5045 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota, FL 34232


27.3385413, -82.4687904




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Plants of Ruskin and AltMed Enterprises joined resources to form AltMed Florida to serve Florida patients in their home state. Together they bring an unappalled track record of expertise to serve patients. AltMed Enterprises, also a Florida company, brings pharmaceutical industry precision to the production and distribution of medical cannabis products under the MAoeVa,,C/ brand. The MAoeV Brand is driven by research and development and has received national and international interest for it quality, consistency and safety.


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38 reviews for “MuV

  1. Willsarasota

    Great staff

  2. NEVorMoore

    Professional, knowledge, friendly and attentive service has been the norm the multiple times I have visited. I say this not just from the service I’ve received, but also from observed interactions with other patients. No matter your level of familiarity, the crew does a great job helping you make the right purchase for you. Thank you for coming to Sarasota!

  3. Larisarose420

    My experience is always a 10+, the quality of service, knowledge and friendly staff makes it such a pleasure to get medicated. I have dealt with managers and consultants.

  4. C.Jay420

    I truly enjoyed my visits. This dispensary is presenting it’s self as professional, fresh, with fabulous products and personal attention. What more could you ask for!

  5. Maxdefender9

    Love the MuV products. No pain and anxiety free!

  6. srqnewbie

    I’ve been to MuV Sarasota twice in the past 3 weeks and have been really impressed by the experience both times. On each visit, I was assisted by a really knowledgeable bud tender (on 2/11/19, it was Taylor) who not only understands the product but had excellent recommendations for my particular situation. I was also really impressed by Tatum at the front desk on my first visit. She was very friendly and accommodating and called several customers by their first names as she said hello or goodbye to them. Yesterday, Taylor explained they were beginning to switch out some of their disposable cartridge lines and were low on stock. She was able to get me what I needed in a G-pen cart and kindly offered a new G-pen battery at no charge since they were out of the standard carts I had brought previously. This was my first step away from Trulieve, who I’ve been very happy with. I felt like the MuV product was good enough to justify the slightly higher prices. The one thing that always brings me back to Trulieve is the great discounts and if MuV starts to offer more frequent discounts and perhaps a loyalty program like Trulieve, I will be “MuV-ing” to MuV permanently. Very positive experience!

  7. Tyborg

    I love MUV, terrance is my goto for advice on products.

  8. mandyjo941

    I love MUV!! They are super friendly an go above an beyond to help you with all your needs AN they LOVE PETS!!! they love blade an blade loves going there its his favorite car ride 🙂 an if i cant get there they make sure im ok this is my home for all concentrates!! Staff is super friendly i can go in upset an walk out laughing smiling 🙂 BEST CONCENTRATES AROUND!!!

  9. grama2

    Very impressed! Nicole and staff were all very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable! Ryan was very thorough, kind and I didn’t feel rushed. The store is clean and comfortable, and the products have been wonderful and easy to use. Will be back and recommend dY~%0

  10. astman33

    Great store, looks like an Apple store! Everyone is really friendly.

  11. litasweeta

    muv is quickly becoming my favorite dispensary. the shops are clean and the staff is very helpful. also there is usually a very small wait (if any at all). the prices on their products are fair and among the lowest available. and they always have good stock!!!

  12. Happyhashpants420

    Today was my 1st visit & just happen they were starting their flower cups today WOW. Plus customer service very friendly & very knowledgeable all the above. Now the products superb concentrates are only a few bucks more but it’s worth it cause you are able to choose a different method either crumble or terp sauce not shatter ONLY which is gr8 BUT I’m not so monogamous dY~+

  13. aojeda12

    Like many, I was somewhat curious as well as anxious going into my first dispensary. As soon as I walked in, that immediately changed. The ambiance reminds me of an Apple store; modern, sleek, yet simple. Ryan Callahan was working at the desk and was extremely kind.I mentioned it was my first time so I didn’t exactly know what to expect. He made the check-in process quick and easy. I was then greeted by Will, who had superior knowledge of ALL the products available. He made it hard to choose just one! As he went to go check if the item was in stock, I was then greeted by another employee named Terrance. He noticed I was alone and made sure someone was taking care of me. Will notified me the item was in stock, and proceeded to check me out. I was surprised at the quality of the packaging. As I left Terrance and Ryan told me to enjoy my day. Overall it was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend checking this place out.

  14. GoodVibesOnlyToday

    I have been medicating with cannabis for 21 years and this place has everything I could ever need or want. Friendly knowledgeable staff. I recommend trying the terpene enriched balance “Gelato” if you love flavor and happiness. Good Vibes!

  15. Justinfoulk

    I was blown away by how helpful their staff was to me. As a first timer I had a lot of questions and they were so nice and accommodating there. I ended up with the G Pen Gio and a Northern Lights pod and a Sour Tsunami pod. I lost it when I tried them. I use Northern Lights to help me sleep and Sour Tsunami during the day to stay active and relieve pain and fight anxiety.

  16. FLweed

    I have a love hate with this place…. I would to share the positives which there are MANY, but certain aspects of this place just seem wrong or bug the hell outta me. Explain pls… it’s not recreational yet so support the patients who are here for you NOW!

  17. Noturbizns

    it’s great! easy to find nice and secure too. the staff is what really impressed me at this dispensary! my 1st time here and 2nd time to a dispensary ever! (trulieve 1st since i didn’t know muv existed!).
    Ryan, helped me decide and he was solid in his knowledge, manners, compassion, engagement with me and overall ability.
    He made me feel like i was the only person there, albeit there were many, many other people ! so he made me feel very comfortable asking questions and sharing my anecdotes.
    all the staff i spoke with nicole as well were beyond helpful.
    i recommend muv! they won’t disappoint!

  18. vherman820

    It looks like an Apple Store and it is a very welcoming environment! The Med Tenders are very well educated on their products with excellent service! The best quality products so far!

  19. Man-a-Yard

    The location is not bad. Just about right for a dispensary, I’d say.

  20. Naylorandy

    The employees are friendly, and knowledgeable. Nice modern environment.

  21. Jimmy2750

    I’ve done several online express orders. And I’ve been into the store several times. You guys rock! Go ahead ask a question. Knowledgeable staff has the answer or will get it for you. Talk about awesome customer service. Nicole and her team are second to none. I cannot say enough good.
    If you have not been here yet what are you waiting for. I don’t think you will be unhappy with products or people give it a try. They will make you very comfortable and very happy!
    Thanks Nicole and staff!!!!
    Jimmy p.

  22. jennibell1014

    I would highly recommend Muv dispensaries, in particular the Sarasota location. The service I recieved was optimal by all means. Terrance was excellent! He was able to answer all of my questions, and trust me, I had many with it being my first visit to a dispensary. He was knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. I also noticed that the other staff members were all VERY attentive to their clients. The store was sparkling clean and welcoming as well! Great experience all around.

  23. Makeums

    Fastest Service from check in to counter I have had in the area, with a friendly staff as well. A fantastic first experience!

  24. MS_Girl

    Consistently great dispensary. Have had deliveries and have been there 3 times. Great and effective product, professional dispensary, great vibe and atmosphere.

  25. Dyll96

    All the vape carts are amazing quality along with their concentrates. If you’re a true connoisseur then their shatter, crumble, and diamonds or terp sauce are available for purchase.

  26. Jells67

    I’ve tried 4 different dispensaries in Florida and this is hands down, the best. Place is well run and spacious. The staff is great, super friendly and helpful. Shout out to Cassandra, who helped me. She knows her stuff! The product here is fantastic and head and shoulders above what is available elsewhere. I definitely recommend the Tangerine Kush vape cartridge and Sour OG Cheese disposable pen. Although it takes me 90 minutes to get here. It is definitely worth the trip and I will be using them as my dispensary from now on. Thanks!

  27. KayakingG

    Thank you Nicole for referring us here! This place is amazing! Excellent products along with excellent customer service. The whole staff is very friendly and answered all my questions. I’ll certainly be back again!

  28. Jaymatrix

    Best service that I had , well knowledgeable and recommendations .. I will come back

  29. bigfoot2975

    if you wanna wait 2 hrs to be told you can either wait another hr or come back tomorrow great place to go. lmao

  30. TheGreatHigh

    Great friendly staff. Various products. G Pen & Gio carts favorite product.

  31. Venice1007

    Front desk. Some laws have changed like they do and are going to again soon again but she was super snotty about it. Was checking to see if my script was valid before I made the trip. So now u can’t do that. But I out smarted her nasty attitude. So I used the delivery service right because they are not going to drive to my house if my scripts expired. Long story short talked with the manger about it and they delivered my product and compted it. WOW talk about customer service and a shout out to you 2 good people know who you are and it definitely made the pain feel better about the snotty front desk girl lol. Im one of the first 2000 patients I’ve went through all the other companies but MUV does have the best products . I gave them the four-star because of the snotty girl even though they did make up for it but I will continue to go there. I highly recommend MUV

  32. JimmyHarperLives

    Fantastic service at a perfect location. I got the G Pen and it is an excellent extract vape. Highly recommend for premium quality vapes and a great shop all around. This will be my home dispensary.

  33. KableGrey

    I have been wanting to visit MAoeV ever since I got my card. Well I’m glad it was worth the wait. Today I visited and the dispensary atmosphere was top notch as was the staff. They have an amazing selection of products. Taylor was my budtender and she was amazing. It was my first time there and she took her time to go over every product so I knew exactly what I was getting. Ask for her, tell her Rick sent ya. Overall it was worth the hour drive for me. I will be back for sure.

  34. Pixiestyxie

    awesome minus the waiting area.

  35. soundchaser1957

    I love the location as it’s right around the corner from where I live!

  36. Thowell76

    DO NOT buy their distillate that they claim is distillate. Go somewhere else. To me it tastes like some shatter that they thinned out with a solvent. Distillate should not taste like flower nor smell like it so buyer beware.

  37. stol92

    The selection AND the staff are absolutely wonderful (especially Nicole!) Thank you so much!

  38. gorillagreg4

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff! Ryan did a great job answering all of my questions as a new Florida patient.

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