Buds Premium Cannabis- De Beque

$15G’s Of Wax & $15 1/8’s



2034 I-70 Frontage Road, De Beque, CO 81630


39.299131, -108.219167




9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Near Me, Find Marijuana, Pot Cannabis, Tumbleweed, Kush, Elk, Buds Edibles, De Beque, Grand Junction, We are a great dispensary In De Beque Colorado. Grand Junction Colorado, Marijuana Store, Palisade Pot Dispensaries, Recreational, Legal Sales. We’ve recently been referred too as The "Home Of The Great Wall Of Weed" & We Love That! Over 40 strains available on a daily basis! We are a Locally owned and operated Recreational Dispensary. We carry strains from growers all across the state so we always have something new and exciting coming in! Daily Deals of $15 &$ 20 Eighths or $100 & $140 an ounce, An entire shelf of Bud for $25 an eighth or $165oz. Turn right off of exit 62 then take your first right down Frontage Road for about a mile and a half, You cant miss our giant Buds sign!


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99 reviews for “Buds Premium Cannabis- De Beque

  1. Mapodaca

    Great prices & quality

  2. queenkayyyyy

    Cozy little shop that I’m happy to call my regular place. I’ve been going for about 5 months or so. They have amazing prices and the employees are very nice and helpful. I honestly don’t want to go anywhere else for my MJ needs.

  3. Daisyleducala

    Great customer service. Great quality. Best deal in town.

  4. JayGatsby

    I love the atmosphere, product, and how appreciative the staff is. I dont mind driving past palisade to get me some Buds Ltd. keep up the great work guys! one love.

  5. Toasted1221

    This place is great!! The bud tenders are awesome and very knowledgeable! Their daily deals are great and they have quality concentrates and bud! So happy to have something so close to Grand Junction.

  6. MsKryptonite

    Great people, awesome selection. They’ve had descent deals with every visit.

  7. Suzie-Q89

    We have been going to these guys 1-4 times a month for the over a year. They are super friendly and knowledgable and they run great deals.

  8. Mrobbie

    The budtenders here are top notch. You won’t find more dedicated and knowledgeable budtenders anywhere else. And they are open late! What more could you ask for?

  9. in_a_tizzy

    Great selection and staff is pretty chill

  10. Ladylaura

    Great product, awesome service

  11. Glassmistyss

    Buds in Debeque is the sweetest little aEURoehoney holeaEUR of all the things cannabis you can find! The Bud Tenders are at the top of their game and are always eager to help and answer any questions you may have! The selection of flower in startling, considering its (the store) size, there are probably 30 strains out at all times. The prices here are unbeatable! I never think twice about driving past several other dispensaries to go there, it’s definitely worth it and I still save $. There is also plenty of product for those of you that prefer to dab, vape or consume your cannabis. They do have some products that are more medicinally geared too. Buds is the Diamond of Debeque!

  12. kmphetteplace

    The bud tenders are just as awesome as the deals!

  13. Karma Happens

    Heading East on I-70? This is the FIRST and most perfect location just outside the DeBeque canyon.

  14. Bstroud65

    The best cannabis in De Beque. Undisputed most authentic dispensary.

  15. Mrzz1112

    These are some of the nicest people in Cannabis. It is always a pleasure to do business with them and their prices and product are top of the line. We love visiting this location when we are in town. Highly recommend!

  16. COrecweed

    Nice little shop, alot closer to GJ.

  17. Winningitbruh

    So happy I found this gem! Great personal atmosphere, high potency strains that taste great! Love their seeded strains also, I’ve already started some pretty beefy plants from the seeds I got.

    stay high!

  18. chrystalfarmer27

    Love this little store. It’s super convenient and I love the people.

  19. Mgarcia123

    Great place! Great people! I will be back!

  20. Ditzyblond1223

    I love this place everyone should try it they treat you like family and the buds are great and prices cheap

  21. Bladein

    Great store great prices

  22. Jamesjones4

    Great staff crazy amount of bud to choose from

  23. Andrewanderson

    Happy budtenders good buds and crazy low prices gotta love buds

  24. Steponmegrimes

    My daughters bring me the best priced most dank bud I’ve ever seen buds all the way best dispensary ever

  25. sw33t.flow3rs

    Great variety of flowers, all very beautiful and exotic
    My number 1 dispensary

  26. HansBP

    This buds location is sure to give you a great experience. The staff is very knowledgeable, on top of always being super nice. There is always a good deal to get.

  27. AGonzo44

    Worth the 15min drive
    Deals are amazing

  28. Lexigrimes18

    Buds it the best place to get and and all you sativa indica and hybrids the real question is what cant they do from friendly amazing staff a great owner mark stop in say hi sometime

  29. Kharleye

    If you’re looking for a cannabis dispensary than this is what you’re looking for. Great employees and fresh bud. It’s always fresh. Never fails. Very therapeutic. Both, the bud and the people. Great combination.

  30. Traeontoke

    great service very knowledgeable people always always help me find what I’m looking for at the best price around I’m really great dispensary I love these guys

  31. Fman69

    Worst looking weed I’ve seen in a dispensary. When I was quoted almost $200 an oz and shown the brown frown, I left.

  32. jynccdfam

    Great staff and I picked up some lemon face on sale and love this hybrid strain!

    Definitely going back, maybe check their other location

  33. paullyb82

    Great quality strains at affordable prices

  34. Tfred321

    This place has been amazing since I’ve found it best prices in town and you can’t beat the membership it’s free!

  35. amber.olivarez

    This place is absolutely amazing! The flower has a great aroma and the prices are spot on! They have a great and extremely helpful staff. I’d give it more than 5 stars if I could!

  36. jave9000

    Great little shop, with a great flower selection. Best quality bud around.

  37. greenboy0324

    It’s got great prices and weed I’m hurt and it works

  38. AkeenWash74

    Best dispensary in Western CO. Consistent in quality and customer service with affordable prices! If you want Natural Tasty Flowers, go to BudsLtd.dY~SdY’dY?

  39. Beansies5991

    Buds is a great place to shop on a budget. they always have options for every smoker and their top shelf is always killer buds

  40. tfromm216

    Great products and customer service!

  41. Zigzvck420

    Cheap prices for top shelf buds, very knowledgeable, very friendly, and so helpful!
    I’ve never had a better team of bud tenders make my experience so quick, in depth and personal. KEEP UP THE AMAZING JOB GUYS!!

  42. Rmorlan225

    I have been to many cannabis dispensaries but out of all the ones I’ve been to, this remains in my top 3 choices. The neighborhoods are bustling and active, the community is friendly and helpful, and the quality of the cannabis is undeniable. Thank you budtenders for prioritizing customer satisfaction and providing customers with unforgettable experiences!

  43. kayafire420

    Buds Dispensary is the best on the Western Slope because of the consistent quality, affordable prices and friendly and knowledgeable staff. I’ve been to about 10 others west of the Divide. I like the fact that there is usually no wait time. There’s mind blowing artwork on the wall. It’s also one of the closest dispensaries near Grand Junction. This is my go-to dispensary. Great strains. Great prices. Very efficient

  44. Joy43

    The friendly people working there always greet me as I enter the bud display is easy to see and the wait is never long. Truly a pleasant experience every time.

  45. deannaduncan702

    They were so friendly and helpful. For my 1st ever visit to a dispensary they had a lot of info. I will definitely go back

  46. daleytom

    I like the location and the staff was nice, but the quality of it was not good. I got home and tried my new stuff and it made me extremely sick and had to go to the hospital. Something was definitely not done right! It was not flushed properly!!! I will not ever go back or recommend this place to anyone!!

  47. Blunts-blunts

    i love this place. i bring all my friends and family here. i only shop here. they are knowledgeable and great at what they do. the weed is awesom

  48. TashaVH1

    Best prices and people! My favorite!

  49. thuzi

    Very disappointed, We come here a lot and was sold two grams of concentrate that taste like sulfer/rotton eggs. This is not the first time either. Sucks I really liked coming here, but bye bye.

  50. Mickloven110

    grate prices and good service

  51. tommykingii

    good atmosphere good quality service great prices great smoke

  52. agonzo444

    Always worth the drive bomb bud

  53. lovan7272

    amazing people and fair prices I always love walking in because everyone is so happy to see you

  54. Cchadwick1116

    This location is amazing. It’s visibly small but once you go inside it doesn’t seem small because it feels so friendly and welcoming

  55. Gonzo444

    Drive well worth the price and product

  56. Ashleyg44

    far drive but so worth it, good prices and they dont disappoint

  57. Bastet420

    I love this little shop there deals are the best around, great service friendly people who answer all your questions.

  58. allowedaccess

    Excellet location

  59. ajadams

    Has the best deals and the best bud tenders.

  60. Northernlights-1

    Great product. Awesome customer service. Great all around

  61. FuzzwooWolf

    Small little Dispensary, super friendly people, and the prices for weed are amazing. I will be back for sure.

  62. Trinidad25

    I have gone to Buds for about 3 months now. I love going to them knowing they will always prove to be one of the highlights of my day. The strains are top quality and the staff maintain the cannabis exceptionally well. Thanks Buds for proving to be reliable!

  63. Mcgee314

    I’m a satisfied customer that’s been coming here for the past month. As far as I’m concerned, they have my business for life. I love how things are being ran.

  64. heallionus93

    really love the survice

  65. 420boybbbb

    Friendly staff, great selection, well maintained.

  66. Paulg5

    Buds is as premium as it gets. If its bud your after then you should be coming to buds. I love the quality of the product, but love the people in charge of dispensing even more.

  67. Tyler666117

    It’s got some good ass deals man

  68. SteveJones23

    I have an uncle that lives in Mesa County that has a medical condition and is prescribed Cannabis to cope with the healing process. I’ve been down to visit and have personally ran this errand for him. This is a nice dispensary with friendly employees that clearly love what they do. I’ve never had any issues with getting my uncle the cannabis he’s needed. Thanks for making his and my life easier Buds Premium!

  69. Ladydrgnfly

    The quality if service is uncomparable. Two thumbs up, guys!

  70. Odette2

    My family has been coming here since it opened and rave about the quality of bud and service. I just started going on their recommendation and I would have to agree.

  71. Missnikkicola

    It’s a great place, great customer service and ofcourse great products!

  72. sarahboo009

    This place is awesome $15 grams of concentrate! Bud tenders are awesome and the atmosphere is great

  73. JoseR1996

    Small shop but that should not discourage you from taking advantage of their killer deals. Their wonderful staff will help you find what you are looking for. My go to place for sure!

  74. That'sCool.

    I love this place! The budtenders are knowledgeable and chill af. I’m in and out in no time 🙂 They always have deals, too!

  75. Jason420Farmer

    Great spot I’m town and the people are awesome. Love the quality of the product.

  76. FarmerDall

    Great store and awesome people. Really cool spot too.

  77. Blakeweaver245

    Fucking love this place, the one stop shop and amazing flower

  78. SimplyOverweight

    Awesome store

  79. TwistedMom

    wonderful service, excellent prices

  80. TrVztD

    Great prices, friendly and knowledgable staff, and awesome products. The best dispensary in the area.

  81. mgroff1963

    Great products and customer service!

  82. CannaFairyCO

    I absolutely love Buds. I drive up from Grand Junction, 1-2 times a week, (passing by three more conveniently located locations) just to go to Buds in DeBeque. They have amzaing prices, great deals, and an awesome selection. My fave day to go is now on Wednesday. The Budtender is so friendly, and SUPER knowledgeable. Although, any day of the week provides amazing customer service! Love it even more now that they started a rewards program!!!! GO BUDS!

  83. Ashksch

    This location is sweet and petite, its a perfect little brick building. Reminds me of like a tiny house. The employees are divine, knowledgeable and quirky they are so full of life. They have so many options, some of my favorite strains and they were very informative. Small but mighty! My favorite place so far!

  84. kfiz

    This is the perfect place to bring friends along to learn about cannabis for the first time. It’s practically a biology classroom! Especially when you see their menu is wider than you’d expect, with every medical and practical use of cannabis in product form known to man. World class selection compared to California’s 50 shades of hybrids and nothing else. Thank you for staying open late on the weekends! My Mormon dad even walked out with some CBD edibles and creams after another budtender talked with him while I was picking out my favorite indica for fighting nausea, headaches and insomnia.

  85. Darrinkorth

    I’ve been to dispensaries all over the Western slope do not waste your time or money going anywhere else. They have the best selection at the best prices.

  86. brionfurgerson0324

    this place is amazing great buds and prices are the best


    They charge $25 in tax and had over a quarter in seeds, I’d rather pay the extra gas to go to parachute kind castle has $100 deals all day everyday for dankydanky!

  88. ROSEwrecks

    great budtenders, they really try to find the best deal for your budget. Concentrates are nice and flavorful and the prerolls are the bomb!

  89. bear47

    Best dispensary out there! Great staff, most friendly I’ve ever been to.

  90. Pats0392

    Friendly knowledgeable staff, and the very reasonable pricing, I never have to look anywhere else.

  91. ZombieFairy23

    Great people Great deals Highly recommend you go see these guys if you dont want to break the bank

  92. emeacham

    Picked up several strains and had great discussion on each. In and out: 5 minutes. dY’adY’a

  93. ImjusBuddy

    the best flower on the market and amazing service

  94. AG3NT_O

    Love this place! People and prices are always good

  95. coramos318

    10/10 would recommend

  96. FrostedFlower

    Love this place. They’re always super friendly, pretty good at recommending bud, and have a wide variety of flower, edibles, and concentrates at awesome prices.

  97. Chillie970

    awesome prices, quick friendly service

  98. Nyshadood

    looooovvvvee buds.dY’*

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