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346 E. Mountain Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524


40.5874049, -105.072621




9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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Organic Alternatives strives to provide high quality medicine to legal Colorado MMJ patients. We offer a wide variety of top shelf strains, extractions, edibles, beverages, and apothecary products. Our staff can also provide referrals to friendly doctors, caregivers, and notary publics for all of your licensing needs.


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325 reviews for “Organic Alternatives

  1. Dabking33

    This place is great they always have a great selection of concentrates and the staff is very knowledgeable and courteous! I would definitely recommend giving them a visit!

  2. Corgiterv

    Love the spa like feel and friendly staff

  3. thewhizkid007

    Great spot in old town Fort Collins! Great flowers and concentrates!

  4. EddieSeven

    This place is awesome! Definitely my go to store. Best products and staff in town. Highly recommend!

  5. isley89

    GOOD deals GREAT product AND AWESOME people!

    concentrates are the best in NoCo

  6. stonerdan24

    I have gone twice now and had a great experience both times! They were very helpful finding what I wanted.

  7. TayMet94

    A few days ago, was “greeted” by a snarky red headed woman at the front desk. I come in here at least once a week and never saw her before. Just a heads up Organic Alternatives, the front desk is the best first impression, and rudeness does not sit well with me. I will keep coming back because of all the really KIND BUD TENDERS who usually help me, but the red head dampened my mood with her PRETENTIOUSNESS. Thanks EVERYONE ELSE for being kind, patient, and caring.

  8. MotherOfPearl

    Friendly & knowledgable staff.

  9. Shaunyboy357

    Very clean, got what I need and left in a very timely matter. they understand your time is valuable! very good sugar wax and shatter! best dispo in foco for sure

  10. pkemp

    Organics is my usual stop in Old Town. They are friendly, quick, and easy to deal with and have a good variety and choice every time I go.

  11. gw_gorilla

    Organic Alternatives is the best in town. High-quality service and potent products. I’m lucky to have this as my neighborhood store!

  12. yourmom81

    great service great product knowledgeable staff always willing to get your needs met

  13. uberdave970

    Been here probably about half a dozen times, and I have never been disappointed. The level of knowledge displayed by the budtenders and friendliness of all other staff members is hands down the best in Fort Collins, highly recommended. This place is clean, well lit, and fun to visit!!

  14. amanz907

    Great service and selection!!

  15. FortChronic

    Such a great place to shop. Rob is one of the best budtenders in Colorado! It’s very refreshing to know there are shops like this in town. Don’t waste your time at Infinite Wellness! They may have lower prices when comparing eights ($30 vs $35 at Organic), but the product is far superior at Organic. Their oil is much much much better as well. Infinite’s Flux oil is sewage compared to anything at Organic Alternatives. Also, the customer service at Organic Alternatives is second to none!

  16. jmpayne1983

    Very friendly and helpful

  17. sleept

    I was in the store on October 12. The service was excellent. The employee took time helping me get what I needed. I will definitely return.

  18. Stoney420Bologna

    This place is the bomb. Cool atmosphere, good bud, and amazing service. The budtenders are knowledgeable and friendly, no doubt I’ll be back.

  19. mmm...bud

    Great atmosphere. First time I went the budtender was more helpful. The second time I had a different budtender that seemed a bit strung out and didn’t care too much about being helpful. Prices for Rec. are a bit on the high side.

  20. Paraleash

    Diiiizaaam! I love that place! Best selection of waxes, buds,and everything else.the people are always amazing. Also they always remember what strain works for me and what doesn’t. I think they take notes which is great because they keep me away from a particular strain and crosses of that strain.

  21. Thegrinch2000

    Great atmosphere. My favorite place in Fort Collins to go to. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Best quality products I’ve purchased

  22. dylanmcmillan

    This is the best dispensary in town. Best bud and best bud tenders around. It’s slightly more expensive but we’ll worth it considering the natural ingredients.

  23. BigB2016

    I would recommend this place to anyone. The staff is freaking amazing, their bids are top notch, and their pricing is competitive and well worth the trip in. I shop here on a weekly basis and have not found any other dispensary in CO that has a compatibly atmosphere. My advice- dump your current dispensary and go check out organic alternatives

  24. Zandb

    Professional and friendly, the best shop I’ve been in.

  25. GatrieM.

    this was by far the most professional feeling dispensary i have ever been in. the service was top notch, and the staff are all friendly and knowledgable. i have nothing but good things to say about this place!

  26. iamjaredtaylor

    OA is around the corner from my work (convinient) and they always hook me up with what I need. The staff makes the stop in amazing! 5 stars all around.

  27. pb421

    Always good bud, never a long wait and friendly staff.

  28. whiteyjr

    The best organic grown product in Fort Collins and the cleanest concentrates around complimented by the best bud tenders around. Won’t shop elsewhere.

  29. smokeythebear22

    Best place in Fort Collins hands down.

  30. MartyMcFly69

    While some prices are a little over the top per unit weight of the product, the quality is higher than most in town, no pun in tended. They have pretty good deals and a fairly knowledgable staff.

  31. bigsanta55

    I’ve been to Organic Alternatives quite a few times, it’s by far my most frequented dispensary. They have a great selection of buds and other consumables. Generally the service is on point, with the exception of my most recent visit. I took my mom for her first dispensary experience and after letting our bud tender know, I felt a sense of pushy from her. My mother requested a single package cookie after the bud tender suggested a whole package, something she aEURoeforgotaEUR until reminded her that it would be too much at checkout. In addition, the bud tender was trying to push a seemingly limited and sought after strain on me, to which I caved and decided to purchase. That was until I overheard her talk to another bud tender, both realizing that I was going to purchase the remainder of the bud they themselves wanted. Great job of taking care of the client!

  32. Ania12345

    The people here are awesome. Great products too dY’

  33. jakeraymond413

    Chelsea rules!! Thanks!!

  34. DesertStar44


    great location

  35. jblum7

    Friendly knowledgeable staff and great product!

  36. kushsnow

    I love this place. Everyone was super friendly and helpful!

  37. OrganicOnly

    love the buds love the staff!

  38. KidKat89

    I come here more than any other dispensary. Their building is clean with alot of open space. And they have a very friendly staff who all know what theyre doing.

  39. Ng2020

    This is my favorite dispensary in town. The staff is super friendly and helpful and they have great prices. Highly recommend checking them out!

  40. LilTig

    Ahhh, OA, where exceptionally kind, chillaxed, fun people help the chillax wannabes.
    Seriously, though, the staff here are stellar: Knowledgeable smiley people who concern themselves with easing their customers’ wibbly-wobbly ways through the beautiful maze that is today’s myriad cannabis offerings.

    Dealing with these people is sure to make your day. Read that again. If you’re having a rough day, head down to OA for some smiles. Even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll be glad you stopped by. 🙂

    My Budtender, Matt of the Totally Dope ‘Stache, was a cheerfully patient bloke–very easy to chat with, almost excessively patient, and extremely helpful. (Did I mention his ‘stache is dope?)

    Warning: I will be back!

  41. Ravonus

    Been building loyalty at this place for about a year. I am a big stoner and smoke more than a gram of shatter a day. Their 2 for one special is what got me in. Upper management really has no clue about loyalty and keeping frequent customers happy. They would always be out of their deal and they would do nothing for me even though I’m there every other day giving them money. The staff is great, but when I shop at small companies like this I expect my loyalty to show and the company to show it back. End of the day they didn’t care about me being a stable customer and told me to screw off(I spend hundreds weekly). The staff seemed to understand but when management doesn’t give their staff enough power it doesn’t matter.

  42. Dmunzz0

    This was the first dispensary I tried after moving to FoCo and I ruined myself because they are the best and now I can’t go anywhere else. Amazing selection and service plus it’s organic so you know you aren’t imbibing pesticides…what more could you want?

  43. rilocasey

    Really cool atmosphere, close to downtown Fort Collins.

  44. bjp04

    goood service i loved it

  45. tpwanberg

    good location, nice shop,
    professional and courteous staff. little pricey.

  46. althea0825

    Hands down the best quality flowers in town, awesome people and atmosphere but transport issues keep strains inconsistent. I don’t have time to come back every 2 days. Just bring all that Afghani kush from the warehouse next time, pleaseeeeee.

  47. rmartinez3468

    It’s good but I wish they would go back to doing different calls on the weight. i.e. half a gram

  48. Hawkeye0420

    They know and remember my previous orders so it’s in and out

  49. Cnote35

    love it feels like home

  50. mattysv5

    Chelsea was awesome!!!

  51. Gypc

    A little pricier than most places in town, but you get what you pay for. Awesome budtenders, primo product, and super professional, especially compared to others in the area. Flower is pre-weighed and packaged so process is clean and fast. If you’re just looking to get stoned, try other shops, if you’re looking to medicate without a card, organic is where it’s at.

  52. frum1717

    Sometimes they help with flower but not so much on oils because of limited amounts of cartridges that I saw but the flower is best in FPCO!

  53. Ariannamoi

    I would mention names if allowed, because one individual here made such a difference in my life. I ended up not using what I purchased and am instead trying some other alternatives this person suggested. Because she had had similar physical challenges and took the time to share her experiences with me, I am going to see if her ways of handling it will also help me. That she was clearly caring for the whole person, listening and wanting to be helpful, my experience here was stellar. This was my first and probably only visit to a shop of this kind and where I had been prepared to feel out of place, this person’s genuine care for my suffering made me feel welcomed and at home. Highly recommend this establishment which had the intelligence to hire this person.

  54. briarrosethorne

    Very classy. Very helpful staff. Will be shopping here again!

  55. Maggiemaesquires

    Super friendly! Very knowledgeable. Appreciated the fine customer service – it was great!

  56. dabzzz710

    best service and pricing around they are awesome I have used them for many years and have kept many of the same employees over the years we are on a first name basis and the quality of the product is incredible all in all this is one of the best shops I’ve ever been to in Colorado and I have been all over the state

  57. jimbo07

    Everyone here is always very friendly and helpful.

  58. loopyhunterdog

    This is easily my favorite dispensary in Northern Colorado

  59. Yungone

    Their pre rolls have good quality inside but are rolled by someone who apparently has never smoked a joint. Hard as a rock and ran all the way to the crutch. A little pricey too.

  60. tonilala

    Nice vibes

  61. lilahvsqz

    Very friendly and conveniently open when needed. My favorite shop in Fort Collins!

  62. TNTboomboom

    This place is awesome! The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable (especially Matt)! The selection is always top notch. The atmosphere is classy but not pretentious.

  63. bbickham

    very knowledgeable and very high quality product

  64. Andrea42067

    This place is super friendly. Extremely helpful budtenders. Knowledgeable and patient when unsure what choices to make. A special shout out to Calia and Rob. They rock!!!!

  65. fullmetalfrank

    Great shop, great smoke, friendly staff, …that zipper bag was a little troublesome, bit pricey. Over all totally worth it!

  66. MatterOfFact

    The staff are friendly and professional. The shop is clean and attractive. The bud is high quality. This is my go-to shop!

  67. Holden90

    This place is awesome! I have never felt rushed. They are always willing to answer any questions I’ve had. That’s why I keep coming back.

  68. lakersrolltide1613

    Incredible! Just moved here, and have visited about 3 or 4 dispensaries. Melissa was a fantastic budtender, and this place was BY FAR the most informative and professional. Will keep on coming back!!

  69. Gooman666

    Above Average.By FAR!

  70. jnigs69

    I love this location, very nice staff and always a great selection! I will continue to give organic alternatives my business! dY’OEdY1/4a~oi,

  71. mikeburke000

    I like the staff here, and they always have great deals on different strains. thanks guys!

  72. Nimthiriel

    This is by far my favourite location! Always extremely professional but friendly. Clean, warm, and inviting atmosphere. I would to see prices come down a bit but I have never been disappointed with quality.

  73. Lonnalou3

    Such a beautiful dispensary. Always helpful and nice. White widow is my favorite strain I have tried at this location. Great recommendations!

  74. ecrystalmtn

    Out of the few dispensaries I’ve tried so far, Organic seems to have the smoothest quality smoke on the recreational flower side. Great daily specials and a comfortable atmosphere, would recommend.

  75. amberschroeder

    Very knowledgeable and professional!

  76. sativaee

    Best selection of edibles ever!!!!

  77. gsomtin

    I’m an out of state resident and try to make a point of stopping at a different dispensary with each visit. I’ve been to over a dozen and this is surely the best one I have visited and if possible I always try to shop here. The service is always great. The selection of product is diverse and there’s plenty of it. As for atmosphere, it’s probably the least “weed” like, if that makes any sense. It just has a high class shopping experience. They package their cannabis in a nice resealable pouch that keeps it moderately fresh. Overall a great buying experience that I look forward to with each visit.

  78. mhm1809


  79. haldo57

    Really good shatter, great prices and atmosphere!

  80. Leviesparza93

    Everyone was very professional yet so friendly! My favorite shop in town for sure!

  81. timj2020

    Honestly the only dispensary that is presented in a professional manner. I don’t feel like I’m stepping into an old school med clinic in Venice Beach. This place makes you understand how far we have come. 10/10!

  82. sjryogi

    Loved it. Customer service was on point, very intelligent and well informedn

  83. Shaneyandlainey99

    Perfect location for a dispensary, right in Old town Fort Collins.

  84. Wyomingbudsmen

    I love Organic Alternatives and always choose OA for my edibles, I think it’s a great atmosphere and the staff is friendly. I wish they would do more sale items and explain the way their rewards system works. Sometimes I feel rushed but overall this is a great place and I recommend it to all my friends !

  85. Tamisina

    I absolutely love this dispensary!!! Awesome products and customer service!!!

  86. HeavyDropGluck

    I think they are the best in Fort Collins!!! Buds, concentrates, edibles, and tinctures are amazing. The couches there are Extremely comfortable and the budtenders are very knowledgable and very Personable

  87. bhackbob

    Well they prepackage all their bud in plastic bags so expect stale buds. Seriously everytime I go there they show you excellent sample buds in glass jars but then sell you stale brown buds and at full price too. I would not recommend buying bud here it simply is not freshs enough to be worth the full price.

  88. sdavis642

    Great product selection. A one stop shop!

  89. acox420

    Great place!!

  90. sugarwaxFTW

    I’ve been going to Organics since it opened for recreational sales. The staff is always friendly and upbeat and they have an amazing selection of flower, concentrates and other infused products. Best store in Fort Collins!

  91. BluntReaper

    Awesome location! The employees were phenomenal and their ability to help customers was amazing. I suggest this place to anyone who wants the best service when getting your organic commodities.

  92. UpInSmoke970

    I think it’s a great location! Evryone that works there is very informative. I’ve been to about 90% of dispensaries in Ft. Collins and they have best products by far!

  93. srasmussen

    Very kind and knowledgable clerks.

  94. SkinnyKid

    Conveniently located in downtown Ft. Collins. The store itself was open and clean. The staff, however, was rather rude and uneducated. The prices were also outrageous compared to any other dispensary I’ve been in. Wouldn’t recommend buying here.

  95. qwertmnbvc

    Grant is one of kindest helpful and friendly budtenders that I’ve met so far. He knows the sativas from indicas very well and I enjoyed my experience here.

  96. tuckervalntyn

    Great place and very friendly!! Best place to buy concentrates in Foco! Great prices too!

  97. Jefe04

    Excellent shop, very friendly and helpful employees. I come here all the time !

  98. linderbaylor1

    Love Matt and Kara, love the high quality organic bud. I trust the ingredients

  99. Sharkacide

    Great location! Great People! Great bud!
    I highly recommend a visit to this store!

  100. ZephyrSynthesis

    The staff are pleasant and helpfu, they have a fairly decent selection of flower, edibles and vapes, and it’s all quality stuff.

    The waiting area has really nice leather couches, too!

  101. tomhanks77

    Best store in town hands down. Best prices for the best bud.

  102. ProphetMX

    I have always had a good experience here. The last time I went the clerk was really aloof and too busy talking to the other clerk, and was therefore not my usual experience. I will still go here for the quality buds, I just hope the service isn’t like last time.

  103. shanecamp15

    I just moved to the area and chelsea answered all my questions with a big smile on her face. great shop guys!

  104. Kapaal

    always friendly, busy and relaxed. best in town.

  105. tastefuldabs

    I love all of your budtenders and they are all very nice when I come in. Their suggestions and knowledge are wonderful. Their concentrates are also the best in Fort Collins.

  106. MrMitoe

    By far the best shop I’ve been to! I get great service every time and they have a good selection!

  107. ticktickboom

    Amazing place awesome customer service and huge selection.. best place in foco!!

  108. chrissy17

    great service and product

  109. eymacassi

    This was only my second dispensary experience and I’m still really new to the scene. I was nervous because the last place I had been to was intimidating, dark, and the lady who helped me had been too stoned to answer my questions. Not the case with Organic Alternatives. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by some really nice dudes and lead directly to the back by an awesome budtender. It was a great, professional atmosphere and all the employees were so nice and helpful. My budtender was completely honest and didn’t try to up sell me on anything. He was really helpful and set me up with a special bag so my car wouldn’t smell. This place made a great impression and I’ll definitely be shopping there from now on!

  110. jester4321

    Great prices. Friendly staff that explained all of their products to me and answered all of my questions. Definitely plan on returning.

  111. Terryshores

    Love the atmosphere here and the quality of the products is top notch!

  112. Hondo13

    Awesome shop. I was taken care of right away and got exactly what I needed along with great information. Rachael B the tender was amazing and helped me out immensely. I will be returning to this shop very soon.

  113. kbmil23

    Amazing products of all kinds and outstanding customer service

  114. tiffh96

    My first dispensary I’ve been in but I really liked the environment and was treated very nicely!

  115. robbadger3

    This dispensary is efficient and provides a comfortable environment to newcomers and regulars alike. They have a nice selection of edibles and their staff was pretty knowledgable. The staff didn’t feel the need to hurry me along and they gave solid product reviews based on their personal experience. They also sell some tasteful merch. I will definitely come back.

  116. seifer92

    best services and flower in town

  117. SomeChemist

    Top Notch. Knowledgeable staff, very friendly, very helpful. The decor was great as well. The bud is the best I have had in the area. I have tried buds from numerous other locations and while this place is a little more expensive, you save with the quality. The fact that it’s all organic is a big plus. If I want GOOD bud, this is where I go.

  118. mfuller312

    Great price. Cool place!

  119. mikearg

    I walked in for the first time and everyone was super friendly and helpful. They gave me a rundown of everything and they made sure to cover everything. They weren’t just trying to sell to me, they were making sure I had a positive experience.

  120. NewEnglandNugs

    Clean, friendly, well laid out, and great selections.

  121. Helm80525

    NIce shop. Would recommend

  122. Bonecarver

    Random trim to FoCo. I have some random back pain, my wife suggests we hit up a shop for medicine. Entry was easy, reception was quick. Tender was Kody, VERY knowledgeable about alternative medicines for pain. Didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need, which was highly appreciated. I mean, I can chug cheap vodka if I want to get faded, but I was in pain and needed assistance. Kody knew straight where to direct me for quick relief and also made recommendations for future relief using mainly CBD medicine.

    Thanks Kody, and props to Organic Alternatives for your hiring criteria.

  123. GGAlice

    Very wonderful, kind people work here. They were so approachable and knowledgeable. The flower is super fresh, and they have a decent selection of edibles.

  124. autumnkimble

    Wonderful staff and beautiful atmosphere. Tenders were completely knowledgeable and friendly.

  125. BabyDoll1208

    Quality product, good selection, friendly staff!

  126. tlukes14

    Nice location and really good productsdY’OE

  127. Hmovin

    Staff is very friendly and knowledgable. This is my favorite place, and their edibles are THE BEST.

  128. Saltkill

    I’m not a big smoker just wanted to go there for a special occasion they had great service he was super helpful and I didn’t walk out feeling ripped off so overall great experience I’ll definitely be back!

  129. squints

    frequent local, love this place best in town! awesome staff, who will
    remember your name and favorite strains “if they’ve had their coffee”

  130. dhobbs21

    Best place to be and nicest people Rob is the best bud tender

  131. tjscott72

    Very friendly staff, and extremely knowledgeable.

  132. littlelam

    Organic Alternatives is awesome! Friendly staff with great products and selection.

  133. bulldogs01254

    I think it is one of the better ones, the wait is not very long. The bud tenders are one of the best that I have had, they are very informative, and they seem like they enjoy there job. This always my first choice to go to out of any other dispensary.

  134. geeturn

    Clean, welcoming atmosphere with caring, competent staff.

  135. bucky222

    amazing customer service and phenomenal product

  136. adday

    This is by far the highest quality I have found in Fort Collins and I have been happily coming back for the past year.The staff is always helpful and make great recommendations. I recommend the Super Lemon Haze for those who like sativa.

  137. hanyebest

    First time rec purchase (recently moved out of state) but purchased a few times as a local med patient. Price is high but you definitely get what you pay for and it’s very, very worth it. Best quality in NOCO without a doubt. Got a concentrate deal 2g/59$ which is less than most medical concentrates are and the shatter I got is divine. I’ve had issues with OA service in the past but the last 2 times I’ve been it has been a truly delightful experience. Everyone from the checkin to the cash out has been wonderfully kind and helpful. Best herb in noco, still smokin on some sublime Girl Scout Cookies from months ago!

  138. siegert1990

    Great place and very friendly workers. They have awesome deals.

  139. alexamin

    Organic Alternatives has a great atmosphere and even better service. Robb A was an exceptional employee and handled our transaction efficiently!

  140. ssicard

    Awesome and friendly staff. They gave us great advice.

  141. Jenycupcake

    Awesome array of product, knowledgable staff, check-in is always super helpful and friendly as well.
    I love their specials, & Colorado Kush is my fave as of yet. ** I know this might have nothing to do with you, but the new bags are hard to open if you have arthritis or anxiety haha. Thankfully there was a customer had brought a few older ones in so no worries.

  142. heatrank22

    Great place!! Good customer service. Always give good suggestions!

  143. elysia


  144. WhiskeyPrince

    The high quality of the weed in this store is only comparable to the high quality of service I receive every time I visit.

  145. MsMamaTM

    This place is amazing!! Everytime I have went to Organic Alternatives I feel like family. Treated with amazing service, great prices and product that helps my pain.
    Thanks Organic Alternatives!!

  146. terp

    The women at the front desk were very inviting and the way they addressed you was in a very calming manner. The bud tenders were extremely helpful and were willing to run in any direction for you.

  147. Rainbeau425

    I had a great experience !

  148. twills2394

    The Rob Father! A super cool guy named Rob, aka the Rob Father helped me today. He helped me choose the perfect J for my moving activities. I was super pleased with the product and he knew exactly what he was talking about. Also, he was just so nice and I enjoyed his conversation! And “the rob father” is a super cute name. He was precious. Actually, Rob, you were super cute. Text me sometime. 903-316-9522.

  149. MookiJo

    By far the best place in Fort Collins and the budtenders are always friendly and very helpful!

  150. kayo14

    first time visitor but the friend that recommended you guys is a constant customer. im looking forward to enjoying the friendly atmosphere and great flower

  151. davisandfriends1988

    love this place! rob and melissa always treat me right…. maka, you rock. hands down. amazing weed. amazing smiles. see you guys next week!!!!!!!! and week after that lol

  152. rbelton93

    Incredibly professional and helpful, made the entire experience amazing!

  153. bwalker1727

    As first time visitors, Rachael was so helpful and knowledgeable. She gave us great suggestions and we will be returning soon!

  154. DmynxD

    Very clean and well organized. Associate gave a rundown on all they offer and gave me the price ranges for everything they are selling recreationally.

  155. Neemavar

    Friendly and great customer service, one of the best place to shop! Recommend!

  156. Mollyslips

    I will never come here again! People were sooooooo rude! The bud tenders could care less, they were so into talking to each other about the night of partying they had and left me hanging. Never again!!

  157. skrillabobcat

    #1 dispensary in town. My favorite I’m foco

  158. 1Billhilly

    Nice shop to visitdY~S

  159. apvega

    Great service and atmosphere

  160. rmruddell

    I came here on my way across the US and now that I’m back for a bit this was my first stop! Amazing service, friendly staff, solid prices, and as always- amazing herb.

  161. woltza

    Hands down the best dispensary north of Denver. Great peopl, great selection, amazing storefront. Got it all.

  162. LilRedFirefly

    The location isn’t a place I personally would walk to alone but I love the inside of the store, it’s very comfortable and clean and spacious. It isn’t noisy like other shops. The staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. They carry a good variety of products, I stick to vaping and edibles mostly. They are all organic so their prices are higher than other shops and there is no discount for MMJ like there is at other shops. I like that they carry O Pen Reserve Vape Cartridges.

  163. Erinc2

    Good deals and strains

  164. Vapevega

    Good selection great location. Fair prices

  165. Shrkie420

    I love this store! I maybe go 2 times a week if I can but they are great. The staff, the store, and the product are all top shelf! Best shop in FoCo

  166. queenfroggy36

    great place for all your needs. laid back atmostphere. very informative.

  167. jcmbarkerspam

    My favorite place in town. Everything about it keeps me coming back.

  168. jwalk5650

    Racheal did a great job providing a friendly, informative and professional visit!

  169. Cutley86

    I always enjoy how friendly & quick the service is. Their VIP program really benefits an occasional rec purchase. The staff are knowledgeable on specifics too!

  170. YxoryaN

    Love this place, always treated well and great product.

  171. Oldbudguru

    Other than the road construction it is a great location.

  172. Represent209

    Quality of products are great! Budtenders are knowledgeable, patient, and friendly.

  173. ahava.432

    This place is the best! Found all of the strains I had been researching and BONUS …organic grow. The budtenders are all exceptionally nice and knowledgeable. Take the drive to Fort Collins ~ it is worth it!

  174. Natebob

    This is my favorite dispensary in Fort Collins, or northern Colorado even. Pretty much the only place I shop for bud. The service is always friendly and the bud usually taste great.

  175. KeldanK

    This place is a model of what a dispensary should be! Friendly, knowledgeable staff, great atmosphere, and very high quality product! Love coming here for the experience as well as the goods!

  176. substatic258

    Incredibly friendly and polite staff that I’d ready to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Prices border fair and steep depending on what you’re looking for. This place is my go to for whatever I need.

  177. lj80377

    Our budtender was very knowledgable, helpful, and chill! As a first timer in one of these stores I have to say it was the most fun I’ve had shopping. Good environment makes the whole thing feel normal as it should be! 10/10

  178. dimbzombies

    Best place around by far!! Super awesome service and great people

  179. Chimmychang8

    No matter who helps me here I am always able to receive excellent service and great recommendations. I have tried over 6 different strains here and every single one has been undeniably great.

  180. suomisoprano

    I love the atmosphere and how nice everyone is!

  181. Sapper21b

    I love coming here. Everything is very classy. They have some of the very best bud. Not a huge fan of the bags though.

  182. kngel

    Awesome staff that are super knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Great place to go whether you’ve never been to a dispensary before or you have hundreds of times.

  183. RonaldMackDonald

    I’ve been shopping at organic alternatives for several months now, and it’s great all around. Quality buds, concentrates and edibles, with equally quality staff to ensure a pleasant visit. Highly recommended.

  184. SammyA

    ask 4 mustache matt!!!!! I think it some kind of deal the store has bit if you ask for him he gives you extra discounts in everything!!!!! At least 10 percent lol but sometimes he gives me free joints if I come back and ask 4 him. Love ya Best dispensary in the state 4 sur!!

  185. mattthewjames

    This store looks amazing and has even better service!

  186. Meatweasel

    Amazing staff, friendly and super helpful. Great edible selection.

  187. Stonewald

    it was great and professional. As a newbie to the area and to the process I was taught the ins and outs of it. Will definitely be a frequent customer of this establishment.

  188. Niconicoo

    Organic alternatives is my favorite dispensary in Fort Collins! The people who work here are super knowledgeable and very helpful! No judgement here, they are happy to show you anything or explain products to you. High quality products, 10/10 every time.

  189. MikeRotchburns

    It is a place to purchase marijuana.

  190. sherjake

    Classiest dispensary ive ever been to! Dope vibe and the budtender was awesome and knew her stuff. I would recommend to anyone!

  191. Hunt1013

    Great staff. The place is very welcoming for the first time buyer. Murray I believe his name was very knowledgeable. Will definitely come back.

  192. Dtrupe

    Staff is friendly and just an all out chill place

  193. KidMagic710

    I love this place, every time I come out of here, I am smiling. The budtenders are way chill. Ugh The product is to die for.

  194. Apugliese26

    Great bud, highly recommend the Girl Scout Cookies. Top dispensary in Northern Colorado in my opinion.

  195. Lastat311

    cook l spot quivk friendly vhilled staff awesome vibes

  196. NikeBordeaux7mecom

    ILOVE THIS PLACE!!! Awesome meds and Awesome People!
    My Fave For sure for specific Meds I use!
    They Rock!!

  197. kjfc

    Great dispensary, service is always friendly, convenient location!

  198. 303Matt

    The people were very friendly. Enjoyed the wax, and will be returning again. Highly recommended!!!

  199. danylooney

    I really like how friendly everyone is. They listen and get what you want and for the best deal they can offer!

  200. TLLLewis19

    I have come in many times and had the pleasure of working with Mellisa. She is very understanding of what I deal with, and she’s the sweetest! Thanks for hiring people who actually care about us, and who have the knowledge to do so. This is the only place I shop, thank you!

  201. Niles420

    Best dispensary i’ve been to so far.

  202. haleighjo

    I always stop here. Hands down my favorite spot in Fort Collins!

  203. ManRay

    High quality product and high quality atmosphere. One of the most well appointed and clean dispensaries I’ve ever been to. If I was going to take someone uncomfortable with buying weed to a dispensary for the first time I’d bring them here. Staff is kind and helpful. I can’t recommend the dispensary to seasoned tokers however due to the high prices caused by a location close to downtown.

  204. djcartz1

    Fantastic place. If it’s your first time I would highly recommend this place! Everyone is just so friendly and helpful. Also very good deals and quality product. Definitely will be going back in the future !

  205. streslo

    favorite dispensary, great service dY~S

  206. watkins6815

    Very nice, very clean. Well organized, friendly, helpful budtenders. We will keep coming back for sure.

  207. denaku14

    the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. best flowers in town

  208. BigBolt420

    Great atmosphere, great product & great service

  209. That_one_guy

    Very professional, very cool environment, definitely my favorite.

  210. MrHerbsMan

    Was very impressed by the quality of herb and the friendly staff and atmosphere. Some of the dankest nug I’ve ever smoked on (from Colorado), and I’m a big fan of their house selections. Got some blueberry haze last time, and it was phenomenal. Have had other people grab me samples from there, but this time I had to check it out for myself, mostly because the nugget is so good and not what other people had to say about the place . Would recommend for anyone in the area to stop in. Peace and love!

  211. tomcat22

    Great place to get some dank shit!

  212. Sam_Hendricks

    Great concentrates and edibles..they even gave me a free joint when I went in on my birthday.

    I’ve never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes to be able to shop (and I’ve been shopping here fairly consistently for about a year)

  213. mslb

    My favorite location in Colorado. Staff blew my mind with acceptance,generosity and knowledge. I am a total newbie and they were phenomenal and had a very upbeat environment with a lot more choices of edibles than I saw in boulder- which kind of surprise me. So grateful!

  214. Smokey-WanKenobi

    A million miles ahead of the rest. The staff is as knowledgeable as they get in the industry, not to mention the nicest, friendliest most smiling-est faces I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Even with my sever anxiety & social phobia, they make me feel comfortable. It’s a joy to be a member! Thank you OA!

  215. cristie

    good selection, good people

  216. cwva12345

    Best dispensary in Fort Collins

  217. RDelta7

    Always a fun and professional experience, the staff are very knowledgeable. Definitely my favorite dispensary!

  218. ar2de2

    Love it! very professional and a big selection and very knowledgeable staff!

  219. onehappyhomie

    If you are looking for quality buds at a reasonable price this is the place to go! friendly and knowledgeable service, been coming here for a while now and they never fail to dissapoint! Frosty Hairy budddz!


    It was so *amazingly*~*cool* ! I *love* the way they have *gorgeous* pictures of *amazing* buds hanging up !

  221. RyGuy1990

    This is by far the best dispensary in Fort Collins. From the best Dabs to the best service to the most inviting environment they are by far my first choice when it comes to dispensaries.

  222. battleskunk

    The staff was friendly and answered all our questions. this is the third dispensary ive been to in fort collins and the only shop I felt comfortable in.

  223. Meshallie

    Very relaxing and inviting. Staff is very helpful.

  224. Gracehopper

    I love this place! It has a very friendly atmosphere, everyone is so nice, not just the budtenders. It was my first time in a dispensary and they helped me find exactly what I was looking for and answered all my questions! I’ll definitely be coming back here!

  225. JDPiotti

    I have been to a few shops around FoCo and this one is my favorite. Most professional and most friendly!

  226. mollyshemp

    I’m a med member at this wonderful place! these people treat you so kindly and are always super amazing ! Thanks so much for always having what I need and always being so wonderful!dY’-

  227. JosiahGanjaGuru

    Best In Town hands Down!!!!!

  228. Rue2285

    I absolutely love this location. So many other dispenseries are unwelcoming or clinical feeling but Organic Alternatives is not. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. They always remember me and make me feel so welcome.

  229. SJaeger8808

    Love this place!!!

  230. SunShine427

    I’ve been to dispensaries around the legal states and this in my top 5 for sure. A plus guys. if you get a chance check it out, you won’t regret it. peace and much Love

  231. ifrozeup

    Lovely atmosphere with a great selection. I love this place!

  232. Jspooner

    This is my favorite place to come to, but the service I received today was unsatisfactory. It’s sad because normally the staff is always nice, but today the lady wasn’t cool.

  233. Nathand1789

    Great customer service and atmosphere

  234. LotzOWeed

    Avoid this store especially if you are medical. Don’t take care of their patients and treat them like any other person. Prices are way too high and rude staff

  235. BeerBear10

    High quality, high customer service, extremely knowledgeable bud tenders. This place it great

  236. solitude

    Friendly Staff, Great Atmosphere

  237. thechad2423

    One of the best places in FoCo. Great quality, friendly staff, & wonderful product.

  238. IPAJuicebox

    Some of the best budtenders in town. Every recommendation pays off once I get home. The sales floor is never overly busy, and the location is really cool. I get good stuff every time, but some is of noticeably lower quality, and even on their VIP program, prices can feel high (heh).

  239. black widow

    Everybody was very nice and informative I was happy. I asked for Blue Dream not seeing the “Beginner strain” I got home and smoked the whole gram with no affect i didnt even get high. I just want BLUE DREAM the strain that has report. Do you have the True Blue dream that we all know is potent. Wanting my BD that puts me where i need to be. can you help me. Disappointed in the weakness of the BD u have there. Help

  240. brianedmondson

    great dispensary, high quality herb. their killer chem og was super dank. no need to shop anywhere else.

  241. tessamarianne

    My first time here, and it was great. Robb was friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. We left with a great product that we were very happy with. Would definitely come here again!


    Gorilla Glue is a great strain thanks for the recommendation guys! As always thanks for the great service and selection perfect location… Hidden in plain sight!dY~

  243. AiencientWizzard

    I have been living in Fort Collins CO for a few months now and have been to almost all the dispensarys here. I was immediately blown away when I walked in the waiting area is huge and has really really nice couches. I was equally blown away by the quality of the flower. I came in to get just a gram since I saw they were selling grams for 11 bucks after tax I figured why not give them a try. They had two strains available for the 10 dollar gram special, Trainwreck, and girl scout cookies. I ended up getting the gsc and I can definitely say it’s the best flower I’ve had in foco so far. I’m a picky person when it comes to weed and I have no beef with the flower whatsoever. If your looking for some good flower at a good price check OA out!

  244. txJames

    As an out of state rec customer I was extremely comfortable at Organic. The staff was more than helpful and kindly willing to help every step of the way. When showing me around the shop they were very hands on and informative about their stock. Met managers and higher ups with the company that were very kind and hospitable. All around great place full of great people. The Pre 98 Bubba was AMAZING. Shark Shock (High CBD) Sap was delicious and very good medicine.

  245. Jabez44

    Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. I work near by and sometimes I’m in a hurry they are happy to oblige and when I have questions I never feel rushed. These guys kill it.

  246. GenetikFreak

    This location was very friendly and helpful to find the right strain for me.

  247. ieatass69

    cozy nice atmosphere friendly service

  248. hiimbailey

    Organic Alternatives was the first dispensary I’ve shopped at since moving to Fort Collins, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! The staff is always so helpful and extremely informative, Organics always has such a large selection and I always leave happy!

  249. SoleRebel

    Awesome place to get concentrates, edibles, and more. I frequent this establishment at least once a week and have yet to find another shop that treats me as well.

  250. burymeinsmoke

    A little spacey at the counter but the staff is chill. Huge selection just wish they had more info about the strains on the jars. All of that being said if you are visiting Ft Collins this is the place.

  251. ethanaiz15

    Great atmosphere and a solid staff. The meds are awesome and I’m always satisfied with my purchase!

  252. KhmerKush

    I have only been to this place once but it is amazing. The staff are fantastic and there is a really nice look to the store.

  253. Kingpar1

    I love this place the staff is super friendly and they have excellent concentrates.

  254. chrislovett93

    hay I like this place they have awesome people their deffintly know about weed and cost is not bad at all thanks guys

  255. Bobby702

    just moved back to fort collins from northern californiaand i am very happy that i found organic alternatives because the first place i went to was not the business at all. they gave me snickle fritzz (not cured at all almost wet like it went right from the tree to the bag. super harsh and all around disappointing) however rachel was sweet/knowledgable/helpful and hooked me up with the gorilla glue and some cookies and im going back for more right now! dont really wanna throw any negativity around so i wont name the other place just go here 🙂

  256. NYCO

    Perfection. The staff is ALWAYS kind, knowledgable and courteous. The flowers are diverse and lovely. The store itself is leagues classier than ANY other dispensary in town.

    Not a fan of the recent switch to not being able to buy amounts over a gram, but under an eighth. Mostly due to the prepackaged bags they use that are too small to get all the shake and such from the bottom.

    But aside from the bags, everything else is superb. I have tried every shop in town and never went back anywhere else.

    You would be wildly mistaken to shop for flowers anywhere else in Fort Collins.

  257. frankie08

    Great location. Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. Excellent variety.

  258. EndlessHeart60

    great service, awesome atmosphere, nice batch of strains to choose from!

  259. jonfmusic

    easily one of if not definitively my favorite dispense in foco. Great staff and great product.

  260. L62f

    Knowledgable staff were very helpful.

  261. sycozy

    Very Friendly staff! Thank you Rachael B for the friendly service and smile. They will take care of you even when you don’t know what you want. I send anyone who asks here.

  262. morgansneed

    This is hands down one of the best dispensaries in Northern Colorado! The staff is extremely knowledgeable Ea& amazingly friendly! These folks go the extra mile to make sure their clients get exactly what they need. This is also the only disp I’ve found in NOCO that honors our veterans by giving a veteran/military discount. This is the ONLY place I shop!

  263. Chaunceymarie89

    I like that it’s located right off 287. The staff are friendly and always get me in and out very quickly.

  264. thenegative

    Great staff, products, and atmosphere.

  265. Rebelle13

    Staff was excellent. showed pride in their work were very helpful. great deals. fast courteous.

  266. dbd310

    Always great people to help you out. Plus they’ll compliment you if you walk in wearing dope kicks. dY”Y=

  267. CouldBeBetter

    Organic Alternatives is always my go to when friends come in from out-of-town. Good selection, nice staff and atmosphere.

  268. ImVeff

    Building has a nice feel. Professional staff that make you feel like old pals first and everytime you visit. Quality flower and anything else that suits you fancy. Would and have recommend to others.

  269. marcDonado420

    quick service top quality Flower. one of the best dispensarys in town. would recommend to anyone.

  270. DreamTech87

    Great selection of products, relaxed atmosphere, and friendly service. I have recommended this place to many of my friends and they have been impressed as well.

  271. ctbailey

    The staff here is very informative and helpful. Rachael was able to point us towards the perfect edibles to fit our needs.

  272. aaronhartz4

    Great deals, friendly service!

  273. incrediblock

    great place

  274. Danzar69xxx

    Beautiful Various Atmospheres Per Strains Within Variety To Jam & Chill

  275. Catalan_Loco

    As a veteran Colorado smoker, I can say without a doubt that Organic Alternatives has their sh!t together when compared to many dispensaries in the state. High quality meds and very nice staff. If your in Fort Collins go and check them out!

  276. iworshipthesun

    I really appreciate how they line their concentrate containers with silicone – how clever and beneficial. This is definitely my go-to spot for both concentrate and flower, they never let me down!

  277. SteveD717

    Very laid back vibe and setting. Staff were courteous, friendly and genuinely interested in helping you find exactly the right strain for your needs.

  278. Jrat1

    Quality and staff are friendly. The two reasons i don’t shop here much is that the parking can be very difficult at times and second the prices are just too high. Bring down the prices.

  279. cullbhase

    Amazing service all the time best deals on dank by far

  280. BasedLazer

    I’ve had great bud and customer service here. Check them out for solid selection and affordable prices.

  281. Cybrchron

    This place is awesome the moment you walk in the door the aroma of fresh nugs hits you, just as you are greeted by a friendly smile. I have never been disappointed in anything that I have ever gotten from here and recommend taking the time to get the bud tender’s advice on what you might like. You will be pleasantly surprised….

  282. mojo521

    Perfect location. I can ride my bike and/or walk. Love this place.

  283. chunt0000

    Amazing dispensary and service. Come on your birthday! I only wish they accepted debit cards

  284. lamlord

    Great service and great selection all the time. I recommend this shop to all my friends.

  285. IoSaby

    There is always a great and varied selection of quality goods with nice prices and awesome sales and specials, even as a non-VIP. The VIP membership itself is a great system that gets good discounts on top of the normal deals. The atmosphere is very informal and welcoming, not at all intimidating. I always recommend Organic Alternatives when anyone asks.

  286. jck23

    Greatest in the game! Quality herb!

  287. organicsrocks

    love it! best bud specials ever

  288. minette061554

    I love this store, I always get great quality product and excellent service. Today, Murry provided awesome service.

  289. wopwopwopwop

    Absolutely love this place. Very helpful staff, and a great atmosphere with good selection.

  290. Ignatius

    If I had the chance to take your conservative uncle to one, and only one dispensary, if only to change his views on the business and lifestyle of cannabis use–I would take him to Organic Alternatives. Why? They simply run a quality business. Anyone can see that when they walk through their doors.

    Good product.
    Great brand.
    Friendly Staff.
    Great customers.

    I’ll continue to shop at Organic Alternatives.

  291. CapperVlad

    Great operation. Not intimidating. Clean and cool. Plus, Matt has a sweet moustache.

  292. ShelAnD

    I come here a lot and always love this place! Every budtender is super friendly, consistent, and knowledgeable about medical conditions and what to suggest. Rob is always very attentive and kind. Just ONE complaint which will not stop me from coming… the front desk guy…. hes rude. End of store. Thanks OA!

  293. ives12345

    I liked that the staff taught me about marijuana basics 101. I always feel embarrassed to ask the beginner questions with mariuana and they respected my learning and dignity.

  294. Sarahsue

    Organic Alternatives was my 1st stop in Fort Collins, and being from small town central WI, I was amazed and in awe! The choices, the information, and especially the knowledgeable friendly staff!!!

  295. adaigle312

    amazing selection with great bud tenders who are helpful informative and not the least bit pushy.

  296. shawnananah

    Hands down the best Organic provider in Fort Collins.

  297. Drankin93

    The bud tenders and other staff are exceptionally friendly and the product quality matches! Great bud, concentrates and edibles!

  298. marshmitch710

    this place has bomb concentrates and flower, but man is it expensive, I thought there was a benefit to having a medical card.

  299. bersbuds

    Great service and selection.

  300. mabu4787

    Very friendly staff, close to everything in FoCo

  301. GreenBug420

    Very professional. Employee seemed very knowledgable about the products. Definitely the place to stop when visiting Ft Collins!

  302. TonyKush2008

    Friendly staff, very knowledgeable and helpful. I will be back fo show

  303. wilsonpeter

    the staff are not friendly, very stuck up and make you feel like you should go somewhere else….. sad could be the best place!

  304. MageSavant

    Quality of product is amazing.
    Some off the best customer service from any dispensary I have been to.
    Comfortable and organized.
    Everything you would really need.
    If there is a con (and its not really their fault) it would be parking, it can be tough at times..

  305. bobbymills3

    Amazing customer service, with a spa like feel. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful.

  306. AJollyZenTime

    Organic Alternatives feels very airy and open, not dark and sketch like some dispensaries. The staff make you feel very comfortable and have fantastic energy – especially Matt! Made me smile from his handlebar mustache to his upbeat personality. Bought some Blue Haze and it has been my favorite to date – will definitely be returning!

  307. BadaBinge

    Great location, beautiful interior, the best in First Collins in both categories for me. Friendly staff. Only thing I don’t like is that buds are sold in small rigid plastic bags and not the plastic jars like other dispensaries.

  308. makilla

    Awesome shop! Really great, fast service and the budtenders are definitely knowledgeable. Always feel like a rockstar when I walk out of there.

  309. mizraman

    love this place! not only is their product top quality, but the people there are ridiculously friendly. I would shop here for the bud tenders alone.

  310. HustlePanda

    This place is wonderful! Upon entering, I was given a friendly welcome and was escorted through the store by a budtender. All the employees I’ve met here have been professional, knowledgable, and easy to talk to. I have definitely become a repeat customer.

  311. Ssmith899

    Very friendly people and large variety of products!

  312. Tyckerr

    All around, Great place. I highly Recomend trying out this dispensary at least once while your in colorado. Not only do they carry the most popular strains i’ve seen, but Everything is organic! Also they offer great deals.

  313. krystiva420

    Suuuper classy shop! I loved it. Budtender really knew her stuff and we had a blast picking out strains with her. I would definitely recommend this shop for anyone, especially virgins buying their first legal buds. On my way back as we speak dY~Z

  314. Ruby1995

    Love this store. Great service and classy atmosphere. Go here every time.

  315. SemperFiHigh

    Super awesome spot in old town!! Super low key and bud-tenders are well educated on all the flower in house. Bomb ass strains!!

  316. foxyangel06

    we have been going to this place ever since they could sell recreational and we love it hefe. such a friendly staff and I never fell rushed.

  317. bmb5162

    Robb at Organic Alternatives hooked it up!! Very knowledgeable of everything from affects to THC %’s! I will definitely be back to this shop in the near future. Great prices, great atmosphere and just a great shop in general!

  318. Kyttikat

    Love it. Knowledgeable people

  319. Kayohareeye

    My fave place to visit. Staff is great!

  320. grahamspot

    This is an awesome place, with extremely friendly bud-tenders. I don’t normally buy from dispensaries, but if I do I always go to Organic Alternatives! Rachel and Rob always give great recommendations, and I’ve never been disappointed with them!

  321. docviral6884

    I had never tried Marijuana before I was taken here by a friend last year. I didn’t know what to expect or even what to look for as a first time buyer and consumer. The staff was incredibly friendly and patient as they showed me the various different strains, described their qualities, and let me smell different nuggets to see which I like best. In the past six months I have been a regular customer and will never, if I have my way, go to a different store. Every strain I have tried works almost exactly as advertised. Their prices are extremely reasonable, especially with the VIP and Veteran’s discount. If you live in Fort Collins or are just visiting make sure you only go to OA, you won’t be disappointed.

  322. aespi

    I’ve been in twice so far and I think it’s great. I’ve gone in with questions regarding a certain condition I have. Both times all of my questions were answered and they were knowledgeable about the products.

  323. vicky2727

    Always very happy with the service and customer service each and every time I visit Organic Alternatives. Good prices and a beautiful store.

  324. randallc

    is the only dispensary I go too the place is nice and clean the people are really nice and knowledgeable. I would consider them family

  325. kkarbs

    Helpful and knowledgeable staff!

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