The Farmers Market

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2070 South Huron St, Denver, CO 80223


39.6789931, -104.9970328




8:00 AM – 9:50 PM


8:00 AM – 9:50 PM


8:00 AM – 9:50 PM


8:00 AM – 9:50 PM


8:00 AM – 9:50 PM


8:00 AM – 9:50 PM


8:00 AM – 9:50 PM


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The Farmers Market is your new favorite dispensary! We welcome locals and travelers alike, and are known for our one-of-a-kind customer experience, creating a welcoming environment for those new to cannabis as well as seasoned connoisseurs. We have warm and comfortable waiting rooms, friendly & knowledgeable staff and unbeatable prices! At The Farmers Market we treat you like family, so stop in and say "HIGH" today!


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76 reviews for “The Farmers Market

  1. Lionbabebudflowa

    Nice friendly staff

  2. loveroftheflower

    Ej was great and a great help! They have a wonderful section of flower. Such great nugs! Will be back!

  3. weedvybez

    Best shop I found in all of Denver!

  4. zow237

    I’m sick of seeing the first ingredient on these grows being azadirachtin. I have been poisoned by this pesticide and it wrecked my body. I’m not sure I can even vape what I just got. This is the exact reason why there are a bunch people experiencing this cannabis hyperemesis syndrome. This wasn’t a thing until this organic pesticide was being sold for marijuana crops. Please educate yourselves and stop using poison in your weed. This stuff will literally make me sick for months just from a few puffs. It’s nasty

  5. DomJovi4200

    Dope spot. Great Vibe. Awesome service and knowledge of product.

  6. Budsmokinbudda

    Small store with a mom and pop shop environment. They had me in and out in under 10 minutes and my budtender was really friendly! This was my first time here but I will be back!

  7. Jayohe

    Relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Very helpful and friendly service. EJ answered all of my questions with knowledge and was able to assist me in finding some quality products. Very pleasant experience overall.

  8. ShaggyDewNow

    Their pricing and quality of flower is beyond top notch

  9. jennxherrera

    Beth was amazing and very informative. Shop is nice.

  10. brian4105504

    Beth was a great budtender.

  11. FlaPolarBear

    Knowledgeable staff. Nice selection. Several specials. Prices made the trip over well worth it. Best price I’ve seen for Chemmy Jones.

  12. msalexjohnson

    I had an awesome dispensary experience. Beth was super helpful and knowledgeable. She guided us to the right choices very patiently. The product and the price point were awesome. I will definitely go back any time.

  13. RoseGlass

    awesome experience!

  14. LoveLifeLoveLeo

    Best quality and prices in Colorado along with knowledgeable sales staff. D, Nick and the gang…Thank you!

  15. WillGrowNE

    Amazing dispensary. Service and deals so good I brought my budtender breakfast the next morning. dY’OEdY1/4dY’OEdY1/4

  16. Zanetw24

    Beth was very helpful with everything insuring we get exactly what we want at great prices! one of the best in Denver!

  17. CheesecakeNick

    Very easy to understand menu. Beth was a huge help with my order spanning concentrates, flower and edibles. Already planning my return trip.

  18. tysonshooter420

    Yo the manager Diangelo was the bomb, very helpful thanks for the help bruh.

  19. YurMajesti

    AWESOME. EJ is the guy to see. They have AWESOME rewards. Discount prices high quality weed and always all smiles! Definitely my go to place. EJ made this a fantastical experiencedY~dY~

  20. shaidulla

    love the white widow and banana kush in the pre rolls. stayed high for a good couple hours. body hi was just right..And the price woohoo..
    dY~ bring it back

  21. Astrallygrounded1975

    If you want a quaint and cozy smoke haunt, go to Farmers Market! We drive all the way from Superior just for the amazeballs customer service from Dave, Bethany,Ej and the gang, not to mention the educated savvy of the professionally selected growers. Favorite strain is Chemmy Jones, but there is no bad choices to be found yet. I will bring you kids another sign soon, Thaynx for this fantastic establishment!!

  22. PUREVIBEvape

    Wow! The Farmers Market is VIBING that New Year spirit by slinging their hot deals out the door on their amazing selections! EJ and the rest of the crew are SUPER FRIENDLY & they’re working incredibly hard to ensure that you’re stepping into the New Year with all your cannabis needs! Head down to The Farmers Market TODAY to stock up for the New Year!

  23. Rabbitholer

    Awesome location. Great people even better buds! Thanks for the best experience yet. Will be back.

  24. djbellyrub

    Great staff, great selection and great prices!

  25. kmcglade86

    Beth helped us out and was totally awesome! They had great deals for the festival in town this weekend, but had good normal prices as well. Good selection of edibles, pre rolls, vapes, etc., and all of Beth’s suggestions we really liked. Highly recommend!

  26. nmorris85

    Warm space, good people, and great buds! Best buying experience I’ve had, and will be back!

  27. KiBrighton

    Great place!! Beth was an awesome budtender !!!! Very helpful!! I loved the variety that they had!!

  28. skittrbrain

    terrible customer service

  29. DebbieDank

    This location is welcoming and the staff is very helpful. Because it is decorated country chic, you feel the comfort of grandmas house with the information and aEURoegoodsaEUR like Uncle Willie’s. EJ was our bud tender and he was amazing!

  30. nicholasftanner

    Very friendly and quick staff. Good deals and rewards!

  31. jessie5410

    I dont usually write reviews but I love the farmer’s market. the staff make you feel welcome and the deals/price and not to expensive. I would recommend this despenery to anyone. I will keep going there. keep up the great work.

  32. Byrdie81

    Bethany was great!! I love this Place! Top shelf products and a good price!!!

  33. MinstrelTek

    My family loves the Farmer’s Market! EJ is always super helpful and friendly (as is all of the staff). They have happy hours and deals – but the best is the Igadi cookies. 🙂 and sign up for the rewards program. Penny Pre-rolls after 2 visits.

  34. Bsbenzo

    EJ helped me find exactly what I need. There concentrates are really tasty for 25 OTD. Free joint for review

  35. OnlySmokeGood

    Top notch flower Chemmy Jones is a must try!!!

  36. larabar11

    Love this place a$?i,dY$?~dY1/2

  37. rkoopman

    This was a fun location! The workers were extremely friendly! EJ is the best bud tender!

  38. Mbcarey2

    Beth was awesome!we live very close and having this place here has been a welcoming experience for Denver. Nice people who work with you for YOUR needs and not just the money. This is now my main place.

  39. Cheeny357

    AwesOme spot.. kinda discreet

  40. AnneOrian

    First time in this place and I’m already a loyal customer. The place is a little hard to spot because of how small it is, but once inside that small and cozy atmosphere takes over. The decor was cute and adorable, kind of like a little house. The budtender D was very helpful and chill. the selection was great despite being a small dispensary.

  41. vegaslights29

    This place is cozy and had what I wanted. They keep their leafly menu updated daily. I forgot the gentlemans name that helped me but he was very friendly, patient and informative. This will be my go to spot.

  42. krisbrian

    This place is amazing! Always get awesome service no matter who helps me. Will return and recommend to everyone!

  43. Hocuspocus840

    Beth was Super nice 🙂

  44. mcwolfx

    Really great selection of flower, visited from out of state for a g of Northern Lights, White Widow, and Chemmy Jones. My budtender was very friendly and helpful and even gave me a discount! Fantastic visit, thanks The Farmer’s Market!

  45. mellowmood101

    Experienced and thoughtful. They care about the product they sell and the user specific needs. Will be a consistent buyer from them!!

  46. Texcol

    Beth was very knowledgeable and friendly. She remembered what we got last time and even tried to save us some money. Great strains and friendly service!

  47. orangataang

    What can i say? I typically dont leave reviews, but i honestly feel obligated. These guys and gals are top notch. From quality/budtenders/deals etc this place is hard to top. I honestly just want to keep it a secret to myself. Do yourself a favor and try these peeps out!

  48. FlowerFinder

    The Farmers Market is a cozy shop right next to Overland Golf Course in Denver. Right next to Downtown, and has better pricing and potency than most around. Their menus list pricing with out the door, so there is no confusion at the end with the taxes, and I like that! The friendly staff members help me understand the products I’m buying before I leave. I will recommend this shop to my family and friends who consume.

  49. They1Live2We3Sleep

    Bud Rot! Came for the $9 1/8s on Black Friday. It tasted off but I tried to tough it out since is was so cheap. Woke up the next morning with a sore throat and decided to look at the flower more closely under a light. I found discolored, yellowing bottoms and insides of buds. It was bud rot! I can’t believe this dispensary is allowed to sell mold intended for inhaled consumption to the public. For an industry that is supposed to provide medicine, this dispensary is creating a black mark on it. See their Google reviews for my photo of the Farmers Market bud rot NYCD.

  50. Blookit

    Best Shop in town and the chemmy jones is top notch!!

  51. PeridotKnighte

    the budtender i talked to was D. he was polite and funny. knew his stuff. he answered all my questions and he made the whole experience even better.

  52. DenverLuke

    Friendly staff, good deals, and quality product. Definitely my favorite dispensary.

  53. MelSig

    The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered completely and they had some great deals! Definitely worth the visit.

  54. nonte

    Wow! Blown away at the amazing experience I had there, I definitely will be back to see David he hooked me up with what I needed!

  55. tracytracy

    tinny location
    not well lite parking lot
    have to CALL BEFORE go shopping to SEE IF they have PRODUCT 🙁

  56. Jark.knght

    Love the shop. Staff is outstanding. Great selection and quality products.

  57. Eleanorfrancis

    Cool place, {high}ly recommended!

  58. LittleJake12

    Not hard to find, clean and made you feel at home, budtender dave made us feel right at home and prices were great. Great way to spend my engagement vacation

  59. McGown-n-Town

    Bit of a cannabis tourist here. Ended up going to The Farmers Market somewhat accidentally. First impression was a cool location. Actually spent 10 minutes at the park on the river talking with a fisherman before even going in. Definite long term possibilities here. Inside was very cool and clean although seemed a little “in transition”… so I asked about that. They just acquired new owners. Man you can see the possibilities in this place. Bud tenders were great, friendly and knowledgeable. A couple killer deals. I will be back to this place first thing on my next trip to Denver. Can’t wait to see what this store grows into. Keep up the good job.

  60. ctreedy

    Awesome layout, great people, and good bud.

  61. SilentChong

    Strain the white is my favorite here, and I love the Willie Nelson theme. Very comfortable and friendly.

  62. amanq

    top strains, good people and great service! must stop by!!

  63. LucyGoose

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Came here with my boyfriend (noobie to CO). He was awestruck by the friendliness and knowledge of the staff. We asked lots of questions. Smelled almost all the flowers. The staff was patient and seemed genuinely excited to help us out. Got what we were looking for and some things we never knew existed. Thank you guys.

  64. SlantyEyes247

    great 🙂 I haven’t been back to The City in the Clouds for awhile now but I know this place also seemed to have my Favorite Strains .. I was a med patient then I moved to another state and haven’t been back but finally plan on coming back and hoping by then the same strains are still there with its greeny goodness.. thanks

  65. Jafish93

    Been here a few times when spending time in Denver and the budtender remembered me after a month from my first visit and was extremely courteous and helpful. Service is great and I’ve yet to find a place even close to having the quality of bud they carry.

  66. michaelolivier

    It was absolutely amazing. They were so attentive to every one of my needs and my learning experience first moving to Colorado. I definitely will referring people to this place because it is going to be their best at with great prices happy Halloween.

  67. Brakelighteyes

    Best shop when it comes to OZ specials they always have $99 otd this is my go to when I’m in town

  68. Mohamedsalat

    I just found out about this location, definitely one of the best places I have been too. Customer service and the quality of the products definitely top off loyalty of why I always seem to come back

  69. MtnMush

    My boyfriend and I had a fantastic first visit. The gentleman by the name of Diangelo helped us out and was really great at giving us more information about certain flower products, edibles, and promotional sales. Great atmosphere, great quality of product, and overall an A+ visit. Thanks!

  70. QueezyBaby

    One of my most absolute favorite places I’ve been so far and been to many during my four day stay here. Bethany, our Budtender, was one of the most helpful and hands on tender I’ve met. Great prices, check, great products, check, experienced advice, check, the list can go on and on and it will price over and over again why you should shop there. Only gripe is I wish the are was a little bigger, nothing to fret over, I mean we did have a party of 5 lol

  71. kth2914

    Visited CO with my boyfriend are a vacation. Our bud tender was RJ (I think). He was SUPER friendly and so was his manager, Ashley. We came because of the great reviews and they’re right! They were knowledgeable and VERY helpful. We kept telling RJ that we’d be back and we will be!

  72. KLKFinn

    My husband is a picky stoner. Beth was helpful insightful and tried to make sure we got the best for our buck. Great atmosphere and friendly service. Recommend to anyone in pain or a Vet needing some relief from PTSD.

  73. Ga-crispy

    Friendly and wholesome staff.. Great bud And great Prices.. I would recommend to seasoned smoker or any newcomer..

  74. Who59

    The Farmers Market is my go to and only dispensary choice. Tons of products always new quality concentrates and flower in stock as well as the classics they keep in stock. budtenders are super friendly and never pressure you to get a more expensive product.

  75. miguelster

    I love the fast and friendly service + good flower! Good job guys!

  76. stitchnbitch

    I’m very new to the legal scene, but everyone at Farmer’s Market were knowledgeable, patient, and kind. Great experience. I decided to try them as they’re one of the few places that sell harlequin. It was perfect for my needs. Thank you!

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