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3218 S. US Highway 1, Fort Pierce, FL 34982


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Curaleaf is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Curaleaf proudly offers medical marijuana patients access to premium, pharmaceutical grade cannabis in a safe and informational dispensary environment. Their organization was founded by a team of doctors, pharmacists, and other medical experts to create and develop the most reliable medical cannabis for their patients.

Curaleaf started their cannabis journey on a mission to aid any patient in search of medicinal cannabis to alleviate severe health conditions. Their dispensary team worked closely with Florida physicians and patients to develop their business model and officially received their license to produce and dispense cannabis in 2015. Florida later voted to legalize full-THC medical marijuana and Curaleaf opened their local dispensary in Fall 2017 to offer medical marijuana patients cannabis in a safe, welcoming environment.

The team at Curaleaf hosts a positive, friendly place where patients can learn about cannabis. Their dispensary passionately advocates for advancing the research and use of medical marijuana. Curaleaf’s team continually formulates the best possible cannabis therapies and employs the industry’s latest standards in their production center. Curaleaf wants to generate awareness of cannabis’ healing properties and make its benefits more widely available for patients in need. Local individuals can rely on Curaleaf to connect them with a qualified doctor and help them place their first medicinal cannabis order.

Curaleaf’s menu comes from their 50-year history of horticultural experience combined with the cannabis industry’s latest advancements. Their cultivation center staff holds themselves to a high level of quality and transparency to produce cannabis products optimized for patient relief. Curaleaf is also the only Florida dispensary to offer Haleigh’s Hope, a high-CBD product available in both pill and oral syringe form. Their South Miami facility also formulates a variety of CBD and high-THC topicals, transdermals, syringes, capsules, and more.

Patients enjoy Curaleaf’s medical marijuana products at affordable and accessible pricing. Their dispensary offers discounts for both veterans and seniors, and welcomes cash and debit card payments through their CanPay system. For homebound patients, Curaleaf also provides home cannabis delivery throughout the local regions.

Service Locations:
Curaleaf Ft. Pierce delivers to St. Lucie, Okeechobee, Indian River, Highlands, and parts of Martin county.


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9 reviews for “Curaleaf

  1. pigbeast

    Curaleaf products are the worst. Low quality, attitude from the salespeople…charging 7 times street price you should be happy anytime anyone calls you. They would be out of business tomorrow if people were allowed to compete with them.

  2. AmyJ1986

    Great store with super friendly staff

  3. Rmatt420

    My first two attempts with the Fort Pierce location I got no call no show 2 days solid. I do like my concentrates and my 600mg cartridges amongst other ways of consumption but trulieve is a great company don’t get me wrong it just seems not even 30 minutes after they get their flour it’s all gone. Now I am kind of bored of the first 48 from curalief and there is a little leaf and dry plant material in it but I enjoyed the option of having flour or cartridges without depending on a website that is never accurate. I think it’s great they take 20% off for veterans and food stamp card holders as well as seniors and children. I believe trulieve does that for the same category of people accept it at 10%. I heard of another dispensary which isn’t so known and they give the same demographic of people 25% off their whole order. Plus the points in the specials Etc. That’s fantastic. Anyway curalief you have brought me what I needed each time minus the heck up at the beginning of our relationship. Otherwise I can’t wait till your storefront opens up so I can go in and admire my surroundings rather than waiting on I’m in discreet white vehicle pulling up to my house looking just like if it was Bob the budtender. LOL. Get that damn Construction done already!

  4. s8ang

    Buy one get one half off vape cups, got 2, a concentrate syringe and some other stuff. Got home and they didn’t give me the 50% off. Also gave me a vape cart I didn’t order instead of the concentrate. Called and after 45 minutes on hold, turns out if you have a military discount, any specials don’t apply. (I would’ve only gotten 1 if they said anything of the sort, they sold me the buy 1 get 1…) that plus the wrong product had me frustrated. Finally got the dispensary to call me back, and I was told that I never asked for the concentrate! I am not a liar, and I don’t even have a vape battery! Why would I order a cart? The guy said the company policy doesn’t let them stack discounts or return product and what did I want him to do to solve the situation. Piss poor attitude. Hell, I could’ve made 2 transactions and gotten both discounts! VERIFY YOUR PRODUCTS BEFORE YOU PAY!!!!!!!! Even after they repeat your order to you.

  5. GreenMan4u

    Nice dispencary everywhere except pierce. They dont care nor does the manager even have an brain cells to comprehend good service. He makes the whole company look bad and his ego is out of check. Ive never wrote a bad review about a company ever but the way he treated a guy which recorded the whole interaction and its on youtube yet they claimed the camera there didn’t work so nothing was heard. Yet he has it all and all i can say is i wouldn’t of sat there through all the nonsense and mouth. He broke his tank and whined about fixing it. Completely uncalled for and he just kept disrespecting that customer. I hope you get bought out and lose your share because you dont deserve anything the way you great people. I suggest no one goes to curaleaf in pierce unless you want broke stuff and a manager on roids.

  6. awonderland

    Great staff they are friendly and helpful. I love the delivery people and I can’t wait to meet the rest of the staff in person when they become a retail dispensary. SUPER knowledgeable. They have helped me a lot.

  7. Omdafour4

    I’m commenting on the delivery personal, all were awesome very polite and professional. delivery time were ok, not great but understandable with traffic I get it . Price is want I’m getting at!!!!! Vets should get it for free, they deserve our love and support. I’m very sick and it’s hard for me to afford this medicine. please open a drive-thru like Pearl Harbor . I know 25 dollars seems like nothing to some people but it’s a lot for me on a fixed income.

  8. ffcobra45

    Perfect no problem to get into parking lot
    good location east side of US1

  9. Danabarber1967

    Amazing delivery staff.

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