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9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Serving the communities of Longmont, Boulder, Denver, and Aurora Colorado, Terrapin Care Station has been a leader in the cannabis industry since opening it’s first medical shop in Boulder in 2009. These days, Terrapin Care Station continues to improve the retail cannabis consumer experience with an array of quality products at industry leading everyday low prices served up by friendly, knowledgeable staff.

The Manhattan Circle location is our only Medical Patient only store and carries great products for a variety of conditions. Head to our website for an up to date menu and come and see us today!



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41 reviews for “Terrapin Care Station

  1. PuffPuffington911

    I actually went to their other location which isn ton her for some reason?! Been to both in the past though and they have always been solid shops.

    I got some of the Durban Poison which did exactly what I told their budtender I needed it to. Very pleased.

  2. skipper206

    Love this shop but want a menu yo! nice to know what you have on the shelvesd before having to drive out since it is kind of a hike for me.

  3. kamerov

    Good bud for for good price. Wasn’t blown out of the water by any flower I’ve tried yet. However the service and atmosphere are awesome each time I go. I recommend this place if you’re emphasis is quantity.

  4. lollipop1

    I love coming here. I like the prices and the quality of the product. It’s always frosty, fluffy and fresh. The service is good but can be slow. I love finding buds that are supposed to be purple, ACTUALLY BEING purple.

  5. n0nameb1ll

    Driving 20 minutes to get cheap edibles on tuesday > Driving 10 minutes to get overpriced crap from the place closest to me.
    Everything about this place is nice, from the quiet little area to the experienced budtenders. I never buy flower but I see some strains here that I would love to try especially their high CBD strains. the wana gummies they sell are a good price and I absolutely love the CBD ones. 10/10 owuld recommend

  6. MisterPatchoulli

    As a Pot Tourist coming from Minnesota. To be able to walk in to a store and ask for a concentrate that has some Cindy 99 or relative flower. And bang, they have it. How amazing is that? The price may be higher for me because I have no red card and am not a Colorado resident yet. But I’ll take that over something off the street any day.

    I also picked up some tasty flower and good knowledge from the budtender.

  7. angler4u

    Definitely a 5 out of 5!!!

    I have become a regular customer here. After trying many around North Denver and others in Boulder, I am convinced they have the best prices in Colorado. Buds are $7 to $8 per gram for non-members and they will run specials at $150 per ounce and $165 per ounce for regular and top shelf product. The bud tenders are nice and can help guide you with choices but every patient needs to research the strains to find the ones that are most helpful for his or her symptoms. I have seen nicer stores but simple works for me when it keeps the price down and the quality at the top level. “I’ll be back!” said Arnie as he exited the shop.

  8. cmildenb

    Although their website’s FAQ describes using your temporary red card, they won’t take it. I went today and they told me I needed my original paperwork, which of course was mailed in to the state. Too bad, you just lost my business.

    From their website:
    “You are able to shop at any Colorado Medical Marijuana Center after the CDPHE has received your paperwork and it is within 35 days of the date on your certified mail receipt.”

  9. MoFFul

    best quality for prices in boulder. especially the best quality for price in terms of concentrates

  10. jabi31420

    hard to find dont go here better places

  11. MikePezz

    It was a great place! Great environment very friendly and fun! Lots of variety and quality cannabis to choose from!

  12. annafleming263

    Best dispo in Boulder, cheap prices and great strains! The only problem is its small and in a far off location.

  13. TurboSnitch

    Generous prices for really dank bud. Wax is also great. I strongly recommend the permafrost.

  14. Dattebayo

    Very friendly people. Great location and really good Marijuana.

  15. kls74

    This was the only dispensary we went to during our week long trip to Denver/Boulder that DEMANDED a passport…..because we are from Canada. We don’t carry our passports on our person and other photo identification was not acceptable…..we left and went to The Farm. Had an excellent experience there. Great vibe and super helpful staff!


    Very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great variety and prices are amazing, especially with the Boulder locals discount. Their app is very useful and being able to place takeout orders makes shopping a breeze, especially on busy days.


    The first time I went in they had REASONABLE prices. 85/oz seems legit to me, and they matched that price all the way down to the eighth, also reasonable. They were a slightly worse deal after all was said and done than driving across town to Peaceful Choice. But after today, they’ll never see a dime of my money again. Which is unfortunate for them, because they’re close to my house, and I would have preferred to continue to go there. Instead, today I was greeted with “We’ve got $69.99 ounces today!” And I went, “okay, I’m looking for a half ounce or so, are these prices correct?!” (I gestured to the $59.99/half oz price on the menu) “Yeah…” The budtender responded. I said, “that seems pretty unreasonable” and he said “well, if you’re from boulder I can give you $5 off an eighth,” I said “I am, but I’m looking for more than that, what can you do for like a quarter or something?” “Yeahhhh, we really tend to stick to the $40 price for quarters….” So I bought a $40 quarter, instead of getting in my car and driving to Peaceful Choice like I should have. Where I would have gotten exactly twice the product, with far kinder staff, and product which is often superior to Terrapin’s, for the EXACT SAME PRICE!

    Congrats guys, you’ve lost what would have been a life long customer, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, due to refusing to offer ANY discount on a half ounce, even though ounces are priced at $70. I’m also a polite customer. I don’t make waves, and I respect your staff. I actually live here too, so I know exactly what your product should be valued at. Your “regular prices” suck, it’s not worth saving the time and gas to go to your location anymore. Plus, the drive out to Arapahoe and 75th is pretty.

    Unbelievably disappointed in the management and staff at this location, and I’ll be posting this review on several platforms so others know not to give these guys their business. I am in no way affiliated with Terrapin, or Peaceful Choice, and am not being compensated for this review in any way.

  18. slothlover93

    In the beginning of being a patient back in 2012 I loved this place. It had awesome people who knew what they were doing and the medicine was top notch for the price you were getting for it. I continued to go there up until the winter of 2014 when this dispensary went down hill. They seemed to be hiring people off the street who knew nothing about the medicine they were providing and didn’t know how to answer any of my questions. On top of that the bud quality became very poor. I definitely don’t recommend this place to anyone anymore. It’s a shame because it used to be so great.

  19. shp21

    I visit Terrapin often and I have yet to be disappointed! Service is FANTASTIC; the entire staff is highly knowledgeable, charismatic, friendly, and quite funny. Every single strain I’ve tried from here has been above and beyond all expectations! Prices are great, and I highly recommend a visit.

  20. danimariaek

    I am now a regular at Terrapin and have yet to be disappointed with their service and product! Very knowledgeable and helpful staff! Thank you!

  21. antemeridiem

    Friendly staff, love the Princess Leia! Was my first ever dispensary visit and will be returning tomorrow!

  22. Isakro

    My go-to spot. They don’t have everything I need, but certainly most of it, and their home-grown CBD strains are incredible. All of their stuff is comparatively very well-priced, they offer great discount days, and their staff are friendly. They’re knowledgeable and easy to chat with.

    In addition to my own stuff, I buy CBD (The Wife) co2 oil from them for my horse. It’s the most cost effective and convenient way of dosing him. I had been wanting to put him on it for a while, finally did a few weeks ago, and have seen a huge improvement! He was a rescue so struggles with some ptsd-related anxiety and old injuries, since taking The Wife daily he is moving better and is much happier!

  23. AliDabba

    So glad to have made you guys my caregiver. It was a great decision, there is always a huge selection of edibles, drinks, flower, and pretty much everything else. I got an awesome bamboo pre-rolling mat. The staff there is awesome, they remember who you are, and treat you like real people. The prices are some of the best in boulder. Some of there better strains I’ve like are Blowfish, Lavender, Lemon Mazar, and Glass Slipper. Those strains are not top shelf either. Defiantly worth checking out if you haven’t been!

  24. corymspain

    Great service. Fast and easy. Amazing flower and a wide selection of concentrates which I love!
    I’m now a member!

  25. Cuinatura

    My friend recommended this place to me, saying he enjoys their gummies. I go there regularly. I love their staff and buds. However, I did once get a very weak brownie.

  26. CajunMoon

    I really enjoy the whole experience. I just got home with my care package and I am just as happy as can be. This was my second visit to Terrapin. I found their daily deal on my Leafly app and went on over for a visit. The staff are kind and generous and also pretty darn cool. The security is even an added benefit ensuring I have a great experience. After just a few minutes visiting with the staff in the lobby, my name is called and I am escorted directly to my own personal Terrapin Care Specialist. There were so many high quality and affordable options, I ended up deciding on something I was not even planning on getting. And now that I am home, enjoying my care package, everything feels great. I even feel recovered from my yoga class and bike ride home in the rain this am. Thanks Terrapin! I will be back.

  27. coloradonative96

    Terrapin Medical is by far the best medical dispensary I’ve been to. They’re super nice and take the time to help you figure out what product is best for you. Member pricing is super affordable, and the strains are super dank.

  28. Hondo13

    Great place, great atmosphere, amazing flower and awesome prices.

  29. doend

    Excellent service and selections! Low key and always a nice experience! Employees recommendations/comments are always helpful and right on!

  30. MrAsh3s

    To sum it up ill use 3 words; Friendly, knowledgeable, variety.

    The main room has an atmosphere of your favorite small bar, nice wood floors, perfect darker lighting that isn’t to bright while not making you feel like you’re straining your eyes to see.

    The best part about this place is with out a doubt the variety of products and the budtenders. The budtenders know exactly what they are talking about about and aren’t afraid to offer suggestions or tell you how something works and give advice concerning that specific product. They also brought out several containers of whichever strain you were looking at so you could take your pick on what looked best.

    The variety of plants that they have is staggering compared to others. Indica’s, Sativa’s and a number of Hybrids. On top of the plants they also have numerous edibles and wax.

    The pricing was fantastic but not the cheapest you’ve ever seen so keep in mind that you are paying for the quality of service you’re getting. For me, that service was well worth spending a few
    extra bucks, however, I suggest you go in and find out for yourself.

  31. D0ntBeDumb

    Management was very rude!

  32. JJH3885

    Terrapin Care Station is one of the most quiet dispensaries I’ve been to. Nice and small but plenty of product. Their strains are great, lots of heady choices, all top quality. They seem to have some decent oz. prices but I personally think they are over priced, definitely one of the more expensive dispensaries around. Give Terrapin a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

  33. zappa9

    This was my first time coming to Terrapin Care Station. The prices were great, even for non patients. Picked up two strains~Triple Diesel & Jal Kush. Both were excellent, very smooth, and quite a pleasant high. The bud tender was very cool too. Highly recommended.

    5 Stars. Will be back. 😉

  34. DRrobert

    Nice selection of stoney buds. i wanted a couple of more high-functioning medicine and a few more select strains (though the Northern lights and Blue dream were both notable, tokable, smokable. Indeed: the Northern Lights crop they most recently had was spectacular both aesthetically and after consumption.

    The staff was very easy going, helpful, and informed. I will come back for the great pricing and that Northern lights.

  35. joshydoggy

    Quick service on a Friday night…quality flowers for a great suggested donations

  36. twistedmaester

    Terrapin is consistently great for me. The quality of meds is always top notch. The folks are always able to answer any questions I have. This place is my absolute favorite!

  37. dawiz711

    I love this place! My girlfriend and I rarely get to shop together and sometimes don’t get the service we’d like, but not here! Gary was super knowledgeable, helpful and helped us find exactly what we were looking for. I’ll be transferring my membership here on my next visit!

  38. junebugATL

    Nice waiting area. Very professional and courteous bud tender. Great deal on excellent concentrates.

  39. mrsbeehaven

    Very friendly and helpful, and my bud tender was very patient and helpful with all of my questions. A lot of dispensaries could learn from this company. There is an entire demographic of people like me who have not been lifelong users but are coming back to it in later life. I live in Aurora but will drive as far as necessary for good service, quality, and prices. I have had too many dispensaries be rude, not listen, and make bad recommendations as far as product and usability for each person.

  40. mlofty83

    I am a regular here. The staff is awesome knowledgeable, friendly, they talk to you and are helpful everytime. They have good prices, deals, good Trees (my personal favorites Triple Diesel, Sour Alien OG, Permafrost, Blue Moonshine, Trainwreck) they are awesome all around. Luv this place.

  41. ecbeirne

    Went three times and I wish I hadn’t gone once. I went one time myself. Another with my girlfriend. And a third just to make sure it was as bad as I thought. aEURoeBudtendersaEUR were less knowledgeable than me, had bad attitudes or just a flat affect, they do not seem to care if anything sells, and it more feels like as a customer you are burdening the employees by them having to work. And by work I mean they just look at you with glazed eyes while making comments to their friends behind the counter and laughing about inside jokes. Either way laughing while around customers isn’t professional. Not knowing the products is unprofessional. Every person there is young, doesn’t care, and treats customers like they are the worst problem in their day. If you walk in knowing what you want, they treat you like crap. If you don’t know what to get, they seem to suddenly have tons of schmoozing effort. Negative vibe.

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