Good Meds Lakewood

$600 Live Resin Oz!!



8420 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO 80214


39.7397778, -105.0916079




10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


10:00 AM – 6:55 PM


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Good Meds is a full-service medical marijuana dispensary that offers a wide range of medical products so whether it is edibles, topicals, or anything in between, you know that when you come to Good Meds you can medicate YOUR way. We are also pleased to offer one of the largest selections of BOSM Labs Live Resin in Colorado. Having partnered with the BOSM Labs team since their Live Resin first hit shelves we are lucky to work with a concentrate company that is as passionate about their extraction as we are about our flower.

Located just down Colfax from Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, Good Meds Lakewood is one of a limited number of medical marijuana dispensaries in a municipality that does not allow recreational sales.

Good Meds is a full-service medical marijuana dispensary that offers a wide range of medical products so whether it is edibles, topicals, or anything in between, you know that when you come to Good Meds you can medicate YOUR way. We are also pleased to offer one of the largest selections of BOSM Labs Live Resin in Colorado. Having partnered with the BOSM Labs team since their Live Resin first hit shelves we are lucky to work with a concentrate company that is as passionate about their extraction as we are about our flower.


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107 reviews for “Good Meds Lakewood

  1. highfivesforall

    My favorite location from DIA all the way west to SUMMIT COUNTY..I travel from summit because of their quality and consistency.. I highly recommend this location..

  2. JJH3885

    This place is great! They have a large selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, etc… The staff is awesome, both kind and very knowledgeable about their products. I definitely recommend MMJ patients to visit this fine establishment next time you’re running out.

  3. CnCN2008

    Everyone has been really helpful and chill, which makes it nice to shop here. The wax is amazing and flower is pretty awesome as well. Definitely recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.

  4. Blakk_Robb

    Godd Meds is where it’s at if you don’t have a caregiver u need to sign them up asap, they also carry the best wax in town, and the blakkberry kush…oooowwwweee

  5. gotink3d

    When they have flower they have very good flower. Tange Haze x The White are the shit!!!

  6. mcervi

    My favorite dispensary, signed here and love everything from the concentrates to the bud.

  7. BoogyKushington88

    Quality Dispensary with a great selection on every thing strains, wax, shatter & edibles… the flower is top notch & the bud tenders are always friendly & informative…

  8. cascadianmass

    Best buds in Denver, hands down. Ladies and Gents, you must attend this dispensary. I was here in January, and when I was in there was exceptional service and an excellent flower selection including “Holy Grail,” which became my all-time favorite strain as soon as I left their property. Thank you Good Meds, for showing me my favorite strain of all time.

  9. illendent

    Hands down best flower and concentrates in Denver. I love this place, they are so professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely be visiting again!

  10. geoffrey.moranty

    i have visited “good meds” numerous times since i discovered thier outstanding buds. well cured and trimmed with excellent tastes is my description of the product. the daily special is never left overs.

    the staff is friendly, knowledgable and being mostly female very good looking.

  11. BHO710666

    Never ever have to worry about the quality, over all this is my number one place, I go for my medical needs.

  12. Scott303

    Recently moved to the area and have been somewhat dissatisfied with the neighborhood options, either for not great products, or not very educated staff. So I was really happy to find Good Meds yesterday. Was helped by an extremely knowledgable, friendly girl Brecken and went back today due to her spot on recommendations. Was helped by Ryan today and he was just as helpfu really knew his product line… just not as smoking hot as Brecken, ha
    Anyway, anyone looking for a new place should check out Good Meds Lakewood….great products and staff

  13. mipham_wangmo

    I love dogs and welcome dogs in any location but not when they are running around

  14. comradejoeherb

    Iv said it once and I’ll say it again good Meds is the place to go!! They have great product all across the counters! The staff knows what’s going on and are willing to help in anyway necessary! They remember you and always make you leave satisfied! Go visit if you haven’t! #coloradolifestyle

  15. kvmdad

    This place is boss!

  16. belaaa

    my last review says I gave them 3 stars and it won’t allow me to edit it…but over all they truely
    deserve all 5 stars! I used to live right around the corner but now live in Broomfield, well worth the drive! dY’OEdY’dY’

  17. 303Nugs

    Good Meds dY~Z

  18. ke3134

    Nice people and great product.

  19. comedab

    Some of the best hash and weed in town!!! I would recommend anyone and there mother to go and check Good Meds out!

  20. GroDan

    Good Meds is one of my favorite spots. High quality flowers and friendly staff. Just remember to bring cash. I was given a free preroll of White Fire OG my first visit to the Englewood store, it was amazing! Went back for more. I’m also looking forward to trying some of their other strains.

  21. DabbenOut

    The first time I stepped foot in this establishment I was welcomed and was let a known that they have deals for the first time iners. Also the budtenders are very helpful and the bud is Tremendous.

  22. Bland67

    It’s super heady, only problem is moon crators in parking lot. Have told staff, guess land Lord does not care….

  23. Jogie

    Wax deals w/coupon unbeatable. Great staff, great selection.

  24. brandimarcus

    ……..I love there joints I visit them on almost every day …..

  25. nugget0314

    knowledgable staff and great selection!

  26. hashley710

    Good meds has so many choices and such great people working! I always am helped and find exactly what i need. The quality of there flower and concentrate is something iv never been able to find. Id rate them a 20 out of 10:)

  27. izzy.copeland

    Fabulous selection of meds. Staff was excellent at explaining their layout of goodies and member benefits. Awesome 1st time shopper coupon. And the quality of medicine- wow!

  28. AllEyCat2783

    this place is great
    bomb poeple and the best prices

  29. maddy.labouf.3

    I have been in to Good Meds 5 times now and the staff is super awesome. My favorites are the edibles. The Mountain Medicine is made by them and they are super potent for a reasonable donation price. You cant even taste the cannabis in the pie bars.The hash caramel is great for knocking out pain.I Will definitely be a regular customer.

  30. CannaLover19

    Great flowers here ! Have yet to be disappointed ! Friendly and knowledgeable staff ……I will be back again

  31. dreamer175

    As a first time buyer or of Good Meds, I was pleased by the service and quality of the bud most of all! The guys in there were down-to-earth, accommodating, and informative. Eric was my budtender and I found him to be kind, patient, and helpful! (Thanks Eric for letting me bring my therapy dog in with me!)

    The flower stock is limited, but makes up for it in strain variety and quality!

  32. fullmetalracket

    Amazing. My new favorite place. The flower is incredible and so are the concentrates. The Budtenders are all really friendly and knowledgeable

  33. nikirae0421

    Very knowledgable and great product

  34. jmills90

    This has quickly become my favorite place to shop at. The products they carry are all great. I try to get something i have never had each time I go, and have yet to be dissapointed!

    The staff is super friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to answer any questions you may have. They will also do their best to help if any issue should arise (which is rarer than Bowser surfing a monster wave while shredding a gnarly guitar solo) and wont leave you unsatisfied.

    The TC Labs concentrates are a great color, very noticeable tastes, and are very effective. I cant comment on any edibles as I dont tend to buy anything but their flowers and oils. I would like to see what TerpX could do with their product, but I honestly have no complaints from TC Labs at all.

    I would HIGHLY recommend you check them out. I promise you will leave happy!

  35. deestancil

    I absolutely love Good Meds, Lakewood! The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I’m so glad to be a member!

  36. luckydoja977

    Love the bud love the concentrates. Have a awesome staff that know there stuff. I recommend them to everyone.

  37. chellmabelle

    I was looking for a dispensary close to home and stumbled upon this place. The budtenders were really nice and gave me a great deal. The bud I bought was so stinky that I couldn’t close my bedroom door without it smelling like I was growing in there. I’m in love. I’ll be back fo sho.

  38. Griffin823

    Great staff, products, and prices. The wax and live resin is delicious.

  39. Christenophelia

    I’ve been going to good meds since it was on Carr and 14, I have always been treated very good, the bud tenders are very helpful and the flower is excellent!! I love this place!!

  40. hdkenison

    Good Meds always has a great variety of strains and plenty of product available. The employee’s are super friendly and keep me informed of great deals.

  41. kezerone87

    I purchase critical massGreen crack I thought they were both great service was good in and out pretty fast Ryan attended me good guyreally I want to purchase Girl Scout cookies when the order comes in definitely for sure very satisfied customer

  42. christ_stephens

    Devin was knowledgeable, and personable. Her picks of Super Pepe and White Super Skunk flowers were both excellent. I’ve had Sensi Star before and it didn’t disappoint again this time. The standout for me this trip was Cali Girl by far!! I will be back!!

  43. highstylegirl1

    Just moved to town awesome customer service and shatter/wax, definately recommend

  44. luckyDoja77

    They always have an excellent selection of strains and quality is on point. Friendly helpful and knowlegable staff. I always recommend them

  45. cdyer0685

    Absolutely love this place. have been going for over a year and have nothing negative to say. Staff is exceptional and friendly with plenty of knowledge. would recommend this place time and time again.

  46. kencaryl

    Good Meds Lakewood is an intimate dispensary with a wide variety of strains that I can best describe as “important.” The budtenders are professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Their Death Star is a cut from the Cannabis Cup winner, and trust me when I say that it is something special.

  47. FurryZachary

    i love the employees, there willing to help me find what i want and whats good or not

  48. Tarynrothrock

    Great dispensary and they always have great deals.

  49. Dave692795

    Love this place. Flowers are all high quality products. Have never had anything here that I was not satisfied with. They also offer great specials on flowers and extracts if you sign up for the text message specials.

  50. kayakjim

    friendly staff good strains always pleasant visit

  51. deeumbriaco1977

    I love this dispensary! the staff are always friendly and their flower is really good! I love my member benefits….

  52. butlerOG

    one of the best places in the city!
    if you love OG’s this is your spot.

  53. phish2020

    I lived in the Denver area for about a year and a half and I have sampled a lot of different dispensaries but good meds continuously stands out among the rest as having some of the strongest strains available as well as the best quality and selection I have found if you haven’t tried it you should!!!

  54. HIXSON

    One of the best In town.. I love both locations!!
    Thanks again Good Meds!!

  55. GoodMedsL

    Good Meds Lakewood

  56. 720Nugs

    getting better every day dY~Z

  57. JimmyT69

    Great placedY~S quality product and very friendly Budtenders. I would recommend Good Meds to everyone.

  58. chris.s09

    Good Meds always has a good selection with great quality buds. The Larry OG was nice. Also there is a huge selection of awesome shatter.

  59. arissa26

    Great service great product!

  60. blazemeow

    awesome place with great staff and amazing product

  61. rivertrance420

    I really enjoy the Good Meds stores. I don’t make it to this location as often as their Englewood location, but do when there is something I really want. Helpful staff, and a great selection of buds and wax/shatter. Their Faceoff OG is my favorite, and their Area 51 ( G-13 x Vortex) is a must try for any pot lover. Also their prices are always on point if you buy 14 grams or more, and they offer an industry discount on Tuesday. Check them out.

  62. Starman777

    This must be one of the best dispensaries in Colorado! I’ve been a medicinal client for over a year and have consistently found professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff at each visit. I routinely take the recommendations of staff based on my request for medicine that helps alleviate symptoms associated with nausea and joint pain. Every staff person has been right on target in meeting my needs so much so that, per my doctor’s consent, I have stopped using prescription medications for. nausea and only use staff recommendations based on the variety of quality strains always available. I would highly recommend Good Meds to anyone interested in discovering one of the top notch dispensaries in Colorado.

  63. Brandon08

    Good meds network is great they give you just that — good meds for a reasonable price.
    Great bud tenders that know their genetics.

  64. ajackso8

    Very knowledgeable and welcoming staff. Great experience.

  65. BabaGanj

    Great selection, awesome deals, friendly and patient staff!

  66. ballerblue

    Smoothest bud in area, killer strains, great customer service, good prices!

  67. emmawonderland


  68. sam.harrelson.7

    I like that this a smaller, medical only dispensary. I also think their buds are amazing quality, and they always have the finest quality Tc Labs concentrates! I love Good Meds!

  69. GrapeApe306

    Great deals for members on live resin. Great looking flower. Hole in the wall and expect a light to moderate wait.

  70. zak710

    Was cool place with decent product I tried some wax the Death Star, sheriff and white fire Og it dabbed up pretty clean

  71. DevinEggerton

    More than 75 strains grown in house, lab- tested medicine with THC content upwards of 28%. Good Meds Network also won 1st place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2014 with the strain Pure Power Plant!

  72. foxtrot

    Best meds in Denver period

  73. love3light

    all around great products!!!!

  74. jneill4

    After moving down from the mountains to the Denver area, I thought it would be tough to find a medical dispensary, having to wade through the plethora of choices and skewed ratings. But I stopped by Good Meds and made quick work of that decision. Great prices, awesome selection/quality, and an incredible staff make this place what it is. Some really helpful member’s benefits to boot. Highly, HIGHLY recommended!

    (Full Disclosure: I did receive a discount for this review. But every word is the truth and would gladly write the same review again, sans compensation. These guys rock!)

  75. hhjh

    Bummed went in to sign over as my caregivers and did not give me 5 grams of live resin like the AD says,.

  76. heattreat

    I have been to many many despensary’s in the state and GOOD MEDS LAKEWOOD is by far #1 in my eyes.
    thank you all. !!!!

  77. Flanker

    Good Meds Lakewood always has a huge selection and the best budtenders to help me right choice. I love how informed that the staff is and how they always help me find what I’m looking for, even if this means ordering it for me! Been a member here for a while, and won’t be changing over anytime soon.

  78. jmarezsr

    I really liked good meds. My first time in and i was super satisfied. I tried sum chunk d flower and thier shatter and of course the wax. Everything was fire for sure. I know im goin back to try everything because it all looked great. Cant wait either…..

  79. balllzzz420

    great hash, bomb weed. decent prices. great dispensary all around

  80. kenzie310

    The quality and selection is outstanding. They can tell you the percentage of anything without having to look it up. Dense, crystally, fuzzy beautiful bud every batch. And golden butter! What more could you ask for?! By far the best dispo I’ve ever been to

  81. haleigh.bargas

    Best dspense in colorado. Best medicine best everything! Staff is amazing and full of knowledge.

  82. Ace_Boogy

    Great staff & service always helpful large variety of meds & the flower is always on point never a disapointment…

  83. jgiron55

    Awesome medicine great bud tenders love this place highly recommended

  84. Patricksullian46

    the location is great. the staff, totally professional. I picked up some blackberry kush pho wax and it’s even better than it sounds

  85. Jorge1991

    Good Meds in Lakewood In my opinion one of the best dispensaries in Colorado. Awesome and very potent strains, like their famous death star that remains 1 of my all time favorites. Great concentrates. Helpful staff and sweet prices. I love all of their sales.

  86. kjriso13

    The people working here are just as helpful & friendly as their Englewood dispensary. Great company!!

  87. aarika24

    A bit overpriced but great meds, friendly knowledgeable staff and nice store

  88. Deerwhistle

    I have been frequenting Good Meds for a couple of months. Their selection is always pretty awesome. The staff, very friendly and informative. From leaf, edibles, wax, etc. It is always top notch medication. I have also been to the other location and found the same to be true.

  89. sb519

    I like going to Good Meds because I know that whatever I pick out will be great. The buds are pretty and smell strong. They all seem to burn nice and clean. The golden goat smells and tastes excellent.

  90. alex.charlifu

    awesome products, awesome staff. I’ve been going here for a long time and have never been disastisfied

  91. yodmc714

    stopped for something different, found real
    ly nice green crack , excelent sativa
    real uplifting!!! and Durban poison a nice dope taste!!
    1/4 each lasted me a week during Christmas

  92. MileHighBeauty420

    Good Meds Lakewood, is by far my most favorite dispensary. This would be why these lovely people are my care-givers!! They have extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. They are very professional and maintain the medical professionalism and treat everyone as a patient. They always have the highest quality product on all levels, flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, you name it. I absolutely adore Good Meds and their member prices can’t be beat!!! Especially when paired with amazing quality as well atm!

  93. deekersumbriaco77

    hi its dee, I love this place! They are always smiling n treat you with kindness all the time, they know their strains to help with your pain.

  94. conifercowboy

    Excellent!!!! Need I say more….

  95. dsboo

    I LOVE THESES PEOPLE!!! no matter which location you go to there is always the best people and always a great selection no matter what you need or can spend!!!! they definitely know how to treat their patients!

  96. hlipschutz

    good meds lakewood is by far my favorite dispensary in Colorado. The

    flower selection is amazing, as are their concentrate and edible offerings. Great prices too, especially if you are a member. Their budtenders are always friendly and have fantastic bud recommendations.

  97. ElFromHell

    I’ve been a member since G.M. ws a 3rd floor hole in the wall on Carr St. The atmosphere and people were great, as we’re the buds. I became a member that day. For the past 4 yrs I have been a loyal (i.e. $thousands$) customer and now I ask the question:


    Chrissie is gone. Benefits have all been changed. Price seems to be based upon quantity on hand not quality. The emps r doing an Oscar winning job pretending all is just fine, but I know these great people and the stress is palatable in the air.

    I miss the old Good Meds. Please, new managers, ease up on the pressure. U have GREAT emps. They deserve to be treated as such. Thank you.

  98. spculbreth

    This is by far the best dispensary in Lakewood. Knowledgable staff and great service, great quality medicine consistently, and a great atmosphere every time I go there. This place is a MUST GO!

  99. LifestyleScott

    I just signed up with them as my caregiver since I live fairly close. I did shop around before signing over and they have some amazing member perks! I’ve gotten some great buds two of my favorite strains are Tange Haze x The White and Helen Back. Prices are not bad either overall it’s a clean, friendly and good selection of products!

  100. jasq99

    I absoutley love Good Meds located in Lakewood, CO. Their dispensary is clean and staff is super patient and knowledgeable. I love their hard nipple Kush, which is reasonably priced. Best Medical Dispensary IN Colorado; Hands Down!

  101. dcoleman1227

    Staff is super chill bud is nice and dank plus always giving good deals

  102. ezerhauden

    I’ve been going to good meds for about a year now the staff is very friendly and the product is excellent.

  103. ComradeMahoney

    Good meds really should be called the best meds! tc labs wax and shatter is to die for….I find there strain specific co2 by evo labsto be the best concentrate out there; it aslo comes with a concentrate container which is nice sense its so pricey. Herb wise i would highly recommend their calligirl aswell as their girlscout cookies. for indicas i suggest Hollygrail and brain OG however i have never been disappointed with any strain i walk out of there with. A plus forsure! love you guys

  104. max.fearon.3


  105. stonedflyguy

    Probably the best med shop in Lakewood, would go to to toe with any dispo in the state. Good flower, awesome concentrates, and some of the best prices around. Staff has always been great and I always get in and out quickly.

  106. kmestas9

    best bud ever

  107. Blondepeace

    This a fantastic dispensary! The bud tenders are very knowledgeable and helpful. They have great deals AND, they are the nicest people!

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