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2605 W Swann Ave, Tampa, FL 33609


27.9377718, -82.4873742




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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12 reviews for “Liberty Health Sciences

  1. sofya420

    Quality products and excellent customer service

  2. hybrid_nation

    I just placed my first order from these guys. Their prices for capsules are amazing and they do free shipping which is nice. My only complaint is with their choice of hybrid strain. i just wish dispenceries would research the strains a little better before they choose to sell them…. i see it happening alot with ALL the dispenceries in FL… They are offering strains to medical patients that are proven to cause adverse reaction. Perfect example is first 48 strain. If you look it up and look under negatives it shows that it is very likely to cause paranoia. Why would you bring in a strain that is so likely to cause a negative reaction like that? I have PTSD and was hoping to take a hybrid capsule to treat my ptsd and pain and it helped with my pain but it put me in this uncomfortable borderline paranoid / anxious state… It wasnt pleasent and it all could have been avoided if they actually looked into the strain a little more before they started selling it. NOT all hybrids are created equal and for people like me who have anxiety issues its a nightmare trying to find something that works…. Its really hit or miss with the florida dispenceries. This month you might have something that works better then you can imagine and the next month you might have medicine that makes your symptoms 100 times worse. its just the sad truth of the situation. it just should NOT be this difficult to find a strain that actually help. Moral of the story is PLEASE for the sake of your patients please look up the strains first and if they have a high chance of causing an adverse reaction (anxiety, headaches, paranoia, etc) please dont sell them. There are so many great strains out there to choose from so please stay away from those that are going to make people worse.

  3. martinmarten

    Love the Pax cartridges!! Wish they were open on Sundays

  4. kareembrulee

    Stocked up on the Blue Dream at the 30% off sativa sale. Great products and the best veteran discount in the state at 25%.

  5. ashhhmt

    Fast, efficient delivery service. Tried the sativa capsules & a transdermal gel pen and I am happy with both products 🙂

  6. jhybrid

    Love the Tampa location, staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Low wait times and quality products. Very clean store and the product tastes better than most I’ve tried.

  7. bebeautiful

    I went in today to pick up my order instead of having it delivered the staff were very helpful and I will be going back.

  8. saintjohn

    just made my third visit to liberty. as usual, very helpful and answered any questions i had without making me feel dumb. word to the wise, their products are VERY strong. only one hit is necessary if you aren’t used to medical grade thc. thanks guys.! i’ll be back.

    p.s. i left you a very nice review on yelp, and i noticed they put my review and other positve reviews in an obscure area where it’s very hard to see them.

  9. valeriemp

    Wonderful staff. They helped me find exactly what I needed! Wish the pax pods were stocked but I will be checking back for them! 🙂

  10. bsock79

    All of the staff members are awesome! So much more casual than Surterra where you feel like it’s about achieving Zen. Trulieve is good, but so busy. LHS and APHA = $$$. Great products. Today was my first visit but it’s my new stop now. Especially with PAX Era pods.

  11. Moananiu

    Needs more space and employees

  12. J1220v

    Amazing staff, very knowledgeable. Clean professional location Great high quality products. Free delivery 24hour delivery. Will definitely recommend

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