The Lodge Cannabis

$79 Oz $14 Eighths



3944 N High St., Denver, CO 80205


39.7720337, -104.9644475




10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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Welcome to Lodge!
We are offering a Big selection of Cannabis and hemp based CBD products. Come see our growing selection today!
About Us
"The Lodge"is your top choice for recreational and medicinal Cannabis!
Our growing team focused on providing The Lodge’s best selection of quality medicinal & recreational Cannabis products. We offer a variety of options to fit your needs and it is our goal to provide you with the best possible information.
Come to The Lodge Cannabis and check out our incredible selection including CBD products, THCA tinctures, edibles, vaporizers, topicals, transdermals, patches, full spectrum hemp tinctures, a variety of potent hash concentrates, and The Lodge’s top selection of Cannabis strains. Buy more and same more option every day. The Lodge is best dispensary in Denver. We have two locations in Denver: recreational store: 82 South Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219 and Recreational and medical Store: 3944 N High Street, Denver, CO 80205. Looking forward to see you at our stores.
Wax/Shatter dY-4gr for $55 dY-8gr for $99 Live Resin dY-$20 grams or 8 for $160


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73 reviews for “The Lodge Cannabis

  1. Mr5280

    Always love coming to The Lodge great prices for good bud will recommend them to all my friends

  2. bookfaerie

    friendly staff, great quality

  3. nzp1105

    Great selection and staff

  4. DGreenm

    Good location I love High st. lol
    Great staff always helpful and friendly.
    I’m from Seattle and this is by far the best weed I’ve had in Denver, COdY’-

  5. Katyumyumnuggets

    y’all are mususing the word “Fire”.
    Drove all the way down there through all the construction madness for their $69.99 fire oz deal….DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Full of seeds :'(
    nice staff though!

  6. cherisue

    I love the location! budtenders are friendly and always a selection on bud!

  7. highonlifekayy

    Best dispensary in town. My favorite!!

  8. kerui9

    this place is super good

  9. wheelztw

    Wonderful staff and product! They know how it is done!

  10. brobeans77


  11. Z42099

    nice store

  12. BigMyke303

    I didn’t know about the lodge until I used the leafly app, but I am super glad that I did! I picked up some Golden Goat live resin and a 1/8th of Honey Banana flower and I’m very impressed to say the least. Very clean and very tasty. Their prices are really good as well, cheaper than the dispos around my place, especially the live resin. They have great customer service as well. If ur looking to save a few extra bucks and get a really great product then GO HERE! I know I will be going back for some more of their live resin.

  13. Turkfrost

    New To Denver , By Far My Favorite Dispensary

  14. woowoo60

    great budtenders

  15. candersen

    Best bud and prices in town

  16. bruceangel

    This is my first review for Leafly. I took a taxi ride out to High Street Cannabis Station for the Grand Opening special $15 1/8’s. It’s different…in that as soon as you walk in you’re confronted by an armed guard who asks you if your medical or recreational. Medical. Then he wants you to fill out a form. I just came for the special… You want my email address, phone number and address? …but it’s all correct and up-to-date on the licences you’re making copies of… There was an attitude of over aggressiveness I’ve never felt before. I looked at his arms…Steroids? His ink…the haircut and bleached dye job. Ex-military? Maybe. I am, so I recognize. MMA fighter? Nah, maybe. Whatever… I filled out the form reluctantly and with poor penmanship. He punished me with silence after I handed the form back appraising my penmanship and answers while I stood in front of his desk/window….waiting. He stared at his computer screen as if he were doing a full NSA background check. He knew he was making me wait…I knew he was making a point. I got it.

    Finally he gave me permission to go inside and buzzed me in (sans the buzzer noise).

    The girls inside were great! The weed quality is great! I thought about mentioning my first impression of their shop but didn’t. He was just feet away and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings if it was wholly unintentional.

    It’s now the next morning and I was confirming my email with Leafly and adding some dispensieries when I Googled High Street Cannabis Station and this is what I found:

    I am not typically a review writer but this encounter left a strong enough impression with me to warrant a review. I’m sorry that happened to you but you’ll drive away more customers than you’ll keep with that guy giving bad first impressions and making people uncomfortable. Let him be more unobtrusive.

    If you’re looking for good weed and an interesting not in a good way attitude then go here. There is a certain lesson and entertainment value in going here. I learned patience…and that was before I knew about the recent robbery.

  17. FrankBlue3700

    Great customer service

  18. jperez6060

    So good

  19. anyafe

    great offers and good variety

  20. phamilton711

    My favorite dispo out of them all. Flower is the best quality I’ve seen and concentrates are always delicious!

  21. Bhoff22

    cozy location with great product, both flower and concentrate

  22. Ktrask

    This place is awesome!!! the staff are all super helpful and the store has a great atmosphere!!!

  23. Flawless

    great customer service

  24. MinstrelTek

    The staff is knowledgeable and nice and they have some really good deals going on.

  25. marcusw37

    Great prices, great weed and the staff are helpful and new spot for Cannabis!!

  26. FightingIrish303

    Consistent quality with awesome prices, customer service & rewards

  27. jrodgers420

    this is a kickass place, Angelina
    was amazing

  28. jhm396

    Good location

  29. bgg5445

    Staff was amazing and bud was fire

  30. quentonj37

    You guy’s have great custom service in you guy’s are great worker’s

  31. dingus111

    Great service

  32. ccnumber5

    They are great! Awesome service amazing deals and fire weed!! Check them out!

  33. Stephy420130

    Perfect location from my house!

  34. spartytay

    Great location and prices. Come check out the new deals and specials

  35. Browneyedbeauty415

    I absolutely love this location they are super convenient and such a awesome staff. Of course they have the best bud on this side of town

  36. BeeGraceful

    Everything from the customer service to the price was above average, but what I loved was the weed itself! I have NEVER had weed like this in my life! I got an OZ of Fat Albert 34%.
    I’m a customer for life.

  37. ajhavrilek

    So far I think the Lodge is great! I’ve only been a few times but the staff is awesome and the selection is wonderful. Also they have good deals!!

  38. Doobie_Darko

    The Ladies of High Street Keep my Spirits High and the prices LOW MY FAVE PLACE TO SHOP HANDS DOWN

  39. aobitter12


  40. txchevy420

    friendly and great prices!

  41. Dafuq5280

    It’s fun convenient location.

  42. scottyreba30

    Great! All Five Stars!:)

  43. busciettac

    very welcoming, enjoyed there specials very nice people highly recommend.

  44. tll26

    This dispensary is great. Their current location is a bit small, but it’s well worth it to interact with the employees. great atmosphere great people.

  45. mbeach69


  46. tlottie

    I enjoyed the quality and the prices were good. Will most definitely be going back.

  47. Mooselodgepc

    Great place! Conveniently located and great selection and prices!

  48. MartyGrass

    This place is so fantastic! Great atmosphere! Great budtenders!

  49. Fredjo

    Great buds

  50. QuamaineJ

    Very polite, knowledgeable & great pricing. Love this place

  51. Shounsam

    Grahame. Always take care of me

  52. ztriple3

    Great prices, great quality

  53. itswayne

    Awesome budtenders and friendly environment. Definitely would recommend to anyone!

  54. dustyjurney

    Super friendly staff, simple check in process, great prices, close to my residence, most importantly potent, properly flushed, properly cured, large, dank buds..
    Excuse my highness but they will be my caregiver since they’re such a top notch establishment.

    Kinda hard to find if you’re not familiar with the area. They’re fairly close to I70.

  55. elbeezyfitness

    Love this place! Super close to home, great staff, and super deals all throughout the week!

  56. joebsmokin

    Great place

  57. Chellynne95

    Great deals and friendly staff! Definitely recommend

  58. Dperks80216

    I love this spot the people are great very friendly atmosphere great deals and even better buds

  59. JG36thHigh

    The staff is always so helpful and nice the bud selection is awesome and the quality is fantastic definitely my favorite dispensary

  60. gangsters

    dY’- great shop

  61. MedicallyMotivated

    Great Meds at a Great Price! Friendly, knowledgable staff with the latest and classic genetics ( Alot of DNA :). Ill def make this place a regular stop!

  62. vedmunds9999

    Awesome shop. Very friendly staff. Thank you!

  63. flawlessbudz

    Fast friendly customer service
    Great knowledgeable bud tenders
    Warm welcoming environment and clean establishment
    Great quality and variety of flower, wax and Edibles

  64. Rileyh18


  65. Sleepwalkingdog

    I love this place!

  66. milehighroller420

    bought a pre-roll that was advertised as a gram, came home and it weighed .3 when i unrolled it….I called and was told by the front desk “awesome, thats too bad.”
    DO NOT GO HERE, also was sold an 8th with PM here before

  67. ZayyChapo

    I had a great time shopping here on high street. The employees are awesome!

  68. RedNova12

    Small space, budtender seemed to want me in and out of door fast. Quality product, no so quality service

  69. MatthewWilliams24

    The flour is good

  70. casimar


  71. kcvaske

    Great budtenders. Awesome prices.

  72. JessNIvan415

    Love this Dispensary it’s one of my favorites close to home great deals awesome staff quality buds

  73. pv1996

    Great service ! Awesome staff

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