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16840 E. Iliff Ave., Aurora, CO 800013


39.6726628, -104.7921075




8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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$25 Recreational 1/8th + tax.
$90 Recreational Ounce + tax.
Good Chemistry is one of Colorado’s leading dispensaries in Aurora and Denver.
Aurora dispensary is located at 16840 E. Iliff Ave 80013 8am-9:45pm. 21+ Recreational only.


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64 reviews for “Good Chemistry

  1. aholefield

    great service, great atmosphere and great weed

  2. chinkeye

    I have visited a few shops around town and I continue to come back here. The cannabis is nice quality and they have some rotating strains that I have only seen on the west coast. I have only had one bud tender who was a bit harsh, but that’s easy to look past because we are fortunate enough to purchase cannabis legally. The buds I find are on the dry side most of the time, also another easy fix. The prices are fair and I am satisfied…good job!

  3. Ienjoymarijuana

    One of my favorite dispensaries to go to, friendly service, great product and a neat and clean store.

  4. lamonkl0

    Awesome place and one of my favorites to date. Super cool atmosphere and neat branding. The staff was friendly, approachable, and super knowledgeable. We asked for suggestions and everything they recommended was spot on! We’ll be back!

  5. awlund09

    Love good chemistry,my all time fav strain from here is the Ingrid since cannabis cup 2012!

  6. csohl

    Good bud, good peeps, cool building, good prices

  7. RunsMountains303

    the only store I go to, great selections and the prices are cheapest I’ve found. the staff is top notch and always happy to see you!

  8. The_WeedArchist_42

    Good Chem is one of my absolute favorite dispensaries. Every one of their budtenders are very friendly and knowledgeable. Whether you’re a new smoker or a veteran like me, these guys will always take the time to make sure you have what you need. So don’t be afraid to ask questions.

    Today’s Strain suggestion: Orange Wifi Pho Wax by Chronic Creations. This shit is dY”Y=. Great taste and fantastic high.

  9. LostTechnique

    Best dispensary in Denver area.

    They always have new strains that nobody else in town has, and very rarely will you find a batch that doesn’t tingle your nose and smoke perfectly.

    Fyi – certain strains do not last long, so if you see one you have been looking for, be sure to pick some up before they run out for awhile.

    Service is excellent with a very relaxed environment. Huge open floor, and I never have to wait in a ridiculously long line.

    Really great prices, and in my opinion the best you will find for the quality you are getting.

  10. DabbinDupe

    they were very helpful and the prices were amazing, I wish I had found them earlier in my trip! top pick!

  11. jpqce4444

    Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. and even though I played the “tourist”. She showed me everything I wanted to see with a smile on her face and a great attitude made me feel very welcome!!! it was also nice to find that they have ice water hash and its dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  12. indicamonster

    Very neat little location located in an unassuming shopping center

  13. danam215

    Awesome, energetic staff and a great vibe in the place. Bud is awesome- super high THC content in a ton of strain. My go to place!

  14. IACountryGirl

    it’s close to where I live and easy to get to

  15. Diori86

    Always my first stop!
    Plus, who doesn’t love some Mr. Good Chem strain?

  16. dc89

    Love this place! Hours are always convenient since they’re open late. For those of us in SE Aurora this the most convenient shop. Awesome prices! Always $30 eighths! Super friendly staff, rotating product, usually something new to try.

  17. JonnyHammastix

    First time going to this shop, been to several in the Denver area and so far this is the best service/quality combination I’ve found in a shop. I think this will be a regular shop for me in the near future. Highly recommend!

  18. aux420

    Very organized and knowledgeable staff, and the place is really nice. Good variety in flowers, edibles and others.

  19. smokefaery

    Large & clean storefront with a friendly staff. They answered all my questions, let me look at every strain there & even helped me pick a medible! By far the best place I have visited in CO when it comes to helpfulness & prices. A rec 1/8 is $36 including all tax. Great buds to choose from & a nice amount of wax. $60 for a g of RSO was decent. Will definitely be stopping by again. Highly recommend the Church strain. Make sure to check the glorious display case of cola branches on your way out! 🙂

  20. Timbo4201

    The space has a very relaxing feel to it. it feels inviting. you feel welcome from the security greater to most of the bud tenders I say most because I did have a bad experience with one of them before. it was the fist time I went, and half way though when I became frustrated, a manager came over and took over that changed my experience from bad to feeling good upon walking out. the flower is good. it’s not great, but it is good. I’d say middle upper class. the concentrates selection and prices were surprisingly good too. all and all for Aurora this place is one of, if not the best….but that’s not saying a lot. considering the selection in Aurora. I’m sorry to be ending this with a back handed compliment, but I felt it necessary to put in that qualifier.

  21. InternetTraveler

    Gotta love those 30 dollar eighths. Any strain, got some Lavender and was very pleased with it. Will visit again next time in Colorado

  22. teciaweesha

    This store is beautiful and they have a great selection and prices on high quality buds.

  23. jkidd8

    Beautiful atmosphere neat and clean and excellent service

  24. ManRay

    The most well appointed dispensary I have ever been to. They have a drying rack in the dispensary showing off their buds still on the stem! Staff was very patient, courteous and even fun! Some of the absolute best prices in Colorado. I had an eigth for $35 OTD and a gram of live resin for a little over $40 OTD. This would be my go-to dispensary if I lived near.

  25. UICE

    Its was great very nice people dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2

  26. Lylee_Luv

    Dopest weed shop ive been to so far, not just the environment but the people as well

  27. HarleyChick76

    My favorite location and GC most friendly front desk peeps and budtenders.

  28. emeacham

    Had a chance to visit the Aurora spot last week. Very nice facility. Staff was very very friendly. The budtender we had wasn’t the most knowledgeable, but we knew exactly what we wanted before we walked in so we didn’t expect much.

    $130/oz is nice, but it is some of the driest weed I’ve ever bought. dY~*

  29. oakey1321

    Best price on Rosin and the smiles are free

  30. cassyolson

    Great service from very knowledgeable and patient staff. True fans of their work.

  31. kmcdonald58

    I like this dispensary pretty well.
    They keep their menu current, so when I go, I almost always already know what I want.

    They recycle cannisters, which I appreciate.

    The flower has always been excellent. (More Delahaze, please!)

    My only real quibble would be that the music could be a bit lower volume. But it also doesn’t seem to adversely effect conversation, and I’m not in there long, usually, so it isn’t terrible.

  32. Dotsun

    Was new to going to a dispencery and this was my first stop. Bad. Idea. Everybody was milling around and not really doing anything. They put me with a young man that had to be new. He kept going and asking other people my questions. When I did decide to try something they said would work for me they were out. Kept trying to sell me 2 items and kept telling him no it wouldn’t work for me. I am sorry my hopes were high but I left very disappointed. I had come from 2 states away.

  33. PLANetC

    Wow, let me just say, as an out of stater I’ve actually hit up quite a few dispensaries, including other Good Chems. but this one definitely blew my mind. They have a display rack of curing flowers and its very nice to be able to have that kind of experience on the floor. The tenders all seemed really knowledgeable (something all Good Chems seem to share) but what really got me was the sheer environment and the bud tenders patience (something NOT all Good Chems share). And I mean it, even if you dont buy (which we all know aint gonna happen) check it out!

  34. grmblshi

    You can’t go wrong with this place. Always clean, always friendly, always quality.
    I’ve met some really cool budtenders here who are always willing to share knowledge, provide recommendations, and more.

    These folks care about what they do and it shows. They recently lowered their ounce pricing to remain competitive while maintaining their high level of quality. Very cool.

  35. SaraSmiles414

    This was my first time going to Good Chemistry and it’s a little bit out of the way but I’ll forever continue to make the drive. I’ve been to a bunch of dispensaries all over the Denver area so I decided to do my research before making the trip to GC. (I haven’t been a fan of many of them.) But they live up to the reviews which is why I’m writing mine! Cori was so helpful and nice! I picked up two cartridges that were made from GC flower. Best cartridges I’ve ever used!! Especially for the price. 5 stars all around!

  36. Ganjazen

    Excellent bud combined with a chill, uplifting place filled with happy, upbeat budtenders/staff who are very knowledgeable and personable! High quality flower and a wide array of edibles, concentrate and tech. My go-to dispensary by far!

  37. flowergirl1982

    Beautiful dispensary… Feels like you’re walking into the Apple Store ! Lots of computers and info to help you find the right strain. I stopped here because of the were open late and my normal place was closed. I’m used to paying $50 per 1/8 and was shocked when I got 3 for under $100. Once I got home it was obvious.. You get what you pay for. I actually got sick… As did my friend. First time I’ve ever dumped weed down the toilet . Extremely disappointed.

  38. xochthegoat

    I very much liked the layout of the entire store, from the drying bud on the wall to the way the kiosks are there for information. And when you actually get up to the counter, the service is great, the staff is friendly and they know what they’re talking about. They definitely matched me up with the products I was looking for, and I love how informative the store is. The prices are pretty great too.

  39. oldskoolkat

    One if my favorite dispensaries in Aurora,killer nugs great prices,great selection,go there!!!

  40. jason1126

    I’m a noob to smoking and the budtender was very friendly and took the time to help me out with everything I needed. Prices seemed reasonable. Very clean, nice shop.

  41. skilly17

    JD was a great budtender! will definitely visit him again!

  42. BIOteacherCBD

    This place has the best inside ! Open areas with a open viewing area of curing buds that represent what’s on the shelf ; pretty interesting to compare them all at once like that dY’dY1/4 bud tenders were friendly and genuine !

  43. Fwdjblaze1

    I’ve lived in Denver for a month now and have been to 4 different dispencery before I went here and you guys have the best flower quality by far I got a oz and love the amnesia haze, purple alien dawg and the headband keep up the quality and ill keep shopping! Maybe throw a deal on a oz in every once in a while tho

  44. Anne5280

    I love the vibe of this place. Very elegant, very chill. I waited in line for maybe 7 minutes once and the manager Compensated me with a few penny joints proactively. Easy access to this location with good parking. I’ve relied of the bud-tenders’ recos for new strains and they always steer me right. Good selection and good quality. I go in for Ingrid, specifically, as I always have her in my rotation.

  45. Motomech

    Came to check out this place yesterday and boy was I impressed! Customer service was on point and the goods here are Excellent. I decided to come here instead of one of the other dispensary’s I had been to before because of their pricing, I was able to get 1/8 for $38 cheaper than the other shop I had been to before. I will definitely be coming back and I suggest that you give them a try!

  46. Evelynx

    Really professional atmosphere. Very informative and friendly employees. I highly recommend their Blue Widow strain to anyone wanting some anxiety relief.

  47. artistkim

    Usually go to the Colfax location but this one is worth the drive to Aurora. The product and service is outstanding. Definitely a cut above the rest and prices are competitive. The facility is very cool. Don’t waste time, gas, and money anywhere else.

  48. Rffiskaali

    This place rox… By far my favorite spot for concentrates and flower. Try to get one of the colored hair girls (they know what’s up).

  49. randomlywicked

    I’ve been coming to the Aurora store for almost a year now and have never once been disappointed. I’ve tried other dispensaries and been disappointed at the quality and service. Sometimes the product looked “rushed” or underdeveloped. I’ve never had that problem at Good Chemistry. I’d also like to give a shout out to your amazing staff. They always go the extra mile to make my experience worth the trip to Aurora. These budtenders are always friendly, patient and knowledgeable. Give those guys a raise!!

  50. PeridotKnighte

    the staff is so nice. the girls name is corey (sorry if i misspelled it) but shes awesome. explained differences between the kinds of edible and strains. and they had awesome deals here too. the other girl had like blue/green hair and she was also so polite. she may not have been the person making any sales but she still did everythjng so could to help as well. great place.

  51. RailDancer

    Received half a product for which I paid full price. Never returning.

  52. jkrager23

    it’s the best I’ve been too

  53. thugrunna

    Their service is top notch.. this is by far the best dispensary I’ve ever been to. Other shops seem poorly run and/or look shoddy on the inside. Good Chemistry combines clean professionalism with a warm and friendly vibe from the budtenders. The quality of the products are top notch with awesome prices, $30 an eighth! Awesome! Bottom line is… No other dispensary in the Denver area matches the quality and customer service that Good Chemistry has.

  54. Bmandoh

    Manager was rude and belligerent when I inquired about returning a grinder. None of the staff, while nice and polite, knew anything about whether returns could be done and the manager accused me of trying to ” bamboozle” his sales people and bullshit him.

    Some friends that were with me also had a less than pleasant second visit as the bud tender almost ignored them completely as he tried to push a product repeatedly on to them that they had clearly explained they weren’t interested in.

    The quality of the bud was good, but the customer service in this case left much to be desired. I wouldn’t shop here again unless it was the most convenient choice at the time.

  55. krystalcr2005

    it’s my new go-to place.

  56. JediXJ13

    Futuristic weed shop. You get to look at the exact nugs you are going to buy. The only downfall is they had this Bubbleberry strain one time and it was the greatest weed ever made, they haven’t had it in stock since. Get the Bubbleberry back!

  57. umccars

    Second time here. First time was great. Not real happy this time. Quality not up to par. Budtenders ok, but not the same caliber as before. Can’t recommend.

  58. AnneOrian

    Good Chem is by far my favorite place in all of Colorado. In my opinion they have some of the best selection of flower and concentrates. Sure, the price isn’t always the lowest, but I’m not here just for good deals. I want to walk in somewhere and know that no matter what it is that I want, they’ve got it. I’ve been to all three locations around Denver but the Aurora branch is hands down the best. Every time I have been there I have been welcomed and greeted like the long time customer I am.

    The budtender who helped me this time was named Corrie, a girl with gauges and tattoos. She was very friendly and knowledgeable and seems to know a bit of everything in her store. Her attitude was friendly and she had a genuine looking smile on her face.

    As well as a great selection they have have grams of keif and cold water hash. I haven’t found these anywhere else, and if I’m being completely honest is usually the reason I walk in the store.

    I will be back and I will definitely be back there again and again.

  59. pricklycactuscr

    I went here because it was close to the airport. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Great looking flower and I have really enjoyed everything I’ve tried. My new go to store. Cool atmosphere as well.

  60. Crippy37blue

    You guys are great and i love the service here

  61. mikemdabber

    one of my favorite shops living in the springs making this trip is always worth it love live resin and rosin prices as well some of the best around

  62. sl89

    Wow. Great everything!

  63. HarmonicChronic

    Good Chemistry – Aurora has a nice piece of real estate! There’s plenty of parking, it’s clean and the staff is very helpful. Pricing is fair, there’s something for everyone. I’m loyal; attempts to try other places leave me feeling robbed, quality isn’t as good, indoors are dank, etc.

  64. 420therapy

    Absolutely a repeat customer. This is usually my go to.

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