Green Man Cannabis



7289 E. Hampden Ave, Denver, CO 80224


39.6533694, -104.9037258




8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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54 reviews for “Green Man Cannabis

  1. MarzWade93

    Good bud but shitty prices. Bud tenders are very polite and knowledgeable. Great atmosphere but I don’t shop there often due to over pricing.

  2. Jayfla321

    Came up from Florida first time buyer staff where very friendly and chill helped with all questions. Overall great experience.

  3. moore1041

    rudest person ive ever encountered at a dispensary. terrible way to treat customers, and the whole time they are yelling at eachother. even the people in line behind me looked at them like damn whats these peoples problem. I walked out of this place in awe without buying anything.

  4. cnote72

    Some of the best bud in Denver. Little spendy but their Starkiller is totally worth every cent!

  5. jensara

    Quality pot and service.Great pricing so its the place to shop.

  6. YoungMeezy420

    Love this place!! will definitely be back!!

  7. ssmith5020

    My favorite in Denver

  8. sourskittles

    Great shop! The receptionist at the door is super nice and so are the budtenders. The prices are a little high but product is great!

  9. desireeselman

    I’ve always had a really good experience when I come in here. I really like their point system. Good concentrate prices

  10. Smokeydapot23

    Awesome flower! Awesome servicedY’

  11. Rapeterson

    I loved that the employees are really down to earth and definitely have the best knowledge in town. I just moved here from NY and this is the only dispensary I use. You cant be the great deals and customer service!

  12. lilypad90kb

    best medical marijuana in Denver. friendly and knowledgeable staff. cleanest and best smelling dispensary. top notch!

  13. xswizzzlex

    I honestly wanted to give them a fair 3.5 stars because although they have tremendous staff and an inviting atmosphere they do have a small selection and sometimes – although being good quality for the prices, not-pretty looking flowers. Then again I just love to look at beautiful flowers anyways so I gave them a solid 4 for their fairly priced good quality flowers that they generally have.

    I also love this place because their location is convenient to me and is more of a one-stop shop for all the essentials. Their staff is really awesome and I look forward to plenty more visits here. I like to liken this place to a 7-11 but for cannabis though they definitely have a more professional environment and quality – the staff is extremely eager to help you with any questions!

  14. LaddyDongleg

    The flower quality is of the best I’ve seen. This was my first dispensary, but I switched to another for better prices. After a few 1/8ths I realized the flower quality sucked. Came back to Green Man and was blown away by the quality of bud at a few dollars more. They’re no hassle – no exit bag bullshit, and the bud tenders are chill. It’s almost never busy, so I feel like I can take my time. But really – the flower quality is superb.

  15. Turophobia

    Difficult parking but awesome place

  16. krystalbc87

    The location is great, the signage could use some serious work. I pass this location almost every day on the way to work but coming from the opposite side of the road meant that I could barely see the sign. I would have missed it all together had I not been looking for it specifically.

    The parking lot is tiny and not easily accessible. I had to park in the gas station lot next door. Everyone I spoke to in the shop was knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve gotten pre-rolls from this location and was very happy with the product. It was a bit more expensive than I’m used to, at $9 a 3/4g a pre-roll, but the quality is solid. The logo here is great and I’m actually looking forward to purchasing a tshirt or hoodie.

    The shop was clean and well lit. The budtenders were very friendly and didn’t hesitate to point me in the right direction when I said I was looking to move away form consuming flower and more towards concentrates. I will definitely be going back.

  17. adolfoliverbush

    Quick and friendly with good flower!

  18. mmjismedicine

    As a real mmj patient who needs this for real medicine, I am asking others alike to stay clear of this location.i have never been treated so bad and rudely ever in my life. As I am a elderly woman this is not normal to me when shopping. Inform your peers and have a blessed day

  19. Jacobtollin

    I enjoyed my recent visit here, there was a wait to get into the back while I was here, but when I explained to the receptionist Nyah that I was new and interested in what she could tell me. She made the wait go by quickly, the waiting room could be bigger, the three chairs aren’t enough I’d think if they are usually that busy. After a bit more of wait I was helped by Kelly and she was the happiest person I’ve ever met. I went ahead with her suggestions for the Harlequin, wifi OG, and SoCal
    I liked the store with classic rock to keep it moving. I did want to purchase an atomizer they have on display but none were in stock. I’ll be back as soon as they are in! I recommend the Wifi OG the taste was good as was the high.

  20. Mufasaaaa

    I fell in love when I walked in. the budtenders are awesome, the selections are great! the prices are just as good. and the appeal is pretty nice too, I didn’t get to see the prices on them tho.. overall this place is pretty awesome

  21. thetruthaboutdispos

    CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS!!!!!!!! This place consistently screws over their rec customers and medical patients. They do not give the discounts they promise or advertise, overcharging constantly. I unfortunately was a medical patient there and always had to argue and show them how the prices do not match what I was told and how the discounts are applied improperly. There seems to be a lot of fake smiles, pretentiousness about their pricing, annoyed body language, and complete lack of customer care service. They want your money, they could care less about your experience or patronage. Over the last 2 years between my purchases and those of guest I’ve brought they have made a lot of money, and to loose a customer that brings you business over a %10 discount seems stupid, but that’s what it came down to, sick and tired of the way they treat customers and patients. There weed is good, but definitely priced expensive compared to what you can find around the city for $100 otd.

  22. Terpceratops

    Great products, and I’m glad they’re recreation now. However, the prices seemed fairly high. This location is convenient for me, so I’ll continue coming!

  23. held6815

    Great service, cool new building, has an ATM on site

  24. todbodman

    I recently started to patronize Greenman due to distance from office, but their friendly customer service (the had a notary on hand to help me with my card replacement process) and reasonable edible selection and prices keep me coming back. I rated the atmosphere low only due to their temporary trailer. Their new storefront that is in under construction looks great so far and I will probably make them my primary provider once that opens!

  25. dredre5353

    Easy to find

  26. ahki

    first time ever best place with great service

  27. DopestDopeUveEverSmoked

    This place has the best flower in Denver and the budtenders are awsome !!!

  28. ToneFlowSK

    Small location, with limited variety, all good! All very heady, and employees are very knowledgeable. Price is comparable, great buds.

  29. coachoakley

    Used to frequent this place back in the day but found a med dispensary that was larger with more options so had not been back in at least a year. Went this past week and was disappointed that their med side does not include any of their award winning strains. Decided to just shop rec side and was very happy with my purchase. The GT Haze was the strongest and best sativa flower I have had since they legalized in CO! Star Killer was not far behind. I would recommend this place just based on those 2 strains alone! Both of which they grow and have won cannabis cup awards! I know they have other award winning statins but did not give them a try this go around.

  30. Truck37

    This is such a great place NYAH DREW and ERIC we very knowledgeable and very friendly made it seem like they knew us for years and it was our first visit about a month ago when we were in town signing a lease and we just got moved here and plan on making green man our dispensary great product there is a reason they have several cannabis cups

  31. Samara5280

    They have a wide variety of quality products & the staff is very kind & helpful.

  32. teasea

    It was an overall amazing experience . Not only were the extremely pleasant but very knowledgable and helpful. This was my first time in a dispensary and it certainly wont be my last.

  33. oceanNjoli

    product usually alright. nice it’s open until midnight too.

  34. sebragland

    Definitely my go-to dispensary

  35. aruple34

    Fantastic customer service, very nice facility, amazing flowers and my favorite is Hells OG

  36. mooremooremoore

    Very welcoming staff, clean, well-lit. Parking is a little tough, though

  37. Sydneyv

    Literally my favorite place! Always have great deals and the best buds ever! Everyone is super chill too!

  38. Littek33

    Friendly staff, great selections and prices.

  39. bsanderson

    Green Man Cannabis has consistently been my preferred choice of dispensaries in CO. Each strain has a unique look and smell, and the quality follows the appearance. I tried the Super Lemon Haze and fell in love! A warm, tingling feeling dispersed through my body and mind after the first bowl. You get more then your money’s worth and in the growing cannabis industry, Green Man has proven to me that reliable shops are out there. I recommend this dispensary to anyone in the DTC/Denver area, you won’t be disappointed.

  40. llbarcodell

    Perfect place. period

  41. vegan52556

    Epic service! love the focus on Organic growing. Not enough of that these days.

    Got Juicy Fruit for some good gym time!
    Organic Matters!!

  42. PapaHalas

    I’ve visited over 60 dispensaries in all states and this was the worst. Yes , the parking is bad but that’s is never an issue when you score righteousness. My bud tender must hate her job, or just old white guys. She was clearly pissed that she was helping me, no smile, no help in identifying any daily deals. She directed me to the ounce special, which was garbage, literally a mixture of crumbs of scraps. aEURoeNo thank you aEURoe, how about something a bit more sticky and bigger buds than tiny pebbles. She gives me a jar of something with zero appeal and smell , no frost, no colors. I was prepared to purchase my daily limit, but just opted for 1 each of the pre rolls. They came out to 25 for less than 2 grams of flower. They were ok, but nothing impressive. I was really disappointed on everything here except the front check in service.

  43. lindasrule

    Very cool budtender, very knowledgeable and sweet. I was new to the store so she showed me all kinds of new strains and gadgets. I tried ‘Blessings’ which turned out to be a blessing to me, very easy to smoke and helped my muscle spasms greatly. I’ll be back!

  44. LeafyApollo

    First time out of staters. Simple yet exciting. Caused my friends and I to have a “let’s get knew suits” jumping moment.

  45. DDocPat

    Clean, and well presented. Amazing smell once you open the door.

  46. mmjincinerator

    This was my second visit, and I enjoyed it as much as I did the first. Quality flower and quality service! Definitely check it out.

  47. melissamstumpf

    this dispensary is awesome. friendly staff, great donation. I will continue to go back.

  48. treebark28

    Everyone is a homie. Never had a bad experience. Great buds, great prices, awesome sweat shirts (can’t wait to buy one)

  49. bellbrookbrowndog

    Easy to get to as far as traffic and being in a city.
    Parking was good on midweek daytime visit.
    Nice area also.
    Nice selection of flowers
    Of four different dispensaries this was one of the nicest.
    Service was awesome and very welcoming.
    Kyah and her lady coworkers were fabulous! The gentleman (didn’t get name) working that visit also was very courteous .
    Would recommend dY’dY1/4

  50. zacquel

    top quality bud, great service, and competitive prices

  51. whiteboijonnie

    i moved to Colorado about 6 months ago. ive been to a number of dispensaries. And i must say, hands down by far the best flower ive had. Lol. Now i only get flower from these guy. The service is awsome. They are very freindly and know there stuff when it comes to the cannibus i love so much. lol. I tell everyone. this is where u want to get your bud. never dried out. nice and potent. i can smell it now. i love this place.

  52. BeautifullyStoned

    I loveeee the flower here! I can always find something good and prices are very reasonable! I will be a new regular @ this location

  53. KayoKilla

    Very good dispensary, product never leaves me disappointed.

  54. timeforlightss

    Super chill staff, a little pricey but worth it. Big selection and quick service.

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