Urban Dispensary

Best Dispensary in Denver



2675 W 38th Ave, Denver, CO 80211


39.7695158, -105.0203134




9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


9:00 AM – 9:50 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Urban Dispensary is a dispensary that you can call home. Our friendly well trained team is happy to help you select the products you want at a realistic price.


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64 reviews for “Urban Dispensary

  1. zay41

    I love this place! Great bud great people

  2. smcgregor0209

    Perfect location, easy parking, and a bomb Cuban restaurant shop next door

  3. samt48

    Very friendly environment and helpful employees

  4. EmPossible

    Super friendly staff, great location!

  5. sjohnson6935

    I love the flower selection and well priced quality concentrates

  6. Together96

    My crew rolled in from the Midwest. We got love at the door. We had two vets with us. They paid $4 for an 1/8. Urban showed love all week.

  7. timnanh

    Best Joints! I am a type of person that checks out all of the dispensaries in the Denver metro. 98% of dispensaries use shake and low quality green for their joints. Not Urban. They use top quality flower you can actually a lot of crystals on. Great customer service!

  8. emilyspoon35

    Overall had a very good experience here. The cop checking IDs at the door was very friendly and greeted me very nicely and made sure I was familiar with the policies there. The glass is cool. The bud is good, large nugs. They have a wax display that show all the available concentrates. That was very cool. The guy working seemed to have a wide knowledge of his products. I didn’t catch his name unfortunately. The prices were great. Their deals were amazing. They give a military discount. The clientele are mostly older people. Good parking. Very chill. Loved it here.

  9. Weirdwood667

    I’m here every 3 days almost. grabbing a couple of eighths or a gram of concentrate. I love the prices and the consistency of quality.

  10. czurek95

    2/50 deal is amazing. Spunky employees. Good location

  11. cris64

    Great customer service

  12. peggert814

    Very approachable and informative staff. First time and will definitely return!! Amazeballsss

  13. cpalmer

    Great customer service and the best quality cannabis in town!!

  14. jannine18

    Fun, knowledgable staff, well organized, great inventory

  15. jbeauty05

    Luv this place won’t go anywhere else

  16. angelfstrait

    Great customer service friendly

  17. MrsMaloney

    Love this place and the strains they have

  18. terrylicious

    Nice verity, visa cards accepted, and fast great service.

  19. smokeco1977

    Awesome spot. Great staff. Best neighborhood dispensary!


    Way too dry

  21. drewsiv

    I love this place, the parking in the back was confusing when first going, but besides that its an amazing place. The bud is fantastic, donations are a little on the pricey side but you’re paying for what you’re getting. I only shop here now, its hard to medicate from anywhere else when you cant get high off anything else after smoking their bud!!

  22. nicolel1010

    They always have great deals on both flower and concentrates!!!

  23. Brittneybuff

    Great place! Very welcoming and knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone

  24. in_a_tizzy

    Stopped into this location since it was one of only two spots that sells Maui Wowie and it was totally worth it!! The flower was extremely fresh and just looked so “aww”. Being from the Sest Coast, Maui is a must in my life. Thank you UD!

  25. dogcatdog

    After visiting many dispensaries I settled in on this one as my go-to. Below average prices and excellent product. I recently had a problem with a purchase I made here and I came back in and the staff gave me a full replacement. More than I was expecting and it’s great to see them take care of their customers like that. Thanks Urban!

  26. panecakeman9

    Great hash great customer service

  27. EGLucero

    Very friendly!

  28. ajaramillo0413

    Best weed in Colorado!! Hands down!

  29. EricR512

    great deals on bud and shatter

  30. katebob17

    The guys were helpful and so awesome, prices were great! We will definitely go back!

  31. drews420

    Customer service rocks!

  32. mattruck

    The service was great and the grape god is one of the best in towndY’

  33. msortegasara

    #1 dispensary i shop at recommend to everyone

  34. dTrain420

    Good 2 for one deal but nugs were leafy and airy! And the non organic ingredients list on the bottle made me very weary of the product!

  35. khartke2

    The best place in Denver!! Very reasonable priced!!

  36. ibarracuda

    I love Vader and Jupiter, plus Ive been coming here since they first opened. – Faustino

  37. youngdonyun

    I love this place! They definitely know their weed.

  38. boggied123

    practically perfect customer service. great prices and quality product. looking forward to my first strawberry cough experience

  39. mruby23

    Easily my favorite dispensary. Forever wishing I could give this place more stars for their atmosphere! The budtenders here know their shit. Trust me when I say trust them. Plus they’re straight up with you. If they haven’t indulged in a specific strain or product you’re talkin, they’ll point you in the direction of someone or something that can, no doubt. Plus straight off the bat they make you feel like a long-time friend & they’re all so chill. Just go there.
    Five star rating for the music playing, as well. “Yo, the Will Smith station on Pandora….. but thumbs down everything Will Smith. Because fuck that noise.” dY~,
    Okay, seriously now go hit up Urban.

  40. Multipass

    Very awesome my first visit to a dispensery. Super friendly and laid back. I will be back when I’m in town again!

  41. momkyyy

    Very welcoming

  42. KingJeremyTheWicked

    Great dispensary! Prices are great and the staff and owner are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Can’t recommend them enough.

  43. brucedamon

    Location convenient. Friendly, and attentive staff

  44. helix169

    Great location for the highlands

  45. alicefrija

    Friendly, knowledgeable, great strains!!!

  46. aarondawson

    This is a great location so many people were waiting for it!

  47. fabviid

    Great prices, selection and friendly service!

  48. anton91

    Everything great music friendly staff

  49. michaelchavez18

    Best flavor buds n good people

  50. bettyg032

    I love this dispensary. Every time I come in they are always friendly. On top of that they have good product.

  51. mastive91

    great deals and grrat meds. def a go to place! staff is great.

  52. OhFahQ

    It was my first time at this location and I was definitely satisfied. They were genuinely there to help, their flower is awesome 2/50 deal is great for a qtr.
    good selection of oils for pens and edibles/wax/hash.

    It’s close by so I will definitely be back. Travis was my bud tender and he is def a good guy–very helpful.

  53. jappy420

    Good selection, csr are super friendly and great products!

  54. sweets317

    Awesome staff who is excited to lend assistance. They take the time to educate on anything you may be curious about. Like it a lot!!

  55. Blynn5

    Everyone from the guy checking your id at the door to the bud tenders here is super friendly and very knowledgeable!! I have never walked away without getting some great advice and reviews from the staff! By far my favorite and most consistent product in a dispensary.

  56. lakota4207

    Easy to find, great location… Several deals and had everything i wanted. Friendly staff come in and see.

  57. skroy22

    Great service

  58. gabbycan2

    Go here just about every weekend and I love it !! Feels like home ! Friendly service and staff! I love my urban greenhouse peeps !!

  59. simonstor

    Nice location, great budtenders, awesome customer service! Good prices and deals on edibles!

  60. DabbinDupe

    It’s an amazing place with great and friendly service. I’ll go back every time

  61. Heidiburns

    I’m not crazy about the location,seems I live all the way in Surprise but it’s worth it and I have a great bystander Shebly.. Is my girl. Great customers service.

  62. Kaspars

    Good dispensary. Good deals

  63. aprilemma

    Fun environment, energetic staff, well organized product! Nice selection of flower!

  64. thomas27jannsen

    The people here are fantastic. Small biz feel

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