250 S Main Street, Longmont, CO 80501


40.1531633, -105.1016625




9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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Opened in the Spring of 2018, our Longmont location is in the heart of Longmont on Main Street. Euflora is one of Colorado’s premiere recreational cannabis dispensaries proudly carrying only premium Cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, vaporizers, topicals, and CBD products. We are committed to delivering the best experience to everyone who sets foot into one of our dispensaries. We believe when properly used, cannabis can transform lives by helping manage illness, enhance appetite, control chronic pain and alleviate many other symptoms that illness may cause. Come say high!


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25 reviews for “Euflora

  1. cbdangel

    I always have a great experience when I visit Euflora- I especially love their kudos system! Emily is awesome and helped me with my goods today. 🙂

  2. Zivd

    Thanks Alex Brown you are a helpful fun loving dude. -ariel

  3. Josh6962

    I’m super excited for Euflora to be in Longmont. Just went in the other day and had a truly wonderful experience. I love the open floor design, allowing the freedom to wander and think about what I want. Emily was especially helpful and knowledgeable, ready to chat about her experience with the strains and other products. What makes Euflora most extraordinary is the uniqueness and diversity of the staff. Was very happy to see individuality in a Longmont business! My new favorite dispensary, finally pulling me out of Boulder!

  4. hikingeverywhere3

    Small space, okay buds..The loud Male cashier telling me this will fuck me up, I could have done without.

  5. Hey_its_that_guy

    The wax and shatter have always tasted really good. No chemical taste, you can taste the flower it came from usually. Out of the Longmont dispensaries I choose this one for the wax and shatter because of the quality and price. The 2 for $40 deal is great. It’s good to note that when they have discounts on half ounces and full ounces, you get full size frosty nugs with high thc! (20%+). Last half ounce deal, I paid $55 with 27%thc, all full nugs. This place came out of nowhere!

    I did the math, and Euflora > other Longmont dispensaries.

  6. Asiaraven

    it’s perfect

  7. Ahhbetter

    Jamie is my favorite budtender super sweet, patient, knowledgeable, & kind ! Thanks Jamie ! a$?

  8. BamaKindBud

    Excellent customer service and good product! Alex and Emily are my favorite budtenders so far. They don’t rush you out the door for a quick sale and take the time to tell you about their products. The O-pen rewards and the Euflora point system is an awesome bonus! Euflora is my first pick every time. I highly recommend this dispensary to anyone looking for a good experience.

  9. swampdonkey68

    All the bud ice had has been great from here

  10. Soulfly23

    Alex Brown took care of me and straightened out my rewards phone number and was a very good indica I had picked up the OG Bubba Kush and the while thing was very quick I was in and out and very satisfied!

  11. katbogue

    Emily Awesome was great! 🙂 I see her almost every time I go in and she’s super helpful! The whole staff is super welcoming and super funny! As far as the atmosphere, don’t be fooled by the size of the location..because they have everything you could ever need! I learn about a new/different product almost every time I’m in there..and I go a lot lol. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

  12. donutdaze

    Small but incredibly friendly dispensary. They have a great variety of products and have been doing better at keeping popular items in stock. If you like concentrates, keep an eye out for the ‘Get Lit Kit’ (terp sauce+THCa crystals bundle) or ask Emily – she will tell you whats good.

  13. damek1

    Was visiting Colorado with my fiance and this was our first time in a dispensary, ever. We honestly didn’t have any expectations going into this as we’re somewhat knowledgeable on our own so we figured we’d be fine. As expected we had a few questions. It was busy but as soon as we went to ask a question, Lisa was more than approachable. She was not pushy, just the right amount of enthusiasm and humor, she made the experience fantastic and fun. She answered all our questions and got a feel for our needs, and gave us a full product tour catered to us. I have worked in retail management for years in skincare and cosmetics sales, Lisa had an energy I’d hire in a heartbeat, and honestly I wanted to be her friend. Lol. As for product review, Everything we purchased was at a very reasonable and comfortable price, and the quality was top notch. We spent 5 more days in Colorado, and went to multiple (8 I believe) dispensaries after this. Euflora – Longmont was by far the best. Thank Lisa!

  14. Serena_la_Sirena

    Best dispensary I’ve been to since I moved to Colorado. Best prices, best selection. They have some great indicas too which I’m very preferential to since I suffer from a few different ailments that require a heavier high. The staff is wonderful. Tristan is very knowledgeable and has the best personality and if you’re not sure what you’re looking for Emily knows exactly what direction to point you in. They’re extremely careful to make sure you get exactly what you need. All in all everyone there is awesome! I don’t have a single complaint. Since I walked in for the first time I gotta admit I haven’t been to another dispensary since. 10/10 would recommend dY’dY1/2

  15. Dt2121

    The Best in town

  16. mikemx12

    Friendly staff decent prices

  17. Sabbath77

    Workers are very nice here. Greet you with a smile and answer questions politely.Im a rec user with a high tolerance and their Indicas kick butt! Alex Brown was my budtender and the strand he recommended was awesome. All the bud tenders here treat me good!Ive been smokin a long time and this is the only dispensary I need!Prices are great!! Please visit this store! Ypu will love it!!!

  18. ADHD67

    Wow! Pretty high tech! Emily Awesome was very nice, pleasant and very informative. Convenient location on main st.

  19. MarkV007

    A few months ago I relocated from Boulder to Longmont and finally decided to try a Longmont dispensary. I’m glad I did. I had a great first experience with Euflora. I was very impressed with Ashley, the budtender who served me. She is an asset to Euflora. She knows her product well and knows how to provide excellent service.

  20. poopingberry

    Bud tender Emily awesome was the best with helping me this past week and the pot rocks are awesome….!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Iceman161st

    Craig was super nice and extremely helpful! It is a small place, but they still have a large variety. The prices seemed very reasonable and they weren’t trying to pressure me into any purchases. Just asked what I was looking for and Craig showed me what he had as well as the difference in all of them was and then politely waited for me to make up my mind! This was a relief as I always feel pressured to hurry up and get out at other places. Will definitely be vositingthem again!

  22. Weeedsy

    Emily was great! Very knowledgeable and nice to us. Will definitely be coming back now

  23. d171hd

    a great environment with knowledgeable people

  24. Whothiss

    I stopped in yesterday in search of some good wax and or shatter.The budtender was friendly and the place had a good atmosphere but upon looking at the concentrates section I notice that the wax and shatters percentage being offered was rather lower in the 70s on average.I have been to most of the dispensaries in boulder county and I usually am able to find high 80s or low 90s .But I decided to get the 40 dollar deal anyway and got a gram of wax and one of shatter.The quality is not very good and I definitely can taste a chemical butane like aftertaste.I was and am disappointed

  25. AmandaGroney

    Great prices and good selection. The staff was exceptional and Nick H. was an absolute dream. He made great recommendations and was extremely personable. I will definetly go back!!

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