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4935 York Street, Denver, CO 80216


39.7855193, -104.9597114




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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Since 2009 RiverRock has been a leader in Colorado’s cannabis community. We respect the cannabis plant and our customers by producing the highest quality lab tested cannabis products and overseeing the cultivation and manufacture of our products from seed to sale. RiverRock operates two strategically located medical and recreational dispensaries in Denver offering a full range of cannabis flower, hashish, shatter, wax, oils, edibles, and cannabis infused products including creams, vaporization cartridges, pills, topical patches, and beverages. We work everyday to educate the world about cannabis and its role in a healthy lifestyle.


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25 reviews for “RiverRock North


    Cheapest 1/8’s in town!!! Top quality buds, and edibles, had peaches n cream bar, amazing!!!

  2. pearce14

    Great service, knowledgeable staff and very willing to answer any and all questions I had

  3. jriddile14

    Hidden gem in Denver. I’m a budtender in Aspen, and RiverRock is my go-to in Denver. Great bud, small variety but good strains, along with a great store environment.

  4. Crippy37blue

    I love the service

  5. Npitkkli

    This place was great. Everyone gets treated like a patient. The herb was a great and they had some thing different every time I went.

  6. safeinsteepcliffs

    So we decided to go here for some black Friday special’s on concentrates, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend theirs. Although they look nice, they taste like a barn or hay.

  7. fashionpower

    great place knowledgeable bud tenders

  8. dizonofjuanathon

    So I’d never heard of river rock but stopping in turned out to be a great idea. There budtender was really courteous and I immediately lept at sour d for my afternoon pick me up. Sour is really odd in Colorado and whether I’ve just not found the right shop or its just gone I don’t know but nothing compares to that old actually stank out your house in the bag funk that I knew back east, but surprisingly there was a hint of that old thing there, 11.25 for a gram and I’m out the door. So here’s the thing river sour is super dense and covered in trichomes, and when your smoking it the sour terpenenes are instantly and after-mathmaticly present. This shit is dank and heady, it’s just not the sour I used to know. So five stars river rock for your courtesy and easy going atmosphere, and four for that delicious sour. Little low lit though, and if you’re suspension is bad don’t
    bother making the trip out to where your car gasped it’s last breath.

  9. Smokesum361Tx

    Very cool experience

  10. chassheilajeremy2016

    I love this place

  11. awlund09

    Always a fan!

  12. aprilemma

    Nice setup, very spacious inside! Products are clearly labeled and priced. Staff was knowledgeable about the strains they carry.

  13. JeannieLou

    Love the music.

  14. SmokeDogg072

    Visited Denver for my birthday back in November ok service bud kinda weak experience wasn’t the best

  15. Cobreederdude

    No more live resin.
    They say it is gone due to processor.
    First rare dankness
    Now live resin

    So now it’s just another spot

  16. LadyBudLungs

    super awsome staff

  17. ddenonco2

    I want to apologize to the staff and company for the scathing review I gave them after the purchase of the ACT program.

    After paying for the ACT program for my son, which did not work for him, I decided that I would not buy any more bud till this PRANA was gone. I started taking it and I really do feel better. I have Fibro, and am loaded with arthritis. Don’t wake up all stiff and sore. Am sleeping better. Still take regular meds, but am able to do more with the ACT regimen.

    Purchase the ACT the Jan. 22 and am still using it.

  18. ladyro420

    Great shop for out of towners and newbies! Can’t wait to visit again.

  19. 19albertb89

    worst shatter I ever tasted took a few dabs and threw it away that bad

  20. twenty23three

    This is one of my new favorite dispensaries. I got two strains from this place. Screwed Boi OG and Sweettooth. I have anxiety and have to smoke certain strains. The Screwed Boi OG tested at 10% THC and 17% CBD. It destroyed my anxiety and I felt amazing. Its now one of my favorite strains. I hope this place never stops selling it. I will definitely be back.

  21. BetweenBeats

    This place hands down does more to put back in to medical research than any place that I know. Organic and quality level is second to none.

  22. ColoradoKush420

    Been going to this location for awhile…Bud is par for the course. Not too many flowers here that really grab my attention. Pre-rolls are way over priced and well…..ya know-pre rolls……The one thing that I always go back for is that fyah!!!!!!They do “live resin” that is really top notch. Had multiple strains that rock socks! One of my reg stops.

  23. strongon1e

    I don’t understand why some of your budtenders actually care and you can tell they want to help you, but then you hire people who if they have a bad day or it seems like it from their attitude, they treat people like crap and give total fake friendly byes and comeback again and theb instantly put a sour “I hate my life” face. Hate to say it but the girl budtenders weirdly seem less friendly than others. This is the only place I’ve felt like that… Maybe hire people who know, love and have passion for the plant and industry or don’t hire them at all. There are tons of retail saleperson jobs out there if they want to treat it like that. Please hire people who care and not just complacent sales people who could care less about your patients and the people who support your businesses.

  24. SkyHyPete

    Awesome spot and great prices! If your lucky you can catch the KK in stock!

  25. gross


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