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503 Havana St., Aurora, CO 80010


39.7232981, -104.8663983




8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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Lightshade is one of the most reputable, high-end marijuana dispensaries in Denver, serving medical and adult customers at multiple locations in the Denver metro area, including Aurora and Lakewood. Established in 2011, Lightshade has a reputation for growing the best quality genetics in Colorado. With the highest THC levels in lab results for our marijuana strains, it’s no surprise that cannabis connoisseurs from Colorado and around the world continue to visit Lightshade for the best weed in Denver. If you are looking for marijuana dispensaries in Denver or Aurora, or wondering where to buy marijuana in Colorado, you’ve found the right place.

Lightshade proudly serves the 21+ Medical and Recreational marijuana community. There are laws and regulations within Colorado that both medical and adult marijuana customers must follow, such as purchase and carry limits. Please visit our Laws & FAQs page for more information about Colorado marijuana laws to ensure you are following the proper weed laws and regulations.

In addition to our retail stores, Lightshade has several state-of-the-art marijuana growing facilities located throughout Colorado. Our Holly location includes a retail/medical store attached to one of our growing facilities, and features a viewing window in the waiting lobby where our customers can see what a professional, high-end marijuana growing facility looks like. Our Holly, Peoria, Sheridan, Havana and 6th Ave stores each include a huge selection of marijuana products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals and merchandise. Visit Lightshade today to see why the difference is night and day between us and the other marijuana dispensaries in Denver.


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1,639 reviews for “Lightshade

  1. doda440

    My favorite place to get bud always have some good dank strains

  2. Memog923

    You guys are pretty good and close by makes it convenient .

  3. JacintaK

    I came with a friend and absolutely loved the environment. I love their sativaa

  4. RollinMeadows

    My fav location. Ian is the best!!!!!

  5. darrellcannon53

    i love this place nice prices good strains good employee

  6. Jenngcarr91

    I had a great experience here! The staff is great and are very knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend! Best flower in Colorado

  7. Pierced

    love this place best dispensary ever

  8. terrance2325

    Great location right off of Havana excellent products and great products

  9. Floridasun

    The scent walking in the door to the upbeat tenders all with great music gives a great aura, definitely worth checking out.

  10. kmadtha1

    I like the location. and their bud is A1!

  11. nestes22

    Love this location. Perfect prices and great staff! A must visit for new comers.

  12. EddieDiaz

    This is a great location, knoledgable and friendly staff.

  13. Barriskill

    I went to light shade Havana and had a wonderful experience for my first time at dispensary! It wasn’t a bunch of hippies with beards and glass jars. It’s new age marijuana commercialism.

  14. YouthfulPuma291

    Pretty awesome place to go if you want some fire!!! Staff is great and friendly!

  15. DSanchez2151

    I love this place it’s got great bud tenders and the experience is awesome

  16. SheaButter123

    All around awesome location! Really friendly staff, well educated on their products too, they know their stuff! Really great quality products too, with a huge variety to choose from. Lobby is nice, clean, cool too, really cool looking place! Would Highly Reccomend!

  17. ryan211

    open late, good service

  18. cutekush87

    Amazing environment and friendly staff!

  19. Kofi1093

    Great weed great location employees are informative I’d recommend this location to anyone

  20. 420kaze

    This place has great buds for good prices defiantlyy worth checkin it out

  21. mahler

    amaazing place, love staff, taste of flower wise was amazing and smell is a punch, full trichomes and PURPLE BUDS

  22. Oddlife28

    This place is the best great staff,and also great bud.

  23. Atd1313

    It is really nice walking in here knowing I am going to find exactly what I want. You will not been disappointed by this Hava location ! People are super friendly and the waiting room is extra comfy!

  24. Coffee2112

    The flower awesome. Tastes great. Great people who help you find the strain you’re looking for.

  25. Kpayne214

    They have amaaazziinngg strains!! Every time I come here I love it!!!!

  26. Sandybad

    Great weed great prIces

  27. Keshia.sawyer

    Love this place!!! They are the

  28. epkon

    very great selection of buds, friendly staff and great location.

  29. Jayveon01

    Always have a great experience here never unhappy with the flower or any products

  30. BrittanyYetter

    Love it! Love the bud and the staff.

  31. cbreedlove

    Light shade always has quality inventory and they cycle their customers through in an efficient, friendly manner. Great spot!

  32. Mr5280

    Love the knowledgeable staff they always point me in the right direction, And the Buds speak for themselves.

  33. hottiek

    A bit of a Drive from my hotel but worth every penny hahaha seriously from their 420 sales to the friendly staff I can’t believe we’re hitting all 6 today

  34. Jayraider420

    It was awesome friendly staff great product.

  35. stevo42o

    Awesome place nice people smart

  36. rpicken1842

    Showed up for the first time on a Sunday morning at 8 AM & the doors were promptly opened for service. We were greeted with a smile & helped by a knowledgeable staff. Great selection of live resin/concentrates…get the Binske!

  37. mojopac9185

    Good product great customer service

  38. blowsmokelm

    I loved the people who worked there. Loved the cookies. Loved the man at the counter. Cool place!

  39. yungjj1000

    I’ve been coming here for over a year and I love it too but quality is great quality and quantity and the customer service is excellent

  40. anty92

    One of my favorite locations! I love the gorilla glue #4

  41. vintfemgoddess

    The location is nice, clean and organized and safe. Staff is always welcoming.

  42. Beckydaniels888

    This is my favorite dispensary!!!!!!!!!

  43. Memphis1

    great place for great bud and an awesome staff.

    20 dollar grams for 420!!!!

  44. Pwilliams84

    Awesome and highly recommend.! There’s a liq dip and dollar store all in the same location.! Great need cola.!

  45. khadijhacofield

    the people are very nice i loved it

  46. Kieraco

    Great staff. Cool environment nice bud

  47. Cjpayne2009

    Great shore love the ready rolls!!!

  48. al3131

    Great costumer service and great enviroment. The product was 10/10

  49. RozayRozay

    aEURoeGreat knowledgeable staff. They educated me on the different strains that were in the weed and what effects would occur. The weed was great as always. My go to spot! aEUR

  50. nat.marcial

    Great Dispensary, Great Service, Great Staff and Quick Purchase Time

  51. Smokinbuds4life

    Great store I love this place

  52. Sjohnson2017

    They are a awesome group of people and I will always make lightshade my place. Well done

  53. Jakecanfly

    Amazing shop. #1

  54. keyaralopez

    I love this place. Hands down my favorite dispensary!

  55. Maclucky86

    My only issue is the card reader that doesn’t read my card

  56. berrysguy1

    Over all great location

  57. 303blowin

    Some of the most chill people you will meet flat out, can I get an amen!?!?!

  58. Chris2018

    Great products and a friendship staff! Great place to go

  59. walkersmama16

    I love this dispensary. The staff are helpful and flexible they have awesome deals and there marijuana is amazing. I have recommended a lot of my friends to try them out

  60. Deavontayb

    Love the location and love the friendly staff and all the great deals an selections of buds.

  61. Dayday2700

    I’ve been going here for a few years now and I F-ing love it there

  62. kimmi0418

    Awesome place!

  63. Ecstatichaze32

    This location is convenient and has great selection. The staff is friendly and helpful.

  64. Angie4444

    Five stars and best buds in town!

  65. Gonzalezangel236

    I enjoyed the quality and selection of the products. I will definetly be returning and recommending to everyone I know.

  66. MPavlicek

    Awesome bud! Awesome people! Great smell,taste,and quality… of both

  67. Vojie

    Lightshad is amazing I always leave satisfied the weed is great the customer service is always great to

  68. McBoom

    i freakin love this place! Great service and pretty big selection. Best pre rolled j’s for the price I’ve found so far! lots of flavors and knowledgeable staff! Definitely recommend these guys!

  69. cchangles

    Awesome product, experienced staff

  70. RobinH

    Wonderful people. Great product. Must visit!

  71. CashMonie

    I was referred here by a friend and now it’s the only place I go. I live on Parker Rd and love the Havana location for its really good service and convenience. The selection is the best!

  72. Smoker4201

    great service and good prices. the herb is always fresh and killer smelling. love it !

  73. Parriefrance

    always nice and helpful staff. quality bud for a good price. nice location.

  74. MarquioneHarris

    Very Nice Location! Amazing Weed & Stafc

  75. BethM1987

    I come here often service is always good

  76. CDizzo

    Great prices, knowledgeable people.

  77. judyswag74

    best bud best team best atmosphere

  78. stevo40

    Like thus fispo

  79. twaffo2638

    The best

  80. ShaneO415

    Light shade on Havana is the best place to get bud hands down!

  81. ImmLee

    Light Shade Always Has Good Deals And Flower!

  82. Kaylarae1715

    I always love to come to this location. Every time I come in, even if it is busy, the service is quick and efficient. Everyone is always friendly and it is a laid back, welcoming environment. The deals and product are also the best I’ve been able to find.

  83. iamd_aun

    This is literally my 4th time this week I love them

  84. miketingman

    Friendly people at the front desk Bought an ounce before and it was really nice moist buds. I’m really picky because I’ve been to other places where a gram was point 65 they shorted me and I paid over $50. Light shade on Havana is always on point with their weight

  85. cheshorcat

    aEURoeProfessional, relaxed environment with super friendly budtenders and quality product. I’m visiting from Oregon and my tender even suggested some fun things to do today. Will come backaEUR

  86. Dawaune223

    Love it here great staff great bud always cheap and affordable never busy always in and out

  87. Mobbex

    Super chill atmosphere and helpful staff! Product quality is amazing

  88. calibanks

    they are great over there and very helpful

  89. Handlit

    Good find. Budtenders are awesome, quality flower and friendly atmosphere.

  90. Scanseven

    Stopped in on the way home and I’m glad I did. The staff is amazing, friendly and knowledgeable. The selection for flower is not vast but the quality is reliable and the weights spot on. This shop is now on my regular rotation. Nice work Lightshade!

  91. Renikamac

    It’s perfect.

  92. Squirt71

    Best place to shop for recreational and medical purposes they are very friendly and talkative this is the place to be I love this dispensary

  93. Suckafreenikka

    Great customer service weed good and a great selection……and the mamis in there are odee fine ….lol. Ill deff recommend this place to my friends

  94. lilcali133

    the lightshade on Havana have good customer service and great budtenders

  95. Batman0214

    This location is great! Always fast kind and awesome!! This is the only dispensary I go too because I always have a great experience

  96. matchf

    Very knowledgeable staff! Will be back again!!!

  97. LuisT87

    The bud tenders are epic and really have great knowledge of the strains. The menu is pretty decent and consistent and the green is always fresh.

  98. LaChara

    This place has amazing customer services and a great atmosphere

  99. Nicie303

    Leafly on Havana is awesome!

  100. Harleysare4me420

    very awesome place and great flower one of the best,so far.

  101. Dee4314

    Great selection of bud and the bud tenders are really helpful!!

  102. 92_Shaggy2uce

    I love lightshade. All of the locations. Havana is very convenient to my house. They always look out for me. Right now I’m just trying to make it through to a check. And lightshade is the only place that will hook up their customers just forgiven rave reviews to the truth of light shades quality and customer service. Every single location has gorgeous women with great attitudes and good guys in them also

  103. Boom2900

    Very good buds.

  104. Nikkol26

    love this place since I came in for the first time. great service, place was clean,n well organized, employees were nice,friendly ,helpful ,would help you and what you needed. prices were decent .

  105. rissamartini24

    Everyone was so cool and knowledgeable. Made us feel comfortable asking question!

  106. daltondoobaby

    Again i looove this store n all the people there

  107. zakbibi

    best staff n products. been my go to for over a yr…. always there when i need them 🙂

  108. khaze

    love this location!! Great service that is quick and friendly. The bud tenders give great recommendations too. Awesome wee

  109. JCapili16

    This place is one of my favorites, I go here atleast once a day Staff is always friendly and always informs you of any deals before heading back. The budtenders are very patient when answering questions. Very good prices.

  110. jlshirely1

    Had a great experience with this dispensary. Professional and friendly staff. Very clean and comfortable store. Relaxed atmosphere. Great selection from house products to exclusive products each month. Definitely telling my friends about this place. I usually get wax here and it’s amazing.

  111. GhostFacemaifia420

    The budtenders know what they’re talking about the quality is great

  112. Shay21

    your customer service is awesome they deserve a raise

  113. Charliepbaby

    Great place and prices!

  114. adamlikesyou

    This is easily my most preferred dispensary. They’re always friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I’ve never been disappointed in anything I bought from Lightshade.

  115. Basst32

    Love shopping here
    Very very friendly and good product
    I’ll suggest to anyone!

  116. valigirl01

    Cool Vibe
    Knowlegeable staff

  117. Daddydont1424

    I think they have wonderful customer service support an some bomb ass Weed

  118. American97

    Always a pleasent trip to my favorite dispo who’s close high quality ,and most of all affordable!

  119. razerblades420

    good as any

  120. DesireeM

    I like lightshade because the marijuana is top grade and the prices are fair.

  121. Kyledringus

    Very clean and freindly

  122. cricket17

    this place is awesome!!

  123. hannibal80247

    Great Weed, Great Service

  124. Lady27

    Great prices. Good location. Traditional service

  125. dfine321

    Friendly. Quick. Knowledgeable

  126. RastaGirli

    Fast Friendly and Convenient. I highly recommend Lightshade to anyone that is looking for great service.

  127. 303rasta

    Aye this is really litt I will be coming back !!

  128. mimihoney8

    love this location my favorite
    i love all the strains .

  129. Angelvidals97

    Love the service and strains that they have

  130. bryant863

    very friendly and fast awesome service

  131. MissiCurious1987

    I absolutely loved the experience I had at this location. They had so many different things, and were very informative. Friendly service, amazing people. I will be going back…

  132. JSJInDenver

    Nothing but love to you!

  133. JhaFresh

    Friendly service

  134. climberjg0803

    This location is great, I come everytime I come to Col.

  135. RickRuiz

    Absolutely love this place. I live in Denver, but prefer this place over anything near me. Good prices. Awesome staff, and best of all great herbs.

  136. bro.antonia

    Awesome and convenient. Gelpful customer service!!

  137. Nessa9122

    I loveee this dip! Best marijuana hands down!

  138. Me.Weedguy

    Good location and deals are great, they also got some crazy pipes and other accessories to enjoy your smoke sessions.

  139. Queengreens

    Great bud great customer service

  140. jannie87

    excellent customer service. excellent prices. excellent bud. lifetime customer

  141. Rosebudcarter

    we love the girls they are so freaking awesome and the prices are great

  142. jaymoney2

    The staff is very nice and helpful, this location is close to home
    And have some of the best bud, highly recommend.


    This is a cool spot. The service was very good.

  144. Shalon

    It has an awesome atmosphere vary warm and homey

  145. Vitro5280

    Love the bud and great customer care highly recommended

  146. Tayscott12

    I think this location is best out of all of them because i always get what i come for

  147. Hebrewkween

    Very fast service and our Budtender Gina was nice and knowledgeable. Will return again when I come back to Colorado

  148. Jordancapp

    Great experience, great people, overall great time while there and were headed back for another visit!

  149. Ntxremo

    For sure the best store with the quick service.

  150. kumajuice

    I love light shade its a great dispo
    N the people r great !

  151. Eclipse99fwb

    Awesome location, always fast in and out. Bud tenders really know their stuff. 100% better than other dispensaries in this part of town.

  152. Gwapp

    Slappin music i love them

  153. skootcrazy

    Lightshade it on Havana is my favorite dispensary they have great products great people and great atmosphere

  154. Teresah2008

    Love the location on Havana nice and friendly staff and good selection of bud

  155. Youngignorance093

    Good weed good people good service

  156. dottylo

    I’m very particular bout what I Smoke & Light Shade has yet to let me down…I’m low key scAred to shop somewhere else…lol…Best a>1/2i, In ColorAdo aEUR1/4i,dY’adY1/2

  157. JocelynPineapple

    I been here a couple times every one is nice and helps pick out weed nicely. I always come back for the 8ths good shit!

  158. Towarts

    Great prices and the staff is friendly.

  159. cheesetardcheeto

    my favourite dispensary beautiful and fresh flower they give you the bang for your buck

  160. ahmedslim13

    Great weed awesome customer service definitely coming back very soon

  161. GayJay420

    Always friendly and knowledgeable. Love the cartoons!!

  162. Breakznexistenz

    Love the deals and location. Great sale flower!

  163. GoAskAlis

    Great prerolls that smoke smoothly and Super friendly staff! I’d highly recommend shopping here

  164. Chrisxmoran

    Great bud!!

  165. philioso81

    Super friendly staff also knowledgeable Plus always have great product

  166. carlwilcher3

    Good selection of strains at reasonable prices.

  167. kevkev777

    Great Location and even better selection. I would definitely come back

  168. Stacysk

    I go here often because of the service n they always have different strains

  169. Hotshotyo

    These guys/girls are great!

  170. SweetSkunk1

    Great staff great location.

  171. shabermel

    Very cool atmosphere, and very friendly, knowledgeable staff

  172. Ale29

    I love this place, they’re probably sick of my face but I can’t say enough about them. consistent menu. quality green, fresh atm!atm!atm! what’s not to love?

  173. p.bonds

    it was great.

  174. Jerzie

    First time was great love the weed and pricing. Staff was very helpful and friendly

  175. MickJoint

    The people are very nice, the product is great, and the prices were fair. ill will be back for sure!

  176. teclaosonoro

    Really happy and helpful staff. Love the manager Heather – really cares about getting what you need (education and product). Bruce Banner and Sour Diesel strain buds glorious.

  177. highlife2100

    lightshade is a good dispensary they have great customer service and great quality of marijuana

  178. StoneRock

    Yo I love this spit, they always hood me up with the best deals and the best fliwer in the A!!!

  179. Shottasmoke

    The location was clean and everyone was very welcoming! Casey was verly helpful and was able to answer all of our questions! This is a place I would definitely visit again!

  180. 5280man4

    Great location been there once and it was perfect fast and friendly service which I love

  181. Bossdadon

    good good weed cool people great product. I recommend you to all my friends and family.

  182. Draya37

    Lightshade on Havana is by far one of the best dispensaries in Aurora never disappointed fast service clean waiting area. dY”Y=dY”Y=Bud!!

  183. 1pimmp1

    Amazing bud and clean af!

  184. iamflyhpe

    King Louis XIII and Tigers Milk are two of my favorite flowers from this location. Great customer service. Very knowledgeable

  185. shermantthomas2

    I like this location compared to
    a lot of the other locations. they have great prices and good products as well. Thank you to all the workers for the good service.

  186. ATLionheart

    great service and love the place, but the product can be a bit inconsistent. When its good It’s great though. Shout out to Nichelle for making it a wonderful experience.

  187. chitown23

    Went to this location straight from the Airport. Very friendly staff and the meds were awesome. Berkel strain is on of the best tasting medicines I have ever tried.

  188. rattlersr

    Great quality good service. Specials always bring me in.

  189. contentcreator

    Lightshades on havanna is a great place to get everything you need at good prices

  190. Liz327

    Its a great location! Staff is great!! Great prices! Wouldn’t recommend any other places!

  191. dwoid

    I like the service and the qu

    ality of weed there awesome

  192. MIKEY7412

    Light Shade is the nest Dispensary In Colorado!!!

  193. goalie22

    One of the best dispensaries ive been to in Denver. I love the atmosphere and the staff is knowledgeable and fun. Great selection for a solid price and the accept cards. That pikachu drawing is great as well.

  194. Suaveetm

    Overall greT loctauon great budtenders will recommend to my friends.

  195. mollylaps96

    Lightshade has the best selection of concentrates in town! House wax is $19 OTD and all the other choices are $25 OTD (not live resin) They have everything in the strains listed on the jars, like terpenes. I highly recommend!

  196. morglc

    Great customer service.

  197. atrasatti

    Love this place!!! So professional, the best buds, nice people, great deals. Feels so professional

  198. skilax

    Lightshade is a great location for all of your marijuana needs and the service is excellent I highly recommend it

  199. Vegeta21

    Very clean and professional

  200. Dazzle85

    I think the location is very convenient. the staff are always friendly, and knowledgeable.

  201. jaygreens6

    good weed free joint

  202. hanhn60

    lightshade always have the right kind of week im looking fpr and always friendly when im come a great customer service.

  203. Ortiz123

    One of the best dispensarys in Denver. I love the flower

  204. KCM05

    I absolutely love this place. The Bud is freaking amazing. All the different choices amd deals they have. The prices match how great their staff is. Never a long wait. Join me here at THIS location.

  205. TXT3DDYB3AR22

    The staff is great; they get you in and out in no time. By far one of the best setups I’ve seen.

  206. a_bynum16

    The staff is ALWAYS very friendly. This store is quick and efficient. Love coming here. Better than any dispensary around.

  207. ltrgator96

    Amazing store

  208. airmaier

    Lightshade Labs on Havana is the dopest spot in town. Always leave with the best buds!

  209. Missgina

    Good bud great selection will return.

  210. elamanna

    fun people and good weed! always top notch service when i come here!

  211. orbitingearth

    Careful, they incentivize reviews so they really can’t be trusted. Nobody will leave a bad review for a free preroll. With that said this place is okay. The bud tender was patient but pushed me to a strain that wasn’t good. The Kimbo sucks! But the Space Ghost which he didn’t say much about is surprisingly good. Unfortunately I’m left w/ a half of Kimbo I’m not very happy with. But the guy who does the bottles was very helpful and I think the bud tender is good too just not so experienced w/ good buds. Primus is okay. If I wasn’t told the Kimbo was good I’d be a happy customer. Also space ghost appears to be grown outside was hydro grown in coco and others were not. Perhaps an outside grower provides better buds than the house strains. I’ll return for the Space Ghost but this Kimbo doesn’t cut it folks it’s harshhhhhh. If you’re claiming to have good weed it should all be good I shouldn’t have to worry about being stuck with something I’m not happy with.

  212. TiffanyHarris

    I think this is a very acceptable location very good staff and very good marijuana.

  213. captiancresty

    Super selection of top qual nug

  214. MagazineMagg

    These guys are awesome and have the most amazing buds.

  215. djkidfury1978

    Good prices and decent quality.

  216. cwhittik

    Great service staff was very friendly. Staff was very knowledgeable. Bud is always great. I love that they take cc. Definitely will be back!

  217. Craiglee2000

    LIghtshade and Havanva is the place to go friendly staff and great herb .. these two combi’s you cant lose I recommend this place to everyone that likes friendly people and great bud !!

  218. JocelynV

    I love the different atmosphere in there, they’re so friendly!

  219. Theking123456

    Great inventory. Thanks lightshade.

  220. kooljoe

    kool building. looks new. nice budtenders. decent selection.

  221. shlaxin

    Was awesome. Great stuff.

  222. Crider

    This is a great place nice staff and great buds.

  223. queenlyricc

    I like this shop good people at front desk great service good buds all the time. i love the fact that I dont have to wait there’s no lines enjoy going. never fail to come out satisfied.

  224. Bbrbx

    never Had a bad experience w the people at Havana Lightshade! Super quality buds at great prices

  225. Leelee53

    Lightshade is my go to spot. Good price and good quality flower!

  226. mrgene5280

    Always have the best selection

  227. pughdp303

    I love this location to cross breeding is nice the staff members are very pleasant in the environment is always peaceful

  228. poliboy

    Location is very convenient for me; prices are low, but still good quality; good selections

  229. TheRoseWidow

    Great product, friendly staff, not too far from the house! Will definitely return!

  230. Latoyarags

    I really like this location friendly staff, helpful very knowledgeable on products

  231. paigebeaton

    The people, appearance, and quality of strains in undeniably awesome in here. Bring all my guests and friends into experience.

  232. cjo4

    Staff was very helpful, great location, and great selection!

  233. poofsphotography90

    i love this place there shatter and wax deels are awesome and always tastes great, the people know there products and what will help the best!

  234. Tafff

    Awesome atmosphere from the very beginning. Great customer service!

  235. mztiny27

    very outgoing with customers service

  236. BirdieMack1980

    Lightshade Havana is my favorite store. They always have a good selection of strains and the staff is super helpful and patient.

  237. Gman994

    they have god bud a good service! helpful!

  238. GreenDrAe

    Easily one of my favorite dispensaries in town.

  239. bluepoint44

    great marijuana I love lightshade I’m telling you they got the fire and great customer service Lobo environment

  240. Ndman

    The place is nice and friendly. The people there was very informative
    I would recommend Light Shade to my friends.

  241. rydah138

    Great service and good location. I would like to see more different strains and more specials or vip sign up.

  242. collinfox

    best quality bud from any rec shop I’ve had in colorado. always great taste and great smell. not to mention a wide selection of concentrate at excellent prices.

  243. chavauxs

    Very friendly service with a comfortable atmosphere. Good strains.

  244. kelseyyyy123

    good pricing for some pretty great stuff

  245. efjames

    Awesome and knowledge staff, multiple locations, good prices and one of the few shops that takes credit cards. Highly recommended

  246. LCJSmokeWeedAllDay

    Great location, close to my house and has a great selection of indicas.

  247. Autumnflower

    Love the vibe, the friendly staff, and of course the main event! Always a great productdY’-dYOE,,

  248. moebama1221

    The best

  249. twinfish2

    They have consistent $122 OTD oz deals with and daily $18 eighths with quality flower, not popcorn buds. Their shake is actual shake with small nugs and not trim cast off. The staff is friendly and greets regulars by name.

  250. AzyahTann

    it is an awesome experience and has very excellent service and an damn great atmosphere.

  251. redordead

    Very helpful staff and a great atmosphere!

  252. steved3g

    Great people and great location. They have six! Go to any of them and you’ll be able to tell the difference.

  253. Walkerbeauchemin

    Good weed, good prices, nice staff.

  254. Jo_Perp

    The location was very convient! Small from what I’m used to, However I enjoyed everything from the time I walked in, picked out bud to check out! Shout outs to the staff and deautre for the Leafly service! dY’OEdY1/2

  255. Mejia.J

    Highly recommend any one who love gettn hi. Good deals and awesome costumer service.

  256. Justin_word

    Lightshade is the best dispensary in Denver. Check out their havana store to experience the best bang for your buck.

  257. edulaney

    Quality flower! Awesome staff!!

  258. reddishfish

    I love this place they have good product and friendly employees

  259. Kemhowell

    Always fast and helpful.

  260. tabeion94

    This is an awesome location that provides the best strains in Aurora… Would recommend any where else!

  261. Donniemontan916

    I love this place it’s great I love the strains and the people are excellent

  262. Shelbyfrench3

    I love lightshade! They have great bud for awesome prices! The people are great here!

  263. Michelle4445

    Just a good place to shop if you want fast friendly customer service with good weed

  264. DustyChance

    Budtender only smiled once when we said we didn’t need anything more, but he had great product knowledge, the line moved quickly, plenty of easy parking and a clever use of space; fast, efficient, just needs a bit more courtesy.

  265. vasram1025

    Its so awesome.!! great prices and great people!

  266. AfricanQueen

    The location is right up the street from the house. I could walk there. The staff was knowledgeable about the different strands and edibles. The environment is calm and relaxing, no wait, and fast service.

  267. Demeglo

    Great products, friendly environment, fast service and more. 5 stars from me.

  268. jgatsch

    awesome location and variety!

  269. Marc_85

    Number 1 for customer service and products. prices are great

  270. jeet.mahanti

    Troy Smith Here. This is a great dispensary. I love it and the staff and service are great

  271. Ivanator

    Great customer service and prices!

  272. ramsees

    i love the quality of weed and the staff

  273. skroberts3

    amanda and katie along with all staff were super helpful as always; every store always on mark. awesome weed and business

  274. Smashayilas

    great customer service

  275. Patriots12Alex

    great store and great customer service ever!

  276. milehighboy50

    I absolutely love the atmosphere here and they have a great flower selection

  277. JoshRob2

    This place is the best in Aurora. I highly recommend all tourists go here and get the best deals and meet the best budtenders in town.

  278. swarmofzachs

    Awesome place everyone was well informed and great service

  279. lass131359

    It’s on par with others

  280. darthbuddah83

    Great staff, great selection. Always helpful always friendly. Would definitely recommend to everyone.

  281. teehibbs

    Consistently quality bud.

  282. Ladyt25

    I love the selection and the place and employees

  283. shanikka

    I love this location! it’s literally the only place I go to. thanks for being so loyal

  284. M2M

    Love shopping here!

  285. Jay.snapps

    Awesome location thats close to my job. Ive been on the legal side for about 2 weeks now and Heather(budtender) was so helpful. Prime recommendations on the flower and great deals here. If you get the chance, definitely stop in. 2 thumbs up.

  286. Caro1

    Basic training in customer service is necessary even in the Marijuana industry. Waited 10 minutes came in at 8:15, was only one in lobby. I had to ask if it was going to be a long wait, receptionist called the Manager to ring me up, never said one word to me…only what l wanted, no thank you, have a good day, nothing….and this was a manager…my 1st time and last..l will go somewhere where my high isn’t ruined as l first walk in the door.

  287. Shellwhatthehell88

    This location has good deals and great shatter. Would recommend to everyone.

  288. Ladysha

    Great buds nice friendly service dY’tm

  289. BTrujillo

    I love lightshade on Havana they a great people and I have the weed.

  290. Naeemah1270

    They have the nicest staff

  291. Kalijackson7

    I absolutely love this location really close to home

  292. ZonaZo

    Very Efficient and quick

  293. Acepat


  294. ShanekaG

    I love light shade they are awesome gotta stop in and check them out

  295. nickysubsoutwest

    Great staff great product great choices. Love the lightshade branches but this one on Havana was my first dispensary ever. Broke my legal buying cherry at this joint

  296. Andersonm3213

    Lightshade is the best in town. The staff is amazing and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  297. Cannakenny

    I’ve been multiple times and the price is always good, employees are friendly and the weed is fire.

  298. Sunshine38

    Convenient location, great prices, friendly & knowledgable staff!

  299. kwells247

    Best best place on earth, wit great staffing

  300. Daniel653

    First time being here the staff was amazing the weed was great id definitely come back for more

  301. raymurray22

    First time visiting and was very impressed with the selection as well as the friendliness of the employees. I’ll definitely be going back for more! Keep it up

  302. Cjinkies

    Great visit with a cool attendant. Had a l2ittle bit of a wait but wasn’t too bad.

  303. alexcfrancis

    Awesome service with a great selection! Would recommend to all my family and friends!

  304. Torchwood1974

    Great location, super friendly, lovely buds.

  305. Painedpanic420

    I love this place. So close to home and the deals are always perfect 5/5 everytime

  306. Mo221997

    Great place and great people really helpful and nice

  307. puffz2much

    fast friendly dank reasonable price

  308. llcoolsai94

    i love lightshade! everyone is friendly and helpful. service was superb

  309. lmilano83

    Love this place friendly people great prices whats not to like!

  310. BikaCole

    I love this spot. Keeps me coming back on a daily.

  311. Pcharron

    Have great deals and good prices on the regular!

  312. magicalsabrina4

    this place is amazing has the best customer service I love how the location is close to my house very convenient I recommend to all my friends

  313. panonshay

    Every time I visit this location it is pleasant, the employees are customer friendly, and the service is awesome. I particularly love the music while you are waiting. I have tried a few different strains, but my favorite is Pursuis Kush…

  314. YAE22_

    Great strain great customer

  315. TK104

    I would deff recommend this place to a friend

  316. pt111380

    This place is amazing. All the employees are super helpful & knowledgeable. I felt comfortable and informed. It was a pleasant experience.

  317. cutternoob5

    The best service I’ve seen and I’ve been in all the dispensaries in Colorado (.)


    Awesome service great welcome to Colorado oh and the weed was good too

  319. Ncw0218

    This lightshade location has superior service when compared to other dispensarys. I highly recommend all family and friends visit the havanna lightshade

  320. Deemartin90

    This particular locations rocks…customer svc,budtenders

  321. shawnmaurice

    Well informed. Good prices. wonderful vybes an convenient af…

  322. Gomez5280

    Fast and Great customer service

  323. ladyt50703

    this place is awesome! Great strands and pricing

  324. Nest42

    Every time I’ve been, they know what they’re talking about. Great stuff!

  325. ngaworo

    First time being here any everything was great. It was really quick in and out & the budtender was super knowledgeable . The only complaint I have is the strain I got has a bit of a nutrient taste. Other than that no complaints, I will be returning.

  326. Carykennedy

    Great people I would recommend to any who asks very knowlagable of strains and great customer service

  327. Leviathan101

    Great service great level of thc and people friendly thank u for ur customer service

  328. SammeB

    Very efficient service

  329. Jeremy10Gillespie4

    Good weed!

  330. Mar8

    Love this place

  331. Peaches11911979

    Great location with easy access!!

  332. MaryZ.

    Love this place… Great service!! Awesome budtenders. And great smoke!!

  333. Hollidaylouise

    Lightshade Havana is always friendly and helpful. Great selection and quality. I would highly recommend lightshade for a first time or experienced buyer.

  334. kelseyj2005

    Absolutely wonderful! The customer service here is freakin great and honestly the quality is great too. The prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is great. I am becoming a regular!

  335. Jasbull90

    This place rocks

  336. millsblan

    This is hands down my favorite dispensary! The selection is good, service is awesome!

  337. BenignGator17

    throughly enjoy coming in every time, such a great product!

  338. Marq0209

    I love the bud here and it’s fabulous and by far one of my favorite stores.

  339. brianberman

    I absolutely love this location! Lightshade on Havana is the best! The staff is super knowledgeable and friendly. I always call before and they’re always really nice. The best prerolls around! I highly recommend this place. 🙂

  340. msaprilmiller

    lightshade has great quality bud and great customer service and a great facility. i love lightshade.

  341. dwade23

    Great customer service. Favorite spot in Den-Aur area

  342. LaTrenda23

    Great weed and staff

  343. LoisStar

    i love lightshade its one of the best places to shop they have everything you need and want and they are really cool people to talk to while you wait

  344. conniiakacj

    My first time visit was amazing, my top fav!!!!!

  345. Shaybutterz

    Great location, easy to get to, friendly staff

  346. Tevtev1994

    Great place to shop great bud tenders

  347. Supaman7

    I like lightshade it’s a good store to shop and enjoy a good time

  348. jcamayaa208

    love the bud highly recommend it

  349. Dean2978

    Great service and good products. I would recommend this store to a friend.

  350. Flash54

    This is my favorite location. Great people, quick service and great bud.

  351. bigdadde2011

    I love this place….great service….great strands…won’t ever go anywhere else…

  352. sullyb1981

    Love the location and the customer service is outstanding. anytime I want to medicate myself lightshades is the place to go…not only do they have awesome weed but also awesome edibles aswell

  353. Harbynger999

    Service product is wonderful areas great price is perfect

  354. zay11carter

    great dispensary awesome customer service most definitely going to be coming back

  355. jmcneil515

    Great location super close, and the bud tenders are dope!

  356. bivhomiesq

    very fast close to my home

  357. jmejia1718

    best dispensary in town with the best weed. its always been worth the drive the staff
    is great and the weed always fire.

  358. mikeArsenault

    awesome people, awesome place!

  359. kbmitchum

    Very friendly staff, helpful on suggestions, the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing, great prices. Overall one of the best stores in the area. Def grab some of that hot chocolate!!

  360. fourwinds

    Very knowledgeable staff, clean and upbeat, great deals!!

  361. zandriababy22

    This place always has great selections and the atmosphere is soooo chill 🙂 favorite place by far!!!

  362. Mcklaireg

    Awesome first time experience, will def be back

  363. Khalkha

    Very knowledgeable associates

  364. ricky_dotcom

    I love this place! At first walk-in, you feel like you’re at a luxurious spa or resort of some type, certainly not like the typical dispensary you’re used to. The receptionist along with the rest of the staff were amazing and knowledgeable of the products. I will certainly make Lightshade on Dayton my home dispensary. New fave!!!

  365. Brittany199321

    LOVE this lightshade they have the best weed ever And they have good coustomer service dY~SdY~S

  366. SmithJ

    Intimate and dank, just the way I like it. Friendly staff as well.

  367. Jazminduh

    Lightshade is my go to dispensary, good prices, fast, super friendly/knowledgeable staff and I’m always in and out really fast! Zero complaints!!

    – Jasmine McCormick

  368. Jaymoon21

    I visit this location very frequently! I love the staff, buds always fantastic!!

  369. yisrael33

    good weed good deals amazing people

  370. smamd

    shitty computers but good service and prices the buds not that bad either

  371. tcdennehy

    Love this place. It is definitely our new spot. Bud tenders are super helpful, easy to talk to, and know what they’re talking about. They rarely don’t have our favorite strain and if they don’t, they will deliver something even better. Highly recommended.

  372. HERBALISTgerbal


  373. rbosley

    professional friendly and great bud for an awesome deal

  374. DenaBradberry

    I love this location! They have a great selection of buds and edibles at excellent prices. The staff here are very friendly and knowledgeable and always are willing to go above and behond for customers. Their weekly specials are awesome and deff worth signing up for.

  375. LynetteBaby33

    great prices, great quality
    and awesome staff. This is my GO2 place

  376. mommami

    a lil cramped, superb service, very knowledgeable, and wonderful choices. A lil high on pricing.

  377. Mrs.Pinzz

    Best weed, prices and Budtender in town!

  378. Chris0804

    Love tgisnplace the staff is friendly and educated on almost every qustionbi needed answered . Good price , good location, and awesome customer service

  379. Sharra96

    I love this spot ! great weed and friendly people !

  380. willisbrucelee

    Great dispensary. Friendly and knowledgable staff.


    Great ppl great prices anywhere around

  382. yessika1121

    Great service all the time. lightshade on Havana has the best pricing.

  383. tmmddx71

    Lightshade Havana has the best selections and have the best bud tenders in the biz. Haven’t let me down yet!

  384. 3338lupe

    Ryan is a really cool dude help me out really well awesome products great staff look forward to coming back

  385. SiaRa0820

    I love the fact that I can use a credit card and that this location stays open until 10:00

  386. Apollyon999

    It was the best place in town hands down. No competition

  387. Martell91

    Some of the best weed in aurora..

  388. Seahawks5280

    Love the product and the bud tenders 10/10!!!

  389. k342543

    Love it. My go to place when visiting.

  390. emilyrapp420

    Great bud, always friendly service, and would recommend to anyone!!

  391. Snoozenallday

    awesome staff and atomosphere.

  392. Trehenny

    Love the atmosphere& quality bud in here! Loving & caring staff as well. Recommend my homies all the time

  393. mbohn

    great service and friendly staff.

  394. LLovely23

    Everyone is super friendly and they have great deals

  395. Cheriladyboss

    they are the shit. nice people great weed and fun atmosphere. always good product candy and weed.

  396. verogm

    Great and convenient location, my budtender was friendly and knowledgeable and most importantly there was a nice selection and everything supplied was top notch quality.

  397. chardi88

    love it!!! Great location and great strains…. Best dispensary!!!

  398. Cicialexa01

    Amazing service and products. I will always come back for more!

  399. mcgeejamie123

    Hands-down the best dispensary in Denver
    Great selections of edibles. With the biggest preroll options. They also allow you to use your credit card without a transaction fee

  400. drake69

    nice people and great bud

  401. caseypatchett

    Great Place, Potent Product, Great Service. Check them out!!

  402. nikki314

    this is a cool place nice people

  403. Miketd

    Great product friendly staff a+++

  404. misataylor

    Quick, friendly, and energetic environment! Love it.!!

  405. Jessica23d

    Best place ever.they are always nice like family

  406. Gabbymontes

    the budd is piff! the workers are super cool and helpful and the environment is the chillest ,very much recommend !!!!

  407. kbell13

    The flower is dry and crumbles. Service and the set up feels a bit cult-ish, which I could have over looked if the bud/flower werent dry and just crumbled. very disappointed, won’t be going to any lightshade anymore.

  408. Laura42050

    I came here with my daughter and I have to say lightshade has the best prices for the best pot in town. I can’t wait to go again.

  409. Slicktalkers

    It was a first time….those guys rock

  410. TantalizingTracy420

    I’ve made this my go to local neighborhood dispensary. This is a small store but they always offer a variety of quality products from 30$ 1/8’s of there company grown flower, menstrual suppositories for menstrual pain or the pussy stimulating spray, and sells the cleanest wax in town. this chain doesn’t offer a huge amount of merchandise sales but they always have product in stock. Too many places would rather tell you too bad we’re sold out and offer you other crap you don’t want to buy instead maintaining there inventory levels and stocking what people want to buy in sufficient amounts as to not run out. The bitches are great bud tenders who are knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly and the guys handing out the product are very sweet. don’t forget to show your appreciation to the bartenders and him up with a buck tip they are worth it.

  411. michaelw272

    one of the best ones to go to nice and clean cool people and good product couldn’t be better

  412. howard1994

    I’ve never been dissatisfied at a Light shade and I prefer their Kimbo slice and white 99, as their green is beautiful and it’s helped me a lot with anxiety

  413. Mattbeckley1

    This is a good shop they have good weed and low prices

  414. Karmaticbudz

    Lightshade has the best budz in town by far, I’m never disappointed.

  415. lawnmeems

    This location is freaking great! First time we went in we were greeted promptly and the place was very clean and welcoming, I didn’t feel like I was in the processing line for prison like most dispensaries! lol The deals they have are some of the best in town and customer service is ALWAYS on point!

  416. Styles35

    Cheap 8ths cool staff

  417. bianca12

    Going here for the first time time was a good experience. You get great customer service.!! As you walk in
    This location you can tell that it has a great atmosphere and you feel welcome
    (: I recommend to try this place

  418. ChauntiaG

    This place is great they have pretty reasonable prices and a friendly knowledgeable staff to assist with marijuana edu. dY~S I love lightshade!

  419. JHop23

    They have great customer service the marijuana Is lovely and wonderful prices

  420. mickeybravoo

    great costmuer service and i wide veriety of goodies !

  421. Weedhuger

    Great deals great ppl love it here frfr great prerolls also thanks guys.

  422. KingDaddi63

    I usually enjoy my visits, but the brother who assisted me had low energy and acted as if he didnt care. I would have purchased more if I would have felt welcome by him. It was the first time I ever saw him there..not client focused at all.. I will continue to shop there but if I see

  423. Jaybass5

    My favorite place. Always go here. Great environment and the workers are cool


    After going to the Lightshade on Iliff and having a pleasant experience, I decided to go onto another one of their locations. Lo and behold, the Lightshade on Havana was just as well maintained, had just as good a selection, and the staff was just as knowledgeable and helpful. I’m starting to think that Lightshade may be my new go to dispensary.

  425. Jj5280

    Great bud and great service I recomend shopping here

  426. Eleew3rd

    Great Environment Great People An Great Flower

  427. Operalvr7

    They’re all really chill and super accommodating! It’s the only dispensary I go to now 🙂

  428. nycee13

    Great service great quality awesome atmosphere dY~S.

  429. EreiamEVB

    Seems like it’s set up for speed; not a bad thing.i went by bus and was out to catch the next one/same driver!
    Budtender knew exactly what I was asking. Left happy/to get happier! 🙂

  430. wish2bb

    great time. will definitely be back.

  431. menuoffthe5star

    tasty nugs you will not be disappointed this place is great. spend your time and check out everything they have to offer.

  432. LightsAndStones

    This place is amazing. They have a great selection and even better products. Kelly was very knowledgable and incredibly helpful while I tried to make up my indecisive mind.

  433. Dankboi303

    Enjoy this spot a lotaEUR<. Good people, great weed!

  434. Atown81

    awesome place

  435. jcamayaa1995

    Love this dispensaries good buds and awesome services dY’

  436. Jwalk1865

    Great staff and quick service. plenty of strains to choose from! Great selection!

  437. cbadwaves

    Weed is excellent! awesome people to deal with! quick and friendly service!

  438. Deeppurple89

    Great bud tenders, They always ask, ” So what are you looking for today? Flower, edibles, or concentrates? Always straight to the point and in and out service. Everyone is very well educated on strains, topicals, and all the new innovated cannabis products a great team here at Havana. Thanks We’ll keep on Medicating!!!

  439. Alaniz100

    This is a must stop the white 99 is fire! And the eighth deals are cheap

  440. Tonya_1984

    Love it

  441. tankchrome

    best one i been to

  442. junior1087

    Great prices , superb quality of flower! Will tell all my friends:)

  443. shareekb

    Great place to visit good products and service

  444. John5280303

    Great service and great buds and recommend to anyone trying to find a good place to shop

  445. BreezyGilmore

    I really enjoy this dispensary. Clean, a great selection, friendly service, very reasonable prices, and knowledgeable budtenders.

  446. TevRo

    Lightshade = the plug. great deals on concentrates and edibles!!

  447. Chartyia

    Great bud and people

  448. Queyri3

    Love this location, always has great deals and best staff!

  449. JordanDip

    Awesome place! Love the atmosphere and staff is great!

  450. ChefRambo78

    Gaood location with quick friendly service.

  451. bosslady901

    Awesome location with nice people

  452. Shrex94

    My first time here and the bud tender did an awesome job at explaining all the deals and flavors

  453. bazookazo420Bazookazoe420

    Awesome people great atmosphere Havana location amazing!

  454. ploeffler

    Good access.

  455. yungloui523

    Lightshade is a great place fun ppl and good weed!

  456. couchlog

    First time at the Havana location and I was not disappointed! I wish I would have got the name of my budtender, because he was awesome! Super nice and incredibly knowledgeable. I Got a great deal on some killer bud (white dawg, highly recommend at nearly 30% thc). I’ve been here almost a year now and nowhere else beats lightshade in quality, price, or customer service.

  457. bienmarihuano

    Very nice place… dY’dY’

  458. JOrtiz1993

    Very quick, definitely will recommend

  459. GoldenGilbert

    Great staff

  460. TruBandz

    Great employees who are friendly and have a great deal of knowledge pertaining to weed. Excellent service and excellent flower. A great choice!

  461. St0ner6o2

    I’ve been in town for the past 2 weeks now and this location was recommended to me by a friend. The atmosphere when you walk in is realli mellow. Great service, Great specials, and Awesome staff!! i would HIGHLY recommend this place to a friend whenever they are in town….

  462. BIGJJJR1971

    Love this little spot my biy Jay is one of the koolest budtenders around. I always end up leaving laughing and with a smile.

  463. Nunnieegee

    I shop here on the regular !!! From entrance to exit the service is superb dY$?~

  464. Laxroo2

    Great place , great customer service

  465. camibakes

    I love this store, the people here know their stuff and are very friendly! I would definitely recommend coming here for some goodies 🙂

  466. Baileyking4061

    Great shop good bud and friendly staff

  467. jazmoe21

    This location is awesome and the people there are very helpful

  468. Jerome77

    Nice place to buy bud love this place

  469. Smokesomethingbish

    I love this place best bud tenders n a great selection of strains

  470. Sjeff123

    Great product

  471. spena13

    I like the product this location has to offer always friendly and place is clean and comfortable.

  472. mildestofsalsas

    Great service! I appreciate that the customer experience is the same at each location, and now that I’ve moved closer it’s my go-to store.

  473. kush1sm

    Extremely convenient, bud tenders are very courteous and professional I recommend to all my friends I love this place!

  474. JakeandOlive123

    it’s my third time shopping here and I love the quality and the service. the staff is really friendly and helpful and if they don’t know an answer to your question they will go find somebody who does. I really do like this place.

  475. kushmastershelly

    Love the layout of this place!! Looks like they turned an old auto shop into a dispensary and it looks fantastic! The customer service and products are also ALWAYS on point 🙂

  476. Ceriousbiz

    this location is super convenient and has great product for decent prices..and an excellent staff

  477. jpmalin

    Favorite dispensary in town great bud selection well cured and awesome concentrates. Knowledgeable and friendly staff as well

  478. tffffny

    The first time I came here, it was the Friday night before the 4/20 rally. For how busy they were, we got in quickly and the budtender was so informative to my out of state friends. They always have amazing deals and their product never disappoints!

  479. Mamadi

    Great location. Personable and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend to family and friends! Check it out and enjoy

  480. TroySandoval1234

    Staff is friendly strains are always A1 !

  481. mobbmann55

    Great place… great weed selection

  482. Jigglybo

    Good place to come to had all you need

  483. bailleaf

    Awesome place! Please are friendly. Awesome music always playing. Mad chill vibe. Great product too!

  484. llamafox

    Came in and at first everyone was great, then I went back and was helped by a budtender. It was one of the worst experiences I’ve had in a dispensary. I had never been in before and asked the guy what kind of selection they had for everything, he was not very helpful or informative, it was like pulling teeth just trying to get him to explain anything to me. I had heard good things about lightshade, but after that experience I won’t be back.

  485. chadmassey

    It’s a great location right by my house nice not traveling far.

  486. wallts

    best buds around in Aurora grate quality best of all the staff is amazing very knowledgeable about everything most important thing is price

  487. MuddyWaters87

    Since moving to Denver, this has become probably my favorite shop. It’s not too big, not too small and has a nice selection of bud. Everyone there is easy to deal with, very cool. Close to home, too. Really nice.

  488. jrl420420

    This is the best mj dispensary inAurora. Great staff. Good deals!

  489. Matthew.hudgens

    Lightshade on Havana is super cool. The bud tenders are nice and the have good vibesdY~EURdY~EURdY~EURdY~EUR

  490. Bruda357

    This location is my favorite in Denver, great music always playing and the crew always have a~os!

  491. Kevinkooler

    this place is the bomb. love the deals on the shatter.

  492. MykBrown

    Everytime i come in im greeted properly and throughtout each visit i have a pleasant experience.

  493. wallts8

    best location for weed best price on concentrates and edibles staff is very nice fast service

  494. jmoney83

    Love this location, the staff is very helpful will help you find what you need/looking for. Highly recommend this location come check out their stuff it’s great.

  495. raintn

    Cool staff and reasonable prices. Fav is Durban Poison. Casey hooked me up – when you’re there check out his cool wall art.

  496. Hilfigy

    Felt at home soon as I opened that door recommended to anyone who loves herb.

  497. Leedskalnin

    I love that alien rock candy and pineapple express.

  498. LPortillo

    the service here is pretty good. quick and easy, awesome affordable prices, and great product

  499. Kingcody156633

    Great service n short wait for more buds and in aurora

  500. Joya24

    best place ever! great weed and great people. It’s amazing how much i love this place!

  501. hwood1

    Great service and an even better selection. Definitely will come back!

  502. Sugar.lips24

    Great employee and weed

  503. brandonParker

    close to home and great buds

  504. blackj24

    great atmosphere. cool people in the front and knowledgable crew.

  505. Glicious

    I liked the strain I purchased and the employees were well informed about the products.

  506. Moweede23

    This guys have the customer serivce and best bud

  507. Theking123

    love this place

  508. 2srone.rock3

    I love this spot, they always take great care of me and always keep that flaaaaaaaame… Bring back the chalkboard tho! Let Caisey shine!!

  509. infernoblaze23

    Great place. The people are always friendly. It has become my number 1 place to shop.

  510. kshanee23

    Great staff that is always fast!

  511. drscoobymcooby

    Absolutely love this place. I get good vibes when I walk in here. Everyone is very friendly and very helpful.

  512. Ralphkid

    Love this spot

  513. saleneshayaan

    nice place good people good weed love the waiting area.

  514. candyman309

    Good prices, great people, will most definitely be back

  515. stonebatfan

    great staff and great service excellent vibes

  516. Zavy2929

    I came here for my 21st birthday and was an awesome experience!!!

  517. torianni

    I enjoy light shade they have nice deals and the joints are a hit #TEAM #LIGHTSHADE

  518. i3irdie1

    Great prices! Being from new york

  519. yungsephi

    Wonderful location and staff

  520. Krawlings0416

    Great staff, great bud.

  521. BigFoot303

    Always has the friendliest bud tenders & Fast service .

  522. NailMS

    Fanatic selection and customer service. Handicap accessible

  523. Rachlw

    They have a really friendly staff here!

  524. Shawnb686

    Great Customer service

  525. StefanoE71

    This place has great prices on concentrate and flower. The staff are always welcoming and have great attitudes all the time.

  526. Kiarapatterson

    Very good customer service

  527. Bain19996

    I love your guys penny joints and a few of your strains you guys have.

  528. spt990

    Loved Lightshade on Havana friendly and quality weed!! Try it

  529. JPitre

    Professional, relaxed environment with super friendly budtenders and quality product. I’m visiting from Oregon and my tender even suggested some fun things to do today. Will come back

  530. CrystaRobinson

    very convent and very friendly. Only been once and now i have a new store to go to.

  531. Danielle2212A

    Great flower great prices fast and friendly staff

  532. dkeithline1

    great customer service great quality never leaving the store unhappy

  533. Leaflust

    They are fast with service. I like the variety here and the quality as well.

  534. Garcia1anthony

    Lightshade has the best bud in all of Colorado. …#free joint

  535. Tariqsalene

    I can almost say that I am not even here for the weed. But that would be a straight up lie at the same time I do like coming here for other things outside of the weed, the people are real nice the weed is good weed, and I’m always relaxed in the waiting area listening to the music matter fact I’m sitting here right now I’ve already let two people go in front of me just so I can chill a little bit longer

  536. Leviathan12

    great people amazing prices and 420 friendly and I never have to ask for help because they’re always there to help me

  537. Spade210

    Awesome place i definitely recommend to any and everyone.

  538. Teisha1234

    Love the location and the staff

  539. Esti14

    Have a good joint deals

  540. ladyBritt

    Great products good service

  541. InFlames202

    lightshade has always preformed at a top notch level, I have never had a product that I have not like, nor a visit that has yielded anything but the best customer service. The differencereally is Night and Day!

  542. jacobhreed13

    Very friendly people! Great music, awesome vibes and best buds!

  543. Latimar89

    Absolutely love this dispensary… Great wax and shatter and prices… N Casey’s drawings are awesome!

  544. KushBerryKandy

    I have been a customer scence last year and would refer my friends definitely! Lightshade has fresh Budds and always a nice selection. Staff and tenders are always welcoming.

  545. ShaRonica241

    This location is convient & has some of the best Product, the Employee’s are All awesome and unique bringing the atmosphere too a 10 on a good day Good music and Good conversation that’s the difference between light and day 🙂

  546. natevanwag

    I’ve been to about 100 of denvers dispensaries and these guys are my favorite so far. Without a question. Best prices. And the quality is ALWAYS on top of my list. Except
    This purple voodoo we found that Ish, was $70 an 8th but 33% THC. Bomb but Lightshade quality compares to that ish.

  547. Deezy1975

    I have done a lot of shopping around and really like the quality of the products from lightshade Havana

  548. daebabii55

    this is the best location the weed is to die for. please come check them out.

  549. w3bl4z3d4nk

    Closest one to where I live and still the best buds in Denver Rec.

  550. YoungStiggers

    Great location. And Kelly was great

  551. Camriepatterson

    I love this location…great prices…awesome service.

  552. Bika

    Great service very professional

  553. Mzchiefdakeef420

    Can’t go wrong here EVER! Great stuff!!!

  554. Blazq420

    Just moved from lakewood to aurora. Lightshade was my favorite on sheridan now this is my new favorite dispensary on aurora. Great flowers and customer service

  555. dakman

    Dank ass bud

  556. Zae2816

    Love this location cool people nice vibe had good product

  557. Mr80239

    Great buds staff and location

  558. tonyzworld

    Graet staff good products

  559. Mandi4337

    great staff and product… They are amazing… wouldn’t go anywhere else…

  560. Monkaye420

    friend recommended because they have good quality bud!

  561. Alexis80

    Great bud and selection

  562. sussierenee

    friendly staff, great product. will be back!

  563. Kaelynvegan

    Good selection, some vegan edible choices, super friendly and helpful! Def plan to come back!! 🙂

  564. Nsanchez

    Good customer service and the manager at this location is very helpful

  565. cheydoe

    Best deals and weed try the Havana location.!!!!

  566. Stephweph11

    Love great bud great people!!

  567. Jedijhi

    Above and beyond service with top of the line quality come to the lightshade on Havana St

  568. RelenDavis

    Buds are great customer service awesome must go

  569. Mrsbowen

    Love this location great staff always

  570. Cruzazul84

    Love this place! Great atmosphere and consistent quality is what makes me satisfied customer. The taco truck out back has some good eats too. Just awesome vibes all around!

  571. satinleo82

    I love this place, the prices, and the atmosphere!!!!!

  572. beccaboo1023

    very freindy and fast service greats deals and fire product cant wait to come back thanks for the great service

  573. mlaw1234

    This location is very convenient. I am
    always greeted with a kind smile.

  574. cottonmouth4real

    In n out. …..good service….fire

  575. TKaufhold

    Best prices and best quality! Love this place!

  576. King235

    Love this place will tell everyone about them. They are so nice

  577. raytor361

    These guys are rockstars! My 2nd time shopping since I moved to Denver and they’re right down the street, great selection great budtenders and great prices!

  578. manuelj420

    I like shopping here they have good buds, wax and good deals

  579. 1Jamz

    Great atmosphere, great selection, & service!!

  580. jayyluiss31

    very convinient

  581. ElizabethNicole

    I recommend everyone that I talk too. I like the customer service I recieve. I like that I get in and out quickly. And the good sales they give. Thanks. And the quality is amazing.

  582. Albertollopez86

    I love this light shade! The deals are always amazing and the staff is always so kind and also really cool and chill! Definitely recommend

  583. dbaldwin36

    very friendly and awesome dispensary! music choice is jumping! fast and cheap, but great quality!

  584. Meganjabomb

    easy access location. my first time at a dispensary and everyone was so welcoming amd laid back. they are quick to serve and know their bud! vince was very helpful and definitely helped me make some solid selections!

  585. Brooklyn917

    This location great good weed fly chicks great customer service

  586. Bjenki96

    I .like this place!! it’s the shit!!! and they always have good quality and the strains I love.

  587. Rleshai

    Loooove it

  588. MICHELLEmiss

    Great place. I love going here

  589. gunman

    Good deals, great smoke come try them out soon

  590. Dhoward94

    I love the staff and White Dawg is probably my new favorite strain!! My favorite spot to shop!

  591. shanika2480

    Great staff, Great location

  592. StoneAgeAdam

    Love coming here it’s the nearest location to the house great prices

  593. GanjaJay5280

    Great place for bud, staff is very helpful and friendly

  594. Chron210

    Highly recommend this store!

  595. ProfessorZee

    Friendly staff, good sales, and good concentrate selection

  596. blakeseminara

    love the havana location 5 stars all the way

  597. Zp1006

    Great dispensary with a fine selection and always fast service

  598. Four20bBakerSt

    Great service, excellent products.

  599. Robert316

    lightshade on Havana has the best buds and the best staff. I’m always going there.

  600. Kyngmac

    Nice place

  601. Kdoyle2012

    One of the best dispensarys in Aurora definitely the best dispensary on havana!

  602. Ajones91

    I love it the staff is always friendly and the selection is great!!

  603. doonsocket

    always has nice selection. decent cures. this is where I go to get Durban poison.

  604. Crisaqua

    Light shade is my all time favourite dispensary, they always have good both go deals and friendly staff

  605. 1mopound2

    Convient location. Fire weed. Beautiful women. Quality service. What’s NOT to like? Lol. Check em out. Eye candy to go along with your munchies.

  606. cupcakes3

    Cookies and cheese strain is the bees knees. This place is the BEST.

  607. EmoSince98

    This place is fantastic! I just moved to aurora from Arvada and finding a new weed shop was hard, but I’m very happy with lightshade. Their staff is really friendly and informative. They always have great suggestions, and I usually leave with a smile.

  608. siclark

    The only place to get good products for a nice price. They always have good high strains.

  609. MrJones83

    Check out Lightshade on Havana. Wide selection of buds and an awesome staff.

  610. heykriswithak

    This is my local dispensary, and my favorite one since moving to Aurora. The budtenders are helpful and knowledgeable, and I’ve never been disappointed by any products. Lightshade is great!

  611. Billieking6

    Like the comforfable atmosphere. Friendly and patient knowledgeable staff

  612. hexacr9

    Great place love the buds here! Staff is great as well!

  613. shirellelucinda

    Love there strains! great customer service and for sure will be going back for more.

  614. Chatter86

    Super friendly and helpful staff. Extremely knowledgable bud tenders. Great quality and prices for the connoisseurs! I will definitely be going back!

  615. ShenaMarie

    I love the customer service is awesome and the strain choices are top notch!

  616. Gdwight

    Fast, friendly. Knowledgeable.

  617. dw.varela

    Incredibly friendly staff, quick and speedy service, quality products for great prices at any budget, all around amazing!

  618. Mattyjii

    Awesome staff! Everyone deserves a raise.

  619. L4u2i0s

    the service at lightshade is quick and easy, great deals, awesome products, and the location couldn’t be any better.

  620. 107Scrap

    Good weed,cheap prices

  621. Naeboo4

    I love it…they have thee best pre rolls for a better price than most other dispensary! !!

  622. Troy.n.428

    Great atmosphere and people

  623. Ryanjack420

    Great weed and great service. The staff is very friendly and the product is impressive.

  624. Zaxch

    They are the greatest shop in the area. My experience with product and service has always been pleasant.

  625. kushexpresso

    Friendly service, awesome flower selections plus the ambassador strains are at affordable price. Love coming in for the free pins, stickers. come on down!

  626. Courtbet

    Great price, great product

  627. RobertXN94

    Excellent deals!

  628. Slimtim87

    Great staff always feel welcomed good flower and other products would recommend to everyone go check them out

  629. msantana456

    Hands down my favorite dispensary! The staff is amazing and knowledgeable, the bud and concentrates are just as amazing as the staff. I will never go anywhere else.

  630. KRFM

    Tiny little store but it’s always on my way home from being downtown! They’ve got a great staff, awesome music and wide variety of products to choose from! one love to you guys!

  631. miadog56

    it’s awesome staff always great I’ve been going for along time the
    product always wonderful I recommend it to everyone

  632. donxlamonte

    Great customer service always good selection everyday.

  633. Bob84

    I had a great experience. I will definitely be returning.

  634. tdog68

    Best Budtenders, very knowledgeable and very helpful. Prices are right on the spot for the quality they offer. My favorite go-to spot…

  635. soto425

    Was my second time coming and service was excellent for being right during rush hour employees we’re definitely helpful and knowledgeable about deals and products.

  636. Dee2grown

    Great people great place

  637. Chiboi74

    This is the best location in Aurora. The budtenders keep a smile on there face. Prices are reasonable and weed is excellent. Check them out first. Peace and Love!

  638. J__papi

    People are awesome, give great input and honest opinions! The bud is great too!

  639. Cita02

    Love the joints!!! My fave! ! Also great atmosphere! !

  640. Shortbus240

    This place is dope even though I’ve only been here never

  641. Jthomas43

    I like the location its in and the weed is fire i love it!

  642. Sforbis

    Jose is excellent.

  643. vernellanderson9125

    this has been my number one dispensary since they open and hopefully we’re I will be working soon my number one dispensary

  644. ladyt74991

    I love this place their very friendly and help ful

  645. Royal6891

    Place is set up nicely, just wish you didn’t have to go from one counter to another. Would prefer to purchase at first counter and pick up at same time

  646. Adrian.dah.dude

    Visiting lightshade@havana, it’s always awesome coming here awesome staff and lots of strains to pick from, sour diesel is one of my favs’ shout out Casey!

  647. cannamama58

    The People were very helpful & friendly. The Quality of the product was great. AJ was very helpful & friendly.

  648. Cassie1213

    This place is so amazing, the employee’s are friendly and helpful! I go here a lot.

  649. Katiekeene

    This is my favorite location. The staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable

  650. passion.lenae

    Me and my mom love lightshade we used to go to the one in park hill on holly but the one on Havana is closer and more convenient! Plus they stay open later 🙂 The employees are friendly and if they don’t have what you are looking for they try to find something similar…I recommend them!

  651. Matt1234567

    good weed great service decent price

  652. MichaelChombs

    great place for flowers and everything that you need I love this place so much it’s so cool I’m just

  653. jmanni

    Fantastic place to purchase.!

  654. wcryan757

    Super chill and efficient.

  655. Mwalio

    Rayan is the best

  656. Nathankelly90

    Incredibly nice and cool people. The deals were great and I would go out of my way to come back.

  657. ert271828

    Excellent deals Good service

  658. ttwiscosolo

    Super helpful staff, offer great insight. Would recommend this place to a friend and definitely plan on visiting again.

  659. Juam621

    Great place great prices awesome bud

  660. PjJA13

    Great bud and service coming back here forsure

  661. TaraUtley

    I love how welcoming the staff is from the second you first walk in all the way through you walking out the door leaving. The staff is well knowledgeable and answer any questions you have without making you feel bad for not knowing. I will always chose this location over some other dispensaries because of this.

  662. jrsy200

    First the building exterior and interior are a nice design. The customer service desk and every budtender I’ve encountered are friendly and helpful with identifying the strains I’m looking for.

    The product is primo in my opinion and combined with the friendly service keeps be coming back for more.

  663. Andreamvel

    One of my favorite dispensaries by far! In and out with great customer service.

  664. hp56327110

    the staff are nice ,they have a great variety of weed and wax

  665. csyeargan

    Fantastic Deals! The penny joint offer is genius and the weed is high quality. I love the use of many different lights and the sub in the front lobby with EDM!

  666. Appleton34

    Very friendly Staff!!! Love the free Buttons and Stickers!!!

  667. Svargas14

    Absolutely love this dispensary! Friendly knowledgeable staff and awesome deals!

  668. Owap

    Great location and service!

  669. QuanaP


  670. leaflyuser420

    Nice staff and good quality

  671. Breandria

    Off jump lightshade is one of the best dispensary… when it comes to smokin lightshade is #1!

  672. unholy6

    cool atmosphere, friendly tenders to guide you through decision making. welcoming to newbies.

  673. robdaboywonder

    Great weed at reasonable price!

  674. KingCody303

    Great, fun staff. Very fast service and they answer all my questions. DOPE AF always comin back.

  675. PhoenixCorps

    6 Stars dYOEY The staff does a wonderful job of helping you select from a great variety of affordable buds. Best dispensary I’ve been to so far!

  676. cdhbp3

    I’m a big fan of this location. The stock is always good, the people know what they’re talking about, and they actually treat their customers as customers.

  677. Brybanga

    Great service and prices this is definitely my go to dispensary

  678. nykeaclark7

    good quality weed i got real high. Every one really nice an helpful.

  679. Yummiyo

    This location is very close to home which makes it very convenient. The staff here is very friendly and knowledgeable of the product. The product I buy is always fresh and Good. I would and have already recommended Lightshade on Havana to friends and family.

  680. JinjaNinja710

    I like this place, got some good white primate shatter from here.

  681. Loveley

    This Lightshade is the the best because they always have supply on deck and great prices with not bad tax.

  682. Drouse448

    Great concentrates, flower, edibles an with reasonable prices.!

  683. PrincessDontPass

    Love this location. They always have high percentages

  684. farmermax14

    Super cool budtenders and small atmosphere made it comfortable to purchase recreational after being a medical user for so long. prices weren’t bad and they even had my favorite strain Kimbo Slice in on special.

  685. malpal123

    great location with friendly staff and worthwhile deals

  686. Hindukushsage

    awesome dispensary! by far my favorite in Denver. great selection and great staff!

  687. My1standlastname

    I love this Havana location! Aside from never failing to give 100% best customer service, products are also impressionable.
    Thanks for being such a great company and store!

  688. blafary

    Best dispensary in Denver!
    Friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  689. VenitiaOrtiz1988

    I love how light shade has different types of marijuana that you can choose from I also like how they have different quantities of marijuana to choose from.

  690. Khee5280


  691. csnead2011

    My fav dispensary! Best bud best people

  692. BrendaRocha

    Love coming here. The quality is great. This location has many different strains to choose from. Awesome.

  693. Gcanatuna

    Excellent selection and a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff who were eager to answer any and all questions.

  694. Jokesmurf

    I love this location the staff are all friendly and helpful. They are also very well decorated! And thier strains are killer!!

  695. cgbritta

    Friendly atmosphere and amazing products!

  696. CannaMrs

    Loved it! I stopped by driving through to Oregon and saw that it was rated the 2nd best dispensary in Colorado. It did not disappoint!

    I picked up a few grams of their Cherry Lime Haze, which is absolutely incredible and my new favorite strain. My husband picked up some of the Bordello, which is great but more of his type of strain than mine.

    The location could be a bit more large vehicle friendly and in a less busy area, but it’s worth the stop. The staff was super great, they were playing some great jams, and they had a game on their big screen TV.

    They bring a few people back at a time and you get your own budtender. I didn’t shop around because I was in a hurry and I knew what I wanted before I got there, but I would most definitely go here again.

    Clean environment, friendly and knowledgeable staff, excellent product!

  697. Alax07

    i absolutely love this place… Durban poison? Yes please

  698. bpdank

    They’re flower isn’t grown as well as the other lightshade and they try to rip you off and not give you discount for each 8th. goto a different one.

  699. Donnie916

    Kool spot great bud I ducks with

  700. Shary123

    great service and excellent product. if you want quality come to lightshade Havana

  701. HairBanga

    Its The Best Place To Be Great Smoke I’m Going Back To Shop.

  702. rollupcheeba1

    cozy place and easy to find, love the location.

  703. laker4life16

    This was the first spot I went to when I got here and everyone was cool and it was just was an all round great experience!!!!!!

  704. Dexter691

    Great service, awesome bud,beautiful people around. I will tell all my friends and familylivelove coming to lightshade.

  705. Leytoogood18

    Nice place to shop great weed.

  706. Jlaurel

    Very friendly location and best customer service

  707. escapedblaster

    Great prices nice intelligent people, great slow burning herb. I love this place

  708. herkadee

    I think it’s a pretty nice dispensary good materials, smokes nice and really nice dabs

  709. cthompson26

    I love this location. Friendly and efficient staff. not to mention its open until 945pm which not many dispensaries are. Its walking distance from my house so its always a life saver!

  710. Tmike0429

    It’s great. I always recommend this place to newbees

  711. mcedes92

    very personal experience, great for questions. great place.

  712. Un1more

    This is a great little shop with awesome products and amazing employees!!!

  713. Officialkpayne95

    Excellent staff!! Also whenever I’m able to make it here, they always are so helpful in telling me about any new products and strains dYtmdY’-dY’- I love it at this location.

  714. StonerChick2019

    Deidra is amazing! I got OG Kush this time, but usually they have a pretty good selection. I have been a regular here for a month now and love all of the wonderful people who have helped me. Deidra is the best thouGh.

  715. dreamaerd82

    This was my first time experience and I can’t say enough good things. They were super helpful and made me feel so comfortable. They were very knowledgable and taught me things I had no idea I didn’t know. All over an AWESOME experience!!

  716. memyking

    love this place.

  717. ColinMac4

    Had a good first time shopping trip here. They have pretty good variety of strains and edibles. Staff seemed very friendly, and my budtender was very knowledgeable.

  718. Rioshernan23

    Custommer service Is always very nice.theyve gave me a free joint on my birthday

  719. GaryHoliday

    It’s The Best Place To Be Definitely Going To Recommend To All Of My Friends Might Bring Them With Me Great Service.

  720. anniejanewasAfire

    Excellent selection, discounts, and customer service!

  721. 2.married.puff.heads

    This location is great. They are fast, friendly and always have great products.

  722. GoldenGoaty

    Great bud and cool staff. This place has great joints!

  723. dannielle.duran

    Best place to shop wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  724. jayshooter901

    Picked up some blue dream grade A bud! Nice location and they have a few nice looking chicks that work there.

  725. Madpec2017

    Always come to lightshade in Havana great strains great staff always in and out love the ambassador strain

  726. Carlosstokes94

    Best dispensary I’ve been to !

  727. KMPayne214

    This location is absolutely amazing! One of the best things about this S Dayton location, is the staff they have on board. I absolutely love how kind and respectful they are to their customers. dY$?~dY1/2dY’-dY$?~dY1/2dY’-dY~s

  728. david2018

    Light shade has the best deals around! The bud is amazing and the incentives are crazy!!! Jesus is Lord of Lords.

  729. Accusedreaper

    Very nice looking place, and very friendly tenders. largest selection of concentrates around by far as well as good deals on filled vape pens.

  730. Lola885

    Great service and great prices

  731. Lexluther12

    I had such a great time visiting light shade. So helpful and educational. Definitely coming back!

  732. Teresa42

    Great dispensary to go to and amazing weed choices

  733. Cece0711

    Nice staff and good weed

  734. aholefield

    I really enjoyed the excellent customer service. I really like the sour diesel, and the prices are great

  735. DayjaaaJF

    Great awesome place show now!

  736. tfetty

    My favorite dispensary by far great prices great bud tenders and the best buds !!!!

  737. Badgirl26

    Love this weed store best price in town

  738. dnpisarek

    Casey was super insightful and helpful in choosing what to buy. I felt comfortable with him as a salesman. he answered all my questions with ease. this was a fantastic experience.

  739. ltrott412

    Good bud. Good prices

  740. Glick14

    Great location with no many shops close… staff is always extremely helpful. Product is always top notch.

  741. lovely1971

    i purchased some primus og….fire fire fire. The ladies were very friendly too
    thanks girl

  742. JeremyPounds

    Good herb at good prices, particularly for rec. Budtenders are friendly and helpful. Warm and clean atmosphere. Would definitely recommend.

  743. LinLin27

    Lightshade is amazing always has great people very knowledgeable about their products and helpful what with what you’re looking for. An awesome atmosphere and prices.guy

  744. MegaMondo

    #2 on my list of fave dispensaries

    I was all smiles soon as I walked into the building, but it’s a dispensary.. who’s NOT happy to go in!?

    Showroom floor was a lil cramped but their inventory made up for it. I got the opportunity to look at some White 99 which was…. *kisses fingertips*

    Prices were fair and staff was well knowledged.

    Definitely coming back

  745. Rainbow8285

    Awesome place!! A must come check out!! Top strains!! Great prices!!

  746. sahbleh91

    Best Staff and great quality definitely my go to place

  747. Fanaelmas69


  748. meggyfreckz

    Super cool. Lots of goodies. Will recommend

  749. mimmylove

    i love the place

  750. Juliej7541

    First time there was awesome!!!! Had questions and was eager to explain.

  751. vv1004

    My fav shop when I visit!

  752. Natan44

    Great joints and fire edibles

  753. Zachmorris94

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