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Small Batch Craft Cannabis



2801 Iris Ave, Boulder, CO 80301


40.0366562, -105.2570395




8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


11:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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Boulder Colorado’s Premier Marijuana Dispensary specializing in Craft Cannabis and accessories for Recreational Adult use. The Farm is a place where everyone can feel comfortable with their new-found freedom, the freedom to openly and proudly shop at a main street location to legally purchase high-grade cannabis. Visit us today.

Established in 2009. Voted Best Adult-Use Dispensary in Boulder 2015, 2016, and 2017.

It all started with a background in health and wellness. Being propelled forward by their excitement for the medical marijuana movement, the founders opened a marijuana dispensary in Boulder, Colorado that represents the highest standards of the industry. They designed a place with the people in mind – safe, warm and welcoming. In April 2014, The Farm converted from a medicinal dispensary to an adult-use recreational dispensary, opening their doors to the public 21 and over, celebrating the end of cannabis prohibition. The Farm is a Boulder favorite, best known for their craft cannabis, friendly staff and warm welcoming atmosphere.


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93 reviews for “The Farm

  1. Boulderbaked

    I couldnt agree more with the last reviewer. I HATE going into the farm, the atmosphere is tense and awful, the budtenders are not knowledgeable or personable. They always seem afraid to do anything without asking their boss. And how can you say your out of 1/8’s of something but still sell 1/4, 1/2’s and ounces? If i want an eighth, break it down. I just dont like the way they do business. I DO NOT recommend this place!

  2. DRrobert

    disclaimer: the Farm is my caregiver.

    That being said, they are my caregiver for a reason: their top shelf is always stocked with at least two choice flowers. And I mean choice.

    Their G13 makes me believe in magic. White magic. A Gandolf and Glenda thing.

    The new space is sleek with lots of crafted wood counters and display cases. And the lovely budtenders are always friendly and quite comely.

  3. ThrowTheBrick

    I’ve been shopping at The Farm for a little over three years now, even before it went rec, and would recommend it to anyone looking for quality medicine without the sketch-factor that comes with some other dispensaries. The Bud Tenders are always have a smile and are more than willing to answer all my silly questions. Love their Hummingbird Oil, and the Gumbi Oil has become part of my bedtime routine at this point.

  4. kamerov

    Consistent high quality bud. Lots of room, good selection. I would recommend trying them out.

  5. Dontevenworry674

    The front of the Farm is beautiful and inviting as is the side room where the medicine is displayed and dispensed. I did not sample their flowers however I did talk at length with my bud tender mike about the concentrates. I was disappointed to find that they had neither shatter nor wax nor live resin but rather something less stable and not as convenient as other products from other dispos. My biggest complaint is that rather than being on parchment paper it was in a glass jar completely coating the bottom. My comment to the bud tender was “am i going to be able to get any of this overpriced 70 gram out of here or will it end up smeared all over the sides?” he said freeze it and then pop it out with the dabber. I froze it and went to pop it out with the dabber the glass jar instantly shattered cutting my hand and leaving the oil smeared all over shattered glass. I know these glass containers are becoming a trend but between the poor product in them and the absolutely horible container i would never go back to the farm. complete waste of $70

  6. leafaly29

    I love it. Great staff. Kind and caring.

  7. greenman1

    they have the best strains,and edibles,top notch professionally run business,love going there so friendly,great budtenders, just the best

  8. Cbrosky7

    I’ve been smoking for 15 years and I thought I’d get good quality for these prices but I was sadly mistaken. Over priced plus the staff is pretentious and told me he couldn’t say which cartridge was the cheapest. I had to re-word it to “lowest priced”. Like c’mon man why did you have to make it hard?

  9. alexias87

    Normally i would give the farm a better review however as a loyal customer I am appalled at the way we were treated this morning! With the amount of money being spent at this store I expect a level of consistency with customer service and product…you FAILED at both today!!! The bud we received was a half ounce special, i understand this is discounted but to get an entire half ounce of shake is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!! When there is normally a good selection of multiple strains and i ask what you will be replacing the one you have run out of with as a curious customer i expect to be treated like a valued customer not like someone who is bothering them to do their job. This man who i have not seen before so maybe he is new was horrible with customers. he just NASTILY snapped back “NOTHING” while glaring at us and giving us dirty looks. also a customer asked him if they had recently changed a rule and he barked back at them “NO!!!! NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!!’ when in fact it has changed because the rules in boulder change constantly and now you can only have two customers per bud tender when before it was one and before that is was as many as you wanted!!!!!!! I usually like their product and they usually have good customer service but with the high turnover rate of employees there is NO CONSISTENCY!!!! All this wouldn’t matter if we had gotten a good product but like I said an entire half ounce of shake is completely UNACCEPTABLE!! I am thoroughly disappointed in THE FARM as it is going downhill fast!!!!!!

  10. HydroponicChronic

    They were great. Very helpful. Wide range for people of different spending levels and interests.

  11. itsAllperceptions

    Great great product, expensive, great med discount, stopped being my go to, when they stopped med discount of half ounce special. Does shaddy online bait switch unannounced to even staff. Walked out twice

  12. skyofrog

    My wife went in to buy a $100 half ounce. She came home with a $94 quarter. WTF?

    We don’t appreciate a bud tender ripping off an unsophisticated customer.

    I called the business, was told it was her fault. Great customer service, blame the customer for getting ripped off!

    If they are doing this, there must be a problem with the business.

    The staff is very rude.

    Don’t shop here, there are plenty of better stores to spend your money at!!!

  13. ibudyou

    It is my favorite dispensary in Boulder

  14. dixwarner

    Now this is EXACTLY what a dispensary should be like! Greeted with smiles and willingness to help. While we were waiting our turn, we walked around the “store” shopping there was a nice verity of paraphernalia, wareables and books. When we taken back to choose our product we were helped by a professional who knew about all of her products and helped us make our decision. When leaving we wanted to ask one of the attendance about “vapping” (since this was not around in the 60’s). The young man was very polite, knowledgeable and made us feel quite comfortable. He explained how different each type of pen worked and what we could expect from them. Thanks to his knowledge, we did buy a vapor pen and anxious to give it a try. Already looking forward to our next visit.
    As far as product goes… they grow their own strains which is a BIG plus to us! We bought the Gumbi strain and will give you our reviews on it later…. stay tuned.
    Now….. for the down side. They do not utilize all of the Leafly ‘ s menu which sooooo many of us use for knowledge! But you can get their information on their website.Please…. please share your information on Leafly!!!!

  15. CabbagePatch1990

    The budtenders here are empathic geniuses! I tell them what my plans are, are they can somehow channel the knowledge to know exactly what to recommend to me. I have never been disappointed. The vibe is comfortable and sophisticated. It’s the perfect hang for anyone from a business woman to a classic, Boulder yogi.

    They are also extremely welcoming and hospitable to new comers. This is my go to place when I have friends and family in town who want the true Boulder experience!

  16. mikethehawksfankaner

    all the way from New Brunswick…. i love everything about this place. from the products they have in stock to the friendly staff. not to mention they know what they’re talking about. the farm will always be number 1 in my books

  17. viv1084

    I visited four different dispensaries during my trip, and this one is the best! everyone us super friendly, they clearly post the menu along with the prices. Most of their bud is unique and amazing….. This place is a must when in Colorado…..

  18. Escobar45

    Top quality dispensary amazing products

  19. ctysinger

    I love the farm I drive from foco once a month for the great deals for being a member love the service too

  20. keldrig

    This is my regular stop, and it has kept me up for a quite a while now. Great prices if you get there early, and top quality products. Love it!

  21. SteveOSativo

    Came here in the high-hopes of finding high quality Cannabis, flower, first time buying from a Boulder dispensary and holding to the “you get what you pay for”-mantra: highest dispensary prices I’ve ever paid yet… But that’s not what i found here, not for these prices. You pay super premium prices for low-terp mediocre/mid-level buds that have had their trichomes bounced off in rock tumbler or something(!?) …Not for me…, but I’m sure this place is PERFECT for nu-bies and tourists’ with money to burn.

  22. escheetz

    Hey, I really wanted to provide some feedback. I wanted to thank your establishment and staff. In particular–I didn’t ask her name–my receipt says my Cashier was Dara P on 11/3. To provide a bit of context, I came in a bit of a mess. A bit of a depressive episode mixed with the passing of a close friend mixed with an intense week at work and I must have been challenging to deal with since I was such a disorganized mess. But she worked with me and was very patient with my inability to focus and found me the relief I was in so desperate need for. I honestly think if I’d had anyone even slightly less patient with me I’d have probably broken down and cried right there so I also wanted to thank you for saving me from such an embarrassing situation.
    And again on 11/5 (this time with Ron G–according to my receipt; sorry, again I was still too flustered to think that I’d need names to write this review), the staff was patient with me despite my still hardly being able to chain thoughts together. I’d come straight from trying to grocery shop through an anxiety attack and yet the staff was still understanding and patient.
    Thanks for making life more manageable this week. I really appreciate it.

  23. GreenPie

    Excellent selection. Excellent service, people are beyond helpful and really nice to Noobs. Chill atmosphere. It’s a little bit more on the expensive side though. Therefore I recommend this place to people who are going to a dispensary for the first time, are from out of state, or don’t mind paying a little extra. While I love The Farm, another dispensary with better prices (less selection though) gets my vote and often cash.

  24. whitewidowrelief

    This is the first dispensary I visited in Colorado, and today it is still my favorite dispensary ever. Their Goat Head was phenomenal, and the staff was very knowledgeable

  25. griffinkay

    Incredibly kind staff and I they let me bring my dog in and gave her treats and belly rubs. I’ve taken numerous out of state guests here and they all had a quality experience.

  26. acooz

    Good vibes, little pricer than other places but you get what you pay for. Friendly staff as well. I am definitely returning even knowing I will be paying a few extra bucks.

  27. semaji

    I drive 30 miles to go to the farm. It’s worth my drive, friendly staff welcome you. great specials and awesome glass pieces.

  28. sensiSultan

    I cannot compare to other stores as The Farm was my first experience. However, I have watched a lot of walkthroughs on youtube and documentaries. This store is legit. They run their business how any professional should. The employees were not stoned, they were knowledgable and helpful. Will certainly return next trip.

  29. tronology

    Great place, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Had a great atmosphere and a very decent selection of strains and edibles.

  30. dUnDy62

    Good location; terrible service.
    I had gotten rejected on my 21st bday, because my ID WAS VERTICAL.
    …. dY’3dY1/4aEURatmEURi,

  31. leafysteve929

    It’s always a pleasant experience to go and shop at the farm for all of my cannabis needs, the budtenders and front staff are always super friendly and have recommendations about their favorite strains. The Farm’s prices are not the cheapest in town but they have some of the highest quality strains a flower that I can get a hold of. The ghost Trainwreck Haze here is particularly excellent.

  32. Jweaves420


  33. DrWharfRat

    So far my favorite dispensary in BoulderdY–

  34. thechronicmom

    The only reason the Farm gets a 4 star on atmosphere is because it really does seem more “tourist-y” than your local neighborhood dispensary. That being said, I adore the Farm. I am a medical mj patient, and they generally recommend I go to their med store, but I love going to the Farm. Their staff are incredibly well informed, personable, and super helpful and friendly. I feel well taken care of there.

  35. TyDubya

    Been here 3 times over the past week since it’s just around the corner from where I’m staying. The service has been friendly every time and I like that their buds come with a lab label and list of products used in cultivation.


    The Alpha Blue and the Dairy Queen taste amazing. Great customer service and great ambience. Bright well designed and classy store

  37. DrVale420

    I visited the Farm as my first dispensery and was thrilled with every aspect. Everyone was friendly and helpful, the process was easy and didn’t make me feel weird at all. The Meds are top notch. I highly recommend their Alpha Blue and Alpha Wreck strains.

  38. Joepion

    Great place good job

  39. bechiefb

    The products, people, and place are all a leading example within the cannabis industry.

  40. trazzledezzle

    An amazing selection with decent prices. Their selection of concentrates blew me away.

  41. PanConTable

    A cut above the rest. From the minute you walk in, you realize this place is welcoming, comfortable and friendly. The receiving area looks more like a large, beautiful headshop, where you can peruse and buy glass, vaporizers and other gear. Inside, the budtenders are incredibly knowledgeable about their flower, concentrates, edibles, tinctures and all the top of the line products they carry. Their bud is first class and it’s deliciously smelling/tasting. Love the effects of the Gumbi when I am looking for a functional buzz and their Ghosttrainwreck Haze #9 is amazingly potent for moments when I want a deeper experience. Also picked up an IndigoPro vape pen which blew my mind. As a dad, I love that it’s super discreet and comes fully charged and ready to puff. Would recommend this place, hands down, to anyone wanting to visit the best dispensary in Boulder.

  42. JennaHanrahan31

    I like this despenasry it is convienant and the prices are great!

  43. CHT201588

    the farm is the best deals and grams lol thank you

  44. fatalblazin

    location is not the best but the service and wonderful people make it refreshing. always a smiley face there. upscale employees. go get some guys…

  45. jSex

    Top quality products and the friendliest staff around,

  46. stoney-bologna

    My favorite place to buy bud, period. Bud tenders are all super friendly and knowledgable. The $100 half ounce special straight up cannot be beat! You won’t find bud of this quality for this price anywhere else. And they really do rotate anything into that slot. More than once, I’ve seen and purchased top shelf bud that was on half ounce special. Glass/piece selection is also varied in size, shape, and price. If you can drag ass out of bed, they throw you a 10% before 10:00 am just because they’re awesome, and their loyalty program gives you $10 off every few hundred bucks you spend. I would never go anywhere else but The Farm!

  47. ditchfire

    A great location. Easy access from North Boulder county.

  48. sinawae

    Friendliest service I’ve received ever at a dispensary! Don’t make you feel like prisoners lining up at the commissary 😛

  49. houch18

    By far the best looking dispensary I’ve been to in Boulder, they understand and nail the store without being cheesy. Great products and competitive prices.

  50. TheSolefiend

    Very cool place with great buds and good local glass! People are awesome and the overall feel is welcome and relaxed. Whiteout, Flaming Cookies and Pokie are some prefered strains but all have been yummy.

  51. krysdash

    This location was an extremely pleasant experience

  52. lollipop1

    Wow. Good experience at The Farm. 30 minute wait but it was pleasant to walk around. Picked up some Purple Trainwreck Haze, Rocky Mountain Blueberry and Gumbi. I’m seriously impressed with Gumbi. For the first time in 3 years I’m not in pain! Amazing. Tried the Haze earlier too and that was pretty intense for a first time. Loved the atmosphere. Very busy in there! Lots of glass and edibles. The guy who helped was really nice. Great experience! I’ll be back. Get Gumbi onto the leaflets trains profiles!

  53. someniceflowers

    The Farm is one of my favorite dispensaries in Boulder. Everything I’ve bought here has been high quality, staff is knowledgeable and usually has good recommendations for whatever you’re looking for. The lobby has a good selection of glass, vaporizers, rolling papers, etc. Their online ordering app and daily deals are really nice.

  54. stoneoroni

    Prices seemed a little higher but everyone was friendly and the atmosphere was professional yet fun.

  55. mikeflht

    Front of house staff were helpful and knowledgeable. The same with the budtenders. Beautiful front room, great collection of glassware. Was visiting from out of state and was treated quite well. What more could you ask for? Visited other collectives while I was in town, nobody beat these folks. Became my go-to place.

  56. KNYC

    Nice ambience. The staff knows their strains.

  57. ZDubz

    The Farm is one of the most unique, high-quality operations in the state of Colorado. It’s a privilege to have access to such organic quality, genuine customer service, and objective cannabis information. Whether you are a daily recreational smoker, first time user, or a patient with medical needs, this facility is well-informed and consistently equipped to serve all.

  58. CogTooth

    Love the building and location, simple and tons of parking. Got my migraine-killer meds from them with a lot more knowledge gained from the visit. Lots of good suggestions and really great and attentive staff. Some of the prices were higher than most other places yet I can see why, membership offers a lot. Anyway cant wait to head back in soon.

  59. trout2243

    I love The Farm! They are always so nice and super helpful. Their bud is AMAZING! The nugs are full and flavorful and smell so good. I highly recommend that if you are in Boulder that you stop on by and try them out. You won’t be disappointed.

  60. apultoker98

    Definitely an awesome spot but it can be a zoo. Tourists love it. Not the cheapest bud in town, but they have some things other places don’t.

  61. BigMark420

    I usually go to Terrapin Station or Elements but it was 8am and they open at 9am. Here my opinion.

    PERFECT place for 20 something no nothing young potheads.Weed was pricey and looked immature. The SALE stuff was $67 and was crap. The label said West OG X unknown ? Nice genetics. Elements does their bargain stuff at $20 an eighth. ThIs place needs to get a new grower. Rookies !!!

  62. Precariouslee

    Amazing customer service! Took their time and answered my many questions with patience dY~EURdY’

  63. ChrisMPowell

    I really like this shop. They do have specials so be sure to ask. Their IndigoPro products are a great deal for vaping.

  64. Cajyn

    Fantastic service. Very welcoming to first timers

  65. Pacificrim1

    The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. Location is clean and organized. Product is easy to see and review. I like the Farm. Keep up the great service.

  66. rrobso1

    Great reception and lots to see while waiting your turn. Staff in the main store was attentive and did a good job of watching for shoppers and not trying to engage those waiting on their turn. The wait was short but clear given the number system. Strains were listed on a nice menu with lots of great info including analysis results, type, etc… Once inside, strains were put in front of you with open tops for easy review. The selection was great. Easy in easy out. Great shopping experience that felt upscale.

  67. RamrodRick

    This is the premier craft bud shop I’ve found. The quality of the flowers shows in the terpenes, beautiful hairs with deep colors and lots of flavor. They carry high grade bud, organic and pest/insectcide free. It is slightly higher but well worth it for the quality. The flavors, tastes and buzz are award winners. Nice friendly shop with warm atmosphere. They also carry seeds for the ‘farmers’. The Farm is the micro brewery of craft cannibus. A real connoisseurs’ pot shop! I’ll be back often!!

  68. PapaHalas

    Great employees at this full service dispensary. In that I mean, a large space, everything on display prices out in the open, nice big head shop waiting area. Awesome bud tender.

  69. TripleDKennels

    Great service. very patient and friendly. plenty to choose from

  70. elsyd

    Good strains, odd environment, this IS NOT A MEDICAL DISPENSARY, so don’t think it is…

  71. WilloBeast

    Very impressed with this dispensary. Quality product and great service. They also offer a rewards program. I will be returning in the future.

  72. katbuns1

    Donation pricing was much higher than other “clean” dispensaries. But the service was excellent. They didn’t have many products for people like me who aren’t recreational users but who have serious health concerns and must stay somewhat alert. I like the general vibe and everyone was helpful.

  73. drkphinx2

    Lots of varieties, have lots of stock on edibles. A bit higher on donation prices, but the quality is well worth it. Nice friendly staff and the place is clean and nice inside. You can even shop for wares before getting into the pharmacy room.

  74. mollyshemp

    I have never waited 45 min with my med card. these people were so rude! never again !

  75. bcboy333

    friendly lay back service with a smile …..good strains….would recommend this dispensarie to everyone……

  76. docfoster

    Good people to work with. Great bud!!!

  77. telemarquero

    Best shop in Boulder!!

  78. Rfisher5280

    BEST IN BOULDER! The Farm was my 4th dispensary I’ve visited in Boulder. After visiting 3 previous locations, receiving some pretty terrible service and talking to budtenders who could barely explain the difference between indica and sativa…The Farm was a breath of fresh air. Ultra knowledgeable and caring staff, comforting atmosphere and AMAZING quality cannabis. The fact that they don’t spray their flower with pesticides is a huge + too – You can actually taste/feel the difference between The Farm’s craft cannabis and a bigger chain like Terrapin or Native Roots.

  79. Will-Yumm25

    had the blue dream, farmers kush, along with some edibles. not bad, could’ve been better

  80. BigKahunaBudder

    The Farm easily earns their reputation as the best dispensary in Boulder! I have been here many times, and although their bud may be a bit pricier: You get what you pay for, and there are always nice specials going on. I can tell the difference from most dispensaries by the TLC they put into their buds. Their house strains are outstanding and most importantly, what you see is what you get to take home. No ‘bait-and switch’ jars for crappier buds like I have seen and heard about at other shops. Very friendly, clean, organized atmosphere that would be welcoming for any first-timer, or vacationer looking for a true Colorado recreational dispensary experience.

  81. itsover420

    Service was great easy fast. I was pretty disappoint in the quality of their bud just a bit too dry nice looking nugs put break to a powdery mess

  82. dellanutella

    It was my first time visiting The Farm in Boulder, CO and I felt welcomed by the atmosphere created from the comfy furniture and friendly staff. They have a very nice assortment of glass and an extensive menu. I was pleased by the wonderful selection of edible goods(lots of yummy chocolates) and top quality concentrates. The tenders were really knowledgeable and truly made this experience great. One of the nicest shops in Boulder!

  83. Haasome

    Very friendly place. Great strain and edible selection. Very knowledgable and willing to help. Overall my favorite dispensary.

  84. masterkusher21

    Love this place! Very friendly staff!! Best bud at great prices!

  85. cubiclejail

    The weed was good and I liked the store setup but the budtender was having a bad day and tried to rush me through even though it wasn’t particularly busy

  86. DiannaduZentdoWeedMaps

    I drive to Boulder from Fort Collins to shop @ The Farm – their Blue Dream sold me and along with several other strains it’s what keeps me.

    I myself like a clean product not just one that’s been flushed properly but clean as in no human other than employees, have been near what I purchase.

    At The Farm they prepackage the marijuana…the package is see through so if you are not happy well ask for another – but I don’t think that will be necessary.

    I know I’ve always been pleased with what was handed to me – always dense buds and no shake and it doesn’t have any human skin etc. in it for sure yecch I’m serious.

    I love that they have small sample jars to sniff out of for that reason…I wonder what they do with that stuff in those sample jars afterwards lol?

    Best selection of pipes I’ve ever seen in a store…all my friends have several pipes from The Farm and I envy them..whah. I did get me a pretty little pink number,my pipe has a pretty flower on the bowl…aw how sweet.

    Oz. specials? Like almost every day it seems…call and ask. $140 for members something like $160 for non…it’s a steal go in and see.

    My favorite dispensary is this place, The Farm. It has the best marijuana available to me in the area…and at a fair price.

  87. jjjallen

    First visit to The Farm and I was impressed. Product is top notch and prices are market price. People are attentive and on top of things. Main store displays are sweet. Your review will load the stars also. ns

  88. cali-mist

    Got some Farm seed genetics – surpirsingly good results for lower-priced seeds. Was an F1 variety pack. So I didn’t expect much BUT I’ll say for the price a (cheap) great buy – good results

  89. starrchild199

    I love the “lifestyle” shop, and can see why having a public side to a dispensary can be so great! Fun to browse and relax. Personally, I’m not in love with the pre-packaged buds since I really enjoy getting to explore, but overall the meds are quite nice. If I had my wish it would be a little less “corporate” feeling – you know? Not a knock, just my feeling. Solid location, and my go-to spot for Rocky Mountain Blueberry. (Someone told me it attracts bears. Lie, but a funny lie!) Cheerz.

  90. jay777

    Great selection, good price and beautiful people what more could you ask for . Tip top !

  91. DblBass

    I’ve been in Boulder for a while and have been shopping around. After visiting a dozen or two dispensaries in the Denver area, The Farm is one of the few shops I’ve made a return visit to. The atmosphere is clean and friendly, the head shop has tons of pipes and accessories at all price points, and the product is high quality with a varied selection. Its equally comfortable for an OG head or a cannabis newbie looking for a place to buy that has a friendly, professional vibe. The budtenders are patient, kind, and are knowledgeable about what is on the shelf. There are places in town where you can find lower prices, but The Farm may just be the best overall buying experience in Boulder.

  92. Ajinkya

    friendly staff.

  93. Jgspens

    Be a true caregiver not a businessman only looking for money

    It was my understanding that when you sign-up with the Dispencery as clients they are to be your caregiver looking out for you helping you get what you need. The farm are a bunch of money hungry businessmen not people looking out for the people they are supposed to be caregivers for. It’s disgusting to me to think that they can keep on going. And ignore what their clients are asking for.

    I think you should man up, care for your clients and get them products that would help them the most. You could probably get more clients and have happier ones if you made more of that Gumbi oil. Many people are turning to THC as a way to care for their pain this is one of the products that is very difficult to find it works so wonderfully why wouldn’t you make more. If your clients are truly in there for pain relieving products this is the one why can’t you make more? You didn’t even advertise it last time you had it and still you knew how many people wanted it if they knew they could get it. From a business perspective if you’ve got something that everybody wants why not make more?

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