City Compassionate Caregivers

21+ w/ID or 18+ w/DR. REC



2235 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90023


34.0348699, -118.2236513




8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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***Best OG’s in L.A.***
CCC Is in strict compliance with California’s Health and Safety Code 111362.5 and 11362.7. In compliance with state regulations we will only be serving Qualified patients and/or caregivers who are 18 years and older. (Medicinal 18+ Rec): First Time Patients must have a verifiable letter from their physician recommending the use of medicinal cannabis & Valid Identification Card. (Adult Use 21+): Must have Valid STATE Identification Card upon arrival. Once you become a registered member at CCC you will receive all of what our collective has to offer. City Compassionate Caregivers Membership are for patients who are suffering with:
HIV/AIDS some cancers multiple-sclerosis chronic pain Insomnia anorexia depression and numerous of other serious illnesses.

* REFER A PATIENT & WE COVER 15% OF YOUR TAXES (w/ purchase) OR FREE GOODIE BAG (w/ no purchase) *
* BIRTHDAY RECEIVE 15% OFF (must show valid i.d) *
* VETERANS RECEIVE 10% OFF (must show valid i.d) *
* SENIORS RECEIVE 15% OFF (must show valid i.d) *
* DISABILITY GET 10% OFF (must show valid i.d) *
* STUDENTS GET 10% OFF (must show valid i.d) *
*RENEWALS GET 10% OFF (Medicinal:must show renewed Original Dr. Recommendation)
A10-18-0000212-TEMP, M10-18-0000258-TEMP


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185 reviews for “City Compassionate Caregivers

  1. MissMontae

    My fav place in la security is cool never an issue with joe the girls stay hooking me up

  2. anish007

    Huge shop ample parking great service good daily deals to keep an eye on BOHO buy one get one half off. It’s a huge shop with a vast selection highly recc checking them out. Shout out to Jess for the excellent customer service

  3. FiftyOneFifty

    Best shop for quality herbs and good prices…friendly customer service

  4. TiffanyP

    My husband and I come to this place every week. All the bud tenders we’ve come across are extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help, but Joe especially is one of our favorites! She’s never given us a bad recommendation, knows what we like, and is super knowledgeable and personable. Mike, the manager is a cool guy and makes my husband, a vet, feel appreciated. They have top shelf quality flowers and you won’t be disappointed . Also, this place inside is immaculate with hard working staff always maintaining the appearance and they have cool bumpin music, which enhances the experience! It’s worth the drive!

  5. Stevinicoleloves

    Everyone was very friendly – the security guard, front desk, and budtenders. Legit first time patient rewards. Will be going back.

  6. BBHook

    Glad I made the 45min drive to check this place out. They were the only one who had what I wanted in stock. The place is huge and they have a ton of product. Jess helped me out and was awesome. She was knowledgeable, professional, and a lot of fun to talk to. I’ll definitely be returning.

  7. nonolee

    been my bud to go spot since 2013 tried many other but CCC got that always good bud I drive from LBC and the budtenders are very friendly

  8. Localkid420

    this is my #1 shop for wax and flowers , great staff great prices , great buds #CCCaregivers #four20

  9. uristajay4

    really great people here and buds not to mention daily deals

  10. ImSpliffHoe67

    too good to be true!! lol I like it cus they have specials everyday of the week

  11. ricosuaveh1

    I love this shop they the best buds accompanied Byrne best staff as well always my first choice

  12. kushedoutteddy

    great spot affordable amazing flowers and women

  13. joe1013

    I like the staff and their good help thanks jesss

  14. Louisvela1

    Ccc has it all great weed from variety of growers daily specials and tax free is the way to save even more overall quality price and cool people working thanks

  15. vsjefferson

    It’s my neighborhood store. Staff is always friendly and beautiful. Great product and selection and there is always a good deal. Love this place!

  16. krissyg

    Great selection and prices!

  17. tommy.ramos

    one of my favorite shops when i’m in town.

  18. daicecold1

    Great location and eclectic selection. Re staff was welcoming and patient with me on my first visit. Great deals and easy to get in and out.

  19. Wildones1

    Best shop that i’ve been to in l.A!!

  20. Rabstr

    Ain’t no place I rather be but at this dispensiery, ain’t nothing but love here at this spot and the bud tenders will make sure they take care of you! Love their smoke station, take a couple of tokes and your good to hit the road. Joe the man of the hour, always making the environment feel safe.

  21. OriginalMedicine

    Professional yet relaxed atmosphere. Quality product, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great incentives for new and existing customers.

  22. that_ninja_joshua

    The service is up-top,, they make sure to give you the whole low down on what’s new/good,, wanna give a huge SO to ashaly( one of the bud-tenders) she was nice,, had a real positive cloud,, low key cute,,and very professional,,, if y’all haven’t been,, y’all should give this place a shot,, worth itdY’-

  23. kingofkings213la

    I been coming here since they opened. It’s near my house, so it’s just a walk down the block. They have great deals and great buds. I highly recommend this place. I like to come here for the kief.

  24. Moreno69

    Good place, I like that they have security. Jess was super helpful and friendly.

  25. Norms36

    Great prices! Wide variety of strains , edibles , wax , etc. Staff is super chill and friendly . The free dabs are the best dY”Y=

  26. Seizerocka

    This is my spot for good deals in flowers such great vibes

  27. randibphoto

    I am always satisfied when I come here. Great shop and great prices. The staff is very welcoming an knowledgeable. This is my go to spot.

  28. diaz79

    Best pharmacy caring around the best quality meds for ur dollar most beautiful bud tenders u ever seen best eighth prices always deal’s around stop by and have fun shopping for ur meds

  29. kronix214

    Very close , dank weed 10/10

  30. tylerbood95

    This shop is Legit!
    The w33d’z A1 & the budtenders b on fleek..
    Fuckz Wit It

  31. YoungWill310

    Marvelous dY’-dY’-

  32. Mister_kattt

    Great staff, good buds and unbeatable deals! I totally recommend you check this spot out!

  33. Andy Blue

    Jungle Boys ( Los Angeles Farmers ) blows the doors off this place as far as quality goes.

    All of the weed in this place is mid level
    it seems

    and what they are calling mid level was like buying packing peanuts. I was disappointed. .. the smell wasnt there.. the trychomes not happening .

    there are so many other places .. I wont be going back there.

  34. 420ep

    Very friendly and great deals in town hands down!!

  35. Ychancey

    I love this spot. Its my favorite. The budtenders are so nice and the bud is dank! Even if u low on funds u can get some quality herbs. The 40 cap is bomb!

  36. Xiomaralopez13

    Dope spot and the security joe is cool….

  37. thehigherimageshop

    Great Stuff and dank goodies, what else do you need?

  38. vanessa1216

    love this shop best deals fire as bud dY”Y=

    good service

  39. Pano420

    Great buds. Awesome budtenders, the place to go if you want a good vibe and leave with some bomb flowers

  40. Pookie01

    Hands down best flowers and a really really cool staff.

  41. CindySummer

    Would defiantly recommend people, bud tenders and chill, the atmosphere is great wide variety of things.

  42. RichardBBullwinkle

    City Compassionate Caregivers at 2235 E. 7th Street, is an amazing weed dispensary. It’s a big, bright, clean modern place that offers all kinds of great deals on weed. Great joints and misc stuff. They have extras that other places might not have like hats, and T-shirts. Great staff, thanks to Amber for being so helpful. They open early, 8AM!

  43. Medidarius

    The first shop I’ve been to and the only one I’ve been to since. Friendly service, great deals, and quality buds. I recommend CCC to anyone

  44. Killa222244447777

    best spot for weed vapes edibles service on spot always coming back been there for me at my worst plus gorgeous women

  45. highflyingmartian

    First off. Security was welcoming as was the reception.
    I walked in and there was a second security guard who welcomed me in with a casual “sup” and a happy face.
    Second. The bud tender, Trisha, was very involved and helped me find the strains with the traits I needed. She seemed knowledgable about what she was doing. I’m definitely coming back and updating this further down as a regular patient.

  46. nozezonozezon

    Everyone I shop here they’re always super nice and friendly!! I love shopping here

  47. mykeb

    I think this is the hottest spot in Los Angeles always superb deals quality product great but tenders plush atmosphere a must stop enjoy…

  48. GeetyEsko

    Very attentive and helpful young folks working there. Very calm and relaxed atmosphere. clean well staffed always. Open early. Perfect location. a great variety of quality cannabis products as well.

  49. cliffygeez

    one of the best shops in LA. specials always on point

  50. tigerThaKushMan

    Super fire and I love the pre rolls

  51. Nancy213

    BESt sPot to Get suM bomB ass floWer. And the LadIes are fRiendly recommend This 100%

  52. Birdytoo

    Really knowledgeable, friendly and helpful service. First time patient deals were awesome, couldn’t believe how much I got for $80! Three bags of chocolate edibles 80 milligrams per bag (8 x 10mg each piece) B2G1 $10 ea, two Vape cartridges (.5 gm $30 ea. BOGHO =$45) and a small vape pen battery for $15. Then to top it off I got a first time buyer gift bag which included a glass blown pipe, a plastic grinder, house papers, hemp wick, a lighter and a glass crutch for joints! Oh and they paid the tax for an additional $7-8 savings!! I’ll be back next time I’m in need and in LA for sure,

  53. Nickie1one

    Always a good experience dealing with ccc , top quality meds.

  54. Ganja1812

    This dispensary offers quality bud for relatively low prices. Great service, nice ganja. Would recommend to a friend.

  55. ehnesto

    Great spot conveniently located parking can be tough but dope nonetheless
    Staff is quick and the weed is bomb

  56. lowkdawgg

    Ccc always has been and always will be #1 some of the strongest stuff I’ve ever smoked was found here at this beautiful dispensary the staff always shows me love so i always come back dY’OE

  57. TrueKing01

    Really Great Bud and many strains to choose from!!!!

  58. Freshf1owers4me

    This Dispensary is by far thee bombest spot in Los Angeles.. Security is on point Staff is Great and buds are Fresh.. I’m never Let Down..

  59. Tom_myspace

    Awesome place to pick up some pretty good buds and socialize with friends

  60. pnthrsnhpps

    Parking is a little tricky but this place and people are awesome! Keep it up CCC!

  61. Ace0ne

    This is the only place I go to pick herbs. All of their buds, concentrates, and edibles are high quality affordable medicine! Security & Staff are always friendly & helpful, plus they have new deals each day!! Come see for yourself why this is the only dispensary I recommend!!!

  62. Laserblue72

    Triple C has a great atmosphere and almost feels like a lounge. However it does not have the bean bag chairs, the dab section of the dispensary makes up for it. Definitely have a wide variety between strains followed by dynamite tasting edibles and wax/concentrates any way as always. Stay Medicated

  63. mitchell69

    Great shop love this place! The girl know there stuff and are super nice!

  64. Northington

    Great dispensary with a wonderful selection, courteous and knowledgeable staff. Easy parking and so close to home is a definite bonus!

  65. Meakone

    best buds in East l.a. Jess hooked it up and she’s patient. definitely coming back

  66. CaptainCannabis

    This is the best dispensary. Good vibes, good bud.

  67. Deebesmokin

    Got new coupon from weed maps gotta go get my meds all got fire at a good price so if in the area come on in and try them out

  68. mykeyboymykee1

    This Location is the best location in Los Angeles always great customer service great bud tenders always have cool specials….

  69. fumarmacoya

    Had a wonderful experience. Budtenders were very knowledgeable.

  70. PillsCosby

    Great shop. Came here with my girlfriend a few times to grab some flower and some cartridges. Liz was super knowledgeable and helpful. Had a great experience. Definitely coming back.

  71. gary.globalmiddleman

    Good meds

  72. nikireneeee

    BEST bud I’ve had hands down- i Dont bother anywhere else. Prices are bomb and they have different specials everyday. Cheap dabs. Grown in house. So good.

  73. Queerijuana

    Really chill atmosphere, great selection and friendly knowledgeable staff. plus they have a fooze ball table:

  74. VapeQueen710

    Came back as soon as I was in LA. My previous review stays true, CCC is the ideal dispensary (except I keep hoping they’ll be able to take card but I know why they can’t). They have the perfect amount of variety and know when to bring stuff back. They have friendly, knowledgeable budtenders. Great deals. Great parking lot. Right near a bus stop. Check WeedMaps for most up to date stock.

  75. knuxknuckles

    Definitely a good first time experience for a person who’s never shopped anywhere prior. The ladies were very helpful and got me what I wanted with ease. Awesome place.

  76. yoli333

    love coming for my flowers here

  77. wilfredo213

    the best dispensary in the down town los strains, quality nugs, good prices & beautiful budtender girls..every body from the west, east, north & south cum here cuzz they kno wats up..thank u medicine

  78. chantellelv13

    Best place to come and get bud great prices

  79. jokerdelarge13

    I’ve been going to CCC for a few months now and am allways so happy with my experience. The bud tenders are allways super friendly and informative. CCC always has great deals and a huge selection. Even the security staff is extremely friendly. I have already recommended several friends and family members and will continue to do so.

  80. Daddymacksam

    all the stuff on the online menu is not there. false advertisement.

  81. DarioLoren

    Professional, clean shop with plenty to choose from. I’m fairly new to this (again) but have a couple faves they were out of. I didn’t understand why the tender didn’t ask me what conditions I was treating. Why not recommend strains that were like the ones I’ve found effective? I ended up getting something (Grape Drank) that turned out NOT to be like one of my go to strains in the eve, Grape Ape. The tender was very nice and wanted to be helpful. I think she was not well-trained. It seems to me that for Med patients, this should be the first question if we need help picking a strain: What conditions are you treating? And what other strains have you tried that were effective? Also: Wouldn’t it be useful to have lists of what strains are good for what conditions? A lot of the strains available here don’t have many reviews on Leafly but the test data for them (assuming they have it) could provide some clue about the strains effects.

  82. malignant

    this shop never disappoints always has dank weed

  83. sethds01

    Best prices on wax, and the wax is quality. Good flowers too, and a deal everyday. My new favorite spot.

  84. Taxer2018

    The Cure Company Exclusive Snoop Premium Helen Back #7 is dY”Y=

  85. fishsteve12052

    I think this s is the best shop in la I mean ya there is tax but for this quality it’s so worth it

  86. savgobrazy

    best service ever and some really good weed

  87. quinnaenicole

    I love it I always go here

  88. blwnksh

    Very conveniently close to my location. The meds are all good and i am satisfied everytime.

  89. sharif1024

    I love the girls here and the weed is bomb

  90. GrandDaddyPurrp

    Best weed in LA. The buds are always fresh and their wax is killing the game. Friendly staff all day. If your in the area you got to hit this shop. They stay with the fire.

  91. Ricthebarber

    One of the best shops in L.A that i been too. They got that Fire. Everything is organized and everyone is friendly. Shout-out to Karmen for always being helpful and knows what to recommend.

  92. mikrollreg

    cool place. It’s spacious feels like a lounge. Good selections and prices.

  93. Krazykarl20

    Best in the west.tried thrm all this is it good bud and wax

  94. Gonzalor

    first time there today and Kim the bud tender was awesome, I was a kid in a candy store and got $400 worth of stuff and she was really patient with me. knew her stuff and had a great small talk with her in between. -gonzalo

  95. mpompa

    Very friendly/helpful staff.
    Safe environment.

  96. MisterMiagi

    really nice buds on the low shelf and the wax is tasty, the prizes are great and i’ll be going back again definately

  97. Jesse4Latt

    Great Spot for all your needs.

  98. medicatedlikeallday29

    This place will exceed all your expectations.

  99. GrandpaOzzy

    Shoutout to Joe & Ricardo always bringing positive vibes to the shop and very professional when greeting new patients.

  100. marcy387

    Very nice medical cannabis shop. Fully stocked with everything you may need! Vet friendly staff! Thank you Liz for the tips on the strains!

  101. skaterguy6907

    Best place to get bud in LA!

  102. tokerfish

    CCC HAS nothing ………… ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….But FUEGO!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAdY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=awesome selection and quality. Service is on point

  103. Mik.ko

    Great staff. Friendly from the start. Will go again

  104. hhhrivera

    Special thanks to Liz she was supper knowledgeable and being my first time at this location making my experience a memerable one.

  105. tkm3223

    the first month is done and I still like this shop, you looking for the hookup come to CCC

  106. unutilized

    Huge place with lots of choose from. It was my first time visiting and I was looking for some advice on what to get to deal with anxiety. Liz was very helpful and the stuff I grabbed was very good!

  107. hashtagamie

    This is my favorite spot, it was recommended to me by a friend a few months back and I have yet to find a shop that compares with quality of product and quality of staff. The girls behind the counter are sweet and informed and the security guys are always looking out – if you haven’t tried this place out then you really should 🙂 You’re welcome!

  108. magee420

    Great shop with best kush in the area. Easy to get to, and they always have a special going in. Highly recommended. Always got it going on.

  109. blamestr

    Best location to be .an has greats buds an deals everyday . budtenders always friendly always coming back

  110. princeofegypt00

    Dope location & space, awesome staff, and always have great deals !

  111. mshquinn

    My fiance and I came to this shop for the Pure Kush after a long drive from the valley. I’m sure glad we took the drive though. We had a really awesome budtender named Lizz, who made us feel very welcome and comfortable (which is really saying something considering how big the shop is). She showed us one of her favorite strains (Titan OG) we bought that and Pure Kush. Both were fantastic quality at an amazing price. Definitely will be coming back to this shop.

  112. Twotone0713

    Best prices and Kim and Daisy are very helpful Beautiful women.

  113. PaPiGuLaH

    This shop has everything you need and then some. The quality of flowers here is always on point, the concentrates are potent as hell, and the budtenders always have a good recommendation (shout out to Brenda n Liz for always knowing what to recommend )… Trust me, once you go to this shop, you won’t go anywhere else…

  114. B3lla90

    Good variety and friendly staff

  115. jmmka81

    These guys have great deals every day of the week. I’ve been coming here exclusively for a while now. Very satisfied customer.

  116. scachu

    Super clean setup with a variety of options from big to small and all the inbetweens. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable

  117. shynotshyy


  118. johnar16

    by far the best shop Ive been in. dY’-dY’-dY’-dY’-

  119. ihazyy

    this place is close to my house, always come thru when you need some good green, the budtenders are pretty chill great place to get green

  120. Ashez2ashez

    really nice and comfortable

  121. DenzelReefer

    Location is in a good and easy to access area would recommend to anyone.

  122. dannylopez213

    This spot never leaves you disappointed! They always got the bombest bud and their dab’s hit pretty good and if you on a budget they got you!!

  123. jairoller22

    Nice location friendly pple and good weed

  124. Cucaracho

    The store has very good products to offer and staff is very friendly and helpful.

  125. bocrisk

    Best spot in the hood the lady’s are great

  126. bk4200

    i love coming here , service is outstanding , and will definitely have what you need here recommend everyone to come here .

  127. Orionmoe

    I really like how informed the staff was. I will be visiting again

  128. sexxyblacc

    everything was great the tree and my dab

  129. jgutierrezoxnard

    Great location near me. Good buds for a good price. I go often.

  130. miklboy94

    Awesome staff! Good bud!

  131. MsMontae

    Best buds and the best deals omg I love them favorite shop !!!

  132. Thrash213

    This is my go to spot. They always know how to treat their clients and are very knowledgeable. Did I mention the highest quality flower and products!?! Check it out!

  133. Junior47

    dope as shop dY’-
    Dank bud dY”Y=

  134. luck_ke

    Alex at City Compassionate Caregivers really helped me and my friends out. She knew her ins and outs of the tree there and helped us out to the max! They also have a spin wheel for free goodies (recreational users $5). Left with a quarter of her reccomendations and some goodies! Definitely a daily spot!

  135. Yola10

    Lots of different items for different patients friendly people nice and big and clean.

  136. Poeticqueen03

    fire everything.

  137. Realbossshit

    Best shop beautiful bud and women serving you! Best deals around west lake it’s a must check out

  138. green43

    I like where it’s located. The shop is an ok place ..

  139. ajoh103

    I go here way too much. It’s my favorite shop. great prices. Joe at the front desk always sets a good mood for the dispensary and the ladies in back always hold it down. check em out

  140. ashr13

    Its a very good place where its at right now. Friendly staff would come back soon.

  141. Carlosyellow

    This is the best dispensery in the los angeles area best strians and great service with awsome badtenders. My happy place

  142. 213BuddhaAbuser

    Strain: “White Russian.”
    You guys remember when you first began smoking and everthing made you laugh, but then as time passed you really just abuse it to get high? Well this strain right here will take you back to when you had virgin lungs. I smoked a blunt with my brothers , and let me tell you we were laughing our lungs out! This strain is a must try! Highly recommend it! And its only 10 bucks a gram! 25 and Eighth! Cant go wrong. Its one of my top 10 strains most def!!

  143. trump2016

    Nice shop. It’s close to my house. Lots to choose from

  144. yodaOG

    I used to really like this location but as of late, I have not had a good experience. The last time I went the budtender actually dissuaded me from the strain I wanted (and indica) and told me she had a comparable indica, which when I got home and checked your site among others, I found out it was a sativa. I bought 2 sativas when I clearly asked for an indica. Then, she didn’t label it, so I had to call the dispensary to find out what the strains were. I am just being honest to give constructive feedback to this location. This isn’t the first time I’ve been sold the wrong kind of strain at this dispensary. There’s no incentive for return patients’ loyalty and the prices have been going up.

  145. Danyelle21

    Great atmosphere and prices

  146. izbellle

    My fiancA(c) and I’s go to dispensary for our meds.

    The girls are always super nice.

    Quality meds.
    Chill, clean environment.

  147. llopez417

    is great I like this distributed feels good to be there, should open earlier.

  148. mcap420

    We are still new to recreational use and often feel intimidated with our newbie questions. Liz, our bud tender, answered all our inquiries and provided us with great information and advice. This place has a huge selection and the staff is super helpful. Thanks City Compassionate Collctive!

  149. frndlykiddo

    LOVE this place! Look for Daisy! She will hook you up with great service!

  150. StormNito300

    Kim was the budtender that helped me and she was very helpful. She answered all my questions she was very friendly and was very knowledgeable of the products

  151. Veggie311

    Awesome place, very clean, cool with cool vibes. place with plenty of herbs to satisfy your herb needs Alex was out budtender she was great very knowledgeable of the product. herb is something you can’t just sale you have to know what the customer wants and what they desire she knocked it out of the park on doing just that keep up the good work. Good vibes=good times.

  152. Jaaames0810

    Mike was phenomenal. Amazing service and extremely knowledgeable on his products. First time buying and he definitely set the standard high. Great work.

  153. Jimmy_TwoTimes

    This place is really amazing. Great deals, products, and service. Budtender Kim was really helpful also. She made great suggestions and was more than willing to wait for me to make my selections. Thanks CCC! -Benji

  154. chatom

    Best shop i been so far. I will be making this shop my main shop i don’t plan going to any other shop besides this one. You won’t leave disappointed they have the best weed and everything. Great Staff and the security guard Joe is very friendly he’s not rude like other securities.

  155. tlokstaysfaded

    Love coming here. Dope spot to get some fire bud for affordable prices!! Plus bud tenders are always really helpful!!

  156. Cjay7

    Awesome service, great prices, great selection.

  157. Jaylinzy

    They have the best staff here! If you see Eric at the front don’t be afraid to shoot the shit. He can joke with the best of them. And he got us inside very fast. Smooth process. Once we got inside Kim totally took amazing care of my friend and I she gave us so much information and made sure we made the best decision for us. There was even an issue with the ATM and she went and talked to the manager for me and got them to give me the missing 20. I didn’t even have to ask her to do that. That says a lot. I will definitely be back because of those two! This has become my new go to shop! Thanks again guys for the quality bud and amazing ass staff! aoeSdY3/4aoeSdY3/4aoeSdY3/4

  158. eveesaur

    Great team and good stuff.

  159. deegrizzle

    My only Medical shop in LA… When you have the Best, you don’t need the rest.

  160. Triverr

    great service and great prices! I always leave happy 🙂

  161. huffhailey

    I love CCC. Everyone here is so friendly and they have awesome deals.

  162. WesBanksMusic

    One of my favorite shops outside of Hollywood.

  163. donnout

    My go too shop, There is one shop closer to where I live, but I walk the further distance because the price is right for the medicine. Veteran friendly as well. Yous a winner in my book CCC!

  164. kevzfearus

    love the environment of the shop, great bud and bud tenders, had rosin press for the first time and it was the bomb!!!

  165. carrillovc

    This place WAS awesome, until they went completely recreational. If you are counting on the medicinal deal, forget it. Also, their tenders use to be so knowledgeable and friendly. Now they got tenders that dont have a clue to what they are selling, looking like they’re over it. Disappointed that Im now looking else where

  166. Michorizo23

    I love this place here everytime i come to this place i leave more than happy its fast and all the budtenders treat u right they have everything you want

  167. JWMute

    Thank you very much CCC. This was the best experience I have ever had at a dispensary. I appreciate your very kind staff and beautiful atmosphere. I very much look forward to coming back again. I have been to quite a few dispensaries and I truly believe you are the best. Thank you again.

  168. FrankliThc

    Man if you haven’t been to this shop, you are really missing out, the dankest Sativa Strains, the staff are friendly and budtenders are hella chill, they got amazing deals that keep me a loyal customer, in all, I recommend this shop to everyone dY’dY’dY’

  169. HighnLightn

    best shop in the city

  170. jaydcee88

    I’ve been coming here for over a year because the greens are always fresh and priced just right. The staff is cool AF and the bud tenders know their shit.

  171. Hershey13

    i was very impressed my budtender jess very helpfull she knew her stuff made visit very pleasant thank you

  172. Rudegeist

    Let me start by saying Amazing place, and awesome staff. They have a huge selection of products for all types of consumers. Liz was the budtender that assisted me and honestly her service blew me away super knowledgeable and helpful. I had her ALL OVER the store asking questions and not once did I get a bad vibe from her. LIZ YOU ARE THE TRUTH!!!

  173. redunbar


  174. Rolandoblunts

    They got the DANK shit.dank dank and more dank buds. Bring your buddy

  175. Michael01nochez

    Greatest staff!!! Great prices

  176. Phc9

    This was my first time here and I loved it. Jess was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. There is plenty of parking and the show room was squeaky clean. I definitely will be returning.

  177. ChronicDro

    Lovely staff and the store is awesome.

  178. misslayna

    I love this shop it’s so convient to where I live and their staff are awesome and buds are always on point

  179. Hfelicia

    Greatlocation perfect walking distance

  180. BlazeitJay

    The only shop you need to go to…

  181. goconog

    this place is great!! when the line gets long they give free dabs and pass the joint…. Best. Place. Ever…. and the girls are so cute n friendly and helpful with inside info on the best strains and top sellers, most popular, etc. the new customer gift bag is worth the visit alone… what are you waiting for? go try!

  182. lyn_mar

    This place always has quality flower and great deals ! The bud tenders are also awesome 🙂

  183. Baekwon

    I was visiting the area from the IE, and happened to stumble across this location on my way to another dispensary. I am so glad I did! I found everything I needed and then some. Jess was amazing and made sure I knew about the specials they had available, and her product knowledge was on point! Well worth stopping in, and i love the awesome goody bag I received too. I will be putting my gifts to good use! Thank you Jess and CCC for such an awesome experience. Hope to see you soon!

  184. johntan

    The staff is friendly and good service.
    They have a good selection and great deals..
    I definitely recommend this place.

  185. turtlelove24

    I love this CCC. They have the best pre rolls I’ve ever had from a medi. Everyone who works here is really attentive and helpful. They seriously hook it up!!

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