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We were founded on the conviction that both recreational and medical cannabis users deserve something better than the service and quality commonly found in this industry. We believe in quality over quantity and continuous improvement. We offer responsibly grown and locally sourced cannabis at a great value. We also offer a wide variety of cost-effective concentrates and health conscious edibles, along with anything else you might need to enhance your cannabis experience. Find information about cannabis science, news, culture and much more on our blog. Our representatives are knowledgeable and courteous, and put your satisfaction above all else. Try our service and we promise you’ll never look back.

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355 reviews for “HERB

  1. Thakattack

    Great flowers and service. Appreciate the honesty of staff on their products.

  2. keith.dot

    Its delivery but the driver is so nice and doesn’t mind a little chat here and there. And how could the bud is fantastic!

  3. filmbart

    One of the best delivery experiences in LA. Prompt and friendly delivery and the order was totally accurate.

    The most reliable service I’ve encountered and they always stock my preferred edibles. I’ve recommended HERB to friends in the area and definitely recommend you give them a try as well.

  4. crys14

    I really like these guys! They’re quick, super knowledgeable, their prices are reasonable and the delivery is SUPER quick. Already recommended them to a few friends. Definitely will return 🙂

  5. jeherna

    This is going to be be 3rd or 4th time ordering from them. I’m always Impressed by how fast they call to verify my order as soon as I conveniently order online. Their flowers are super fresh and come in some great glass containers , all about the presentation! Super nice phone assistants and delivery people. Can’t wait to order more!

  6. keyone01

    Great service

  7. MatBruf

    Super friendly dispensary committed to delivering the highest quality product to the LA area.

  8. cjcosmo

    These guys are the best!!! Huge selection! They have pretty much anything and everything you could possibly want…and then some! The staff is extremely friendly, awesome, and they definitely know their s***! Super fast delivery…every time I have ordered, they are at my door in under the quoted time!

    Awesome selection! Awesome staff! Super fast!

  9. djames04

    The greatest service I have ever used. In anything. On time. Friendly. Gives the best recommendations and have a variety of not only strands, but variations and accessories. Best service I have used in all states I have lived.

  10. StonedandPretty

    I loved the online site. It was informative and had a lot of excellent options. I also liked that they had good deals. I got 4 cartridges and received a battery for free! The delivery was very quick and the delivery person was very nice and didn’t make me feel awkward. The whole transaction was very easy and stress free. I will definitely use their services again! Oh I should also mention that the packaging is lovely. Very aesthetically pleasing, which I really appreciate!

  11. ErickS

    I have been using HERB for almost a year now and they have been the best delivery service I have come across by far! Definitely worth it.

  12. clndstn1

    My sister and I have been ordering our meds from Herb since the first month of operation, Herb has the best quality of flowers, great prices, amazing selection of edibles, and more, seriously the most friendly, knowledgeable and wonderful staff. **Don’t forget to tip your runner, they brave the elements for you by providing FREE delivery to your door!**

  13. jleep420

    Man oh man. I am smoking some serious pot right now and I don’t think I have been more baked in a while. Granted I have taken a t break for the last three days but this grass was mowed at the perfect time if you get what I mean. Excellent service and quality. Not once have I been disappointed. Talk about presentation, this place can rip it. The delivery men and women are the upmost professionals in their industry and I am truly lucky to have had God show me the way to a true green lifestyle. If you are looking for a delivery that is well presented, frosty, purple, and not to mention DANKIDY DANK DANK. then herb is the way to go. Damn. I’m. baked.

  14. khaynes91

    Herb is absolutely amazing! Great products and awesome people. I will most definitely use their services again and often! Thank you for taking pride in what you do.

  15. peezilou

    i love ordering from herb! its my favorite shop thus far, they are always professional, friendly and timely! they make the process so easy!


    Herb is great! great ppl great quality fast and super courteous

  17. Iman4321

    LOVE Herb! They have such a wide variety. Great product, great service!!

  18. tomez

    Grrrrrreat everything.

  19. kdp420

    Flower quality is always killer, much more reliable than dispensary storefronts in the immediate area. Staff is always helpful and delivery is quick. Would recommend to anyone looking for good bud!

  20. Sandysandy1

    It’s fast and good quality

  21. starseednostems

    After trying out many delivery dispensaries in LA, I found Herb to have the most prompt service with consistently good quality products. Every person I’ve spoken to on the phone is helpful in recommending products and a pleasure to speak to. Every delivery person from Herb is smart, reliable, and able to find my apartment with no problem at all. My most recent delivery person was Gabriel, who provided excellent customer service, was discreet, and very prompt, with great energy, attitude and personality. I would definitely recommend this dispensary to any first timers looking for a dependable service with quality edibles and flower.

  22. mistoehr

    Very professional with orders with phone call confirmation. Delivery always on time and very polite and friendly, definitely would recommend to first time patients.

  23. mcgmcg

    great product all day

  24. TopherL

    These guys don’t play. Prompt order delivery, prompt service five stars excellent. First time patients receive a dope care package. Been a return customer ever since

  25. ilikebuddddd

    Herb Please is a great delivery service for meds that provide the best bud in town with great service. You cant go wrong with them!

  26. essco123

    First time patient. Friendly and helpful staff. delivered in under 30 minutes. Good branding of their products, sets them apart.

  27. LizBG

    I’ve ordered three or four times now and the service has been great every single time. They are more hands on than some other services out there…just very proactive and informative every step of the way which is fantastic. They carry some popular brands. I love the District Edibles gummies that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else and their price for Care By Design tinctures are unbeatable for my area. Keep up the great work!

  28. bigsleep

    HERB provides quick and reliable service for those us stuck inside with miserable and demanding jobs 😉 A single phone call, or online order, and in a few minutes a driver with my meds appears in my lobby. Thank you HERB, you guys are the best!

  29. samarnold0212

    The only place with northern lights! My new go-to!

  30. emilylewis303

    I order from these guys several times a week, they are ALWAYS consistent in quality, and quantity, and take extra measures to make sure they’re weighed properly. Their delivery time is leaps and bounds quicker than any other delivery shop I’ve ever used, and every single last one of their employees are bad ass. 🙂 So friendly, always discrete, polite, always say thank you when tipped, which is rare these days. It’s pretty safe to say I rely on these guys pretty heavily haha and have never been disappointed. They always have a couple outdoor strains that are cheaper which is perfect for a frequent blunt smoker like me. The accessories (papers lighters etc.) are a fair price unlike most deliveries, and they offer a great rewards program when you recycle their killer glass bottles. I LOVE HERB <3 Thanks for being the best guys!!!!!

  31. mdc123183

    Amazing bud and amazing employees. the delivery time is excellent, the product is superb and my experience is never disappointing. LOVE!

  32. beejay420

    i have been here twice.. the first time was awesome as i enjoyed the free edible as well as the FREE TOP SHELF GRAM OF MY CHOOSING.. the buds were totally dank .. i was a bit leary as this was my first time using an online service.. The concentrates were awesome , the butter was not mad crunch but smooth to crumble .. I also purchased honey stix for my tea and the 10 dollar .. KIVA .. the prices here are affordable and the service, is GREAT.. it was easier than ordering a pizza lol.. just point , click , and the herbs are DELIVERED.. this has become my favorite spot.. and will be THE ONLY DELIVERY SERVICE I USE.. from this point forward…

  33. Chrisagra47

    This place was amazing. The service was great, staff was really helpful and discrete, Bud was fantastic and overall was a great experience. Will defitntily order again!

  34. merfd1

    Great service. Fast delivery, friendly staff and a great selection of top shelf product. Highly recommended,

  35. leenalee121

    Herb is great! Wide selection, arrives in a timely manner, friendly delivery people, and arrives in a cute box. You can use a card or cash and the checkout is easy. I use Herb exclusively!

  36. Lyncaster

    great service and presentation, guy was nice and flowers were awesome quality.

  37. jusmejay27

    So I was looking for a delivery service when i happened to stumble upon HERB…. They have amazing trees and the coolest delivery guys around!!!! normally takes under 30min… not to mention the best first time gift box around…. Shopped once and haven’t been anywhere else since!!

  38. travispeters26

    I have used HERB for delivery several times. They always have quality people and quality medicine. Highly recommended!

  39. csillery

    Very fast, great service IMO miles ahead of the competition. Delivered within 30 minutes usually, good selection and friendly, nice staff.

  40. jbolivar

    Got my medical card 2months ago and Herb is my only spot! Flowers are FIRE, delivery is always on point and the customer service is always gold!!!

  41. mcy

    This has to be the #1 shop I’ve ordered from. The service is top notch,as for the product….once you try it you’ll never go back to any other shop!!!The Northern Light is uber yummy btw. Thank you HERB for making me one happy satisfied customer!!!

  42. Nippy08

    HERB is this best delivery in Los Angeles. They’re always professional and extremely polite. The delivery is fast and the guys couldn’t be more friendly! Thanks again.

  43. LorenzoB

    I love HERB. Friendly, fast, and the freshest around. I also really like the packaging and appreciate the glass jars

  44. mquinmillan

    absolutely love these guys!! product is not only the highest quality but they have diversification with such a huge and always changing selection. service is 110% just love these guys here

  45. tosolid4hoes

    Great service and quick delivery. Always nice deliverers.

  46. DarlingMarieJ

    They are AMAZING. When choosing a strain on their website, you even have the information about where it was grown, THC %, and test results. I’ve yet to be even close to disappointed with HERBs service and quality.

  47. scooby.dooby

    HERB is the Ricky Bobby of delivery services. If you’re not HERB you’re last.

  48. oneguitartwo

    These guys are great. Great customer service and quick delivery.

  49. arnie0212

    Amazing service! Best in DTLA!!

  50. Art10

    Best delivery in LA hands down! Best product staff service and prices. They will never let you down and leave you dissatisfied. Anytime I have problems they always take care of me and make me feel like a value client. This is truly a one in a million establishment. Try them you will never regret it!

  51. Jackiejackie

    really the best delivery hands down, don’t even go anywhere else. wish they took cards but I won’t use anywhere else.

  52. JJNXvX

    I have ordered several times and every time I’m amazed at the quality of the Herb , and the staff Is always friendly . My favorite strain at the moment is there gorilla glue pretty potent hybrid

  53. dlawroski

    Awesome delivery service. Super quick and very helpful, especially during your
    first order. If you live downtown this is the place to order from

  54. ngocmimi

    amazing customer sevice, very fast delivery

  55. Jenchoi0317

    This place was very great! Going to the next step was super easy because their website just leads you all the way until the end! The doctor that I spoke to was very funny, nice, educational and helpful. He has taught me a lot of THC and CBD and etc as well! Would recommend to everyone!

  56. Tleafly

    Always quick, has the friendliest people, and couldn’t be easier. It’s my favorite delivery service in LA! Truly though the people are the kindest.

  57. rchlo1

    HERB, please!! Ordered from Herb over a dozen times, their herb is always delish, their weight always on point, and they have lots of programs to get free goodies, especially free g’s which are most valuable to me. ftpg is awesome – kiva bar, free g and a legit lighter. Beautiful packaging and they recycle (for rewards!)! Sometimes they even throw in a 4g eighth or some edible samples – they reward loyalty and I’m always pleased. WOULD.

  58. jrowan

    I have used Herb several times now and have been beyond pleased with their service every time I have ordered from them. I recently had a vaporizer pen which stopped working after I had already used over half of it and they were still willing to return it without giving me any problems whatsoever. They carry a wide selection of some of the best cannabis brands at fair prices and offer several promotions in order to help customers save as much as possible. On top of this, Herb truly care about much more than their bottom line as proven by their Get & Give program in which they give free medicine to in need medical patients every month. Thank you Herb. Keep up the great work!

  59. noirnix

    I love HERB!!! Their weed is always fire and gets you where you need to be! I’ve been a loyal customer for about a month and definitely only come here for the best dank in LA!! Customer service is A1 and you truly can’t beat their delivery time. Please don’t play yourself and get your weed from HERB!

  60. akritz

    These guys are awesome! So easy to work with and your order gets delivered in a timely fashion. Im glad to see that there are Lab tested, pesticide free delivery services making their way to the west side!! STICK WITH THESE GUYS! They always treat you so fairly and HOOK IT UP. Gret bud for great prices, you cant beat it.

  61. sunnyhoney310

    I ordered for home delivery. I receivedi it within 25 minutes. I had a few questions about some of the strains and the gentleman that assisted me was very knowledgeable and patient. Great product and Customer service.

  62. jumpmankicks

    fast friendly and convenient.

  63. ol_gray

    Best delivery in LA. Employees are always friendly and courteous, and deliveries are always speedy. Would recommend to anyone.

  64. KeithTyler2424

    The BEST of the BEST strains and medications are here! Herb is a family like no other and the way they treat their customer is out of this world!

  65. chefy132

    AMAZING great meds great price and delivered wonderfully fast and excellent people delivering your products!! 2 great big Green thumbs up!

  66. dlangandthegang

    This is a great delivery service. I would definitely recommend this place for there fast, convenient, and friendly service!

  67. tmanq97

    Newest first and only choice! After trying many delivery services In the area I have finally found HERB and will never go anywhere else again! They have the best selection at competitive prices and to top it all off they always arrive in like 30 minutes or less! Fastest of all the deliveries! They are super professional and each delivery comes in a cute little package with info on your product.

  68. misstatianna

    Awesome delivery service. Extremely customer dedicated and friendly. The guy called to tell me they were running late, which I didn’t even realize, and threw a free top shelf pre roll in my order. The first pre roll I’ve opened up that has actual bud inside. Overall just super nice people. 3rd order up next!

  69. punodostres

    Love HERB.

    First of all, the customer service is A+. If you’re lucky enough to get The Gabriel to deliver to you, you’re in for a treat. Well, the marijuana is a treat, but he’s also uplifting, energetic, and happy.

    What pulled me in was the sampler. Easiest way to try out a lot of different strains. Also, I really dig seeing the evolution of their labeling. Very informative!

  70. amina316

    I love this place – customer service is A+ and the quality of their products is great. I would recommend!

  71. RyanStratton

    Love love love love this place! Delivery is almost always on time and very fast, product is always great (although they do run out of pre-rolls pretty quickly) and Craig/anyone else who picks up the phones around there are friendly and always helpful if you have any questions about your purchase.

  72. dstew99

    Very fast and super nice workers! Great and convenience with speedy delivery

  73. zuko2121

    Super quick delivery everytime, friendly and helpful staff, and good quality across products.

  74. Benc555

    I’ve been a customer of HERB for about a year now and they are easily the best dispensary I’ve ever purchased from.

    They’re fast with delivery (rarely ever exceeds 40min), their product is of the highest quality and their staff is phenomenal. I don’t see myself ever switching dispensaries as long as HERB is in business.

  75. chris9090

    HERB is my go to delivery service. I live in Ktown and have tried a few local dispensaries but the best quality always comes from HERB. Their website is really easy to use, people are so friendly, and it’s always fast. Highly recommend it.

  76. jdub77

    Great service. Quality herbs. Quick delivery. Overall great experience

  77. JHurt24

    Had 3 different delivery personel, they were all quick to arrive and friendly . The flowers have all been top notch as well.

  78. henrystroth33

    A little pricey, but great service, great products and always on time.

  79. Cboy4200

    HERB has everything i need,good ass flower,great price,concentrates got me seeing stars(lol).
    if your’e in dtla this is the place baby!!!!

  80. RossDC

    Staff here is friendly and reliable. They offer great product, and a wonderful delivery service.

  81. neilkryszak

    Favorite spot. Live in silverlake and this is the friendliest delivery service and best herb 😉 thanks!!

  82. alancerteza

    The best customer service I have experience to date.

    Friendly staff, amazing quick delivery to K-Town, and great minimum order from free delivery.

    Their first time patient gifts are so great!

  83. m1stermau5

    HERB is cool,I like the herb from HERB,quality herb from HERB…will order from HERB again…thanks HERB

  84. rosesforu

    Herb never fails to please. They are very attentive and the customer service is great from the drivers to the people calling to confirm your order. They have a very good variety of products and all great quality too. I have recommended this service to my friends and some still use to till this day.

  85. Playmakers321

    I tried Herb over the weekend and OMG!!!! their weed is amazing!!!!
    Please try Merlot and Blue Dream!!!! Customer Service is excellent!!! Craig and John are really knowledgeable and very helpful when giving tips on their items!!!!
    Honestly hands down best place in town to get fire weed!!!!!
    I will be making them my go to spot

  86. jadad

    I’ve been ordering from Herb for the past couple months and I am never disappointed! Their quality of weed is great and prices are also… and come on how could you not love a company that delivers right to your door step! With fast delivery also, I don’t think I have ever waited longer than half an hour. The people I talk with are also always super nice, I will always order from Herb and remain a loyal customer. Thank you for always having my back Herb 🙂

  87. fmilang

    Great people to do business with because they are genuine and honest. A great delivery time and amazing packaging.

  88. mymusicalmirage

    Have been with Herb for about a year, and I will never go anywhere else.

    They are very professional, friendly, and offer such a vast array of quality products.

    Whether you are in Echo Park, near USC, on the edge of Koreatown, or smack in the middle of downtown, Herb delivers your product quickly and discreetly.

    Could not ask for anything more from such a phenomenal company.

  89. donpiano

    It’s a great service, and the delivery speed is unbelievable. 5 stars all the way!

  90. berendoberger

    Super friendly and fast delivery service. Always have top-notch quality selection of products. Customer service is always on point and super helpful. Check em out!

  91. Bilo0327

    The delivery is so fast!!! The freebies are awesome and the service is superb. My first choice for delivery service

  92. alwysmobetta

    the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. can’t wait to use them again

  93. steven4950

    HERB!!!! Don’t we all need it!? Well, this is the perfect location if you’re near the DTLA Area, they are super quick in their delivery, extremely friendly and they just have the best Medicine in Town!

    Don’t hesitate to give them a call, they’re super convenient and their prices are incredible!

  94. snwe13

    I just used HERB for the first time about a week ago and they are such a legit company! They were so nice and helpful in the phone. The delivery guy was also just a super cool guy and chatted with me for a little bit. HERB is definitely my new Go-to place!!!

  95. xxfable3legendsxx

    I really love this shop I came here for a ftp and they have bomb herb and concentrate I always going to come here

  96. eagles1234

    Herb is great. I love the delivery service and the choices of strains and edibles available. They’ve been very easy to work with and the convenience is top notch. I look forward to buying from them every time.

  97. DTT

    Herb blew my expectations out of the water the first time I ordered from them. Their speed an quality are unparalleled in LA, with some of the freshest medication I have seen down here. This place is has definitely earned the position as my favorite delivery service in the area!

  98. mlmartins

    Top of the line delivery and services! Thanks HERB

  99. hazeypotter

    I love this dispensary. Everyone who works at Herb is knowledgable, friendly, and helpful. The process is so easy that it’s a pleasure to order from them every time. And of course, the products are the best. They have a constantly well stocked list of quality edibles, flower and vape plus vape products that I sometimes just enjoy scrolling through even though I don’t need anything lol. I get those online shopping thrills every time! Thanks, HERB <3

  100. aarinabel

    incredible service, incredible products, competitive prices for a delivery service. they really come in clutch

  101. quinnmjq1987

    these guys are top shelf all the way!!!! have been with them for a while now and they are great!!!! 110% in regards to staff, service, product knowledge, product quality, seriously the list goes on and on.
    i recommend these guys to anyone!!

  102. SarahSwishAA

    Its delivery so you think you would wait an hour right? NOT WITH THIS PLACE! FTP deal is what brings you in but the fire buds keep you to stay. if your looking for a quick pick up trust me go here they take new patients up until they close, which is midnight. if you decide to hit this place tell them Sarah sent you

  103. pulpgraduate


  104. apollokids

    Been using Herb for over a year. always friendly and courteous. delivery is always never more than 30 minutes to downtown la. Better prices are found elsewhere but you cant beat the quality of the product and the service.

  105. marlonasha

    Free, Fast Delivery to DTLA. Great service, top quality product, really cool people and most importantly, well organized and a level of professionalism that is surprising in this industry. Best around by far. Keep up the good work guys!

  106. Dexter.

    Great people, always very welcoming. Always on time. Plus you get nice jars!

  107. jessicakasb

    Cheapest delivery for $20 minimum in DTLA. Great website set up and great strains on the menu all the time!

  108. moonchildmo

    My boyfriend and I love this place. Every delivery we’ve had was good quality and awesome customer service. Thanks for everything HERB 🙂

  109. Vlux

    Great service. Quality herb. always on time. Let them hook you up. Tried the chocolate truffle pie! Yum! All that wax and shatter! mmm bout to order me some more right now.

  110. jayvon

    Right off the bat HERB is a supreme delivery service. I love their professionalism, punctuality and most importantly their flowers!

  111. flowerboy90

    I love Herb! The caretakers at Herb at knowledgeable and helpful, their selection is top notch, and their delivery is quick and friendly. I don’t buy anywhere else.

  112. onionmint

    The service staff are professional, knowledgable and courteous. The delivery service is expedient and the quality of the medicine is top notch. I stopped buying at other places.

  113. rachvegan

    Great smoke and fast friendly delivery!

  114. diannazuany

    They’re fats and have great strains !

  115. AngelCityTV

    I was looking for quick delivery of the highest grade Cannabis, hooked up with Gabriel and I’ve never used anyone else for my smoke. Buds are super clean and love their 30-45 minute delivery time!

  116. ejej

    Ordered here as a FTP and they hook it up! Great flowers and always a great selection. I haven’t gone anywhere else after discovering this place. Fast and discreet

  117. joko420

    HERB is my absolute favorite delivery service in DTLA! From the quality of the product to the product presentation – all top notch! If you are looking for something specific these guys know whats up. Delivery usually in less than 45 minutes. and GREAT pre-rolls if you need a quick, strong temporary relief of pain, anxiety, nausea, etc. Thank you HERB!

  118. chasingjlb

    Loveeee their delivery and flower. Always the nicest delivery ppl too!

  119. rosesbite

    Enjoyed my experience here. Recommend checking it out. One of the better experiences I’ve had with getting what I need.

  120. Uneekkinglyyoung

    Herb is the joint!! The one dispensary that deliveries the best bud right on time. Their customer service team are professional and knowledgeable when it comes to their product. They deliver in a prompt matter and have a wide selection of herb to choose from. Since I’ve become a member with herb I haven’t been let down once. The also stay open until 12:00 a.m. and that is super awesome being that most dispensaries close at 8:00 p.m. If you are looking for a marijuana delivery service look no further because Herb is the joint. Happy 420!!

  121. whichkris

    Great service. Friendly and courteous staff. They’re really helpful and accommodating. They help first timers get set up easily and quickly, and the first time deals are great. Packages come in unmarked boxes and the bud itself comes in very nice glass jars. Delivery time is also pretty quick.

  122. thedudeishere

    Convenient delivery that is always on time and superb quality! Did I mention the owner went out of his way to deliver me flower when it was a little past Midnight? These guys are the double truth.

  123. marijuanamikey

    Great, bud fair prices. Very nice (Borat Voice)

  124. Mahumada87

    Only one word can describe this place……AMAZING!!!!!
    Weed is bomb and customer service is the best in town.
    Deliveries are always not more than 45 minutes, and you always get what you ask for.
    FTP get a free top shelf gram and an edible!!!!!!
    You wont be disappointed!!!! I am calling them again today!!!
    Try the MERLOT OG is amazing!!!!!!

  125. Janno23

    Fast, professional delivery. They keep the bud in glass containers which keeps it fresh.

  126. tammsduk

    I love HERB. The people are so nice. Gabriel is a great delivery man. Just don’t get the epipure lemon drops, they don’t really work. I had two 10g pieces and nothing. I prefer Kushy Punch and the ice cream 🙂

  127. ngocmi

    Incredible service, honestly unmatched by any other delivery service or storefront. My go to provider!

  128. cocoloko1981

    love HERB! This place is my go-to for delivery in the DTLA area. Can’t lose with these guys.

  129. rilee323

    Great service that is on top of their game. Delivery is on time and they make sure to give you a heads up. Awesome!!

  130. nav420

    My all time favorite store to buy herbs. The best delivery and the customer service in DTLA. Gabriel (the delivery guy) was really helpful in explaining me about the deals and strains that they offer.

  131. EB06

    Quick delivery, great product, and fair prices.

  132. IrishRizo

    Good quality great service fast delivery !

  133. lalife2016

    Great shop, they always deliver quality bud. Really easy and friendly to use, and always consistent.

  134. JehutyDX

    Love these guys. High quality mary jane. Would bake with again. 5 STARS!!!

  135. marocho

    Best delivery service around the Los Angeles Area.
    Ever since I found these guys several months ago, I never went out of my house to purchase my meds.
    Excellent customer service, always friendly and courteous. Last but not least, they have superb quality medications!!!!

  136. Gabadaba

    I absolutely love these guys! Great quality so fast and convenient

  137. SC1234

    Awesome customer service. They call to confirm your order and give you a time estimate for the delivery. Both the chocolate and ice cream were excellent.

  138. GYxSgTxSancheZxUSMC

    since my first order I couldn’t b happier love the wonderful flower amazing concentrates at the right prize. can’t wait for my next order

  139. Noahdouble07

    This delivery is so unbelievably awesome! Super fast guys and super reliable weed!

  140. pasta4r

    Stop looking for other dispensaries to source your meds; this place is unbelievable. Registering as a patient was super simple and quick. The guys on the phone really know their products and take the time to talk through each of them. The flowers are fresh and flavorful. Delivery is fast and discreet. A+

  141. herbacct

    Consistently quick delivery, friendly service, good variety of products 🙂

  142. altavista

    Ordering from HERB has been a great experience. The delivery folks are super friendly and upbeat and super punctual. Best delivery company I’ve encountered thus far. Really go above and beyond to make sure your experience is exceptional.

  143. ThelmaGreen

    Herb is amazing. World class customer satisfaction. Top quality and service. Simply the best!

  144. nix_

    HERB is such a great delivery service, they are always on time and always so nice when they call to verify their order.
    Their packaging is fresh and their bud is tasty.
    Thank you!

  145. cinnic

    No one delivers doper dope than Herb.

  146. smokesignals11

    One of the best delivery services in town. Great service and great selections!

  147. AntwanMichael

    Greatest Delivery Service out there.!!!!

  148. Xerxaden

    Herb is wonderful and has always come on time with great quality plants. The workers are all very friendly and sociable. By far my favorite clinic I have used and plan to keep using them as long as I live within their delivery area! The stuff they grow themselves is also top quality, 10/10 beautiful people; class act.

  149. fluxlife

    Used this service about 3-4 times. Pretty convenient service, and nice, well-packaged products. Delivery people and the guy on the phone are always really nice.

  150. potheadpnut

    what can I say?! delivery is the best way to go! these guys have a very simple and convenient way for me to get my herb. no time had to be taken otter of my schedule!

  151. HMH08

    Herb has the best buds in LA that I’ve had to date, and their delivery time is also top notch. The A-Dub is one of the best hybrids I’ve ever had and the northern lights is one of my fave indicas. Highly recommend!

  152. Charleshin

    The best weed in the city!! Quick delivery, and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend Herb.

  153. lilnana

    Did the free delivery service as a first time patient and was so impressed! My medicine was at my front door in about 25 minutes. The woman who made the delivery was eager to share more about HERB and answer any questions I had.
    The extra goodies didn’t hurt either!! 🙂

  154. Juliahsueh1

    I really love this place it’s so nice to get delivery and the flowers are always great and the people are really nice and friendly.

  155. porkfriedrice

    I LOVE this place. I moved not to long ago and had been trying to find a regular delivery service that works for the hours I keep. Not only is their menu top notch, but so is the service. FTPs get a real hookup… definitely my go-to shop now. Try the Tesla!!

  156. btack7

    fast, easy, communicative. couldnt be better

  157. GraveDestiny

    Quick, qulity, and another positive reinforcing word that starts with q. This was the first dispencery I tried and I haven’t stopped ordering from here since

  158. omzz35

    guys are awesome. fast delivery. amazing buds. my go to for delivery in dtla

  159. Grav

    Herb is my favorite delivery service available. I always try to order my mess from them and they also have a pretty large menu too. If you need a speedy delivery service with good customer service then look no further.

  160. AlvaroT

    Really nice service- easily my favorite in LA

  161. sumdude

    Herb is quick, affordable, and a joy to interact with.

  162. jakedunnington

    Oh, man. What a bunch of awesome people! So convenient! So amazing!

  163. freqstyle

    Amazing. Signed up online and within 15 min was contacted via phone and my order was confirmed and delivered within an hour; actually less. I have absolutely no doubts that when I re-up, the experience will be even smoother. Pro Tip: Lemon Meringue is an absolutely stellar daytime sativa – Thanks for the sample gram. Much thx to Herb and their delivery guy Ollie the biker. (Names, I can’t remember them at the moment. You know how it do.)

  164. lovinglavae

    Really like the new customer gifts like picking my free gram, I didn’t get everything I should’ve but when I called in they were very friendly and quick to solve the issue still leaving me pleased with my experience. To top it off Gabriel was quick to deliver waaaaay below his ETA and was informative about their product.

  165. AverageJones

    I’ve been a regular buyer from Herb for several months. The service is great, the products are high quality, the deliveries are on-time. I’ve never had a 3 hour delivery experience with Herb (I’ve had it happen with another delivery service – I’ve also had another service run out of my favorite strain, so they sold me something else under the wrong label). Dealing with Herb is a good experience every single time. Buy with confidence. Very highly recommended.

  166. m.76f

    Have been using Herb for at least a year now and they always deliver. The drivers are very friendly, you receive text messages in advance for pickup, and the entire operation is extremely professional. There’s no better place in terms of quality and service in the LA area – and they’re expanding! Thanks HERB.

  167. Ocampos44

    Yay! Im a fan. I Love HERB. This place is bomb bomb. The deals are finessed and basically fuego rn. The homie Jordan. SHOUT OUT! Giving me all the best customer service!

  168. purpal

    Herb is fantastic. Always prompt and always good quality.

  169. Alecksrizo

    Everyone is super friendly and professional. Best of all they delivery quickly and on time!

  170. LindaRez

    HERB is a delivery service…They are FANTASTIC!!!! They carry Great products! I like the Honey Bear w/CBD and the O.PenReserve CBD Cartridge. Quality is alway great and everyone who works here is just GREAT! They are very helpful and just a pleasure to work with! They make getting what I need very easy and I appreciate that so much! Thank you HERB!

  171. thetyrax

    Quick , easy and quilay buds 🙂

  172. Mismetba

    It’s a delivery service. Delivery was exactly on time and the delivery person and everyone I’ve spoken to has been great. The quality is very good.

  173. YeahReQ

    These guys have become my go to delivery service. Very quick and very nice staff. Already recommended them to plenty of people

  174. arnold0212

    Super awesome dispatch staff and my delivery guy Ramsey was wicked funny and very helpful. Would order from this place 1000 times!!

  175. mikefd

    Quick Service. Friendly staff. Accurate Delivery.

    Their quality is amazing. Truly happy to have them deliver to my neighborhood.

  176. Ellygo

    Came to my home within 10 minutes. Was very helpful with item choices. I def like the privacy dY~SdY~S

  177. Cleverkitten

    Excellent product from knowledgeable and friendly staff. Quick delivery and great prices. Great selection. Grateful for these guys!

  178. stevstar

    Ordered first time in fall. was a great experience. Very professional and fast for DTLA.

  179. robofop

    Amazing, knowledgeable customer service. Super accommodating, would totally recommend.

  180. Miscicle

    Was blown away by the hospitality and easiness of the delivery system. Everything came is a beautiful packaged box from a friendly delivery person. My anxiety cripples me sometimes and makes me not want to leave the house so this was absolutely perfect. Thank you guys!

  181. edmarchan112

    Super fast deliveries, they never disappoint. One of the best in terms of quality and professionalism, everyone at herb is amazing, one of my favorites!

  182. MC1R

    These guys are fantastic! Great delivery and awesome product.

  183. BuddsMcGee

    Fast and friendly delivery and the bud is alway legit lab tested. Definitely recommend.

  184. dukeman365

    Hey out of staters, you’re in luck! If you get a doctor’s recommendation, which you don’t need a California id to acquire, you can get Medical marijuana delivered straight to your door, or hotel which was my case. Not to mention this stuff was fire. The fire og in particular was amazing! If I had any advice for out of state visitors who don’t know what to get, these guys have samplers that let you try four of their strains at a discount. If you want easy, this is the way to go.

  185. cliffygeez

    herb is the best!

  186. Rdubs12

    This is my second time visiting HERB after trying them about a week ago. I was so impressed by the presentation and service I wanted to make sure it wasnt a fluke! The budtenders were very attentive to my high tolerance needs and made the perfect recommendation. This will definitely be a frequent delivery spot for me in DTLA

  187. Sandrag34

    Fast delivery all the time ,never disappointment when I order from Herb dY’-dYwill continue to use them for orders in the future

  188. pokebert

    They have a very good selection of CBD and vape products!! All of their flower comes in very airtight jars for you to turn in for more free bud later on. Always had very friendly drivers! Will use again!!

  189. Kmpvideos

    Top quality meds, Trustworthy service, Communication fair and honest. 5/5 for sure. Thank you Herb

  190. eggsta626

    Great phone support, delivery guy was super nice and great bud~ highly recommend to anybody

  191. lekzy

    The best bud and quality service delivered right to your door!

  192. dlb13

    Amazing , quick, friendly, fancy glass jars… Basically free delivery, Ive ordered almost 10 times & have zero complaints !!

  193. ashlievw

    This delivery service is honestly my favorite so far, and probably will end up staying in the #1 spot of my list. I have ordered from other dispensaries or delivery serves recently and NO ONE is as good as HERB. The moment I got on the phone with a rep, I was treated like a friend. He was super nice to me and very helpful. The weed was delivered super quick each time and the first time patient care package was AWESOME!! Lastly, the weed itself was superrrr fire – potency, look, price, taste, etc. definitely exceeded my expectations. HERB is a true definition of what a dispensary should be like. Much love guys!!

  194. zexto

    Super prompt delivery. Very friendly delivery guy as well as very friendly guy on the phone. dY~S good products.

  195. jpark1980

    Having ordered from multiple delivery services, I can definitively say HERB is leading the pack. They have great product, great customer service (I really appreciate getting those phone calls!), and really knowledgable and personable drivers. They are also very prompt! I was told it would be 40-50 minutes at my last order, but Gabriel was at my door less than half an hour later. The glass jars also add a touch of class. Absolutely recommend this service.

  196. dtla88

    Was referred to HERB from a friend and they are simply the best for our group in downtown LA. The website is one of the best things about HERB as it consistently does a great job of explaining new products, along with including great specials!

  197. LAflower15

    This service is amazing. Unparalleled to your typical collective visit. The buds are fantastic medicine and the service including both the delivery speed and the sealed glass jars make service 11/10 stars.

  198. Ericellis

    Awesome service, and great product. Best delivery in LA

  199. Johnnyyang213

    The best staff ever. Everyone that help me was friendly, I almost never get this much of a good service. The flowers are actually really good also, I was a bit eiffy about using this place but man I am not disappointed at all!. I’m definitely coming back and would rate 10/10

  200. leemonte

    the best delivery service to go with by far. I have to say that when it comes down to customer service and fast delivery, this is the best dispensary by far. The delivery guy, Gabriel was super quick and very friendly. I love the Northern Lights.

  201. Rodgerwilliams

    Amazing service, they couldn’t be friendlier! I’ve ordered from a few different places and I’ll always come back here. You can beat there sales!

  202. willyou

    They were a very pleasant delivery experience. great prices for delivery and high quality medicine.

  203. youranoun

    Honestly the best dispensary I’ve picked up from.
    They are SO quick, SO dank, and SO nice.
    Recommend 100000% if you want the best. :- )

  204. sywi

    Great service, very friendly and knowledgeable staff from the budtender to the driver (mine was Emily, who was super-nice).
    Free delivery (w/ very reasonable minimum order in select areas), on-time, fast, and hassle-free.
    Since I’m strictly a medical patient, I asked if they could substitute a pure-CBD edible w/ a comparable donation for the free gram that comes with their FTP deal, and they promptly agreed.
    Very professional. A class act. My new go-to delivery service.

  205. zen523

    This is the best delivery service I have. The staff is friendly and helpful, the system is completely easy to use and they are always punctual. Gabriel gets a special shout out for delivering! I don’t need to use any other service now that I have them. Look no further!

  206. drosales33

    This must be by far the best, fastest way to obtain my quality product without leaving my house! besides the fact that these guys have real pungent, lab tested flowers, their service is superlative. I really loved my first time experience and the free gifts i received that I encouraged my brothers to use this service over any other. I have not seen such quality ever since my high school day! I must insist, HERB is the BEST in the WEST!

  207. Tahakhan

    Herb is legit! They have pure clean product. Their prices are reasonable. Their delivery is quick and easy. Stress free. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for that perfect quality product.

  208. littlesta

    Beautiful presentation with the packaging. Quality flower. Great customer surface. Awesome edible selection. And they bring it to you? Can’t get better than that.

  209. Hyyer92

    Great service, fast delivery! very friendly and accurate with timing 🙂

  210. jouetheidenseick

    I definitely recommend HERB! Customer service is professional and you truly can’t beat their delivery time. Prices are reasonable and the quality is always A1. I’ve been a loyal customer for over a month now and I would most definitely recommend HERB to anyone that is looking for a professional and timely experience in the DTLA area!

  211. ajm89

    Great product, fast delivery, friendly staff. My five star review to “atmosphere” refers to their awesome, well-designed website.

  212. SorryAnna

    Herb is amazing! Fast and friendly with high quality products. The red velvet cookie was awesome. The delivery is also very discreet. I will be ordering from Herb again.

  213. jraug

    Superior service along with quality product. I love the little glass jars, Classy touch. The best delivery service by far.

  214. Anthony500

    Awesome Dispensary, I have used them multiple times and have never been disappointed. I would recommend them to everybody.

  215. emnoods

    I think Herb is awesome! It’s so convenient and fast and honestly the people are so nice. And the quality is so good… I would definitely recommend to anyone!!

  216. KeithTheJumpMan24

    I really like the interface of the website, it makes it so reliable to go shopping and all my needs and they’re just a few minutes away with their delivery!

    This is a gem of a place! With the best staff, best products and overall best service 🙂


  217. Bassicflow

    Best delivery service in LA. High quality verified strains w/ knowledgeable friendly staff. Herb sets the standard for pro delivery. Loyal for life!

  218. LadieJ

    I have never been to the actual storefront, I have only used their delivery service. Their delivery is quick and the drivers are always SUPER nice. Their product is high quality. Even going to a dispensary, you run the risk of talking to people that have zero clue what they’re talking about when it comes to bud. The best descriptor word they have is “it’s good”. I LOVE that every time I get an order from Herb, I know it’s in glass jars, that are LABELED and SEALED. You don’t know how many times we have received delivery orders from other dispensaries that send us our bud in a ziploc sandwich bag *_* it’s like I re-upped from my old connect. We no longer order from any another dispensary.

  219. ZeroEffect

    This delivery service is above most other options. It’s really quick, great flower choices and wonderful deals! Ditch your collective for this delivery service.

  220. caannabeats6713

    Best in LA.. great bud, great prices, great people & a recycling program !!
    ++ 30 Mins or Less
    It literally doesn’t get better than that.

  221. Mjb92

    No better place in DTLA to get your meds! Herb is a luxury delivery experience to say the least!! Wide variety of products & the quality of everything is always superb!! So many benefits come with choosing Herb! Keep up the great work/service!!

  222. Jayp13

    Always high quality products and very friendly and quick delivery guys.

  223. jonlikesla

    Quick speedy delivery. Friendly helpful staff. Slick user-friendly web app. Professional and convenient. 10/10 will use HERB again and recommend to all my friends.

  224. Spritegeist

    Great delivery service! Nice weed, reasonable prices, and super fast. I’ve been hitting these guys up like mad since I found them.

  225. puertoricankush87

    Fast and friendly service great buds and informative

  226. simplypineapples

    Great service. Their delivery is always fast, and has never took more than half an hour to get to me. Bud quality superb. Packaging is a nice plus.

  227. asalsepassi

    I found HERB because a different dispensary, one with a lot of C’s) never had high CBD strains. In general, I’ve found most dispensaries staffed by super cute stoner girls who know zero about medicinal marijuana. Also the last time I was at a storefront, a guy – i shit you not- congratulated me for being an american. In any case, enter HERB- super nice website, high CBD strains are easy to find and Craig on the phone is always super friendly and knowledgable.

  228. Floppymeow28

    Herb is a high quality, top notch delivery service. They are prompt and reliable, providing nothing but the best.

  229. keepitlit91

    I was being a couch potato looking for inspiration, without having use many motor skills. Fortunately, I discovered HERB and they delivered me an awesome first time customer box complete with a my order, a free lighter, free gram, and a chocolate Kiva bar. I’ve been awesomely high ever since. Thank you!

  230. Neonlight144

    The delivery drivers are prompt, reliable and friendly as fuck. Such an awesome delivery service- I feel like a princess!

  231. megdc8710

    Great quality, huge selection, and free FAST delivery! I have used this delivery service a couple of times and I will not go anywhere else as long as I live in DTLA. Their prices can’t be beat!

  232. gabrielp420


    spot a good collective to hit up in downtown

  233. dtlaJ

    Great selection, great specials and a TON of edibles. Super friendly crew and top notch presentation. Love ’em!

  234. kimberly_a

    It’s basically as if Etsy delivers my weed. Lovely packaging that reflects the quality of the bud. When I had an issue, they came over and fixed it right away, which was rad.

  235. djfigueroa1

    Herb is the GREATEST. I absolutely love this service. Everyone is extremely nice and they genuinely enjoy what they do. Even gave me a gift on Christmas/new years. Hope they keep expanding in case U ever move out of downtown!

  236. JAH8665

    Excellent Service. Always on time…good quality product…competitive pricing and really friendly delivery peeps. Thanks!

  237. kittysilla

    Customer service is INSANELY AMAZING. Definitely coming back.

    The ordering system was insanely easy to operate and I even got a call to confirm my order! Delivery was on point!

    The guy, Nick, did EVERYTHING to ensure that I got everything I needed. He even went the extra mile to make sure that I was happy with my order. 🙂

    Thanks Nick!

  238. feds01

    We love this delivery service! Great flowers! Super friendly service! Totally recommend to my friends!

  239. shanews

    I’ve been a customer of HERB for years and they’re the best delivery service in LA, especially for DTLA residents. Their selection is top grade and their prices are incredibly reasonable for the quality and service. I love that they offer a discount for buying larger quantities! They have a great website with updated stock, which also lists detailed info regarding TCH/CBD amounts for all herbs. Free delivery within 45 minutes or less is awesome! Their phone staff and delivery crew are always super chill and friendly. I’m impressed by the sealed glass jars they use and especially the free gram they offer for returning the jars – a win/win for for the environment and for the customer! HERB is the BEST! A++++

  240. eroka

    I ordered delivery for my first time. Herb was professional, quick, and discreet. They offer a superb free kit with first time orders, and their quality is beyond other local dispensaries. Highly recommended, especially for professionals and those discreet medicinal users.

  241. bingeball

    Great delivery service! The guy I spoke to on the phone was really helpful and knowledgable. Would definitely order from here again!

  242. lschmitz

    Ordered online for the first time (free gifts for first time patients 🙂 Online ordering was easy, delivery was fast, delivery guy was friendly and helpful, and they have awesome and careful packaging of your order. Highly recommend!

  243. NatureNewb

    Quick and friendly. I’m a first time 420 user and I felt really nervous and didn’t know where to start. I placed my order because of the awesome offer for first time customers but what really won me over was the team at herb. They are so knowledgeable and the delivery was truly less than 30 minutes! Will definitely use them again 😉

  244. EdmondDaBeast

    HERB has been the Number One Choice here in Downtown LA, I say this because they know how to take care of their patients, earlier today I called with a Few questions and the Gentlemen at HERB answered the phone politely and responded to all my needs. I have been a member for about 1 year now and every time I have ordered from HERB it has been real Quick, quality always on point, and the jars keep it real FRESH. Herb is a GO 2, Late Open Dispensary, Hurry up and visit Herbplease.com to get started. =]

  245. Jbanks11

    Placed my first order with HERB today for delivery. It was a seamless process and I received my delivery in a timely manner. Gabriel my delivery guy was very professional and answered all questions I had. I will use their service again and I would recommend to anyone looking for high quality medicine at an affordable price

  246. todd.beaches

    THE BEST. I have been using Herb delivery for about 4 months now. They are the most LEGIT delivery in Los Angeles. I personally won’t use any other delivery service in LA, I’ve tried some others on weedmaps here and they were pretty sketchyaEUR|.
    Herb delivery flower is great quality too and is lab tested by SC labs. I actually emailed SC labs to ask if Herb was indeed a client of theirs (just doing my homework lol) and YES, SC labs confirmed for me that Herb gets all their flower tested thru them and updates the results in a timely manner (you can double check whats on Herb delivery weeps menu on SClabs’ website, in case you feel like doing some of your own homework 🙂
    Overall, a V trustworthy delivery- fast, friendly and great quality medicine.

  247. johnnygoldman

    I love HERB. Friendly, fast, and the freshest around. I also really like the packaging and appreciate the glass jars.

  248. deathvalleyking

    Super nice on the phone and super fast delivery – my go-to place downtown! (:

  249. wellnic

    This dispensary is top-notch and the product is expediently and elegantly dispensed by the sweetest delivery team! The customer service is remarkable. The whole shopping experience is slick and they went above and beyond and were kind enough to back up their product when I had a challenge with a cartridge. Tonight, I got my delivery in record time from Dennis! I <3 HERB.

  250. mbrettlong

    Literal best place downtown I’ve found in 3 years of smoking downtown!

  251. turtlelove24

    I love this location!! The flowers are wonderful and well grown. Their delivery service is very convenient for me when i don’t want to drive to another medi

  252. zackerylee

    Best delivery service I’ve ordered from in LA

  253. LensesandXbox

    Professional staff and fresh quality flower at an affordable price!

  254. kennethmcarnes

    Super helpful with regards to any questions you may have.
    Very professional.
    Check their site!

  255. h2ozo

    easy, quick delivery, excellent quality. A+

  256. shaboon

    I’ve been receiving deliver from HERB for a couple months now. Definitely quality flowers, lab-tested, and although prices aren’t amazing, you really get what you paid for.

  257. spencertheox

    Very friendly and the delivery man (Gabriel) was very informative about new product, and he was very quick! Will order again.

  258. leejazz

    Been ordering from herb for a few weeks now and I love the service! They have top notch flowers, speedy deliver, a really pleasant to use website, and a great program for rewards. One of my favs!

  259. BeachyBlonde89

    What an awesome company! I called as a first time patient and was walked through exactly how to sign up online. It was super fast and easy and they delivered right away. Awesome bud for awesome prices. Plus I loved my free “first time” gifts!

  260. hellen213

    First time trying delivery service and it was absolutely amazing. The quality was on point and very professional. I will definitely be ordering again.a$?a$?a$?

  261. junglistcat

    Great service, great selection of products. This is the only place I order from!

  262. erinelizabeth059

    I think this place is amazing because the service is better than all other places… I cannot believe how sweet they are here in contrast to … some other popular delivery services. Too good. I wish this place accepted credit cards. This is the ONLY weakness. Other than that? FREAKING AMAZING.

  263. LA_Jeweler

    The operator to this place is cool af! Always gets the order right. No headaches and ridiculously fresh buds. Their selection and options are out of this world. Only place i get my flower now. Will forever be grateful for HERB Delivery!

  264. prerajgo

    Great delivery service. Much faster than pretty much all other alternatives in the downtown Los Angeles area, quick and friendly customer service to guarantee your order is correct. Reasonable prices given the delivery service and a wide range of high quality selection.

  265. flinstoneflop

    Sweetest most awesome people to deal with. You feel like ur buying from one of your homies who has no problem helping u figure out what bud is perfect for u. Always timely and just super fire service. Love u guys

  266. jonoh

    Always gets top notch service with these guys. They make the whole process so easy and everyone is friendly and professional. The delivery is free and their time estimates are pretty accurate. The free top shelf gram deals are pretty cool. Definitely recommend!

  267. Jbrown131313

    My delivery guy christopher was great , it was my first time , he made me feel comfortable, told me all about the company and all the deals

  268. Sutherland10

    This place is amazing! Not only is their medicine lab tested and always very good quality they have the customer service down as well! Very friendly staff and truly care about their patience’s. They are there to answer any questions you might have and their delivery service is always on time! Would definitely recommend to anyone to use this service

  269. peterpicklepatch

    Always call to confirm, with quick delivery in the DTLA area. Their drivers are nice, and I always request they text me five minutes from delivery.

  270. kanela

    Great location off i-17 … they now have loyalty points. Great variety of Sunday goods.as well as deals. The staff are always Very welcoming. And helpful not to mention very knowledgeable about thier products.which is very helpful at times. Dispensary is always clean.

  271. Ramseydeal

    Herb provides the best quality cannabis at reasonable prices, and excellent delivery times! Calling in was easy and the representative had all the information I needed!

  272. drewarmz45

    My favorite delivery service!!!

  273. ilovia

    They are super friendly, and very helpful! Whenever I need suggestions or opinions on what to order, they always give thorough feedback. And when you’re placing an order and they find a more cost-efficient way to place your order, they’ll suggest the better alternative.

  274. J_EDGE

    AMAZING….service is top notch, delivery is timely, and most important, the product is dank af. Only place I order from currently and would recommend to all

  275. Huero1369

    The driver was super chill n recommended a few things that were helpful, ur gorilla glue #4 was straight fire I’m definitely ordering again dYtmOEdY1/4dYtmOEdY1/4dYtmOEdY1/4dY’-dY’OEdY1/4

  276. funfunfunz

    super fast service, friendly people, and Great Weed! loved the gift box definitely worth it!

  277. daeizm

    If you’re in DTLA, one of the best deliveries. And quality strain!! Thank you!

  278. ekt2005

    Great delivery service! Always comes within less than an hour! Quality shit too

  279. stonerdude27

    Great quality product, timely delivery – awesome promotions!

  280. disconap

    Amazing! Top shelf product delivered straight to your door by super friendly people. The presentation is excellent (seriously, they make weed look downright sophisticated), but the contents are even better. I’m never going to the dispensary again.

  281. emilyselfmedicates

    I was having a sort of shitty, melancholy day, ruminating about some meeting gone wrong, and then HERB came to my apartment, as if by magic – this magical effect amplified by the fact that they arrive by motorcycle, like santa claus for jewesses – and I tried the grape soda, and spent the rest of the night giggling about Trailer Park Boys. And the people who work here have the most soothing voices – like the vocal equivalent of a hug. So, yeah, pretty good.

  282. Meatypops

    Blessed to have found a collective that delivers. Most importantly the knowledge they posses is what really helped me. I have abdominal issues, migranes, arthritis, stress and anxiety. I had no clue on what i was getting into so i had tons of questions. Mike from Herb explained the differences between Cbd and thc and what theyre benefits are. Im not into the pschoactive effects so he chose some products for me and gave me suggestions on how and what times of the day i should medicate for pain and distress. The products were a custom fit. Perfect!!!

    Honey pot cbd, canatonic, marys medicinals transdermal patch, tincture, bear balm !

    Pain releif !!!!

    Thank you so much !

  283. thaddeus1

    Great delivery service!!! one of a kind! Best in LA!

  284. jsmith0913

    Friendly staff

  285. RebeccaJones

    I really didn’t know what to exspect ordering through a delivery service for the first time. I was amazed at the professionalism due the the easy applying prosess on there own site. It was fast and took les than 5 mins. I ordered Blue Dragon a sativa hybrid-and it was amazing. Like really fresh tasting and just strong enough for me. This is perfect for others with depression and back pain. The flower really lifted my spirits and I will always order from HERB.

  286. jjj0066

    This place is awesome ! Super fast delivery, knowledgable service, and quality flowers. You gotta check it out!

  287. KeithTheChosen

    Been dabbling around other shops but hands down nothing compares to Herb! They got all the info you need for your shopping needs and they always are working, even on the holidays! 🙂

  288. ReefaRod

    The workers are always cool, and the bud is always dank! highly recommended delivery service

  289. Aarmoore

    I order from them all the time the speople are super nice and always helpful and the delivery always gets here on time. Definitely recommend.

  290. calilace04

    HERB is the absolute best! Always quick and easy delivery, great selection, and everyone is super professional and friendly. Highly recommend!

  291. Cloud26

    Has a great variety of products with really good quality at the right price. The only delivery that actually delivers in under 1 hour!!

  292. JAWall

    Always delivery but this team is quick, great product, always friendly and easy to deal with.
    Highly recommend for ANYONE in DTLA looking for a good and reliable source.

  293. mnrdgz

    I love everything about this dispensary. All the info you need, everything gets tested, the delivery is super convenient, and you get the best quality flowers!

    Also awesome is that their menu has expanded significantly since I first ordered from them a couple of months ago.

    If you’re into sativas – try clementine! It’s extremely clear headed and energetic. Not heavy at all and more productive than anything else I have ever tried.

  294. groverrick

    Please do not post this rating!!! Although I plan to. I haven’t used this dispensary yet. I am only rating it because the app literally will not let me exit this window, and move on until i provide a rating.

  295. whoisgemma

    The guy on the phone was really nice, and suggested a dope strain for my free gram. Delivery time was accurate, and the delivery guy was really really nice also and tbh was super cute too so that was cool. Definitely ordering again.

  296. silverfrog888

    good weed + service – no complaints

  297. ThaCheezus

    Glass jars make everything better. Everyone and everything looked professional. I enjoyed the entire experience and I do recommend going back to cash in on those free grams. I will definitely have a jar collection thanks to HERB

  298. Dopeyy

    Excellent service! Bud is dank delivery is within 30 minutes and its simple to place and confirm an order to have your meds delivered to your door. Great first time experience most definately would recommend to anyone 🙂

  299. bbcole

    Herb is the best delivery in LA. They’re really efficient, great deals, and the couriers are really friendly.

  300. iamhabbit

    Ordered from this place on Thursday and I was blown away. Definitely the best packaging and graphic design work I’ve seen at any cannabis delivery service. This is my new favorite spot for dank L.A. bud 🙂

  301. JustBut

    Herb is the most professional dispensary I’ve encountered in the USC/downtown LA area.
    – Their website is easy to use and has THC and CBD percentages on nearly every product sold.
    – Soon after submitting your order online, they confirm your order with you by phone so you’re not left wondering if your order is correct or when your order will arrive.
    – I live in downtown LA and they deliver within 30 min of submitting your order.
    – The packaging comes in clear jars, which is a nice upgrade from the usual plastic pop-open type of containers.
    – Everyone from Herb that I’ve come in contact with has a friendly and professional manner.

    I love Herb, and while it’s a little on the pricier side compared to other dispensaries in the area, the extra cost is justifiable for the professionalism and efficiency they bring to their work.

  302. vangogh22

    Wonderful customer service. Equally great product and have recommended this place to a few friends.

  303. danielzen

    excellent buds! my go-to for downtown LA : )

  304. emishosh

    These guys are the best! Professional, hi quality, and fast delivery. They are my first choice for delivery and are always very cool and helpful over the phone.

  305. gjethwani

    A little expensive but really good service

  306. asianguac

    This delivery service is really unique. The presentation of their products is second to none as well, with the sealed glass jars. Very professional staff that call to confirm, and the delivery people are chill. A great first experience overall.

  307. chris2131

    aEURoeHERB is my go to delivery service. the best quality always comes from HERB. Their website is really easy to use, people are so friendly, and it’s always fast. Highly recommend it.aEUR love it

  308. bradmakesnoise

    The best dispensary service I have ever used. Professional on the phone, friendly and speedy delivery, and they even threw in a free chocolate when I ordered on my birthday. They’re mega cool, and I pretty much use them exclusively now. Plus, the weed is hella good.

  309. keng

    Really friendly and super quick. Another thing to note is that the weed is really good too.

  310. parkerswbc

    Great quality, fast delivery, nuff said

  311. nykschmalz

    Definitely the best service I’ve experienced + great quality flower.

  312. louistogna420

    Great prices, good product, and quick delivery!

  313. theknivesjen

    Great vibe.. Nice people.. It’s business’s like this that show true customer appreciation

  314. BrianGx

    HERB is the best o’ the best for delivery. They have great selection, really good prices and super cool delivery staff that’s never been late. What more could you ask for?

  315. BigXan666

    Speedy fast delivery, amazing selection of flowers, great service all around

  316. XxbaconxX

    great people. got all my goodies fast and it was super simple to sign up totally going to shop there again

  317. neaksworld

    Ok, so I’m pretty sure I’ve spoken with almost everyone who works here and am surprised to say that HERB probably has the best customer service I have ever seen with delivery or Dispensaries. Also, the bud actually has the effects described on the site. Great quality for great price!!!! dYtmOEdY1/2

  318. BradleyW96

    Herb is great! They have a great selection of high quality sativas. The Blue Dream and Sour Diesel they have is to die for. Also, the bud from herb is a step above other delivery services. You can tell that Herb has natural bud and when you order it, they give you nice big buds. Only place you ever need to order from.

  319. brooklynboyinla

    Nice Guys Finish First. So, nice, so punctual, so knowledgeable, wish I could tip more. Thanks.

  320. dmercado213

    Amazing buds!!! Try sky walker og

  321. mauiawowzie

    My new favorite way to get bud, I’ve ordered multiple times, and have always received quality buds in cute packaging, timely deliveries, and they have a great selection, and you know exactly what you are getting, fair prices

  322. kel.lauren

    There is no simple way to put how incredible these guys and gals are. Truly amazing people with amazing product. Feelin’ shitty because Trump got elected? They got you. Got the 11:38pm sads? Boom. They got you. Wanna just simply have a good time? Surprise. They got you. Beautiful site, amazing prices, quality weed, dank drivers. You literally cannot go wrong with Herb. You. Just. Can’t. 100/10 would recommend.

  323. tony420xx124

    I love this place

  324. Jenlianl

    Great delivery service! Could always count on them to deliver faster than expected to DTLA!

  325. NorthernLights12345

    I love this place! They are so reliable and professional. Their delivery people are friendly, their site is easy to navigate, and they have a great selection. I always recommend Herb to my friends.

  326. mp4lffy

    Love this place. The people that work here are very knowledgeable and also extremely cool. Never had a bad experience and they always deliver on time!

  327. Jay2max

    Best delivery shop I gone too. They always give me what I want and need no joke the best

  328. charlese

    Awesome delivery here guys especially if you are first time! The presentation and service is immaculate, call me a weirdo but I love the packaging!

  329. whirldpeace

    Every single interaction was absolutely wonderful- professional, friendly, accommodating. I can’t say enough good things. This was by far the best experience ever. Thank you!

  330. esheis

    Wow Wow and Wow! this service is absolutely fabulous. I cannot wait to tell all my friends about this service! The representative on the phone was respectful, and patient with all my annoying questions-Don’t be annoying lol-. delivery was discreet and professional everything about this company screams professionalism. These gentlemen care that your medicine arrives right and exact, and as speedy as possible. I LOVE HERB!!!!

  331. KJ90

    Herb is great!! and I just heard they expanded to Hollywood, that’s even better since I’m considering moving to that area..they are a life saver and have the best Herb in town =]

  332. jmrxo

    best delivery company in los angeles and i have used pretty much all of them! super fast delivery and very professional staff and drivers! prices are some of the best available too! this will definitely be my go to delivery service from now on! thanks HERB!

  333. Stars7

    Amazing delivery service best I’ve ever used!!! You won’t be disappointed dY”Y=dYtmOEdY1/4dY’*

  334. es1123

    I don’t understand how this amazing service hasn’t been reviewed!! The delivery was discreet and the delivery person who brought me my goods was beyond nice and super friendly! I’ll continue to order from HERB!

  335. liknary

    i think its nice

  336. boxenoxen

    Great quality, variety, and service. Always on time!

  337. Wvybabe

    I’ve lived in DTLA for 3 years now and I’ve been using HERB for the last year.. I haven’t set foot in a regular dispensary since. Honestly love these guys, for both the quality of their buds and customer service. Haven’t found anyone better and hope I never have to find another delivery service. Shout out to Gabe, Mike and Craig!!!!

  338. cschmidt2015

    Herb is the only place I purchase my medical marijuana from. From their prompt delivery to the excellent customer service I don’t see myself venturing out to any other delivery services. Don’t let me forget, their herb is EXCELLENT! If you are looking for the caviar of delivery services look no further it’s HERB! Six starsdY’dY1/2

  339. indicahair

    This place is great super convenient.

  340. Jaxology

    They were so fast and friendly.

  341. nazz

    A+ Great flower

  342. asianbaeaf

    DEFINITELY shopping with HERB again! There delivery service was fast and efficient. The staff on the phone and in-person were very friendly and welcoming. Very informative too. HERB is one of the places on my top 5 and will definitely be ordering again. HERB PLEASEEE(:

  343. Xizam

    HERB has been my favorite delivery service since I moved to the area. Perfect if you’re too couch-locked to move, or need some extra time built into your already busy day. Great variety of stuff for delivery, too. And their First Time Patient deal is hooked up! Plus, you get rewarded for recycling. The staff is chill, the delivery guys are on time, …if only pizza delivery was this efficient!

  344. Karolina96

    Very fast, friendly service! I love how the delivery came packaged (aesthetically pleasing) and how legit the whole process was. Will definitely be using Herb again!

  345. haute2trot

    Superior product & super friendly service! Love the ease of use app and beautifully packaged merchandise.

  346. SamUd

    best deals, best buds! just recycled ten 1/8g jars for a free gram. so cool

  347. phaines

    They really do have the best people working there. overtime i call they have the coolest people answer and always have helpful recommendations. If you haven’t tried them you better

  348. Moisha88

    Quality stuff, punctual delivery, good design of the products makes the stuff look nice and fancy. Delivery of the future.

  349. acalvani

    This is my fourth time placing an order with HERB and this delivery service provides you with a wide range of fresh top quality flowers, and great edibles to suit your needs for healing medicine. Their jar recycling program is very rewarding and everyone that I have worked with has been extremely pleasant and prompt with deliveries. Thanks guys, you’ve a customer for life!

  350. Iluvsativadude

    I love herb they know their flowers and they are very good at customer service

  351. kliaoumich

    This delivery service is the best you can possibly find. They’ll deliver to you within 40 minutes and will always call after each order to insure they got it right, often throwing in free pre-rolls or edibles just out of generosity. I really can’t say enough about how fantastic these folks are and hope to support them so their business will survive and thrive once AUMA and recreational users will be able to purchase freely. Seriously, don’t look elsewhere. These guys are the best!

  352. yakkyyak

    amazing these guys!!!

    already on my 3rd visit since the 2 weeks i signed up with them.
    this girl does not know the meaning of an in store visit any longer .
    great service amazing quality bud and above all that speedy service normally in 30min or less noamallr under in many cases and these people that act like you matter.
    this place is top notch and even have a recycling program i mean who dose not absolutly love that??
    Jordan you are awesome thanks again for all your advice and help.
    you guys are the best!!

  353. JacksonLA

    Fast delivery which is awesome! The sign up process was super easy the guys on the phones are so informative! Defiantly recommend!

  354. newtricks

    Quality is the name of the game here! Highly knowledable staff in it for the cause!!

  355. dchorde05

    HERB was extremely helpful and quick. They really made my first order easy and fast. This is definitely my new go to place!

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