1301 Marion St., Denver, CO 80218


39.7369969, -104.9721145




10:00 AM – 7:55 PM


10:00 AM – 7:55 PM


10:00 AM – 7:55 PM


10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


11:00 AM – 7:55 PM


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Located in the heart of Capitol Hill of Colorado. We serve people over the age of 21 with a valid/non expired ID. We now except debit and credit (no checks!!), with a 2% charge, we also have a ATM on the premises with an added fee. Our products are pretax with a 21.15% tax for recreational customers. We do provide a rewards program for each recreational customer which in time saves you money and eligible to participate in specials we may have at the time.

Our high quality strains are grown by experienced growers w/ an Agricultural Degree and several of our strains are lab tested. We pride ourselves on being professional, knowledgeable, and caring.


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38 reviews for “AMCH

  1. TheDom74

    Rightcheous bubble hash!!!!

  2. HouseOfBurritos

    We love AMCH. Steady supply of rec wax at normal prices, good rotation of flowers, and super cool staff!

  3. Ginkow

    Chris was Amazing with what he recommended! High Class service, High Class products and GREAT Prices. I grow medically in Michigan and I’ve been to 10 shops around and this is THE SPOT! The Banana is Highly recommended

  4. bobbyhillatden

    I have visited this shop quite a few times because it’s very close to my apartment. I have had great customer service as all staff from the door guy to the manager have been friendly and informative. They know their product and are able to help any novice. I recommend the cream rolls as far as edibles go, definitely pack a punch. They also have the best prices for rec in Cap Hill that I’ve seen so far.

  5. cmesch79

    I came in to specifically Golden Goat Live Resin. this was quite pricey but seemed to have a great selection of top shelf product. The budtender what very helpful as well as the other staff. Was a very pleasant buying experience. 1gram of the Golden Goat Live resin was $83. its the smoothest I have ever smoked by far with a great sativa high. This is definitely a conissour buy. I will visit the location again for sure.

  6. KronicChronos88

    This places girl scout cookies is sensational;stinky, frosty buds that are dried perfectly every 1/8 ive purchased, i keep telling myself ill get something new my next stop in but im stuck on these cookies! im pretty jealous of people who have this shop as there normal dispensary. next time im in DT ill be sure to take the sweet girls advice there and try the banana!

  7. knittaplease

    Hands down, the best rec dispensary in Denver, probably the world. Here’s why:

    1) Consistently amazing, fresh, mind-blowing product. ALWAYS. Great strain rotation, always something new to try or a classic favorite to rely on.

    2) Wonderful staff. I mean, these amazing humans are not only extremely knowledgable, efficient, quick, and smart, but they’re all kind, compassionate, good people. Every time I visit I feel like I’m seeing old friends, since my first visit the day after they went recreational.

    3) Even when they’re slammed, you’re never rushed to make a decision, and they still get people in and out quickly. The wait is never more than a few minutes, and the service is always genuinely pleasant.

    AMCH is a gem. Honestly, one of the best retail stores I’ve ever been to, regardless of goods sold. Whether you’re new to town or a local, first-time smoker or a seasoned pro, AMCH is the only shop to visit.

    Oh, and you can get a belly card and get points for discounts!

  8. Deliriumparadox

    This adorable little shop is tucked at the end of a rad strip right next Cheeseman.
    -great location
    -exceptional customer service

  9. bluesychick

    Felt safe and secure. Great prices and budtenders really knowledgeable, patient and friendly. So much good stuff to sort through and they’ll help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.

  10. VaprENT

    This has been my favorite location so far, The staff is very professional and friendly and the operation seems very secure and well managed. I was especially impressed with the selection of herbs and concentrates. Can’t wait to return!

  11. Michael1977

    My very first dispensary ever and they didn’t disappoint. So what if the place looks like an old dusty baseball card shop turned pot shop, I love these guys.

  12. dakdak

    come here every time I am in Denver love the staff and the quality of there product

  13. amberlb

    Really helpful staff, and the shop is lovely. I will probably be doing a lot of business with them because I’ve enjoyed my first two experiences so much.

  14. ronbon1

    excellent dispensary. the budtender I had today 2/29 around 11am is excellent. I’ve been helped by her before. fresh bud. good spot

  15. latteboy

    Best shop hand down! Budtenders are knowledgeable and friendly great selection and the guy who must have been the shop manager was awesome! Got a couple awesome pax vapes! Go here!!

  16. redline1

    Everyone was very nice and informative.

  17. iloveyourmom

    Stopped in here every damn day. Very good specials.

  18. zswitz

    Poop Soup, their “sativa blend” concentrate tasted like crap to the fullest. Yuk.

  19. ballsmcgallz

    I love this place. The medicine is the best quality in the area hands down and the customer service is always top notch. I’ve never been disappointed. If you follow them on facebook they post deals and trivia games like name that strain. I’ve won before and received a $5 discount. Don’t skip this one. ~TaylorLD

  20. Frosticus

    I waited until my third visit to write this review to get a real feel for the shop. I am not disappointed. Budtenders are patient for new customers and old.
    Looking forward to another great experience this weekend when I drive up for my 4th visit. 5 Stars!

  21. rhivnnon

    Everyone’s super nice and helpful plus the prices are awesome !

  22. TheGreenBasterd

    Super friendly and knowledge Rec bud tenders, every time I’ve been. Prices are decent and the customer loyalty club perks help out with that. Nice selection of products and flower/concentrate, in a small store front, which can create for a bit of a rushed vibe but it’s a small space so that’s the way she goes I suppose. Overall nice people with a great little neighborhood shop.

  23. Looop

    great store. good flower selection, edibles and they always have bubble hash!

  24. heyearl

    AMCH is the best in Denver! Decent pricing, knowledgeable budtenders, and friendly staff. Their Girl Scott Cookie strain is awesome!

  25. TheGanjedi

    I’m an out-of-state Nebraska guy, but I drop in every 2 – 3 weeks to restock my supply. I used to always go to larger places, but then one day there was a special on concentrates here and after that purchase, I’ve been hooked. The Banana is ridiculous. Ask them for it. You’re welcome.
    I love their concentrates as well and they have great prices on most of their stuff.
    My stop on 4/19 ended with me purchasing some Banana and a couple grams of bubble hash. Love the Banana, but the hash was different than normal and it’s good stuff, but not a full melt like I expected. Not their fault at all, though. I asked them and they explained it, I just didn’t really “get it” until I got home and tried it. Crazy stuff. 🙂
    Anyhow, I’m a long-time smoker and while I may stop at several stores each time I’m in the city, I ALWAYS stop at AMCH, no matter what.

  26. Claudiagibbs

    Super friendly, great energy, very well informed.

  27. GGAlice

    The budtender here is so friendly and sweet. She really knew her stuff. i got edibles here from Love’s Oven that are to die for!

  28. ohhsoolow710

    Small shop close to home with a nice variety. Very friendly staff!

  29. hellacool

    I had bounced around to many dispensary and was less than impressed. I’ve been going to AMCH since they opened their doors on Ogden and never looked back. They have selections like no other. Best hash selection in Denver. Dave is the man, very professional. Always calls you by your name. And very informed on all the strains I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

  30. theExperience

    great dispensary with high quality products and friendly, knowledgeable staff. prices are reasonable, especially given the quality. i would absolutely return here.

  31. Kls

    This place is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! By far the best dispensary in Denver. They literally have any thing you could think of. And once you try them it will be hard to decide between the Girl Scout Cookies or Banana strains.

  32. dvdalvn

    My friendly neighborhood shop. Love the staff and the vibe – small store makes it feel like more of a local pharmacy!

  33. cd73

    Awesome bubble hash

    Service was great

    I’ll be back

  34. wrongjohn

    Love this place.. most knowledgeable dispensary I’ve been too regarding concentrates and luxury vaping products. Clean, adult atmosphere.

  35. lecoq77

    Great service and friendly knowledgeable staff. Its my go to local dispensary in Capitol Hill.

  36. jmw086

    By far the best dispensary in Denver I have visited. Very knowledgable staff who are very nice and welcoming. I would highly recommend this place to others!

  37. CosiestAmoeba

    very friendly staff and one of the most varied selections I’ve seen!

  38. BigPappi

    It’s a small but friendly dispensary. Not all the strains on the menu can be bought in 1 gr size, everything is prepackaged. The budtenders are very knowledgeable and passionate about weed. The quality of their strains is excellent, the pricing is fair. The menu changes frequently.
    Although it is a small store, the selection of strains, hash, edibles and utensils is very decent. Although there are many dispensaries around, I always frequent AMCH.

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