Affinity Dispensary




7739 E Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80220


39.740438, -104.8979919




9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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When you walk into our brand new medical AND Recreational dispensary just east from downtown Denver, you will immediately feel at peace. It is really important for us as a team to make sure that our patients feel comfortable in a clean and inviting atmosphere with an open floor plan and vibrant murals covering our walls from local artists. This industry is booming and we understand that it is our responsibility to provide exceptional patient care. We take pride in building relationships and treating each and every patient with nothing less than love, support and compassion. Here at Affinity, we supply a wide variety of products to make us your go – to, one stop holistic shop. Mental and physical health being our focal point, we made sure that our shelves are filled with wholesome products; like non GMO, vegan and gluten free edibles with a wide variety of the most pure cannabis on the market. Open 7 days a week for your convenience! We look forward to meeting you and to show you what Affinity is all about.


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258 reviews for “Affinity Dispensary

  1. aGandhiPunch

    The staff at Affinity was super helpful on our first visit, and they definitely made it a walk in the park to find exactly what we were looking for (even though we didn’t know exactly what we wanted, haha). Can’t wait to drop by again!

  2. 303Coolin

    It’s in a great location and great customer service with nice conversations with the bud tenders love their flowers

  3. Ekennelly

    Great shop! Very clean and bright. Fantastic budd and concentrate selection!

  4. Crippy37blue

    Amazing size store and great friendly people on staff

  5. swaggtazztic

    good despinary weed is on point e
    very time love the deals

  6. DenverDennis

    Poor customer service, long waits, and they changed their Veterans deal so that it’s no longer a deal. If you are a Veteran who wants to be taken care of, go to Silver Stem up the street.

  7. Ogmatthew

    I think affinity has good deals.

  8. justanwalker

    i never shop anywhere else but here best products and best prices

  9. Zephrym

    I’ve been shopping at this dispesary when they were Organica right before the name change and I cansay the prices are some of the best out of most of the dispensaries I conduct security for, just wish they would bring back Black Sugar Rose!!

  10. dkassa96

    Awesome staff

  11. Sge2965

    You guys have some of the best bud in town and I would recommend to anyone.

  12. bigsmilkiera

    i love it there. the happy hour deals are BOMB

  13. bmxnathan

    best place ever

  14. traven78

    great products and good pricing. very helpful and friendly staff.

  15. dlynch90

    Great prices for great bud! Budtenders are great and let you take your time while shopping.

  16. Tess75

    This is the best dispensary in all of Colorado you will have a one-of-a-kind and unique experience come check out their buds and outstanding customer service

  17. LoloQueen

    I’ve been a med patient for almost three years. For the last year or so, I’ve had a caregiver who has great buds but poor customer service. I searched for Sour Diesel and stumbled upon this place. When I got there, I felt relaxed in their lobby and was greeted by great CSR’s who genuinely seemed to want my business. Though their Sour Diesel grower doesn’t know what he’s doing (pulled it way too early), there were about eight or ten strains that were well grown and cured…enough so I couldn’t get all I wanted on the first trip there!

    I revelled in their Cherry Diesel, Lime Green Skunk, and Lemon Skunk (for sleepy time). More than just the quality, I LOVED the prices. I was told their grow op will be up and running within the month, so I’m hoping they decide to grow good quality Sour Diesel. But, the Cherry Diesel is definitely a good replacement!

    I went back for my second visit and made them my caregiver. Talk about member perks! The more plants you’re allocated, the better your discounts! So far, I’m thrilled with the folks who work here, their ability to treat me like I’m not just a number, their awesome prices, and their great selection of potent, well grown strains.

  18. 2018smokey

    Great buds.

  19. TMDJ

    Love it great product

  20. gnb99

    this place is my favorite good price n friendly staff

  21. Sylence3

    Love the quality of bud here and love taxes included in price

  22. santiagoanddunbar420

    The bud is always top notch, the budtenders are the best, the daily deals are awesome… Not much more to say other than Best dispensary in Denver. dY’OEdY1/4 Keep it up!

  23. hba001

    The quality bud from Affinity exceeds expectations if using price as a gauge. The several happy hours make this place stand out from the rest and the staff is helpful in finding what you are looking for.

  24. LilOne1403

    Javier is always so nice and sweet, love the deals on joints, great environment

  25. TarnishesBeauty

    I have tried many other dispensaries but hands down Affinity comes through with quality buds for half the price these other places charge. They are definitely my go to dispensary for flowers.

  26. Stormblessed82

    Chill place! It’s little big inside so it seems like they don’t have much, but the selection is bigger than you think and very high quality!

  27. Browndog1

    Love this place for many reasons. Product is great. Place is clean. Staff is nice and knowledgeable. They have security and I have nicknamed one guard Toledo. He was very professional. I highly recommend.

  28. gofasterbuds

    Great prices, friendly staff, and most importantly Quality!!!

  29. Desbleu

    Great weed at great prices

  30. ranoverray

    Their west edison shatter and wax has so greatly improved its hands down the terpiest best deal in town . Erb is great for the price. somedays it is super incredible..others it is good . They revolve lots of stock. try critical mass , la conf , thai lights and platinum bubba extracts

  31. Lousyd

    Excellent service and always a friendly budtender to help out.

  32. CassieFord

    great place

  33. SativaQ

    Loving Affinity CornBread flavor, thanks for the strain recommendation Alex knows his shit dY’

  34. cliffordstephens

    dank weeds and happy hour makes it hard to beat

  35. Dkassa2

    Great staff very friendly and helpful as well great quality buds

  36. Andreeeaa

    Great prices, friendly staff, product is best in town. If you have never been here your missing out.

  37. c1010010

    My first legal shop, and had lots of questions and curiosity on the whole process. Experienced user, but this would be the first time a buy did not occur under somewhat tense/concerning circumstances.

    Upon entry, I was greeted with a bright, clean space. After speaking to an attendant behind glass, who asked for my ID, I was brought in and met Trevor. I explained my experience and situation and Trevor offered me a tour of both the site and the legal scene.

    He must have spent 30 minutes with me. Showing me everything in the shop and being a general all around good guy.

    I have to say, this was the perfect first visit and I really appreciated his time and attitude.


  38. Meangreen11

    My favorite place to go for quality products and great customer service. Highly recommended. Check this place out.

  39. Krysten513

    This is pretty much the only place we go anymore. Everyone is nice and helpful and the coupons make for great deals too.

  40. JenC24

    Loved the bud! great staff and great service

  41. montruo809

    Real nice good variety of flower and edibles and drinks, wax , shatter unbelievable staff I will come back for sure

  42. zingiher

    Beatiful a*1a*+a-‘a*1a*ua*? nice selection of flowers. All medical top shelf. Love this place! dY++odY++,dY++odY++,dY++odY++,dY++odY++,

  43. mrweickert1

    Very nice location, friendly service.

  44. chadsuta

    Mike was awesome and I will definitely go back.

  45. Hoopyfrood

    Great experience every time =D

  46. domo95

    Awesome place has 100$ ozs!!

  47. Trestres19

    A great place to come to and very friendly and fast service, always find different strains and deals everyday.

  48. Roseday

    Pleasant place to shop!!

  49. Jamesj78

    Great flower and concentrates and the most frindley and welcoming bud tenders Iv met

  50. Kelsii233

    Zach helped me out when I was last there, very friendly and helpful. Knowledgeable staff, great music selection.

  51. TooneSt

    Good flowers, Great People!

  52. jbsmash3

    Great place!! Great people!! Fantastic selection only place I shop!! Ask for Kelsey great budtender very knowledgeable and help.

  53. Denvermj303

    great service . enjoy the med

  54. liltj6870

    Wonderful place with guaranteed great budtenders and awesome bud.

  55. seidel08

    Only reason that I gave four stars on quality was that my favorite line of concentrates, Craft710 , was not on their shelves. In my opinion they are industry leaders as far as quality and purity both go however there is great shatter from a variety of other companies here in stock. And to Summer whom assisted me with finding a perfect finals week stress remedy, you were AMAZING and I should have asked you if you wanted to longboard sometime! Peace and love, Luke

  56. Yerbita123

    The best in town great weed.

  57. Karandash

    Affinity is excellent! I drive here all the way from Fort Collins, its definitely worth the drive and the gas money. Affinity simply has the best flower for the best price of any dispensary I’ve found. I’ve had many great conversations with their friendly and excellent staff. Affinity is my go to dispensary in Denver, I can’t recommend this place enough.

  58. elchavela

    the vibe is great

  59. jwulit72

    my server was brenda, lovely experience

  60. MileHighManuel

    Great place! The budtenders are welcoming and they know there products.

  61. saints80013

    Great dispensary with great selection of concentrates and buds

  62. Alagorio

    Have left dissatisfied and the bud tenders are quite adorable! Wonderful bud and store!

  63. tennessy123

    Great deals on flowers i love shopping here

  64. buymoreyarn

    What a great place! The store is really clean. The displays are easy to see, and the selection is amazing. The staff is very knowledgeable, and very nice and helpful, without being pushy. This is the best place I’ve been to all year.

  65. pratt2093

    Clean and hip

  66. elijahslonksnis

    thank you janay!

  67. jrwgw89

    Friendly Staff and great prices. Very welcoming and warm environment. I will be back.

  68. brittanymessina

    love this dispensary! the crew is amazing and are all so nice and
    very helpful. Best dispensary in Denver

  69. tonetone420

    Me and my girlfriend went on Valentine’s Day and took advantage of their $40 half oz of shake. Everyone at affinity is friendly from the customers to staff. Jennifer was really friendly and very helpful. I would highly recommend Affinity to all my friends and it’s my new favorite dispensary.

  70. Deejay104

    This place is always ready to sell. Plus they sail the best strains I tried ever.

  71. floydwannabe

    Love this place! Have been looking for a good medical only dispensary for awhile now and finally found it here. The strains are great, bud tenders are super helpful and friendly, and the member benefits are AWESOME! And their prices on buds are the same across thd board. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for good medicine.

  72. amsmoker

    it’s kind of out of my way to get to them from where I live but the travel always ends up being so wroth it though. dY~%0

  73. FrannyFran

    I love it convent

  74. iClubRiffBlanco

    It was great!!!! Very friendly workers, & very knowledgeable about every strain I asked about. GREAT SERVICE!!!

  75. Trrvincent

    Everyone is always friends, good variety of stuff to chose from at good med prices

  76. primetimexg1

    Amazing product, staff is incredible and very knowledgeable, inviting atmosphere. And the roast beef was amazing. dY~%0

  77. JackM62

    Since coming to Denver I have been going to affinity, and found the quality of outstanding meds. As well the service is wonderful and friendly.

  78. JimmyJonny5

    Awesome Staff

  79. Earnest1969

    Great people

  80. Elvinj2423j

    Very good staff, Good Flower-Fresh and Potent in Quality for any strain. I’ve been in many fine establishments and the service & Herb was so-so But Alex Johnson and all the Female staff are above most!!

  81. ronzit

    Came in about 7:20PM and the black guy at the window was so extremely disrespectful and unnecessarily rude I was compelled to ask for my ID back and then walked directly out. There are far too many dispensaries in Denver who’ll gladly except my money without any attitude, I’ll be sure to tell my neighbors and friends to stay far away from this location.

  82. ifashus

    I think this dispensary is the
    worlds greatest

  83. lynweaver69

    The prices are fantastic and the people are friendly and very helpful.

  84. staciem

    I love this place and the vibes. The people are caring and attentive to your needs. The girls are some of the best tenders I’ve had.

  85. Theking123456

    This place is convenient and inventory is outstanding.

  86. CannaBoyzCO

    Super impressed with the quality of their $100 Oz. special. Our budtender Summer was super sweet and helpful! 🙂

  87. andrea21

    Great customer service. Lots of selection on different strains. Can’t wait to make them my care giver.

  88. Taytay01

    If u find something better u grew it ur self.

  89. conductorlalala

    I love this place and the people that work there. My forever home away from home!

  90. SanchoLife

    the staff at this location is awesome always make you feel at home and enjoy the experience.

  91. LakotaAkicita

    Good product.

  92. LoveShifter96

    Great place..nice staff. Esmeralda provides great attentive Care and innerstadning to her customers.

  93. liftedliving314

    Nice place bud tender squash was great

  94. Mclovin33

    Very nice dispensary! VERY GOOD BUD FOR VERY GOOD PRICES. Some bud tenders are extremely nice and make the shopping much better! Some employees are inexperienced and rush you which is not wanted but understood. Overall i love going here.

  95. stallions

    Best budtenders and excellent product! Also , plenty of parking!I love this place.

  96. Preciousmi8

    I love the weed they offer there is always a variety you’ll enjoy! Absolutely my favorite dispensary

  97. Venomx25

    Great place with a helpful staff. the prices are great & they always let you know about their specials.

  98. shanika2480

    Great Place to shop nice deals an good product

  99. Mommycat

    Great help from Vikki great people great weed great prices.

  100. elimangini

    great bud tenders and many selections of bud love the customer service

  101. Abaell

    Great service and quality buds.

  102. ilovegreens

    This store is awesome. They have a big parking lot for easy parking, and they get you in the door quickly. All of the bud tenders are friendly and enthusiastic about their product. They also have a sick line of t-shirts for various strains. Check em out!

  103. mrEverythingNJ

    Great flower and happy hour prices!

  104. Carykennedy

    Love love love

  105. Playerpla

    I absolutely love this location, even though it’s in a tough area on Colfax, they have awesome security detail, in and especially outside of the bldg.

  106. igirisu19

    Very nice place

  107. ThaDavis303

    Great deals great weed can’t bet it

  108. BlazeDelta9

    Good variety and nice people.

  109. CoScSmoker

    Great all around shop.

  110. kenbone

    thank you brenda and janay! tyler

  111. Jsth3gr8123

    just moved here from Florida and this was the first shop I went in and I was blown away everything is amazing. would definitely recommend!

  112. Eeznilekcol

    Excellent service and knowledgeable staff. Was able to pick up a new pen.

  113. jssbz420

    great location. great bud. great prices. top notch!

  114. Pierced

    Love this place

  115. pinkie11

    went in at 6:30pm as a medical member and was turned away and told we could come back tomorrow because they didnt have enough supplies for the medical side but yet the counters were stocked when I was leaving and glanced in the med side. crappy crappy crappy, if you advertise you are open until 6:45 that means you stop taking new customers at 6:45 not 6:30 or whatever time suites you that day!

  116. mystichaze2017

    budtenders are super knowledgeable

  117. Sifuentes

    Love the medical strains that they carry. Convenient location

  118. Bigdman72


  119. LetsGoCubs

    This has become my favorite dispensary to the point I drive 45 minutes for the quality product as well as the amazing service and friendly staff. If this is your first time going to a dispensary you’ll enjoy it and even if it’s not it’s one of the best around.

  120. SoundWizard

    Stopped in just to check it out and had a great experience! Great product selection and their bud is outstanding! Awesome deals on pre-rolls as well! I “highly” recommend coming here!

  121. BraytonOrtiz

    i have been in before under another name and must i say im so impressed with the quality of products and just the amount of customer service they provide every time im in. i bought grape krush and the strain mr clean. i was looking for a full body sativa and indica and i found exactly what i was looking for

  122. ChrisndGabby

    great deals,we never have to wait, friendly staff, good bud, the only thing that bothers me is some of the people dont take big stems off so sometimes we get some goodsize stems. overall theyre great and one of my favorite despenseries.

  123. Mrs.Chambers

    I love this location. The employees are great.

  124. TCorn

    Always has super green with excellent prices

  125. TheYuriPanda

    Staff is very friendly and treats you like a goddess. I am currently a member and always will be!

  126. Pdy32192

    Super friendly knowledgeable staff. Amazing never dried out product. Nice atmosphere. Even though I’ve been to plenty of other dispensaries, this is the only place I go to.

  127. schneck117

    Best dispensary so far! I forget my bud tenders name but she was perfect. Finally found me some Tommy Chong approved goodness.

  128. tyre5280

    Great quality products, for great prices.

  129. Caterpillarjam

    This is the worst place I’ve ever shopped at in Denver. My batch of weed had bud rot in it, and when I drove 5 miles back to tell them about it, they took away my quarter and didn’t even refund me.

    If you want to pay for a lot of stems and diseased weed you’ve found your place

  130. Ikarosangel4

    The bud is really good here and the budtender who helped me knew about every single strain they had & they have a good amount of strains to choose from which is nice and they are all good quality too

  131. Fufibandz

    I like that the Shane knows his products well. His recomendations are always great. Aweome greeter with a smile all the time. Best recomendation _ Ray Charles

  132. georgesmom1

    Great Bud’s

  133. ruos303

    this dispensary is amazing, I love the art, and the staff are super positive and try their best to get people in and out as fast as possible

  134. lilmissbaker42

    Super close to my house, it was my first time in and Vicky was so friendly! The dabs I got were delicious, plus she gave me a gift for shopping on Monday, told me about daily specials and their happy hour, $20 8ths from 9-12!

  135. gdub23

    Budtenders are willing to help and it’s just a great atmosphere, there’s deals too!

  136. Shaylynn7780

    Love everything about Affinity. Deals, bud, tenders…. The whole nine yards.

  137. ksigthor

    Great prices and good product!

  138. jaiross420

    Great prices people and marijuana. I love this place

  139. abelo94

    Always super friendly when i walk in and willing to help. The only dispensary that i ever go to

  140. rwfoleyii

    Best dispensary in Denver! The combination of quality, prices, and hours and hard to beat. Great staff too!!

  141. zh011

    Super awesome great people

  142. jayomtz

    love this place ! make you feel really comfortable.

  143. ifedon95

    really great place great prices and quality

  144. 505t0303

    Half Ounce $70, split in 4 different eights. Quantity & Quality!

  145. IsaaiahDoraame

    Great Customer Service Great Deals and the environment so friendly.

  146. NettaD

    This will be my 2nd time coming and I really like the location and the bomb deals gotta get my Scooby snacks Ayee

  147. mboehringer

    chill spot with friendly budtenders, great selection and awesome specials everyday of the week on top of good prices dY’dY’dY’

  148. Drew9213

    It’s a great location love the people, product and the new hours of operation.

  149. Krazycutie

    Decent location

  150. cherisue

    I love it

  151. clarkgris23

    always good weed! always good service! what else can you ask for?

  152. Jonathanlp1993

    friendly and courteous

  153. kushexpresso420

    i love comong here for their top and quality selection of flower. Friendly budtenders and wide selection of jointa also. come in and check thier multiple happy hours throughtout the day.

  154. itsAllperceptions

    Grape ultra, 15$ 1/8s and
    sativa Co2 testing at >80%total

  155. C11

    Best bud and bud tenders in Denver ! Best prices too

  156. willtc88

    awesome spot, friendly staff, great prices and the bubba kush I ended up picking up was really smooth and quality product. This will definitely be a regular stop for me.

  157. intolprog

    Fantastic dispensary. Great product, a wide variety of concentrates and edibles. Check out the discounts in the Westword for an even more affordable experience!

  158. MzDeeGud

    I loved the atmosphere and the different types of strains. budtenders are awesome.

  159. Goreh

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Everyone receives you with a smile.
    Will definitely come and visit often.

  160. LarryDubz456

    Cool Store

  161. Tsmith0903

    I really am taking a liking to this affinity dispensary; it is very wheelchair-friendly and a respectable product for individuals who have disabilities and in need of a wheelchair. It is one of the best dispensaries I have been to; I have never had a bad experience there. I enjoy going there because the workers are very friendly and supportive; they take the time to reach out to their customers and see how they are doing. They are also motivated and do the best they can in their job. This is a location which I will definitely recommend to my friends.

  162. lsanchez06

    awesome medicine great staff always cool!

  163. kingd0m

    3 weeks ago I came in for the first time and was helped by Summer. I haven’t been anywhere else since! the selection price and quality are all great!

  164. 4Smoke

    very helpful and friendly staff, great selection of high quality flowers.

  165. UKGRIME

    Great bud. Great prices.

  166. byrondouglas

    Awesome prices, great selection, and service is excellent! Definitely would recommend!

  167. joeyjkellum

    The staff of Organica is wonderful and very helpful. The prices are great and ALL strains are of high quality. I enjoy coming here at least three or four times a week. Two thumbs up dY’

  168. drogodcankin

    good weed bought some grape god og good strain

  169. Lily85

    Great location, great service, great prices, wonderful staff!

  170. Rutnag

    Great dank! The flower is stank and smokes really well. Was looking for a convent place near a job I was doing and am super stoked with this place I’ll be back.

  171. wildhart88

    I absolutely love going to Affinity! We used to go to this other dispensary until my husband recommended that we try this place. We’ve been coming back ever since. The staff is cool af! They always have so many strains to choose from its like being in a candy store every time we come back.

  172. DuskyJewel

    This gem of a dispensary caught my eye as I drove down Colfax. The banner heralded the opening and caused me to make a safe, legal U-turn. A couple of false start parking attempts and I was inside.

    Do not let the modest outside fool you. Inside is a clean, modern set-up with a welcoming staff. The flower is fragrant and powerful. Exactly as promised, my 1/8 of Vortex kept me uplifted and countered my fatigue well. Solid medicine, good recommendation.

    Best of all: GREAT PRICES!!

    From my medical card check-in onwards I would say that one of Organica’s greatest strengths is the staff who are fun, pleasant and knowledgeable.

  173. chitm46

    It was a great experience going into this location. The bud tender was very nice and had great suggestions on strains to buy.

  174. treefiddy420

    Best dispensary. $20eights from 9-12am happy hour! The best bud tenders. Yummy wax. Daily specials. The ultimate Colorado dispensary.

  175. xoadriano

    Decided to make the trip even though I lived down the street from one of my favorites. It was totally worth the trip for their great buds , happy hour deals and friendly budtenders dY’dY1/2

  176. Broken_Back_Mountain

    Great med option. Friendly budtenders.
    Always options and monthly member deals.

  177. Kelso25

    Aaron was awesome very knowledgable, bud looked amazing and they have great prices! Highly recommend this place dY~

  178. bratboy11

    Great tenders and bud at a good price

  179. Chasa101

    Friendly staff. Always quick in and out. Good vibes.

  180. Ptkfgs

    I was specifically looking for Durban poison so after calling around and finding this one after 5 I talked to a gentleman that told me they had it in stock. Then I asked how much for an ounce which he told me, decent price no complaints. Wanted to check out new Dispensary, so why not.

    Drove down there which took 20 minutes to find out that they were nearly out of it and was left with the bottom barrel. barely half an ounce left, Disappointed and irritated at that point but I push forward with the sale. I ask what is the contents of the THC to determine if it’s worth buying this batch of Durban that is essentially shake. At this point I was dealing with a nice lady but obviously not enthusiastic to be there and can be felt, so I ask. And she responds she doesn’t know, then I mention aren’t you legally suppose to have that information? At which point she quickly finds the binder to start searching, She finds it sorta.. And this is the major problem I have.

    The Batch they had paperwork for on the floor was not for the Batch they had on the floor. So I was unable to get CORRECT or ANY info on what I was buying, a wild guess I took. I left a 5 dollar tip before leaving, but after getting home I regret it. I will never return and never recommend this place, Management needs to be replaced asap and get Leaders that care cause it’s apparent to me that’s the problem and it’s my first time there, I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  181. joyiss

    Best prices and service in town!

  182. Sarahgraham11

    Absolutely amazing… attentive, knowledgeable, and very friendly

  183. Less11

    I felt relaxed and not under pressure to buy. Max took care not to just tell me about each concentrate, he also showed me and allowed me to smell it.

  184. Lilcheif138

    This location is very convienient but overall it has cannabis that makes any commute worth and I recommend the white 30% THCa strain hands down the best

  185. smokeyJay426

    Vast variety of flower, limited concentrates, great half ounce shake bags, up-lifting sativas & sedating indicas.
    Stunning lobby. NOT FOR ALL

  186. m0llusk

    This is my favorite dispensary in town. Amazing staff, phenomenal buds, & great deals. I feel like they truly appreciate my business & I never feel rushed.

  187. 17Krop

    Everything I shop here, I feel welcome. I was signed over to another place but that’s over wit lol.

  188. BreeBella85

    great prices and deals good selection and awesome staff keep up the good work And in itdY’OEdY’OEdY’OE

  189. rsurin

    Awesome people, great bud. Will be coming back!

  190. mkenn

    Great buds, edibles, wax, great prices all around. Cool people fast service. Daily customer.

  191. Maxwell98

    Always the best service and deals

  192. loveme24

    Oh man I love this place especially happy hour and the people are so friendly.

  193. mthammer

    Great location, space and products! Only issue I have had is they ran out of concentrates on 9/11..

  194. dnbforever

    Best spot in town…hands down!

  195. costadave

    This is our favorite dispensary and we come here all the time. the prices are great and the budtenders know their stuff.

  196. Bobby_Elkins

    Best prices in town

  197. wittitp7

    best med. prices in aurora area!

  198. seanjay

    I LOVE this spot!! Very friendly bud tenders!! LISA is tops!! She’s very informative. Combine her (Lisa) with Jessica “the hermit” and your experience is guaranteed to be delightful

  199. Eatbeej

    Best drug dealers ever. Friendly and helpful, and the weed is always stellar.

  200. ssmarshall777

    I love the colfax location. They have the best deals around to go along with the greatest customer service.

  201. dharris3611

    Best place in Denver

  202. Jason1978

    i love the location the products and customer service even the security are awesome people! i recommends to everyone both medical and rec… Thanks Everyone

  203. quellignant901

    Great staff, very compassionate and knowledgeable of strains, major thanks to budtender Lili dYOE+-dY’sdY’

  204. camjay

    Coming here is basically like a full service spa treatment man! As a medical patient I’ve visited this location many times and have had a chance to meet I believe most of the front desk/budtender staff, and they are all excellent and knowledgeable.
    Clean setup!! Tons of edibles, PLENTY of counter space and breathing room, very nice open floor plan layout. Friendly as heck, tons of strains, but let me tell you, there’s two in specific I tried from here that blew me away. Ghost Train Haze is one, and WHEW that was awesome, hands down favorite cannabis I had smoked to date (and still!). The other was a pre rolled joint of “Nebula”, a 50/50 or 60/40 sativa dominant, not sure, but man was it intense! Thinking about switching this to my primary! Thanks for always being there for me Organica!
    – C.J. <3

  205. Rhef

    I’ve been to about 14 dispensaries and this is my favorite. Pretty much into flower and they have more options than anywhere I’ve been.The other day they had
    10 different sativas, my thing. The pot I’ve gotten has always been first rate, nice dense aromatic buds. I appreciate the fact that they don’t have different prices for select strains, big turn off. If I wanted mediocre weed, I’d grow my own. It would serve a person well to check it out. I don’t think you can find a better price too, especially If you go before noon, and tax is included.

  206. Iziahdp

    Great strains Nd deals and employees friendly and know there strains. 1-10-17

  207. jointcentral

    Great staff! Great deals! Visit during happy hours and get xtra off your purchase!

  208. SammyWray

    Best flower I’ve found in Denver!! And some awesome bartenders, Esperanze and Collin!!

  209. Celinag2000

    Love the staff. Awesome deals.

  210. Jkitchell

    Great customer service

  211. Rainbow8285

    Thanks for always making our day and always kniwing the buds n which ones wed like. you guys always make our day better

  212. mikem422

    I love this place from the good prices to friendly people and great product also highly recommend going here

  213. sdhaeus2

    This place makes smoking affordable; eating aEUR” not so much. The selection is okay, but I feel like I get the same thing, even when I get something different.

    Maybe I just need to get out of my comfort zone aEUR” I don’t know.

  214. Princesstulip

    I have been to this dispensary about 4 times now. I love their service Viki and Katie have both helped me and are so wonderful knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to picking out your medicine. the quality of the product is amazing and the price is great! I have been to several dispensaries here in Colorado and have not found a better or more comprehensive Medical dispensary. they always make you feel happy and secure in what you purchase. Worth the trip every time. I have made them my caregivers and have never been disappointed! love Organica!

  215. JesseC612

    Love this place, always a friendly atmosphere and Vikki and all the other ladies are wonderful bud tenders!

  216. MiKeyes74

    I Love the happy hours!And they always have great flower!

  217. alterbeast

    love this place! great atmosphere. friendly, knowable staff with a wide variety of flower, concentrates, edibles, etc i always find something new an always excited to visit Organica

  218. Hmm710

    Organica has provided me with outstanding and personal care specific to my needs. The bud is top notch. I have great hope for their future!

  219. mselanious92

    Lots of parking, not long waiting time. Staff is friendly and efficient. Definitely will go there again soon.

  220. borgiesmoke

    awesome joint

  221. danandmarye

    First time in a dispensary about 20 minutes after I arrived in CO! This was just a random pop in after driving by it. I’ve seen so many bad reviews online about newbie experiences in purchasing legal herbs and that isn’t at all what my experience was like! The bud tender was super nice and answered every question I had. He was patient and kind.

  222. connercollinsx

    The budtenders here are always super nice and they have great weed for the cheap

  223. stizzy1210

    best bud and service with a smile!

  224. MFord

    This is the best dispensary ever hands down. Great product, great prices, the staff is super cool and the big security guard with the beard and waves is so fine. dY~>>dY~dY~~dY’|

  225. Kfaivre4141

    Great deals and product and staff is very friendly and helpful

  226. Sharra96

    great location !

  227. Plmv2011

    5 stars. The best dispensary

  228. Pnajera

    Very quality bud for good price at a convinent location. High quality staff.

  229. inkedbeauty5

    We’ve tried several dispensaries and Affinity is by far the best. The bud tenders are super knowledgeable and friendly, great deals on quality flower and concentrates! HIGHLY recommend!

  230. Deavon1990

    Great locatiom great deals and Emoyees are excellent !!

  231. Ms.Q

    Love this place.. Great customer service.. Great products. And love the happy hr deals.

  232. Poopingonhighschools

    The greatest place for quality products. Highly recommended. Definitely check them out.

  233. KaosDaKlown

    I love the waiting room here. too bad one cant smoke on premises, cuz the couches and chairs here would only add to a good couchlock. My only complaint is that yall dont have deals posted more often, but having shirts in my size more than makes up for that.

  234. Joann320

    This store has good marijuana. It has good low prices. The staff members are very friendly specially both Javiers. They know what I like. The store is always clean. It has fast service. I enjoyed buying there.

  235. bs1010

    great bud and service , love squatch

  236. blazer0228mike

    shout out to organica!! stepped up their game. their flower is on point girl scout cookie is bomb. I would definitely recommend them to any first time medical patient’s.

  237. sashquatch67

    It’s the best dispensary on Denver

  238. Troyboy86420

    Affinity has those 8th deals with best fire in town

  239. RoyaltyRowdy

    Weed looks great but smokes horrible
    Brought 3 ounces so far really disappointed
    Bubba Kush & OGRE kush is ok

  240. sternscheich

    Great dispensary, good flower selection and quality. Hot babes work here too!

  241. patpeezy1

    Awesome selection!!

  242. jlattobeats

    This location has dope artwork, people and great quality products. This was my first experience and I’m hooked!!

  243. jessebear1107

    Bright lighting and clean so pleasant shopping experience. Bud tenders are helpful & friendly… Never feel rushed or stupid for asking questions

  244. doonsocket

    friendly bud tenders, one of the only places I know that carries bubble hash

  245. adeyy

    Location is great. All budtenders is chill the artwork is dope weed is fireeeeeee. Jennifer was very friendly and helpful.

  246. Sbreezybby

    Affinity is one of the best dispensaries in Colorado! They have such a welcoming staff that is very friendly and knowledgeable. Their flower is out of this world and their prices are great. Member benefits are awesome and they carry all of my favorite products!

  247. kjbootie

    Loved my first visit!! The girls made it amazing!! Don’t remember her name but her dimples were amazing lol and she might just remember me by my purple hair!!! Thanks girl will def be back!!!

  248. Babywhizzle

    Great despensary always fast and friendly service!

  249. SonoranToker

    We are from out of state and this was our first time at this dispensary, and we had a great experience. Our bud tender took the time to share her knowledge and to get what we wanted. We felt the flower selection was great and the prices very reasonable. It is very easy to recommend Affinity to anyone and we will be back again.

  250. Shorty80203

    I love this location. The staff is super helpful and the product never disappoints.

  251. MrsTovar

    This place is awesome!! Very clean. Great people and so many great strains to choose from!!dY$?–dY$?–

  252. shenpiccolo

    Awesome location, great selection of bud around, and a large variety of stuff to choose from. It feels like a good vibe when you walk in, not all dingy in a back room like some other places I’ve gone. Definitely a store to keep going back to.

  253. Steven36

    love this place

  254. D3DH3D15

    Loved the atmosphere and the people working their. Everyone is friendly and laid back. Will deff be returning!

  255. CDnDenver

    This is a follow up review. The only thing I have to add in addition to what I said in my last review was that their flower selection has gone way up. The last few times I have been in they had over 12 strains, today however they had closer to twenty. The quality is all top notch. Just picked up a couple more 8ths and a couple pre rolls. Great stuff good prices amazing selection. Top of the cut staff gives this an easy 5 stars.

  256. Dmacflip

    Totally awesome experience great quality all around and all the staff helped me out can’t remember name’s sorry but ALL AROUND AWESOME

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