere always fast even when busy! The staff is always so friendly I go here alot I love it! Love the quality every time!

  85. james89jay

    flower wasn’t the best quality service was okay definitely don’t think I will be back

  86. abe27

    the staff was very knolegeable and friendly

  87. procinctus

    5 Star Dispensary. Premium medicine, prices and service. Veteran and member discounts always show love. Highly recommended.

  88. Stoney1975

    LOVE Trees! I’m a visitor from Grand Junction, and out of the few dispensaries I’ve tried in Denver, Trees gas the nicest staff, good prices and dank buds!

  89. myusernameisJeremy

    If you’re looking for the dankiest dank in all of Littleton, Trees is the place to go. The best prices around. Their selection top notch, whatever you’re looking for – flower, edibles, oils, various accessories. Trees will probably have it. The customer service is also right on the money – Harley is awesome. He was very informative.

  90. Glo4nova

    Great environment. Speedy pre order process. And 60 buck half’s! Eat option for Littleton residents

  91. koda91

    nice folks. very helpful. jake answered every question I had and made me feel very comfortable for first time in dispensery

  92. Anthony8084

    Staff is great, deals are great. Josh is very helpful and kind.

  93. bislexic

    Mark helped us find exactly what we needed. Excellent quality and selection

  94. tylerjhaze

    So, I must say, I am very technical when it comes to my marijuana and where I purchase it from. Trees Dispensary, so far, has the best prices by far. The quality is great, I love the strains. The only thing I would approve upon is some of the budtenders do not know a lot about the product, besides what Leafly says. Only thing I think should be approved upone.

  95. nmostberg

    3 out of the last 4 grams of wax I have purchased have been AWFUL. Seeds in the flower… Same your time and money and shop elsewhere.

  96. hailoh

    outstanding! the quality is exceptional
    middle of the road pricing. Variety is substantial. It has been my experience. my last 4 visits that there online menu is the most accurate I have encountered.

  97. Brandeeoh

    Great prices, great quality, great people! The only dispensary I go to.

  98. Kurtisdrumtildeath

    Love this place. Great deals and great service

  99. nolan613

    Jazlyn was amazing! Helped me pick out the perfect flower for my needs and was very patient with me and my many questions haha

  100. krazygirl

    Love this place it’s amazing the staff are amazing they always make you feel welcome

  101. Shay23

    Good! Aleane was so knowledgeable and helpful, definitely would recommend her as your local budtender

  102. kaytiemlady

    Levi was amazing! They have a fantastic loyalty program and the $100/oz deals are a steal. Thank you guys for all that you do!

  103. Gradaluski

    This is my favorite depot around the Englewood-Littleton Area. the environment is rather spacious and has a feeling of unique class to it. The check in process is fast and easy at the front door before you enter a showroom type set up with displays of the various strains of bud and wax extracts in clear containers for you to examine as you please. Another display has various ingestable options. On top of friendly and informed service from most all budtenders, Trees features a rewards program where you get $5 back on every $100 you spend, which makes it very easy to splurge on high shelf products as you please. 🙂 – Grady

  104. MikeHawkHurts

    Elijah is a man who knows his chocolate. Ask him about the coda

  105. BiancaAndGaryRuiz

    My husband and I absolutely love this dispensary. We have enjoyed it since the first day they opened. We are constant customers due to such a great environment and employees (such as ROMAN, he always makes our visit pleasant). We recommend Tree’s for first time buyers as well.

  106. GypsyMama89

    Valeri was super kind & very helpful. She’s a keeper! xoxo

  107. codybmac

    loved the atmosphere staff was awesome jake made are experience awesome he knew alot about all the product in the store

  108. dawndial

    Great quality for a great price compared to any other place I’ve been in the city.

  109. RAGE303

    Great product great ppl budtender Ashlyn was great

  110. Kingx0kelly

    The 8 g of oil deal was a good price but you know what they say, you get what you pay for. Definitely will not be doing this deal again. The oils tasteless. Do not recommend the brands.

  111. OGclipse

    Very nice place. Low prices. Good selection. Thumbs up from me!

  112. Kflow1379

    Fantastic, quick, knowledgeable service. Quality is A+ and there’s great deals. Highly recommended!!

  113. Treyetrey23

    This place is awesome great staff and great prices.

  114. PotPocket

    Love this spot, they always have great options and online ordering makes the menu easy to scope beforehand. Visited twice this week and Mike made our day each time. Not only was he quick to dispense with the deals, he offered discount info on an excursion we were planning and safety advice for white water rafting. Good vibes from everyone, every time. The parking lot is a little tricky, but worth the effort

  115. dblake26

    Awesome experience with Jake!!

  116. marxman27

    Super nice location, great prices, top notch!

  117. Clusterfkobia

    Best corner in Colorado best weed I’ve ever had it was BOMB! Service with a smile!

  118. rskates

    I discovered Trees after they first opened. I love this place. Hands down the best dispensary I have been to in the area. Their $15 eighths are unbeatable. The best part is that although they are inexpensive, they are very high quality. I also really like the people who work there. Especially Mark: a very courteous and genuinely kind person.

  119. Bbrooks10

    It was great. Quick service roman was great and professional and friendly. All and all I think it was a great visit I’ll definitely be coming back and suggesting this location to as many people as possible.

  120. Barrymoyer

    Amazing flower and the store is very well kept. The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable this is an amazing dispensary all around 10 out of 10.

  121. Tricomb.troll

    I mainly buy bud and concentrates here, but the prices are decent. It’s my number one dispensary, and I love the concentrate bran Sofa King Medical that they carry!

  122. Kipplingm

    Prime spot for all to see. Very friendly atmosphere making the experience satisfying. Pricing is great with deals all can agree on

  123. bloshbaylor710

    Product is amazing as well as the service. Jake helped me out and was very knowledgeable in helping me choose the perfect strain to help combat my anxiety. Will sure be back again and would recommend to my friends!

  124. ccarroll0402

    A little disappointed. This was my second time here and the wax was only okay. Horrible variety, we called 5 min before we got there to ask what kind of wax they had and they said all of the strains listed on the website. When we got there FIVE minutes later, they told us they only had one strain of Indica. Talk about false advertising. Staff was subpar. Not very friendly. Will not be returning here.

  125. misterkitter

    Great selection, great pricing (with a good rotation of deals/discounts), staff is always helpful and friendly. This is my preferred location to pick up, 10/10 would recommend.

  126. brythehighguy

    Zach was really knowledgeable and friendly. I told him what I was looking for, he found what I needed. Quality of the product was great. Nice, comfortable place, I’ll be back for sure.

  127. cannamomco

    Quick service and lots of choices. Great location. Great prices. Zach was polite and knowledgeable. This will be my new place!

  128. vterrazas

    Budtenders very helpful to find what you need! Very friendly atmosphere! Great prices!

  129. chuckiee777

    It’s great

  130. AcapulcoG

    It’s really a wonderful experience!


    Great place better prices than next harvest and better tree’s. Devin is the best bud tender knows the product and always makes me smile. What more could you ask for. Only store I recommend.

  132. becca74

    This place is awesome…and I’ve tried so many dispensaries all around town. The prices are totally reasonable, the staff are all super fun people with no hangups, flower is always top notch quality…Great specials and you can order ahead online! Who could ask for more?!

  133. mpenafab

    They don’t have a way to scan IDs and my out of state ID was refused. After telling them my ID is accepted at every other dispensary, the counter person chose to not listen and treated me disrespectfully. Absurd behavior and would never visit this place again.

  134. Stubbornstoner90

    Clean, Friendly, and Professional. Doug was very helpful and made sure my request for a pesticide free product was met. I’ll be sure to come back for some goodies and meds in the future.

  135. GeyPhish

    Great place and great service. Eli was a huge help in finding what I needed within my budget.

  136. slewis420

    Convenient location, great prices and awesome customer service! Great full gram joint prices too!

  137. Squadronopolus

    Got an eight of their top shelf yesterday and it feels like it was just harvested yesterday. The nugs are so wet there is no way there isn’t mold or bacteria

  138. Crlo42089

    Great bud tenders and great product at a decent price

  139. stonedprincess123

    This is so close to my house and the inside is so organized. Jake was a wonderful budtender. The flower is good it got me stoned like the Earth Nation

  140. Javi5280

    Love trees dispensary it’s one of the best places I’ve been too in a while Tracy made my experience great

  141. JamesSPagano

    By far my favorite dispensary. Great prices and Great budtenders!

  142. cjwikl91

    Great customer service with high quality bud and concentrates. This is my go to dispensary from now on.

  143. blakehamilton26

    Love coming here! Customer service is outstanding.. quality is amazing. I became a regular myself after the first visit. I recommend Trees to anyone!

  144. Lizmac2477

    Trees was the second dispensary we visited since moving to Colorado, and it is now our favorite and only one we visit!! We drive 2hrs to these guys because of their entire staff and the excellent quality of concentrate and flower, prices are always great as well!!!

  145. Yeager-BOMBASTIC

    Heck of a spot and so many friendly people, music is on point and my buddy Elijah always has the hook-up!

  146. Pauljenkins731

    Paul was very helpful and knowledgeable. My go to spot.

  147. Smaes84

    love trees, amazing staff and good nugs, what more can you ask for?! dY~SdY~Z

  148. SeedySee

    Our budtender, Jake, helped us understand our options for vape, wax, shatter, etc. So hubby got himself a vape pen and cartridge for less than $40.

    I ended up going with my usual flower though… got a a $99oz (Swayze Rebel strain) deal that was TOTALLY amazing. A VERY good sativa. Mhmmm…. I will definitely make a return trip!

  149. yeah12345

    the pre rolls are fat! And miss kusadilla is the bees knees! I will most defiantly be coming back!

  150. gurrey

    Gets better each time I go.

  151. stonefam

    Maybe, MAYBE, there is more seeds/stems (again, maybe) but always offering $85 ounces just can’t be beat! And no, the $85 oz strains aren’t the lowest THC strains they have. A month or so back the $85 Ogre Kush was 24.5%!

    But yeah, they need to reconfigure the layout of the store…but I don’t buy ounces of marijuana based on store layout, so really not a big deal whatsoever.

  152. Jamo32

    Amazing selection and prices will def be back

  153. apeets69

    Jazlyn was super nice and helpful and answered all my questions! She gave me a great suggestion as well:)

  154. radsejo88

    love this location 3 blocks from my house and a reward program that keeps paying off!!

  155. Janel04

    The people are great and knowledgeable about their product. They are always will to show or explain anything to you. Good prices too!!

  156. PoisonIvy314

    best dispensaries in Denver

  157. mgriffenberg

    Clean, great deals, knowledgeable & friendly staff! The only place I really go anymore.

  158. Frydry3

    Very frequent customer, there was no one behind me in the pre order line and I simply wanted to see one of the other buds. So she said nope that’s what you get I understand if there is a giant line but there’s no line at all won’t be coming back terrible attitude as well should have a policy in the online order.

  159. JDubya55555

    Clean and friendly service. Great selection! Jazlyn was very helpful

  160. Sdaylor

    Trees has the best weed for great prices! The Budtenders are always very friendly, outgoing, and knowledgeable. Eli was particularly very helpful. I appreciate the time he took to help me out.

  161. TMDJ

    Great location go check em out

  162. JokerChik

    Real pros in here…great quality…clean…nice place…easy !!!

  163. mattamuse

    Welcoming vibe with quality friendly prices.

  164. totall1911

    like the location it’s close not too far away they’ve got a lot of product a lot of variety willing to answer any questions prices are good and everything’s phenomenal!

  165. 12amtoker

    Won’t be back. Prices displayed are NOT what we were charged. Didn’t look at the receipt until after we left. Everything we bought was overcharged compared to the prices shown. Despicable practice. NEVER AGAIN!

  166. NessaSmith21

    I love this location it’s so close to home. The atmosphere is awesome you can go online preview products and order online,
    then walk-in and get your stuff. Nothing or no where else compares. Did I mention the prices are insanely reasonable too.

  167. ObahenaSa

    Great Service! Friendly Staff! Close to home! Will recommend to friends. 🙂

  168. mcd0323

    have always had great service and great prices always my go to location

  169. weedey

    fantastic bud great prices

  170. Kittymeowmeow420

    I love going to trees because they have a very super helpful friendly staff every employee there is my favorite they all deserve joints.

  171. Tribesman88

    Right around the corner with great concentrates and great prices, Zach is super nice and helpful along with the rest of the staff.

  172. Jonathantx

    Love this place and they have the best good products here …..

  173. Ninanaider

    awesome location! So many options and for such a cheap price!

  174. Dar5081

    Quick in and out. Great selection and prices! dYtmOEdY1/2.

  175. Ckone45

    I tried to give these guys the benefit of the doubt when they sold me Kosker Kush and said it was Gorilla Glue. My real problem cane though when they took away the veterans discount on their lower priced strains. It is not the Veterans Community fault that when you rolled out your price structure you did NOT think about that. I wrote an email about them doing this and never got a response. When I called I actually spoke to the owner and was chastised like a child for telling him I did not agree with this. I literally got yelled and screamed at by this spoiled child Tim who is the owner. Well looks like you just lost a customer Tim and with your poor attitude their will be more. The staff is great. Tim you are not.

  176. NamasteTrey

    Great Quality, Prices and Service by the budtendersdY’

  177. shelbyschooley

    Everyone was sooo helpful & polite. Zack helped me pick out some great stuff!!

  178. KristallynnB

    Quick service, quality flower, friendly staff, great prices.

    Parking can be challenging.

  179. krisyryan

    Everyone is always super friendly and they always have amazing products for a great price! We won’t go anywhere else now!

  180. gpaiz

    there was a great story very knowledgeable people I will be returning very much so

  181. A_adamson8018

    love coming to trees. Always busy but the employees always do their best to help everyone as fast as possible and they always make sure you leave happy.

  182. Laceycloutier

    Its my Favorite store the only one I go to the people are so friendly and you’re in and out and no time prices are fair as well

  183. jushul92

    Amazing place I’m literally here like 4 times a week. Great bud tenders especially Zach! Amazing place would def recommend

  184. Casselz

    I love this place. The staff is great. The products are great but comparable to other dispensaries. I love the open appearance to this dispensary, it gives the chance for everyone to explore on their own but can ask for help from staff when needed.

  185. Beerengr74

    Very positive experience! Bravo!!

  186. pandamarie

    came in before and I thought it was a great place. I had friendly service and someone who was informed about the products. when I went in today they tried to charge $91 for a tincture. I went to a different dispensary that charged me $31 dollars for the same exact product. Will not be returning.

  187. Jessofalltradez

    Trees is one of my absolute favorite dispensaries! They have amazing prices and quality product, and the bud tenders are all super chill. The $40 shake oz deal before 2pm is legit the best shake deal in the Denver metro, quality considered. Thanks for being so awesome, Trees!

  188. macabrepx

    The staff was professional. The strain varieties and prices are reasonable. I would definitely visit again. They are not in the neighborhood. I stay in Douglas County but worth the drive if I’m near the DTC area and looking for a quick fix.

  189. murclur

    I love this place. The budtenders are laid back and friendly, especially Renee. Ive lived in Colorado my whole life and I only buy from here.

  190. alexiaskendle

    Zach was very helpful and knowledgeable!! great place! atmosphere was the best seen so far, even informational while we waited. highly encourage a visit to check them out!!!

  191. Lauren.Soul.Hawkins

    the hospitality is great the prices are right just need a little bit more into the atmosphere but understandable it’s a new business and I like it so far !!! Oh’ and good greed too….

  192. KushXMonster

    Great products and fair prices! The staff is very easy to talk to and know the products. Best dispensary I have been to!

  193. Melissafern

    Awesome! Fast and friendly
    And prices were great!
    Mark was very informative and friendly!

  194. Belenramon

    love this fucken place stuff is the shit I most get help by Tran ???? shit …. I think that his name sorry… I’m loving the craft 5g for $74 out the door…..

  195. esco303

    I love this Dispensary! This place has great products, great pricing and an awesome staff!

  196. TrevorQuinn

    Great staff, Great product and very quick service!

  197. Tammbab

    My budtender Carly was very friendly and helpful!! Friendly atmosphere and staff!!

  198. ColinDO

    This is an awesome experience at even better prices! I’ll be a regular now. Thanks to Aleane for helping out and being super friendly!

  199. amsmoker

    This place is awesome I used to be medical marijuana only but til I get my card back this place is where to go

  200. parice56

    This is thee best place in Denver, we went here everyday and always got a good deal on real great quality stuff. Can’t wait to go back(probably later tomorrow lol)

  201. Less11

    Love it. The crew is very knowledgeable

  202. hipp5terr

    Ii, fell in love with the atmosphere soon as Ii, entered this shop. The guy at the front door was very helpful with helping me find the perfect flower to start my day off with. I’m definitely coming back thanks!

  203. PDraven1115

    I go here everyone. Got a great rewards program and great staff dYtmdY1/4

  204. Nalunui

    Great Place, Very helpful, good selection!

  205. tblackburn

    Great everything!!!

  206. Jeremypbj95

    Great Service. Xayia Was Very Nice And Helpful. Awesome View I Will Definitely Be A Loyal Customer!

  207. Bragnar

    First time in a Colorado dispensary and these guys were super nice and helpful, and the bud was GREAT

  208. MynameisCaboose

    Elijah, Hanrahan, and jazz are fantastic and they all deserve a raise! I’ll be back just for them

  209. lanietrautsch

    Renee was a great help when it came to me choosing my first edible! I will definitely be back.

  210. Nshirley123

    Absolutely love this joint…pun intended…lol. there is always someone with a smile to greet you at the doOprah and good jams playing on the radio. Never had to wait here either walk right up to the counter. Hannah is awesome and she always makes my day a Lil better. These prices can’t be beat and the quality of their products are fricking amazing. The flower is top notch. Nothing not to love about this place.

  211. shaba012

    My favorite I go there every time

  212. Marmarthecampfirequeen

    Really fantastic location with an extremely welcoming atmosphere! The people working there really do their best to help you! Harley walked me through every product i was interested in and answered every question! They dont rush you along or try to push you out the door! 10/10 would buy again

  213. Samhuam

    Great service from the staff including my budtender Hannah. This place has good prices and a great clean product.

  214. Gnomiehomie72

    Love it here

  215. Mykelkwd

    Really great deals. My number one place to go

  216. kaylaslovinlife

    This place has become the only shop I’ll go to. I love how well polished it is; from the professional staff, the immaculate cleanliness, the music, being able to read the menu on the flatscreens, the bright lighting, the displays are flawless and simple, and they have the perfect product for everyone. I would especially recommend this place if you’re a first time user, they guided me from the jump, were nonjudgmental, and so helpful. A huge shoutout to budtender Jake, he hooked me up with some sweet product and took the time to show me how to use their pen. I love it! Oh, and their prices are awesome! Looking forward to going back soon! Thanks guys!

  217. Trax888

    I have been to Trees a few times and every time I go, I am always welcome with a smile and I love all the great products and prices The service is superior to a lot of places and I absolutely love when I get to work with Kirsten. She is sweet and a great sales girl.

  218. douggieboomer

    Also, Margo and Will will take good care of ya: knowledgable, friendly, professional.

  219. BbqPitBill

    Absolute best prices and the best budtenders EVER! (They get to know you and help discover what you truky love)
    Will, Devin, AJ…and everyone else, you’re awesome!

  220. raej1428

    dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=this place delivers amazing quality every time.

  221. LGSKarma

    It’s unfortunate that on multiple occasions I have witnessed employees talking bad about customers either after they leave or while their still in the store. On this particular occasion an employee was speaking poorly of another dispensary which makes Trees look bad since he states he was fired. Makes me wonder since this is the same employee if this could be why he was fired!! Recommend being more professional in the future as there is a ton of dispensaries and I think I’ll be driving farther to get the professionalism as a professional myself expects to see.

  222. SpreadTheWorld

    Always provide excellent and speedy service along with great prices. Cant beat itdY’OE

  223. Jacobmgrohman

    Great place and very friendly service. I will definitely shop here again. Mark your service was great. Thanks guys!

  224. jeremyhacker

    First place to stop coming into town. I only came to get the 18$ cartridge they advertise. After asking the budtender about the carts she said they have been out of there 22$ carts for a while and unsure if they will be getting anymore.

  225. Dabilicous

    Friendly staff, good selection

  226. RebeccaLynn7

    Mark (I think) waa super awesome and friendly. Prices of cartridges were unbeatable. Deals on flowers too. I will return! 🙂

  227. Nicksavaski

    Awesome place great bud and great buddd

  228. thegingernwg

    I have been coming to this location for months now. Great prices, great people, great bud.

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