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1995 Wewatta Street, Denver, CO 80202


39.7567384, -104.9979847




8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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The Green SolutionA(r) is one of the most-awarded dispensaries in Colorado. We offer a large selection of marijuana, marijuana-infused products, and accessories; more than any other dispensary in Denver. Our inventory includes award-winning flower, our own NectarBee concentrates and edibles, a wide variety of accessories including bongs, oil rigs, and pipes, as well as hundreds of other products from reputable vendors. The ability to oversee quality from growth to production allows us to offer the highest-quality cannabis, at competitive pricing, backed by our full 30-day exchange policy. The Green Solution has earned over 50 awards for product excellence, compliance, and innovation in the Cannabis industry.

As one of the largest providers of high quality legal cannabis, our locations are easily accessible anywhere in the Denver Metro Area. The Green Solution takes pride in offering concierge-level customer service to our valued patients and patrons. Our stores offer medical patients and recreational customers a wide array of flower, edibles, drinks, hash oil concentrates, pre-rolled joints, all-natural blunts, tinctures, topical alternatives, rooted clones, seeds, and accessories. With twelve locations currently open in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Littleton, Northglenn, Edgewater, Westminster, Trinidad and Silver Plume we are only a short trip away. Whether you are in Colorado for a brief visit or are a longtime local patient, we hope that you choose to aEURoeExperience CannabisaEUR at The Green Solution. We look forward to seeing you!


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104 reviews for “The Green Solution

  1. Rjenningz101

    A very complete selection. The staff was awesome and were very knowledgeable. I will be back for sure.

  2. jnugz24

    Now this is a cool dispensary. Not a regular tgs customer but decided to stop by mid park stroll. Excellent product, fair prices and coolest cannabis layout/experience you’ll find in denver! Ill be back.

  3. Deebough

    The Green solution has repeatedly sold me bud that doesn’t way weigh the amount I’m paying for. I’ve bought 1/8th that have been over a gram short. I’ve immediately brought it back and they weighed it and found it was short more than my scale even proved. They said sorry and gave me a 20$ gift card but didn’t give me the missing gram +! This has happened a few times, which means shame on me. They are the only club to repeatedly short me.

    Got a pretolled join on a bday special cause the bud tender said they were good and worth the price. I opened it up and it smelled like straight Tabacco and made me gag to smoke. Was total crap! Half the bud tenders there are very knowledgable and the other half are complete tools. I had a guy tell me that hash is old school and you put it on a bowl to smoke and that I have probably not heard of hash cause it’s “throwback hash”. Go somewhere else that respects the customer, I’ve been treated fairly, and honestly at other clubs. Don’t waste your time and money here. Getting shorted sucks, my brother asks them to weigh his pre weighed sacks in store now to verify. Pain in the ass.

    Talk to any other dispensary about TGS, and hear what they have to say.

  4. northglenn75

    As a Northglenn resident, I was exited to learn that the Northglenn TGS location had recently opened for recreational sales and decided to stop by. Their business hours are listed as 9:00am. – 7:00pm. I arrived at 6:20pm and waited outside in 10 degree weather for about 10 minutes in a line of other customers. The front door was locked, however, all the lights were on and there were two women at the receptionist counter laughing and conversing. After those 10 minutes, one of the women finally opened the front door and informed everyone that they were closed! I understand that dispensaries are a bit overwhelmed with high demand and large numbers of customers. However, in my opinion, if they are unable to serve customers during posted business hours perhaps they should adjust them (If customers need to be in the door waiting in line at 6:00 if they hope to be served by closing time, change your posed hours to reflect this.) Also, put a closed sign on your door and don’t sit around chit chatting with your co-workers while you watch potential customers line up in the freezing cold. I found that to be VERY rude.

    If this were the only issue, I would probably wait until the market calms down and give them another try, but it’s not. My girlfriend was able to visit that same TGS location earlier in the day and told me that they not only require your full name (this is apparently entered into their system and prints on the labels for their containers) but also require a digital signature (same as most retailers require for a debit or CC transaction) basically saying that, under penalty of perjury, you promise not to break the law with the pot you buy.

    So, essentially, by purchasing retail from this or any of their other locations, you full name (taken from your driver’s license) as well as your signature are being stored in their database. If the whole truce between the department of justice and Colorado’s implementation of amendment 64 falls apart, they will have information to implicate ALL OF THEIR RETAIL CUSTOMERS in committing a FEDERAL CRIME (Red card holders are already in that situation, but that’s why I didn’t get one in the first place.) I’ve visited about 5 retail locations since the first, and this is the only business I’ve encountered that wants to collect your personal information.

    The law does not require me to give my name to buy recreational marijuana, and shame on these guys for trying to collect it, placing customers at unnecessary risk in the process.

  5. Kyriansmommy92

    The bud was good, but I thought it could of had a bit more potency to it. I loved the service though and I thought that they treated me very well. Very friendly and the atmosphere was great. It looked very business casual more than just a dispensary. Very nice and will most likely be shopping there here in the near future.

  6. SourJayhawk

    Great concentrates and a huge variety of everything from edibles to glassware this place has you covered.

  7. deeter25

    This place is amazing! It’s like Willy Wonky meets the Apple store. Great selection of edibles & meds, and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable.


    I love this place! they are always super friendly and willing to work with you with whatever amount of cash you have. The bud is good and if they have something labeled with a “featured” tag it will most likely be dank.

  9. helena420

    This was the first dispensary I had ever been to and it was like I was in the twilight zone. And each time I’ve gone into The Green Solution the workers have been very helpful and willing to answer any of my questions. The Med Quality is the best in the area in my opinion; among many of my peers. No other dispensary can compare. The service is great, I always feel very informed every time I am in the store. The atmosphere is an awesome one, I feel comfortable every time I am in there and It has a very professional feel. Definitely recommend this dispensary to everybody.

  10. mark.sella.7

    Good and cheap

  11. MattDwood

    Absolutely loved my first visit to this shop. They have good knowledge of their weed

  12. lightbodyslady

    This place is awesome! Very professional personnel, and knowledgeable as well. The Super Bomb I got was unblievable. Not for the faint of heart that’s for sure. The only strain I’ve ever had that still gives you that first time “euphoria” even after smoking daily for weeks.

    Awesome place, great staff smokin prices…a dedicated fan!!

  13. artomiss

    Sell outs! Slave to the get rich quick public scene now. I agree with the previous review. We made you! Now we are just another $ in the crowd. My North (malley) location goes public soon. Looking at another dispensary that’s not public!

  14. airforcemunch

    BEST DISPENSARY EVER! Buds are AMAZING! I have been a member at The Green Solution for months now and have never been disappointed. Prices are awesome. They always have a deal going on or something good to smoke in the discount case. The staff is simply the best. Always help me get my medicine and get out on my bad days. If you haven’t been here, you NEED to go! If you don’t, you’re missing out on an all together great experience.

    Thank you Green Solution for the excellent service!

  15. legion

    I like going to anyone of the green solution until some of them turned retail. Now as a red card holder we have to wait in line with the retail buyer’s even though we been the back bone of all this not right. A lot of other dispensary let the red card holders go a head of retail and not have to wait in line seeing how they are selling our plants.

  16. bmaeda12

    Nice place, easy and convenient with informative individualized assistance. Nice flowers and concentrates…made my tip to Denver all that more enjoyable!

  17. jtnc1977

    awsome first time deal 20 dollars store credit can’t beat it bud quality awsome been there 2 more times and will keep going. dY~,,dY~,,dY~,,dY~,,dY~,,

  18. AvsGirl

    Awesome people and Awesome meds! I love this place and will be back again and again

  19. mulldawg

    this place is great!!!!

  20. brit_leann

    I love coming here and everyone is always so nice. The meds are always pretty and work great!

  21. Livingjaded

    Since I became a member a year ago I’ve never speed at another dispensary. Green solution is a weedtopia with the best bud tenders I’ve ever encountered.

  22. Jersey

    The staff at TGS are great! Always enthusiastic and knowledgable. I have never been unhappy with a recommendation, especially the delicious recipe ideas for edibles!

  23. LoloQueen

    I am a medical member who used TGS for my caregiver for about two years. The Lakewood location has always been the emptiest location I’ve ever been to, but accordingly, they lack the staff to accommodate more than one person at a time. I’ve had to wait while they helped someone else because the price I was given online with my preorder didn’t match their system when I got there. As with any of their locations, if you take the risk of preordering, make sure you have your ticket ready on your phone because there are good odds it’ll be different (in one way or another) from what you thought you were getting.

    I will NEVER return to TGS and I am no longer using them as my caregiver…Go to another dispensary if you want good buds for respectable Denver prices. Not all of their buds are top shelf like TGS, but most of them are as good as TGS’s buds…and at least you can pick them yourself and pay $140-160/oz instead of the $200-250/oz at TGS.

    I will never claim TGS doesn’t have bomb buds…they have very skilled cultivators, but not enough to charge the prices they do…also, part of being with this “green” movement is not running your dispensary like Walmart runs its stores…corporatizing just turns off customers.

    Also, the “green” solution is not really green at all. On average, after purchasing 1 oz, I would have 10-16 plastic jars that would have to be thrown away after I consolidated the same strain into one jar. It’s horrible for the environment to create that much non-biodegradable waste just to get a little bit of a plant.

    On another note, I gave them my 24 plants and requested on the form (where it gives you the option) for them to grow Sour Diesel for me. This has been the biggest issue for me, aside from awful customer service. I am LUCKY if I can find SD at any of their locations and it’s up to me to select each individual store to see if it’s in stock. Most of the time, if I DO find it in stock, I have to call to reserve any because they website will continually tell me it’s “out of stock” even if I only try to get 1 16th. Store clerks tell me it’s anywhere from 3-5 jars in a given size that are in stock if they show up on the website. That’s almost never the case when I try to buy SD.

    The website/mobile app lets you assign your wishlist and this was on my wishlist. But, what is the point in having a wishlist if you never get “first dibs” at the plants you requested from your dispensary? I have NEVER been notified when anything on my wishlist is in stock.

    Also, recently, the website/mobile app was renovated so none of the stores are denoted with “medical”…so you have to remember which locations are to place preorders through the site. Unlike before, I can’t even place preorders at rec stores anymore…so unless I can remember it’s a rec store, I get disappointed when I try to fill my cart.

    Another issue….I have purchased a half an ounce of Twista before and got home only to discover it was half an ounce of Chunky Diesel…that bud’s not even on my top 20 list, but Twista was in my top 5. No rectification was ever made by TGS to make that right, even after contacting them and taking the buds to show them they weren’t right. I was just told “Sorry” and “Thanks for letting us know so we can fix our inventory”.

    When I got my med card renewed this past year, I took my temp card into TGS. They made copies and gave me back my forms without the green postage slip that really proves your temp card is valid. I didn’t notice until I returned the next time and they wouldn’t take my temp paperwork at the same location they accepted it from before. The mgr admitted to seeing one floating around about two weeks before and having thrown it away…well thanks guys. They allowed me to purchase that one time, but I had to wait until my actual card arrived (about a month later) before I could purchase again.

    I have recommended TGS to many people, but I can only do that anymore unless I add the qualifier “if you want to be treated poorly, hope you get the buds you paid for, and overpay for good buds”. On an individual level, most of their CSR’s are very friendly and great people. But, you can’t ever shake the feeling you’re just a number to them and that they’re always just too busy to give you real quality customer service.

  24. chellmabelle

    I have enjoyed numerous experiences with the budtenders that work there. Most of them are very knowledgeable, but if I ever had a question that they couldn’t answer, they would find someone who could. It was great knowing that I wanted try something new (I recently got into dabbing), they would have someone there to lean on when my pen stopped working, I needed to learn the more beneficial way to conserve/store my wax, or I didn’t know how to clean my percolator dab rig.
    I leave with a smile and the satisfaction in knowing that I’m one step closer to finding a way to properly manage my pain. I never dread my trips there because I know they’ll be short and sweet if I’m looking for flower on the run or they’ll be long and informative because I have a million questions and won’t leave until I’m comfortable moving forward on my own. Thank you, Green Solution in Lakewood. I sing your praises to all my friends (even some who are now considering getting their own red card just to visit this one location.)

  25. weebee

    I love this place. Super friendly people from the minute I walked in to the minute I left. And the store is just so dang pretty — it’s like a cross between Tiffany’s and 7-11 — it’s all sparkly and slick, but I can still grab a candy bar if I want. Whenever I go in, I get product and some learning. The only inaccurate thing I’ve heard so far is that the Mountain High Sucker lozenges are stronger than the suckers — those guys make sure all the candies are predictable in their potency. Green Solution is my only store.

  26. mtheresao

    first visit. I was in and out quickly considering the volume of customers but also didn’t feel rushed. very helpful budtender too!!

  27. djetchaskratch

    Staff is awesome and their solvent less hash is amazing!

  28. pzchinacat

    I love this place! friendly, knowledgeable staff and good bud!

  29. jfowler45

    The Green Solution is top notch. They are my favorite dispensary in the Lakewood area by far. The pricing, quality, atmosphere, and service are better than you will find anywhere else in Lakewood. I got the opportunity to try their “grape stomper frost pie crust” and it was by far the best concentrate that I’ve ever had. The taste was true to strain and the effects were phenomenal. Not only are the products great but the staff is amazing too. I have been going to this dispensary for about 4 months and it makes me cringe thinking about going to any dispensary but here anymore.

  30. Jeffabetes

    This place is amazing. Super helpful staff. Would recommend to anyone that enjoys or is interested in cannabis

  31. blowinsmokenyc

    Didn’t really know what they were talking about. Presidential Kush their “best” was meh at best

  32. atlas_shrugged

    Amazing! Service was super helpful, great selection. They were out of lighters which sucked, but can be expected.

  33. Beachbumbennyhater

    I’ve been going to the Green Solution since I first got my card. The staff is always super friendly, helpful and patient! They all wear a smile and it’s really refreshing to do business with them. The only complaint I ever have is sometimes the buds seem a little dry, but other than that it’s my favorite dispensary!

  34. lateralus

    This is an awesome dispensary with great customer service. You get personalized attention that makes you feel like you are a valued patient. The budtenders are very knowledgeable and friendly. If you are a member, you can get great deals on member appreciation days. They also offer an earlybird discount from 9am-11am. Their selection of edibles is incredible. I highly recommend The Green Solution Lakewood for all of your mmj needs!

  35. jamesshea30

    I love TGS been a member since Apr. 2013 and never had a problem with service or quality!


    I’ve been to pretty much every dispensary in town and you guys are still my favorite!

    P.S. Oh by the way, have you sold any of my roach clips yet?

  37. ilovemj

    great people always awesome flower and products at a reasonable price!!! 🙂

  38. knight87

    great service , great prices

  39. jomamakramer1

    they won’t put my reviews up cause they don’t like what i have to say………that’s ok though cause the word is out on the street!

  40. koogs78

    Every visit has been a above and beyond anything I have been introduced to as far as dispensary’s. They all maintain a professional atmosphere while also providing the energy in hopes of creating a positive fulfilling experience to any and every one. The room looks immaculate! Cases are well lit! Kept organized, neat , and orderly. Items are priced and are provided with strengths and levels. The strains are kept at a great number. Enough that there are choices, but only a handful, and you can depend on any of those in that handful. Consistent, consistent, consistent! Again, products listed with strain, THC% CBD% prices, or if there is a daily special.

    Every employee at every location has honestly been cool, kind, knowledgeable and sincere when helping choose exactly what I’m needing. I like the honesty. I like the pricing even better:)

    I will be signing The Green Solution as my caregiver and will be spreading the kind words!

  41. denverblazer

    Very clean, very professional environment. I have been made to feel comfortable immediately with each visit. The budtenders are real people that have real opinions and real suggestions. Super helpful staff that seems genuinely interested in helping others find relief.

  42. DenverBL

    Since the days of my temporary redcard, TGS Lakewood is my go-to dispensary for its amazing customer service.

    From the receptionists, to budtenders, to processors and manager Jeremy, the employees at TGS Lakewood live to serve, and I have never felt rushed or uncomfortable in their presence.

    The buds are great, and member prices are tough to beat. Safe to say I will continue giving this location my business!

  43. GetDank

    A Business that really cares about its customers

    When you walk through the door, you have a nice person to greet you, with a good atmosphere, air conditioning, crackers for your munchies… the staff is always tending to your needs, the place is really classy, people dress nicely. They always ask me how my day is. I was in with my friend and she felt really nauseous and sick, she had to sit down. They took care of her, and we felt like they were genuinely concerned. They have the largest selection I’ve seen of prerolls. I think it’s cool that you can buy soda and ice cream there so you can make rootbeer floats. They talk to me about every single strain, give really good information about anything you need to know. They know their stuff.

  44. rapannell76

    The Grape Ape is the best! I loved the Death Star too. Always the best flower in town.

  45. thekoogs78

    Every visit has been a above and beyond anything I have been introduced to as far as dispensary’s. They all maintain a professional atmosphere while also providing the energy in hopes of creating a positive fulfilling experience to any and every one. The room looks immaculate! Cases are well lit! Kept organized, neat , and orderly. Items are priced and are provided with strengths and levels. The strains are kept at a great number. Enough that there are choices, but only a handful, and you can depend on any of those in that handful. Consistent, consistent, consistent! Again, products listed with strain, THC% CBD% prices, or if there is a daily special.

    Every employee at every location has honestly been cool, kind, knowledgeable and sincere when helping choose exactly what I’m needing. I like the honesty. I like the pricing even better:)

    I will be signing The Green Solution as my caregiver and will be spreading the kind words!

  46. JanineAmi

    A Quality Establishment

    The store is neat and professional, and the staff are so friendly, helpful, and accommodating. The prices are competitive, and the bud is excellent. I just smoked some Grape Stomper, a great sativa. I like the point system. Oh, and they sell a friggin cross joint. There’s a huge selection of products. I recommend checking this place out.

  47. blazeNe22

    I feel like a little kid again when I’m in there. Always a grin on my face and curiosity to try all of their products. Biggest edible selection in Colorado… Literally, anything you want, these guys will have, with very knowledgable staff on call to answer any questions. Very impressed

  48. debkasper

    Was well educated about options
    when looking into vaporizing. I have always had good experiences here and appreciate the employees knowledge and helpfulness.

  49. Encromer

    LOVED the crew! Super nice & helpful!! & they said this is one of there smallest locations!!! It was like a clean, organized “weedland”!!

  50. tyler222

    Just made TGS my provider today. Been shopping with them at 3 locations. All the staff are very helpful and knowledgable. The products are high quality.

  51. eyesoftheworld95

    Very clean and professional.

  52. Harleysoldier

    I always love the friendly staff who always have recommendations for whatever I’m looking for. A+

  53. kirby_sucks

    Favorite of the TGS locations because of the constant supply of high THC content. Make sure to try Grape Stomper.

  54. DabTillDeath

    I have been shopping here for about 6 months now and I come in almost every day and I have not had one disappointing purchase… The staff is like family now they treat me awsome every time I go, which I will continue to do so untill my red card is gone. I have been to many dispensaries and this one is by far the best I would recommend checking this place out even if I are satisfied with your dispensary

  55. SadClown

    I always come back here, I love it! The budtenders are the most friendly I have ever met and the meds are excellent. Not only that, the meds are affordable too.

  56. rdieterleii

    Very friendly staff and the quality is always top notch. Love the discounts!

  57. usnavydoc

    Friendly staff and very knowledgeable about which, in stock strains would best suit my needs. I’m a Vet and suffer from migraines due to being shot. As well as several herniated discs in my back. Whether I’m there for something for the PTSD or pain, they always lead me right to the best choices for me. I am definitely going to register with them as soon as my permanent comes in the mail. Great place, great medicines!

  58. patrick0317

    if you ever think its time to give another place a try this is the spot great bud great people

  59. ZeuZvsHadeS

    Really convenient when I’m on my way home after work and always great, I do enjoy coming here. I always feel like a bother though, when I can’t ever remember the pricing because there very off increments. But thank you for ever nice visit!

  60. Colorado38

    This is the best dispensary in Lakewood hands down. They have everything that you could need from pre-rolls to concentrates. Their edible selection is the biggest I’ve seen anywhere. The staff was incredibly helpful with letting me know about all the products and prices. I love that every Green solution i go to i get my 20% off first visitor coupon. Well done guys!!! Ill be heading to the west denver location soon.

  61. tlbeveridge

    Great staff, good info, great products!

  62. amberrwaves

    Alexander was awesome! He was very personable and knowledgeable about the product. We really enjoyed our experience. Alexander the great!

  63. jacobsaidso

    I’ll be brutally honest in my review. They offer reward points for the store if you write them a review, so I’m not surprised they have a ton of 5 star reviews. That being said I am NOT impressed with their house medicine, and have yet to see a strain of theirs I want. I have bought some edibles and pre-rolls from them and was impressed with those and will most likely shop there again because the staff is amazing.

  64. joeyshinobi88

    These guys are GREAT!! Fast, friendly, knowledgeable!!

  65. legba83

    Still the best dispensary in Lakewood by far!

  66. Slyce

    Tgs is the best dispensery I’ve seen. They know you by name and they new products every couple of weeks.great selection and customer service.

  67. Eman1333

    Great place! Great staff and qulaity product

  68. AvsGirl33

    Everything about this place is awesome!!

  69. angel143420

    This place on Wadsworth gets it when it comes to patients, however, it is unfortunate that their other location on Alameda can’t seem to treat their loyal customers with some kind of respect. Very sad because I had considered switching my caregiver to them but won’t now. Especially since my current caregiver does give medical patients V.I.P. status when they walk through the door.

  70. c3666yo

    HUGE selection!!! I got a little bit of everything for a great deal… and then they gave me 20% off for the first visit… will be going back very soon : )

  71. melisshanna

    TGS is by far my favorite dispensary in the area. It makes you feel like you are in an actual pharmacy. The building is spacious and inviting unlike other dispensaries I’ve been to. TGS gives a very welcoming comfortable energy, something that is very new for me in the marijuana industry. All of the staff are very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They make excellent recommendations for my medicine. My favorite part is the expansive amount of edibles. They have everything from brownies, suckers, breath mint strips, and every kind of candy you can think of. I was also recommended CBD dew drops by Dixie Elixir for my chronic pain. These drops have changed my life. I would send any patient I meet to one of the TGS locations. It is an experience like no other 🙂

  72. C31sem

    They sell old crusty flower that tastes terrible. Between that and the 15 minute wait i would suggest finding a different place to spend your money

  73. Rohlena

    Great service & selection! The only spot I go to!

  74. rocky420

    This place is the JAM! That’s why they have my plants. Being a member here is great for the member pricing, and it’s probably one of the most stocked places in town. The tenders are knowledgeable, the product lines are phenomenal, and the medicine speaks for itself. DEFINITELY COME TO THIS DISPENSARY!

  75. Pjuice3535

    Great bud tenders. Really know their stuff. Extremely helpful and knowledgable. Lots of selection from flowers to edibles and prerolls.

  76. gaflgirl5690

    I don’t go to this location often but when I do they are always so friendly and helpful. The store is looking good with lots of new product!

  77. richarddriskell

    I would feel comfortable recommending this to anyone.

  78. jesses

    This place is bomb

  79. Badassgrower

    Wow,this place makes the clinic look like a huge rip off!! They have a superb selection of high quality bud,the presidential kush is one of the best I have smoked,everybody there is super helpful an for real the prices are so fair you think you died an went to heaven ,bud heaven ,it is seriously the one stop shop for everything!!!!!

  80. coloradokingpin

    TGS Lakewood is by far the cleanest dispensary in Denver. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable about the medication. They have a really good concentrate selection which i am a big fan of. Happy Camper Wax and anything in the Pie Crust consistency are my fav’s. I dont smoke flowers but the selection looks good as well as all the edibles (They have a lot). I have only been to the Lakewood location but im sure the other locations are just as good.

  81. dakota0615

    They have everything you need here iv never seen a place have as big of a hash and edible selection as they do even a great glass selection with great prices on it. I love the green solution and the people that work here.

  82. JBarclay21

    The people at TGS are dope as fuck! They always are friendly and ready to help! I will keep going back! Never a bad experience!

  83. HASHdabber

    I have been to many good stores but the green solution tops all. There meds are extremely good quality and there concentrates are made with medical grade butane. The people at all locations are very friendly and extremely knowledgable making this all in all my favorite shop in Colorado

  84. maxkush

    best customer service in town meds on par with all the best grows

  85. SmokeWeedAboutIt

    Great morning discount with Early Riser! Save 5% everyday from 9a-11a!

  86. DankDave

    Stay away from The Green Problem! Unless you like overpaying for your medicine and getting unfriendly customer service from an incompetent staff… I personally am taking my happy ass to ANY other dispensary!

  87. acraw710

    I am SOOO thankful there is still a medical TGS. I love TGS and have been a patient since I received my red card, but have been very disappointed with the new changes to the medical side now that recreation has come. I know that the business might overall make more money in the recreational marijuana, but it still means everything to me to have a location to patron where I can purchase my medicine without long waits, subpar quality, and annoying kids. I am glad I have not been forced to look for another caregiver since the Lakewood TGS is still medical only. Please keep it that way!

  88. Estj

    This place is great. Quality everything

  89. dcore1991

    This place was the bomb favorite dispensary that Ive been to in the past year that I’ve had my card Best meds best price go ive your anywhere near this place you wont be let down

  90. Cody_Scott

    This place is amazing, definitely one of the best there is. The staff is knowledgable, friendly, and fun making the experience pleasant as soon as you walk in the door. After being checked in and filled in on their non-member points system(which is awesome) I was immediately taken back by the budtender who almost felt more like a tour guide because of the extremely large selection of everything you could imagine to be in a dispensary. Despite me wanting to try absolutely everything I settled on some twista wax, some grapestomper, and some blue dream. All of which were fantastic and priced perfectly! This really is the future of the medical marijuana industry, these guys know what they’re doing!

  91. ThanksForTheDanks

    Bring back the pie crust! It’s the best stuff I’ve ever had!! 🙂

    LOVE this place!

  92. lescook317

    I shopped at the northglenn location but moved to lakewood area and since I started shopping there the flower has been extremely harsh. I returned an ounce and got other strains, one highly recommend by the staff and both were just as harsh. after I’m out I’m trying a strain at another location if it’s just the location I’ll make the drive, if it’s harsh there also I will find a new location. amazing weed at first and now I’d rather smoke brick weed at least it won’t make me feel like I smoked rolled up paper. I recently had, diamond crush, blue dream, purple punch, silverback, and shark shock. all were terrible. great service and atmosphere but the lakewood location has never sold me smooth, or anywhere close to good weed.

  93. divabb2001

    I always work time into my schedule to visit TGS off of Wadsworth, this month offering an incredibly large assortment of treats and edibles. Don’t forget to make them your provider so you can take part in monthly exclusive sales and point-reward programs for loyal customers. Very affordable, with top notch staff. Weekly deals!

  94. Pajamas

    The medicine I bought here is alright, although the prices are only right if you’re a member.

    Also the herb has Rosemary oil in it. They actually printed a label on it that says they added rosemary.

    The jars they give you also don’t hold in moisture at all. I really doubt I’ll go to it again.

  95. suziegrl4

    Something has changed this location. Was in today and the person who helped me was so rude!!! I have never been treated like this before and have used this dispensary for last 8 months. And, to find out no more ‘Daily Deal’!! That is, what got me to sign them as caregiver! I feel it’s going to get bad for patients, since recreational came on board.

  96. Grutane

    TGS carries every product that I need. All sorts of edibles with different price ranges and many different strains to choose from which are all tested. I see consistency with all their flowers. TGS carries every type of concentrate made. The entire staff seems to be very knowledgeable about their products. TGS is a true care-giving dispensary.

  97. UndeadSnowman

    I’ve been a MMJ red card holder for 6 months and “The Green Solutions” are incomparable to nearly any other dispensary. Always an incredible selection of medicines, personalized service, good atmosphere, but this location is slightly lacking space.

  98. Mastarya

    I love TGS they were my first care givers, and they are such a good D, very respectful and kind I go there almost every day and have never been unsatisfied, thank you for all your hard work guys.

  99. Colten2008

    This was my first visit to this location. Very helpful and friendly staff! Seems to be a common theme in The Green Solution industry! Was very satisfied with my visit and will be returning soon!!

  100. NomadicStarGazer

    This was only my second time in a dispensary and it blew my first one out of the water. The guy that helped me (short hair, pretty eyes, great smile) was very knowledgeable. The location itself was modern, you were able to see the facts about the weed in full detail on electronic signs. Very good experience. I’ll be back fo’ sho’

  101. carollucy303

    not alot of variety of edibles. mostly carry only Nectar Bee products. thatz not my favorite brand of anything.

  102. dicered

    Can’t go wrong-GREAT staff and so inviting, wish we could hang out here! If you haven’t tried any of The Green Solutions you are missing out 🙂

  103. lhessner

    the people are great and so is the flower

  104. JoelCoen

    Friendly people at the counter. Helpful staff. The drinks are my new favorite. Other states can only learn from Colorado

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