Bloom Room

$25 Eighths Everyday!



471 Jessie St, San Francisco, CA 94103


37.7819455, -122.4083563




11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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Premium Quality, Outstanding Service, On-site Vapor Lounge

Bloom Room is San Francisco’s Premier Cannabis Dispensary. We proudly offer the very best selection of cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles and tinctures in California.

Bloom Room is located on Jessie St. off Mint Plaza near Blue Bottle Coffee. The storefront location is a comfortable retreat from the hustle and bustle of the SOMA / Financial District and is complete with its very own Vapor Lounge.

We strive to educate our patient community about the medical science of cannabis and to offer a comfortable, clean, and safe environment for them to access their chosen medicine. All our medicine is lab tested and verified.

The Bloom Room embraces the will of the people, and we hope to stand as proof that a professional medical cannabis collective is not just good for the health of its patients, but for the community in which it serves.


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117 reviews for “Bloom Room

  1. Bloodshotistic

    Hidden in the side street but a gold mine in this place.

  2. dezzz77

    They were super friendly and helped with what I wanted quickly !!!

  3. islandboy99

    This place is the best kept secret in union square area. Very friendly and safe atmosphere.

  4. jesuis

    Great service! A busy shop, so know what you want. Great quality, donation wise, something for every budget.
    Two thumbs up!
    ~Je Suis

  5. bookissboo1

    I love the great staff and excellent quality bud

  6. samimichele

    This is a cool place. The service was top of the line. Selection was great. The only negatives were its located an alley in a scary area and the prices are pretty high.

  7. Shane_VT

    I was visiting from Vermont and was looking to get baked while I was in San Francisco. The Bloom room delivered. It was fast, easy, and my bud tender Amber was just who I needed to see. She got me everything I was looking for in seconds. Thanks Amber, and thanks Bloom Room. I would recommend stopping by if you’re in the Bay Area.

  8. rockinrod18

    Love me some Bloom Room!! The bombers are quality and a fantastic deal for only $10!! Highly recommend to anyone that’s looking for good product at cheap rates!

  9. jd8jd

    Extremely helpful staff! I have used this location since the dawn of my life here in SF. They are constantly running specials and have some of the best quality I’ve seen.

    More than anything I love that they are devoted to the community and offer events to help clean up the area!

  10. davidvalenzuela420247

    this is my favorite dispensary

  11. Dodobrowns

    Awesome place! Totally cool staff!

  12. Linnerbug3

    I really enjoy coming to bloom room. The staff is welcoming, the selection is large, the edibles are top notch, they have free demos on Fridays, they also have a rewards card and certain deals/discounts depending on the day of the week. I only wish they had a variety of vape pens as I tried the splifin they carry and I didn’t like it. The other vape pens they have don’t interest me. Their wax selection is plentiful as well. They also have a volcano vape for patients to use.

  13. isthatguyfollowingme

    Excellent place to medicate, great buds, lots of color with deals all the time! Highly recommended

  14. Gdog420311

    I love the store I love the $25 deals the dab a kiss is the best and Hanks my favorite customer service guy although all the customer service is excellent

  15. mabunnie666

    My favorite chill place to come and smoke! Love everyone that works there!

  16. JediMindTricks415

    Bloom Room has the most unique, top shelf strains and the employees are expert, knowledgeable budtenders. One of my favorite Indica dominat hybrids is Lucky Charms. This one sells out quickly, so if you see it snatch it up. It is a cross between The White and Appalachia. Full body stone with a strong cerebral buzz that enhances creativity and learning while providing a full body high. Great for art, working on music, reading and studying. Relieves nausea, anxiety, adhd, ptsd, chronic pain, Parkinson’s and insomnia. The atmosphere at Bloom Room is always comfortable and friendly. Vape lounge with TV on mute with stony music if you want a safe space to medicate. on mute with stony music if you want a safe space to medicate.

  17. Tomio12

    very helpful

  18. clairewagz

    Best flower in the city, super cool lounge vibe.

  19. thelp89

    love this place for the atmosphere and the people. love the specials and how everything is affordable. it is always my go to spot for my weed. And they also have a cleanup around the city once a month,u can get a free gram but love the fact its to clean up the community

  20. xmooneyxonex

    Shame I don’t live closer! Going to have to make regular SF trips now!

  21. aleister88

    Great little spot down the street from my work. Always come in for their specials, demos, and bomb Js

  22. joeythejman

    Great place, great helpful staff, always great product too

  23. Sbessiso

    Awesome staff and killer daily deals and dab bar and amazing edible selection

  24. nl5s1

    A small but tidy dispensary in a seedy alley in SOMA. Don’t let that last part scare you off, Bloom Room is great. The budtenders are knowledgable about the products, and will take the time with you to find the right thing your your needs.

  25. daninegrinca

    Love manager stephen

  26. VanilllaRice

    Have to say, this is the most friendly, good vibe dispensary I’ve been to. More like a family feel opposed to just making a quick sale. I also love how they have the flowers out in jars for you to look and smell at ease instead of asking for each one. And they have great specials and some of the best pricing when they do.

  27. NeedWeed4207

    Atrocious customer service. Make sure to open your bag before leaving the store, they screwed up my order and wouldn’t take back the incorrect product. This dispensary is awful even by East Coast standards…

  28. nschearer

    Great little spot with nice flower and friendly staff. Always easy and quick, though they have a few Volcanoes that I’ve yet to utilize.

  29. AJLittle

    Budtender Paul made my experience smooth and easy. Thank you Paul!!! And thank you BLOOM

  30. anmolthakkar

    It’s a really great place with amazing offers and they have a really friendly staff.

  31. MrEnigma88

    First time here, I waited til 420 weekend to venture in and check things out. The atmosphere is dope I really love the front windows and the layout with the vape area definitely found my new chill spot to vape. The quality is amazing though price seems a bit higher when doing the math it works out to cheaper for the quality your getting. So worth every extra penny. But to add all the consistent deals and days of compassion prices work out in so many ways it’s actually pretty awesome. I also like that they take debit it’s annoying when I can’t just swipe and have to make extra stops to an arm especially if the closest one has fees grrrrrr… But this place makes that of no concern. All the staff was very cool and knowledgeable. I learned how to use a dauber while there since I got free dab with purchase check plus plus! Definitely a happy customer 😉

  32. Assmaster3000

    People are really nice

  33. YaYaCryer

    Bloom room is my hangout spot all the flower is top shelf they got great prices great customer service hey what more can u ask for except a vapor lounge and they got that too Bloom room is the spot

  34. andyreno

    Best dispensary in San Francisco, friendliest staff and hands down the best deals and best flower.
    The Bloom Room always has me coming back for more!

  35. sunstoner710

    I honestly really dig bloom room collective. Honestly every time I go into this place I feel like home they are really nice in customer service and just nice people all around.

  36. dustycoe13

    my son brought me here to check everything out and I’m pleased with the staff and bud…

  37. AngfromNJ420

    Located in a little scary section of town, had good gummies and was affordable. not many other edibles due to CA law requiring packaging changes. friendly and helpful stafff

  38. ortegaant18

    Very chill vibes always have had the best time here and met a lot of cool peopledY’dY1/4

  39. Njnick

    Awesome place, definitely highly recommend to anyone in the area.

  40. lapractica

    A club right by my work closed down. A friend of mine recommended Bloom Room so I decided to check it out and man, were they right! This club is the best! All of the staff is super friendly and nice. They are very knowledgeable and willing to spend as much time as you need. Their selection is very well rounded and they have enough flower for it to feel like you have a lot of options but not so many that it’s overwhelming. All of the products I’ve purchased have been of very high quality as well. Since I started coming to Bloom room it’s one of the only clubs I’ll go to because they set the standard for the type of club I like visiting.

  41. julian.alex

    Rad location, amazing staff.

  42. xMRWx

    I am a huge fan of the Bloom Room. Beginning with the atmosphere , especially the art, its got a great vibe. As for the staff, the could not be cooler. I’m tired of condescending budtenders who sigh and shake there head when you don’t buy a $100 vape pen or $22 gram. Bloom Room understand people have budgets. That being said at the Bloom Room the products are all amazing and now with the old school $25 8ths EVERYDAY!!, I’m going to be stopping by often, as in everyday, Thank you , Bloom Room

  43. rdekoch

    Very nice place. I have only been to Bloom Room once but they had some good Strawberry Cough and excellent service. The only con for me is the location. Cutting through Mint Plaza is a lot less sketchy than walking down 6th.

  44. edris9797

    Great place and an awesome volcano bar

  45. looshdolla

    Bloom Room was my very first dispensary experience and with all the nervousness that comes with that, the dudes at Bloom Room truly put my mind at ease.

    I have chronic back pain (sciatica) and I only got my MMJ Rec after an exceptionally terrible flare up. I was told CBD treatment would help, but I had NO knowledge of how to go about this. The employees at Bloom Room made me feel so much more comfortable about all this and gave me all the knowledge I needed to make the best treatment choices. I am so grateful I walked in here first!

  46. renecj

    Small but efficient. Has a small vape area and frequently had a free dab special. Always has a great selection of all strains. One of the few places that carry mini Js. Staff is great. Convenient location if you want to Bart to and from.

  47. fancyfiveone0

    First time visit with a friend who recommended. Friendly folks, good flower. Small place but it’s in SF, so expected. Lola Lola pre rolls hit harder than their petite size would suggest. plus my wife digs the cute lighter it comes with.

  48. carwallaby

    Convenient, takes cards, excellent quality, awesome exclusive strains, and cute little place to put a smile on your face~

  49. boiler

    Super cute. Really nice, informative help. Love this place!

  50. zionus

    Staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Faculty is clean and secure. Top shelf and consistent. Deals for days

  51. Indyindica500

    Cool product range, friendly service, and good spot to stop & vape

  52. frankiebreh

    Our Grand Daddy Purple here at the Bloom Room is top notch. The Cali born strain boasts large purple and frosty buds with its parent plants being Purple Urkle and Big Bud. It gives a strong aroma of sweet grapes when you put it in the air, and it leaves a long lasting body relaxation effect. I primarily use GDP as a sleep aid and appetite stimulant but It is also good for aches and pains as well as muscle spasms. Next time you’re in need of a great indica, pick up some GDP at the Bloom Room.
    *Employee Review

  53. BaronVB74

    Great staff, great bud, great times… Need to check out the Vapor room next time.


    Great spot downtown!
    Very friendly and helpful staff, chill environment and good quality flower! Would recommend!

  55. judithbudler

    Was in the neighborhood late on a weeknight and ran in 15 minutes before closing. The staff was incredible – professional, knowledgeable, friendly – and I had exactly the right flowers and was out the door in 10. Top notch!

  56. dharmaburning

    Great quality of product, atmosphere and service needs tweaking.

    The acoustics are very bright for such a small space and so many people, in addition to moderately loud music playing. I ended up getting helped by someone that didn’t understand that when asked to speak louder that means to speak at a higher volume, odd as that may be. I asked several times and after getting fed up with it, I was told “Oh, I could speak louder if you want.” And then continued to speak at the same level. Many people do this and it’s not specific to one person.

    It made the whole first-time experience a frustrating disaster, I should have just walked out but I wanted to purchase a first time to sample their products. Very likely I will not come back.

  57. dopekristine

    Love this place. Very quick and has good deals on weed. I recommend the $20 special!

  58. zachattck91

    My favorite shop in San Francisco hands down. Great people great herd.

  59. Andersound6ix

    By far, bloomroom is the absolute BEST dispensary in San Francisco. In the bay area! And the everyday $25 8ths are sooooo perfect for those of us will lower income. Thank you bloomroom for exsisting!

  60. jewelthecool

    it’s a great location/vape lounge. I watched the game with my friends and had a great time

  61. fuckinhatenames

    I’ve come her a few times and I’ve never left disappointed, there weed is great and decently priced and they don’t charge taxes

  62. dabiee

    this place was great very professional with a nice little lounge. the flower and extracts are top notch. picked up some jahs magic, cookie crisp, pineapple Kush and the cookies flower all of which were exactly what we were looking for. also picked up a g of berry compassion made by sacred honeycomb great flavor and vaped perfectly. will 100% be returning to purchase and use the consumption lounge. 5stars!

  63. arthurleighallen

    I visited the Bloom Room after researching their offerings online and pre-ordering a variety I’ve wanted to try for years. It was cool to finally do this legally and to get exactly what I wanted. I walked there from my Union Square hotel, and on my way I encountered some of the sketchiest, scariest blocks in SF that I have ever encountered. On my 10-block walk to Bloom Room I encountered aggressive panhandlers, mentally ill homeless, drug hotspots, waves of addicts, and incredibly dirty blocks full of syringes and other paraphernalia. Jessie street, where the Bloom Room is located, is apparently 1-2 blocks from the biggest meth hotspot in SF. Needless to say, I was pretty uncomfortable by the time I got there.

    The actual front of the Bloom Room doesn’t really match the nice online posted pictures. It was grimier than the pics I’d seen, and a bit hard to determine if I should ring, knock, or otherwise ask to come in, so I just pushed what appeared to be the door handle. The first person who “greeted” me was an unfriendly, aggressive security guard who kept eyeing me suspiciously and told me to sit on a dirty couch to wait to be checked in, since two people were in front of me. From the couch I could see the small operation inside, which appeared promising.

    After a fairly quick ID check-in process – I was asked at least 3 times how I heard about Bloom Room – I was given the ok to go in. I got in line, and waited to advance to the counter. Once there, the associate who helped me was friendly, and there appeared to be a fairly impressive selection of flowers, cartridges, and other products. By this point, I just wanted to get my order and get out of there. I did smell some offered jars, talked to the associate a bit, and asked for my order which she quickly found and checked me out. I did glance at the consumption area, which was full. I couldn’t imagine anything less appealing than getting blasted there and making the trek back through the Tenderloin the way I came – paranoia central, if you ask me. Potential major buzzkill. On my way out, the security guard menaced me a few more times as a departing shot, and I was out of there. Talk about a buzzkill. Unfortunately the way back was even worse than coming in – I chose Turk street, since I wanted to eat lunch at a place I found online that way. I latterly found out Turk street is probably the biggest heroin/crack strip in SF. This is all within a 10 block radius of the Bloom Room.

    The Bloom Room has what appear to be impressive selections, and some friendly, helpful counter staff. Next time, instead of pre-ordering what I think I want, I would consult with a counter staffperson to help me figure out what I actually need. The flower I chose was devastatingly strong, harsh, and didn’t offer the best effects for what I obviously needed. The Bloom Room’s website says that consultants can help you find the right fit, so I’d take them up on that. My experience was pricey, too – $65 for an eighth, though it was nicely presented in a jar. Apparently they regularly offer $25 eighths. If one of these works for you, it’s a much more affordable way to go.

    It’s amazing that SF offers recreational use suppliers like the Bloom Room now. I grew up in the 70’s-80’s, and I experienced the worst of the war on drugs. It’s great that some states and cities are advanced to the point where such things can be offered now. It’s a gift, and relatively few people in the US can enjoy this currently. That said, the Bloom Room really should reconsider it’s security personnel, and hire friendlier, more helpful and more welcoming security staff, not thugs and non-believers. It begs the question, “what are they thinking?”. I’ve already been down that path for a long time in the streets, and the last thing any of us need is more of it now that we have legal options in cities like SF. This almost felt like I was entering a crack house in New Jack City or something, with menacing thugs acting as security. It’s location on Jessie street didn’t help matters much. I’d highly recommend driving and parking nearby, not making the sketchy walk from other areas of SF as I did.

  64. Smittyofdhs

    Great shop. Friendly staff. Wide selection of meds. Budtender was knowledgeable and the edible suggestion was perfect. I should have bought 2. Thanks to all.

  65. Sulldog

    Incredible quality and selection. Friendly knowledgeable staff.

  66. sr20fiend

    I Love this place!
    Great flower!
    Great deals!
    Phenomenal staff!
    My go to spot in San Fransico!

  67. TheFinisher420

    Bloom Room is a mellow dispensary with the best prices for edibles I’ve seen in the city. They’ve got a cool vape table with a flat screen tv on the wall, and you don’t need to purchase anything to use it. Staff is friendly and welcoming, super chill and will answer any questions you have.

  68. Weztoakland

    I always have the greatest times here they got volcanoes a restroom bomb staff and a great selection the music is on point as well

  69. cuddlebunny

    I walked in on a Sunday around 11:40 am. Only 3 people ahead of me. Everyone from security at the front door, to the super friendly front desk gal who signed me up for a membership to Cody, the awesomely helpful bud tender were welcoming and hospitable. I got a good initiation about all the different deals during the week. I was in and out in 15 minutes. Parking is tight, but the friendliness and tons of products makes a short walk worth it!!

  70. meadowblaze

    Best weed in the city

  71. lulu420sf

    I thought they were a great dispensary

  72. Sirric

    Awesome super high potent bud. Huge extracts menu. $25.00 killer dank 1/8ths everyday. The edibles are incredible no corners cut at this place ever. Customers before profit always. You can be assured the strain(s) you purchase are true to there genetics. The staff are epic, Hank is super cool. My home away from home. SAFE, COZY, GOOD PRICES why go anywhere else.

  73. knuppo1

    the people are great the music is great. and the volcano lounge is the best part.

  74. lokomotto

    They have great deals on flower and an awesome selection of edibles, my favorite are the petra mints

  75. Haley6

    The best! Product is fire. Love 25$ 8ths that don’t disappoint. My go to.

  76. SNMQ

    Of all the clubs in the SF area that I go to, I have to say I always come back to here. While the area it’s in is a bit unpleasant, the dispensary itself is absolutely lovely inside. The budtenders are quite friendly and are always willing to help. The selection of bud is great and while it is a bit pricier, the quality is always assured. In addition to this there are plenty of affordable options for $25 eights, prerolls, and an expansive edible menu. Not to mention the vapor bar is always a pleasure to hang around at.

  77. DED15

    Congrats everyone on legalization.
    Blue Dream with 29% for 25$, what else do you need. Vaporizer probably? They have. They always have 2 strains of indica and 2 of sativa for 20-25$, and the quality is the same with BD it’s even better than 55$ eights.

  78. justpide

    They just had 6 kinds of strains. It was terrible.

  79. timmy96

    I love there 25 Eighths it’s worth it

  80. flamingojazz

    One of my favorite dispensaries in San Francisco! Super cool vape bar, great music, amazing service, and an altogether awesome atmosphere. I’ve come back here like 10 times already!

  81. lenhofm

    Great club, great prices

  82. caseyjonespdx

    I love the bloom room and make an effort to only go here if I can. The $25 eigths are always potent and that’s hard to find. I love their specials throughout the week and I fill their reward card up quick! I love the vape lounge too. Seriously the best.

  83. ilikecereal

    I always get quality bud and concentrates from Bloom Room SF. Their prices are good, they always have free grams/edibles/pre-rolls, the staff has always been really helpful and laid back

    The only con I can think of is the location, which isn’t terrible. There are just a lot of homeless people around and some shady looking folks, especially at night after the other shops in the area close.

    I signed up for their newsletter and the only thing I get is when they have some more great sales going on (took advantage of the Labor Day sale!) seriously, buy your medication from Bloom Room. They’re good people.

  84. Alamosquared

    I’ve visited most all the SF dispensaries, but Bloom Room is just a cut above with their consistency. Find all their flower strains to be consistently cured right, strong, and/or accurate in profile descriptions, up to date in quality (& on their site)…never had an attitude/problem from the staff either. Never feel “ripped-off” or undersold here. Great unique, to new strains as well as quality strain favorites. excellent.

  85. nik444

    Always have the best flower in stock. I love the Jahnetics strains they carry and the $25 eighths they sell

  86. ayylmao503

    I love bloom room, I’ve been to every dispensary in San Francisco and this is my favorite. Blooms got a wide range of prices from $25-$60 eighths, with the $25 eights still being excellent quality. The place also has a little lounge with volcano vaporizers, where you can hang out, try your product and chill and enjoy some tv. Great service, quality, and atmosphere, def would recommend.

  87. sfruffdog

    awesome staff and dispensary. great bud too….

  88. SirDrizzleFromDaFrizzle

    Very easy to find if your from the area but if your new it can be difficult a little bit but overall I like it ALOT.

  89. mactay420

    first time visit you guys are really nice and you guys have great selections of flowers

  90. theoneson

    They coo, when I went the staff was very friendly, explained everything I asked without a attitude lol. The weed is quality and gives me a good high every time.. their Obama kush is pretty good

  91. ecrocetti

    Love the atmosphere, the artwork everywhere is something that makes this spot unique from the other dispos. The buds on the other hand are excellent quality, with a good selection to choose from. I recommend Bloom Room to anyone.

  92. Mangosalsa

    Great dispensary. Top shelf yet affordable flower and great selection of edibles and concentrates. No tax!

  93. TheNinja

    I really liked the lounge, they have Volcano vaporizers inside. The staff was very nice to me. I completely recommend this place.

  94. CaptainBlackLungs

    calm atmosphere, good flower and nice staff

  95. mrfingg

    Great experiences coming here…great products, huge variety, top quality, and with great informative friendly service. They also exhibit work from great artists too! Overall VERY cool spot…thanks guys!

  96. TinyAngryWoman

    Rachel is absolutely wonderful!!!

  97. Airforcejoe

    best in SF. Grade A flower and trust worthy concentrate like Beezle. GO HERE!

  98. meawesome

    great place great medicine

  99. transradical

    very cool space with a chill yet small vape lounge, single stall gender neutral restroom, excellent staff and good buds, often good deals as well as product demos and $5dabs on certain days 🙂 I highly recommend

  100. rondd5

    ….top notch dispensary…doing a top notch job….good people good vibes good stuff..

  101. olliegonzo

    Always come fore the 25$ 1/8ths and my favorite is the super sour diesel, nice staff very sweet and helpful always know what to recommend for me dY~SdY~SdY~SdY~S

  102. UncleAcid

    The location is… sketchy to say the least. Very much a keep your cash in a hidden spot and look over your shoulder every so often kind of neighborhood. Wouldn’t have felt quite so uneasy if not for being made to stand in line outside for 20+ minutes because they were at capacity inside, or something.. lots of colorful characters outside trying to part you and your money whilst waiting though!

  103. sneakingstoner

    They give free samples and have a vape lounge with volcanos you can use even without making a purchase.

  104. torkul7

    The flower here is amazing. The people are so cheerful and nice

  105. G4150351

    Best quality weed, great prices and dope customer service.

  106. Jeffgomas

    Awesome first time experience. Very friendly and professional operation. My favorite Bay Area dispensary!

  107. onexinsanexasian

    I love how the feeling of this dispensery is nice paintings with good volcanos to help you only with your high

  108. kyni13

    Super friendly staff and fukn awesome prerolls!!

  109. mdbrennan

    Awesome service. Had a great first time patient experience here. Highly recommended.

  110. Leesus

    Love the Volcanos and the selection.

  111. pkpdogg

    Superior product offered here, hands down. Concerned that a recent order I placed online was returned to inventory next day vs claim to hold for 48hrs (subsequently sold out before I arrived). Hoping online orders will be honored moving forward.

  112. Zhraath

    The bloom room is my go to. Chill and helpful staff

  113. holbrook21

    Great atmosphere and love the family vibe. Will always love how they display their flower. And one of the few clubs to still offer patient services that gives back to the patients.

  114. Mfrenk

    Awesome spot with a vast selection Great place to shop !

  115. DinoNM

    While there are certainly many dispensaries in SF & I certainly have NOT been to all of them, I happily choose Bloom Room as my favorite & Go-To. They are sincere about being a Collective and helping their patients/members. This includes taking ailments and products seriously. Although my experience is not deep, I have come to be wary of some of the herb products sold by similar outlets. I have absolutely no such hesitation with Bloom Room. They are also very active in the community, provide great information & provide a secure, tasteful experience. There is way too much good stuff to cover in this format. You must check them out. If you are sincere in your goals, you will totally get what I have endeavored to express. Absolutely perfect, as far as this person is concerned. Thank you for your service, Bloom Room.

  116. sbergero

    love this place super nice staff
    volcanoes to use
    daily deals
    give aways

  117. Akitowanjima89

    Awesome places good deals and great customer service cool volcano set up

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