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Trulieve proudly serves qualifying Florida medical marijuana patients in Pensacola and the surrounding regions, offering natural, cannabis-based relief in full compliance with Amendment 2. Dedicated to their patients’ quality of life, Trulieve strives every day to fulfill their mission of compassionate, natural care as an alternative to pharmaceutical medicines.

Trulieve’s origins combine decades of plant cultivation history with a team of professional pharmaceutical and healthcare veterans. The team behind Trulieve all believed in the substantial benefits of medical marijuana over pharmaceutical prescriptions, especially for Pensacola and other Florida patients who suffered from addiction to prescription drugs or otherwise could not find relief through traditional means. Following the passage of Amendment 2, Trulieve gradually shifted from low-THC, high-CBD cannabis to include medical marijuana in their dispensaries, and now offer dispensary and cannabis delivery services throughout the state of Florida.

The team at Trulieve’s Pensacola location dedicates their efforts to providing their Florida patients the best possible customer service, tailoring each’s marijuana experience to fit their specific health concerns. Each member of their staff collaborates with the patient’s physician to ensure that each patient receives the best possible cannabis treatment with accurate dosing. Knowledgeable and friendly, the Trulieve cannabis dispensary team welcomes each visitor to their dispensary with a smile on their face and dedication to helping them achieve their optimal level of wellness through medical marijuana.

Trulieve designed their line of cannabis treatments to provide relief for muscle spasms, seizures, chronic pain, appetite loss and many more qualifying Florida conditions. Their range of Vape pens and marijuana oil cartridges are available in high-CBD, Indica, Hybrid and Sativa content, allowing for discreet and convenient relief. They also offer their Trulieve brand of oral cannabis syringes, optimal for using under the tongue or filling empty capsules, while their pre-filled cannabis capsules are ingested to alleviate a variety of uncomfortable symptoms

Trulieve accepts both cash and card at their Pensacola location, accommodating both walk-in medical marijuana patients and scheduled sit-down consultations. Their cannabis dispensary offers plentiful parking with handicap accessibility available.

Trulieve’s Pensacola facility lies near the 110 freeway north of Woodland Terrace, and proudly serves the patients of the surrounding neighborhoods. Patients are welcome at Trulieve’s dispensary from throughout the Pensacola, Goulding, Brent, West Pensacola, Warrington, Myrtle Grove, Bellview, Ensley, Ferry Pass, Maura Place, Triangle, Englewood Heights, Britton Place, Seville, Oak Park, Laurel Park, Roosevelt and Downtown Pensacola areas.

Pensacola lies along the coast of western Florida, separated from the Gulf of Mexico by its Santa Rosa Island. Its beaches offer getaway destinations for thousands of visitors throughout the year, and Pensacola also serves as home to the Blue Wahoos Stadium, for minor league baseball games, and the Pensacola Bay Center arena. The Pensacola MESS Hall offers interactive science exhibits. The National Museum of Naval Aviation lies near the Pensacola Lighthouse, and from the NAS Pensacola/Forrest Sherman Field to the Pensacola Country Club and beyond, Trulieve looks forward to serving any qualifying patient in need.

Trulieve Pensacola is situated on the corner of East Texar Drive and Davis Highway in the suburban Goulding neighborhood, next door to Eden Garden Supply.

This location offers delivery services to Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton, and Washington counties.

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24 reviews for “Trulieve

  1. thadpol

    Clean, friendly, and always a pleasant experience.

  2. MarisaRenee83

    I’ve picked up several times from this location and had a few deliveries. Staff is always personable and knowledgeable. Andrew who works there is always a pleasure to work with. They are quick and my orders are always ready!

  3. JordanMari3

    Very helpful, knowledgeable, nonjudgmental people <3

  4. Iragoldberg

    What a great experience for my first time at the location
    Everyone was very friendly and informative
    Thanks for a great experience

  5. SharpOG84

    They have the purest concentrates and high-THC vape carts period! Ask for Andrew!

  6. piercedmassacre

    Yesterday was my first in visit (I’ve gotten my medicine delivered before) Very clean establishment as well as friendly! I was in and out in a timely manor. Can’t wait to see how this company expands in the future 🙂

  7. Kohlixen

    I went in for my first purchase of medical marijuana, and was greeted by two very nice folk at the service desk. Their staff was pleasant and made the experience enjoyable. The lady who helped me asked questions about my condition, and what effect I was looking to achieve. They tailor to your needs, and are happy to do so!
    Any time I call the service center, they’re just as pleasant and knowledgeable.
    The Gorilla Glue #4 from them is my personal favorite for all-day pain, spasms, or general muscle tension.

  8. beaujoly

    Service was great

  9. P3ac3P1p3r

    I have been a customer for just over a year. I was able to see this location grow, change, and streamline the process of filling your prescription. The staff is great and they are always there for questions. If your are a new patient, download the Leafy app. This will help you see what Truelieve has and all of your research is there in one app. My first visit to Trulieve I was uneducated and there were not many patients there when I stop in. Now everyone talks about experiences, what works, and we always help new patients. Come join the family at Trulieve. It’s the only place where there can be a long line and no one is upset dY~S

  10. apachechief2

    I was definitely impressed with this dispensary. Very up to date and looked very secure. I liked the way that you couldn’t get to the dispensing area until you were called in. You are matched up with an aide and he/she will stay with you until you leave. Very knowledgeable and treated this 65 yr old ptsd vet very well. Will definitely recommend these guys.

  11. cb07cd02

    great service everyone was super nice

  12. googleymoo

    The team here is superb & products get better and better

  13. Iloveherbalsupplements

    One word, AMAZING. Great service, very friendly people and high quality products. I never ever take time for leaving reviews, but this place is worthy.

  14. superstreet

    The staff is friendly until your family! I feel like I’m walking into Cheers instead of my medical store! It’s always a pleasure to come pick up my medicine!

  15. merenote

    Well done

  16. ChickaBoo

    I’m new to cannabis and thought I’d try it to see if it would work better for me than other medications for managing my medical conditions. The staff were very friendly and helpful in getting me started, and answered any questions that I had about the different products.

  17. ArtBurg

    These dudes are extremely professional, helpful, fast, and work with you on everything. They go above and beyond and I have received nothing but the best service.

    The only downside (not their fault) was that one product wasn’t dispensing properly. Other than that I have nothing but good to say about the company.

  18. Goldensteez22

    This location is really nice inside and it’s great and their products are pure and help with my depression

  19. beachhappy

    Excellent location, easy to get in and out of parking lot.
    Establishment very clean, well laid out. Nice lobby, comfortable. Front desk personnel very helpful and friendly. Inside the locked dispensary area also very clean and comfortable. The BudTenders are very knowledgeable. I have Stage 3 Cancer with severe pain and side effects. This was my first time purchasing Medical Marijuana and going to a dispensary, so I was a little nervous as to how the process worked and what was the best product for me. Andrew was my Budtender and immediately made me feel very comfortable and confident that he understood my issues and had the knowledge to help me through the process. He took the time to cover all aspects of things I need to know to go through the process, what type of product would be best for me and why. Very much recommend this Dispensary

  20. bethann81

    the deliveries to my local clinic are super convenient.

  21. RickyHazelnuts

    Great experience! Trulieve needs to stock stores with additional accessories like additional concentrate tools and splatter caps. Also Delivery Service was right on time. Thanks

  22. agu1981

    Hi. The reason of this message it’s communicate how disappointed I am with the Truelive Coorp. The employees at my store, Pensacola, are amazing!!. The Coorp NEEDS to get theirs saEUR” toguether. Your oils all look the same color. That doesn’t make sense. They are veery light. They just add more of the smoke creator liquid. The liquid it’s super thin.Main subject, it is completely disrespectful that you guys create your own Volcano, call it Truelive tabletop vaporizer and charge $750 for it!!! Insane!! I bought it used for $500 and I totally regret it. Tou guys NEVER HAVE TRUE FLOWER CUPS AVAILABLE ANYWHERE!!! Why I want that expensive machine if I can’t use it!! It just feels lime a scam. You can verify with my store employees how many times I’ve been in this past weeks, every Tuesday and every Friday and they NEVER receive stuck. This is a serious medicine for me. I stopped hard Benzos for my anxiety because of medicinal cannabis and you guys are literally making my life more complicated.

    With 100% honesty,
    Agustin Rodriguez.

  23. Ejl5420

    Going on a mini vacation with my friend next week to Pensacola Fl from Louisiana do I need anything with me to walk in for purchase?

  24. ktYoda

    Very knowledgeable, professional, courteous, friendly, komforting, & patient…sublime…divine experience….

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