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3445 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150


38.9462121, -119.9655819




11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Tahoe Wellness Cooperative was founded in 2009 to provide safe access of medicinal cannabis to legal and qualified patients living in, and visiting, our community.

Our medicine is full spectrum tested by SC Laboratories. It has been analyzed for mold and pesticides, then analyzed for terpene content and cannabinoid potency. Our labeling utilizes a scannable QR code which can be scanned to reveal additional information regarding your medicine.

Tahoe Wellness Cooperative strives to create a safe space for anyone in the community to express positive and creative ideas, we do this through the support of medical cannabis. The Tahoe Wellness Community Center offers a beautiful setting for yoga, reiki, dance, massage and meeting space for the community of South Lake Tahoe and beyond. We offer many different programs within the cooperative to help patients that are low income; please consult our front desk for more information.

There are often many people within the community that understand the support and wisdom we each could use. Want to start a support group? Or provide a service based on your talents? We are a cooperative that provides services beyond medicinal cannabis, check our website for details on how to become involved in the cooperative.


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49 reviews for “Tahoe Wellness Cooperative

  1. DarianG

    The best of the west .
    Come for here for your medicinal needs . #1 in my book .

  2. InsanelyBad

    Great location and super helpful staff. One of my personal favorite locations with some of the best buds

  3. nscharadin420

    Very friendly environment. I definitely had a great experience and will be returning.

  4. xkierra

    Top shelf all around great

  5. rocky21

    Great experience from the time you enter until the time you leave!

  6. aklee

    First place I came to when I moved to South Lake Tahoe. The staff was very friendly. Not the amount of flower I am used to seeing but overall good options. Prices a little high. I recommend checking this place out!

  7. ltkrisp

    This is Lake Tahoe, expect kind service, nice people and good quality product in multiple forms, they will ensure your medical needs are properly addressed.

  8. Caughtnbetween

    Clean, Friendly, and great products!! I love that they have so many community events and classes. I will definitely be back 🙂

  9. princess5212

    super awesome people
    they know what works and i love that they have a smoking lounge. prices were decent too. my husband and i will go back.

  10. Snomanjankens

    Great selection of flowers, always something different every time I go in.

  11. JoesM420

    I have been here Many times and love my local club. Wonderful people that are helpful and create a wonderful, loving atmosphere. They are knowledgeable and caring about the business and product.

  12. Tahoemax

    Great prices, great selection, friendly staff, especially Truman and Mikey and mostly Mariah who is such a sweetheart!!!

  13. BebeVonB

    Some problems checking in, nothing monumental. The bud tenders are delightful, knowledgeable and kind. I wish there were more oils for vapes available, but for a small dispensary I’m pleased with what it offers.

  14. thegreatwzrd

    Everyone here is always super friendly and helpful. Super chill atmosphere with some dope paintings on the wall. Always a good experience

  15. wrongjohn

    WOW right in central SLT it’s really easy to get to from a wide area. Friendliest place on earth.. the staff are tops and the bud selection just right. Bonus for a great array of tinctures and CBD options.. and killer lounge 🙂

  16. momma cupcake

    Very friendly. Very professional.

  17. poetryinmotion

    i suffer from a pinched nerve and back pain all the time.My doctor tells me to take up to 6=10mg Vicodin’s a day! well i value my liver and kidneys. If i am gonna take a pain reliever i will smoke and my doc thinks that’s OK. He tells me then go for it. With their help and knowledge on different strains it works great thank you.

  18. tahoewarrior

    Very nice for a first time visit

  19. tahoejimbo420

    very thankful for their compassion program.

  20. niftyfox

    Been here lots of times. I love been able to smell and see what im getting. the available dab bar that does rosin for you on the spot… dont forget to show some love for the dab bar and leave a jar for a token of your appreciation. also has amazing atmosphere. great tunes. amazing art. friendly and knowledgeable staff . I make the trip about once a week from reno little over an hour drive and worth every minute.

  21. spookyvibes

    The staff is very welcoming and the environment is comfortable from the time you enter to the time you exit. I would love to see the tax included into the overall price though!

  22. ginny100sudoku

    I’ve been getting my meds there since I got my license 4years ago and their all great! They all know me by my first name, they’re all very knowledgable, very friendly, and have never steered me wrong with a suggestion. This place and it’s people are worth more than 5 stars.
    Ginny M.

  23. -Mac-

    After a few visits to this place I am sad to leave a bad review. The staff are awesome and the place has a great vibe, but the flowers they sell are hit and miss. Some of them are beautiful and have all the right smells, but more often then not I get flowers that lack anything but a slight hay smell. This is due to some quality control issues with curing, and might not be their fault but it really sucks to get a great looking nug that is frostier then a blizzard in Montana but lacks a beautiful smell and does not live up to its full medicinal potential.

  24. hatefij

    Relaxed atmosphere, with a bit of a “hippie” vibe. The people at the front counter will help walk you through the process your first time there, and the budtenders are very knowledgeable of the product and more than willing to educate anyone.

  25. hoffa1384

    Great people, great products, nice selection of buds, knowledgeable staff, overall a 10,

  26. tahoefourtwenty

    Love everything about this Tahoe dispensary. Peace love and great medicine.

  27. Shmeesh23

    loved it! first time going into a dispensary and they were all super friendly and helpful

  28. denaro

    Super cool staff awesome products thanks everyone see you soon!!

  29. SageS

    Love this place! What more could we ask for in paradise? A lounge to relax and medicate, a Community Center, a view!

  30. haroldg17

    Grateful friendly staff. Reasonable prices. Love the smoking lounge. Would recommend to anyone. Will definitely be back.

  31. Douglas415

    It’s a nice place to enjoy and buy good medicine. Awesome atmosphere!

  32. indicalm

    I love this location, and I particularly love Mother’s Medicinals! They go above and beyond in creating edibles with quality ingredients, my favorite is the Goji Backcountry Bar, delicious and nutritious!
    My only issue is that they do not have all the products on display, Mother’s where is your menu, I’ve seen it in there before.

  33. adribaby18

    Great quality buds, very nice atmosphere. The lounge is nice as well.

  34. MarisaRD

    My main spot, awesome staff, local discount, have earned opportunities to judge mini cups, overall i love twc.

  35. StickyBudz420

    Very, very good overall experience. Bomb flowers and edibles! Love the medicating lounge!!

  36. Bic165

    Great location,friendly service and even has a lounge and dab bar. It’s a club so prices are a little higher but it’s still good, decent selection for edibles, flower, and concentrate. They also have a community center next door which you should check out.

  37. Sean86

    Awesome place good medicine every thing about this place coo

  38. Bdale

    Great atmosphere cool place to come chill and smoke and everyone there is awesome and super helpful

  39. Shanicefwm

    I live in Truckee, the only dispensaries here in town are “delivery only”. I wanted to experience the “walk in” type and see what the atmosphere was like. The registration was easy, they were very nice. They gave me a tour that made me feel welcome. I like the community center they have. But the quality of the buds was not good. I got 3 different strains, Tahoe gold, Durban poison, and bubba kush. Very disappointed. It was hard and crunchy. Unlike the soft, sticky icky I’m used to from green trees wellness and Tahoe herbal care. I did like the experience part, the people, and the edibles but I feel like I wasted my money on the buds.

  40. 1337brosky

    Good good good. Quality is good, but way overpriced on everything. Waxes and oils w/ taxes work out 90/g. The flowers look good, just also extremely expensive for the quality. Just fully expect to leave with an empty wallet. Or…just drive to 2 hours to Sacramento and save yourself the 50-100% markup on everything.

  41. DillonMcNabb

    Awesome! everybody is very helpful, today Jose helped me and he had great product knowlage, really cool guy. I also spoke with Chris at the dab bar, and he too could tell me so much about their in store products, and gave me a bunch of info on extracts in general. everybody that works here is way cool, last time I was in a shorter guy with long hair took great care of me, again always amesome, thanks a bunch guys, kudos and keep up the great work!

  42. BakedPotato12369

    came in and was greeted warmly. staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. the atmosphere of the place is top notch. overall it was a awesome experience and I will definitely be back. thanks T.W.C.!!!

  43. dohdoubled

    This place is special. If you need meds and you’re in South Lake this is it. I’ve lived in Tahoe now for 8 months; have used all outlets and TWC is the best. Not to say the others aren’t good. When it comes to quality they slap on everyone. It is expensive, but you get what you pay for; and you’re contributing to something good. People who care. You’re not just a customer and it’s not just a place to get weed. And there’s almost always awesome people to medicate with in the lounge 🙂 Make to check out the community center next door too. They have something for everyone

    Shout out to Mikey, Ryan, Sean, Erin, Faith, Tru, Joser, Wendy, David, Derek, Moraya, Barbara, Annie, Journey, Drew, Damien (special thanks), Kirra, Amy, and Johnathan!! Thank you all for what you do. Love

  44. lovethehalfingleaf

    Great place! Friendly, knowledgeable, staff and a great selection. The lounge is awesome!

  45. Siracuse88

    Love it! Awesome staff very knowledgeable!

  46. jordiggity

    Awesome dispensary, chill vibes, cool workers, and beautiful artwork all around. The prices seem high but I don’t go to many dispensaries so I can’t really compare just my opinion. The budtenders don’t always know what they’re talking about but they’re pretty consistent. Overall this place is very rad

  47. Gonglove2016

    This is (heavenly on Tahoe) / open 9to 9 / fresh tested medicine / smoking lounge/ medicine smoking bar with service 2nd to none! Art work and local community involvement.
    Community center next door with 4 events daily massage music happy meetings! Did I tell you these services are from professionals in area to anyone that desires to be involved.
    This community center can help one live a healthier life.

  48. ShameGirl

    Knowledgeable, kind, & patient staff. Edibles, concentrates, & salves. Always offering great flower selection.

  49. GanjaBunny

    This place straight up has it going on! Welcoming atmosphere, professional, friendly employees, high quality products! To top it off a lounge where you can medicate & a rockin community center with lots of yoga, massage, acupuncture, discussion groups etc that are free and available to everyone! Love this place!!

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