Good Chemistry



330 E Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80203


39.7398663, -104.9826408




8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


10:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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Denver and Aurora’s best medical and recreational marijuana dispensary.

Good Chemistry has two locations at

330 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80203 (Medical & Recreational) & 16840 E. Iliff Ave. Aurora, CO 80013 (Recreational only).


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97 reviews for “Good Chemistry

  1. Teddyotter

    these guys have what your totally looking for. Thier recreational is just as potent as thier medical

  2. krystalcr2005

    Walked in, dim lighting, welcoming atmosphere. As you walk in they give you info in strains to help you decide what you may like. Cool displays, awesome menu(which is displayed on screens behind the counter). I received help right away, the gentleman was very helpful and knowledgeable on product. He also told me the owner is a grower from Cali, who really loves doing this and they have a great in house strain, Mr. Good Chem. Overall cool shop and welcoming. 🙂

  3. imani.d.allen

    This was me and my boyfriends first visit in Denver and we loved it! Even with the crowd we were in and out. Great service and Great meds!

  4. mtasmith

    The employees are cool and helpful. my visits are usually quick which I appreciate because I’m pretty impatient. The buds are good for the price. I like their hash. Only thing I really dislike about Good Chemistry is that their grams are extra dry and crispy.

  5. kingofcyan

    I visited Good Chem twice in April 2014 and I was surprised that there was no wait. I was in and out just as fast as it would take to buy a pack of cigarettes at a convenience store. I have no problems or complaints about the buds being pre-packaged. I will go back but at the same time I’m looking for a place that will sell me the $150 ounces I see advertised everywhere rather than donating $250-400. I am a rec. user, not a official MMJ patient. I was staying at a hotel in the Cap Hill area so I found the location to be convenient. The budtenders were friendly and proficient. I’ll go back on my next trip to Denver for sure.

  6. colincool

    Living in the Cap Hill neighborhood, I had a loyalty to THC Uptown for no real good reason other than it was the first place I ever stumbled into, and I liked that it was classy and professional on the inside.

    A friend recommended I check out Good Chemistry for their $30 eighths. It has literally been a quarter a week from Good Chem since! Their buds are full of aroma and flavors. Always well cured. I also like that their selection feels manageable even though they provide about 12-15 strains on the recreational menu.

    Their staff is also great. Rarely judgemental or pretentious, which can not be said for every dispensary in Denver. I’ve gotten some great recommendations from them– the Cashmere and Alpha Blue were both amazing!

    Only thing this place leaves to be desired is atmosphere. It’s pretty small and kind of awkward setup, but they are definitely doing the best with what they got!

    This place is absolutely worth anyone’s time to check out.

  7. oneunited

    I’m an out of towner but I visited this Dispensary on the last day of my visit. It has a super cool vibe with these giant screens displaying the menu. There were some great strains to choose from and I got the 7 gram sampler deal. The service definitely wasn’t bad, but my budtender seemed a little disinterested and didn’t offer much insight on the strains he was suggesting. The mood of the staff seemed less energetic and happy as most other places. But still it was a nice place to buy bud.

  8. perezc13

    Nice and attentive bud tenders that are professional and fun. Got a great review from them and the Ingrid is very nice!

  9. 2highfor2long

    90$ rec oz’s is hard to beat. Good quality for the price and a pretty large selection everytime I’ve been in. Friendly bud tenders and short waits. Its my go to for oz’s of flowers and I’m local.

  10. lollipop1

    So I came in after spending the day in denver, this is a small place, almost didn’t see it walking by. The area is a little bit unnerving if you’re not used to big cities. But inside it was pleasant but bordered on chaotic with people coming and going. This is both a recreational and medical dispensary. They had a good selection, around 20 strains total and a lot of edibles. As a first timer I got member medical pricing which was great -I got out the door with a little over 1/8th and a preroll for $30~. They had unique strains, though I did not feel relaxed enough to chat with whoever is serving me about strains however, I did know what I wanted thanks to Leafly. Inside everyone is quite friendly, lots of Leafly ads, and music. Everyone looks very normal inside. I would likely return for the product they offered which was extremely good -super sticky. Everything does come pre-measured, pre-weighed, pre-labelled and pre-packaged in white pill bottles.

  11. ithantheman

    Very friendly staff who took the extra time to explain things and when they didn’t have an answer didn’t hesitate to look it up. Clean and modern atmosphere but still felt homey.

  12. Stayhigh444

    Great donation…..great selection…..The best dispensary thus far.

  13. realrio81

    I cannot say enough about the Cold Water Hash. Absolutely adore it and such a good variety… Any location is wonderful and CONSISTENT. Staff and product is always on point.

  14. fritzcrumb

    Quality of products: above average. Service: above average. Atmosphere: nothing special. Parking can be a challenge.

  15. jderekmeler

    Wonderful place! Very friendly and they go above and beyond the avg dispensary in terms of service and quality of product

  16. ftpbrenden

    Good prices on concentrates, sometimes lacking on variety. Quality flower at reasonable prices. Definetly one of my “go to” spots.

  17. Dr.Gthumb

    I have been here few times went yr n half ago was great place! I went back last Friday n got some of the Ingrid,deadhead, n some Jackh all were great but the best bud strain out there for pain is ingrid. Just wanted say this place has not changed great place,staff, bud quality,location. I will b back!! thanks bud tender chick!!

  18. Aurora1082

    90 dollar ounces Blue Widow .Purple Trainwreck

  19. mermaidmagic

    Was sold a cartridge that did not fit my pen. Had to come back to store to buy another pen to fit cartridge ~ not happy about that.

  20. Winnie.the.Dude

    Very high quality product. As a local consumer I can tell you they have excellent concentrates.

  21. senapede

    Every time I go in the people are always so nice and friendly. Everyone is always in a great mood and makes the experience really great. All the strains are exceptional and I have never been disappointed.

  22. rsgibson

    Best for price and quality by far that I’ve seen yet as a visitor twice a year for2 years. I’ve been toking since 1965 so I know good weed and their growers do an outstanding job.

    With regard to there level of service you do need to consider they get busy but that happens when yo are one of the best in town. If you think this is bad try one of the take a number and buy prepackaged you can’t even smell type dispensaries.

    I find the gal budtender to be quite responsive to my inquiries and very helpful. She was also quite charming and dressed in 1960s Haight Ashbury typical garb which made me smile. But she had the look working and the store has the bud working too.

    It also made me giggle that it is located almost next door to the state capital building 🙂

    To sum up – THE BEST !!!

  23. hotsouphenslee

    not compassionate. worried more about money than patients!

  24. Coast2CoastAM

    The service and atmosphere of this dispensary has suffered over the years. It is no longer my choice of a medical dispensary. The last time I went, I waited almost an hour to get my stuff. The prices used to be competitive, now they compete for tourists. A good dispensary if you’re a recreational user, but they forgot about their bread and butter, the medical user. Haven’t been back here in ages.

  25. web528

    Such a great shop. Everyone was very helpful and kind. It was my first time and it won’t be my last. Meghan really helped us decide what to buy and took plenty of time explaining everything.

  26. CountGermain

    Not a bad store in the least. Very convenient and a great environment with helpful staff.

  27. Live4Now

    My first visit out to Denver and this was exactly what I was hoping for.
    The clerks were very helpful and eager to explain to me and my girlfriend the differences between all the strains. The eighth of Lemon Skunk we got was incredible and bountiful. The fact that our clerk persuaded us to get a $12 joint rather than a $15 gram solidified my love for this place, along with the great playlist in the background. I will be telling everyone I know about this dispensary, and definitely plan to make this my first stop every time I’m in Denver.

  28. koolkeith1214

    First time buying recreational in Denver. Pleasant experience. Greeted by friendly staff before being allowed to the back. The atmosphere was laid back but at a pretty constant pace. Our answers were answered by a knowledgeable associate. She recommended us a few strains, we walked outta there and right onto a higher cloud!

  29. lipobrien

    Not impressed. The bud was incredibly dry. Would not recommend to a friend and not likely to go back.

  30. MelodyMoon

    I chose Good Chemistry as the first dispensary I visited when I first moved, based on their awesome mission statement and contributions to the community and non-profits. I really appreciated the transparency and I wasn’t disappointed with my experience. The staff was friendly, helpful, and patient. Great selection and quality product at a good price. Will be back for sure.

  31. PopeJP

    Best value on town. Quality is just as good as the other, more expensive dispensaries that I have visited.

  32. KushFaceKillah

    Wonderful experience! I ordered online but when I got there one of the prerolls I ordered had sold out before they fulfilled my order, I chose a different strain and they gave it to me for a penny. Awesome customer service, primo bud and I love the fact the prerolls are full flower, no trim in these! Also Mr. GoodChem…… well now, that had me wrecked like I haven’t been in a long time. Big up to Good Chemistry!

  33. DrFunkySauce

    I just moved to Denver and this was the first dispensary I visited. The atmosphere and set-up was wonderful and the prices were the best I’ve seen so far. While the guy who greeted me and welcomed me to the state was very friendly, the tender who assisted me seemed aloof and kinda rushed me through the process. That’s the only thing keeping me from giving them a perfect score, but it’s a phenomenal shop and I will definitely be going back!

  34. gskuhn

    the best out of twenty some dispensaries I have tried…Great donations, awesome service, dakine bud…need I say more

  35. mikeatthegate

    Either this place is understaffed or they don’t have any consideration for their customer’s time. Stood outside for 15 minutes then waited in the lobby for another 7 minutes. Finally get inside and after waiting another 10 minutes I finally just gave up. Oh and got scolded like a little child for checking a text during the never ending wait. There’s far too many options in town to have to deal with one that isn’t respectful of it’s guests time

  36. Gnarett

    As a tourist, I went to 4 dispensaries in the immediate vicinity & this one was far & away the best one. Best store, friendliest employees & lowest prices. Very classy & clean operation.

  37. boyslayr666

    Super awesome feel and location but unfortunately I was not allowed to purchase because I am out of state and have a vertical drivers license so just be warned!

  38. erictheill

    Cool spot liked the plant breakdowns.

  39. ballsmcgallz

    I have been going to this place for a couple of years now and the quality and price of the buds keep me coming back. Always a great cure and the staff is always as helpful as they are beautiful! Thanks good chem!

  40. Swaiinman

    Best flower I’ve found in Denver and fair prices. Awesome staff, great atmosphere. This is my go to dispensary. Love you.

  41. gingertrek

    I really can’t think of any complaints! Great products, friendly & knowledgeable budtenders, love the menu screens, good prices!

  42. naakle

    best bud I’ve seen in Denver in the last year! I shop all around the denver area and I’ve found this place has the best flower in the area. prices are great as well! I will be becoming a member on my next trip there.

  43. CiennaCashman

    Goodchem is one of my favorite dispensaries! The stock is amazing and all of the bud tenders (Amber is my favorite dY’*) are super helpful and nice!

  44. gerardpiralla

    A very small and slow moving place here. For the price of the flower you can not complain. i just wish buds we’re in glass jars so you could see them and smell them. My biggest complaint is the buds are pre-weighed so you don’t know exactly what you’re getting. Will come here again but not on a weekend way too busy for such a small place.


    Finally got my $25 credit right when Times were tough, loyalty pays off!!! $38 for half oz after I used my points, best deal ever on quality. Thank you Good Chem and see you next week!

  46. Smpayne2018

    Staff was super friendly and they were knowledgeable on the various products we were looking for. My girlfriend and I were visiting from FL and really felt like we were able to get top shelf service. I will be returning to this dispensary as soon as I’m back in Denver.

  47. JeyHump

    This place rocks! I drove down from Boulder and easily found parking, had I not found a parking space on the exact pinpoint on my google map, I would have drove past the building. The staff was very welcoming and knowledgable; the flower is priced very well & Atm on site; although the space is tight, the atmosphere is nice; I will definitely be returning.

  48. SizeableDoor

    I made Good Chemistry my Primary Care Center, now I’m picking up ounces for only $150. The quality of grow GC has for the price is absolutely ridiculous. All the strains are weighed out. They have big buds in half ounce variety if your interested in big ass buds. I rarely receive anything smaller than popcorn buds, the trim quality is 95% perfect. I buy at least an ounce a week and GC is my favorite place in town. I haven’t found anything better, even if it is more expensive. I also have around 20 strains on hand from GC at a time.

    I love this place. I will continue to give them 80% or more of my business.

  49. BIOteacherCBD

    What they lack in parking they overcome with quality buds. Flowers were organized qualitatively from sativa to indica, which helps greatly! Budtenders are not selling they are helping and don’t try to fool you either . I will be back

  50. BananaJoe123

    I agree with ReversereenignE. Visited a week ago and bought an ounce of Blue Widow. The budtender brought out the once in 8ths packaging.
    Decent flower but why is it that the weights are ALWAYS short and to their favor? I have a gram scale that is checked each time and the “ounce” was short by 2 grams total! No reason for this other than greed in my book.

  51. malmgrdc

    As with all my experiences, Good Chemistry has some of the MOST FRAGRANT strains. ANY of them, crack open the container and your nose is flooded with terpene bliss. The Colfax shop is tiny. Set up like a nicer looking dive bar. ATM is in building. The digital menu overhead is nice, until you get to concentrate selection. Their menu shows prices for shatter, wax, rosin, etc…. But no strains. They have 0 product displayed. I asked the first Budtender, “let me see your most popular Indica and Sativa concentrates, I need something strong.” She looked at me with a blank look and another Budtender popped out to help me. We started talking and then another Budtender took over. He helped me go through their concentrate selections. I love their product, but half of the Budtenders have no idea what is going on. At both locations. Great product though! Make sure you know what you want before you arrive.

  52. nihilseanisms

    When marijuana was still medical-only in Colorado my roommate used to fill his prescription here and always had great things to say.
    When recreational use became legal I heard from a friend this place had some of the highest quality recreational at the lowest cost here in the city. Boy was he right! Just under $40 an eighth and $10 edibles. And being on Colfax is so convenient for those living in CapHill and Uptown. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Never had any issues with the product. The edibles I’ve had are incredibly potent so I would be cautious to first anyone that doesn’t dabble with edibles much.

    Would highly recommend Good Chemistry to a everyone- and have:-)

  53. zeccazoo

    The best donations on good meds. Friendly budtenders.

  54. LoneStoner85

    When I walked in, I felt like I was in a different world… lost… but the staff there did an excellent job of making me feel at ease and getting me exactly what I needed! Awesome saauuuuce! I can’t wait to go back!!!

  55. laura000free

    Very, very nice counter service. Very knowledgeable about laws. Edibles were priced right for donations.

  56. alyjostoned

    Third time, always a great place! I love the atmosphere and the people are so helpful and friendly! Mike is very knowledgeable and a wonderful part of the Good Chem on Broadway team!! He’s got an excellent understanding of the products and can explain anything in a simple way!! On top of wonderful prices, great flower and awesome concentrates!! this will always be my go to

  57. spacescout

    As a tourist, I only got the chance to visit a couple of dispensaries, but Good Chem was by far my favorite. The prices are unbeatable within Denver. The first time my budtender was knowledgeable, friendly, and made buying a great experience. I have depression & anxiety and my budtender had multiple recommendations which so far have been great. Another time I had someone who I think was new but apparently they have a database of what strains are good for what, so she was still able to be helpful.

  58. KushRoller

    The obvious leaders of the industry in every category. Best price, quality, vareity, service, I could go on for days. Mr. Goodchem is always a favorite.

  59. brandievergreen

    absolutely the best bud in denver! I love their cure, taste, smell, and potency. sour diesel is out of this world here. chemdawg, xj-13, and white strawberry diesel are also great. these are the only strains I’ve tried from here but I am impressed with them all. going to get lavender next!!!

    I have always ended up with the same bud tender and he never steers me wrong. he’s friendly knowledgeable and professional.

    worst part is parking and the size of the place. you will be elbow to elbow with the customer next to you. also, bud is pre packaged so it’s not aesthetically pleasing but probably better for protecting the bud.

  60. Michael1977

    Quality Buds- check, Knowledgeable staff- check, Fair pricing- check. This place is literally perfect and my favorite dispensary. I love the staff there by the way.

  61. PlayBoyC32

    I love this place great buds and the staff is very friendly and helpful even made the my caregiver

  62. jadedzombie88

    they have good product the fact the carry green dot black LABLE will keep me coming back my only concern was on more then one occasion the bud tenders not only couldn’t tell me the lineage of a few strains I had asked about and they seemed to know very little about the third partys they work with come on guys get to know BODHI SEEDS it’s the best stuff you carry other then some of the live resin

  63. windandrain

    Best flower I’ve found out of dozens of stores in a half dozen states. I’ve been in a couple times and they’ve always had a large selection–including buds testing over 30% that were bursting with amber, white, and prominent icy clear trichomes. They don’t overcharge either, so I will continue to shop at Good Chemistry.

  64. bluke

    I was in and out in 5 minutes, was treated like a real person and not a customer, they had my favorite strain and it was delicious!

  65. the.clyde950

    I’ve been going to good chem for about 5 years now and ive shopped as both medical and recreational, and i have to say i refuse to go anywhere else. the prices are fair but the most important thing for me is the quality, not once have i gotten a substandard product and the same can not be said for a couple of places in the area. you walk in and your are happily greeted by a super, SUPER knowledgeable staff- any questions, concerns or recommendations they are on it 100% of the time. I know i am no expert at what things are but they have a little black book at the front counter called “S.T.A.T.S” SIGHT, TOUCH, AROMA,TASTE, SENSATION. a little book with a wealth of information about the different things to look for when making a purchase GET YOU ONE! there is a lot of other great things to numerous to list so just go in take your time and ask them whatever you want to know they never rush you OH ALSO! another great thing is the veterans discount. If you are in cap hill go to Good Chem!

  66. Joelove420

    This is the best dispensary. They have hands down some of the best flower around, large selection, at great prices, especially if you buy an ounce which you can mix and match strains. They also have a large selection of fairly priced high quality concentrates and edibles. The customer service is great. 5 stars all around.

  67. kattle

    parking a lil tough, nice atmosphere, pleasant, helpful staff

  68. mountainboy1981

    Great location, friendly staff!!!

  69. lnelson121

    awesome new place, just opened today . I’m so glad I checked leafly’s notification that a new dispensary had opened! Thanks Leafly!
    Really great staff, all friendly and knowledgeable. Our budtender made some recommendations for me and helped a lot in my decision making. With over 20 strains available, I had a lot of choices.
    The layout and design of the whole place is very nice and clean. They even have an ATM in house! There’s a handy paper chart of the flower strains that are available, and also a full menu up on the wall. Both are easy to read and the chart shows all the important info on each strain, making it easier to decide.
    The quality of the bud is excellent. The first one I tried had glistening trichomes all over and even on the inside of the container. The potency was high, and the flavor very clean.
    Good Chemistry is definitely going to be one of my favorite dispensaries!

  70. Wesram89

    Been coming here at 330 East Colfax for roughly 3 1/2 years and has always maintained a professional atmosphere and always great meds!!

  71. lemonmerrengue

    Great place in a super convenient spot.

  72. manders172

    very friendly and knowledgeable staff, good selection, fair prices.

  73. Redlinkx513

    Love it! Great quality, customer service, and fair prices!

  74. SeanMyklKing

    The best dispensary in Denver.

  75. astuemky

    Great place! Very clean, and friendly staff. Great prices for both recreational and medical. Would definitely shop there again.

  76. Smitty1234

    Best bud and best quality. Always have great selection and staff is very helpful.

  77. mikeh5

    Good Chemistry is a bit of a hole-in-the-wall place, hard to find if you are just driving down Colfax – turn your head to look up at the Cathedral, and you’ll probably miss it.

    But when you do find it, what wonders are in store!

    The location is somewhat small and cramped, with a classic row of old theatre seats to sit on in the closet-sized the waiting area. Once you are let into the main room, again tiny, it reminds one of a very small cramped pub or bar, with room for about 10 people, standing-room-only.

    But once you get past that, the flower and staff are wonderful here! The pricing is also lower than comparable quality dispensaries in the downtown central business district. Some charge upwards of $60 for a 1/8th; Good Chemistry is leading the price wars at $35/8th plus tax (walk out the door for under $40).

    Their selection is somewhat more limited than some of the other places, but often they often have about 10 strains on sale for recreational. Their edibles selection is also top notch, and reasonably priced. Ah, how I miss the 100mg chocolate bites for $12.. If only I qualified for a medical card, I’d go for edibles more often as they are often very expensive otherwise.

    In short: small shop, great bud, exceptional staff! Well worth the 5 minute walk from the 16th street mall!

  78. whoa

    The people here are very friendly and helpful. I’ve been to a few other dispensaries that had attitude when I would make a purchase. “Oh you’re not a member well that will cost you more.” This place however never treated me poorly even when I was purchasing recreational. The prices I feel are the best in Denver. The quality is above par. I am now a member and happy.

  79. thepointofjob

    Great product, good prices, consistent. The only negative with them is that they run out of stock a lot.

  80. laceybell

    Nice staff, Clean place. But hardly and recreational flower or anything to choose from. It had only one strain that recreational users could buy. Not quite the variety I was looking for- but the friendly staff makes up for it I guess.

  81. TrixieLately

    This is my usual shop and generally I’m very pleased. However, they just sold me a prerolled joint that would not burn. When I called and explained the problem they basically told me tough luck, figure it out yourself. I will go back, but if it happens again I will be wildly pissed off.

  82. carpme5000

    Staff was super helpful and friendly. Plenty of flower and concentrate available. Seems like a good “first time” place for newbs. The Sour Lemon OG live sugar is amazing!

  83. Julez225

    Awesome place !

  84. SMilk303

    Great buds, great prices. As someone else
    noted they have a great cure on their buds, very consistent.

  85. rangersubway

    I’ve managed to get street parking
    I have a credit union and when I use their ATM it only charges me 50 cents.
    So far everything they sell has been my favorite
    And oh they have Ingrid.

  86. lisasafox

    Comfortable, friendly, great menu, super helpful staff.

  87. thunderforce

    Always the best densest buds. Great price for amazing weed. Never disappointed. The waiting room tho can be small/awkward.

  88. artistkim

    The product and service is outstanding. Definitely a cut above the rest and prices are competitive. Don’t waste time, gas, and money anywhere else.

  89. meganpixels

    I was in a mad rush and everyone at this facility was completely professional. Such a charming venue!!! They have a wide assortment of goodies. Highly recommend them to ANYONE! 🙂

  90. Oneintense1

    What else can I say about good chem but wow!!! Budtenders were awesome and extremely knowledgeable!!! The deals on pre-rolls and mini packs is by far the best in town!!! Plus the wife and I picked up some of a flower that they had literally just put out called PURPLE MAYHEM and boy oh boy it is by far the prettiest flower I’ve ever seen!!!!!

  91. Stinkpickle

    Very discreet and classy storefront, even for being a block from the state capitol building on Colfax. The tenders are very cool and the store very modern and immaculate! Picked up a half of LSD and its very potent! If I had to complain about anything, it would have to be parking, you have to find a metered spot on the street. I’ll definitely return!!!!

  92. cypheen

    absolutely looove this place, staff is extremely patient, friendly, and really take their time to answer any and all inquiries. Quality and selection of products are just as fabulously awesome (and abundant) as staff. only downfall is it is a bit on the expensive side…however staff and products are sooo awesome that i do not mind spending the extra few bucks at good chemisty @ iliff and buckley

  93. ReversereenignE

    I had to make a follow up comment since my experience was similar to, and magnified through another individual’s. Their comments solodified my original position. My initial purchase at this establishment was 3 different 1/8ths. As I had stated previously, each jar was significantly short approx. 10%. In conclusion, I’d like to make three important points. Firstly, another customer had a similar experience which helps to validate my initial claim. Secondly, an experienced bud-tender should be able to approximate/”feel-out” a mass of 3.5g and should be able to discern when a quantity is substantially short, despite the texture or strain of the flower. And, lastly I think the cookie-cutter response to the reviews is lazy, doesn’t validate your clienteles’ claims, and does a general disservice to your future customers.

  94. tanktim8

    Very nice employees and helpful with whatever you need.

  95. Kachina

    I shopped at Good chem from time to time. They came in handy if I wasn’t able to travel to my dispensary, which was never close.
    I always appreciated the mindful fun bud tending staff. All really friendly n kind. If they didn’t know the answers they would ask n that showed they cared. They were always busy. Only maybe 2 times do I recall them not being crazy busy. It is a great location for business that is for sure!
    Thank you all for taking good care of me while I lived in Denver. Take good care of yourselves. Till we meet again Momosa to u. Which means shalom to your hearts n minds.

  96. newmoney402

    love this place best green best bud tenders won’t even go anywhere else since finding them

  97. graftoncrew0420

    great price everyone pays 30 an 1/8 bud is good but not great. I ll
    be back

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