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3651 Soquel Drive, Soquel, CA 95073


36.987516, -121.9677522




10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


10:00 AM – 9:50 PM


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We offer medical and adult use recreational customers a wide array of high-grade cannabis products from leading manufacturers. Our staff is knowledgeable and here to serve you. Come in and browse around! Medical 18+ | Adult-use 21+
Online Ordering | Express Pickup | DELIVERY West-side through Watsonville –

**Located at 3651 Soquel Drive in Santa Cruz, California. Contact us at (831) 471-8289**

Local and State Licensed Dispensary.


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68 reviews for “TreeHouse

  1. tmgolfnut

    Beautiful location! Right off the highway!

  2. panosdemeti

    Horrible service, never left a bed review for anyone except now. These people deserve it. Made my order and was told it would be delivered in 10 minutes. Called after 30 minutes and was told they were on their way. Called an hour later only to be told that they weren’t going to make the delivery. Disrespect at it best. Not only did they end up waisting 2 hours of my time but they were rude and unhelpful, only to cop out and tell me I was getting hostile and that they could no longer help me. I am left frustrated and lost 2 hour with family and friends. With no legitimate reason to not provide services at my expense, I have to say I would not recommend anyone to these people. Bad business period.

  3. joshykirky

    This place is cool!

  4. mishagarc

    The atmosphere is very laid back and the budtenders are helpful and almost always friendly. They’re expanding soon, so it seems small now, but they’ll be getting a bigger location soon. Even when it’s busy, the budtenders take their time helping you out. They have pretty good deals if you check their calendar and a 15% student discount.

  5. rachelfreed

    Great employees, impressive collection of edibles and flower as well!

  6. brandonthebongslayer93

    great prices and the best flowers I’ve ever had . I really love this club the people are so nice and helpful it really is hands down the best club

  7. teerad

    This is a great place to get your meds. They have top shelf flowers and lots of variety with edibles and concentrates. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.

  8. melkin

    Cookies 831 is one of my favorite dispensaries. The staff is always able to answer any questions I may have and I’ve never had a quality problem (unlike some other SC dispensaries). Overall a great place to donate and support.

  9. ShadesOfBlueDream

    Love this place! Great service! Great buds to try! Really good deals, you just gotta come on the right days.

  10. nicolemortens

    Really knowledgable staff and awesome deals!

  11. tony831

    I live about 30 miles away, but always come here for my medicinal needs. The staff is friendly, welcome, and above all else extremely knowledgeable. They were willing to answer all my questions and suggests products to fulfill my medical needs. Product selection is vast and high quality.

  12. isaaunicorn98

    The employees are dope & the flowers are even better dY’dY1/4

  13. chuckbass01

    While I’m not a heavy cannabis consumer myself, the staff here was really helpful with finding something that best suited me. They also have some really sweet deals every time you go in which is always a huge plus for me.

  14. mrc1234

    So friendly and welcoming. My budtender was so helpful and informative, I felt very well taken care of. They have a cool new rewards program and everyone had positive energy. I will be returning

  15. Sceow

    This is my favorite dispensary! At first I was new to the whole seen & I let them know and they’ve been so helpful ever since! They make you comfortable and are super patient with you as well. The staff & bud tenders are main reason I come back. I instantly felt like a regular by the 5th visit. The goodbye as you leave makes you want to come back in itself.

    Coming back for sure!

  16. Willie831

    Lots of high quality cannabis like that bubblegum cookies & CBD covered Cannatonics i bealive its called FIRE!! & love that Monday Deals!! Good people friendly!!

  17. BeGreatToEachother

    The staff is absolutely wonderful and the deals are INCREDIBLE!! Get down to the Cookie Co and ENJOY THIS BEAUTIFUL GEM in Santa Cruz county!!!

  18. mistuhbrando

    Best club for the best price. Also no matter what shelf of bud you get it will be fresh and smelly

  19. weedloover

    By far one of the best dispensary’s I’ve been to. Really helpful and quick. I would definitely recommend coming here.

  20. annebme

    I personally love, appreciate Cookie Co.831 for so many reason, like the awesome supply of fresh flower the best strains ever oh so fresh, at affordable, competitive prices. also all their edibles are like Top notch in freshness tastes, quality. oh then there’s the large variety of concentrates again top quality at such great affordable prices, me being on a Fixed small monthly income $ matters to me so Thank you Cookie Co 831, you really do take great care of me peace N smiles to the Employees/staff of CC831 they are what ma

    kes CC831 so great.see ya soon,Annebme.

  21. willb12

    Need to buy sum of this fire LEAFLYPR

  22. Ddmoma

    Cute place. Pre Rolls were really good. Bud selection was nice and price was right. I also like that they had comfortable chairs to sit while waiting for authorization. Bud tender was nice and knowledgable! They offered fresh fruit to nibble on. A place that truly cares!.

  23. globgoddess710

    Best dispensary in Santa Cruz by far, and they have a wonderful bud tender named Zuly

  24. ricflea

    close to home

  25. PoweredByAudio

    My first time ever walking into dispensary and I’ve got to say that this place really put me at ease. The warm atmosphere, the staff, and the product selection were all on point.

    The waiting room is a bit…idk. However, my discomfort was probably due to a long day at work and just being in an “off” mood.

    To say that I walked out with a smile on my face would be an understatement.

    In all I strongly recommend this place.

  26. drock559

    Always friendly and have a great selection all the time. Great deals too! 🙂

  27. Stoners4208

    the best service ever they make u feel like a family member making u want to go back dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’

  28. GoodOrBadKush69

    Amazing quality Amazing buds I always come here for my pre rolls and bud so I always end up coming out before 5 mins cause they remember what you like and want so yes I would recommend you people to come to this dispensary wherever you guys come from.

  29. kamanda935

    hands down best place ever!!! Love the people and the service . thanks for everything cookie co

  30. GBonez

    good hook ups!! never bad 710!

  31. MacDaddyMat

    Nice location with a small but effective shop. Quick service and super friendly, I met Emily the other day and she helped me out perfectly easy and did not seem at all bothered by my many questions for my first visit.

  32. glosa

    Definitely go to this spot! Recommend getting bubblegum cookies or gods gift!dY”Y=

  33. zenoosh

    This is my go-to spot because it’s super close to work and they always have what I need. The budtenders are very cool and knowledgeable and if they dont have an answer about something, they’ll find out. They generally have a wide selection of plant and, my faves, the concentrates. They seem to appreciate feedback on any and all of their medicinals. My favorite aspect of this place are the DEALS!! Everyday, a different deal is available and who doesnt love a great deal?!? And everyone is nice–not high and mighty snobby budtenders, which can be a drag!!
    Overall, a great place to procure medicinals at good prices.

  34. ElSpiko

    They are great, been going here since they first opened as CGC. Great strains, great service and super friendly staff. They do daily deals and frequent raffles and events. They’re the only place I go to now.

  35. 1Foxymama

    Best dispensary in N county! I bring all my family and friends here for their 1st time. Always a great selection of $5/grams.

  36. crisg

    great pre rolls.

  37. mskatonic

    I sort of happened upon the place by accident and I’ve only been to a few others dispensaries, but The Cookie Co. 831 is likely my fave in the SC area. They’ve had some of the best supply I’ve seen, and seem to be quite well connected.

    I dig that they have online ordering available because I medicate for anxiety, and the only way it’d be better is some kind of express checkout, but otherwise the staff is super friendly from the moment you walk in the door. The budtenders are knowledgeable and they go above and beyond to make sure you walk out with quality product.

    If I had one other suggestion it’d maybe be a little bit quieter waiting area, but otherwise I like the place a lot and intend on coming back a lot! lol

  38. warriorfan17

    I love going there cause everyone that works there is supreme cool and treat you like a friend and great prices. best place in town and they know what they are talking about a
    nd gave me info so I can get what’s right for me.

  39. herrerajose

    The Cookie Co always has the best budtenders, all of them are very helpful and are just great in general. Just picked up some Shatters and they are fire! Also, that student discount is clutch!

  40. Greatdaner

    Very kind staff. Very high quality flowers and concentrates. All said, the best thing is a very generous vet discount. Thanks guys

  41. kdrios11

    Great service, knowledgable Staff and great discounts for Veterans! Thanks guys!

  42. curlychris831

    Excellent service and selection. I don’t shop anywhere else.

  43. daxtheginger

    all these new strains coming in and out of here all the new prices this place is killing it right now

  44. branboy89

    Last month was my first Patient Appreciation Day and I was extremely impressed with how this collective shows love for their members. I’m new up north from Los Angeles, and this is the first time that I’ve experienced anything like that. Needless to say, I will be there today for my second Patient Appreciation Day! Thanks for the love Cookie Co. 831!!!

  45. scottbong

    I love this little shop! Best of all they seem to be the only folks who stock aEURoeGod’s GiftaEUR which is one of my favs. Very friendly and helpful budtenders, and great environment.

  46. annebsweet

    love this place. I’m a permanent patron of this establishment most definitely, if it’s quality products one seeks look no further, why the Cookie Co.831 is the place to be/ shop for all your medicinal marajuana needs, edibles, concentrate,flowers,etc…

  47. buddyboy831

    Really friendly staff. First time patient gift was a lighter even though I only bought cartridges lol.

    The budtender was very knowledgeable about all the different cartridges and made great recommendations. I’ll definitely be back!

  48. CaliLizzy

    I love the team at Cookie Co. Always friendly and knowledgeable

  49. Cordell

    Its super chill

  50. Shelbnb13

    The ladies that helped me were so sweet and made my first time visit super easy. They have awesome deals for students bets and seniors and awesome tree! Heading there again right now for some bubblegum!

  51. maxles

    Definitely recommend coming here, great prices and selection. 5/5

  52. rmmillfelt

    it was in a nice location

  53. Smithbr0289

    awesome place! if you haven’t already you should totally stop by! LEAFLYPR

  54. nveles

    I really enjoyed the location. The service was fabulous. This was my first time coming here and it came highly recommended and I can see why! I got a cartirigde and a disposibale and they came with a great deal!. I am very pleased with my experience.

  55. samario12

    the customer service here is one of the best , I always enjoy my visit and walk out happy

  56. Will2tall

    It is with a heavy heart that I write this review. You see, my days as a NorCal resident is coming to an end. I will be moving back to LA and am saddened that I will be parting ways with Cookie Co 831. I’ve never been to a collective where I genuinely felt like a part of the crew. Needless to say, I will truly miss you guys. Continue with the quality service and selection of quality flowers, concentrates, edibles, etc. Love y’all and will definitely miss ya!

  57. alexshmop

    im not from this area and i typical dont like driving distances but i honestly dont mind coming down to the Cookie Co. for the awesome customer service, deals, and fine meds !!

  58. bentronic

    Staff are super knowledgeable and friendly

  59. roguerider73

    This was a great surprise for my hubby and I. Traveling from Oregon, we wanted to pick up a nice sativa vape while visiting the area, and check out what the local dispensary scene was like. What a lovely, welcoming space TreeHouse provides. The moment we walked in, we where in awe. The vibe is warm and friendly (almost cozy) and the staff is truly welcoming.

    Our tender, Justin, guided us to the Pax Era cartridges we where looking for, but they where out of the battery thingies need. So he introduced us to a new one we have not heard of, the Maverick, by Spliffin. A nicely designed disposable vape pen, perfect for a week in California. And since it is a lower cost than an Era, it proves the staff are there to help you get what you want, and not upsell ya. dY~%0

    We chose the Tangie based on Justin’s suggestion and us wanting a non chemical taste. Taste is one of the reasons we like the Era’s so much (damn they taste good!)

    Boy Justin is the man! When we got a chance to chill and take a nice hit that night, the flavor is really good, and the effects are even better. I took a nice big hit, and I’m mentally stimulated, but body is very relaxed. Just what i want in my high.

    If you’re looking for a cool place to check out, and get some great cannabis, go check out TreeHouse. It really is a beautiful, well decorated space. And the staff is, well, really good people you want to become friends with.

    To put this review to scale, I’ve used Leafly for a few years now, and I have never been compelled to write a review on a dispensary until today. hanks Justin and TreeHouse for such a great suggestion and experience!

  60. baker2000

    I take back my old review …sorry guys u guys and gals are great.

  61. brand0orland093

    always has and always will be my favorite place to go. best prices and best product. the staff is amazing andvery knowledgeable. P.S. bubblegum cookies is the best dY~

  62. missymeetworld

    The Cookie Co. 831 has just about everything I could ask for! Great flowers, award-winning edibles, reliable concentrates, and the most wonderful staff! I suffer from General Anxiety and Depression as well as PTSD, so going out and interacting with cashiers is a daunting task in itself for me. I never feel intimidated, rushed, or ignored, which is not true for a few others in town. I’ve tried to stay away from pills and for a long time, and I’m just so grateful that we have such compassionate and educated budtenders in this area. The staff and manager here always take their time with me, explain things carefully and always have big smiles or friendly personalities. Shout out to Chase for being a champ! Great service every single damn time.

    (The Cookie Co. 831 also gets bonus points for supporting local events and charities!!!)

  63. DomFly1911

    very friendly and helpful employers….. thank you for the great service…. it was my first time in a shop like this and I got the best experience ever… see you again

  64. thenightcaptain

    had to write another review because this place is so damn good! friendly staff, very knowledgable, and always a good variety in terms of pricing. definitely the best flower and budtenders in santa cruz county.

  65. munozgirl

    Best in town.

  66. Tracy8311

    This place has the most fire weed I ever seen in my entire life!!

  67. Cextral831Coast

    Its a really friendly place.The staff is very polite and energeticdY~S

  68. drodri16

    always come here when i need the MEDs i trust!! dY’OE
    come here, no doubt you will leave unsatisfied

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