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2750 Glenwood Dr., Boulder, CO 80302


40.0323457, -105.2596407




9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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The Green Room is a locally owned and operated adult use recreational marijuana dispensary conveniently located in North Boulder on the 28th street corridor. Our goal is to provide the highest quality flowers, edibles and concentrates available.

The Green Room is proud to be one of the first businesses in Boulder to offer safe a legal access to recreational marijuana. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We have taken every measure to ensure client confidentiality and security.

The Green Room offers ample parking and multiple vending stations to ensure you can shop without a long wait time. With over 5 years experience in the cannabis industry, our friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff can assist everyone from the first time buyer to the cannabis connoisseur



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114 reviews for “The Green Room

  1. torylori440

    Loved this place! Would deff recommend. Most helpful one I’ve been to yet! I think Connor helped me

  2. ajphaff

    Great location, selection, and prices!

  3. rafman2525

    Best service I had. The people actually explain everything to you. real nice people. cheap prices too.

  4. Nowun

    Great store! EVERYTHING IS GOOD!

  5. thestagnant

    Awesome store! The service was great, like having a personal consultant for finding the perfect bud.

  6. jeffbenat

    very friendly staff..great bud! my go-to location in boulder!

  7. Sirsinester

    store is always keeped clean staff is friendly and knowledgeable about their products the only dispensary I visit

  8. RyanfromGA17

    This was my first time. The staff was Great and chill. They were very helpful and cool.

  9. epkon

    Very awesome selection, they grow all their own strains. Very knowledgeable budtenders and always great deals.

  10. xprockox

    Strain of the day deals are wild. Shake isn’t the same “shake” your old dealer had. No big stems, no dirt weed, just lots of lil popcorn nugs that are perfect for the half-asleep morning bowl to set your day on the right track. As far as service goes, however, you should probably tell your best friends to step aside. The people here are so welcoming and interestingly articulate that you won’t need any of your old friends for reassurance and kind words. Ditch em all. Just… just get rid of your old friends. Wh..who needs em anyways with this..this *burrrrrp* kind of crowd, Morty. These people a..are all you need. Just them and the weed, Morty. J-just them and the *burrrrrp* weed.

  11. greenroom

    Best dispensary in Boulder by far!! Great flower on that low price. Great selection of cannabis products! Budtender’s are super welcoming as well. I definitely recommend this shop!! 🙂

  12. Flatsfreak

    Hand trimmed! Great Selection of Indicas. The Noggin is lights out! Sweetheart bud dender too.

  13. gatorbud

    love coming to this place. always seem to have the best strains around. good people and great atmosphere.

  14. Bouper

    This is the place. Friendly staff with knowledge if you need it ….. Great flower and they have the edibles that you want.

  15. cookdaddy

    Awesome shop! Probably have one of the best overall strains in all of Colorado with Stardawg, it’s amazing!

  16. Kosmic_Karma

    friendly, welcoming, and not pushy.

  17. HeroicDose

    Absolutely perf, will be returning soon

  18. billyvern

    It was really good all around, I liked the bud I got and will be going back!

  19. MostDopeMiahhh

    Would definitely return. Great first time. The atmosphere set the bars for me to compare other dispensaries. The staff was energetic and very helpful!

  20. Chris13856

    Great service, great prices, great people, great weed. Will continue to come back over and over!

  21. Damion666

    Favorite Dispensary to visit in Boulder, highest quality with the best price. Phelan is Awesome, Conner is great and Joe Is really cool!

  22. mew00

    Good bud, good prices, people are always nice n well informed.

  23. RachaelElrod

    I love this place! The people are friendly and knowledgeable. They take time to get you what you need and they don’t just sell you anything and push you out the door like other places.

  24. trevorsmokesalot187

    Great location, friendly staff.

  25. dann.34

    Been to a few dispensaries but not like this one the staff is super friendly and so helpful and i like how they actually know what they talking about and the buds is the best quality in town .The Green Room is the place to go dY’dY’-

  26. bngrfn

    I recently purchased some Chemdawg from The Green Room and was blown away by how good it was. The staff is friendly and helpful, their prices are great, and I will definitely be recommending The Green Room to friends.

  27. tp0873

    Best place ever to get buds – YUGE selection to choose from. dY~S

  28. Smokey_McPot

    Solid customer service in the front and back rooms. They were quick to get me into the store, and they let me take my time with my purchase. Great selection of flower and edibles, and a very professional, relaxing atmosphere makes this a must-see among the many quality dispenseries in Boulder.

  29. bhomyak

    it’s the dopest dope I’ve ever smoked

  30. joeh33

    Great buds at a great price. The Green Room is one of my “go to” dispensaries when I’m in Boulder.

  31. Snoopaloops

    This location was top notch. Both the customer service and products available were exceptional. I will be coming back for sure.

  32. km1

    Amazing staff, they really know all the products well and what would be the best for me! I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a very inviting and friendly atmosphere to shop in!

  33. apultoker98

    Chill staff and mellow place. Dank buds too. What more do you want?

  34. Rattus

    Honestly the best dispensary around. Best deals, best atmosphere, best people.

  35. lollinghollie

    Very friendly and great atmosphere, somewhat pricy though

  36. Psytoad

    The general vibe of this dispensary was positive without any sense of pressure on the customer. As far as
    the selection of medicine goes, lots of variety, and every strain seemed to be picked with the utmost care. Definitely recommend to novice and veteran smokers alike!

  37. LAChargers

    This place is great! Good selection and great prices!

  38. buddheadhaha89

    they got the best deals. the people are super friendly and helpful

  39. abrohammy

    Very friendly budtenders! Love the in-house strains like Noggin and Super Lemon Haze. Favorite dispensary, and look out for awesome coupons!

  40. robbievandam

    Friendly staff always lending a helping hand when I can’t make a decision. Quality products and a vast menu make this my go to.

  41. robess

    the people are incredibly friendly. has some of the best prices and the quality is superb. 10/10 would recommend.

  42. satoshi1

    Indica strain OG-18 perfect before rest/sleep. Thanks Green Room!

  43. 1potplease

    No brown buds at The Green Room! Fast and friendly budtenders providing a quality product

  44. kamerov

    Impressive. This place was a different buying experience and I don’t use that term lightly. The price for the bud on special was very reasonable after rec taxing. Solid nug

  45. 44quest44

    Great selection of Indicas. Super friendly staff. My favorite spot to shop!!!!

  46. Brina_ballerina

    I love coming here. I always leave with a smile because the budtenders are genuinely nice. I never feel overwhelmed being there because it is too crowded or visually chaotic. The weed is top notch and they have great sales on shake. My only complaint is that they are not organic.

  47. Dwidner9

    Super friendly and knowledgeable staff, great place!

  48. jrayconahan

    Very friendly atmosphere. Staff was knowledgable and helpful.

  49. jamin

    Shawn was very helpful at directing me to local glass shops. He was also provided me good information about the flower and other product

  50. ejc901

    Lovely service, super generous to tourists, let us explore/smell all sorts of strains, great shop!

  51. Christiantyler94

    I’m a Colorado native and I’ve been going to dispensaries since around 2013(Medical for 3 of these years) and this is the first time I’ve seen the complete package. Incredible bud, top shelf service and the best pricing in The state! Will continue to come back for a very long time.

  52. Kirkeeps

    Really great place, friendly knowledgeable staff, the care you want. One of the best in the business. Thank you

  53. char2d2blazin

    I’ve never enjoyed the color green so much until I ventured into this store.

  54. TheSolefiend

    Great people and never much of a wait. Overall good some buds some could be better in quality. I enjoy their Afghani

  55. Craftywitch420

    Wonderful people. They know how to help find the right strain or product depending on what you’re looking for.

  56. ArianneRichardson

    Beautiful flower. Kind bystanders. This is a wonderful dispensary home. Thank you Green Room.

  57. ogreen

    Budtenders are always happy to help and the og 18 is killer – puts me to sleep every time!

  58. connorregannd1

    The best

  59. Kat.chan16

    The budtenders are so friendly and they always take such good care of their customers! The bud is fuego and there’s always something on sale.

  60. coloradokate

    Nice relaxed vibe. Like the coupons. Good selection

  61. Educationaltesting

    Very relaxed, calm nice people working the store, bud tenders are patient, educational, and positive.

    Two thumbs up!

  62. resrider420

    I can’t believe these ounces for $75, price is included! Awesome quality. Will be back soon

  63. BigMark420

    Better weed than most other rec pot shops. A little pricer but worth the extra coin. $25 eighths- top shelf plus tax is a good deal. KIF there is a good deal at $25 a gram. I would go back again…

  64. stargazerrr

    Nice place, courteous staff, and good prices

  65. felmunoz

    Excellent place to keep freedom living. Great merchandize, daily offers and helpful staff! Very recommended!

  66. cmfons

    great atmosphere and friendly budtenders. explained everything and gave me many options to make sure I got exactly what I wanted.

  67. wearypenguin

    This is easily one of the best dispensaries in all of Boulder County. The shake sales are unbeatable, and the staff is excellent.

  68. Ismokecookiez

    Great bud, great prices, great people. The staff was super knowledgeable. Would highly recommend the Bubba Kush.

  69. laughingman289

    I think it is a prime location and is good for a quick in and out deal.

  70. Gman303

    Hands down best dispensary I’ve been. Awesome people, amazing flower, all around good atmosphere. Check it out!

  71. SuperCharged13

    Awesome place! Always good service and top quality product.

  72. Kiwozzy

    To the management of the Green room. Why do you bother having a website if you are incapable or simply to lazy to update it. Over 2 months. Sorry, but as much as I would like to visit to buy I do not live close so rely on the internet to see what is available and for what price. Perhaps this is deliberate as this is not a new issue.

  73. frogcoin

    First-time travelers to a legal state, we’d found ourselves standing in a dispensary for the first time, and it was wonderful. Our budtender was very friendly, enthusiastic, and gracious, and she was able to supply all the answers and suggestions we needed to make our choices. Overall, it was an excellent experience, and I’m glad we chose The Green Room to be our first experience.

  74. highvibexplorer

    Love this place. Super clean. Good vibes. Nice staff. Our budtender Conor was very knowledgeable. Great guy. Love the weed. Stoned af right now. dY~, I recommend the Bubba Kush y’all. dY’dY>>

  75. dabigail420

    The waiting room was really nice! Bud tender was very informative and friendly. Quick service but didn’t feel pressured to hurry up. Loved the giant jars so you could really take in the smell. Northern Lights was on special for a great deal! All of the strains looked beautiful. Also Picked up some Platinum Cookies, Violetta, and Afghani Kush (great deal!). One of the best dispensaries in Boulder

  76. Spedge

    My fav of all I’ve visited. Quality of product is what brings me back. Friendly staff, upbeat and happy group always prompt service. There are several other locations closer but I’ll always drive the extra.

  77. nickmoilien25

    Love this place. First time in and I’m already headed back after two days!

  78. Drummer52

    I travel to this one b/c of the service, the vibe, the product. There are closer ones to me, but not better…

  79. telemarquero

    Great shop!! I got the Platinum Cookies, per the budtenders recommendation. its great! very smooth and mellow. I’ll be back!

  80. dishammer

    Best place around

  81. lpio

    I love coming here. Everyone is always so nice and the bud is always good.

  82. Maad1689

    The bud tenders here are all very knowledgeable and friendly. Great bud and prices! Shout out to my fav bud tender, Chelsey!

  83. demirael

    Amazing every time!

  84. Purpdaddy1995

    Try their og 18 if you want to nap

  85. Asherk10

    Great selection, great deals and awesome service!!!!!

  86. Mj682370

    Great people, buds, and prices

  87. Teej2008

    This store has some of the friendliest bud-tenders I have come across in Boulder. Also, they have the best deal in shake!

  88. codyv24

    Great bud, better people!

  89. Ssolo10191

    Knowledgeable and friendly budtenders. Great customer service and great product, it’s the only place I really shop anymore

  90. manda3

    The people are incredible! I’ve been going to this store for months!!! I love all the people and it’s nice to be noticed as a regular. Great quality bud, great prices, amazing staff! Check them out on Instagram!

  91. greenhow1

    The Green Room has an excellent and welcoming atmosphere! The professionalism here is outstanding compared to many other dispensaries I’ve been to. Try some Northern Lights while you are there!

  92. FatDaddyRatchet

    Great prices,great quality and great people really doesn’t get better than this place

  93. heis7440

    This place is amazing. I have never felt so comfortable asking whatever questions I might have. The bud tenders are the most laid back and easy going people in the businessaEUR<. I always love going into this place and talking about the best strains for my needs that day. I would recommend going here to everyone who wants the best experience.

  94. Leewiderman

    very convenient to find. Friendly service and caring compassionate people.

  95. Dragoness

    Incredible quality, knowledge and service! Great place to shop!

  96. Runnerjames4420

    Great location, excellent prices and awesome service evertime!

  97. rachaelmartinez

    The people are awesome, and they are willing to answer my questions. They do not use harmful chemicals, which is important to me. They have many options to get you as high as you are trying to get to.

  98. conster67

    Simply the best store in Boulder! Great service and the quality of flower is outstanding every time.

  99. TeamStyle

    Every single person here is so nice, cool and knowledgeable. It has become the “Cheers” of our local dispensaries. Special shout out to Chelsey, she’s always so happy and has great recommendations when we are indecisive.

  100. Astros713

    Great service and energy all around.

  101. marksett7

    The Green Room is my favorite dispensary in Boulder, it has a fantastic atmosphere, friendly and knowledgable bud tenders, and s wide selection of fire nugs

  102. tjgal

    Love this place..Great Customer service too.

  103. 1mmaculatePerception

    Loved the product and the free pre roll for first time customers. Great place to stop by in Boulder. Very friendly staff and a very comfortable and pleasant experience. Thanks!

  104. kristin314

    The wait time is always short and bud tenders are knowledgeable. The bud is always dank and always consistent strains. Same sales they make it easy. A must try when in boulder if you want quality bud and service

  105. 144smiles

    Absolutely never even a little disappointed whenev I stop by the Green Room.. nicest and most caring tenders, and the best accessories .. can’t say enough happy things about my Green Friends dY’oe

  106. cbhy2012

    Budtender and other staff were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful; great pricing and even better deals, I’m going back dY’aoeOE

  107. Setm420

    They have been very helpful and friendly. The concentrates have been very good. I look forward to going in the future.

  108. atierney

    Great selection of flowers and edibles. Staff was friendly and helpful.

  109. drkronic420

    Very nice pretty staff lol had a girl Chelsea show me two very nice strains and after smoking I have to say top notch

  110. FlFlewzy1013

    Hands down my favorite dispensary in Boulder! Extremely friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable staff and never a wait. Great prices and there are always killer deals to be had. They are even dog-friendly! Check these guys out, you won’t be disappointed.

  111. galpal

    It was the first dispensary I went to after turning 21 and the staff made the experience fun and not the least bit patronizing. They have awesome weed for good prices. It’s also dog friendly!

  112. sarams18

    I love Boulder anyway, it’s just a bonus that The Green Room lives here too.

  113. Adeian2

    This was the first time I’ve ever bought from someone I had never met before and Legal. Other than being a little bit hard to find (Don’t trust the GPS turn in to the strip mall) this place was great. The wait was very short, in a pleasant waiting room. The bud tender came and escorted me back to a very upscale room where he helped me pick the perfect medication. The prices seemed reasonable and the quality high.

    These people will be my go to recreational source. I do wish they would post their menu on Leafly though. It would save everyone a little time

  114. pakin18

    Great location and Shawn was very helpful

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