Herban Underground

$150 top shelf ounces



70 Broadway St, Denver, CO 80203


39.7178779, -104.9871034




9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Herban Underground is a family owned dispensary with both Medical and Recreational products. We are discreetly located in the basement of the Fleming Bros. Bldg next door to The Hornet restaurant. Our store has a live grow you can see from the dispensary.


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44 reviews for “Herban Underground

  1. timcat917

    HerbanUnderground is awesome! It’s literally underground…

  2. Mikee

    Amazing dispensary, watch them grow while being tended to by some awesome budtenders. Great lil spot.

  3. AshMarieCDXX

    Herban Underground is twenty miles away from where I live- and I don’t mind making the drive at all. The first time I came here I’m not going to lie I was a touch sketched out by the fact that it’s located in a basement of a business building, but once I stepped INSIDE the actual dispensary I immediately changed my mind! (And the name aEURoeHerban UNDERGROUNDaEUR made a lot more sense) You can see the grow room through a huge window, you can smell, and look up close at the bud with a magnifying glass & LED light. (Of course no touching) the bud tenders are super laid back and chill, but not lazy! They know what they’re talking about, and even if they don’t they ask another bud tender for advice instead of feeding you vague bullsh*t. It’s a very clean place- but not the type of clean where you feel like you can’t even breathe on anything! I love coming here because I’m not treated like just a customer, I’m treated like a peer, I never feel afraid to ask questions or make a joke!
    They are under construction right now which makes things a little inconvenient, naturally, but I’m excited to see how everything looks when it’s done (only reason for slightly lower atmosphere rating, for now)! I would recommend this dispensary to all my friends and anyone looking for a more laid-back experience rather than the uptight cooperate vibe.

    Wonderful bud
    Amazing service
    Chill atmosphere

  4. Ditorox

    Definitely a sweet spot to get some bud. Everything is grown in the room right next door. Trying a new dispensary a week and this is one of my favorites so far!

  5. qweatherly22

    Great friendly service and extremely knowledgeable with great products

  6. sissy49

    Great experience. Nick was very helpful and directed me to product that worked very well for me. People working in the shop all seemed very friendly and I loved seeing the growing operation. Will be back next time I’m in town.

  7. TikaL13

    Pretty cool location. Great service and even better view of the grow dY~

  8. Mikerzz

    Herban was recommended by Doc, my host at the B&B I was staying at. Friendly, helpful budtenders, good selection and some great deals.

  9. ryangalowich

    good time good bud!!

  10. assmonkey420

    great place awesome help.

  11. aLeIn69

    great place nice location and can use your phone. garden is beautiful.

  12. williaap79

    Great atmosphere. Wonderful service.

  13. cannobliss

    First timers coming to Herban Underground and Nick was awesome. Answered any questions we had. Great service.

  14. tragikage

    Dude how does noone know about this store ?? We stopped by while looking for another place and I’m SO glad we did . Best prices by far , Nick is a guru when comes to flower/growing knowledge . I learned sooo much . Instantly shot to my top 5 favorite shops !

  15. alex868

    Got some fire og and it had so many seeds called they said they would give me a discount on other stuff never went back

  16. nthack

    Awesome place. First visit to a shop, ever. Bud tenders were super knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. Very clean, well laid out, and the consumables we came away with were first rate. Will definitely be returning here.

  17. Stoobie.doo

    Place is the best!!!

  18. COTrueTest420BEST

    Bud made me cough not good at all inexperienced grower. I didn’t like the quality. Thumbs down for high prices too.

  19. Maw92

    I’ve been to Herban Underground twice, and it’s a pleasant place. They may not have a big flower selection, but it’s better than TGS. Even though it’s an hour away, I’ll still make the time to take a trip out here when I need certain cannabis strains for my nausea, aches, and pains. Prices are reasonable and the product is excellent. If you haven’t been to HU, you definitely gotta check it out.

  20. Sbasic

    Awesome place!!!!

  21. glowingsoulful

    Very unique space and awesome customer service. Nick was friendly, knowledgeable and passionate in getting me exactly what I needed. Great selection of flower and edibles. If you visit, you won’t be disappointed!

  22. telemarquero

    Great shop. you have to go down the elevator to get to it, but when you are there you can see inside their grow space! It so cool to actually see the plants!

  23. gmurphy116

    They are friendly and Clean. They also grow in house where you can see the flowers as you walk in. Overall best place I’ve been too

  24. soleinyourshoes

    Quiet, and personable. Nick is the best. He is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to hear out our needs. Yay!

  25. cmeiteen

    smelled amazing, awesome service, dank buds

  26. nilasharifai

    Cool vibes, cool people, cool bud.

  27. theboynton

    These guys are great. Super helpful and incredibly nice. Great conversation and advice. I’ll be back!

  28. Smexandcandy

    Very helpful and friendly staff. Good prices and deals. Definitely coming back soon

  29. Iceytocold

    Great qualities and great service

  30. KushLyfe303

    Great spot! Make me feel welcome and appreciated every time I shop here.
    Ask for Nick… He’s the best!

  31. Shadowdragon367

    Amazing place, great hospitality amazing selection overall 10/10 experience, a must see

  32. Metahuman

    Awesome staff, fantastic selection.
    The grow is visible trough glass and the grower is from San Diego (like myself) and definitely knows his stuff. Been back a couple times now.
    Underground OG, LA Kush, and Larry OG is what I have tried here and they were fantastic!

  33. BoiseBrewer

    Had a great experience with a patient and knowledge budtender. I highly recommend if your looking for some top notch flower. Also scored great discounts on edibles

  34. Grai71

    Great location and very friendly people!

  35. blakeburns7

    Place is dope

  36. freespirit15

    Herban Underground is such a dope dispensary!! Nick and Caitlin are some of the best bud tenders in town. I have been there before but was helped by the both of them this round. They both are really chill and know their shit. This place is extremely welcoming and the bud has some great quality. If you are looking for a new dispensary in a great location. Go see Herban!

  37. kai12345

    Super awesome place! Very nice employees 🙂

  38. Bbb16

    Really awsome place and great staff!!!

  39. amberfulton10

    Excellent service and amazing atmosphere!!!

  40. SmokeDaddy420

    I love this store! It was my first stop in Denver and now it’s the only place I’ll shop.
    People are friendly and helpful. You don’t feel like you’re being rushed.
    Tried other places but this is the best.
    And you can see the plants right from the store.

  41. cschoket

    Caitlin is awesome!!! You kill it!! She’s is smart and knows her stuff!

  42. Compulsive4201

    kool place

  43. Knischri

    Super clean area. Very organized. awesome staff and epic music selection. 10/10 would recommend. Jake is the man to see. super helpful!.

  44. queenlachiefa

    This is an awesome little dispensary. I didn’t get my budtender’s name but he was from cali and he hooked me up. He recommended some DANK indica strains I’ve been thoroughly enjoying. everyone in the shop is super nice and like other people have said it’s cool to see the grow room while you’re shopping.

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