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9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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Euflora 16th St Mall boasts a large 6,000 square foot retail location and is the only dispensary located on the 16 St Mall
Only a short distance from many Downtown Denver Hotels, the Denver Convention Center, and Denver Union Station. Euflora is proud to be in such an exclusive space surrounded by many internationally known restaurants and an eclectic collection of bars, nightlife, and live music, along with major retail brand stores and many locally owned small businesses. Come browse our products and talk to our highly educated staff about your cannabis needs. Greenhouse grown craft cannabis, edibles & concentrates made with heart. (21+)


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42 reviews for “Euflora

  1. DizzyDominos

    I was ‘sold’ on this dispensary by a friend who talked it up to be the crA”me-of-the-crop, so I came in with expectations…. which were not met. The location has a hidden-in-the-basement feel that lends a dirty feeling to an otherwise clean room. The security is friendly but the staff seemed uninterested in discussing which product meets medical needs, more interested in which will get you blitzed. They had an almost non-existent selection of overpriced concentrates. They depend 100% on leafly for strain information.

  2. WillH28

    Super cool location. A little pricy but it’s downtown Denver. Got a couple pre rolls that were awesome. Didn’t have a couple thing but with the holiday I didn’t mind. Plan on coming back soon.

  3. AndrewCC

    I like the security.
    If you don’t have an ID that can scan…as in..look at your black strip on your I’d people you probably army going to get into this place. which I’m OK with. If you can’t keep up with that then your broke or some kind of special.
    The budtenders are enthusiasts about what they do. People seem to be on top of it. They give you a discount if you have a med card for $10 a G. Pretty good product on edibles, vapes, and at certain locations discounts if you buy from smoke shops close by…like 15% off discounts which is cool that they would.pare up with smoke whips near by.
    overall they are good. I can’t wait until their systems sinc up better so they know I and others are med users because every shop I have to wait for them to upload the fact that I am a med user and it takes a bit. other than that the info on their ipads is pretty state of the art. not everyone wants to bother a budtened or is an extrovert. some of us want to do the leg work on our own and it’s nice. they have magnification on each box of product as well as good lighting and again..yhe iPad for info on 90% of the product. some of them 10%…give or take has no info just a name on them.
    All in all its a great concept which I hope the owner will keep riding and improving on…There is great potential in this store.

  4. RyanPierce89

    Nice Clean Setup, Good prices and easy to understand system

  5. dissociative

    Great location along the 16th Street Mall, and good selection of mostly mainstay strains. I like the setup, I could see why its being compared to an Apple Store, with a tablet setup for each strain with some info about it, at least you’re not too dependent on budtenders. It’s nice to browse around and you won’t feel like being rushed. I just don’t like the pricing, but hey its downtown.

  6. Dude1

    LAME! “Sold out” sign on majority of edibles. Hardly any indicas or sativas, pretty much all hybrids. If you want a tourist trap Rec shop, go here! Prices were high for such a limited selection. I walked out empty handed, taking my cash somewhere that is better stocked.

  7. LuvinLife125

    I shopped at the Aurora location on Buckley just South of Quincy. Very interesting take on a dispensary and I love it being new to marijuana and wanting to explore all of the different options available without monopolizing a bud tender’s time. The bad comes into play when you are actually ready to speak to a bud tender and ask questions. There were 2 people working the counter and waiting on the line of customers plus a security guard. When I had questions, I had to stand in line to get them answered, then go back to shopping only to repeat the line again the next time I had a question. The bud tenders also weren’t very knowledgeable. Great concept, great buds, prices are a bit more than other dispensaries I have purchased from, however, the implementation of their store concept has a few bugs that need to be worked out.

  8. AngelOfDeath75

    Visiting from the East coast. I tried a handfull of dispensaries and this shop was the best quality of them all. Esspecially liked the 30% Veteran discount.

  9. amberrwaves

    Loved the atmosphere and the presentation of product. Helpful that you can look things up on your phone. Staff did not seem knowledgeable about specific strains offered in cartridges.

  10. laceybell

    Friendly and helpful staff. Super clean establishment. Large variety! Recreational, too. Love this place! dY~S

  11. nikosmodernlife

    Very crowded. Looked like they set this store up using tables and counters they found at random garage sales. Extremely understaffed. – probably 15+ customers to each employee. When looking at flower, potencies of 13-24% were labeled as aEURoevery high THCaEUR but from what I have witnessed, that’s merely an average potency amongst the industry and by no means considered a aEURoevery highaEUR. Was in the store for 15 min and wasn’t greeted once. Ended up not purchasing anything and walking out.

  12. FoxPilot

    WAY over priced! A 250 mg disposable oil pen refill that only lasts about 4 days costs $50. It’s $72 if you buy the “craft strains”. What kind of bullshit is this? We’re not stupid. We know what weed costs. We know how to make the same products you are selling. It’s not magic. It’s a plant. And CO2 extraction does not take something that SHOULD be $200 per ounce and magically turn it into something that’s equivalents to $2304 per ounce. Corporate greed will send us back to our old delivery method. Congrats! You’ve given my business to your competition.

  13. worldkaoz

    I was so stoned when I walked into this place, had been puffing my oil cig while skateboarding down 16th st mall when I noticed their digital sign outside, the inside is very cool…security guard is funny, it was his 1st day today…the younger kid behind the counter was very cool too and helpful, ended up buying my 1st shatter, a gram of blue ewok, a sativa I was told priced at $68 and then I bought a skywalk epen to smoke it out of, which can be used for oil, concentrates and dry herbs priced at $58. He ended up giving me the neighbor discount 20% off which gave me a $25 discount, so total was $119. not bad, the shatter is strong as hell, I am so freakin high right now, the pen works great too for the shatter and dry, havent tried my oil in it yet. all in all I like the shop and will be going back to see what new shatter they have in a couple of weeks when im all out. oh and theyre filming a reality tv show there so go in this week if you want to be on tv 🙂

  14. HWAIII

    Love this place… Location,location, location..

    Thank you for your great service.

  15. VT_Bob

    Really liked the presentation style, with containers equipped with sniff holes for the smell experience as well as a magnifier for checking out the terpenes resin + overall appearance of the buds. Super helpful bud tenders + a good vibe.

  16. AdiLuv

    Went in for the 1st time yesterday. Loved this store! The variety that you can choose from! This place is awesome! Already told my friends about this store!

  17. breezy91

    Nice selection, friendly staff, and great prices!!!

  18. moxie20

    I visited Euflora back when it first opened and was very impressed by the staff, the products, and the setup of the store. I loved having the digital scanner and the tablets displaying the strain information. As a customer, I felt much less rushed and more enticed to educate myself about what I was buying. Overall great store, good selection of products, and helpful and friendly staff!

  19. MisterPatchoulli

    I really enjoyed the way you could browse around looking at the different strains and smelling them. without having to harass a budtender with a million questions.

    Most or all of the other dispensaries I’ve been to did not allow for browsing. Only one on one talk with a budtender.

    It was different and unique for me.

  20. lovethethorns

    I’m extremely pleased with Euflora near Southland’s in Aurora, CO. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and willing to help.

  21. BlazeItandPraizeIt

    I visited the Euflora location on Southlands in Aurora and I was really pleased. It was my first dispensary to ever visit (I know, I know. I’ve got some catching up to do) and I was horribly impressed by their ‘Apple Store’ set-up as well as their prices and the knowledge of their staff. I will definitely be visiting them again, after I try a few more places.

  22. sshepard20

    They have a policy about what direction the ID faces. My wife, who cannot drive for medical reasons, has a state issued ID. They would not let her in. This seems discriminatory. I left with my wife out of courtesy to her. I returned later without her. I liked the set up with the iPad giving the pertinent information about each bud. However, I couldn’t seem to get any help. When I did get help, she seemed bothered, so I just left. I received better service elsewhere. The prices were higher than
    competition. They had some nice choices, so I rated that a 4.

  23. queerdad

    Quality is good. Prices are too high. I like the setup where you can take your time and read the iPads about different strains. Less pressure that way – no one rushing you. It reminded me of an Apple Store. Good for first timers, if you’re nervous about your first dispensary.

  24. Eshepley

    Unique, fun flower presentation with smell boxes and IPad mini info stations. Kind of confusing way of interacting with staff (they were short staffed on my second visit), but buds and strains were great (they don’t weigh in front of you) and staff (and security) were friendly. Incredible deal on Pax vape pen and if you book my420 tour, you get 25% everything for a week! Best deal in town!!!

  25. daptortelli

    Convenient location but most expensive I’ve come across.

  26. brand1angel

    found the same strain up the road for $12 cheaper , the afghani i got was so so dry ….
    Arizona has better flower…
    the guy working sold me something i didnt even want or tv or what i asked for….

  27. SuperFlyLeafBag

    I wish this site would allow for no stars. I was a good customer, but I stopped buying weed there awhile ago because they were out of stock and what they had was dry like it had been around for a year, and way overpriced. But I went there to buy a vaporizer, and it ended up being the straw that broke the camel’s back. The staff showed me a $280 vaporizer called Pax, and suggested it was the best one you could buy so I bought it based on their recommendation – $320 with tax. Turns out at least the one I had did not work as advertised no matter what I tried, so I went to return it. They wouldn’t take a return, or even a store credit. Instead, the snobby little condescending jerks at the front counter suggested I just wasn’t using it right and that I could take send it back to the manufacturer. Well, I don’t know if it just didn’t work right, but I told them if it’s that damned complicated, I don’t want it. The staff then turned rude when I asked if I could get a store credit. Nope. Could I exchange it for something else? Nope. In fact, one of the jerks said “It’s right there on the receipt, no returns, all sales are final.” Thanks, Einstein, but I already bought it. It would be helpful to know that before I bought it, and there are no signs in the store stating this policy. So now I’m stuck with a piece of junk, $320 lighter and had to deal with some of the biggest jerks in customer service I’ve ever dealt with. They’ll take your money with a smile no problem though. Hope they’re happy, because it’s the last dime I’ll ever give them. I will NEVER return, and since there are so many better options out there in terms of dispensaries, I suggest you go elsewhere. Here’s a lesson in customer service – make your customers happy, because even if they’re not right, they are. I’m in customer service, we bend over backwards to make sure our customers are happy no matter what. Why? Because then you have repeat business. You got your $320 out of me, but you could have had thousands as I am a VERY good customer for businesses that earn it. If the jerks at the front desk are any indication of who they are as a company, they don’t really care. Good thing about Colorado, is there are plenty of other places that do. Spend your money there.

  28. PonceDeWeedon

    Expensive and poor quality bud. I’ve carried more genetics out of Euflora than any other dispensary in Denver, seed in the flower. Overdried and stripped of tricomes, Euflora’s flower is stepped on hard. Quality cannabis is perfected by the love and care of master grower, but means nothing if the product is mishandled during and after the cure. Weed isn’t supposed to be a byproduct of weed…

  29. SkyHyPete

    Great spot if you just need to grab something really quick (pre roll). Close to union station for those coming in from the airport! I don’t like the prices, but it is on 16th. 🙂

  30. klebom55

    Loved the shop! Liked how I could find sativas, Indicas and concentrates on different sides, made it really easy for me to find exactly what I wanted. I ended up buying a gram of grape ape which was a great Indica to help me with my insomnia and a gram of cherry diesel wax for me and the wife and we absolutely loved it! I even came back for a second time to buy a trucker hat to remember this fantastic place! Thanks for making my trip even better Euflora, can’t wait to come back!

  31. Tanide77

    The folks working there were very nice. I really liked how everything was clean and arranged for ease of viewing the product. I wanted more conversation/direction from the budtender, but overall it was a good experience.

  32. kibu95

    this is like the apple store of cannabis, it’s incredible. not only do they have bud, and concentrates, they have weed games and souvenirs too. their bud is some of the best I’ve had.

  33. AVLien

    This place is just shoveling money, don’t expect anything like customer service, or even politeness. There are plenty of other dispensaries nearby, they will all treat you with basic decency. I’d bet good money they’ve paid for most of the positive reviews here and elsewhere.

    It’s like a dispensary with the ambiance of a really crappy head shop. The manager was quite condescending (like a crappy headshop), bought an O-pen cartomizer which was defective, they exchanged it after some grumbling…for another defective carto, which they refused to exchange.

    The reason it really bothered me is that O-pen has a “no questions asked” return policy (likely to save that quality control money without rubbing people the wrong way) so it wouldn’t have put the guy out in any way not to be a jerk about it, he just felt it necessary I guess. Spending $80 on a useless piece of glass and metal was frustrating, but being hassled about it was infuriating.

  34. Smirch

    Long lines and terrible management. I went there for an OpenVape promotion after calling and confirming stock. When I got there they could not access the product. They tried the manager but no answer. Having driven across town I next tried the other location. There after 30 minutes of waiting and the clerk preparing the order, the manager comes over and says there is a 1400mg limit on concentrate sales. God knows where he pulled this out because it is now 28g and soon to be 8g on October 1st. He calls his boss and then comes back and perhaps because he was wrong he says “It doesn’t matter what the law says because I am sticking to the 1400mg.” This rendered the “Unlimited” OpenVape cartridge deal unusable as he proposed to sell me just 3 420mg carts. Not sure how buy one get one free works with three. Anyway, I walked out instead. I learned my lesson but wasted 1.5 hours between the two stores. Of course there is also the problem of their setup which leads to dreadfully long lines. No thanks, not when there are better options who don’t allow their stores to be run by guys who make up the rules as they go.

  35. franga13

    Ridiculous ID policy that managed to reject 2 current, valid, state issued IDs.

  36. Ocularpatdoown

    Good selection. Nice ambience. However the service was ridiculously slow.

  37. Photo420

    Liked the vibe and being able to walk around and look at the stock. Staff was nice.
    The gram bought was tasty.

  38. Crazyfordarkness

    Bought 1gram Jack Frost A+++ Quality , love the environment , Will definitely visit again on my next trip to Denver

  39. kerouaciness

    Friendly, knowledgeable and no pressure, great dispensary.

  40. Michael1977

    Great location and atmosphere. Terrible service though.. I was in there 2 days ago (Sunday) around noon and was helped by a young lady who incredibly rude and condescending. Shortly after I convinced my wife and 2 friends to leave and buy somewhere else.

  41. mikeh5

    This is a departure from the traditional, ‘go up to a counter and consult the budtender’ experience, in lieu of a streamlined self-directed exploratory process.

    The likening of Euflora to an ‘apple store of weed’ is a very apt description, except they did end up saving a lot of money by using Samsung tablets, and HP computers, vs the comparable Apple devices. But the self-directed effect is still quite unique in my experiences so far.

    Their flower is almost always top notch, however I did find over 20 seeds in one purchase of Blockhead, so there are a few lower-quality buds in stock, somewhat randomly.

    Their Ultra Sonja and LA Confidential have been some of the best strains tried so far, and for downtown dispensaries, their selection is one of the largest. They have had a number of other wonderful choices in stock, but they do end up rotating out after a while.

    Finally, their staff is wonderfully friendly and helpful, if in case you actually have more questions than the product literature can assist with.

    Protip: bring your passport if you do not want your ID scanned or kept up front at the security desk in a binder with card slots as pages.

  42. fkgomes

    This was my very first experience at a dispensary and my bud tender didn’t seem to understand what I was looking for and directed me to something totally different that is was looking for. Other than that pretty good. They need to update their strains on website.

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