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8311 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048


34.076338, -118.3704842




8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


8:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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The Green Easy is your premier medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. There are many dispensaries out there but none offer the service and quality that we have at The Green Easy. Our staff will work with you to get the best products for your personal needs. We have a large variety of products including edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges, topical’s, trans-dermal patches, oral sprays, accessories, and over 50 world-class strains. We work to get rare varieties in our shop and as a result our menu always has something new to try. We have the quality products that you cant get from your average marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. We make it our goal to offer quality service, premium products, and a wide selection.


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73 reviews for “The Green Easy

  1. cdenny

    I have been a dedicated patient of TGE from the very beginning. Back when Jewels and Dannie repped it old school. Haha love the staff, all of them are so hot and so kind. You can tell they love what they do! The weed is always top of the line with a variety that can’t be beat! Now let’s talk about style for a moment, this place smells like the green. High class luxury all the way. I would live there if I could. And their prices are great for the quality of product and service you received! They even give you free stuff every time you visit! Be good to the God of the green!!!

  2. QuincyG

    I love The Green Easy on Beverly Blvd! Staff is super nice,beautiful, and helpful! This is the best dispensary I’ve ever been to! I recommend others to go, you’ll leave smiling!

  3. joeweeden

    Beautiful, knowledgeable budtender babes, fresh, organic flower, and a pleasant environment make this the place to be in WeHo. Parking on the street in a nice neighborhood.

  4. rockstardevonte

    Very extremely poor service. Highly dissatisfied with the service that was provided. One thing I can say is they have great weed, but nothing I would buy to put up with that drama again…dY~YdY~YdY~Y

  5. KNC6.23

    This place is pretty swank. I’ve been coming to The Green Easy for many years and the awesome customer service and great quality product is consistent. I like this location much better than the previous one. Everyday is customer appreciation day with the freebies and what not. Like I said, the staff is wonderful (Big Mike & Dani) as is everyone else. I’ll keep coming back. No need to really go elsewhere.

  6. Pomeroy77

    This is the best I’ve ever been to. Clean, friendly, knowledgeable.

  7. evander87

    Good location. Great service and knowledgeable budtenders. Big fan of the Ocean Grown vapes.

  8. ReekOfPutrefaction

    This is by far my favorite dispensary in LA.

    I was lucky enough to find them shortly after moving to LA in 2010, and though I have been to many dispensaries since I keep coming back to them.

    The employees know their products super well, and they helped me get started when I bought a PAX 2 from them and when I finally took the plunge and started with oil and concentrates. I always feel like I can ask them a million questions and they will happily answer them all.

    They also know their bud really well. Since I am not much of a strain loyalist I like to look around and see what’s good. It’s gotten to the point where they know what types of sativas I like and can recommend them based on their own experiences. They will give you their honest opinions based on what they’ve smoked and will tell you if they haven’t tried something. I love that!

  9. jp333

    Best in Los Angeles!!!!!! Its extremely comfortable inside and the employees are super chill. Cleaner than the apple store!! Tons of selection every time I go- vapes and every kind of edible you can think of.

  10. EdibleLush

    It’s my home Rx! Whatever u may need u will find here. Professional knowledgeable people. Stop by and see the menu up close. Tell Mike Lush sent u!

  11. dreddaze

    most professional run dispensary t
    o date for me

  12. calayx

    Best quality products in weho and much of the city. Patient and knowledge staff.

  13. ashhsativa

    Bud is always fresh and potent. Great deals & daily giveaways plus the staff is always nice and helpful.

  14. susinirvana

    best shop in LA, hands down! All their stuff is top notch and the staff knows their stuff. Dani the budtender is the best in town!!!

  15. Rebecca11

    Insanely clean and well kept. The strongest strain I can find around after surgery. My pain level has significantly dropped because of this location and I’m so thankful for them!!! All the girls are amazing, knowledgeable and helpful, and Michael and his dog are badass. 100%KushCo a$?i,

  16. Chox2

    i appreciated the fact that the budtender was very patient with us (my fiance and myself). They also have good prices and a bunch of things for a small shop. He also told us to take our time and loom around and he was very happy with allowing us to ask wuestion. Good experience all around.

  17. jaiv420yo

    Really good, and close to the house

  18. dr6reenthumbs

    Nicest staff and cleanest store!

  19. 21stnight

    Love this place!

  20. lareddet

    Levels ahead of other despensaries in terms of range of products, knowledgeable staff and customer service.

  21. Gamesman

    Unless you live too far away, this is your spot. No shady shit going on here. Variety aplenty of quality product presented professionally in a relaxed, clean environment. This has been my only choice for three years, and many of the same people have been serving me the entire time. Their generosity is consistent, not a bait-and-switch gimmick. But let’s not crowd the reception area too much. I like the usually fast in-and-out (when you know what you want). The Green Easy most definitely rocks.

  22. dewdrop25

    Super clean, really chill people. One of the best dispensary experiences I’ve had in a long time. I barely review things but had to give a shout out to the green easy.

  23. sal77

    this place is DOPE, The Best so far, great prices, awesome products. keep coming

  24. HugeTBone

    Awesome newbie freebies! Parking is generally pretty hassle free.

  25. Anna71

    These girls know their stuff and I absolutely love them! Best dispensary in this side of town!

  26. vivier1

    I love going to The Green Easy. The staff is always so friendly and helpful.The establishment is always very clean and welcoming. Would definitely recommend it to other patients.

  27. gg1012

    The best in la. Sophisticated and sharp – mellow and knowledgable. Staff is easy – no reason to go elsewhere !

  28. Pizzmoe

    Super nice place. Great selection and excellent budtenders. Go!

  29. NattyV

    Pretty cool place, good selection, nice service. A little sterile for my taste but comfortable and clean. Pretty rad. 🙂

  30. 4Holland

    This place is top notch. Products are excellent, and the bud tenders exceptionally friendly and knowledgable about the medicine’s effects and usage. However, Danny, one of their awesome bud tenders is the person whose nature and knowledge makes it impossible for other places to compete at this level. She is absolutely the best gift to the store and California. Massachusetts should be crying that she moved out here. I refer all my friends here. No need to go anywhere else.

  31. Praman123

    Green Easy is The Best medical marijuana despenseary ive been to They have the best costumer service.

  32. JenoTassy

    The friendly neighborhood green shop that I love to go to for the top quality products and an incredible set of people repping the store.

  33. CA3016

    CA3016 very very good location

  34. coopsmom

    I absolutely LOVE The Green Easy. Always top quality product. Bud-tenders are super friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable about what they sell. They’re professionalism is unmatched by any other dispensary I’ve been to in my five years of living in LA. The shop is clean and in a very safe area of West Hollywood. Sketchy looking places turn me away. This is not the case here. Very comfortable atmosphere.

  35. btbd

    I love this place. They have the three P’s going. Good prices people and products.

  36. songthatboblikes

    Hands down my favorite place to go for my medical needs. I’ll go out of my way just to shop here. Highly recommended.

  37. Msblonde

    If you haven’t visited Green Easy its a must!
    Best strains, with A-mazing customer service.
    I’m sure you will feel the same!

  38. tyger85

    Good selection of buds, edibles, and prerolled joints also a great convenience for the neighborhood. Along with that super friendly staff. I recommend getting your doja from here.

  39. Davidh24

    Great spot with a very helpful staff.

  40. hanxchung


  41. jujubee420

    just checked this place out on my way to thr beverly centet, Very clean spot, the meds are top quality and there’s a grest variety of edibles, joints, wax, there’s a lot to choose from and the girls where awesome, i’ll be back

  42. profundus

    very classy, exceptional bud selection

  43. minaluna17

    Love this place!

  44. tobystoohighforthis

    One of the best stores in LA, I shop here on a regular basis and I’ve never been let down. The staff is always super friendly and helpful. And the product is always out of this world.

  45. Deeana

    Best dispensary in LA

  46. thomastrain

    good service, decent quality

  47. lild310

    Love this place they are very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Excellent prices for excellent bud. I will definitely be making this my main spot.

  48. alyshataylor

    i LOVED my experience here. i’m new to the cannabis world and didn’t want to go to a dispensary that seemed dirty and this place was exactly what i was looking for! clean and friendly =)

  49. sexyykatkush

    Great service

  50. amarske

    Friendly and helpful staff!

  51. CinziaC

    I’ve been coming here for a few years now and it should tell you something that, while I live near Pico, I go out of my way to come to The Green Easy. The staff is just so knowledgeable and patient and kind, always ready to answer your questions. I also enjoy catching the occasional new vendor and checking something new out, be it flower, cartridge or edible. They’ve got a great variety, weigh heavy, and the space is super bright and clean. Give ’em a try, you will not be disappointed.
    (And if you come on Saturdays between 11-2, I think, the Guerrilla Taco truck is parked on Sweetzer…bonus!)

  52. ms.tee


  53. LionofNYC2017

    My favorite store in the Hollywood area. The most friendly staff & high quality buds. They also give a free joint or edible with every purchase!

  54. rambo2012

    This is my spot! Great quality and great service.

  55. mjhorowitz91

    Great spot. The staff is wonderful and very helpful. Great quality bud too, but can be priced a bit high.

  56. phishman2020

    Great spot with an awesome high quality selection. Staff are nice and patient with the patients.

  57. Mannyep32

    Man oh man, was this shop one hell of a choice I went yesterday for a first time and did they take care of me,! Bud tenders were pretty awesome, they knew they had fire and had great recommendations,I walked in with a smile left with an even bigger smiledY~,,

  58. JoshVanGogh

    I love the Green Easy! I’ve been a patient here for years and it is my favorite spot in LA. Everyone that works here is both friendly and helpful. They have an excellent assortment of strains and offer terrific deals. And, as a bonus, the girls are all very pretty. I love the Green Easy.

  59. Denicito

    Hands down one of my top 3 shops best of best always looking out for there customer best bud and my eyes always get to get blessed with one of there beautiful budista

  60. diehldeaux

    Amazing staff. Very helpful, knowledgeable, and stress free. Very reasonable prices and great product all around.

  61. Blueroan

    Good service nice products

  62. richardkahn

    Excellent service and products, not the cheapest, but the best. Beautiful and knowledgeable budtenders, friendly security personnel.

  63. peterharris59

    I have been a patient of The Green Easy for many years now. They are always friendly and helpful. The dispensary has a varied selection of medical marijuana and edibles. You will not be disappointed. On top of all this, you get great service in a truly beautiful boutique setting.

  64. happycrockpot

    The best. Very clean, great selections and knowledgeable staff with great service.

  65. highforthis22

    Awesome deals and awesome atmosphere. The staff was really nice and literally made me feel welcomed. I cannot ask for a better shop. Definitely coming back !

  66. viddiewell

    Staff is always friendly. Always knowledgeable with everything from conventional flowers to CBD delivery. Atmosphere is always relaxed and clean. No thugs at the door, always courteous and professional.

    Been shopping here for years. It remains my favorite. Good prices for good product. Patronize with confidence.

  67. Quartz1991

    Always super friendly and helpful. The prices are very agreeable! Really strong strands too

  68. rummie88

    I love this place. I’ve been coming here for awhile now from their old location to the new one. Service is friendly, warm and uplifting. Buds are always the best, you pay for quality basically. I would never spend my money anywhere else but here.

  69. mreric

    My favorite dispensary in town. Very friendly and helpful staff, excellent product and the cleanest store of any kind. Superb experience through and through.

  70. f0untains

    Great spot. Helpful, knowledgable staff with a solid variety of products.

  71. curtunculous

    this place is the title period. dani, samia, and dancing ballerina are awesome. I don’t know her name

  72. ironmnky

    This is the spot! Best service great staff. number 1 place in LA. They always hook it up. Good herb no tricks with stress. High quality and always rotating their supply.

  73. 20m3

    Top shelf dispensary

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